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sexy threesomes with bea/max/other beetles/??? are also very acceptable.

last thread:

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Hate to be a dropkick in your fun, but isn't Bea a girl?
And isn't this a gay board?


Bea is the flaming cherry on a delicious Boostle sundae. It's still very gay, but Bea adds an extra note of awesome.

File: 128374392626.jpg-(277.01KB, 1500x2334, booster_by_enolianslave.jpg)
Yes but.. tits.
idk I'm just being the no-fun police I guess

File: 12837468013.jpg-(551.26KB, 1290x630, SB_05_by_theEyZmaster.jpg)
From what I've seen, there's been plenty of no-tits content plus people have been mindful about warning for Bea if she's in the fic/art/whatever. There's plenty of gay still there just with some Fire added.

We can't have it in any other board, so I don't see what's wrong with a smidgen of it here.

File: 128375039948.png-(377.52KB, 600x686, bald spot.png)
I... changed some text? I'm sorry!


and yes, technically bea and her fantastic brazilian assets are not /coq/, but as long as we keep being prudent about spoilers and warnings, i see no harm in it.


Or we could just genderflip her. I, for one, would not mind seeing that particular threesome.


Ha filename FOR THE WIN!
Sorry for xx-chromosoming up the place, people - I will keep my girl stuff to a minimum here on out. Anyone looking for prompts? I've got a jones for more nonevil!Max/Booster...

Also looking forward to the last of the glorious technicolour lantern Teds. I can see him going green just specifically to peeve Guy.

Non-evil-Max/Booster intrigues me terribly. I may have to give it a shot. I'm thinking Conglomerate-era? Or pre-JLI? Or post-JLI, for that matter, when Booster goes full-commercial and Ted's distanced himself?

Thoughts, suggestions?

File: 128379828955.jpg-(16.92KB, 185x400, not evil just roguish honest.jpg)

I'll admit a bias toward pre-JLI, (relatively) innocent and eager-to-please Booster, heh. Life is sad, let's have happy smut :)


I AM TOTALLY ON BOARD WITH THIS. Especially if it leads to more porny Max fanart.


Filename WIN.

So my complete idea for Lantern-ressurections was Blue Lantern Ted, Indigo Lantern Sue and Star Sapphire Ralph. Sue would wack Max over the head with her staff until he agreed to turn good again, and Ralph would be extremely clingy.


Agreed. Some innocent Booster would be nice. Mmm but all I care about is Max using mind control... That power is such a freakin' turn on.


I guess he could unknowingly use it, if it's a pre-JLI story.

well, to be fair, his mind-control powers didn't kick in till well into the JLI years. so it'll be mindhax OR pre-jli.

we'll see.


I vote mindhax. Like I said I mostly care about Max. I would prefer mindhax with no innocent Booster. Either way I'll enjoy it. I'm looking forward to it.

Mindhax is cool.

Preview for 36 is up! Enjoy your mostly naked Ted!

I am loving naked, sexually satisfied, fourteen-times Ted.

>Blue Lantern Ted
>Indigo Lantern Sue
Yes, this sounds great!
>Star Sapphire Ralph

Someone could do innocent pre-JLI Booster and Max, and then follow that up with later era mindhax. Or something. Slightly drunk just-got-on-the-JLI Booster gets overly friendly with Max, apologizes because people in this era are more sensitive about that stuff, finds out Max doesn't mind, and decides to "thank" him? With a blowjob? And then years later Booster is mad because Ted's all serious now, and Max "convinces" him to get back at Ted by having sex with him?



Maybe DC is apologizing to him for the whole getting shot thing? But yes, sex god Ted is awesome and totally canon now.


>Star Sapphire Ralph


well now I want Theodore "Sex God" Kord fic.


Am I the only one not so much impressed with 'fourteen times' as it I am with 'fourteen times so quickly'? Because really, it shouldn't take more than a few hours for Ted to realize his friends are missing (and if it takes longer or he didn't realize at all, you're such a bad friend, Ted) so... yeah.

Though now I'm highly amused at the idea of Ted and Booster taking entire days off just to see how many rounds they can go before they collapse.

Max: *notices Ted and Booster going to a room with bags of supplies and discussing something that sounds suspiciously like a challenge* What are you two up to?
Boostle: *not looking at all innocent or like they want to tell Max what they're about to do* Nothing?
Max: Tell me.
Boostle: You really don't want to know.
Max: I really think I do.
Boostle: No. You REALLY don't.
Max: Tell me or you're on monitor duty for a week.
Boostle: ......we're going to see how many times we can have sex until we drop.
Boostle: YOU MADE US!


5 days later...

Max: *opens door* "You guys still..."
Ted: "...Yeah."
Booster: "...Mmmph."
Max: "...I brought you coffee."
Booster: *peeks out from under covers*
Ted: "...That's suspiciously nice."
Booster: *reaches for coffee*
Max: *backs up* "So...what's your secret?"
Ted: "...You really wanna know?"
Max: *comes closer*
*several minutes and one easily subdued businessman later...*
Ted: "Ahh, I gotta hand it to ya Max, that wasn't half bad."
Max: *grumpy, tied to chair* "Yeah, yeah."
Booster: *tosses cups* "Well, now that we've got our energy back..." *smirk*
Ted: *smirk*
Max: "...Oh boy." *Is dragged under the covers*
*Several hours later*
Sue: "Max, why are you limping? And where are you taking all that coffee?"





I love that in the context of the jumbled pages it looks like Booster's Booster-sense is warning him that Ted is sleeping with someone else. OH NOES.

...This doesn't help my craving for Jealous Booster any. I was thinking Extreme Justice era Jealous-of-Firestorm Booster, but Jealous-of-Princess Booster works too.


It's either a.) magic, which they sort of imply and/or b.) she got "taken care of" 14 times. She's also a different species so...*shrugs*


D'aw, Ted, don't bounce on a magical chick. You know that's not going to end well.

So who's going to be the first to write Ted trying out his newly-learned epic tongue-and-left-knuckle skillz on a very impressed Booster?


Okay, yeah, so I probably lost the thread of this around the end because I'm kinda tired but I've been wanting to do a Booster-is-jealous-of-Ronny thing for a while now so things happened and yeah. Enjoy. Or something. I'm gonna sleep now.

ps- sadness ahead because I obviously can't do anything with Booster in life support armor without making him a sad puppy which you really can't blame him for.

It started with <i>almost</i> pure intentions. Ronny liked going out for a drink, the problem was he was a social drinker and considering who his teammates were, that drastically narrowed down his drinking-buddy options. He also thought Ted worked way too hard and way too much for someone that was a good drinking buddy, narrowed options or not, so at least <i>that</i> part was purely intentioned.

It took some pestering to get Ted to go out. Not just pestering Ted himself, but Nathan and Maxima because annoying those two meant they passed him off to the first person they saw (or knew where to find) and given Maxima’s interest in Will that meant Ronny had a 50-50 chance of being dropped off to Ted. And if Ronny was <i>really</i> ambitious with his pestering, Nathan would tell Ted to get Ronny out of the base for a bit (because apparently Ronny needed a chaperone, but whatever- it got him what he wanted).

Ronny <i>did</i> enjoy Ted’s company, drinking or not. He was smart- probably smarter than Professor Stein was -but he wasn’t anything like the brainy, responsible types Ronny knew. Ted was funny and sarcastic and once they were away from base he was up for just about anything Ronny suggested. Which was great because what Ronny wanted was to push Ted against a wall and just touch him all over- for reason he couldn’t really articulate, if he were to be honest.

Maybe it was the way that Ted talked to him- not as a kid who didn’t know what he was doing or that he was less of a man because he was a model or because he overcame leukemia, he couldn’t take care of himself. Instead he just laughed, slapping Ronny on the back, trying to get him to snort beer out of his nose with bad jokes and never held it over Ronny’s head when he drank a little bit more than he should’ve.

Ted was strong and dependable and Ronny would bet his mouth would be as hot and pliable at the arm he’d steady around Ronny’s waist and his hands as carelessly sure around his dick as they were draped on his shoulder.

All Ronny needed was another drink or two to steel up his nerves, to reach out and slide a hand up Ted’s thigh, to lean in and feel Ted’s breath against his lips before Ronny closed the distance and let everything else happen...


Booster absolutely and emphatically did <i>not</i> stay anywhere where he could look at the monitors set up around the base’s perimeter. He certainly didn’t stay up until all hours of the night, waiting for the telltale sign of a car coming into the mountain and the security confirmed that it was Ted driving. Just as assuredly, Booster did not watch the cameras hawkishly as the car stopped and Ted clamored out a little unsteadily and pulled a far less steady Ronny out of the back. His jaw didn’t clench at the sight of Ronny practically draped across Ted to be carried down the hall and his fists didn’t tremble as he fought the nonexistent urge to zoom in to make sure Ronny was keeping his lips to himself.

Booster wasn’t doing any of this, but that didn’t mean he was <i>blind</i>. Not like Ted was, apparently. Honestly, how could he not <i>see</i> the way Ronny was throwing himself at him? If he were any more blatant, he’d be humping Ted’s leg!

Not unless Ted <i>did</i> know. Did he? Could he? No- Ted was notoriously bad at noticing when someone was coming on to him. He never realized when Bea flirted with him and Booster had to straight out <i>tell</i> Ted he was flirting with him and Ted <i>still</i> missed it half the time. So unless Ronny said something, Ted wouldn’t realize it.

But <i>if</i> Ronny said something... what then? What would Ted do? Was he saying it now when he was pressing his nose just under Ted’s ear, lips forming words that the camera couldn’t pick up? Or when he stroked a hand across Ted’s stomach in a poor attempt at needing to hang on to something? Or when he tangled their legs together, tripping Ted into a wall with Ronny pressed up tight against him, an intoxicated grin too uncomfortably close to Ted’s lips, parting as he said something that could’ve been ‘careful’ or ‘yes’-

Booster didn’t stand at the monitors, counting heartbeats and breaths and seconds between the time Ted and Ronny disappeared into Ronny’s room to the moment Ted came out alone. Just like he didn’t let out a relieved breath, just three seconds away from heartbroken, every time he left Ronny’s room. He didn’t feel angry and frustrated and humiliated those nights, waiting for Ted to return to their room and fall asleep.

Those nights the only thing Booster actually <i>didn’t</i> do even though he really wanted to was hold Ted tightly and say how much he didn’t want to loose him.


In the morning, Ted really needed to talk to Nathan about Ronny’s drinking. Okay, so Ted told himself that every night they went out and the next day was always inevitably filled with one crisis after another and really, Ted himself was in a better position to actually do something about it, but Nathan should know. Probably.

But... if he were honest with himself, Ted liked going out with Ronny. He liked going out with Ronny because it reminded him of going out with Booster and that was something Ted missed sorely. Drinking, talking about nothing, forgetting about their responsibilities until the sun was beginning to rise again. It wasn’t fair to Ronny that Ted was using him like that. That whenever they hung out, Ted couldn’t stop remembering times spent with Booster, going from one bar to the next, leaning on each other as they staggered back home, then falling into bed with hands and mouths on skin. It wasn’t fair to Ronny <i>or</i> Booster, but Ted couldn’t help himself. Ronny was persuasive when he wanted to be and, well, Ted didn’t take much persuading to do certain things.

But there were certain other things Ted wouldn’t do at all.

He let Ronny hang off of him, pressing against him and Ted missed having another body against his own. It was nice and comforting and not at all like the armor Booster was stuck in. But no matter how much Ted liked the feel of heat and skin, of a weight in his arms and someone’s pulse counterpoint to his own, the first time Ronny tried to kiss him, Ted pulled back.

He smiled benevolently at Ronny, pushing his shoulders down until he lay in bed and told Ronny he was too drunk to be fooling around and he wouldn’t remember it in the morning anyway. Ronny would scowl and fight, but Ted just kept him in bed, massaging his fingers against Ronny’s scalp until he fell asleep.

Ted never mentioned those moments to anyone. It would only mortify Ronny for either acting that way or getting turned down and it would only hurt Booster that Ronny tried to kiss him when Booster couldn’t. Booster was already beginning to give up on getting out of that armor as it was, there was no need to give him possible idea that Ted might leave him for someone with an intact body.

So Ted kept that to himself and the guilt he felt for letting himself get distracted from what he needed to do <i>now</i> by memories of what he wanted to get back, Ted locked himself in his lab, even when all he wanted to do was curl up against Booster- armor or not -and sleep.

There would be time for that later, when Booster could live on his own again, when he was warm and flesh and they could remake all those wonderful, tortuous memories again. Until then, Ted’s needs could wait.


Aw, poor tin can Booster. (I totally share his view of Ronnie as well.)


Yessss, thank you! But also OH NO POOR BOYS. Their post-armor reunion sex must have been EPIC.

Seriously. I want to see this badly.


Well it's a good thing I've been thinking of it today because- haha, that other one was kinda... crap. So, to make up for disjointed no-love-triangle: shower porn!

Set during Extreme Justice 14, post-Post-It-tentacle-lion-of-DOOM and pre-remote-control-slap-fight.

Man, it felt <i>great</i> to be out of that armor. No- great was a strong enough word. Hell, Booster couldn’t thing of a strong enough word and he didn’t care because he was <i>free</i> and <i>alive</i>! What the hell did he care about words right that second? The new suit felt better than the armor, but Booster just wanted to feel his skin again and Nathan had to talk him out of wandering around the base in his underwear. Maxima was surprisingly amused by it, even going so far as to suggesting that Nathan appeared to be doing much the same since it certainly didn’t look like he was wearing <i>pants</i>, but then Will jumped in and said, “Man, I really can’t think of a tactful way of saying this, so I’m just gonna say it- what about a shower first?”

Booster stared at him for a long moment. “That is a very good idea.” And not just because months of nothing but the occasional sponge bath left him a little ripe- the thought of hot water pounding on his skin was just so... <i>tantalizing</i>. In fact, the idea of feeling <i>anything</i> was and, as Booster stepped into his bathroom and out of what little clothes he had. Even before he turned the water on, Booster was already rubbing a palm over his cock- already stiffening and getting stiffer by the second, but the very thought of even just water running over him. He couldn’t help gasping at the sensation, of the shower pelting against his shoulders and chest, of water streaming down his legs and steam in his lungs. It was too much, it was wonderful and Booster pulled at his cock and leaned against the cool shower tiles and just <i>felt</i>.

The door to the bathroom opened and Booster knew exactly who it was before they even said anything. He pulled the shower door back and told Ted, “Get in.”

Ted didn’t even bother undressing, just surged inside with hungry hands and greedy mouth and desperation in his eyes. He pressed Booster into the wall until he could feel the tiles imprint themselves into his back and the fibers of Ted’s clothes scratching his skin. Booster moaned against Ted’s tongue, hands tangling in dampening hair, thanking whatever non-existent deity was around that he couldn’t feel any metal, hear any mechanical vibrations. Just him and Ted and the shower and it wasn’t enough but it was everything Booster wanted.

Ted broke away from his lips, running rough, quick kisses sporadically over Booster’s jaw and neck, muffling needy sounds against warm, pale skin. His hands slicked over Booster’s sides and hip, gripping at his ass, running up and down his thighs. “Booster,” he sighed, “oh god, Booster. Booster. Booster...”

He ducked his head enough to pull Ted into another kiss, holding him until the trembling stopped, until the desperation wasn’t from fear that this wasn’t real but from just wanting to drown in Booster’s taste.

“It’s alright, buddy,” Booster said, his voice almost getting swept away by the water. “I’m here, I’m whole.” He grinned, pushing Ted’s bangs away from his eyes. “And I’m all yours.”

Ted grinned back, pulling Booster from the wall and turning him around. Water pelted down Booster’s chest, gathering down his hips and pooling in Ted’s hand where it cupped around Booster’s dick. As he began pumping, Booster groaned leaning his head back to rest against Ted’s, hands tangling in the wet material of Ted’s shirt. He pushed his hips back, jeans rough against his ass but it made Ted gasp and buck and Booster couldn’t help doing it again. And again and again until Ted growled against his neck and squeezed until Booster shuddered, gasping as he came.

His knees threatened to buckle, leaning almost entirely against Ted who simply held him, gently kissing his neck and lightly petting at his stomach until the trembling ceased. Booster panted against the water that pattered against his face and clumsily pushed his hair back.

“Hmm,” and Ted could’ve passed for being clinical if there wasn’t a note of teasing in his voice and if he weren’t reaching down to trace around Booster’s balls, “we may need to work on your stamina a bit.”

Booster didn’t care about being witty or whatever. He just shoved Ted against the wall and kissed him like it was the end of the world. Their hands fumbled together, peeling Ted’s shirt off and tossing it over the stall where it landed with a heavy thwack on the other side. Booster ran wet, sucking kisses down Ted’s chest, down his stomach and against his bellybutton. He tugged at Ted’s jeans until they came undone and it and his boxers were shoved down to his knees.

He sat back on his heels for a moment, the water sluicing over his back as he stared and that was almost too much. The familiar sight and scent made Booster’s mouth water and jaw ache. He could remember the way Ted tasted, the weight and heat against his tongue and he could feel himself stirring again. With a moan, Booster engulfed Ted’s dick- too much, too quickly and he tried to remember how to open his throat.

“Hey, hey.” Hands tugged at Booster’s shoulders, forcing him back, making him look up at Ted’s fond, understanding smile. “We got all the time in the world now, buddy. Don’t force it.”

Booster swallowed and took a deep, steadying breath. Then he leaned forward, sucking the tip of Ted’s cock in his mouth and lapping at the head. Above him, Ted groaned and fingers wove through Booster’s hair as he bobbed slowly, taking him in inch by inch. One of Booster’s hands crept up between Ted’s legs, pressing and rubbing the sensitive skin behind his balls while the other went to his own lap, stroking his own hard length. It was so good to be able to do that again and Booster was whimpering and moaning just as much as Ted was. Booster breathed in deep and felt the back of his throat open like second nature. He swallowed Ted down to the root, pulling back slow and sucking hard and he felt Ted tremble against his tongue, in the way that was so familiar, so sorely missed-

Ted came, hoarsely crying Booster’s name and he drank down as much as he could, but Booster had to pull back, his second orgasm stealing his breath. Ted slid down the wall and Booster practically crawled into his lap, tucking himself under Ted’s chin and reveling in the ability to do so, an ability he had practically given up on.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who needs to work on their endurance,” he said, humming happily to himself.

“Yeah. Guess it’s a good thing no one’s expecting us anywhere tonight.”

Booster eyed his best friend. “No?”

“Nope.” Ted gave a smile that was sly and carefree and missing from his lips for so long. “I told Cap you should take it easy for a bit since you need to readjust to life outside the armor and just to make sure Monarch’s voodoo won’t be coming back. And, since I was the one primarily taking care of you, I thought it would be safest if I were near by. Just in case.”

Booster grinned back. “I’m glad to know you’re looking after my wellbeing.”

“Absolutely.” A hand traced down Booster’s spine, rubbing the small of his back, fingertips brushing the crease of his ass. Booster shivered and his tone was done playing.

“Forget the shower. I need you and a bed. Right now.”

“Yes, <i>please</i>.”

oh yes, i remember that
ANYWAY: this was splendid

i will try to have something written soon, there are just so many prompts/ideas bobbing around that it's hard to settle on one.


>>14 times so quickly

The rest of the issue confirms that this was 14 times within *30 minutes*! I don't know whether to be impressed or horrified :)


SO MUCH YES. Oh, boys. It's a shame Xtreem Justice was so dreadful, because they were so completely married during it.


Unf. Goodness gracious... That was steamy.


Heheh, awesome!


WILL: Huh Booster you've still got a ton of crud under your toenails.

BOOSTER: Oh yeah, how about that. Gross.

WILL: But you were in the shower for ages.


WILL: What were you doing?

TED: *Pointed look.*

WILL: .... That's xtreme.

Okay so who's read today's Gen Lost issue and is going to do something with the explicable-only-by-slash "big boy" line?


Can "14 TIMES" be a meme now? Because it kinda is already in my head. It can be Ted's "IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS"!

*runs off to read comics books*


Aw, Max. Why can't you be sexy and badass while being a good guy?

(Someone needs to draw/write Max being sexy and badass and good. Or anti-villian/anti-hero-ish at least. Like, saving Booster from a bad guy or something.)

File: 128407567553.png-(765.19KB, 986x612, Picture 129.png)
>Oh cool, Booster's popular with the ladies
>Closer look
>The three girls are teenagers, and one of them's 12


I can see him being popular with young girls, like a boy band or something. And he probably plays it up because he has to be Mister Celebrity/Buy My Stuff. And he's safe - not intimidating like Batman or Superman, but not someone that you'd ever actually seriously go after, or who'd try to go after you like someone close to you/around your age might if you fawned over them.

I think it's cute. But I'm weird. And Supergirl is probably just doing it to annoy Clark. (And who is Esmeralda there?)



That's Gypsy. I think she's from JL Detroit.



- That's kinda as bad as the guy named "Apache Chief" from the Superfriends cartoon.

- To me, Gypsy = purple vacuum robot from Mystery Science Theater.

- Now I keep imagining Booster hanging out with the other Disney Princess girls.

- We need more Booster with fangirls. Or fanboys. Or fanboy-Max.

Booster did keep, uh, 'yowza'ing over Miss Marvel despite knowing she was like 16.

He did!!! Aghhh


You could always handwave it as being Booster attempting to piss off I'm-too-mature-to-joke!Ted.


It's even worse - Gypsy isn't, in fact, Romani at all. She's just some girl named Cindy from the suburbs. (I mean, I love her to pieces. But.) She was actually in the extended JLI with the boys - she was on Task Force when they were Xtreeming it up.

I always figured it was just a product of his upbringing. Earlier he was making a point about how everyone was making a big deal about his marriage to an old lady (which was fake, but...still). Not saying he's a creep. Just sixteen year olds might be looked at differently in the 25th century than the 21st?


>Men with high fat levels were found to have higher levels of the female sex hormone oestradiol, which disrupts the chemical balance in their body, making them last longer during sex.

>The survey’s results found fat men could last an average of 7.3 minutes during love making, while others only lasted 1.8 minutes.

And now we know why a younger, more fit Ted Kord can go 14 rounds in 30 minutes. Thank you, science.

It was only a half an hour since Booster left Ted, so maybe it's not as impressive as we thought.

File: 128414157060.png-(349.21KB, 274x642, RRBooster.png)
Huh. Look who showed up in Red Robin this week.

If they do get the JLI back together, the Bat-kids (and Birds) should take turns teaming up with them.

Sweet! So does Tim know or are they playing it off as the "Boosters' helping just because." He seems more impressed with Superman, GL, and Rip than Booster.

File: 128414224110.jpg-(562.06KB, 1280x1951, JL-Generation lost 09008.jpg)


Jaime's going to have to get used to his new team's dynamics.


I don't think he knows, but he's probably got a better opinion of Booster than most other heros do since he used to hang out with Ted, was on a team with Bruce and is presumbly friendly with Dick.

File: 12841427033.jpg-(534.79KB, 1280x1978, JL-Generation lost 09015.jpg)


"...Wait a minute, this kinda doesn't make any sense. Max knows Booster isn't as cocky and stupid as he pretends to be..."



It was never explained if Tim knows or not and, honestly, it's something that really bugs me. Dick didn't know until Booster told him about the photos, so obviously Bruce didn't tall anyone and yet Tim knew Rip and Booster had access to time machines way back in issue 9. The 'how' and 'why', though, is still nonexistent, iirc.

File: 128414307587.jpg-(429.16KB, 1280x1961, JL-Generation lost 09018.jpg)
Forgot to mention in the last post, I freakin' love those Star Trek-type boots, so seeing Max with them is like extra unf.


Dang it Max, stop being funny. "Tying a chick to railroad tracks!"

Are Max's arm muscles BIGGER THAN BOOSTER'S?! Okay, I know he's been working out but something is seriously wrong here.

Yeah, you kinda do actually Max.

File: 128414318714.jpg-(421.70KB, 1280x1974, JL-Generation lost 09020.jpg)
Yay, more awesome and sexy and mind control. And boy scouts. And I think Max has been infected with 90s, look how big that gun is.

File: 128414383462.jpg-(493.89KB, 1280x1970, JL-Generation lost 09021.jpg)

Well, I think it's pretty common knowledge (especially if you hang out with a guy that has contengency plans for everything in DC) that Rip has time machines.

Anyways...I'm seriously starting to think this isn't Max. I wasn't sure before, but it's like they just transplanted his memories and snarkyness onto someone else. And he's macho, and having crazy epic shoot-outs with Booster and stuff.

On the other hand, the ring said it was Max, and I assume if this Max was a fake it would have gone for the real one or called him something else. Unless it specifically needs evil!Max to stop Magog or whatever.

Damn it, I just want real!Max to show up in the middle of a battle and kick crazy!Max's butt. They at least better explain what happened to him evenually. (But I think they will, since they keep reminding us that he was a good guy once.)


But...but you don't need to get rid of Jaime to bring back Ted. And Booster can find other things to angst over. Or Ted can come back and not be able to tell Booster right away and then they can both angst YOU KEEP REMINDING US HOW AWESOME TED WAS DC YOU BETTER BRING HIM BACK SOMEDAY.


File: 128414482195.jpg-(309.27KB, 582x800, tumblr_l8ic8u6HCe1qbf9hko1_1280.jpg)

And there's a bunch of really cool Ted art up here right now, so you guys should go look at it. Yep.


I hope it's not another "Tim is such a great detective that he figured it out" because he doesn't know Booster like Bruce does. And I find it really hard to believe that Dick or Bruce would tell anyone about something they promised to keep secret.

The time machine thing is simple for Rip, he's known as a Time Master but Tim shouldn't know about Booster. Rip was listed as a contact for Booster in CTIC in the Checkmate databanks but that was before they actually worked together. It's not common knowledge as Hal Jordon didn't get why Booster knew someone like Rip.


I think it has more to do with Max saying that Booster is rushing in to fight him without knowing what he's up against. He has Boosters' forcefield which leaves Booster unprotected should Max shoot him.

Booster Gold 36:



File: 128414631919.jpg-(923.58KB, 1280x1976, Booster Gold 36_17.jpg)
Skeets, you are the best little robot companion ever. You are right up there with R2-D2 and WALL-E.

File: 128414655477.png-(562.60KB, 582x618, Lovers.png)
You know, when even the weird alien guy that doesn't understand emotions and has only been around you for 5 minutes sees it...

File: 128414690320.jpg-(880.38KB, 1280x1976, Booster Gold 36_19.jpg)
First word - please have Booster finding out something to do with why Max is crazy now.

Ted squeeing over time paradoxes! And the boys making up, aww.

Booster looks damn good in black bodysuits. Rawr.

Ted collects degrees for the fun of it. Including English Lit!

File: 128414712095.jpg-(1.03MB, 1280x1980, Booster Gold 36_20.jpg)
"Neither are you!"

"That was actually fun - in a...nauseating kind of way." (Skeeeeeeets <3)

And something from earlier that I didn't post - "One issue of Generation Lost later..."

File: 128414735159.jpg-(0.98MB, 1280x1985, Booster Gold 36_21.jpg)
Skeetsy! And omg, the butt line. "I'm gonna pretend you didn't just say that."

I love writers who play up the gay so, so much. LOVE.

When I was at DragonCon, in the delars room, there were these big boxes of paperback comic book trades for 50% off, all mixed up in some completly random order. The first one I pulled out? Invasion.

It was like...*DESTINY* *sparkletext*
(Destiny encouraging my slight obsession with JLI/Maxwell Lord.)

I just read it. It was amazing.

Jaime, honey, you were on the Teen Titans. You are in no position to talk about teammates arguing amongst themselves.


Unf. I need more Max. Mind control is so sexy. The blood helps too... I'll be in my bunk.


Yeah but the Teen Titans are, you know, teenagers. They've got hormones and school and stuff. These guys are supposed to be more mature than that.

On the other hand, they wouldn't be nearly as much fun if they didn't argue and bicker with each other.


...Wait, I think his blood's going black again there. Maybe it does that if he uses it too much? And what was he doing in there anyway, and why did he have to do it right where they were?


Yessss. Completely helpless and immobile Booster...oh the things you could do with that...

I will be completely honest in saying that JGL 9 and BG 36 were both sore disappointments. JLGL was a whole bunch of nothing new going on and BG... well, Ted being a chipmunk was amusing at least. Though space must be a strange and surprising place if Brainy things it nothing odd for a humanoid and a chipmunk to be lovers.

File: 128415565516.jpg-(492.09KB, 1280x998, booster character model.jpg)
Ted and Booster's character model's are up.

File: 128415572729.jpg-(492.07KB, 1280x1003, ted character model.jpg)
Maguire's scanner must be crap because this is hurting my eyes. Ow.

nooo I loved both. 'specially BG was spectacular.

Max wastes his power. The things he SHOULD do with a helpless and immobile Booster.

Unf. That butt.

But...but I liked them. Fight scenes and funny and stuff.


Well, he didn't really have much time to take advantage of it. But that's what fanfiction is for! :D


The thumbs-ups look vaguely perverted. Or I'm just a pervert.


In a different thread, but it involves Max and sexy businessmen orgies that someone needs to write, so I thought I'd crosspost.

File: 128417199384.jpg-(78.45KB, 482x577, shower.jpg)

Well, no one's required to agree with me, just saying :P

Also- have some half-assed shower porn because I obviously don't want to do my homework.

File: 128417239153.jpg-(240.04KB, 797x1066, crumbled kingdom.jpg)
Max/Blood is my OTP


Why is this so disturbingly hot. WHY.

Well done, good sir/madam. I can't stop staring.

File: 128417454263.png-(112.77KB, 634x684, tumblr_l1aqq68BDJ1qbf9hko1_1280.png)
Oh my goodness, you guys. Look what I found.

File: 128417455611.jpg-(191.51KB, 450x600, tumblr_l1aqo5wwYg1qbf9hko1_500.jpg)
Have another


Nah, I'm with you. Didn't love either one.

Gen Lost was okay but not as good as last issue. I hated this issue of BG.


My bunk. I'll be in it. Don't wait up!


Augh, LOVE this.
Ted, it is going to be *no fun* getting out of those drenched jeans. Well, I mean, it *is*, but... y'know :)

/coq/, I just watched Changeling and now I'm incredibly depressed. Hit me up with cheery/heartwarming/happy smut-writing prompts?


Can't really think because I should've been in bed two hours ago, so I'm just going to go with what's being talk on the radio. Rain or competition (or both?), take your pick.


Hmm, rain isn't your standard fare for happy stuff, so since I'm kind of perverse I think I'll take that. Let's flip that pathetic fallacy on its head! Back later.


Unlike my previous efforts this is certified 100% girl free, but if you have a big squick on dubcon then be aware that this is Max-with-powers. Because I was going for happy I've tried to, uh, explicitly not make him a creepy rapist, but the powers are a bit of theme.


Standing at the window watching the rain, Max thinks, is one of life's more subtle pleasures. It makes him feel deep and poignant, filmed in black and white, sort of European. The world is a vale of tears, a shimmering and half-formed image behind the water's ceaselessly shifting curtain, a place of dissolving sadness and color running gradually to gray.

Standing at the window watching a soaked-to-the-skin Booster Gold asking you if he can get naked in your office, Max thinks, is one of life's less subtle pleasures. But then subtlety, Max thinks, is often criminally overrated.

"This place is just so much closer than my apartment," Booster's saying, dripping steadily onto the carpet tiles, "and I knew you'd have a towel. I feel like my face is going to dissolve."

Max retrieves the towel from the cabinet where he keeps a change of clothes and gym kit and hands it to a grateful Booster. "It's been pouring for hours. How long've you been out in it?"

"Ugh," says Booster, tipping forward at the waist to wrap the towel around his head, all the muscles in his back straining beautifully under his drenched shirt and, oh, there is a sight to behold. "All of ten minutes. I went as fast as I could. Didn't stop me getting soaked to the skin."

Max swallows. "If you didn't move so fast you wouldn't get so wet. You expose yourself to more raindrops by running." That was what they'd concluded on Mythbusters, wasn't it?

"Ted says that's not actually true, you know," Booster observes, towelling his hair. "It's more important to reduce the total time you spend in the rain, according to Ted."

Blah blah blah Ted, thinks Max. Less Ted. More not-Ted.

Booster gives him a smile, kicking off his squelchingly wet shoes. "Anyway, enough about Ted."

Okay, Max thinks, okay, that is still well within the bounds of coincidence. He narrows his eyes a little, but that only increases the tightness in that spot between his eyes, between his sinuses, where the pain always starts. He raises his eyebrows and blinks to clear his head, wiping his palm across his brow.

"Oh? You two on the outs again?" And why is he even asking, since he explicitly does not want Booster thinking about Ted?

Booster waves a hand. "Ehh." He picks at the hem of his waterlogged t-shirt. Damn, Max thinks, if he'd only take it off...

"You don't... have a spare shirt I could borrow, do you?" Booster asks, wrapping his arms around himself, and the action strains the wet fabric taut across his chest so that the circles of his nipples show darkly through the cotton.

Max swallows hard and pinches the bridge of his nose.

"Max? Are you OK?"

"Fine! Great! Perfect! And... yes, I have a shirt. Gimme a second."

"Thanks Max," says Booster, and in the same instant he's peeling the wet cotton up off his stomach and shucking the t-shirt over his head in one easy motion.

Max turns on his heel so fast his shoes squeak and throws open the cabinet door, staring into the dark inside to focus his damn mind. This isn't even on purpose, Max thinks, and it isn't even his fault. And he isn't even one hundred percent sure if he's actually doing it; if the faint tingle at the front of his skull isn't just from pinching down on his nose; if what's going on right behind him isn't just Booster being Booster, Booster being so vain of himself and comfortable in his incredible tanned skin that he isn't the least bit bothered letting everyone else get a good long eyefull of it. He's like this all the time, isn't he? Showing off and damn well aware of the effect he has on people, cocky and self-assured and tactile and--

--and he drops a hand on Max's shoulder.

Oh God, Max thinks, why is this happening? He's had the powers for years now, never had so much trouble turning them off. Maybe they're starting to take him over. Maybe he's going soft in the head. At least that would be one part of him going soft.

"What've you got in there, Narnia?" Booster asks, peering over Max's shoulder into the cabinet. He leans past him to pull out a hanger bearing an Italian double-vented suit with creases so sharp you could cut yourself on them. "Huh, this is a nice suit. I thought you'd gone off them? You're always rocking the t-shirts nowadays."

Maybe it's the suit, Max thinks, desperately. He used to wear them all the time. Maybe all his problems with his powers started when he switched to t-shirts. Maybe his suits had evil-retardant properties-- he catches himself and exhales hard. He's definitely going soft in the head.

"Are you sure you're OK?" Booster asks, and Max turns to look at him. The water has got right through Booster's clothes and left his skin glistening; he's a little cold, and his nipples are standing up hard from his smooth chest. A raindrop falls from his still-wet hair and trails down over his collarbone and chest, into the valley between his honed abdominal muscles and down toward the waistband of his wet jeans. "You look a bit... feverish?"

"I'm fine," Max says, and his throat seems to have closed up so much his voice almost squeaks. He coughs deliberately and tries again, this time with bass: "I'm fine."

Booster is standing very close to him, still with that big hand resting casual on Max's shoulder, his bare arm with its fine dusting of golden hair draped across Max's back. Max wills himself not to will Booster to lean forward and close the short distance between them and press his lips against his own, and even as he's thinking it the cause is lost and Booster's craning in, smiling lazily, eyelids half-closed, and his mouth against Max's is warm and firm and insistent and oh, God, Max is done for. Booster parts his lips and Max's tongue slips inside, kissing into the warmth of Booster's mouth, Booster's blue eyes falling closed and his eyelashes brushing Max's cheek.

As they kiss Booster uses his arm to turn Max around to face him fully, cupping the back of Max's head with his other hand and pressing his fingers into Max's hair. That's a good sign, Max thinks, that seems very deliberate and intentional, and the more Max thinks it the more Booster seems to be petting at him, and as Booster presses his whole body up against Max's own Max concludes that the only thing for it is not to think at all.

"Booster," Max says, when Booster releases his mouth to gasp a lungfull of air.

"Been wanting to do that for a while," Booster grins. He lets his hands move down the back of Max's neck to brush at the hot skin just inside his collar, his body still pressed full length against Max's so Max can feel the thudding of his pulse against his chest.

"You have?"

Booster laughs, letting Max go, dumping himself backward into Max's desk chair, stretching out his long athlete's legs. "Don't look so shocked. I'm hardly the only person to have a crush on you."

This is good, this is good news, Max thinks -- but then, isn't this exactly what he'd want Booster to say? He groans and covers his face with both hands.

"C'mon, I promise not to ask you to be my boyfriend. Or to pay me more." He rubs a thumb thoughtfully over his chin. "Though, actually--"

"Booster-- I think you should go."

"Oh." Booster sits forward in the chair, looking puzzled. "Max, I'm really sorry if I... I thought you wanted me to."

Is there any reason, Max wonders, why Booster has to look so damn fucking delectable when he's confused, and why he has to be confused for such a significant proportion of the time? "That's the problem," he sighs, finally grabbing a shirt from the closet, balling it up and tossing it at Booster.

Booster catches the shirt but doesn't put it on, just sits there looking at him, biting down lightly on his own lower lip, brow creased. "I don't get it."

"As you may recall from our many years of zany yet profitable association, I'm good at getting what I want." He gives Booster the most significant look he can muster.

"It's what we all love about you!"

"Booster... really good at getting what I want."

He still isn't getting it.

Max sighs, raises his hands up to his eyes and wiggles his fingers at Booster, miming shooting him hypnotic waves.

"Ohhh," Booster says. He blinks at Max, then grins broadly. "Heh, you think you're making me do this?"

Max shrugs irritably and turns away from him, only to get spun back when Booster leans forward and grabs his arm.

"Max," Booster says, reaching up to tap the side of Max's nose. "I don't see any hemoglobin."

Max blinks a couple of times. He wrinkles his nose. His perfectly sound, non-aching nose. Well, how about that.

"You're astonished?"

Max gathers himself, shoots Booster a sly smile. "I had no idea you knew the word 'hemoglobin'."

"Just for that, I'm going to make you give me what I want," Booster says, and he folds his arms over his own chest, sprawls back in Max's chair, and plants his bare feet wide apart, looking up at Max with a broad, lazy, grin. "Take your shirt off."

Never before, Max thinks, pulling off his shirt so fast he scrapes his own skin with his fingernails, has an idea of Booster's sounded quite so compelling.







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