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Old thread here -

This cover rocks. Also, Booster + tentacle monsters.

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File: 128277240931.jpg-(541.87KB, 1280x1972, JL- Generation Lost 08016.jpg)
Shiny fanservice from someone other than Booster, suprisingly.

File: 128277258185.jpg-(545.21KB, 1280x1956, JL- Generation Lost 08019.jpg)

I love their postures at the top. Booster is sexy, Cap Atom is military and Jaime is adorable.

File: 128277264240.jpg-(529.19KB, 1280x1972, JL- Generation Lost 08021.jpg)

D'awww, Bea made a new friend.

How many people actually call him Michael?

I want a big blond shoulder to lean on. Although from the way things are going with her and Red, she might be getting two of those. Lucky woman.

File: 128277286692.jpg-(482.74KB, 1280x1956, JL- Generation Lost 08024.jpg)
And I forgot to post the image. ARGH.

File: 128277317861.jpg-(514.01KB, 1280x1992, JL- Generation Lost 08025.jpg)
...Maybe not so lucky after all.


And where's his other holister? Is that even the same type of gun as the other one? THE ENTITY WANTS YOU TO STOP BEING SO TRIGGER-HAPPY DANG IT. GUNS DO NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS. And he seems to be wearing boots now as well. I HAS A CONFUSD.

Oh well. *ogles the sexy*

I think they started calling him Michael since the Kingdom, a one shot where he wanted to be called Michael Carter.

Notice that Max likes to talk about Booster?


Booster's his *favorite*.


Goes without saying. I just get a fannish or maybe slashish (?) glee at seeing it.

argh, fuck it.

>Silly code words!

Skeets's code name makes a lot of sense, given what he's disguised as.

Also (this one I didn't know, just googled on a whim that it probably meant something):,_Rube!

>And where's his other holster?
I kid you not, that was my exact reaction to that image.

D'aww, Heavy/Pyro.


Thank you! Fascinating. I love to see those little allusions.

Thanks for providing the definations. I knew fat man but not hey rube.

Re: Maxs' gun: Maybe it's a special gun to deal with metas? Or maybe Max has a serious gun kink? (Fic of this would be awesome.)

File: 128282051346.jpg-(208.56KB, 643x583, its-okay.jpg)
and i am still incapable of writing something without illustrating it, turns out.


We're okay with that. <3

edit: not satisfied with the story, taking it down to revise. enjoy the illustration anyway, in the meantime.

It doesn't matter how much Ted talks about it, about having grown up and had a family, and how he must have become all domesticated in the suburbs, and how him and Booster probably don't hang out as much as they used to, he knows it's all a lie. He can see it in Booster's face, in the way Booster looks at him, in the way Booster talks to him.

Looking at Booster, Ted knows the truth but he doesn't have the heart to say it aloud, not without hurting both of them.

When he sees <i>his</i> Booster, he wraps his arms around him and gives him a tight hug, resting his head on the broad, golden shoulder.

"Hey, Ted, quit it. People are gonna talk," Booster protests, holding his arms up above his head, stiffening beneath Ted's touch.

Ted is quiet for a long while, holding on tight to <i>his</i> Booster, before finally letting go with one of his boisterous laughs, and he slaps Booster on the back. "I'm just messing with you, pal. Let's go grab a beer." he proclaims in a loud voice.

"You know I don't drink," Booster says, but he's following Ted anyway, the way he always does, like a giant, golden puppy - a giant, golden, stupid puppy.

When Booster is drunk, he's touchy, warm and close, and for now Ted indulges him, letting him get wrapped up in Booster's embrace, and he's laughing, and pressing his hands on Booster's chest, as if trying to push him away. Ted makes gay jokes the way he always does, and Booster presses on, getting closer, threatening to kiss.

"You're my best friend, you know that Ted?" Booster murmurs the words against Ted's ear, his breath hot. "I really care about you, I really, really care about you. I don't know what I would do without you..."

When Booster says that, Ted grows quiet, his laughter ebbing, and he thinks about that other Booster, about how tired, sad and worn he looks. He pulls away, pressing a hand over Booster's mouth. "Shut up. If you keep that up, people'll really think you're gay," he teases, and as much as he wants to close that distance between them and indulge himself in Booster's potential kisses, he doesn't have the heart.

It's hard to lose a friend, Ted thinks, but it's even harder to lose a lover. He knows that pain all too well.

When the Booster from the future shows up again, he looks stressed and thin, and he looks at Ted and gives him one of those long, tired looks, before he laughs and tries to play it off that he got into a fight with his imaginary wife. Ted plays along, and he tosses Booster a beer.

This time, Booster doesn't drink. Instead he lies down on Ted's bed and stares up at the ceiling. He asks questions about the time period, trying to reorient myself. He asks about Scott and Barda, and Ralph and Sue. He asks about Dimitri, Tora and J'onn. He asks about Max. He asks a lot of questions about Max, and Ted answers them all patiently.

"If I didn't know any better," Ted teases after the 20th question about Max, "but I'd say you're trying to get me jealous."

Booster sits up and looks at him; there's a flash in his eyes, and then he's laughing. "Don't be ridiculous."

"So stop asking questions about Max and spend time with me," Ted insists, and he's sitting down on the bed next to Booster, their thighs touching. "I have this great plan..." and he goes on, talking about some nonsenser\ about retrieving a missing box for some old woman, and he knows it will get them in trouble, and he knows it will be good for both of them.

Booster indulges him, playing along with the same old nonsense, and for their several hour long escape he looks happy and relaxed and when they're about to part, Booster thanks him with a tight hug.

"Same ol' Ted," Booster says, placing a hand on Ted's cheek.

"Same ol' Booster," Ted responds, slapping the hand away. "Except the hair's thinning in the back."

"It is not!" Booster presses a hand to the back of his head, and even though he's trying to scowl, the look of distaste gets interrupted by laughter. Ted is reaching for that hand, trying to pull it away, and their bodies are pressed close together.

Then there's silence, and they're looking at each other, their noses nearly touching. Booster parts his lips as if to speak, but he says nothing because Ted doesn't give him the opportunity and he's pressing their mouths together and they're kissing. They remain like this for several seconds, their arms tangled behind Booster's head, frozen in a moment of teasing and a moment of passion.

When they part, Booster looks confused, and then terrified. "Shit, Ted--" he starts, and Ted knows he's going to talk about changing the future, and Ted covers Booster's mouth with his hand.

"I promise I'll be good," Ted says, and he's smiling.

"But Ted," Booster says, his protest muffled behind Ted's gloved palm.

"You can trust me, Booster. I'll make sure the future happens the way it's supposed to happen. I'll let you get married and have kids, and I'll get married and have kids, and we'll be fatherly buddies in the suburbs of Chicago..." and Ted goes on, spinning some imaginary future for the both of them, and Booster is smiling and nodding and chuckling.

Booster disappears in a flash of light, and Ted is alone, and he's sitting on his bed. There are tears in his eyes and he's laughing and crying at the same time because he knows the future, and he wishes he didn't.

For years Ted manages to keep his promise, and he never sees the future Booster again, but he watches his Booster slowly grow into that Booster. It hurts him to have to play the straight man, despite all the moments where they get painfully close to kissing, to falling in bed together, to confessing their feelings.

When Ted is looking down at Booster, confined to that hospital bed, he feels the weight of an old promise on his shoulders. He wants to lean over and kiss him, a last kiss, but he doesn't, instead he turns towards the future and keeps going.

"Tell him, it's not his fault."

Christ, my heart.

Oh jeez, ow. Boooooyysss.



That was so beautiful, even with it hurting so damn much. For Ted to live knowing the truth and loving Booster... And for Booster to love him and never know until later, after Ted is gone... I guess that's what being a hero is about, though. Sacrifice...

File: 128285119020.jpg-(815.86KB, 1280x1968, Time Masters-VP 02008.jpg)
Vanishing Point time!

He's alt-universe Daredevil, apparently.

File: 128285127025.jpg-(948.20KB, 1280x1974, Time Masters-VP 02009.jpg)
Because your suit makes funny noises when stuff bounces off it! Weee!

File: 128285135797.jpg-(931.56KB, 1280x1971, Time Masters-VP 02010.jpg)
"Not you guys! Me!"

No you don't, jerks.

File: 128285146143.jpg-(917.10KB, 1280x1994, Time Masters-VP 02012.jpg)
Super-jerks. Go run into a branch, Hal.

Title drop! Space dragon! Why doesn't he use space dragon more often?

File: 128285165743.jpg-(944.37KB, 1280x2001, Time Masters-VP 02013.jpg)

Ha ha, he is too an awesome guy, Hal. Guy needs to punch him for this when they get back. Or maybe Batman. That would be sweet.

File: 128285172598.jpg-(0.98MB, 1280x1967, Time Masters-VP 02019.jpg)

File: 128285180293.jpg-(817.46KB, 1280x1963, Time Masters-VP 02023.jpg)


UNF Rip in panel 2.


Oh my god. That was incredible. *cries*

Oh no, Black-Red Beetle plans on hurting Booster to get to Rip!

Superman: "We're more experienced in these matters than you are Booster. And even though we're clearly going against the expert of Time Travels' orders we're better than you."

And people forget why Booster didn't get along with him.

Hey isn't it confirmed in different books that Bruce doesn't even like Hal? That means even Batman thinks that Booster is better than Hal. Look back at when Booster first joins JLI, Batman praises him more than the other member.

No one's done tentacles kink by now? I'm rather shocked. More so that Rip gets more in comic tentacle attacks than Booster. That second panel with Claw and him dazed looks particularly suggestive.

I can't tell you how happy was was to see them get p'wed. Good thing you have more "experience" guys.


Batman should totally praise Booster for rescuing him and ignore the other two when they find him.

I'm actually kinda into tentacles, so this makes me very happy. Although I kinda want to see Max get tentacle-molested, just because it would be hilarious.


JLI: "..."


JLI: "BWA HA HA!" *point and laugh*


I was totally thinking Bruce would ignore the others too (although he might be interested in Rip) to focus on Booster.

I really thought that you wrote Max saying he wants them to get him off. 0=0

But yeah, I'm actually considering a tentacle porn fic although I have no idea how to write it or which Carter will star in it.


- Booster, and Rip has to save him. And explain that he knows how to beat them because he's had experience with those types of monsters...and it gets even more awkward.

- Booster and Ted, while exploring Kooey^3 or something, and afterwards they decide never to speak of it again.

- Rip, because we don't really have any porn of him. Although it is kind of weird to have porn of someone who we keep seeing as an adorable kid.

- Rip, and he's on some kind of mission and Booster's with him and Rip's all like "Please don't let him find me like this."

No tentacle porn with any other Carter around, PLEASE. That's my number 1 squwick. I wouldn't mind Bruce helping Booster deal with them.

Rip is seriously lacking porn, you'd think someone would pair him off with another superkid like Sin, Damian, etc.


porn-ish rip fic pending...

We still lack porn of tentaclemonster!Booster (from the Extreme Justice era) molesting Ted.

Just saying.


I saw one somewhere. But I don't like the EJ era so Booster w/out tentacles is preferred.

Ted is pressed up against the light blue of his bedroom wall, his arms wrapped around his best friend as they kiss. It's one of those sloppy, unpracticed kisses of two teenaged boys exploring their sexualities, and he can't control the sounds of his whimpers. His hands work their way through his best friend's buttery, blonde hair, pulling on the soft strands. Ted hears him gasp between kisses, desperate for air, and he stops kissing long enough to let them catch their breaths. Their foreheads are resting against each others, eyes closed and he can feel his best friend's hands grabbing handfuls of his shirt.

"Oh, Rip," Ted breathes against his best friend's lips. His friend's name really isn't Rip, it's Edward, but he insists on Ted calling him Rip. ("It's cooler sounding," Rip had said, when they first met as grade school students.)

"You taste really good," Rip whispers back at Ted, his tongue ghosting over the shape of Ted's lips, and he presses closer, their chests crammed impossibly close, enough to take their breaths away. His leg slides between Ted's thighs, pressing up and into him and Ted can't help but moan aloud at the pressure, his toes curling in his shoes.

"Hnngh, Rip..."

"Shhh, your brother will hear you." Rip silences him with another kiss, and Ted doesn't protest, he has no reason to protest.

Ted melts into the kiss, feeling like he could dissolve into Rip and into the kiss, and even the sounds of his brother's friends swearing on the otherside of the wall can't distract him from the intensity of this moment. His hands tighten in his best friend's hair, kissing back as hard as he can.

Their noses smash together, and teeth click against teeth when they can't decide which way to turn their heads each time they break for air. They break apart to laugh after umpteenth time their teeth hit, and Ted is resting his head on Rip's shoulder, shoulders shuddering as he laughs, boisterous and loud.

Rip has one of those quiet kinds of laughs, ones that you can't hear, but you can see and you can feel, and Ted can feel his best friend's body shaking beneath his own, and it makes him laugh louder.

A loud knocking on the wall behind Ted's back gets them to stop, and he can hear his brother yelling at them. "Shut up, will you!?"

"I told you your brother will hear you," Rip scolds and he slides his hands down around Ted's waist.

Ted squirms away from the touch, self concious of his weight. He unwinds his fingers from his best friend's hair, and presses hands against his chest, as if about to push him off. Rip is bigger than him, and harder than him, and Ted feels a moment of inadequacy. He stops.

Rip hesitates before removing his hands from Ted's waist and he moves them to cover Ted's hands with his own. His palms are hot. "Sorry," he apologizes.

Ted stares at Rip's chest for a moment, and then up at his face. Rip has extraordinary features: a strong jaw, a strong nose, high cheek bones, beautiful blue eyes - he could be a model if he wanted to be. "Do you like me?" Ted asks, sounding insecure.

Rip's eyes widen for a moment in an expression of shock, and then he's cupping Ted's face with his hands and pulling him for another kiss. At first Ted is upset by the silence, but then he remembers that Rip doesn't talk much, that he has a certain air about him that's a thousand times more mature than a boy his age should be, as if he's lived through a hundred years. Ted is reassured by the kiss, and when they part Rip whispers, "I like you."

Ted melts at the words, because it's the first time anyone's ever said they like him, and maybe he's falling victim to his desperate, childish need to be wanted and appreciated and loved, but in this moment he's convinced, absolutely convinced that Rip is his true love. This thought sends a chill down his spine, and he can't stop himself from bucking forward and he feels something hard against his hip.

They don't say anything for a moment, and then they're fumbling for their pants. Hands hesitant and unsure. The heads of their cocks nudge together, and Ted shivers from the heat. He swallows thickly, and he begins to stroke himself, his eyes fixated on his best friend's cock, dark and hard in Rip's large hand.

"Can I touch you?" When Rip asks the question, he sounds childish and unsure.

"Yes!" Ted blurts out the answer, eager, and Rip shakes with silent laughter.

Soon their cocks are wrapped in Rip's large, hot hand, and Ted is struggling to keep up with him, his hand covering Rip's in some awkward attempt to help out. Rip has an expert touch, at least Ted would consider it expert, because it feels incredible, and he never thought jerking off could feel so good. He clings to his best friend, his other hand pulling Rip's shirt out of shape, and his teeth dig into Rip's shoulder when he tries to silence himself.

He comes, suddenly and quickly and even his moan is loud around Rip's shoulder, and he collapses boneless against him. Rip makes a strangled sounding groan and Ted can't tell whose liquid heat is whose as he unwraps his hand from their cocks. He silently rubs his fingers together, feeling the stickiness, memorizing it.

The room is as quiet as ever, save for the sounds of their own breaths, and the distant sounds of Ted's brother and his friends.

Finally Rip moves, and he's pulling away, tucking his cock away and cleaning his hands off on the handkerchief from his pocket. "I should probably go," he says, breaking the silence and Ted deflates.

"So soon?"

Rip is hesitant for a second, and then he's cleaning Ted off, with the awkward motions of an amateur lover, and Ted doesnt push him off. "My dad's taking me with him on a buisness trip," Rip finally responds.

Ted only half understands. He doesn't have the relationship with his father the way Rip does, but whenever Rip talks about his father he has nothing but good things to say. Rip's father sounds like a hero, an adventurous man who travels around the world conducting his buisness. ("He's like an... international police officer," Rip had explained in the past.) Rip goes with him a lot, and when he does, he disappears for weeks at a time and Ted hesitates to say anything.

"I'll try and be back soon," Rip finally says, breaking the silence again.

Ted reaches out for him, grabbing Rip by his shirt, and he's pulling him close for another kiss. "You better," he threatens, and he's smiling.

"I promise," Rip says, and he's kissing him back, and Ted swears his heart is going to explode.


... Sweetie, you always leave the nicest surprises. Er. Did I say nice? ... Maybe I am a masochist. Doesn't change that I love them both. And oh, oh, Ted. Always so much love that it hurts a bit.


WOAH. That was an unexpected pairing. Very nicely written.

thanks! I wrote another fic that sort of extrapolated on this pairing (where Ted explains his attraction to Booster because he looks like his first love)

Are you going to post it? We'd love to read it.

I'd love to read it!


They started out as best friends, bonding over shared interests and similar attitudes about life and living. But eventually they became more than just friends... It happened by accident one night as they sat on Ted's bed pouring over blueprints and plans. They found themselves sitting closer together, thighs touching, fingers brushing. There was a beat of hesitation, the shyness of two teenaged boys suddenly aware of their nervous feelings for each other. Their faces were close, mouths slightly parted, and they could feel each other's hot breath against their skin. Soon they were kissing, fingers intertwining, chests pressed close. Paper crumbled and fell to the floor as they both tumbled backwards against the sheets, legs tangling.

They were breathless as their lips parted and their faces were flushed, foreheads touching. "Wow," Ted whispered in a soft voice as he looked at his best friend in disbelief.

"Wow is right..."

They were quiet for a moment longer, enjoying each other's warmth and presence: coddled by the comforting afterglow of a first kiss; unfortunately, that didn't last very long. Ted was sitting up suddenly as he heard a car door slam outside, and he was practically pushing his best friend out of his bed. "Oh my god!" He was awkward enough as it is, a little overweight, unpopular, and a nerd; his older brother didn't need another excuse to make fun of him.

Edward looked up at Ted from the floor, and he had to chuckle, but he understood the concern his friend had, so he didn't make any motion to reclaim his spot on the bed. "I should probably get going anyway, my dad's coming home tonight."

"Really? How long was he gone this time? A month?"

Edward scrubbed a hand through his blonde hair. "Just about. You really need to come by for dinner sometime, I know my dad would love you."

Ted sighed, laying back against the bed and staring up at the ceiling. "That would be nice. You only ever have good things to say about him. I'm jealous of that."

"Yeah... I'm really lucky. Even though I don't see him that often." Edward leaned against the bedframe, pulling his knees up to his chest. He never talked much about his family, except that he loved his father, even if he never saw him much, and that mystique was what drew Ted to him in the first place.

Ted reached a hand out for his friend, running his fingers through Edward's blonde hair, scratching his scalp the way one would scratch a dog. "So go home! I bet your dad's waiting for you."

Edward leaned his head back, closing his eyes into the scratching. "But I want to stay here with you," he murmured softly.

Carefully, Ted slid off the bed to the floor next to his best friend, and he resisted the urge to wrap his arms around him, and lean over for another kiss. Instead he did the next best thing: he leaned against him and rested his head on Edward's shoulder. "You're the best friend ever," he said with a smile.

"That's because I have you to be a friend to."

"I don't know what it is about you, Booster, but you remind me of my best friend."

"I thought I was your best friend."

Ted paused and then laughed, shaking his head. "You are. I meant my best friend from when I was a kid. Looking back on it now, he looked alot like you. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall..." He splayed his fingers, ticking them off as he listed each quality, and then he paused. "Except he was smart. Really smart."

Booster tried to look offended, but his lips were quirking into a grin. "Gee, nice to know my best friend thinks I'm stupid."

"Who needs brains when you have looks?" Ted teased, wrapping his hand around the back of his neck, pulling him in for a kiss.

The kiss was proof that Ted will always be the smarter of the two of them, because that stopped Booster from making any protests or smart remarks. Booster sighed into the kiss, defeated but happy.

Tangling his fingers in Booster's hair, Ted smiled at him as their lips parted. "I love you," he whispered.

"Whoa, so loving all of a sudden! What brought this on?"

Ted pressed their foreheads together, their goggles clicking. "I can't be loving when I want to be?" he retorted.

Booster wrapped an arm around Ted's waist, pulling him close as they collapsed upon his bed. "I'm thinking reminiscing about your best friend is what got you going. Did you love him?"

"Honestly," Ted's voice was soft, practically whispered against Booster's lips, "I did."

Edward knocked before entering his father's office, which was unusual because it was as much his study as it was his father's work room. He could hear his father bustling around, and the room had unfolded from it's average apperance of bookshelves and globes to reveal computer monitors and chalkboards scribbled with various notes.

"Come in, son," his father directed, gesturing to a large plush chair as something golden floated in his peripherial, making electric chirping noises. "Strange for you to knock like that."

"You can't blame me, I haven't seen you in a while."

"Funny, I saw you just yesterday."

"Dad..." Edward's brow furrowed, unamused by his father's attempt at humor.

With a sigh, his father got off his feet, sinking onto a wooden stool as he looked at his son, the expression on his face serious. Edward had forgotten how tired his father looked after travelling for so long, and he had almost forgotten how old he really was. "What can I do for you, son?"

"It's about Teddy..." Edward fumbled, his hands twisting into knots.

His father laughed, as he reached over and pat his son on the shoulder. "I already know."

"You do!?"

Michael moved and forced himself into the plush chair next to his son and gave his knee an encouraging squeeze. "Of course I do, Teddy told me all about it."

"He did!?" Edward was at a loss for words, somehow bewildered at the idea of his best friend being so open with his father.

"Rather," his father corrected, "he will tell me about it."

Edward leaned against his father with a sigh. "I'm going to hate it when he dies, aren't I?"

Michael put an arm around his son, and rubbed his shoulder comfortingly, "You're going to hate it more when you have to stop me from bringing him back."

There was silence between them for a while, and then Edward spoke, his voice soft and hesitant, "Sometimes.. I hate time travel."

"Me too, son. Me too."

Aww :'( Thanks for posting! Although I have to admit, I don't know how I feel about Ted being with both Rip and his DAD....

Weird random thought. What would you think if Black Beetle turned out to be Teds' son? Would you ship him and Rip?


Considering your other choice for a 2nd generation Blue & Gold ship would be Rip/Jaime...

Yeah Jaime/Rip doesn't work for me. *shrugs*

Can anyone who's familiar with Rip tell me if he and Ted have met before? Booster's comment about introducing them in BG #00 makes me think they haven't.

And now I'm imagining a scenario where they do meet, geek out and/or bond over science, and end up inadvertently annoying Booster. :)


It's iffy. Technically they haven't been formally introduced. Not long after Booster joined the JLI there was an event with the Manhunters from GL. Booster pretended to join the Manhunters' side to stop them from the inside. When the rest of the heroes arrived at the scene they thought Booster only switched sides at the last moment because the Manhunters were losing. (I think Booster stopped something from happening before they arrived.)

Distressed over that lack of faith they had in him, Booster took one of the people they were protecting with him to explain to her how much everything sucks. Thinking the JLI were going to throw him in jail for something he didn't do he ran to Rip to leave to another time but Rip didn't have a working time machine ready. The JLI arrived and talked Booster into staying while he was still in Rips' home. Ted was present and the one who basically convinced Booster to stay. Rip was never introduced to any of them on panel. Although it's iffy if this is still canon since Rips' backstory has changed since then.


Thanks for the info! Do you have any issue names and numbers? I'd be interested in checking out this arc. (The "Ted convincing Booster to stay" part also sounds like a contender for the Big Ol' List of Boostle Moments.)

I think it was Booster Gold #25 the last issue of his first series. Basically JLI ignored the fact they were in Rip's home. Sad thing is that Booster called them on how they acted. Something along the lines of "of course you believed it! You guys always think the worst of me!" J'onn denied this basically wanting Booster back because he found out he had an important destiny (he never told Booster this.)

Dinah was basically like "come on back already!" Booster wasn't convinced. Ted said Booster was acting like a baby running away when things got hard. Booster started to rethink things, J'onn returns the BG costume from his pocket cape and you know Rip has to be waiting for these people to leave his house off panel.


I just read the issue. God, the Justice League are jerks. Good job browbeating him back into the League, guys.

I wonder if DC ever plans to bring back any of the supporting cast from Booster's first series. They seem to be ignoring them thus far.


Don't recall ever hearing anything more about that chick (trixie, wasn't it?) but the dude that stole Booster's money whose name I don't remember right now was eventually tracked down in Extreme Justice and Booster force-armed control of the company- Lightspeed Entertainment -from him and asked Ted to be his partner in the business. Asides from that, no clue.

Trixiw showed up in Jurgens Teen Titans run as a business woman. She was reunited with Booster in Chase under a different writer. They greeted each other in a chilly fashion. Jurgens says he likes her and wants to bring her back but needs a story for it.


Interesting. On the one hand, I'd like to see her back to get some closure on her relationship with Booster. On the other hand, I'm digging the lack of romantic angst in Booster's series.


He's got Ted-angst and Max-angst and JLI-angst right now, he doesn't need any more of it.


Yes, it's actually kind of strange and awkward. Even in the Time Masters mini, you see the JLI, and there sort of an ethereal assumption that Rip is familiar with them and vice versa, but none of them ever really interact the way Rip/Booster do.

File: 128291481981.jpg-(207.47KB, 700x900, wtf.jpg)
gurh i keep trying to write things and not finishing them. can't decide: ted-had-a-rough-day story, max-gets-booster-drunk story, or should i fix and repost the booster-back-in-time one? or other? prompts?

picture unrelated to anything, i was drunk and doing art requests.


I think you know what I'm going to say - DRUNKS AND THREESOMES.

I had suggestions for how to continue that one, but they're all back in another thread now. I'm just going to suggest Max and Ted DP Booster maybeyesplease? So that we have a story to go with that nice picture you drew?

oh, hey, yeah, i forgot all about that one. ffuuu.


It didn't take long for Max to lose the thread of the movie. In light of the fact that it was exactly what its title had promised - there were mushroom people, and they were attacking - he didn't chase after it too hard. Booster and Ted had made a game of it, riffing on the worst bits of dialogue or the very...'special' special effects, constantly trying to one-up each other. Maybe Max was just buzzed still, but this felt right. Those two could be aggravating beyond reason when they got going, but it was familiar. He never would have guessed he'd actually miss Ted's banter.

And if Max found it distantly reassuring, Booster was outright soaking it up. He laughed at everything, funny or not, like it was just a relief to get the chance. They both looked the most at ease he'd seen them since he brought this ragtag team back together, and Max almost thought he'd been forgotten entirely when, with Ted distracted by laughter, Booster leaned over and whispered. "Thanks, Max."

And there it was. Max thought about the conversation in the Bug. He thought about how it had always been in the League - watching Booster gravitate towards Ted from day one, watching his clumsy and utterly blatant flirtations, watching Ted the genius miss it all completely until, finally, he didn't. Booster had smiled just like he was then, and Max had known instantly that he was out of the running.

"Any time," he murmured back.

He wouldn't let himself be bitter about this, whether it was just one night of getting along like in The Good Old Days or whether this gave them the spark to start it back up again. But he couldn't help his mind wandering. What if Booster had been the one to pick him up tonight, alone? (This being just a fantasy, he chose to ignore the fact that Booster didn't have a car, and Ted would never lend him the Bug.) He would have gotten Max, and they would have talked, and they'd come back here and it would be just them on the couch, and...

Max had the sudden, depressingly childish urge to put his arm around Booster. Just stretch and edge a little closer and let his arm fall around his shoulders, like something out of an old movie. If it was just them, he probably wouldn't even flinch; might look surprised, but then he'd smile, and Max would smile back and trail his fingers down onto his arm-

Something brushed Max's shoulder, and when he looked, there was Ted's hand. Ted's arm, snaked right across Booster's back - and Booster looked surprised, but then he smiled, and Ted smiled back, and Max had the sudden feeling that something had been stolen from him. His ideas? What, was Ted a telepath now? What if he thought, suddenly jealous, about the smooth slope of Booster's neck, the sinewy muscle and the short hairs that curled out just behind his ear, how they'd feel under his fingers - what then?

When Ted's hand crept back, just enough for his fingertips to skim up Booster's neck, Max nearly dropped his beer. Booster went tense immediately, a shiver rippling through him; his eyes stayed locked on the screen, as if looking over at Ted would break the illusion. Then they turned to Max, and went wide.

...You? he mouthed. Max let his look of confusion speak for itself. But then something dripped onto his lip, and he suddenly understood.

What he didn't understand was what he was supposed to do now. It had been wholly unintentional, alcohol and imagination getting the better of him - should he apologize? Push Ted into backing off? What if Ted didn't want to back off? What if all the forced maturity, the distance from Booster, was just waiting for an excuse to be dropped? What if -

Booster's lips moved again.

Don't stop.

There was something desperate there.


Max spent a long moment frozen.

Then, finally, he closed his eyes, resolving to deal with the ethical questions of this tomorrow. For now, doing that would mean saying no to Booster, Booster with his bitten lip and his pleading eyes, and that was more than Max was capable of.

It wasn't hard. He'd imagined this, and variations on it, more than enough times by then. And maybe this was as close as he'd ever get to living them out.

He thought of his hand creeping up from Booster's neck, weaving into his hair - how soft it would be when he raked his fingers through it. Next to him, Booster let out a shaky sigh, and Max told himself he heard gratitude in there. Even without looking, he could picture Ted's hand - his - Ted's, trailing up and down again, kneading gently at the back of Booster's neck, fingertips tracing out the collar of his shirt. He thought about how he'd move in closer, till he was right up against Booster, and as if on cue he felt the couch cushions shift. He didn't look; he didn't need to. Maybe he didn't want to. He could already picture Booster's face; a little guilty, but relieved, eager to get this back even for a little while, even if it took a little cheating to do so.

He could feel Booster tense next to him, and imagined what that would feel like under his hand as he soothed away all the stiffness in his neck, raked his nails over Booster's skin, and Booster's breath would go shaky and he'd touch Max before he could think better of it-

Max's eyes flew open.

Booster's hand was clutching at his thigh, and Max realized what he'd been doing a second too late.

"Excuse me a minute," he managed, trying to make it sound like something less urgent than it was, and barely kept his steps steady all the way to the kitchen. It was easier to breathe there, without Booster close and his breathing quick and shallow and god, what the hell was Max doing here? The seed was planted, and maybe nothing would come of it, maybe Ted and Booster would both act like this was just a slip and pretend it never happened. But knowing them, somehow, Max doubted it. For all he knew, they were already making up or something out there - when he strained his ears (against his better judgment) all he heard was the turned-down chatter of the movie and the murmur of voices, too quiet to make out.

Then Ted didn't understand yet, he supposed - or he'd have been more vocal. Righteously upset, and who could blame him? It'd be messed up even if Max were doing this solely out of compassion towards Booster, but the reality wasn't even that innocent - and there was no point in pretending otherwise, not with the impression of Booster's hand as good as burned into his skin, the warmth that had jolted out through Max at that simple touch, the low stirrings of something deeply inappropriate.

Max poured himself a glass of water, drank slowly, and tried to talk himself back down.

When he thought he'd managed it, he took one deep breath and stepped back out to the living room. Booster and Ted didn't notice right away.

That had nothing to do with mind-tricks, and everything to do with Ted practically in Booster's lap, tilting his head aside and sucking at Booster's throat. Even from where he stood, Max could see the way Booster clutched at Ted's shoulders, hear him panting and trying to drag him closer. Ted scraped his teeth just below Booster's ear, then glanced up, and his eyes were right on Max's.

And he was smiling.

Just found this blog - it has some pretty good reviews of Generation Lost, and also a 5-part character study of Max.

Oops, sorry.

And a quote from Winick on Booster in Generation Lost:
"Booster, if anyone’s been paying attention, is getting examined almost in every other issue. We’re not going to have an issue devoted to Booster. That character is an ongoing process. And he’s pretty much the heart of the book, which I’m happy to see a number of people have caught onto. That every turn has really been about him. I think, more than anyone else, this is personal to him."


Yeah please finish.
I just recently read that on the old thread.

I think everyone picked up on Boosters' importance. I saw in issue one.

Can someone draw or write Ted and Booster's first time fooling around for me? That would be wonderful.
Anywho, here's something I threw together in a few minutes of boredom. My buddy stumbled in the house drunk and was trying to be quiet. In a way, hope you enjoy it.

Ted lay awake in bed, his fingers interlaced behind his head and eyes locked on the ceiling. The sheets were down around his waist and wrapped slightly around him from all his tossing and turning. The warm air around him felt stagnant, the sound of his own breath the only sign of life in the room. Booster was late, very late, but Ted refused to admit his worry. He refused to admit that he had been tossing and turning for hours wondering where Booster was. Booster was a big boy, in more way then one, and he could take care of himself.

He groaned softly and rolled over on to his side once more, his arm snaking it's way under the pillow as the sheets become tighter around his waist. His fingers began to beat a soft rhythm against the sheets as sleep continued to allude him. Had something gone wrong with their mission? If he didn't get back soon Ted was going to go insane.

As if on cue Ted heard a loud thump from outside the room followed by hushed curses. His eyes, which were already pointed towards the door widened slightly as he sat up. The door cracked open just enough for Booster to get his body through and the man slipped in with his back to Ted. He closed the door slowly and carefully attempting to be quiet before he spun around, his movements loose and slightly wobbly.

"Ted? Are you awake?" Even if Ted hadn't been awake, Boosters stage whisper would have brought him around, but only if the loud thump that could have woken the entire embassy up didn't do the trick. He seemed a little unsteady on his feet as he peeled his shirt off... His shirt. He was wearing civilian clothing. He kicked his boots off and began unbuttoning his pants as he moved towards the bed. "Ted?"

"Where have you been? I thought you were out on a mission." His voice sounded accusatory, even to his own ears. Way to hide the worry Ted. After fighting his pants off Booster dropped down onto the bed with a soft 'hmph.'

"Max convinced me to go to the bar with him." At this close proximity, Ted could smell the beer on Booster's breath as he spoke. Booster reached out and grabbed the sheets, tugging them free of Ted's weight. He wiggled his hips, sliding his body in closer to Ted's. Booster wrapped one powerful arm around Ted's waist and lay down, pulling the other man with him. The smell of stale beer and peanuts coming from Booster mixed with the warmth in the air was making Ted feel slightly uncomfortable.

"You're drunk." It wasn't a question, and Booster's low hum of a response just made it obvious that he wasn't just drunk. He was wasted and he was about to pass out. "You need to go back to your own room." Ted would be lying if he said that he wasn't upset. He had laid there worrying for the past few hours, while Booster was out at the bar. Of course he was angry. Booster made a small groan of protest and cuddled closer into Ted, his hips pressing tightly into the brunette's, his legs purposely becoming tangled.

"Don't make me go." Booster's soft whisper was slurred and reeked of alcohol. The soft whining protest was really rather adorable, but it didn't fit in with the reaction that the blond was bringing up. Ted could feel himself getting hard. There was warmth and muscle everywhere around him. A broad chest pressed against his own, one powerful arm draped over his waist holding him tight, and a warm groin pressed against his own, only two thin pieces of material keeping them separated. No, that whining protest should have been a moan.

"You don't want me to go Ted. I can feel that much." Booster's warm breath danced across Ted's skin. He nuzzled his face into the brunette's neck, a small smile playing at his drunken lips. Ted inhaled and opened his mouth to speak, but Booster cut him off before he had a chance to say anything.

"Shut up and I'll suck your dick in the morning." Ted snapped his mouth shut. Telling Booster off could wait for now.


Dirk! I loved Dirk so much before his face heel turn. He always struck me as Max-lite - sleazy businessman who is genuinely fond of the superhero(es) he works for/with.

I did enjoy! Thank you!

I'd love to see how that ends. I just re-read it the other day, and was wondering if you'd ever pick it up again! :)

I liked this! One of my unfinished scraps right now involves Max taking Booster to a bar. Doesn't end quite as nicely as this, though.
You've convinced me. I'll get back on it.

File: 128301799020.jpg-(28.36KB, 600x300, 1281317100117.jpg)

That is what I wanted to hear. I can't wait to read the finish.


*blows horn and throws confetti in the air*

Tora's outfit bugs me. Oversized tops are so 80's(Yeah I know Booster's an 80's poster child, but he can pull off the look. I just want to yank off the top.). Why does Bea lose her frizzy hair but Tora keeps the tank top? How about her DCAU look? I wish project rooftop did something on the JLI but they only do A-list and B-list heroes )<.

Aw, I like that Tora costume.

And heck, we could always do our own redesigns. Not for her, not on /coq/, but on /coc/ or /draw/ or something.

That sounds like a good idea. Perhaps I should make a thread when I can post images.


And you will link us to it, yes? And do other superheroes outfits too? (And maybe give Max one?)

I like the costume, but I'm a big 80s dork.


I love Tora's outfit too. The colors are great and I think the top (dated as it may be) helps make her outfit look unique. It's also not as form-fitting as other superheroines' outfits, which I think is a great fit for her personality.

Weird question, but...does anyone remember this one JLI/Superbuddies era-based fic? It's about the neighborhood Halloween block party for the street that Superbuddies headquarters is based in, and all the heroes have to come in costumes that AREN'T their superhero ones and Booster, well, I know I'm adhering to a trope here because his is the only one I remember, but I think he dressed up as Jareth from Labyrinth. I just remembered that fic, and that costume.
Anyone else think we need some illustration? Because Booster + tight pants = good thing? Maybe with Ted and/or Max in the background? Ooh, they could be fighting over who has to/gets to wear Sarah's dress...

File: 128309580295.jpg-(37.65KB, 170x375, dcdjli1ice1.jpg)
They did feature Fire and Ice once.

I like Ice's tank 'n bodysuit a whole lot more than that hideous figure skater leotard she was in for a while. (spoiler for boobs)

Well in my boredom I decided to do the prompt that I asked for. I would still appreciate it if someone else would write their own version of Ted and Booster's first time fooling around. I prefer reading someone else's work over writing it myself. I don't even like my own writing, but I can't draw worth poo and I want to contribute something. Oh well though, hope you enjoy it.


Booster and Ted were lounging back on a couch in the Justice League International headquarters. They were two of just a few members on the team that were not required to be out on this mission, the rest who were left behind were either asleep or out doing their own thing. These two happened to be drinking and watching a movie, well Booster had lost the plot long ago. Instead he had been sneaking glances at Ted who had been nursing the same beer for the past half hour. Ted, who was always oblivious to Booster's flirting, happened to be absolutely caught up in the movie, and was once again oblivious to Booster's desires.

Booster set his fourth empty beer bottle down on the table and got up to get a fresh one. When he returned, he sat purposefully closer to the brunette, now easily close enough to place his hand on the man's thigh if he so wished. He twisted the cap off his beer, the sound of air suctioning in to the bottle filling the momentary silence of of the movie. He squeezed the cap in between his index finger and thumb, folding it in half like a small aluminum taco, and dropped it in to one of his empty bottles. "I'm lost, what the hell is going on?"

He turned to look at Ted once more, who was taking a tiny sip of his beer. When the bottle left his lips, his mouth was spread into a small grin. "You see when they went into space, rather then going to a distant planet, they traveled through time and came back to Earth. Well not traveled through time as much as slept for thousands of years."

He had understood that much, he had tried to pay attention to the beginning of the movie. It wasn't until later that he gave up and just started stealing glances at Ted. "And now the roles of humans and monkeys are reversed and the main character is just freaking out?"

Ted snorted softly. "They're apes, but yes, that is essentially what is happening." Ted kept his eyes on the screen as Booster continued to stare at him. Since the beginning Booster had been drawn to Ted. It was Ted, who would always laugh at his jokes rather then stare at him like he was an idiot. It was Ted, who would actually show him some respect. It was Ted, who has that shaggy brown hair that falls onto his forehead just begging to be brushed back. Who has remarkably soft hands for their line of work. Who was, as cliché as it sounds, smart, and funny, and actually seemed to get Booster.

Booster's hand came to rest on Ted's thigh. Ted's body instantly went rigid. His knuckles turned white as his hand gripped the neck of dark brown bottle tightly. His mind began racing at a million miles per hours. Was Booster drunk? No, Ted had seen him drink much more and still be all but sober. Had there been a bug on his leg that Booster was trying to kill? No, he moved too slowly and his hand was still there. Should he ask Booster to remove his hand? It wasn't hurting anything, and the sensation wasn't bad, but Ted had never been interested in men.

"Booster I think--" Then Ted felt lips being pressed against his own. Lips that were much softer and more gentle then he would have expected. The cold glass of the beer bottle that Booster had failed to set down pressed against Ted's neck as the blond wrapped an arm around him. The sudden cold against his skin cause him to gasp against Booster's lips, which the man took as a sign that Ted was enjoying it. Booster pulled his lips away, his breathing still mostly even.

Ted sat silently, his mouth still slightly open, and a slight blush of embarrassment on his face.. He hadn't really kissed Booster back, but he felt that he should have. Ted may not be all that interested in men, but the thought of losing Booster was almost a physical pain. Ted kept his eyes cast slightly downward to avoid Booster's eyes. During the relatively short kiss Booster had moved to where he was standing on one leg, kneeling on the couch with his other leg. His wide muscular body hovering over Ted.

"Shit Ted, say something." Ted's eyes slowly drifted upward to meet Booster's, who's were filled with fear. Say something? What do you say after your best friend of the same gender kisses you? That wasn't as bad as I thought? Your lips are as soft as a woman's? I tried to tell you to stop before you kissed me? That one made the most sense, maybe he would say that... but he looked so scared.

"What am I supposed to say after that? You just kissed me! And that beer is cold on my neck." Ted decided to take a neutral path. He would act as if it didn't bother him, but not give Booster reason to think he wants more. Booster pulled his arm from around the man's neck and set the beer on the table. His hand came off of Ted's thigh, but he remained crouched over the man.

"I've been flirting and making small passes at your from the beginning. It's not like you didn't know how I felt about you." Ted's brow furrowed up. Flirting? Making passes? He had no idea that this was going on, and it was clearly evident on his face. "Fuck. You had no idea." Booster's shoulders slumped forward minutely in defeat. Ted of course noticed. Booster pulled his knee up off the couch and stood up. "I'm sorry."

"Michael wait..." The light around them became dark and flickering as the movie came to the credits. Ted reached up with his free hand and gripped the front of Booster's shirt, his other hand still tightly gripping the glass bottle. His hand was fisted in the blond's shirt just above the waist of his pants, causing the shirt to ride up slightly and expose a small sliver of skin. The small stripe of skin was painted with a trail of light blond hair leading down into the man's pants. It did nothing for Ted.

Booster stopped. He could feel a cool breeze dancing across his exposed skin mingling with the warmth of Ted's gaze on his body. He felt... guilty, but this was what he wanted. He wanted Ted to see him, to really see him, in the way he saw the brunette. He leaned forward, letting his hands come to rest on the back of the couch to either side of Ted's neck. Ted's hand released the all but empty bottle, the hollow thump followed by the faint smell of spilled beer filling the air.

"I... I want to try. I can't promise that it will... go anywhere, but I want to try. Is... that ok?" Booster's breath hitched slightly. Had he heard correctly? He leaned down, his body aching to feel Ted's soft lips beneath his own once more, but Ted stopped him. The hand that had held him there was now keeping him away. "Not here. What if someone comes out here?"

He hadn't thought of that. Really he hadn't cared about that. He hadn't tried to hide his flirting before, why should he care if they get caught? Really the thought of them getting caught was kind of arousing. "Right. Ok." He stood up and grabbed Ted's wrist, pulling the slightly shorter man to his feet. He turned around slightly, his shirt still in Ted's grip twisted and tightened on his torso, and with Ted's wrist still in his hand he began pulling the man towards his bedroom.

Ted let himself be dragged into the room, his free arm flying out behind him to push the door closed. In the next instant he was pulled against Booster's chest, his arm folded between their two bodies. It felt... odd. Not bad, but different. Booster's usually bright blue eyes were almost black, his usually playful face almost the most serious Ted had ever seen it. It was all very weird to Ted, but he wanted to do this for Booster.

Booster's lips were against his own once more, just as soft as before, but a little less gentle this time. This time, however, he kissed back. His eyes falling shut and his own lips moving hesitantly against the blond's. It felt... good, but if he wanted this to work he was going to have to stop thinking so hard about every little thing. At least that was the plan until he felt Booster's tongue glide softly along his bottom lip requesting entrance. He hesitated, he hesitated just long enough for Booster to slip his hand up under his shirt. His slightly callused hands sweeping across the small of Ted's back. Ted gasped softly into the kiss and Booster's tongue slipped into his mouth.

What a dirty trick, that ass. How far was he expecting this to go? Ted reached out hesitantly with his own tongue and brushed it against Booster's. He could taste the alcohol, and it made his brow furrow. What if he WAS drunk? Booster began waddling backwards toward the bed, pulling Ted along with him. Booster let himself fall back, pulling Ted down on top of him.

Ted pulled his lips free and sat up so that he was straddling the blond's waist. His face flushed up even more as he felt Booster's erection through both of their pants. "Shit Ted... get that shirt off." Booster slipped his hand beneath Ted's shirt and brought his other hand around to Ted's stomach. He began pushing the shirt up, his hands sliding up the man's stomach and then his chest. The hair beneath his fingers there was slightly more rough then the hair on Ted's head and it tickled his palms slightly.

"How far are you planning to take this Booster?" Ted grabbed his shirt and pulled it off, tossing it attentively to the floor. He felt embarrassed to be even this exposed.

"Only as far as you're comfortable with, of course." Ted's hands dropped back to his sides as Booster's roamed across the brunette's chest and stomach. Ted's face was adorable, his lips pouting slightly, cheeks flushing in embarrassment, and his arms hanging lamely at his sides. He didn't know what to do. There was a moment of near silence as Ted seemed to be holding his breath. Booster pushed lightly at the man's chest. "Lay down on your back."

Ted's eyes went wide for a second before he complied. He brought his leg up over Booster and let himself fall onto his back next to him. Booster got up on his knees and pulled his shirt off his body and tossed it aside. He figured that by pleasuring Ted, at the least he would have a memory to pleasure himself to later. He reversed their roles by straddling Ted with a playful grin. "All you have to do is lay there and enjoy yourself." His voice was deep and raspy with lust.

Ted lay there, his eyes now hooded slightly, as he tried to shut off his mind and just stop thinking. First it was Booster's hands, back on his chest once more, his thumbs lightly stroking his skin. Then it's his lips, kissing and sucking and nipping lightly at the skin stretched across his collar bone. That's when it just clicked. His thoughts faded away, the only thing he was aware of were the sensations that Booster was creating.

He felt hands sliding down his chest, palms slowly lifting off his body as fingers slowly come to a stop at the waistband of his pants. "Booster..." The name came off his lips like a sigh and did not have the intended effect. The fingers quickly had his button free. "Booster...?" Once again he didn't have what he wanted behind the plea as his zipper soon fell. "Michael!" The hands froze as on his hips with fingertips down inside his pants. "What are you doing?"

Booster's brow furrowed. Wasn't it obvious? "I'm taking your pants off?"

"Well I get that much, but why?"

"I was kind of hoping to... well to give you a blowjob or something along those lines. Of course I'll stop if you want me to though." Ted's face flared up. How could he say that with a completely calm face?

"It's just that... What should I do?" He bit his lip nervously as Booster let out a soft chuckle.

"You just lay there and remain delicious." Ted gasped softly as his pants were quickly pulled off of him, cool air rushing down on his warm skin. "Damn... I never would have thought you would be this big." Ted felt his entire body heat up at that comment. He looked down and his brow furrowed, was that a compliment or an insult? Against his tight blue and black boxer briefs pressed an erection that he hadn't even realized he had.

As he slowly came back up Ted's body, Booster playfully dragged his lips along the length of the prominent member, causing it to twitch against the thin fabric. Ted shuddered softly and let his head fall back. Booster's lips began kissing at the soft skin above the elastic waistband of Ted's underwear as his fingers playfully dipped in. Ted wiggled his hips slightly as his boxers were pulled down his legs and off his body.

Ted lay there completely nude, his face flushed and his bottom lip held between his teeth. He felt... exposed, vulnerable, like he was under scrutiny as Booster's eyes raked his body up and down. One callused hand fell onto his thigh and began moving upward. "Wait wait wait..." Booster's hand stopped, his thumb lightly touching Ted's scrotum. The heat emanating through that point and into Ted's erection was almost sinfully good. "I'm nervous."

Booster had to fight back a snort. "You put on spandex and fight crime, but your nervous about me sucking--"

"Yeah. I told you I wasn't sure... Just... go ahead. Continue." Booster's face split wide open into a playful grin.

"Yes master." His hand slid up and grabbed Ted's cock gently yet firmly. His lips fell down, kissing playfully around the fuzzy trail of hair just below his navel. He slowly stroked the man's rigid member, the tip already glistening with precum. He shortly decided that he didn't want to wait anymore, he wanted to see Ted squirm. He wiggled his hips and slid down so that his face was level with Ted's erection and grinned.

Ted had no idea what was about to happen when Booster dragged his tongue over his leaking slit. He griped the sheets tightly in his fists as he let out a soft gasping moan. It took all his control to not buck his hips up when he felt Booster's lips slowly envelop his head. Booster's lips kept going down and down until Ted felt himself press against the back of his throat, a moan tearing from his lips. Booster hummed softly causing a delicious vibration to go through Ted's throbbing member. "Fuck..."

Booster nearly laughed at Ted's cursing and he slowly began bobbing his head up and down, his tongue sliding along Ted's erecting the whole time. Ted's eyes were clamped shut as his hands released the sheets and his fingers found their way to Boosters hair. Somewhere in his foggy lust and pleasure filled brain he was shocked at just how soft the man's golden locks were, but he would wonder at that later. Now he was too busy tugging and pushing at Boosters head, trying to get him to go faster.

Booster of course complied. He relaxed his throat to take Ted in deeper, the whining moans that he could hear his best friend making were spurring him. It didn't take long until Ted pushed Booster's head down and held him down, his cock pulsing and throbbing as his warm fluids spilled into the blond's throat. He didn't mind, he was planning to swallow Ted's cum anyways. As Ted's quite moans subsided, Booster let the now semi-hard member slip from his mouth.

Ted's let his hands fall from Booster's hair and he felt the bed shift and sink as Booster lay down next to him. Booster lay in silence, waiting for Ted to talk first. As he lay there trying to catch his breath, everything came crashing down on Ted. That was Booster. His best friend. The tall goofy blond guy that convince him to do silly things. The one who prefers shenanigans over a deep conversation. The man that he fears losing. The man that feels safe with. He rolled over on to his side and opened one eye to peek at him.

"This sounds kind of like an insult, but you're good at that." Booster laughed boisterously, exhilarated that Ted didn't get up to leave.

"Yeah, I noticed you whining like a virgin." Ted's brow furrowed. Oh shit. "Oh damn, you're not a virgin are you?"

"No, no. It has... been a long time though." He propped his head up on his elbow, his free hand reaching out and stroking through Booster's hair. Booster smiled warmly at the casual way Ted was treating that little act of intimacy.

"Well, you don't have to go without for that long again if you don't want to." Booster's voice betrayed his vulnerability with that one sentence. He was scared what Ted's reaction to all this was. He seemed to have enjoyed himself and to even be comfortable now.

"We'll see." Teds mouth pulled up into a teasing grin. "We'll see."

>He hadn't tried to hide his flirting before, why should he care if they get caught? Really the thought of them getting caught was kind of arousing.
UNNF. This is one of my kinks. For some reason, imaging Booster and Ted getting caught is so hot!
>"Damn... I never would have thought you would be this big." Ted felt his entire body heat up at that comment.
This is another kink. Ted's reaction to that comment! :D

Well, now I have to request the two fooling around and getting caught

Well, I'm not a good drawer. That's part of the problem, orz.

I have a feeling that he's Earth-3 Ted Kord who came back and killed Jaime. The resulting blood colored the Scarab into a red color.

Knowing that Mr. Morrison is working on a Multiverse project, maybe.

By whom?
in before everyone says Max
which is just fine by me

Didn't Max have one in an issue he dreamed he was a superhero?

Yeah. It was pretty cheesy and had some sort of tube leading to his nose.

Hell. Yes.


Is that the evil opposites earth?


He needs a less cheesy one. With a mask covering the nose thing, and pouches of blood to refresh himself, and guns because that's apparently his thing now...and he's starting to sound like a Liefeld creation. POUCHES OF BLOOD! AND GUNS! WITH BLOOD IN THEM! Nevermind.


In his office. On his desk. Because they totally would.

As apology for derailing the thread the other day, I offer fic. It started out as wanting to write a Ted and Rip meeting, then got massively derailed from there. There's probably some continuity and character issues and the thing's obviously not finished, but I hope it's enjoyable nonetheless.


It took Booster a while, but he eventually figured it out. Actually listening to Rip instead of tuning the Time Master out when he started on his “we have to let dumb and horrible stuff happen to preserve time” rant for the 459th time helped. Bugging Rip to let him tag along on a few missions worked even better. And dissecting the details of his own “demise” provided the final key.

The first time he had tried to save Ted, he didn’t have a corpse. The second time, he came prepared. Booster’s hands wouldn’t stop shaking when he pulled Ted out of his casket, and he had to stop more than once to cry and cradle the body against him. Watching Max shoot his best friend over and over so he could *time* the switch exactly felt like having his heart repeatedly torn out. The brilliant flash of light would be suspicious and Booster knew he was probably relying too much on Max’s arrogance to help pull this off. His former boss was a man who was used to seeing what he wanted to see; so the bastard had better not let him down this time.

It lasted for a second stretched out to forever, suspended by unwavering hope and years of yearning. Then he had Ted standing in the Time Sphere next to him and even if the Blue Beetle was dirty and bloody and smelled like he could use a good shower or two, he was still the most beautiful sight Booster had ever seen in his life. Ted was looking at Booster with a mix of amazement and confusion. “I thought you were… the hospital,” he began, and Booster couldn’t stop laughing and hugging him and saying, “Long story, buddy. I’ll tell you later.”

Booster knew his plan had worked when he – no, they – returned to his time to find it the way he had left it. Rip had his arms crossed and was wearing his customary scowl as he watched Booster descend the platform. Then he caught sight of the second spandexed figure and his expression shifted into shock.

Booster flashed his boss a brilliant smile. “Ted Kord. Meet Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter… told you I could do it.”


After recovering from his surprise, Rip had snippily informed Booster that he would have to run a battery of tests before they could be absolutely sure that Ted’s presence had caused no significant changes in the timestream. Ted was to keep a low profile. No claiming his identity, no going to work, no driving, no credit card use, all public appearances were to be kept to a minimum.

And definitely no outings in the Blue Beetle suit.

Rip’s suggestion that Ted keep his movements limited to the lab and Booster’s apartment was met by ready agreement from Booster, who seemed unperturbed at being asked to take responsibility for his friend. After a brief discussion, it was decided that Ted would appreciate the relative privacy of the apartment more than the disorder and noise of the lab. Ted had taken the news of his temporary confinement with good grace, elbowing Booster in the ribs and making jokes about getting free food. He had been less pleased with having to shed his costume and don some of Booster’s spare civvies.

He tugged at the sides of his t-shirt, watching how easily the fabric pulled away from his body. The shirt was a size too big. “You really know how to make a man feel inadequate.”

Booster slung an arm around his pal. “Uh-huh. I’ve seen the stuff you used to wear. This is the best you’ve looked in years.”

“I can’t believe you have a shirt with your own face on it.” Ted fisted the edge of the shirt in his hand and watched Booster’s screen-printed grin stretch and contort.

“Aw, you’re just jealous because no one prints shirts for *your* fan club.” Booster swatted Ted’s hands away before he could fuss more at his clothing. “Don’t even think about tucking it in.”

“Yes, mom.”

Booster picked up a blue-and-gold sports jacket and draped it over Ted’s shoulders. “Put this on. And don’t forget the shades.”

Ted sighed. “I look nothing like myself.”

“That’s the point, genius. Going completely incognito makes people suspicious. They try to guess who you are. So we go kind-of cognito. Except we’re dressing out of character.” Booster zipped up his hoodie and pulled the hood forward to cover up his bright hair. He put on a pair of wire-frame glasses, then glanced over at Ted. “Wait. You’ve got cowl hair.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. Run your fingers through it.”

Ted patted his head uncertainly. His hair resolutely stayed plastered in place.

Booster snorted and stepped close to his friend. He ruffled Ted’s dark locks then brushed the strands back when they fell into Ted’s face.

Ted blinked. His eyes were very blue from Booster’s vantage point, and glinting with amusement. “Now are we done with the Queer Eye routine?”

Booster stepped back, gave him an appraising look. “Better idea. Why don’t I burn all of your clothes and pick out your outfits from now o-“


Booster turned around.

Rip was pointing to the Time Sphere. “Both of you, out of my lab. Now.”



Booster was cooking pasta in the kitchen when the knock came at the door.

The sound made Ted stop thumbing idly at the tv remote and get up from the couch.


Ted grinned as the high-pitched voice filtered in through the walls. Some guys had all the luck. Of course, it probably helped if you had male model good looks, a superhero’s physique, and your own line of cologne. The next chance he got, he would have to bug Booster to introduce him to eligible women.

He opened the door.

The girl – no, woman – in the hallway gaped at him. He gaped back. She was, frankly, gorgeous. Wide doe eyes, shimmering blonde hair, curves in all the right places and legs that went on for forever. Ted could only hope that Booster wasn’t serious about this one, because there was something he *really* liked about her. Something that was strangely familiar…

Ted smiled stupidly at her. Then he realized his current state of undress.

She seemed to regain her senses first and waved a hand at him, a broad gesture that seemed to encompass his bare chest, the borrowed sweatpants that rode low on his hips, and his wet hair. “Are you-“

Ted’s brain slowly kicked into gear. “Umm… oh! No! Not at all! I’m not- He’s not- All I did was take a shower! We’re not gay!”

He backed up from the doorway, waving his hands in front of him in a defensive manner. And bumped right into Booster.

“Hey sis,” Booster said cheerfully. “You here for dinner?”


Everything about this dinner was rubbing Booster the wrong way and he didn’t know how to fix it.

It was wrong the way Michelle smiled at Ted, how loudly Ted laughed at Michelle’s lame jokes, that the dining room table wasn’t big enough to enforce five feet of distance between them. Michelle’s irritating habit of tilting her head endearingly when she giggled had never *grated* like it did right now. And Ted! Ted was showing off – shamelessly flaunting! – his body at her, with his refusal to put on a shirt. Booster hoped he caught a cold.

Booster stabbed at a meatball and shoved it into his mouth. Stupid Michelle and her stupid big blue eyes that no guy could seem to resist and her luxurious sleek hair (his was still shinier!) and her girl body that all his football pals oogled when they thought he wasn’t looking and Ted was no better than the rest of them. What was so great about boobs, anyway?

“There was this one time in the fourth grade where Michael- OW!”

Booster had kicked Michelle under the table to stop her. She kicked him back. She kicked *hard.*

Ted looked like he was stifling a grin. “Tell me later.”

It was almost a relief when Rip appeared as the three of them were clearing dishes from the table. He tapped Booster on the shoulder. “You’ve finished dinner. Good. Got a mission for you right now.”

Michelle muttered under her breath. “Doesn’t he know how to use a phone like everyone else?”

Ted shook his head. “Looks like we’re on dish duty tonight, Michelle.”

Booster grabbed the costume that was hanging over the back of a chair and walked over to Rip. “Guys, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“There’s no hurry, buddy.” To his shock, Ted winked at him.

Michelle giggled and interlinked her arm with Ted’s. “Don’t worry, Mikey. I’ll keep your friend entertained.”

Booster felt his stomach sink.

It was a good thing his mission involved dinosaur-riding Nazis. He spent the next three hours punching them.


In the face.

It didn’t make him feel any better.



Here's the thread for the JLI redesigns.

This is really great so far!

Requesting some other leaguer (preferably Bea) getting off while listening to Booster and Ted in another room.
Bonus: Booster is on top
Double bonus: Dirty talk from Ted


I like this so far. It's got me so worried how Booster and Ted will get together (They do, right? Right?) and how Michelle will handle it. Eeee! Please let it be a happy ending with no bad feelings between siblings? That would make me sad to see bad blood between Booster and his sister, especially over Ted. D: I'd still read the story and love it either way, though! lol

For those of you part of the JLI calendar, pop on over and claim your month(s)!


I agree with the comments so far. Interesting and aw- poor Booster! I think Michelle and Ted could be cute, but Boostle is so much my default and I'd hate to see the Carters fighting over Ted.

File: 128323115235.jpg-(217.66KB, 900x800, touchdown.jpg)
>not on the first page
what absolute nonsense! here, have a work-in-progress.

Well, I've never liked football, but I sure do now.


Booster didn’t return to his apartment immediately after taking down the last of Her Goebbels’ Deinonychus shock troops. He changed his clothes and asked Rip to track down Skeets’ location. The little robot was in Metropolis, forty-two weeks before the destruction of Bialya, disguised as a yellow smiley-face balloon.

Booster pushed into the crowd, gave the vendor a five and wrapped the balloon string around his palm to shorten its slack.

“Psst,” he whispered, squinting up into the sunlight. “Any anomalies pop up yet?”

[A cross-reference of my records with my observations reveals none. So far. Everything seems to be proceeding as it should.] The robot’s voice was tinnier and softer than usual. [Look, sir. There you are.]

Booster scowled as his past self (“Not in my town!”) zoomed over their heads, the disturbed air in his wake ruffling hats and hairstyles. “Does that mean you’re done? You can come back?”

[Mr. Hunter believes in exhausting all possibilities with a thorough examination of the timestream. Changes caused by the Blue Beetle’s reappearance may be more subtle than we realize.]


The balloon floated toward him, against the breeze. Had the robot been in his real form, Booster had no doubt that Skeets would be zipping around him in anxious circles. For someone with circuits and sensors instead of flesh and blood, his friend had the worried mother hen impression down. [Sir, not that I don’t appreciate the company, but why aren’t you spending time with Mr. Kord?]

Booster exhaled heavily, his shoulders slumping. “… trust me, Skeets. He doesn’t want me there.”

[Nonsense.] Skeets made a beeping sound, the electronic equivalent of tutting. [The pair of you are as thick as thieves. Was there a quarrel?]

“No quarrel.” He wondered if he’d have to divulge the details to get Skeets’ advice. “It’s… there’s this girl.”

The balloon spun so that its happy face was facing Booster. Somehow, through absolutely no change in the painted expression, Skeets managed to convey the impression of a raised eyebrow. [Are you sure?]

“Yes! Well, maybe… I’m mostly sure!”

[Sir, I advise you go talk to him.]


[Make sure, Booster.] The robot’s tone was firm.

“Can’t you come back with me?” Booster knew that this was undignified, that he was whining, but he found it hard to care.

[No. You can do this by yourself, sir. I believe in you. I have my own task to undertake. And what is the expression you use? You’re cramping my style.]

The string unwound from his hand. Booster watched the balloon drift off into the blue sky.

He had to admit it. Skeets was learning how to make an exit.


Figuring he could use the walk to get his head clear, Booster had the Time Sphere drop him off a few blocks from his apartment. He reached into the side pocket of his jacket and fingered his cellphone when he passed the 24-Hour Super Mart where he and Ted had picked up groceries earlier in the evening. He thought about calling, asking if either Ted or Michelle wanted a snack, then decided against interrupting them. Maybe they were doing something important.

He slipped into the apartment as quietly as he could, noticing that the two of them were seated on the sofa. Michelle was talking animatedly, using her hands almost as much as her words to get her point across. She looked the most relaxed Booster had seen her since she lost both Drew and Coast City. She was leaning in towards Ted, who had one hand over his mouth and the other pressed against his stomach. Booster recognized the position, didn’t have to look at all to be sure that Ted’s body would be shaking from the effort of suppressing big full-bellied laughs.

From the snippets of words Booster managed to catch, it sounded like Michelle was telling him about Booster’s disastrous prom date. Yeah, Ted would get a kick out of that alright.

They were the two most important people in his life. And they were happy together.

It wasn’t even a decision Booster had to make. All he had to do was make his peace with it. The sooner he could, the better.

He was about to make a beeline for his room when Ted turned around and spotted him. “Booster!”

“Michael!” Michelle was off the couch and walking toward him before he could move. She clasped his hand. “How was the mission?”

“Hey, guys.” Booster gave an easy one-armed shrug. “It was some pretty standard stuff. Nothing special.”

Ted crooked a finger. “C’mon, sit down and take a load off.”

Michelle tugged on Booster’s hand, dragging him over to the couch. Ted scooted over on his side and Booster watched in surprise as his sister took the far end, leaving the center for him. He sat down uncertainly, glancing between the two of them.

Michelle suddenly leaned forward, fingers grazing against Booster’s cheek. “Oh, you’re cut! What happened?”

Booster instinctively winced and moved away from her touch. “It’s nothing.”

Ted shot him a skeptical look and hooked a finger into the collar of Booster’s shirt, dragging the fabric down to reveal golden skin. And a bruise that was starting to form just below the collarbone. “Standard stuff, huh?”

“It looks worse than it is.” Booster pried his friend’s hand off.

Michelle and Ted exchanged a look of mutual exasperation that Booster didn’t appreciate. “Michael Jon Carter,” his sister said, her arms on her hips. “You swear you’re telling the truth and not just doing some stupid macho posturing? You know I’m not above forcibly removing your shirt to check you’re okay. Ted would help me too.”

Ted nodded with mock solemnity. “I would.”

Involuntarily, Booster felt himself grinning back. He held his right hand up, with the palm out. “Okay, okay. I swear. I’m a bit scratched up, but I’ll survive.”

“Great.” Satisfied, Michelle gave him a sunny smile. “Now that’s settled, I’m going to use your shower.”

“Wait a minute! I was the one who just came back from a mission!”

“Yeah.” She sniffed as she primly rose to her feet. “But you take *hours* when you shower and you use up all the hot water and leave hair everywhere! Honestly, Mikey, you’re such a girl sometimes.”

Booster watched Ted watch Michelle leave. He didn’t like the expectant gleam in Ted’s eyes when the other man turned back to face him.

“She’s right about your showering habits,” Ted said lightly. “Hey, about your sister…”

Booster steeled himself for the upcoming question. He knew he wasn’t going to like it.

“… why didn’t you tell me about the pranks she used to pull on you?”

That wasn’t the question he had expected. “Huh?”

His confusion didn’t abate any when Ted let out what was best described as a cackle. “Bwahahahaha… I have so much leverage! I know *everything.*” He playfully punched Booster’s arm and leaned in close to the blond. “You are going to fulfill my every whim for weeks! That is how much I know.”

“Wait…” Booster could feel a headache coming on as his perception of the last few hours drastically rearranged itself. “Did you spend all this time talking about me?”

Ted rolled his eyes. “Check out Mr. Ego here. It wasn’t all about you. Some of it… okay, maybe a lot of it was.” A corner of his mouth twisted up. “I know you were a zombie during dinner - thanks for cooking, by the way - but didn’t you pay any attention? It’s been the Booster Gold Nostalgia Hour for… well, the last few hours!”

Booster tried to remember what the dinner conversation had been like. He managed to dredge up faint memories of wishing Michelle’s hair would spontaneously combust and Ted’s bare chest would get something spilled on it. He stammered faintly. “I thought… you liked her.”

“I do like her.”

“Yeah,” protested Booster, “but I thought you *liked* her. What else was the whole ‘there’s no hurry’ thing about?”

Ted’s eyes were sparkling and he steepled his fingers together, adopting a look that he thought probably made him look devious. Booster had never told him how dumb it really looked, mostly because it amused him to see it on Ted’s face. “Let me put it like this. If you had a chance to interrogate my brother and find out all of my deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secrets… would you pass it up?”

“Back up a minute.” Because this news still wasn’t filtering through to Booster’s mind. But he now felt like a weight had been lifted from his chest. And that could only be a good thing. “You weren’t flirting with Michelle?”

“A little bit.” Ted ducked his head, his tone rueful. “Dude, I know the rules. No hooking up with best friends’ sisters. One, I don’t want you to get all awkward around me. Two, I don’t want you to go all overprotective big brother and beat me up.”

Booster couldn’t imagine any universe where he’d willingly beat up his best friend, sister or no sister. He swallowed. “Ted, I’d be okay with it. If that’s what you wanted.”

“Oh boy.” There was an expression on Ted’s face Booster didn’t see enough of. Earnest and sincere. It looked nice on him. “Look, your sister’s really hot. I mean that in the nicest and most respectful way possible. And there’s kind of a spark there. But after I got to know her a little better, I realized it wasn’t the right kind of spark. So I’ll pass.”

Booster gave him a small, but genuine, smile. “I’m okay with that too.”

He felt Ted nudge his shoulder. “So… can I call you Mikey too?”

He bumped back. “Only if I get to call you Teddy.”

Ted thought it over. “No deal.”

They sat in comfortable silence until Michelle emerged in a set of pajamas, toweling her hair. She clambered onto the couch and pushed at Booster’s thigh with her bare feet. “Scoot over already.”

He tried to squirm away, but there was really no place to go. Thanks to Michelle, he was squished against “Hey, stop! I’m practically in Ted’s lap!”

“Funny.” Ted’s voice was droll. “This is the first time you’ve complained about it.”

Michelle wrinkled her nose. “Gro-oss! Are you hitting on my brother?!”

Booster saw Ted’s shiteating grin a split-second before he had his arm around Booster’s waist. “Michelle, what did you think we did on those long lonely nights in the Justice League embassy?” His friend’s voice had suddenly turned lower and huskier. Booster’s stomach did a slow flip.

Holy shit. Did Ted just *nuzzle* him?

“Ugh. Bad mental images!” Michelle scanned the room frantically. “Save my fragile sanity, television remote!” She located the small black device and made a desperate grab for it.

Here was a golden opportunity to camp it up with Ted and get revenge on Michelle for her big mouth by freaking her out even more. Except Booster found himself frozen in place, his hands curled into tight fists as Ted’s hot breath ghosted against his neck. Ted withdrew his arm and pulled away after an agonizingly long moment. Booster turned his head to see his friend shoot him an apologetic glance and mouth, “Tired?”

“Y-yeah.” Except that wasn’t it at all.

The television blared to life, making Booster jump in surprise. Michelle flipped through a few channels and Ted excused himself to make popcorn. After he left, Booster and Michelle fought over what movie to stop on (he wanted to watch Remember the Titans and she wanted a B-flick on Syfy). Michelle won the subsequent round of rock-paper-scissors and Ted returned to find them watching a group of imperiled cheerleaders being menaced by insectoid aliens. And because Ted could never unironically enjoy a bad film, he made a wisecrack about the special effects. Not to be outdone, Michelle offered one of her own. And then it turned into a free-for-all, with the three of them being more entertained with their own jokes than anything happening onscreen. Booster kept his end up by offering any zingers that came to him. But despite the fun he was having, and despite his desire to see if the redhead made it out of the film alive, he could feel his energy waning.

He didn’t know at what point of the film he fell asleep, but there was darkness. Then a sound, so soft that it sounded like it had been muffled in layers of cotton. His sister’s voice.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Booster felt the sofa cushions shift. “Here, let me…” He felt his shoulder being shaken gently. “Mikey!”

And Ted’s deeper voice, more a rumble under Booster’s cheek than an actual sound. “It’s okay. Leave him.” The shaking stopped. “But can you get him a blanket?”

More movement. More shifting on the sofa. He could feel his body being moved, so that he wasn’t sitting upright but reclining on something too hard (and warm?) to be a cushion. What was going on? Booster summoned up all his energy to murmur sleepily, “Ted?”

“I’m here, buddy. Sleep tight.” He felt a hand brush against his cheek and turned his face toward the warmth it offered.

Booster never found out if he got his blanket, because he dozed off again.


Yay! An update! This story is wonderful

THIS. This is hot.


The walls at JLI HQ are not thick enough. Not thick enough to completely smother the bleeps from the array of monitoring machines off down the the hall. Not thick enough to ever be dead sure J'onn hasn't got a fix on your daydreams. And not nearly thick enough to drown out the sound of Booster Gold singing in the shower. It mightn't be such a bad thing - he's got a decent singing voice, for sure - if the guy knew more than three songs. Or if just one of those three songs wasn't by Bobby Darin. Bea's tried explaining to Booster that he's decades out of date on his repertoire, but Booster tells her that from the vantage point of five hundred years in the future this century's musical fads all blur into one. And then he hits her with "Mack The Knife" again. Now, in her room, she buries her head under her pillow, then throws it at the wall beyond which Booster's rendering a particularly splashy version of "Beyond The Sea", then stomps to the nightstand and snatches her phone.

"Tora," she says, when her best friend picks up, "I need you here. I need you to save me."

"Mmmph, sorry Bea. I've got a facepack on."

"So? Just come down the hall. I'm not going to care, am I? I need saving!"

"Last time I ventured out of my room with one of these on, Booster took polaroids and sent them to Guy to frighten him."

Bea rolls her eyes. "Would the world be so much worse off I just throttled him?"

Tora laughs on the phone. "What's he doing that you need saving from now?"


"You're right," says Tora. "He's worse than Darkseid."

The shower has shut off on the other side of the wall; Bea hears Booster padding across the floorboards and opening the door. "Hey!" she hears him say. "You're early!" A moment's inaudible muttering from his guest, then Booster laughs, and says with the hint of a leer in his voice: "You ain't seen nothing yet. I want to wine and dine you first. Lemme go and get dressed."

"Oh, great," Bea mutters into the phone. "Now he's got company. How does he do it? Are half the women on earth mentally subnormal?"

"I think he's charming. For about two minutes at a time."

Bea leers. "Maybe that's all it takes."

In the earpiece, Tora giggles. "They're both doing pretty well, though, you know. Ted had a date tonight as well. I saw him on his way out of his room. He was getting all dolled up. He brushed his hair and everything."

"They both got dates on the same night?" Bea shakes her head. "The world's oversupply of stupid chicks must be worse than I thought."

Just then, another voice speaks up in Booster's room, muffled through the wall but clear enough to make out: "Hey Boost - where's your TV remote?" Ted, thinks Bea. Then: Ted? An image comes to mind: Booster fresh out of the shower, little drops of water trailing out of the ends of his blond hair. Chest bare, towel wrapped low around his waist, opening the door to Ted: Ted who stands there with a big broad smile on his face, looking Booster up and down. Oh, boy. Ohhhhhh, boy.

"...Beatriz? Are you there?" The phone crackles in Bea's hand.

Bea returns slowly to her senses. "Uh... sorry, Tora. What were you saying?"

"I'm going to go wash this thing off my face. You want to come over and watch Cheers with me?"

From the other side of the wall Bea hears footsteps, bottles clinking, a tantalizing moment's silence, then Ted laughing softly.

"Umm.... you know what, I think I'm going to stay here. Get an early night."

"Sure. If Booster starts singing again call me; I'll kick his butt for you."

Bea laughs. "Tora... you're sure Ted was going on a date?"

"Huh? Yeah, he said so. Dinner, he said. He couldn't stop beaming. Looked kind of... like he was on his way to prom."

"Well, hot damn," says Bea.

When Tora rings off, the quiet in Bea's room seems to crackle with possibility. She stands by the phone, staring over at the wall she shares with Booster, and finds that she is biting her thumb. From beyond the wall, there are faint muffled noises, half like conversation, half like something else. It's too hard to hear: silently, on tiptoe, she creeps toward the far wall, gently placing her hands against the partition and then pressing her ear up there too. For a moment, everything on the other side is quiet. Then she hears a sigh, unmistakably Ted. "Mmmm," she hears him say, then "Hey!"

She jumps back as if scalded, then shakes her head at her own stupidity, as Ted carries on: "You promised me wining and dining first!"

There's a noise that sounds distinctly like a hand connecting with bare skin, then Booster's scandalized voice: "Give me my towel back!"

"Wining and dining first," Ted says, in his firmest, most schoolteacher voice.

"You've got wine," says Booster.

"That's Rolling Rock, Booster, it's not wine."

"And as for dining... be my guest." Now Booster's leer is unmistakable.

Bea blows her bangs away from her brow and realizes how hot her face has got. Oh boy, she thinks. She should walk right across the room, put some headphones on, and go read the Bible for a half hour. Or, she could press her ear harder against the wall. Get a little closer to the noises coming from the other side, which sound abruptly like kissing, and then the thump of someone falling to his knees.

"I should've known this dinner offer was too good to be true," Ted was saying.

"'Too good to be true' is my middle name... oh, god, Ted. Nnnh, yeah, like that."

Bea screws her eyes closed, listening to her pulse pound in her ears. This is... this is... hot and awesome and wrong, and, oh, god, the image of it. Ted on his knees, Booster standing over him shaking with his hands buried in Ted's brown hair. Two feet away from her? Three? Hidden only by this incredible not-thick-enough wall. She squeezes her thighs together, putting pressure on herself, and slides a slow hand up to slide a finger between her lips.

"God, Ted," Booster is saying, "So good at this... you're... oh my god. Nnnh."

Bea pushes another finger into her mouth, slides them both in and out, sucking, imagining: Ted's brow pressed against Booster's stomach, Booster's hands clutching at Ted's hair: Ted's hands cupping that fine high ass, the high points of colour starting below Booster's cheekbones and spreading out across his face. Ted's tongue up and under the shaft of Booster's cock, his hand moving down and around to stroke Booster's balls, to slip a finger in between his ass cheeks --

"Stop," Booster's saying, "Stop... Jesus, Ted, stop - m'gonna...nnnh.... want to fuck you. Please, Ted, I need to be inside you."

Bea unbuttons her jeans and shoves a desperate hand down inside her panties. She's already wet and hot, her pulse pounding from what the boys are doing a few feet away. She touches herself, flicks her thumbnail against herself, and gasps.

"God, yes," Ted's saying, his mouth no longer full. "Fuck me. Booster..." There's a pause, and the sound of desperate kissing, sighs and moans, and then a sort of strangled laugh. "Have we," Booster says, his breathing ragged, "Have we ever done it up against a wall?"

Bea freezes, her hand against her throbbing body inside her underwear. Her face is impossibly hot.

"Nnnn," Ted manages. "Not... an interior wall. There was ...ah... that time up against the Bug..."

"Doesn't count," Booster says. "It's good to try new things."

For a moment they're kissing again, then there's a resounding thump, right against the wall where Bea is leaning. Oh God. She holds herself still, as if they'll feel her - as if the heat from her could soak right through to them, to the naked body pressed up against the plaster on the other side. She hears a hard knock, as Ted's head thuds back agains the wall a half-inch from her own. "Booster," Ted says, and his voice is so clear Bea shuts her eyes and can see him, his eyes half-hooded with lust, his hair disarranged and his lips red and swollen with kisses. "Fuck me," Ted says, and Bea pushes a finger up inside herself.

They're moving, the boys, manouevring into position, and she hears Ted's feet and elbows knock against the wall as Booster finds a way to brace Ted up against him. She hears the squeeze of a lube bottle, the soft wet sound of kisses and the gentle half-laughed moan of someone being bitten on the earlobe. Booster asks, "Are you ready?" and Ted must nod, because the next sound is Ted's long pleasure-heavy sigh. Bea takes her fingers from her mouth to pinch her own nipples, stinging and tingling: she bites down on her lower lip to keep from moaning too. "Another one," Ted is saying, "Nn-- mmmmm. God, Booster, feels so - nnn."

"Right there?" Booster asks.

"Uhh-aah! Right there! Oh my god."

Booster laughs a bit, then the sound is smothered into a kiss. "You... you're enjoying this, you smug bastard," Ted manages.

"I'm too good to be true," Booster tells him.

Bea presses herself full length against the wall, letting the faint cool of it drag against her nipples, pulling up her shirt to feel it against her stomach, against her breasts. Ted is panting now: "Booster, please. Oh, my god. Booster."

"You're sure?"

"Sure! Sure!"

And then there's Booster's laugh again, and again it's cut short, this time turning into a moan of pleasure of Booster's own. "Ted... " His voice is half-choked. "So tight..."

There's a drag and a dull knock as Ted's weight shifts against the wall, adjusting to the angle of Booster pushing into him. Booster starts moving, slowly, then quicker, and every thrust crushes Ted further into the wall, so close to Bea she can almost taste him. "I... god, Ted, so good, you feel so good, you're so hot," Booster's babbling, and every couple of seconds there's a muted jolt as Ted's shoulders bang into the wall. "Booster," Ted is chanting, and Bea hears the slide and slap of skin against skin, the suck and drag of the kisses they're pressing into each other's necks and chests, and the heat inside her is building and her nipples are hard against the wall. The wall's vibrating now, where Ted's body is slammed against it, over and over, and Booster's gasping "Ted -- Ted -- I love you -- ahh!" And Booster calls out, and there's a sharp thud as Ted's head hits the wall, and he's crying out too and coming and it's so much, too much, and Bea gasps and calls out as she comes, clenching around her fingers, letting her forehead fall against the wall.

It takes her a moment to come back to earth, to realise what she's done, and to freeze.

For a second, there's silence through the wall. They heard. They must have heard her. Bea slumps there, boneless, her body still pulsing and shaking, her lower lip caught between her teeth and her cheeks burning. Whatever happens next, she thinks, whatever happens, it was worth it. She lets her head turn to press her hot face against the wall.

When at last she hears something, it's the sound of blissed-out kisses. "Wall sex," Ted is saying, fuzzily.

"Oh yeah," Booster says, punctuating his words with wet kisses. "Have to do it again."

"Whose room's the other side?" Ted is unpeeling himself from Booster, sinking down against the wall.

"Uh... Bea's," Booster says.

"That's hot. You think her and Tora ever..?"

Booster laughs. "I'll have to listen in some time."

Ted gives a low whistle. "You don't think if she found out she'd... you know... kill and eat you?"

"Actually," Booster says, "something tells me she'd be just fine with it."

Bea can almost hear Ted's puzzled stare. "You don't make much sense some times," he tells Booster, then, "C'mere." They kiss again, audibly, then Bea hears Booster getting slowly to his feet and padding back off toward the shower. An inch from Bea's head, Ted starts whistling "Dream Lover". Bea lets her head drop back against the plasterwork, shuts her eyes, and finds that she's smiling. She extends a hand backward and gently pats the wall behind her. Maybe this thing is exactly thick enough.


(Sorry I didn't manage the Ted dirty talk - I can never get my head around it :D)

File: 128327925797.jpg-(66.93KB, 317x478, happybooster.jpg)
That is just fine with me! Thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much!! That was great and hot and wonderful and UNFF

Holy shit, this is wonderful.

I feel like I've been grappling with it foreveeeer.

...And he was smiling.

Max, understandably, stopped dead in his tracks. Sure, he'd been psyching himself up for those two to get back together. He'd already resolved to be civil and fair and stay out of it, the way he always had.

He'd just expected it to take a little longer.

From his angle, he couldn't see what Ted was doing to make Booster whimper out his name, but he heard it loud and clear. For a second Ted looked like he was about to say something, but before Max could even wonder what, Booster was arching up and pulling him into a kiss, and now that was a little more than Max could watch. The half of him that could have listened to Booster's pleased little noises all night warred with the half that resented Ted for getting to provoke them, and when he couldn't take the conflict any more, he found himself backing away as quietly as he could.

It was the only decent thing to do. If they were getting back together, well - good for them. He'd give them their damned privacy, he'd let himself out and find his way home and that would be the end of it.

And if he sulked until he fell asleep, well, he could always blame it on the alcohol.

After that, he found himself waiting for some sign that things had changed - waiting to see Booster cheer up, more than anything else. After all, he had Ted back, didn't he?

Within days, Max was starting to wonder about that. Maybe, he thought, things hadn't gone along their logical course after he'd left the office. It was certainly the impression Ted was giving off - he still sniped at Booster every chance he got. The only difference now was that Booster seemed even more confused by it, and Max couldn't blame him. He had half a mind to talk to Ted about it, but what could he possibly say? It wasn't his business. Unless things got so bad that the team couldn't function at all - or Max invented a better excuse - the situation was out of his control.

He hated it when that happened.

There had to be a loophole to all this, and whatever it was, Max was determined to find it. He wasn't expecting to have it dropped into his lap - but then everything went to hell.


Booster's Ted-based bad mood had indirectly gotten the lot of them whisked off to some other dimension, and if that didn't justify a little chat about this, nothing would. But it seemed that would have to wait, because the survivors of the whole ordeal (minus Ralph, who had conspicuously disappeared with Sue; and Mary, who was assuredly underage) were off to unwind at the bar next door.

Bea invited Max to join them, but he'd always preferred to do his unwinding solo, so he delegated the most pressing tasks to L-Ron and retreated to his office for a cigar.

He'd expected to be the last one there, having given them all full permission to call it a night, so it caught him by surprise to hear the door being fumbled open. There was familiar laughter, then a stretch of indistinct silence, then laughing again. Apparently, the party had come home - and a glance to the clock left Max wondering why he was still there to hear them. With a half-stifled sigh, he pushed out of his chair, opened the door, and was nearly knocked over by the pair who'd been stumbling their way towards it.

"Max!" Booster yelped, then burst out laughing. He smelled like cheap beer, and judging by the broad grin on his face, quite a lot of it. Ted was right there with him, an arm around his waist, and snickered as he helped Booster right himself. "Oh. Oh wow. You're here. Why are you here?"

"Good question," Max agreed, raising an eyebrow. Booster couldn't seem to keep a straight face, and his hand was heavy and clumsy on Max's shoulder, bracing himself for support. From the looks of things, Ted was faring better, but he was also smiling and slapping Booster's back in a friendly manner that Max hadn't seen in ages. Either things had taken a turn for the better, or Ted was too far gone to think otherwise. Max hadn't yet decided how he felt about that when Booster broke down into giggling again, shaking his head and shoving his hair back out of his eyes.

"We - we figured you'd gone home. Oh, man."

Max glanced between them. "Should I ask what you were planning to do if I had?"

"No," Ted said emphatically. "You shouldn't."

"It was Ted's idea," Booster protested.

"It was not!"


Max held up a hand. "What was Ted's idea?"

They answered at the same time.


"Sex on a desk."

Max stared; Ted smacked Booster upside the head, and Booster just laughed again and stumbled against Max. "Ow!"

Ted looked like he was trying to be completely scandalized about this, and his face was bright red, but his eyes were glinting like they had a thousand times back in the League. It probably wasn't the last they'd seen of the new, serious Ted - but if nothing else, he'd definitely checked out for the night. All Max could do was pointedly roll his eyes, and try not to picture what had almost transpired.

"Don't either of you have your own desks?"

Ted looked surprised - he'd obviously been expecting more of a reaction - but Booster only shrugged. "Yours was the closest."

And normally, Max prided himself on not getting caught up in their jokes - leave the clowning around to the clowns, he'd always felt - but he couldn't resist. He gave them his driest glance, eyebrows lifted in mock-offense. "And you didn't invite me?" It would be worth it, he figured, for the looks on their faces.

Except that the looks on their faces weren't quite what he'd expected. Booster didn't disappoint - he looked bewildered for a second, then cracked up - but Ted just narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. Then he grinned. "Y'know, buddy, he's got a point."

Booster stopped laughing. "He does?"

"I do?" Max echoed.

"Oh, come on," Ted scoffed, prodding Max pointedly in the chest. "I know."

Max had a sinking feeling. "Know?"

"That you've got a thing for him." He jerked his thumb towards Booster, who went appropriately pink in response.

"Wait, what?" He blinked at Max. "What?"

This situation was rapidly spiraling out of Max's control, and he made a quick attempt to reel it back in. "Okay," he interjected, "you two really need to go sleep this off. I'll even drive you home if you want - we'll be even."

Booster ignored him. "A 'thing'?"

Ted nodded knowingly. "A thing."

"This is ridiculous," Max tried again, but Booster just looked at him, curious.

"But you - you helped us - me and Ted, you were..." He trailed off, and all Max could do was watch him trying to work it out, watch the play of expressions on his face as he did the math. Whether any of that math was going to be right in his current state of mind didn't matter - what mattered was getting the hell out of there before this got any messier.

He would have no such luck. Booster's eyes flickered up, bright and grateful. "So we should have a threesome."

Max's mouth fell open.

"Exactly," Ted filled in, and gave Booster a shove. It was enough to knock him off-balance, and of course Max was there to catch him, and there was Booster, hands braced on his shoulders, peering dazedly at him. Max tried, he honestly did, to come up with an appropriate answer. But nothing came, and before he could devote any more time to it, Booster grinned lazily and leaned up and kissed him.

For all the times he'd pictured this, he really ought to have had a better idea of what the hell to do next. But there was a noticeable difference between idle fantasies and actually having Booster pressed up against him, warm and sturdy and too confused to know any better. Max spent a good moment paralyzed. Then something kicked in - instinct or common sense or something - and he found himself gripping at Booster's sides, pushing his tongue past Booster's lips, and Booster made an incredible sound and clutched Max's shirt. Any second, he thought. Any second now, Ted was going to come to his senses and get appropriately offended and this was all going to get very bad very fast. He was bracing for that. He wasn't bracing for Ted's hand settling lightly over one of his own, and when he coaxed his eyes open there was Ted, pressed up against Booster's back, up on tiptoe to nose at his neck. That made Booster shudder, breaking off the kiss, and gave Max a chance to shoot Ted a glance which, he hoped, communicated Wait, what?

But Ted just grinned with his eyes and bit Booster's ear, and when he reached around Booster to pull Max in closer, Max decided to stop questioning a good thing and just go with it. While Ted kissed his way down one side of Booster's neck, Max took the other, and Booster arched between them with a groan. "Don't - don't let me fall over," he gasped, almost laughing, and Ted snickered and nuzzled his cheek.

"Don't worry, pal. We've got you."

Everything seemed to be happening at once, an impression only furthered by the fact that this was about 50% more involvement than Max generally associated with - with fooling around, or foreplay, or whatever exactly this was. Booster held on tight to his shoulders and squirmed against him, and Max's hands bumped Ted's as they wrapped around to find the seams of his costume. After a few moments of fumbling, Ted let out a frustrated sound and pulled back, tugging at Booster's sides.

"Turn around," he instructed, and Booster let go of Max to comply. Now two things had changed - Ted was finally having some luck attacking the costume from the front, and Max found himself pressed against Booster's back and oh, hell, he felt even better than he looked. Which was saying something. While Ted stripped off the top of Booster's suit, Max held onto his hips and ground against him, savoring the needy little sound Booster made in response. He was distantly aware of Booster trying to wrestle Ted out of his shirt, and took the opportunity to get his own unbuttoned - anything beyond that would have to wait, because Booster kept squirming against him and it was really, really distracting.

Max couldn't see what Ted did next, but he could guess, because Booster groaned and bucked his hips sharply. "Wait," he panted. "Bed. Desk. Something. Please."

Ted gave a low chuckle and glanced at Max over his shoulder. "I'm guessing the desk is a bad idea."

"Good guess," Max conceded, half-distracted by the broad sweep of Booster's bare shoulders. "We'll use one of the spare rooms."

Ted nodded, stole another kiss, and led the way. The place was still an office more than a proper embassy - by now they all had their own lives, their own homes and apartments, but it had seemed like a good idea to set up some basic living quarters here just in case. Though this, honestly, was not what Max had planned on using them for.

Not that he was complaining.

Booster was the first one to fall into bed, and Ted was right behind him, both of them grinning breathlessly as Ted clambered atop Booster and kissed him like they'd never broken up in the first place. Max had never felt like such a third wheel before, but then Booster tipped his head aside and laughed, gesturing to him. "Max. - nn - c'mon. We won't bite."

"Maybe you won't," Ted drawled, and Max couldn't help but grin, taking a seat on the bed next to them and shrugging his shirt off his shoulders. Ted was wriggling his way down Booster's body, marking up his neck and collarbone and chest as he went, and Booster writhed happily under him even as he reached to pull Max closer. It figured - Booster Gold, Mr. Celebrity, Mr. Please Take My Picture, was at the center of their attention and openly loving it. Max could have laughed, if he weren't busy being too turned on to think straight. Ted kept scooting down over Booster while Max laid at his side, leaning over to kiss him, a kiss that broke with Booster's sudden, pleading moan.


When Max glanced down, there was Ted, settled in between Booster's legs and grinning like the devil himself as he groped him through the suit. He shifted his hand just a little, barely touching, and Booster groaned and tried to buck against it. "Oh, come on," he whined, and Ted chuckled and nuzzled his stomach.

"Pushy," he teased, but obligingly tugged the shiny pants down and off Booster's hips. Booster had an arm draped around Max's neck, hand buried in his hair, and he couldn't help but stare. Some people, in his opinion, looked better clothed than naked. Booster was emphatically not one of them. The sturdy cut of Booster's muscles was even more striking without the suit, and a thin trail of blond scored its way down from his navel to where his cock rested against his belly, dark and thick and generally more appealing than Max thought a man's body could ever justify being. Ted must have been thinking the same, because they both reached for him at the same time, and Booster gasped and squirmed desperately as Max's fingers and Ted's tangled around his dick. Ted ducked his head to mouth the inside of Booster's thigh, and Booster whimpered and dragged Max down to kiss him, and if he didn't get his pants off soon he was going to die.

That was something else he and Ted apparently agreed upon, because after a few more delicious moments of feeling Booster twitch under their fingers, Ted pushed himself back up to Booster's eye level and licked his lips.

"I have an idea," he declared, and when Booster had enough of his senses back to pay attention, Ted leaned down to whisper something in his ear. It was too soft for Max to hear, so he settled for watching Booster's eyes widen, his brow crease in thought. Ted kissed his cheek and murmured something else, and finally Booster nodded. Whatever he'd agreed to, it made Ted's smile broaden, and he paused to give Booster a heated kiss before rolling off to the side.

"Follow my lead," he told Max, and all Max could do was nod, watching Booster scramble to get Ted undressed. It was a team effort, and an amusingly clumsy one at that - they kept getting in each other's way, laughing it off every time - but they finally managed it and Max stole a glance. Being back on the team had clearly been good for Ted; he still had a softness to him that Booster didn't, but he was in solid shape. Booster made a small, eager sound, rolling over to pull Ted closer, but Ted laughed and ducked the kiss Booster was trying to give him.

"Threesome, Booster," he reminded him, and Booster snickered, cooperatively turning back towards Max and reaching for his belt. Max was too captivated to do much more than watch as Booster undid his fly, pushed his shorts out of the way, and - and suddenly Booster's head was in his lap and that was his tongue and Max pulled in a sharp hiss of breath.

"Booster," he muttered, threading his hands into Booster's hair. If there was one scenario, one fantasy that had kept him up more nights than any other - this was it. Booster's mouth hot around his cock, Booster with his eyes closed and his cheeks flushed and his hands splayed on Max's thighs. And he was good, taking every little cue Max gave, letting Max press his head down and sucking him in deep. It should have been weird to be in this position in front of Ted, who was a friend but nothing more, but all he could think about was Booster, and how long he'd wanted to do this.

Just when it was getting impossible to stay quiet, breath slipping out of him in low groans, Ted tapped Booster's shoulder and - damn it - he lifted his head to glance back. He looked sinfully good like that, with his mouth shiny and wet, and there were a hundred things Max would have done right then if Ted weren't pulling Booster over again, drawing Booster right on top of him. Absently, Max touched himself as he watched them, watched their legs tangle, watched Booster's face as Ted groaned and pushed up against him.

"Max," Ted managed to pant out. "Look under the bed."

Curious, Max leaned over to comply, and spent maybe half a second being surprised at the bottle of lube and strip of condoms stashed away down there.

"You've done this before," he snorted, sitting back up with the goods in hand. Ted grinned.

"Maybe just once."

"Once or twice," Booster chimed in breathlessly. Ted just snickered.

"Those are for you," he added, leaving Max to put two and two together while he went back to making out with Booster.

Max always had been good at math. Still, he had to take a second and just take a deep breath as he realized where this was heading. Then he got over it, efficiently slicking up the fingers of one hand and, on a whim, groping Booster's ass with the other. Booster let out a satisfying yelp, then laughed and arched his back, rocking between Ted and Max's hand.

"That's - that's sexual harassment," he joked. Max had to chuckle.

"If that was harassment, then what are you doing?"

"Sleeping with the boss?" Booster hummed. "Okay, touche."

"Hey," Ted interjected, kissing his nose. "I'm a CEO."

"Then you should wear suits more oftaaah," he broke off, body tensing as Max coaxed two well-lubed fingers into him. "Oh, oh, ffff," he groaned, pressing his head into Ted's shoulder. "I'm okay," he quickly added, just as Ted was opening his mouth, presumably to ask. He glanced to Max, then nodded, and there was no mistaking that Max had just been given permission. Which wasn't usually a situation he found himself in, but then again, neither was this. Shifting closer, he let his free hand wander over Booster's back while the other opened him slowly (as patiently as Max could manage, all things considered). It was the world's greatest relief when he finally moaned and nodded against Ted's neck, arching his back.

"Okay - okay, okay," he panted. "I'm good."

Max had always thought, if he ever got this moment, he'd savor it. Really take his time. But right then, savoring took a back seat to getting on with it, and he wanted Booster too much to draw it out. It took a little angling, a little repositioning to get Booster comfortably settled between Ted's legs and Max behind him, but then it worked and he was pushing in and oh.

He was aware of Ted reaching between them, stroking Booster's cock and probably his own as well, but only distantly. Everything took a backseat to the feeling of Booster around him, Booster under him, hot and tight and bucking his hips restlessly. And it didn't hurt that another part of Max's personal fantasies was proving to be true: Booster was loud.

"Oh, fuck, oh - god, Ted," he groaned. "Max. Oh, god, more, please."

"Booster," Ted whispered back, eyes darting up to Max's for a second before fluttering shut again. "Feel good?"

"So good," Booster panted, bracing one arm against the sheets and reaching the other back to grip weakly at Max's hips as he rocked in, again, again. "Don't - don't stop."

Never once had Ted been a part of any of the thoughts he carried around about Booster, but somehow he didn't take away from the whole experience at all. Sure, he was the one who got to kiss Booster now, got to watch his face as he writhed between them, but considering what Max got, he could deal with that. Every now and then Ted would look up at him, gaze heated, and Max had to wonder how Ted could have ever thought he was too good for Booster. Too good for this.

Booster's voice had been almost non-stop, broken only when Ted tugged him down into a kiss, but Max was keenly aware when he started sounding more desperate, more insistent. "Ohgodohgodohgod [i]Ted/i], Max---" and then he stopped forming words all together, just sharp gasps of breath, and he was clenching around Max's cock and jerking beneath him. He heard Ted groan, saw the steady shake of his shoulder quicken, and suddenly everything was building to its peak and he saw Ted's head fall back just before his vision went white.


When his senses drifted back to reality, Booster was slumped down atop Ted, two sets of panted breaths echoing loud around them. Max had just enough presence of thought to pull out before slouching back to sit on his heels, wiping the sweat from his forehead and indulging in a deep breath or two. Booster rolled off, and Ted flashed him a lazy smile as he stumbled out of bed.

" 'm going to the bathroom," he mumbled, and Ted gave a little wave of acknowledgment.

"Wait, Booster," Max called, watching him head for the door. "Pants, maybe?"

Booster shrugged. "Nobody's here, right?" He didn't bother waiting for an answer, and Max couldn't complain too much about that, considering the view he got as Booster wandered off. The room felt somehow empty without him there, like his sounds and his body and everything had taken up all the space. But Ted was still there, and only Ted, and Max wasn't sure he'd ever get the chance to ask this again.


"Mmm?" Ted glanced languidly over. Max took a moment to pick out his words.

"Is this...This isn't something you two do often, is it?"

Ted raised an eyebrow, then chuckled, draping an arm across his eyes. He was quiet, long enough for Max to think he wouldn't get a real answer, then said, "I knew what you were doing."

As far as turns of conversation went, that one was a little sharp, and Max was briefly lost. "Huh?"

"That night. A while back, when we picked you up, when we watched the movie. You remember, right?"

Max paused. "Yeah, I remember, but - wait." This didn't add up. "You knew?"

"I could feel you pushing," Ted clarified, lifting his arm enough to spare him another glance. "And you were pretty wasted. I could have fought it if I wanted to."


Ted's mouth quirked. "But I didn't want to. Booster may be an idiot, but I..." He hesitated. "I missed him. And the longer we were both here, the worse it got."

Now it was coming together. "But you'd already told him you were too mature for him. You didn't want him to think you'd gone back to being..." Max stopped to search for a diplomatic phrasing.

"The Abbot to his Costello," Ted filled in. "Yeah. And I knew he knew what you were doing too."

"So I gave you an excuse."


"Then this was..."

Ted smiled, more openly. "A thank-you."

The revelation left Max too stunned to come up with much - something he was entirely unused to - and finally Ted chuckled and stretched out.

"You could say 'you're welcome'," he suggested, and Max had to chuckle.

"Okay," he conceded. "You're welcome."

Whatever else he might have said was pre-empted by the sound of a distant crash, a too-familiar yelp, and a laugh that was definitely not Booster's. Then there were footsteps hurrying back down the hall, and Max quickly condensed the one other thing he needed to tell Ted, in this rare moment of mutual honesty.

"Don't be so hard on him."

Before Ted could respond, Booster ducked frantically inside, shoving the door closed behind him. He was bright red. "Okay," he said, with an accusing point at Max. "You didn't tell me Ralph and Sue were here."

Max's eyebrows shot up. "I thought they went home."

"Apparently not, or Sue wouldn't have been up fixing herself a snack!"

"Ouch," Ted said sympathetically.


"Poor Sue."

"Yeah, I - hey!"

Ted stuck his tongue out, Booster huffed, and Max just shook his head as they broke off into the predictable argument about just who had scarred whom the worst. It was probably imprudent to sleep here, even with a shower and change of clothes available, so he let them bicker it out while he got dressed. Neither really seemed to notice till he was putting on his shoes, and then Booster blinked over at him.

"You're going home?"

"You're not?"

Booster shrugged. "It's a bed, right? Unless Ted wants to give me a ride."

"Nope," Ted declared, wriggling down and pulling the sheets up.

"Then that's settled." Booster cozied right in next to him, and Ted eyed him a moment. Then he glanced to Max, looked back at Booster, and slid an arm around him. And in spite of himself, Max had to smile.

It didn't happen again, after that - because after that, things changed. The old Blue and Gold never really came back, but now and then it felt like they had, and the subtle touches and friendly teasing crept their way back into everyday life. And somehow, as much as Max might be tempted, he couldn't put himself between that uninvited. But he'd been there once, and for whatever people said about Max, sometimes even he could be satisfied.



Awwww, that is so HOT and so THEM and so... ahhh, Max, never turn evil. I love you SO MUCH this way.

I love how Booster is always Ted's, but Ted is magnanimous enough to share. The *pragmatism* in the Ted/Max exchange is just spot on. Hot and sweet and did I say hot? And awesome.


Eeeee, you are one of my two favouritest Boostlers, so this means REALLY A LOT &hearts;


This...this is giving me like Robot Unicorn levels of happiness. Rainbows and make-believe and harmony harmony oh love and it's all warm and squishy and fuzzy and cuddly and good...ummmm, I guess I came from the awesome?


(Is resisting urge to make double/triple rainbow jokes now.)

File: 128329438150.jpg-(71.91KB, 734x404, 1280872263743.jpg)
Words cannot express my gratitude!


Ohhhh man. going to make my Sunday afternoons that much better. /ogles the tight ends

This from dc_kink:
>Booster/Ted/Bea, threesome and playin with oblivious!Ted

Booster and Beatriz have a running bet of sorts to see who can flirt most outrageously with Ted without him noticing. Ted does noticed but misinterprets and thinks they're mocking him, ending up with his feelings hurt. They team up to show him how mistaken he is.

Or, I dunno, something less ridiculous works to. Point is that I want Booster and Bea to be the bread for a Ted sammich.

Fuck, it's been years since I've written het but that's so enticing.

And because I feel a little bit masochistic...


Ted's dead. Booster's a walking accident. Everyone around him is worried, and slowly cluing in to just how much Ted meant to him.

Make it hurt, Anon. I want to be shedding tears forever."

This is in one of the older threads. I don't know if you've read it already or not, but try this:




I feel like I should make some sort of touchdown pun, but this broke the pun-making part of my brain in the BEST way.

File: 128330633491.jpg-(7.56KB, 214x251, 1280976379430s.jpg)

The expression on Booster's face and the black face paint stuff and Ted holding him up and EVERYTHING about that picture is wonderful


Unff. That was just... fantastic. Can I get some up against the wall from the guys' POV.

That's a genius idea!

File: 128332024426.jpg-(446.83KB, 800x584, wallbanger.jpg)
As usual, I cannot keep my hands to myself unlike Bea.

Spoilered for tits.

Oh my god. I think I love you.

Bea: Everyone in this thread's reaction to Booster and Ted getting it on.

Have my first born.


You... I'm at a loss for words. I could be cliché and tell you I love you, but that doesn't seem to be enough.


Okay, something from this needs to be illustrated.

- " Then something kicked in - instinct or common sense or something - and he found himself gripping at Booster's sides, pushing his tongue past Booster's lips, and Booster made an incredible sound and clutched Max's shirt. Any second, he thought. Any second now, Ted was going to come to his senses and get appropriately offended and this was all going to get very bad very fast. He was bracing for that. He wasn't bracing for Ted's hand settling lightly over one of his own, and when he coaxed his eyes open there was Ted, pressed up against Booster's back, up on tiptoe to nose at his neck."

- " The sturdy cut of Booster's muscles was even more striking without the suit, and a thin trail of blond scored its way down from his navel to where his cock rested against his belly, dark and thick and generally more appealing than Max thought a man's body could ever justify being. Ted must have been thinking the same, because they both reached for him at the same time, and Booster gasped and squirmed desperately as Max's fingers and Ted's tangled around his dick. Ted ducked his head to mouth the inside of Booster's thigh, and Booster whimpered and dragged Max down to kiss him, and if he didn't get his pants off soon he was going to die."

- " If there was one scenario, one fantasy that had kept him up more nights than any other - this was it. Booster's mouth hot around his cock, Booster with his eyes closed and his cheeks flushed and his hands splayed on Max's thighs. And he was good, taking every little cue Max gave, letting Max press his head down and sucking him in deep."

- " Then he got over it, efficiently slicking up the fingers of one hand and, on a whim, groping Booster's ass with the other. Booster let out a satisfying yelp, then laughed and arched his back, rocking between Ted and Max's hand.
"That's - that's sexual harassment," he joked. Max had to chuckle.
"If that was harassment, then what are you doing?"
"Sleeping with the boss?" Booster hummed. "Okay, touche.""

- "He was aware of Ted reaching between them, stroking Booster's cock and probably his own as well, but only distantly. Everything took a backseat to the feeling of Booster around him, Booster under him, hot and tight and bucking his hips restlessly. And it didn't hurt that another part of Max's personal fantasies was proving to be true: Booster was loud.
"Oh, fuck, oh - god, Ted," he groaned. "Max. Oh, god, more, please."
"Booster," Ted whispered back, eyes darting up to Max's for a second before fluttering shut again. "Feel good?"
"So good," Booster panted, bracing one arm against the sheets and reaching the other back to grip weakly at Max's hips as he rocked in, again, again. "Don't - don't stop.""

I heartily agree.


So, Booster's dad was a big jerk obsessed with gambling money who deep down inside...was still a jerk. Max is a jerk obsessed with making money who deep down inside is (was) actually a decent guy.

Maybe Booster kinda secretly saw Max as sort of a father figure? Would that be the evily good sort of creepy or the squicky bad sort of creepy?


I'm weird so I don't know if my opinion counts, but I would say evily good sort of creepy. Definitely evily good sort of creepy.

Has anyone seen the picture for the blurb at the end of the comic books lately?

There's a picture of Batman hanging out of a building.

And there's a flag hanging on it.

The flag is the JLI Sheild symbol.


Also, I read Batman: The Brave and Bold(It features Big Barda and Mister Miracle. Mister Miracle disappeared, so Big Barda goes to Batman for help. It's an awesome issue, that examines relationships and how they affect superheroes and villains. At the end Batman wonders if there's someone who can share his life with.), but the writer clearly didn't know how to write Barda. She was pretty unsure of herself and freaked out over Mister Miracle(but not in the RAWR I'M GOING TO RIP OUT YOUR SPINE FOR KIDNAPPING MY HUSBAND way, more like OHMIGAWD MISTER MIRACLE'S IN DANGER AAAAAH PANIC PANIC PANIC). Batman notes that she might do something irrational.

File: 128338725743.jpg-(351.88KB, 1280x1969, Red Hood - The Lost Days #4 024.jpg)


2 hints? Well the flag is definetly one...maybe the other is which version of the Batsuit he's wearing?


That the uniform Bruce wore before getting sent back in time. The general theory is that Bruce will fund the JLI when this is all over.

I'm kinda hoping for Dick though. Booster just seems so slashable with Grayson. Plus he's supposed to be following up on them.

I saw the second hint as just where Batman is... sneaking around, looking in the window.
Why couldn't he just use the front door?


Story based in the book he might be snooping on the team to learn if their on the upper up. Hint wise this could mean that he's not going to join them.

Still no tentacle stories?


Isn't Bruce funding a lot of stuff already though? (But I'm really just saying that because I want Ted to come back and fund them and be their Oracle or something.) Does Bruce still own Kord Ind.? Maybe he'll use that.

And maybe Bat!Dick and Red Robin and the others could take turns being on the team when their boss is busy.

Wait, Bruce wasn't around when the mindscrew hit, and Max didn't know he was alive in the he the "link that fell off the chain"?


Because he's suspicious of everything, and Max is most likely keeping an eye on them, and when has Batman ever used the front door?

I hope a Batman joins up eventually. As much as I love this lineup, there is a serious lack of fanboy Jaime.


I don't really like the idea of any Batman officially joining since that seems to imply that he'll be the leader. And if it's Bruce that seems to say that he'll be the one to get them out of this mess which really would be a cop out.

Funding: Bruce has deep pockets. Technically Booster should too since I doubt Rip steals from banks to support their operations. Didn't Oracle have finance issues at the end of the last BOP series?


idk guys, I feel like maybe Bats is just going to crash a JLI slumber party.


Bat-panty raid!


He cuts little ear-holes in them so that they fit over the cowl.

I didn't mean Oracle should fund them, I meant Ted should semi-retire from Beetle-ing and be the guy who coordinates the team and finds them info and builds awesome techie things for them and stuff. And at least co-funds them. He'd probably be happier just inventing things and letting Bruce handle the business part of the company.

And I agree that Bats shouldn't join the team permanently. Max wouldn't let him stay unbrainwashed; he's too good and has too much credibility among the other heroes. He might try to help them, but he'd have to be subtle about it so Max wouldn't know and everyone else doesn't think he's gone crazy(er).


...But they already have. Holes. In them.

On the other hand, it would totally throw off the Joker. And Dick would do it.

Completely unrelated note of the day: I'm going to DragonCon tomorrow! Yay nerd party!

That would be such an awesome throwback.

Jaime: "Err...Batman, we kinda picked Booster as the leader an-"*punched*

It's not a proper JLI without a Green Lantern around, but Guy's got his own title (basically) now and I'd probably cry if Hal came in. I wouldn't mind John, simply because I'd like to actually KNOW him, but I don't know if his temperament would fit the team. Kyle would be a fun addition, but wouldn't bring much variety in terms of personality.

Which means Guy is the only option available if you want the awesome quota to go up. Damn.


I have my fingers crossed for some G'Nort action as the Green Lantern representative.


Heh. Didn't Max say he didn't want to deal with GLs?

File: 128340301010.jpg-(2.61MB, 2560x1978, 1262589166799.jpg)

Hey, who said we had to have a GL? There's a whole rainbow out there now!

I saw a pretty funny comic about Booster Gold asking Plastic Man about Max and Plas was like "Who?" and Booster got frustrated trying to explain things about Max.(Plas is supposesdly immune to mind control.). Plas didn't know anything about Ted Kord either. Or about the JLI.
Max being vain probably didn't try any of the GLs for the following reasons:
1. Few GLs rarely keep tabs on earth.
2. It was very strenuous for Max to mindwipe everyone on earth. He had to put himself in ice cubes and hook himself up to a blood bank to do it. Earth is very small. It's just not possible for Mac to mindwipe everyone on New Earth(The dimension.) without killing himself. Max obiviosly has plans therefore killing himself would put a wrentch in them.
3. Seriously? G'Nort? The ring didn't even pick him! He had to get an uncle to get the ring for him. What threat does G'Nort pose to Max? The same threat that Booster poses to him, more or less. Yeah, G'Not has one of the most powerful weapons in existence, but he's very incompetent with said weapon.

Unless he gets character development. And this seems to be likely given the tone of the series.


And now I want to make a Star Sapphire Ted Kord joke.

File: 128340865342.png-(335.61KB, 576x792, all you need is love.png)


aw TEDDY, the Dame Edna Everage glasses! Heee x


I've always been partial to Blue Lantern Ted, myself.


The metaphorical implications of Booster clinging to a Blue Lantern Ted just make my lower lip wobble, hnngh.


I'm very partial to it, too. Therefore, have this! And if there's any mistakes, it's because I'm running off so I can eat.

Booster can’t figure out how they had screwed up so badly. He doesn’t even know <i>where</i> they had screwed up- no, scratch that. He knows. Because they’re up against <i>Max</i> who’s always been a little sideways before he went batshit villain-mastermind on them.

But they should’ve had him. They should be <i>winning</i>, dammit! They even had the White fucking Lantern (whatever the hell that meant) with them and they should be <i>winning</i>!

Instead, Nate is down and out after his fight with Magog and he’s leaking some kind of radioactive material that Tora is trying keep contained with her ice, Jaime, Gavril and himself are pinned to the ground by some super electro-magnet bullshit S.T.A.R. Labs thought was a good idea to put in their damned <i>floor</i> and Max pushing Bea and Boston’s minds just enough to keep them incapacitated without killing them. Presumably.

Booster doesn’t know what Max has planned and he doesn’t <i>care</i>. He just wants Max stopped and to pay for everything he’s done. He wants Ted’s name cleared and his death avenged and he wants people to stop thinking he and the rest aren’t crazy or useless or jokes from days gone by. Booster tries for his gauntlets- thinking maybe he can switch the polarity of something or overload either his blasters or forcefield generator and it’ll damage the device under them. But his fingers fumble clumsily and he can’t help wishing that Ted was there. Even though Booster knows his tech, Ted was always quicker with the plans and his hands never faltered when his technical prowess was all that stood between them and death.

And if Ted couldn’t have saved the day with Booster’s gear, maybe he could’ve with Gavril’s armor or did something to stop the scarab’s screeching (helplessly watching Jaime grip his head and plead ‘stop stop please stop!’ to some voice only he can hear is breaking Booster’s heart).

If Ted were here, he would’ve gotten Nate into one of S.T.A.R.’s containment cells so Tora could fight without worry. If Ted were here, he could’ve come up with a way to distract Max just enough for Bea and Boston to fight back against his control. If Ted were here, he would’ve pulled some out-f-leftfield stunt that gave them the upperhand.

If Ted were here...

If Ted were here.

And Booster doesn’t know how but he just <i>knows</i> that he’s not the only one thinking that. He can feel Ted’s name in his mind like a pulse; the name taking shape in his heart, twisting and evolving until the name looses meaning and only the idea of Ted- of all he was and all he meant to Booster and to everyone in the room is left.

Ted’s name falls from Booster’s lips because it’s the only thing he can think of now. Somewhere between gasps, Booster can hear Jaime whimper the name. Then it comes from Tora whose attention never wavers from Nate. Ted’s name comes from Bea, slipping out from between her lips and that’s when Booster sees Max flinch.

Boosters grasps onto Ted’s name like a lifeline and says it again. And again. Strong and defiant and looking right into Max’s eyes, daring him to make him stop. The others pick it up, Ted’s name like a chant that brings their focus back. As if, if they say it with enough conviction, they can will the battle back in their favor.

Max is losing it. He’s gripping at his own head and he knows he’s losing control of the situation but he doesn’t know <i>why</i> and that makes him lose it all the quicker and Booster still doesn’t know what any of them can do but he knows that they’re winning and keeps saying Ted’s name.

Boston’s ring drowns the room in white, leaving nothing but haloed silhouettes. And then-

“Special delivery for Maxwell Lord!”

A fist catches Max across the face, landing him flat out and Bea and Boston gasp as their minds are freed.

“It’s an exclusive from karma, bitch.”

The electro-magnet shuts down and for a moment Booster doesn’t know what to do, just looks over Jaime who’s slowly uncurling from himself and at Gavril who’s probably equally stunned under his helmet. A blue light engulfs Nate and Tora sits back on her heels, shaking and drained.

He just stands there as everyone pushes themselves up off the ground and it <i>is</i> him, they all know it in a way they can’t explain. Booster can’t believe it but he does and he clings to that hope so desperately that he can taste the tears in the back of his throat. And still he stands there with a grin that can only be his and eyes that are almost glowingly bright and dressed in blue that isn’t familiar but so undeniably <i>him</i>

There’s a flare at the base of one of his fingers and it says soothingly, “Ted Kord of Earth. You have the ability to instill great hope. Welcome to the Corps.”

File: 128348474743.jpg-(290.79KB, 600x750, itll-be-okay.jpg)
I drew this before I read that. That being said: it's lovely. I really want Ted to save the day now.


If DC did that, I would forgive them for about 80 percent of the rage inducing stuff they've pulled in recent years.


aaaand there goes that lower lip of mine. This is perfect.


That's wonderful. Bring it, Ted.

You know, Boston Brand would be a great fit for the JLI...



Oh, Tim has done it sooner and better than I. I'd post it if I could find it, but I can't, so take my word that it's awesome.


But...but now I have to go try and find it. Or magically summon him over here. Or something.

Latest Max prompts:

- Max is less than thrilled that his ex-wife Claire made her own super team. More so that she decided to steal his pick (Booster) to lead this team. But the worst part is the mutual attraction the two share. Either show Maxs' jealousy or a potential confrontation where Claire and Max end up sorta-but-not-really tag teaming seduction on Booster than ends in a three way. And maybe an agreement to share dating custody. Claire/Booster/Max!

- AU where those who returned to life in Brightest Day are either Gods or Kings/Queens of different lands. Max find a somewhat girl crazy but shy kid named Michael that he knows will make a great hero. Taken in by Michael, Max decides he seduce the innocence out of him. Featuring teen Boosters' first time, his introduction into slashy territory and Max abusing his power (as King/god/etc.) to get what he wants.

File: 128358872640.jpg-(343.62KB, 690x780, Ted-Kord-Hope.jpg)
This it?

just a thought, if blue scarabs and green lantern rings react violently to each other, how do you suppose blue scarabs react to blue lantern rings?

AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Blue Lantern Ted would be all sorts of AWESOME.

Except BL's seem to be like... really Zen. Really, really, really Zen. How about an Indigo? Indigo Ted! Compassion!

File: 128363504467.jpg-(216.88KB, 700x700, new-gig.jpg)
I can get behind that!

I love Booster's expression!

File: 128363946890.jpg-(336.62KB, 800x622, agreement.jpg)

messy, but it'll do.

>>56439 hhnnnng!!
Insomniac this is one of your best yet!


I'd go into why I like Ted as a Blue Lantern, but it's too long to type on an iPad and that's all I have this weekend.*

So I'll just look at the porn. yayporn.

* I just saw Stan Lee and Adam Savage.** It was awesome.

** Ted and Adam would totally hang out mad sciencing together.

afsfsd lucky you. wish i were there. and hey, if you see a very pretty sue-dibny-lookin' girl in a steampunk pirate costume walking around, that's my better half.

say hi to cully hamner!


Oh fuuu- I think I need to go grab a tissue and clean up now...

Just popping by to say that when I was at the mall picking up some books for school, I had a moment of weakness at a completely unrelated store and picked up Ted, Booster, Scott and Barda action figures. They were under $10 each. I have no clue where I'm gonna put them BUT I HAVE THEM! ....and only half the books I need for class orz


Ah well, maybe someday you'll be able to go. Don't give up (someonestopmebeforeiburstintosongconningmakesmelooney)!

There are a lot of steam punks and a lot of pirates, but I'll look. The only JLI I've seen so far were a Guy and someone in a Blue Beetle hoodie though. Eh.


Hey, I missed class to come here. Nerding is more important.


Hey, I missed class to come here. Nerding is more important.

File: 128364798759.jpg-(308.09KB, 700x900, told-you-so.jpg)
"Whoa, is that..."
"Still think I'm making it up?"

'It's never been about words with you, Ted. It's what's in your heart.'
'What's in my heart is this little plastic valve----'



Lol I STILL love Booster's expression, but I really like Ted's in this one too. It's cute.

While we're discussing lanterns, the world needs more Star Sapphire!Booster.


I am fascinated by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

File: 128365523747.png-(91.19KB, 334x500, boostersapphire.png)
Art by Pollums, story by Poisonivory

There had been a plan at one point. A good plan, Booster was sure. Become a Star Sapphire, find Ted, and then maybe…maybe…

But somewhere along the way Ted had eaten the heart of an Orange Lantern construct or six and put on their rings, and Booster thought maybe he’d licked the Orange Battery…long story short, Ted’s costume was orange now, and he was hoarding things (mostly Booster’s keys. They were in space, after all. There wasn’t much around that Booster hadn’t had in his pockets) like there was no tomorrow.

At least he looked like real flesh under the cowl.

“Mine,” Ted said, gripping the keys so tightly it had to hurt, if Weirdo Fleshy Orange Lanterns could feel pain. “Mineminemine.”

“Sure, keep ‘em,” Booster said wearily. “What’s mine is yours.”

Yes, said the voice inside his – not his head. Inside his skin. Love him, heal the emptiness inside him, make him whole.

“I don’t think my keys are going to fix this,” Booster said, even though he knew it wasn’t a voice he could really chat with. “And you sound like a bad pop song.”

Ted seemed to finally register that there was something in their pink space bubble besides keys. He looked over at Booster, and something in his face changed. “Mine.”

Yes yes yes.

“I don’t have anything else in my pockets,” Booster said, turning them inside out to demonstrate.

But Ted moved across the bubble and put his hand on Booster’s chest. “Mine.”

Booster froze. Ted’s hand was warm, and a pulse thrummed in his thumb. Booster’s heart leaped as if it wanted Ted to catch it, and Booster hoped extra-hard that all the Black Lantern in Ted was thoroughly excised.

Love him.

“Ted?” Booster asked. He couldn’t quite see Ted’s eyes through the goggles.

“I want you,” Ted said, and Booster suppressed a shiver. “You’re mine.”


Ted leaned in and Booster didn’t know whether it was the Star Sapphire power or just his own stupidity that kept him in place, but he closed his eyes and waited for the kiss. But it wasn’t a kiss – it was a bite, Ted nipping at his lower lip just hard enough to hurt a little. Ted moved lower, biting at Booster’s chin, his neck, marking Booster through the photon-thin costume, and all Booster could do was tilt his head back as his nerve endings tingled with the need to obey.

“You’re mine,” Ted said, punctuating each bite. “I want.” Bite. “I take.”

Yes yes yes, but no, there was supposed to be a plan, he had to fix this, fix Ted, but Ted had reached Booster’s nipple and the ring was clamoring to ease Ted’s hunger and God, Booster was so hard.

He reached down – to push Ted away or pull him closer he wasn’t sure – and the tips of his fingers slid under the sides of Ted’s cowl. Ted looked up at him, and Booster froze. He could feel the warmth of Ted’s skin, the faintest rasp of stubble, but that didn’t mean that when he pushed the cowl back he wouldn’t see some kind of zombie face staring at him.


“That’s green,” Booster said, but he bit his lip and pushed the cowl back.

And there was Ted’s face, as familiar to Booster as his own name; the curve of his nose, the red-brown of his hair, the faint scar on his left cheekbone where he’d caught flying shrapnel. His pupils were lit with orange and want, but the irises around them were as blue as they’d always been.

Love him.

“Ted,” Booster said, his voice a little choked, and to hell with this biting crap. He pulled Ted in and kissed him. There was something sharp and acidic in the taste of Ted’s mouth, but it was Ted, warm and alive-ish and kissing him back, and for once Booster and the ring were in total agreement.

Ted’s hands were everywhere, feeling, pinching, claiming, and his kiss was all tongue and teeth, too much, too hard. He swallowed Booster’s moan and then pulled away, back to where he’d left off on his trail down Booster’s chest.

“Mine,” he said, nipping at Booster’s ribs. “Take.”

“Take,” Booster told him, his hands weaving into Ted’s hair. “Oh God, Ted…”

Heal him, the ring said. Booster was dimly aware that even if he could transmit all the love he was feeling right now through his fingers to Ted’s scalp it wasn’t going to de-Lantern either of them, but this was as close to happiness as he’d gotten in almost two years and he couldn’t seem to do anything but go along with the ring’s plan.

Love him.

Ted tracing the star on Booster’s thigh with his tongue didn’t help.

“Taketaketake,” Ted said.

Givegivegive, Booster’s ring responded.

Well. Maybe this would work after all.

I have always loved this picture and now I have a fic to love with it. Splendid!


This was... Cute. x3 I love the way the Orange Lantern makes people act. Larfleeze <3

File: 128366563752.jpg-(278.84KB, 700x900, ted-kord-of-earth.jpg)
this happens by the end of generation lost/brightest day, and you cannot tell me otherwise.


You should draw some porn... Or you could draw some Max for me. I have totally developed a man-crush on Max since I came to this site. His power is sexy. Anyways what I'm trying to say is that I love your art.


I would never try. It tears at my heart...

File: 12836706853.jpg-(168.54KB, 700x961, push.jpg)
hmm, which one should i OH I COULD JUST DO BOTH


... Do you have a religion dedicated to you? If so I'm going to start going to church. I freakin' love that! x.x Unf, that's so sexy.

OK people, we have now had lantern!Ted in nearly every colour of the rainbow. One of you awesome artists wanna make this queer chick happy and complete the set? :)

(Though the remaining ones are mostly the scary ones... eep)

File: 128367397998.jpg-(237.31KB, 600x800, I-MEAN-SERIOUSLY.jpg)
next: orange? yellow? one of those.

If I do, it's not a very good one. Where are all the virgin sacrifices?


Nah, we already have in-canon Black, you've done Blue (and tim), Indigo, White and Violet and Pollums did Orange. All that's left is Yellow and Green.



But the band-aid is KILLING ME

>>"I want Booster and Bea to be the bread for a Ted sammich."

Ummm ... I hope this isn't too het for this board. It's got a *girl* in it (per the prompt), but in my opinion it's still amazingly gay (because of, y'know, all the gay sex). But if the idea of a girl in the mix squicks you, probably best to skip over.

Also, this is set during some imaginary bit of continuity where various people aren't dead but Jaime Reyes is in the picture. Sue me.

"Oh, my God, Ted." Booster sat back onto his heels. "I never thought it would be so <i>big</i>."

Ted beamed, coloring a little. "I know, right? But I'm pretty pleased with it."

His eyes widening, Booster bit his lower lip. "But... where are you going to <i>put</i> it?"

Beatriz snorted.

"Huh?" Ted frowned at Booster and Bea. "Well... on the watchtower, I guess. If J'onn will let me. I'm working on a portable version for the field." He stared up at the machine in front of them, chewing thoughtfully on his lip. "It's scaling the replicators that's the hard part."

"I love it when you talk science," Bea said, sashaying toward the machine and trailing a hand down over its metal flank. She turned toward him and gave him a big doe-eyed grin. "Tell me exactly what it does."

Ted fell right for it, of course, his face brightening with the seven-year-old boy grin he always got whenever someone expressed an interest in his projects. "Well, this I why I wanted you guys to see it first," he said, leading the way over to the contraption's console. "I figure you two are going to be the biggest beneficiaries. What with the fire, and the fact that everything in the universe with tentacles seems to have its sights on Booster, when's the last time you two went into a mission and both came out with all of your clothes intact?"

Beatriz grinned evilly. "When's the last time you two tried to walk past a <i>supply closet</i> and both came out with all your clothes intact?"

"Hmm?" Ted, absorbed in fiddling with the console, looked up distractedly. Booster shot Bea a scowl.

"Nothing," Bea said. "You were going to tell me what it does."

"Well," Ted said, brightening, "It was Jaime who gave me the idea. The alien tech in the scarab uses dead skin cells to make his suit, right? So I spent some time reproducing the mechanism, souped it up with some principles from 3D printing, fed it the A&F catalog, and... voila!" He gestured at the machine, beaming from ear to ear.

Bea frowned. "I... was with you as far as dead skin cells?"

Ted sighed. "It generates and repairs clothing. Any fabric, any form, right out of whatever organic particles it can suck out of the air. You get a tear in your suit, you just stand under the focusing beam, activate the generator, and it instantaneously and sustainably replicates the matrix of your garments to fabricate a seamless..." He broke off, catching the glazed look in Booster's eyes. "It zaps you up a new suit right out of thin air," he said.

Booster couldn't quite convert his laugh into a convincing cough, and tried to cover for it by saying "Oh, cool."

It didn't work. Ted frowned at him. "Why're you laughing?"

"I'm not laughing."

"You <i>look</i> like you're laughing," Bea put in, helpfully.

Booster looked daggers at her, then glanced back at Ted standing looking puzzled in front of his machine, and had to fight down another bout of giggles. "I'm just thinking," he admitted, "that it's funny that, out of all of us, you would be the one who went into fashion design."

Ted frowned and folded his arms across his chest. "And why exactly is that funny?"

"Ted, the newsboy caps! The suspenders! The <I>plaid</i>--!"

Ted stared at Booster in profound confusion, and Booster dissolved back into giggles. He could see Bea trying to hide her own laughter behind her hand. "I don't <i>like</i> you," Ted told Booster.

Damn Bea: this was cheating. "Just because she's better at hiding it," Booster groused.

"Sooo," Bea said, recovering her composure, folding her arms across her chest and hiking one eyebrow. "You're saying if I was to rip my shirt, this watchemacallit could just... fix me up a new one?" She turned, biting down on her lower lip, and gave Ted a hot look. "Can I try it?"

"Sure!" Ted nodded, turning his frown away from Booster. "I think I've got some sample fabric right over -- oh." He swallowed visibly.

Damn, Booster thought, Bea had brought her "A" game. She stood, smiling brilliantly, with the two sides of her shirt in her hands, a brand new fresh rip torn down from the neckline almost to her navel. Inside she was wearing an emerald bra, and the lab's bluish light fell on the soft curves of her breasts. Bea was playing to win today, then.

"Um," Ted was saying, his cheeks turning red, "I mean, it's still in beta testing at the moment..."

If Bea was going to play hardball, Booster would just have to do the same. He clapped a hand across his best friend's shoulders and left it there, resting on Ted's clavicle, even thumbing very slightly at Ted's skin. "Don't sell yourself short, buddy," he said. "You're great at this stuff. If you made this thing, it'll work. I mean, I bet it could even handle... this." And he grabbed the side seam of his own pants, hooked a finger inside, and with a winning grin tore the fabric hard down to his knee.

Bea whistled, frowning.

Ted stood frozen, blinking at the swathe of tanned, sculpted flesh Booster had just exposed. "W- what're you doing?" he squeaked.

Bea pouted. "He's copying my <i>moves</i>."

Ted looked from Bea to Booster in confusion. "Your moves? What moves? What's going on?"

Booster met Bea's eyes, saw, the glint of victory there, and sighed. He turned back to Ted, trying to hold his pants together, smiling. "Okay, okay," he said. "It's... kind of... a dare."

"A dare?" Ted's brow wrinkled. "To see who can make me look the stupidest--"

Bea interrupted him: "To see which of us can flirt more outrageously with you before you notice."

"<i>Flirt</i>?" said Ted, his eyes almost perfect saucers.

"You see how much fun it is?" Booster said.

"But... but..." Ted's cheeks were bright red now, his lower lip jutting a little. "Why would you even do that? Why would you - wow, you must think I'm a real schmuck." He turned away from them and stalked off across the lab.

Bea hurried after him. "Ted, no --"

"No, no, I get it." Ted threw his hands up, turning on his heel to face Bea just as Booster drew level with them. "It's very funny. I mean, it's not like this is new territory for me, from the big dumb hot jock and the gorgeous popular girl, but who am I to knock the classics? Let's all mock the nerdy guy with the lab and the science and the <i>heart condition</i> and the --mmm." Ted's eyes went wide as Booster cut off his rant by grabbing his shoulders, pulling him hard against Booster's chest, and kissing him so hard their teeth clicked.

When Booster released him, Ted stood there looking beautifully shocked. "Huh?" he said. He shot a puzzled look at Bea. "W-what--"

"We're not mocking you," Bea said.

"Well..." Booster tilted his head from side to side, his hands still on Ted's shoulders,"no more than usual."

Ted looked from left to right, his face a picture of bewilderment, at Booster with the side of his pants ripped so far his ass showed and Bea with her shirt torn down to her waist. "But then... what is this? Why are you both..."

Bea turned to Booster. "You know, for such a smart guy, he really is kind of slow to catch on." She put a hand on Ted's cheek, used it to hook him forward, and - Booster's hands still planted on his shoulders - she kissed him.

"Oh god," Ted said, when Bea let him go. His lips were very red and his breathing came in hard. "It's pollen, isn't it? Or... you're evil sexbot clones, or... No! Wait! This is that one dream I had where--"

"Ted. Buddy. Relax. It's us. We like you." Booster slid around to stand behind Ted, massaging his shoulders - tense as steel cables - while Bea brushed a thumb over Ted's full lower lip.

"W-well... sure..." Ted said. He seemed to be finding it hard to breathe. "I like you guys too, I-"

"No," Bea said, pressing her free hand against his chest and trailing it down toward his stomach. "We <i>like</i> like you."

Booster threaded his arms around Ted's waist and pressed a kiss against the back of his neck, just below the lowest curl of his dark hair. Bea took the cue, looped her own arms over Ted's head, kissed the equivalent spot on the other side of his throat, and pulled back to give him a wink.

"Mmm," said Booster, pressing himself against Ted's back. "How's that looking?"

Bea chewed the inside of her cheek, studying Ted's face: Ted's startled, gorgeous face, with its big round blue eyes and parted lips and the flush of pink in his cheeks that had started out as embarrasment but was turning rapidly into something else. With a thumb she traced the furrow of his brow. "You know what," she told Booster, "he's still <i>thinking</i>."

Booster whistled. "He can manage that still? What a superhero." He gave Ted a peck on the neck. "But we can fix that." He tugged at Ted's waist, turning him around so he was facing his best friend, letting Bea press herself up now against Ted's back. Booster planted a small, chaste kiss onto Ted's still-parted lips, traced a hand down the side of his neck and over his chest. "Booster," Ted said, his breathing hard and the flush in his face getting deeper.

Booster looked Ted in the eyes, removed the palm from Ted's chest to take Ted's own hand. He gave it a gentle squeeze and leaned to whisper into Ted's ear. "OK, buddy?" he asked. "We won't do this unless you want-"

"I want," Ted breathed. He let his head drop back against Bea's shoulder. "I definitely want. So much. I just can't believe you both-"

"Ah, knock it off," grinned Booster, "You know you're gorgeous." And, still holding Ted's hand, he fell to his knees.

Ted's pants dropped around his ankles while Bea reached around to pull away his shirt. Kneeling between Ted's feet, Booster slid a hand up the inside of Ted's thigh: he slipped his fingers inside the hem of Ted's boxer shorts and rubbed the soft skin and rough hair inside there, making Ted groan. When Bea licked up the column of Ted's neck, Ted groaned harder, and Booster moved his hand over the swell inside Ted's shorts and squeezed. "Keep doing that, Bea," Booster said. "That seems to work."

Bea nipped at Ted's neck, and Ted bit down on his lip. "Booster," he said, "Bea. Please."

Booster kissed Ted's inner thigh, rocking his hand back and forth over Ted's trapped erection. "Please what?"

Ted opened his eyes, frowning. "Please, sir?"

Booster laughed, and Bea snorted, and Ted dropped his head back against Bea's shoulder. "You're teasing me again," he said.

"Damn right we are," Booster said, and he cupped his hand to circle through the fabric over the head of Ted's cock.

When Ted groaned again, Booster grabbed the waistband of his shorts and made to pull them down, but Bea reached around and caught his hand. "C'mon," Ted sighed, fisting his hands in the back of Booster's hair.

"No," Bea said. "Ted was so kind as to show us how ripping our clothes need never be a problem again; I think we should take him seriously." She met Booster's eyes, and winked.

"Right!" Booster grinned up at them both. He moved his hand so the fabric of Ted's shorts was pulled taut between his hand and Bea's, and began to tug. The fabric tore with a sharp ripping sound, splitting away to uncover Ted's cock, hot and hard against his body. "God, Ted," Booster said, and he leaned in close and took Ted into his mouth.

Ted gasped and screwed his eyes shut, breathing hard, as Booster wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and began to suck. Behind Ted's shoulder, Bea sighed. She slid her hand up over Ted's stomach, up to his nipples, and pinched. "Oh my God," Ted groaned, and Booster took him into the back of his throat, hollowing his cheeks and thrumming his tongue against the head of Ted's cock. "Booster -- so good."

"You look incredible," Bea murmured into Ted's ear. He turned his head, his eyes burning and desperate, and kissed her mouth, petting all the time at Booster's hair. Booster reached around to cup Ted's ass, to squeeze him, letting his fingers dip into the crack and press up against Ted. Ted cried, sucking on Bea's lip. "Please," he said, pulling his mouth away from her with a gasp, "I need - need something... Booster..."

Booster released Ted's cock from his mouth and sat back onto his heels, his cheeks burning and his own cock hard, his torn pants threatening to fall away from his hips. "Bed," Booster said, urgently, struggling to his feet and pressing himself full length against Ted to kiss deep into his mouth.

"There's a bed?" Bea said, breaking briefly from kissing the back of Ted's neck. "In your lab?"

"Work late a lot," Ted gasped, as Booster put his arms around them both, stroking Bea's back, the pair of them pressing Ted so hard between them he looked as though he would lose it there and then.


They untwined from one another for long enough to stumble to the small room in the back of Ted's office, where Booster helped Ted pull down a complicated foldout bed from the wall.

Bea folded her arms across her chest, grinning. "You keep this bed here for sleeping," she said.


"And Booster knows how it works because..."

"He's naturally smart," Ted supplied, looking red and disarranged.

"Less talking," Booster said, tackling Ted onto the mattress.

"I'm OK with that," Ted agreed, muttering into Booster's neck. He shut his eyes as Booster used one big hand to hitch his knees up and knelt between them. Booster took Ted's cock in his hand again, pumping slowly up and down, making a red flush spread in the v between Ted's collarbones and a fine sweat break out on his brow. "Booster," Ted sighed. "God, Booster, don't stop." Ted was beautiful like this, Booster thought, with his long eyelashes lowered onto his cheeks and his arms folded up above his head, the muscles in his arms and torso stretching and his thighs taut either side of Booster's kneeling body.

Booster looked back over his shoulder. "You're being too polite," he told Bea. "Get over here."

"Just admiring the floorshow," Bea said, but her voice was heated, and when she sat down on the bed next to them and Ted reached up to pull the remains of her shirt away her eyes fell shut.

"You're beautiful," Ted gasped, his voice coming apart, reaching around her back to unping the hook of her bra while Booster lay down beside him and kissed the tender skin where his throat joined his chest. Ted reached up to touch Bea's breasts, stroking and tweaking her nipples, and she sighed, winding her arms around his neck and leaning in to kiss him deeply. Booster's chest was tight, watching the two of them, but his cock was so hard and the feel of Ted's body against him was melting his brain and making his whole body thrum. He trailed an arm across them both, petting at the dip where Bea's back flared up to her hot round hips, then moved his hand down and back to stroke Ted's sides and smooth over the curve of his ass, pressing kisses into Ted's neck all the time. When Booster pinched him Ted cried out, reaching back desperately to shove the remains of Booster's ruined pants off his hips, rubbing his hand over Booster's dick without ever breaking the kiss with Bea. Booster groaned and peeled off his underpants, wriggling his hips to shuck them down his thighs, and Ted moaned into Bea's mouth from the contact of bare skin against his own. "You're both so... you're both... feels so good," Ted sighed.

Bea broke the kiss, smiling, and slid down Ted's body, pressing her forehead against his belly and sliding his cock in her hand. She was pumping it now, breathing hard, while Booster cupped and squeezed Ted's ass and Ted lost control of the noises he was making, moving past words and only moaning into the bedsheets, into Booster's mouth. Then Bea wrapped her hand right around Ted's cock and lowered her mouth to it, flicking a hot lick over the head: Ted gasped, and when Booster ran a finger up behind Ted's balls Ted cried out, and his eyelids flew open. "Too much," he gasped, grabbing Bea's wrist to still her hand. "Too good - can't hold on if you - nngh". He was panting now, his eyes wide and bright and and his pulse racing in the vein at his throat under Booster's lips. "Want to... want both of you," he choked, desperately. "Lube - in the box beside the bed." Bea leaned up and kissed him, and Booster's eyelids fell closed and his breathing hitched as he fumbled for the bottle of lube.

He found it, rolled back down onto the bed, and pressed himself full length against Ted's hot back. Beyond Ted's rounded shoulder Bea watched him, biting her lip, one hand reaching up to stroke Ted's hips and stomach and the other pressed hard between her own legs, inside the jeans and panties she hadn't had time to take off. Booster squeezed the lube bottle, letting the clear stuff trail down over his fingers and rubbing them together. He leaned close to Ted, kissing his earlobe. "You ready, buddy?" he whispered, pressing a gentle fingertip against Ted's hole. "Booster, please," Ted managed, and Booster pushed his finger slowly inside. Ted buried his face in the bed, choking and moaning and close to tears. "Booster - now - can't wait," he said. "Fuck me, Booster, please, fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuck me-"

"Woah," Booster whispered, "Steady." He pushed another finger into Ted, scissoring them gently apart. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You really, really, really won't," Ted choked, pushing his ass back hard against Booster, who groaned and buried his face between Ted's shoulderblades.

"Okay," Booster said. "Okay." He pulled his fingers out of Ted's ass - Ted cried at the loss and shoved back against him - and lined up his hips behind Ted's. "Ready?"

"For God's sake, Booster- ah!"

Booster pushed all the way inside Ted's body in a single stroke, jamming his hips up against the curve of Ted's ass, digging his fingers into Ted's shoulders so hard the joints ached. He felt the strain in Ted's body, the taut jump of muscles adjusting to him and trying to relax. <i>Not going to last</i>, Booster's brain reported briefly, and he crushed his face into Ted's neck and let his hips rock helplessly against his best friend, this gorgeous guy, this person he loved more than anyone in the world. "Booster -- Bea-- I can't... please," Ted begged, releasing the grip on Bea's wrist. She kissed his belly, rocking her own hips against her hand while Ted squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. "I can't," Ted said again, and Bea ducked her head and sucked his cock into her mouth. Ted cried out, and when Bea slid her tongue up the fat vein on the underside of his cock, and Booster thrust again all the way into his ass, Ted lost it and fell apart and came so hard that the convulsions of his body pulled Booster over the edge with him. Booster slammed once again into Ted's body, blind with wonder as he came inside his best friend, and the sight of the two of them falling to pieces, the feel of Ted in her mouth, did for Bea too, and she arched back, her toes curling and her body shaking and for a moment all three of them were blind, dumb, boneless, sprawled together on the bedclothes with their minds blown.

Booster's mind drifted back to him gradually as his breathing and his heartrate slowed. He opened one eye, looking across at Ted and Bea lying tangled together, Bea's hair spread across the bed and Ted's ribcage still heaving as he tried to slow his breathing down. He grinned, feeling suddenly very sleepy, and sucked a kiss against Ted's neck.

"Mmph," Ted said, reaching back and over to pat Booster on the ass, wincing a little as Booster moved against him.

"Okay," Bea sighed, throwing her arm up onto her forehead. "Who won?"

Ted wriggled in between them. "Pretty sure I did."

Booster laughed, pulling carefully out of Ted and sitting up. "I think we should call it a tie."

Bea raised an eyebrow. "You do, do you? I think we need to have a <i>rematch</i>."

"I can't believe Bea still has her pants on," Ted said, patting Bea's denim-covered ass."Well, mostly on, anyway."

"Zipper's busted," Bea reported. "Your instacouture machine any good for zippers?"

"Yeah," said Booster, "I'm glad you've got that thing. These are the only pants I've got here and I've got a meeting with Max in an hour."

"Ha," Ted said, "About that." He was, Booster thought, wearing something rather like a guilty grin.

"What?" demanded Booster.

Bea propped herself up on one elbow and frowned at Ted. "Yeah, what about it?"

"Weeellll... you know I said it was in beta testing?" Ted shifted on the bed. "It's actually kind of... in alpha testing. Like, I haven't actually got it one hundred percent working yet. I mean, the latest round of bugfixes, I'm preeetty sure will have got everything ironed out, but I--"

Booster met Bea's eyes. "I'm stealing his pants," he said.

Bea nodded. "I'm stealing his shirt."

And they both tumbled out of the bed at once.

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Man we're going through these threads fast.

Oh my god, this is hotter than hot. It's the OT3 I never knew I had.

i've got a few pieces in the works, so i'll start the next thread once we're off the first page.


Yeah, I'm kind of surprised by this ship too. I never even knew I liked Bea. Now I feel kind of bad for making her keep her pants on >_<

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One more for the TED LANTERNS EVERYWHERE. Just gotta do green!

Yellow Lanterns have terrible senses of humor.


Then we can have a Ted Lantern rainbow. Yes.


Aaaaaaaaaand now I want Booster in the center of a Ted Lantern Harem.


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