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sexy threesomes with bea/max/other beetles/??? are also very acceptable.

last thread:

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DO EET. Boostle /co/mrades NYCC meetup y/y?! Let's make it happen! PLEASE.

Also polite sage because it seems I have temporarily hijacked this thread (sorrysorrysorry).


That's okay, I'd like to hear about NYCC as it is something I could possibly go to someday. Not this year, but someday.

We need some action in this joint! Gimme some prompts.


Something with birthdays? Because it's mine =D


Suit porn. Sex toys. And, um, more threesomes?

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Yar! Because it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, have ye some dumbfuckery (which isn't pirate lingo but i don't care. arr.)


Aww, don't be mad, Ted! Booster's just gonna plunder your booty. :D

File: 128494623435.png-(82.17KB, 246x210, 1282618403357.png)
>Booster's nipples


I may be of the belief that Booster has great nipples for hoops =D Which makes me think...


Can I change my request to involve nipple-rings?


Well, it's already started, time? (Even though Booster doesn't even have nipples, according to Adam Hughes:


I'm sure when Gladys was getting her facelifts, she had a doctor surgically attach nipples onto Booster because the lack thereof disturbed her.

(i've kinda got this bunny in my head now where booster's attempt to update his image included getting nipple rings and is incredibly distracted by them because- hi, extremely sensitive area in an incredibly tight costume and i don't know i'm going with it but porn is likely to ensue in some form and i really need to finish my homework first.)

Anyone up for December solicits?

The cover for Booster Gold #39 is just... ouch.


And now I'm imagining them running around JLI headquarters dressed like pirates annoying people and singing and when everyone else chases them out they go sail around in the Bug pretending it's a pirate ship and fighting bad guys (some of whom are also dressed as pirates). And Booster makes Skeets dress like a parrot, and he's horribly embarassed by the whole thing.

And Rip and Jaime get involved as well and pretend to be annoyed but are secretly loving it. And Jaime's friends and his sister and Rani and I'm getting cute AU in your porn now, sorry. Well, they still totally do it that night after they drop everyone else off.


While I do love me a good bout of man-tears, didn't they already do 'Booster goes back to his hometime and gets arrested for stealing the timesphere' in his first run? Wasn't that when Michelle went back with him?


That's actually very similar to another Talk like a Pirate-day thing I was thinking of doing halfway through the first one. Which, now that the more immediate homework is done, I may sketch out :P

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More stupid pirate stuff! (no porn, sorry)

Max/Booster AU Gen Lost fic


>Forced to face the reality that his best friend Ted Kord is never coming back from the dead...

But...but whyyyyyy noooooottt? *whimpers*


Really? Sweet.

>Max Lord’s ultimate plan – and Wonder Woman plays a major part in it!

How did Max become a Wonder Woman villian?

>The Dark Knight and Mr. Unknown – the Batman of Japan – go up against Lord Death Man.

Pffff lol.


They've been positioning Max as a Wondy villain for a while though, haven't they? I remember Star Sapphire Wondy had a showdown with Black Lantern Max during Blackest Night.


I know, but it would have made more sense for him to go after Booster. WW was only affected by his death, Booster was tramatuized by the whole thing. Is he just so beat up and woobie that even the darkest force in the universe can't bring itself to sic both zombie!Ted and zombie!Max on him at once?

(Actually, BL Ted and BL Max meeting up would have been pretty funny, in a morbid sort of way. They would have snarked at each other the whole time.)

I am trying to write mechanic-shop Boostle smutorama and they won't stop bloody talking. How do you people deal with this?

In my head that's not Ted's grave. Cos that's not a Jewish cemetery :)


I think Max is more of Booster villain than WW. Their both more emotionally invested in each other. But I think this has more to do with Max needing to either settle a score with her for killing him or prove something. Just look at that panel where he tells Booster how WW murdered him and the universe sent him back anyway. Max isn't over it.

The grave can't be Teds'--at least not one with Teds' body in it. That was reburied at the Vanishing Point...that's already destroyed by the start of Time Masters.


Yeah, as long as he ends up being more of a Booster/JLI villian I guess it's okay.

Wasn't that body a fake BL ring construct or something? I thought Max destroyed the body, or did I hear wrong? And Booster might have brought Ted's body back after BN was over, I don't think he'd want to leave it there.

I don't know. Darn confusing zombies.


We can't. That's why there's so little Boostle porn. Because they can't stop talking long enough to fuck. :)


You could just do it the Deadpool way and have them blabbing the whole time during the sex.

Use ball gags.


(Or ugly ties.)


Max had the body cremated, but I don't think Jurgens knew that because Booster definitely says there's a body in the casket during Ted's funeral - gunshot all to hell, but there. So that retconned body was what came back to life and what Booster buried at Vanishing Point.


Well originally Geoff Johns was going to write some scenes in BN. But they decided to put it in BG instead and he helped Jurgens with details so really it's hard to tell who's idea it was. But I always thought it was supposed to be a change in the timeline because of the time travel they used to take Ted out of it.


Jaime and Booster fought BL Ted in 26-27. They took off his ring hand but the hand started to grow back. They took off in the time sphere before the ring could return to the body. At the Vanishing Point Booster reburied Ted (no words appear on the tombstone but it's a cross) and Skeets showed Jaime and him a room full of Ted memories on the VPs' screens. That was the last we saw of Teds' body. The Search for Bruce Wayne had the VP falling apart around issue 2 where Bruce left the group. It's gone by the start of Time Masters.

Power Girl #19 seems to be the Power Girl/JLI crossover Winnick's been hinting at:

Reading the solicits ( makes it sound like PG #19 will occur before JL:GL #16. What do you guys think?

File: 128506597744.jpg-(241.81KB, 900x1366, P-Girl-19.jpg)

I think I have to posst this cover, because it is awesome.

File: 128506902093.jpg-(420.15KB, 900x1358, BDAY_hc.jpg)
So Max looks pretty badass here...but he also looks blond. And like he has boobs. And pretty much not like Max at all.

File: 128509164586.jpg-(110.84KB, 650x965, MaxwellLord_FormerlyJLA_1.jpg)
I miss when Max looked like this and not a roidrager.

In which our heroes eventually find something other than talking to do with their mouths.


Booster Gold's dearest friend has a foolproof method for hidinghis life as the Blue Beetle from those who know him as Ted Kord, wunderkind creator and near-instantaneous albatross of a half-dozen Fortune 500 companies.

"In that, it is literally proof against fools," Booster observes, propping himself against the doorframe of the desperately secret workshop in which Ted stores the Bug and a billion dollars' worth of other Beetle paraphernalia. "And only against fools."

Ted's voice echoes tinnily from the Bug's undercarriage. "You found your way in."

"Ted, your security system is a paper sign taped to the door that says "Top secret - keep out!""

"You'd be surprised how often that works." All that's visible of Ted are his legs from the knee down, sticking out from underneath the Bug, which is propped up a few feet off the floor on some kind of jack. "You know what I think?" he says. "Right-thinking people read the sign, spend a second wondering what I might be doing in here, and decide they just do not want to know."

Whatever it is Ted's doing, he's lying flat on his back in overalls to do it, and it's giving Booster a mental image to conjure with. He mooches into the warehouse, pats the Bug's metal carapace, and peers down at Ted, who is lying on a low flat trolley pushed right underneath his ship.

"Right-thinking people miss all the fun," Booster says. "Inquiring minds want to know. And so do I."

"Heh. You only want to know because you want to ruin it for nefarious purposes of your own. Pass me the spline drive screwdriver." Ted sticks the very tips of his fingers out from under the Bug and points at a toolbox lying by his feet. Booster obliges, fishing the tool out of the crate and squatting down on his heels to put it in Ted's hand.

Ted takes it and the hand disappears, then reappears a second later brandishing the screwdriver. "That's not a spline drive, that's a Phillips head!"

Booster shrugs and swaps the thing for another. "They all look the same to me."

Ted's voice echoes off the bottom of the metal. "Never trust a man who doesn't know his tools."

"It's your rudimentary medieval junk that's putting me off," Booster says. "In my century we have robots for this stuff."

"Yeah," Ted says, wheeling himself even further under the Bug. "Where is Skeets, anyway?"

"He doesn't trust you around him with a screwdriver. Says you get a look in your eyes." Booster shoves his hair back off his brow. "What exactly are you doing, anyway?"

"The technical term is "futzing"," says Ted. There's a short grunt, then a series of metallic clangs chime out from deep below the ship's belly. "Got a theory that I can reduce wind shear effects during takeoff if I remodel the hull, but I don't know if the new shape would screw up the landing gear retraction mechanism."

"And you're finding out by futzing?"

"Mmmph ff ghff mff hnghhmphph," says Ted.

"Eeww," says Booster, "have you put that thing in your mouth?"

Ted scoots out from underneath the Bug, grinning up at Booster from the little wheeled platform, the handle of the screwdriver indeed wedged between his teeth.

"You don't know where it's been," Booster says, and Ted rewards him with a salacious waggle of the eyebrows, before taking the thing out of his mouth and shoving his bangs up off his forehead. It hits Booster all at once, how nice-looking his best friend is, with his untidy hair and his skin flushed from work and a thin streak of motor grease in the fold of his cheek where he's grinning. He's wearing work boots and mechanic's overalls, but by Ted's standards that's not too far off a decent look.

"You can't do innuendo, Ted," he tells him, though damn if it isn't doing the trick.

"So I'm practicing." Ted cranes himself up into a sitting position, clicking a few cricks out of his neck. "Anyway," he says, reaching forward to pinch the fabric on the arm of Booster's shirt so that it twangs back against his bicep. "Where do you get off lecturing me about secret hideouts and then showing up here in your colors?"

"You're getting Bug grease on them," Booster grouses, swatting Ted's hand away.

That seems to be all the provocation Ted needs, because he leans further forward and swipes his palm right across Booster's chest, smearing a thick line of engine oil in its wake. "That," he says, "is why the smart money wears overalls on a shop floor."

Booster regards his wrecked shirt in round-eyed horror, then he cracks a mean smile, narrows his glare, and fixes it on Ted.

"What?" Ted says, scooting an inch away from Booster on the trolley.

"Overalls have their downsides too." Booster grabs the zipper on the front of Ted's kit and pulls it all the way down.

"You bastard!" Ted's on his feet in a second, grinning maniacally, upending the bottle of Guardol engine lube in his right hand to squeeze its contents out into his left.

Booster backs away: "Not the hair!"

"Oh yes," Ted says, and before Booster can dodge him - or before the part of him that wants to dodge can overrule the part that really doesn't - Ted has him in a headlock and is scrubbing lubricant into his hair.

In spite of himself Booster lets Ted do it for a second, lets Ted hold him there with his head against Ted's chest and Ted's arm circling the back of his neck. Under the half-shucked overalls Ted's wearing a faded green t-shirt; below that he has on jeans, but the shirt rides up and from this vantage point Booster has a good glimpse of two inches of naked Ted-stomach. He grins to himself, then he drops his shoulder, toppling Ted off balance. He gives Ted a half-second to gasp in surprise and then throws him forward onto the floor. He does it gently, but the air still huffs out of Ted's lungs with a satisfying "unh".

Booster stands over his felled friend, grinning triumphantly, arms folded across his chest. The effect's hardly wrecked at all when a drop of lubricant drips down from his messed-up hair onto his nose. Ted smiles up at him too, then remembers to frown, and says "I let you win that one."

"Oh, really?" Booster hikes an eyebrow, and dumps himself down to sit on top of Ted. "What about now?"

"Hey!" Ted reaches up to fight him off, but Booster grabs his wrists and pins them on the concrete by his sides. "That's cheating," Ted's saying, "That's cheating and that's-" -

"-that's probably about enough talking for now," Booster says, letting go of Ted's right hand to free up his own, and using it to cover Ted's mouth. He takes advantage of Ted's brief shock to capture the freed wrist along with the left one and pin them both to the floor above Ted's head.

That's more like it.

Underneath him, overalls pulled half off and t-shirt ridden halfway up his chest, hair all over the place and the tips of his ears bright pink, Ted glares up at Booster from above the palm clamped over his mouth. Booster drinks it in for a moment before the look in Ted's eyes switches gears from mad to devious, and Booster senses what's coming right before Ted licks him.

"Eew!" Booster snatches his hand away. He frowns down at his sticky palm for a moment, then a lightbulb pings above his head and he wipes it on Ted's shirt - just skimming his hand off the fabric and down onto the warm flesh of Ted's stomach. He hears Ted's breath catch when his hand connects with skin, feels the muscle shiver under his palm. He glances up - right into Ted's eyes, and instead of the giggly glare he still half-expects as punishment for wiping saliva on his shirt, Ted's expression is burning, all heat and want and excitement and encouraging. Booster gasps a quick breath. "Well," he says, "If you're going to do that with your tongue, I might as well do this." And he leans right in and kisses Ted full on the mouth.

Ted is dead still for a moment, as though he can't believe what's happening, but when he starts to respond it's with a hunger that sends electricity shivering over Booster's skin. His tongue strokes against Booster's and he deepens the kiss, parting his lips further, then pulling back to bite at Booster's lower lip. When they break apart his eyes are closed and his breathing heaves, and Booster listens to his own blood pounding in his ears til Ted opens his eyes again and stares at him, the smile all gone, something raw and hot and desperate in his expression instead. "Booster," he says, and Booster crushes Ted's mouth again, sucking on his lip, making him start to groan.

Ted's still pinioned under Booster, his hands still clasped in Booster's grip above his head, but he pushes up against Booster with his hips. "Ted," Booster says, moving off Ted's mouth to kiss his cheek, his chin, the side of his throat where a vein pulses and a string of sucking kisses make Ted gasp and shut his eyes. With his free hand Booster touches Ted's chest, pets at it, slipping in under the t-shirt fabric to brush the hair on Ted's chest, the super-soft skin at his nipples. He pinches one, and Ted groans into his mouth. He moves his hand down again, down the centre of Ted's body, over his navel and into the trail of hair that leads down to his jeans. Booster has no patience, squeezing at Ted's abs, tracing his fingers up into his armpits and over the straining biceps where Ted's arms reach up above his head. Ted's skin is so hot, faintly damp from his morning's work, shuddering wherever Booster touches him. When he frees Ted's mouth Ted only says Booster's name.

Booster lets Ted's hands go and he grabs the back of Booster's head right away, pulling Booster closer, deeper into the kiss. Ted's fingers hot on his neck, weaving into his hair, feel so good and Booster's head's beginning to spin when Ted stops suddenly, pulls back, and says "Gross."

Booster looks at him desperately. "What?"

"Your hair." Ted wrinkles his nose. "It's all... Oh. Heh." His expression clears and he grins, tousling Booster's hair so it sticks up, and Booster feels the spilt engine oil there wet against his scalp.

"Your fault for fighting dirty," Booster says, "And just for that, you're going to let me win again," and he moves down Ted's body and pops the button on Ted's jeans.

Under any other circumstances Booster'd probably make a crack about the palm-tree-print boxer shorts Ted's wearing, but right now he just wants them off. Ted's cock is swelling under the fabric, getting hard, and Booster rubs his palm over it and makes Ted drop his head back so hard he brains himself on the concrete floor. "Booster, please," Ted breathes, looking stunned in more ways than one, and Booster takes pity and slips a hand inside the shorts. Ted gasps, and Booster cups his hand over Ted's erection, sliding it up and down. "Oh, my god," Ted says, his voice cracking, and when Booster snags Ted's shorts and drags them right down off his hips Ted fights with his own jeans to spread his knees apart. "Please," he says again, when Booster takes pity and pulls the jeans down around his ankles too. Booster tries to give him a grin, but he's so overwhelmed with the sight of Ted hot and half-undressed under him that it comes out shaky, and he drops his head to take Ted into his mouth.

The noise Ted makes is so hot and low that Booster almost thinks he'll lose it there and then. It gets worse when Ted reaches down to grab Booster's hand, pulls it up to his mouth, and sucks down hard on Booster's middle finger. His tongue still pressed against the underside of Ted's cock, Booster glances up, and the sight of what Ted's doing makes him groan with his mouth full. He wants to rub at his own cock, trapped inside his pants, but he needs his spare hand to keep him balanced over Ted, so he makes himself focus and hollows his cheeks around Ted's cock. Ted's humming against his fingers, licking at them and sucking them hard, and Booster tries to follow the pace Ted's setting. It closes the feedback loop, makes Ted's eyes screw shut and his nipples harden, and when Booster shifts his head down to suck Ted all the way down to the root Ted's eyes fly open and he comes, over Booster's tongue, crying out and tangling his hand in Booster's hair.

Booster gently pulls his fingers from Ted's mouth, pressing his lower lip and stroking his throat and collarbones and the soft v of skin between them. He sits back onto his heels, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and lies himself gently down on top of Ted to kiss him on the lips. "Unf," Ted says. "Squashing me." He opens one eye lazily and gives Booster a lopsided grin.

"That's how you can tell I won," Booster tells him, kissing his nose. He rolls off Ted and sits on the floor on his ass, drinking in the image of his best friend sprawled pink-faced and refractory on the floor, trying to catch his breath.

Ted leans up onto his elbow eventually, rolling his shirt back down his belly, and eyes Booster speculatively. "Well," he says, his breath still a little shaky, "since you've been so uncharacteristically helpful, I feel like I ought to return the favor."

Booster hitches an eyebrow and taps a finger against his chin. "That's very big of you."

Ted reprises his earlier eyebrow-waggle. "Like everything else about me."

"Jeez, Ted." Booster rolls his eyes.

"So I'm still practicing."

Ted looks just cute enough, Booster decides, to get away with it, so he kisses him vigorously enough to topple him back down onto his back and breathes in hard at the sight of Ted biting lightly on his own lower lip and smiling back up at him. Oh yeah, Booster thinks. All those people who don't want to know what Ted does in here are really missing out.


"And what would you want from...?" *porn music starts*


The only thing better than Boostle porn is Boostle porn with adorable goofing around fun-times in it.

Deets for the NYCC Boostle Meetup have been posted on the LJ comm:

Suggestions are welcome!
/slinks back into the shadows

File: 12851118065.gif-(634.63KB, 667x500, boostle_dance_by_yuyuchan-d2ygrc8.gif)


Max uesd to/wears a suit all the time, why don't we have any suit/clothes fetish porn with him in it?

(Also bump. And unicorns. Argh I'm tired.)


I killed the thread with my hateful porn!


No you didn't we just had nothing to talk about. But Gen Lost is out now so we can talk about that! As soon as I read it.


I liked this issue, not least because Max looks like Max again this week, which alone puts it one up on the previous issue's Evil!StayPuft!Max.

I felt like this issue was...short. Quick read. Skeets being an Awesome Future Computer Thing and impressing everyone and dat Fire/Ice homance were my favorite parts.

Also: I really want to get back to Max's freakish black lantern issues.

Also also: I swear I'm going to write/draw something for you guys, I'm just short on inspiration.


Might be why Max is acting so desperate and outright mean. And although his weird rape comment about Batman seemed really odd/freaky/etc. it made me think about all those fics where Max uses his powers to get Booster. 0-0

File: 128527485589.jpg-(533.79KB, 1280x1956, JL- Generation Lost 010008.jpg)
That last panel. Goddamnit Max, every time I try to detach the current version of you from the old one I liked, you go and do something like this. "OOH-RAH!" 8D

And get out of the damn shadows (so I can drool over you properly). Also, there is an extremely muscular half naked man on this page and Max is still more interesting. How the hell does he do that?


You could write/draw something about Max's freakish Black Lantern issues. Or good guy Max and bad guy Max fighting over a mind-controlled Booster (naked) (in a pool of Jello) (I deny ever saying that last part).

Um, but yes. More Max porn. And Max in a suit. Because yeah.

Have some High School AU Boostle courtesy of tumblr, /coq/!


I was actually thinking about that the other day and I how I kinda really want to fit it and duskdog's cootie-verse stuff together into one awesome slice-of-life Boostle thing where, growing up, all the other kids knew those two would end up together while those two kept denying anything but friendship together.

"Oh please, everyone knows you kissed each other."
"It was experimenting! Everyone experiments!"
"I think after the tenth grade, it no longer counts as 'experimenting'. Also after the thirtieth time you get caught."

>Something with birthdays?

>Sex toys.

Two for one! Booster just kept pulling out more props. Also, sorry this took me so long - happy belated birthday, idiosyn!

* * *

Ted hadn’t wanted to be reminded about his birthday. Booster had woken him up at 6 am with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” followed by 45 birthday punches, “and one to grow on.”

Ted hadn’t wanted any presents. Booster had gotten him Geritol, Polident, a pack of adult diapers, and a square of sod, “so you can put kids on it, and then yell at them to get off.”

Most of all, Ted hadn’t wanted a fuss made. Booster had shown up at the office with balloons, taken out a full-page ad in the Daily Planet wishing him a happy birthday (Clark hadn’t warned Ted. Clark was on Ted’s list.) and thrown him a surprise party, which Ted had to fake-smile his way through when all he wanted was for everyone to leave so there wouldn’t be any witnesses when he murdered Booster.

“I’m going to kill you,” he said when the door closed behind the last guest.

“But you have one more present!” Booster said, looking scandalized.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

Booster grinned over his shoulder as he disappeared into the bedroom. “Wild animal sex with an inappropriately-young blond,” he said.

Ted raised an eyebrow, but followed Booster anyway. “You’re 38.” And didn’t look a day over 30, but Ted wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of saying so.

“I’m negative 432,” Booster corrected him. “I’m not even legal.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works,” Ted countered, sitting on the bed so that he could take his shoes off.

Booster seemed to take this as Ted agreeing to be an audience. He stood in front of Ted and slowly tugged his shirt over his head. “How does that song from Gypsy go? You know, the ‘let me entertain you’ one?”

Socks and shoes off, Ted leaned back on his elbows and watched the show. “Oh, no. I’m not singing show tunes while you strip. I’m gay enough already.”

“Okay, what’s something hetero for me to strip to?” Booster asked. “Country western?” He tossed the shirt around his head like a lariat before letting it go. “Gangsta rap? Death metal?”

“How about ‘nothing, because you sing like a wounded coyote’?” Ted suggested.

Booster stopped unbuttoning his fly to clutch at his heart. “Ooh! Cut to the quick.”

Ted raised his eyebrows. “How about cutting to the chase instead?”

“You have no sense of seduction,” Booster said, and unzipped his fly. “Luckily, I have enough for both of us.” He let his jeans drop to the floor, revealing a sparkly gold g-string.

Ted’s eyebrows shot even higher, and he shifted a little on the bed. Booster leered. “Charming,” Ted said, like he didn’t particularly care what kind of underwear Booster chose to put on. “Is that a new one?”

“Okay, so you had more than one present to go,” Booster admitted. He sashayed towards the bed, and as much as Ted made fun of Booster’s little striptease game, the man certainly knew how to move when it suited him. The fabric of the g-string was semi-sheer, and Booster was already hardening, pulling the fabric tighter. “You like it?”

“I like it better on you than I would on me,” Ted said. Booster climbed onto his lap, straddling him, and his hands went of their own accord to Booster’s hips, tracing along the straps of the g-string. “I suppose you think this means I’m going to forgive you for the party.”

“Pretty much,” Booster said, and bent to kiss him, hands working at the buttons of Ted’s shirt. Ted tried to hold on to his annoyance, but it was hard with Booster sucking on his tongue like that.

He leaned back and let Booster kiss his way down his throat. “So…hh…what kind of wild animal sex are we going to be having?” he asked, voice hitching as Booster nipped at a particularly sensitive spot.

Booster waggled a finger at him. “Now that would be telling,” he said. He tugged the unbuttoned shirt off Ted’s shoulders. “You know, for an old man, you look pretty good.”

Ted rolled his eyes. “Yes, thank you, now I feel good about myse-elf!” His complaint ended on a yelp as Booster tweaked one of his nipples.

Booster chuckled, a low rumble against Ted, and Ted forced back a shiver. “Take off these pants and I’ll show you just how good you should feel, Mr. Silver Fox.”

“My hair is not silver,” Ted insisted, pinching Booster’s ass for good measure. Booster gasped and jumped, bucking against Ted, and Ted snickered and did it again.

Booster scowled at him. “I’m only letting you get away with that because it’s your birthday,” he said, and climbed off of Ted. “Come on, get naked. I have got plans for you.”

Ted wiggled out of his pants and boxers, then scooted further up the bed so that he could stretch out. “Plans, eh? Should I be worried?”

Booster was already rummaging through the nightstand, but he turned enough to throw a devious grin over his shoulder. “Teddy old pal, you should be terrified.”

He held up a scrap of black cloth. It took a minute for Ted to process that it was a blindfold. “Aw, come on,” Ted protested. “What was the point of the thong, then?”

“You’ve seen the thong,” Booster replied, doing a slow turn, showing off that enviable ass. “Now you get a little bonus excitement.”

Ted sighed a long-suffering sigh, but allowed Booster to put the blindfold on him. He’d been blindfolded with other people and enjoyed it, but never with Booster. After all, what was the point of sleeping with the most gorgeous man of your acquaintance if you couldn’t admire the goods? Still, Booster’s bedroom-related ideas – unlike his moneymaking ones – were generally sound.

He heard Booster rummage around some more, whistling “Happy Birthday” as he did, and spared a moment to worry what Booster was pulling out of whatever little hidey-holes he’d devised in their bedroom. Then the mattress dipped as Booster climbed back onto the bed.

“Hey, buddy,” Booster said, his voice startlingly close, and kissed Ted. “Relax, would you? This is going to be fun.”

“For you, maybe,” Ted retorted. He felt the mattress shift again as Booster’s weight was taken off it, and couldn’t help tensing with anticipation, waiting for Booster to settle again so that he could at least know what direction he was coming from…

A hand grazed his belly, and he jerked, startled. He turned his head to where he thought Booster might be, but then the hand brushed his flank, skated up his inner thigh. In the darkness the sensations were multiplied tenfold; he could feel goosebumps rising all over his body.

A hot tongue traced the crease between thigh and pelvis; teeth bit down gently on his nipple. He couldn’t help the whimpery noise it pulled out of him. “Where…where are you?” he asked.

He could tell Booster was smiling just from his tone of voice. “This flight ring really is pretty nifty,” he said, one finger trailing over the soft skin of Ted’s inner arm.

Ted could do nothing but lie there in the dark, breathing growing more and more ragged as Booster teased him, stroking and pinching and licking the most unexpected places. Finally, finally Ted felt the mattress give as Booster settled between his legs. “Hmm, looks like someone enjoys being blindfolded,” Booster said, both hands stroking up Ted’s inner thighs, pushing them open.

“Maybe…maybe a little,” Ted managed, trying to sound cool and unflappable. He had a feeling he missed.

“Oh?” Booster said. “Should I not do this, then?” He steadied Ted’s cock in one hand and dragged his tongue up the shaft.

Ted bit his lip, clutching at the sheets. “Y-you can,” he said, still trying for nonchalant. “If you really want to.”

Booster nuzzled his cock, and now Ted could feel his smile. “Oh, I want to,” he said, and licked Ted again.

Ted gaze up on nonchalance. “Booster,” he sighed, groping downwards until he managed to settle his hands in Booster’s hair. “Please.”

“Well, okay. But only because it’s your birthday,” Booster said, and kissed his inner thigh; then he wrapped his lips around Ted’s cock and started to suck in earnest.

Ted moaned and petted Booster’s hair clumsily, spine arching as Booster’s perfect mouth pulsed around him. He couldn’t see Booster, but he could picture it: Booster’s mouth red and wet, his cheeks hollowed, his eyes dark as he gazed up at Ted through his lashes. It was Booster’s enthusiasm that made him so good at blowjobs; he really did love giving them, and Ted was more than happy to oblige that particular quirk of Booster’s.

He was vaguely aware of a familiar click, and a wet sound. Then he felt a cool, slick finger sliding over his balls and back, and couldn’t help but moan.

“God, yes, Booster, put it in me,” he panted, totally shameless and completely beyond caring. Booster hummed around him and slid his finger in, and Ted let out another moan, fingers tightening in Booster’s hair.

Booster had moved to just the head of Ted’s cock, sucking very slowly, clearly trying to make this last. That was all right with Ted. Booster could do this all week if he wanted to, especially once he started thrusting his finger slowly in and out. Ted closed his eyes, though it didn’t make any difference with the dark already pressing down on him, and groaned.

Soon Booster added a second finger. Ted could only swear, and pant, and beg. “Fuck, yes, Booster, more, please…oh fuck, right there, don’t stop.”

Booster hummed again and curved his fingers deeper, brushing Ted’s prostate. Ted jumped as sparks flared behind his eyes, and then suddenly Booster’s fingers were gone. Ted whined and pawed at Booster’s head, still bobbing lazily on his cock.

He heard the click of the lube being opened again. A minute later something cool and hard was pressing into him – something familiar, but he was too far gone to identify it. All he knew was that it was thicker and harder than Booster’s fingers, sliding further and further in, and he let out a bone-deep groan as it filled him…

…and then Booster turned the vibrator on.

“Oh! Oh God!” Ted gasped, jerking up involuntarily, thrusting himself deeper into Booster’s mouth. Booster made a startled, choked noise but let him, taking more of Ted into his mouth, slowly working the vibrator in and out. Ted writhed, helpless, as Booster gradually unwound him, unspooled him like thread and left him mindless and babbling. “…oh fuck Booster yeah so good so hot right there Booster fuck…”

Then Booster pressed the vibrator in and up and swallowed, and Ted lit up like Times Square at New Year’s, pleasure surging through him, neon flowers bursting in his brain. He thought he was moaning, but he couldn’t be sure, all senses given over to touch and the hot wet softness of Booster’s mouth swallowing over and over again and the thrum of the vibrator shaking his foundations to pieces.

When Ted was spent, Booster pulled off and switched the vibrator off, but he didn’t remove it. “Fuck, Ted…” he said, his voice a hoarse rumble, and Ted felt him move.

He reached up, fumbled, yanked the blindfold off. Booster was leaning over him, supporting himself on one hand, jerking himself frantically with the other, eyes fastened on Ted. “So hot, so beautiful, Ted, you have no idea…”

Ted reached up and cupped his cheek. “Hey,” he said with a tired smile, voice almost gone. “Love you.”

Booster tensed, gaped, and came on Ted’s stomach.

A long while later, Booster managed to rouse himself enough to ease the vibrator out of Ted, wipe them both down, and turn out the light.

“So, did you like your present?” he asked as he climbed back into bed.

Ted curled up against his side. “Which one?” Booster poked him. “Yes. This was definitely my second favorite, after the Geritol.”


Ted grinned. “You love me.”

“Yeah, I do.” Booster leaned over and kissed Ted’s forehead. “Happy birthday, buddy. And many more.”

HNGH. Oh, yes.


It's like my birthday all over again and if I hadn't been up at 6 in the morning and then running around the Academy of Science all day, 'eeeeee'ing like an idiot over all the animal displays and thus barely capable of of keeping my eyes open, I could say something more coherent than 'oh boys, never stop being stupid and sexy'!

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