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hide File: 128322935951.png-(348.90KB, 1368x772, aprilhornydrunkwtfamazon.png)
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i owed this drawing to someone sorta for like a year after he requested it after winning a diceroll

here it is

no im not coloring it

he knows who he is he can color it himself

if you dont know who these two are its april o neil and irma langinstein from the 80s ninja turtles cartoon series

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Or maybe have her being the drunk one creeping towards a bound April?
Doesn't April have the bigger boobs?

File: 128364670845.png-(435.89KB, 609x564, weegeesmansionnonfilter.png)

yes, and that is why i staged it the way i did rather than the other way around

this picture i'm posting here is something i did a long while ago and is just a demonstration of why i don't like coloring


hide File: 127188128572.png-(54.53KB, 900x600, OzKalidah.png)
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Hello there, draw-chaps.

My esteemed colleague, known in this parish as Mr Charles Delta, has often suggested I formally make myself known here; thus and so. My identity here will be Large Hadron Kalidah. In a 4chan draw-thread, it will remain Anon.

Having taken part in a number of draw threads (often alongside Mr Delta), I've developed a few personal rules:

1) Like Las Vegas, what happens on the *chans, stays on the *chans.
2) I draw primarily for my own amusement; I don't fill requests. Any and all suggestions will be considered. Any similarity between a particular suggestion and something I've drawn is entirely coincidental.
3) All rules are subject to revision at any time.

Introduction over. Onward.

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File: 128309199095.jpg-(187.27KB, 502x799, SP_WallaceWells.jpg)
Pants in the British sense.

File: 128458416472.jpg-(243.23KB, 594x998, RuffnutQuinn.jpg)
Ruffnut dressed as Harley Quinn.

hide File: 128202519277.png-(62.12KB, 600x550, une.png)
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I wanna get a tablet for drawfagging. Any suggestions? Never used one before. Never drawn before.

Pic unrelated or is it.

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That might guide you a bit

Thanks for all the advice mates. I'll probably aim for something in the Intuos line.

This topic is now about trucks.

So my venerable Intuos2 A4 started acting up, developing an intermittent, but annoying, line wobble. Apparently a common problem in older tablets, it would have cost me about €80 just to replace the failing Grip Pen [1]. So instead, I decided to spend in the region of €300 on upgrading to an Intuos4 M [2].

Being in the EU, I get to download one (1) of the following complimentary packages:
- Autodesk Sketchbook Express 2010
- Corel Painter Sketchpad
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Anyone got/tried any of these?
I'm leaning towards getting Painter Sketchpad. Currently using Manga Studio 4 Debut, and GIMP 2.6.

[1] Only read on the Wacom forums today of a possible fix, ha ha. As it is, it's not really good for drawing with anymore, but still perfectly fine as the World's Most Expensive Mousemat.
[2] For just €40ish more, I could have got an Intuos4 L, but that would have been far too big.

hide File: 128044796740.png-(22.29KB, 500x500, hm.png)
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I tried skimming the pages for a thread dedicated to mouse drawing with ms paint only, but couldn't find one.

I think there should be one, because they are the ultimate tool in the history of drawing. Discuss and post.

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File: 128448263769.png-(16.84KB, 500x500, banchum.png)
I need to do something new.

File: 128449596544.jpg-(85.20KB, 300x300, dato.jpg)
If you need ideas, still wouldn't mind seein' >>34915


hide File: 127995716147.jpg-(21.36KB, 400x392, pasta-house[1].jpg)
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Thought I'd try out for a little activity.

How about a drawfag competition. Drawfags can sign up here and compete against each other, one-on-one. Take a request for a thread on /co and see which are more well-received.

Let the rules and guidelines be ironed out here. Anyone think they would be interested?

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Guh. I uh. Forgot about this, sorta. In any case, H should've won anyway because anything I would've come up would've been shit. His entry made me smile like a fucking idiot, hahaha.

Good job!

File: 128439948231.jpg-(397.39KB, 650x994, 512638_Iron_Man_Iron_Man_Armored_Adventures_Marvel.jpg)
Looks like someone felt that this needed nipples.

I support this line of thinking!

hide File: 12840796597.jpg-(2.10MB, 2304x3072, DSC04981.jpg)
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yo /draw/! what an interesting place this. but yeah anyway I realise I seriously need to improve my human figure drawings so i'm drawing one everyday. I saw someone else doing a similar thing and it seemed like a good idea to get feedback and what not. so yeah looking for constructive criticism to help with development

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Your hands need some work, need to do some more studies. I think overall you need to focus more on the figure's weight distribution and posing; start with a line of action and loose sketch and then tighten it up from there.

Do a lot of gesture drawings, they always help. If you get a chance look into one of the Bridgeman's figure drawing guides, they're excellent resources for this kind of thing.

File: 128432951397.jpg-(1.61MB, 5000x1500, 1282951457334.jpg)
Keep in mind that the human body and its features are three dimensional. Try to think of them as a bunch of 3d shapes put together. Your drawing looks pretty flat, and as a result it looks very stiff.

Regarding gesture drawings, try Posemaniacs' 30 second drawing. Remember, you're not trying to get all the details down, but trying to capture the pose with few lines as possible (as this pic demonstrates; no it's not mine it's something someone from /ic/ whipped up in response to a thread). Posemaniacs isn't really good for actual modeling though

Also, if you use art books, like from Loomis and Bridgeman, don't just copy the drawings from the books, try to actually read the content so you understand what you're learning.


Thats some pretty fair advice right there. Espcially in terms of animation.

hide File: 127135693527.png-(25.72KB, 400x650, AT-SS.png)
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I just want to thank whichever one of you crazy bastards that came up with this right before I was banned from /co/ last week.
You're a true /co/mrade, draw-bro.

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That's why you get paid the big bucks.

Boss has sent me here to get yer ass back to work. Wachu doin here not makin them porns, boyo?

*cracks whip*

File: 128428007331.jpg-(336.16KB, 810x647, Just sayin.jpg)
I fucking love your art, @$$.

It's a shame this thread lacks any Cathy or Sam, though...

...just sayin'.

hide File: 126316415173.jpg-(37.83KB, 400x400, 20100110_dastardlymuttley.jpg)
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I've been DrawThreadan anonymously over on /co/ for several months now, so I figure I ought to say hello here.

Some of my pics have been reposted here by /co/mrades, so I'm glad someone appreciates them. I have no webgallery for these pics, so the rest have likely been lost into the electronic ether.

To which end, I may dump some here that I like or find interesting. Or all of them, I dunno.

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File: 128415437573.gif-(21.36KB, 400x400, 20100910_birthday.gif)

You're an okay guy, Charlie Delta.

wut wait whoa wow

hide File: 126221777490.jpg-(266.68KB, 608x773, face.jpg)
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Gonna post it

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The first one; copying from sight

Tracing doesn't really help as much and I couldn't really make it Lucy if I traced.

By going with sight rather than tracing you managed to preserve your own sense of style. I believe you have improved.

File: 128356470560.jpg-(253.98KB, 393x904, flx.jpg)
Could have sworn I posted this one already

hide File: 128329130335.png-(12.55KB, 576x336, hurp.png)
35819 No.35819 quickreply   Reply
Ladies. Gentlemen. Artfags. Lurkers.

I've called you all together today to face a very serious issue thats been brought to my attention: I'M TOO OLD TO BE ON THE INTERNET.

I'm looking for options on this problem here, people. Throw 'em out. From 'Fountain of Youth' to 'Rocketship to Internet 3'. Gimmie SOLUTIONS.

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File: 128346918373.png-(23.05KB, 549x556, Untitled2.png)
I think this is a better idea Kosh

File: 128346984570.jpg-(469.35KB, 1000x661, KoshcarsupercarAZTECTHUNDER.jpg)

File: 128347012576.png-(529.85KB, 801x891, hurp.png)

WITH KOSH VON KOSHINGTON AS 'Detective "Hot" Carl Vindez'


AND ERIK ESTRADA AS 'Officer Max "The Hornet" ModgonnaB&uerez.'

hide File: 127754294728.jpg-(115.59KB, 700x1475, sbahj_THEBIGVIDOGAM.jpg)
34055 No.34055 quickreply   Reply
You bros WISH you could have THIS many JPEG artifacts.

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File: 128346480213.jpg-(275.07KB, 878x2020, sbahj_thehotbaloon.jpg)

File: 128346483132.jpg-(577.50KB, 896x3000, sbahj_theZoo.jpg)

File: 128346486119.jpg-(248.26KB, 727x4000, sbahj_timtoWATCHTV.jpg)

hide File: 128275284750.png-(22.49KB, 800x600, dino.png)
35639 No.35639 quickreply   Reply
I bought a Tablet. Computer Drawing is weird. I'm gonna practice and dump what I doodle.

Any tips on programs to use or techniques would be appreciated.

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File: 128275723430.png-(38.67KB, 800x600, jetset crazybee.png)
crazy bee is the little bird monkey in return of the jedi.

Sir, I laughed heartily and am inclined to point out that I'm not cool enough to wear a top hat.

Heh. These are pretty good.

Also, is it just me, or does Toxie's picture sort of look like the /ic/ persona?

I think it's the eyebrows.

hide File: 128328910873.png-(7.06KB, 500x500, 128328834680.png)
35816 No.35816 quickreply   Reply
Hi /draw/! I'm Moedeus! I hope we'll be friends!

File: 128329022534.png-(11.61KB, 500x500, 12832891513.png)
I lost my right eye a few weeks ago, and I don't remember how! Have any of you seen it? You'd sure be a big help!

File: 128329118999.png-(11.13KB, 458x286, fuck depth perception.png)
>>35817 >>35816
>lost my eye


File: 128329240391.png-(13.27KB, 500x500, me & koth.png)

hide File: 122730678535.jpg-(473.08KB, 800x1059, Copia de Ysengrin wins Fatality.jpg)
11743 No.11743 quickreply   Reply First 100 posts Last 50 posts
Ok guys, i need advice with this and /pco/ told me you could help, how do i make his head look less wookie-like in appearance and more like a wolf?

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File: 12830710649.gif-(90.55KB, 600x750, nepetan-cestus.gif)

File: 128307112512.gif-(97.43KB, 834x662, pax_02.gif)
also this :0


hide File: 125999265745.jpg-(289.48KB, 1176x1232, babe-a-day_unsigned.jpg)
28019 No.28019 quickreply   Reply Last 50 posts
Heya /draw/!

I'm a bad artist. I don't draw nearly as much as I should; I'll go for months without drawing a single thing. Thus, all the knowledge I've learned in art class about anatomy, perspective, how cloth should hang, colors, etc. tends to degrade until I can't remember it very well. I'm attempting to build up a good drawing habit, so I've challenged myself to draw at least one character in my sketchbook, six days a week. This is my first week trying it out, so I was hoping you could give me some feedback on what I can improve on. If nothing else, you can tell me what to draw in upcoming weeks.

If anyone wants to redline a particular piece, let me know and I'll throw up the somewhat larger individual scanned drawing.

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I like how much Doopier your 2nd Doop is.

File: 12817470426.png-(1.26MB, 2133x1157, Sketch_a_day9.png)
Ooookay. Well.

Originally, I was trying to use complementary colors to shade (choosing a color for the light source, then going with it's opposite for the shading). Then I tried doing the shading I was using previously on the same picture. On Wednesday, the picture itself took too long to do, and on Thursday and Friday I was just so tired of making these pictures that I decided to try something simpler.

Given that I have one more week before law school starts up again, the paper I want to publish this fall isn't finished, and these pictures can end up taking all day to finish (or they wreck my sleep schedule), I'm not entirely sure where to go with this challenge now.

As always, Critiques and advice are always appreciated.

File: 128296989815.png-(788.04KB, 2047x1009, Sketch_a_day10.png)
Derp. I'm sorta phoning it in now that school has started and I have less time.

Still, gotta keep drawin'...

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