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File: 128149054919.jpg-(311.17KB, 662x1018, justice-league-generation-lost-20100810003251364.jpg)
53187 No.53187

Old thread here:

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Love the detailing on the throne.


Soooo my first thought after "ohgodmaxsohot" was "A blowjob from that chair would be AWESOME"




You know what's he's thinking about there? Touching Booster's hair with those gloves on. That gold hair, that glowing skin against the black of his gloves. And then he'll stroke Booster's face, very gently, Booster's lips catching on the roughened edges, the way he gasps and licks at his fingers through the fabric...

Do you have the art without all the works and stuff on it?

Also is it me, or does that person getting fried in the background look like...well...the chin looks like a hand.

Also, Max's suit seems to be grey. And there seems to be portraits of JLI members on the throne.

Hey about Gen. Lost...Rocket Red didn't die did he? I mean, he is on the cover of issue #7...D: why would they introduce a new character like that then kill him? I don't like the vibe that they don't want to be together. I hope they become a nakama...

Whaddya mean?

File: 128150191142.jpg-(226.38KB, 900x1282, booster-gold-37.jpg)
Do you mean the White Lantern Entity right behind Max? I couldn't find the cover art without the mark ups, but I did find this cover to Booster Gold (38, I believe?)

Spoiler'd for boobies. and ohgod, forgot the spoiler tag at first D:


The new Rocket Red isn't dead. He's mentioned in the October solicitation (JL:GL #11).

Somebody shoop Ted's head on her quick!

Rocket Red: the one who died wasn't the one in the JLI team. It was a member the Rocket Red team. Garvil has a different armor than them because he's a rogue.

Anyone remember when Booster left JLI and had romantic tension with Maxs' ex wife Claire? I kinda wish we got a follow up with Maxs' reaction.

File: 128151286642.jpg-(167.14KB, 800x627, i-remember.jpg)
Posts like this are a valuable reminder that you don't have to be Max Lord to give out mindboners. Mmm.

File: 128151563197.png-(379.85KB, 781x832, comics_mine.png)

File: 12815249515.jpg-(270.91KB, 669x1029, bday_cv7_var-copy.jpg)
Brightest Day #7 variant cover has Aquaman in a similar position. Are they going to do this with all of them? And I think the outfits are grey because they're still partially Black Lanterns/dead, and won't fully be restored to life until they complete their missions.

...And now I'm going to be thinking about kinky D/s sex the rest of the day. DANG IT MAX AND BOOSTER, STOP BEING HOT. NO, WAIT, DON'T STOP. EVER.


Aquaman is not rocking the throne-sitting as hard as Max is.



Arthur's too busy being angsty to rock, while Max is busy thinking about how hard he's going to own everyone.

At least Arthur's throne design makes more sense. WTF is all that stuff on the bottom of Max's there? Little serving forks?

Anyone know who's behind Aquaman? Is that him as a zombie, or...?

HNGH. I love you both. Endlessly.

Dear Santa Max. For Christmas this year, I want a pony, and a kitty, aaaand... you in that t-shirt with a strategically placed bow. :D


That's Nekron, the Big Bad of Blackest Night. Which makes me wonder if the variants are some sort of interconnected thing, especially given that they were both by the same artists.

Also, Giffen and DeMatteis scored another home run with this week's Booster. SO GOOD.


That would be cool, especially since we might get more of them then. I can't imagine them only doing two of these. I want J'onn!

>new Booster Gold



>Santa Max

Heh. (This pic just keeps getting dirtier.)

Booster: "If I'm a good boy this year, can I have Ted back?"

Max: "...That good are you willing to be?" *leers* *glides his hand over his crotch*

Booster: *nervously* " want me to sit on your lap?"

File: 128155751192.jpg-(428.87KB, 1280x1963, JL- Generation Lost 07005.jpg)
Can't wait for Booster. This week's JLGL was okay, if diminished by the art.

max is still one BAMF, though.

dat oh face. unf.

This week's Booster was hysterical and Big Barda is badass as hell holy shit. She's amazing.

Also I was so sad when Ted realized Booster wasn't "his Booster" and was asking if they were still close in the time Booster came from. Although the joke about his hair thinning in the back made me laugh pretty hard. Booster's sensitive about his hair. Ted also called him Mikey and it made me giggle.


I was so jazzed by this I started to laugh like Goofy ("Hur hur hur hyuck hyuck hyuck hur hur"). Oh, insomniac, I'm so glad I inspired you to smut.

Holy monkey balls, I survived my semester! To celebrate and to get me thinking porny-thoughts for my Boostlethon thing, gimme some art prompts, people!

You know the old Life cereal commercials? The Mikey likes it ones? Ted makes that joke after boning Booster senseless. As wild and kinky as you please.

"Mikey'll eat aaaanything!" Heh heh. Indeed he will...

File: 128158241586.jpg-(138.90KB, 720x720, breakfast of champions.jpg)
"Mikey enjoyed his breakfast?"
"Oh, Mikey likes."

You can tell it's the end of the semester because there's so much anatomy fail and I no longer care |D

File: 128158340593.jpg-(478.01KB, 794x1045, ohcrapohcrapohcrap.jpg)
-booster carrying girl away from an explosion: heroics.
-booster carrying ted away from an explosion: they were probably the ones who caused it.


It was already lol-worthy and then I looked at the filename. /sporfle

"ohgod, what did we doooooooooo"

Someone do a Big Bard(Big Barda as a man) crushing Mr. Miracle in a bear hug.

s_d has two pages from BG 35 up:

Ow ow owieowow. That? That was my heart. Breaking.

Teeeeeeeeeeeed oh god TED TEEEED

Depressing snippet thing ahead. SPOILERS FOR BG 35 btw.

Booster couldn’t stop himself. He knew it was a terrible, terrible idea from the beginning but he couldn’t stop himself then and he certainly couldn’t now. No matter how much Skeets reasoned and scolded and outright pleaded, no matter the fact that Rip and Michelle and Rani could see Booster was slowly coming apart- he had Ted and nothing could stop Booster from seeing him. Even if it wasn’t <i>his</i> Ted.

And he didn’t have to hide it- Ted knew. And when Booster gave in to his emotions and his impulses and kissed him, Ted saw it comings. And when Booster went back, Ted was waiting for him.

Booster returned every moment he could- carefully spacing out how frequent the visits were to Ted, of course. Too often and Ted would begin to suspect that something happened, that Booster no longer had him around and Booster wouldn’t be able to say it, but he wouldn’t be able to <i>lie</i> about it, either. Ted would’ve been able to see through it if he did.

But Ted never asked and if he even suspected, he made no sign of it. He welcomed Booster back with open arms and warm smiles, brushed the bangs out of Booster’s face and let Booster just hold him until the hole in his heart stopped threatening to break him open. Then his hands would wander over Ted’s body and then his lips and eventually they’d make their way to a bed, or couch or whatever else was available. Afterwards Booster would just stare down at Ted, memorizing the way he’d lay- sated and lazy -and Booster tried not to let Ted see the heartbreak in his eyes, but he doubted he succeeded.

Ted would cup Booster’s face in his hands, bringing him down for another kiss and say, “I’m always going to be here for you.”

And Booster would think ‘No, you’re not’ but he’d say, “I know,” and it was so hard to bite back the truth and even harder to keep from crying so he’d tuck himself under Ted’s chin and listen to his heart beat until Ted fell asleep. Then Booster would get up and whisper as he skimmed soft kisses over Ted’s face, “I love you” and “I miss you” and it was getting harder for Booster to leave, to not say anything.

Booster couldn’t stop. And he was starting to not care about the consequences.

File: 12816059012.png-(1.01MB, 1036x518, Maxsits.png)
From Scans Daily:

"Removing Magog from current continuity and putting an end to the ceaseless referencing of Kingdom Come sure is heroic enough for me.

"Extreme Mind Control" still makes me giggle though."

"You need a 90s description of your super power in order to take down a 90s antihero."

"To be fair, Max does have to deal with two of the members of EXTREME JUSTICE. And there might even be more EXTREME JUSTICE to worry about if the Predator or Carol Ferris get involved."

"He can only mind-control people if they've drunk Mountain Dew in the last 24 hours."

"they'll put a warning label on skateboards on DC earth next:

"do not kickflip, it exceeds awesomeness parameters and will make you vulnerable to extreme mind control""

Also, everyone agrees that Max is disturbingly sexy.

>I wonder if we can have not-evil!Max back, but let him keep his current hotness?


File: 128160606716.jpg-(70.96KB, 799x462, Leadership.jpg)


I have something in my eye. ...I have something in my other eye.

...I have something in my HEART.


File: 128165962017.jpg-(702.85KB, 1280x1969, img020.jpg)
Epic d'aaaaww moment between Booster and Barda!

Ahhhh Big Barda stop your tsundere is showing and it's making me hnnnghhhh like a motherfucker ;_;


I love this moment and JLGL. BTW, anyone else get a porny vibe when Scott says that they can all get to know each other better when this is over?


I'd love for this to be an ongoing gag with the members realizing Booster is the leader. Cap would be startled, Jaime would shrug it off because it's obvious and finally Booster would be bewildered that he's in charge.


Did someone just shoot Scott Free in the dick?

File: 128166278879.jpg-(755.75KB, 1280x1951, img014.jpg)
>Booster would be bewildered that he's in charge.

And then he vows to be a good leader and make Ted proud of him, and we all cry like babies.

(And probably not suprised, because he already knows that Booster has it in him.)

Also, Ted throwing! And perving! And making tasteless jokes! I love these guys.


I remember reading someone ask at SDCC if anyone would know how great a hero Booster is in JLGL and Winick said yes. I like to think Bruce, J'onn and Max all knew at the start. Which is why I never liked the Geoff Johns Max that seemed to think Booster was stupid. He had to have seen something special in Booster if he was hand picking him for his team.

I love Ted and Scott's friendship like no tomorrow. Scott catching Ted like a princess made this issue for me (well, aside from the b'aw).

To people who were wondering what the blue hand/Iron Man thing behind Max's throne is, here's your answer:

I loved this issue so much I found myself wishing I could have sex ith it.

File: 128168483931.jpg-(131.32KB, 648x432, kissyboys.jpg)
Thread needs more gay.

File: 128168788071.png-(190.66KB, 450x600, CHOCOOOOOOOOOS_by_ph1shf00d.png)


I'm surprised no one's commented on this yet. It made me hurt in a good way.

File: 12817263385.jpg-(153.93KB, 900x700, how-we-were.jpg)
This is so sad and so completely what Booster would do. augh.


Oh god, the emotion on Booster's face... I'm wibbling at my computer right now.

File: 128173078177.jpg-(195.46KB, 527x800, mistermiracle6.jpg)

Nooooo dammit, you made me cry.


Barda apparently really likes throwing Ted by his butt. Fair enough!

Is anyone up for a JLI kink meme? Not just Boostle, but also for the other guys like Ralph, Sue, Scott, Barda...I know there's a jlinternational comm that I can throw a post up at if enough people are interested.




> …woahwowahawahawoahahahahawhaaaaaa

>hey tumblr have i ever told you about my magnificent bastards sitting on thrones in less than regal positions kink? because for some reason, this feels like a good time to discuss it.

>I also have this kink.

>Oh my fucking god Max Lord.



JLI lj comm? WHERE!?!


I'd be interested though I'd be more comfortable doing more general prompts with characters I don't play around with as much as I'd like than I'd be kinking them up, but that's just me.


Does no one else think Max's hand in OP is really wonky? Look at his index finger compared to the others

I know what you mean. It looks more like a Wolverine claw made out of sausage or something.

File: 128175273638.jpg-(149.82KB, 439x418, mikey likes it!.jpg)
This thread could use some more porn.

Also, excuse the fucked up, uh, everything. I just got home from surgery a few hours ago and am still a little woozy.

File: 128175442621.jpg-(235.94KB, 612x468, i cant feel my mouth.jpg)
some more, why not?
also, any quick requests before I pass out?

anything from dis fic;

File: 128184240637.jpg-(488.77KB, 1000x774, bendy.jpg)
regarding the amount of flexy-gymnast-ted porn out there: it is insufficient.

guhhhhhhhhh /wantsficofthisnow

File: 128185741774.png-(470.09KB, 541x573, ohgod.png)
That back.............


I know the context, but that narration box sounds suggestive for some reason.

Hngh. I know we all like to fawn over chubby!Ted, but...there's something to be said for him in good shape, too.

Why don't we just agree that Ted is sexy no matter what?

Yes, this sounds about right.

File: 128194377458.jpg-(303.60KB, 800x600, afterglow.jpg)

"Geez, Ted. You've been working out."
"Yes. Yes I have."


Is that a new coloring style you're trying out?



The cute expressions are just the topping on this well-drawn, well-muscled cake. I think we need more of this. Like some fake pin-ups or something.


I second the notion of pinups. Beef-cake pin ups for all!


That blushing Booster and his big eyes! That smug Ted! And they both look good enough to eat in one gulp. guh.

File: 128200834086.jpg-(287.68KB, 670x900, tedcake.jpg)

"Booster - took these for Ted, but then he chickened out and told me to burn them. What a waste!
Happy birthday!
- Beatriz"


UNF. Bea is truly a hero for our times.

Now I'm picturing Booster in the famous Betty Grable pose. Hee!


buh ubuh bwah

insomniac, you are giving me a bodyhair kink. think I might have fic for this.

File: 128201435730.jpg-(219.97KB, 800x1000, dat-booster.jpg)
fuck yes
What a spectacular idea!


BWAHAHA YES. I don't think J'onn is going to be too happy about this latest publicity stunt. (Max: "Hey, if it works, it works." J'onn: "But our dignity!" Max: "Our what?")

Oh man. Looking at those pin ups I kinda want to do what they're doing over at flash_rogues and have a fanservice-y boostle or jli calendar thing. Because it would be AWESOME.

>fanservice-y jli calendar thing
yes yes yes yes


Dude, if we could get at least one more artist on board with this, I would totally get this organized. We could get a poll set up on the comm to see who should be in it and everything (should this be a mix-gender thing, just the guys or have one for guys, one for girls... gah, things to figure out)

File: 12820230256.jpg-(253.12KB, 647x878, DATMAX.jpg)
"This month in PLAYGIRL: Men of the Fortune 500! America's most eligible bachelors show off their assets!"

File: 128202732714.jpg-(223.22KB, 800x1000, dat-booster.jpg)
also, fixed version of >>53973
had an anatomy glitch or two that were bugging me beyond all reason.


Mixed-gender would probably work best - no one will complain if it's on the general com, and you'd have more room to be flexible and do things like putting Fire and Ice or Scott and Barda together. And there could be a big spread with everyone at the end.

File: 128205621780.jpg-(196.32KB, 1179x589, SexyParty.jpg)
I've been thinking about putting the Max/Booster/Ted -in-a-thong pictures together, and I finally got myself to do it. Except I've never actually done this sort of thing before, so it kinda sucks and Ted totally doesn't look like he's in there because I don't want to mess with it anymore. (And someone with actual editing skill should see if they can make this look better. Please?)

And either Max and Ted are standing on boxes or Booster is crouching down. And Ted looks like he's walking away dramatically because he's upset about Booster getting along with Max. Or he just doesn't want them to notice his hard-on.


...I could try to contribute pictures to this.
Gimme some prompts and I'll try some Bea or Tora or Guy.


(The background settings I'm seeing are probably just things they set up in the studio, so they don't have to be complicated.)

- Bea in a tropical island-type setting, with either a lei over her chest covering her or topless with her back to the camera, shooting flame out of her fingertip and/or blowing it out like a gun.

- Tora in a bathing suit on an iceberg, surrounded by polar bears/penguins/seals or holding a beach ball or something ridiculiously cute like that.

- Guy...heck idk. Naked space motorcycling? Green Lantern thong made out of ring energy?

This calendar plan is awesome - definitely needs Scott and Barda too.

Okay, let's see if we can get this calendar thing rolling...

File: 128208878066.jpg-(427.71KB, 850x756, thongs, thongs everywhere.jpg)
I'll do you one better!

psst, max, booster's eyes are up here.



You totally need to do the big spread with everyone at the end of the calender, or something awesome like that.

I'm bored. Hit me up with some prompts.


Ooh. I think we need some aggressive Ted up in this joint.



Idk, I'm tired. Err, aggressive Ted vs Booster in football uniform?

i read that as "COCAINE" which I still totally see Max doing my request is max lord doing lines. bwah ha ha.


"Max, why is your nose bleeding?"

"... I do coke. A lot of it."

File: 128210045431.png-(138.21KB, 576x324, the inspiring mr kord.png)

Oooh! I'd love to see Booster wearing one of Ted's sweatshirts. Also seconding Booster in football gear (hwarg, shoulderpads, why you gots to be so hot).

Also: Pinup!Ted is an excellent motivator, and brightened my sucky day at work. Should have something to share with you lovely smuthounds tomorrow.


Hope some quick bathroom porn will make you feel better! (note: no proofreading done, so apologies for any mistakes)

Sometimes hanging out with Booster was a practice in masochism. He had this unerring need to be the center of attention everywhere he went. At bars, that meant flirting with anyone that was nearby. Women, men, people that were already on dates and entire groups- if anyone gave even the slightest hint of interest, Booster was there, smiling, leaning in, brushing his fingers across their shoulder or hand or knee. And if his ability to bullshit about anything didn’t work, the fact that he was just so damn <i>pretty</i> always did. And that, to Ted, was just unfair. Sure, his own humor and charm often got him company while he drank but still. It was just supremely distracting when Booster was over there, laughing and leaning on someone that wasn’t Ted.

Tonight he was sitting just a bit too close to an attractive redhead, their thigh’s pressed together, Booster’s hand trailing down an arm. Keeping an eye on Booster meant Ted had trouble staying in his own conversation. Then Booster stood up and leaned over the table and Ted got an eyeful of Booster’s ass in those jeans that molded so well to him and- dammit, there was no way he could ignore that now.

Giving his company a little smile and some excuse, Ted slipped from his seat, crossed the floor and hooked a finger through one of Booster’s belt loops. “Can we talk?” He asked, even as he was tugging Booster away.

Booster barely spared Ted a glance, just gave the redhead a roguish grin and wink, “Be back in a second.”

Oh no you won’t, Ted thought as he dragged Booster to the bathroom where Ted shoved Booster within, slipped inside and locked the door behind them. Booster just turned and grinned at him, asking as if he didn’t know exactly what was going on in Ted’s mind, “So what’s up?”

Ted pressed his body up against Booster’s, pinning him against the wall. “Loose the pants,” he said, nearly growling as nuzzled at the exposed skin of Booster’s collarbone.

“You remember what the manager said? He’s going to kick us out if he catches you fucking me in here again.”

“So I won’t fuck you,” Ted captured Booster’s lips and sucked on his tongue hard, letting him know exactly what Ted had planned. “Drop the pants.”

Booster smirked against his mouth, but obediently slipped his hands between their bodies. His hands, warm and large, palmed over Ted’s crotch, making him buck forward a bit. Then he popped the button on his jeans and the zipper was audible in the space between them. Ted’s hand delved into the opening and though he knew it was Booster’s preference, he sucked in a breath at the lack of underwear, hands on hot skin and coarse hair. His fingers wrapped around Booster’s cock, making him hum and arch.

Roughly Ted shoved at Booster’s jeans until they bunched around his thighs and he dropped to his knees, taking just a moment to nuzzle at Booster’s pelvis and breath him in before he opened his mouth and licked a long, hard stripe over his length. Booster hissed, hips pushing against Ted’s hand. A pinch at his thigh got Ted something that was half a yelp, half a whimper, but Booster obediently stayed still as Ted licked over his cock, lapped at his slit, sucked at the head until precome started dripping against his tongue.

Ted’s eyes flickered upward. Booster was biting down on his hand, but his eyes were bright and eager, anxious for Ted to start working him in earnest. Well, Ted never did like disappointing...

He dropped his jaw, bobbing his head and taking Booster in bit by bit until his nose pressed against Booster’s pelvis and Booster made a strangled sound as Ted’s throat flexed around his dick. He pulled back, slowly, sucking hard every inch of the way, then swallowed around Booster again. By the time he pulled back a second time, Booster’s thighs were trembling under his hand and Booster was whimpering softly into his palm.

God, it seriously had to be a crime for anyone to be that sexy. Ted gripped at himself through his own pants for a moment, ducking in for a moment to suck at Booster’s balls. Ted looked up again- Booster had one arm thrown out to the side, pressing hard against the wall, body angled and open and quivering for Ted’s touch. His pupils were blown out, making the blue of his eyes that much brighter, that much more desperate as he stared down at Ted, silently begging for his mouth.

So. Un. Fair. Ted fell back on Booster’s cock again in desperation, needing to hear his stifled whimpers, needing to feel the straining and trembling of his body, to taste his heat and skin as he came undone. He sucked hard, jaw working as he bobbed and Ted couldn’t help the hand that crept up between Booster’s thighs or the finger that slipped inside his hole, pumping in and out until Booster’s back arched hard, a cry muffled against his palm as he came. Ted drank down every drop, relishing the taste and sound, petting Booster’s thighs until they stopped trembling.

A hand ran through Ted’s hair, then prodded Ted backward until Booster had enough room to stand properly, tucking himself away and zipping up without brushing against Ted. “Thought you said you weren’t going to fuck me,” he teased, reaching for a couple papertowels to wipe the sweat from his neck and face.

“Depends on your definition of ‘fuck’,” Ted replied, pushing himself up on tiptoe to suck at Booster’s neck.

He laughed, poking at Ted. “We really don’t need to be kicked out of this place. I like it.”

“Fine- we’re calling it an early night, then.”

“It’s always an early night whenever I wear my lucky jeans.”

Ted grinned. “Can’t deny they always get you laid.”

“Like I need these jeans to get laid.”

“No you don’t. In fact, you don’t need to be wearing any pants to get laid.”

“I wonder why that is...” Booster leaned down and gave Ted a slow, burning kiss. The kind that had nothing but beautiful, filthy promises that made Ted roll his hips against Booster’s thigh.

“Okay,” Ted pulled back, panting a bit, “we really need to go- <i>now</i> -or I make no promises about not getting us kicked out.”

“You’re the boss.” They slipped out of the bathroom, paid their tabs and hailed the first cab they came across. Ted couldn’t help feeling awfully smug at the fact Booster’s attention was on him the entire time and had completely forgotten about that redhead he left behind.

File: 128210322249.jpg-(85.54KB, 592x540, helluvadrug.jpg)

hnngh jealous!Ted. love it.


File: 128210511937.jpg-(118.49KB, 533x549, nextbestthing.jpg)

(wow, i'm apparently in a pornier mood than i thought...)

Every time Ted comes back from a business trip, he always wonders why his clothes are always stretched out.

That just means you're, er, pragmatic?
holy shit, this is hot on so many levels.


Obviously that just means he's dead. Wait, what?



You just made my brain go into a bluescreen of death. From hotness. Thank you.

File: 128210856625.jpg-(121.35KB, 533x549, tightend.jpg)



We need lots more 'Ted fucking Booster post-game' porn


Yessssss. Maybe with more of the uniform still on? Covered in dirt and sweat?


If anyone's still in the market for prompts:

* Flexy!gymnast!Ted stuff, involving gym equipment
* Ted solo :)
* Booster inexplicably still having that Stetson from when he had to outdrink Jonah Hex

File: 128218269855.jpg-(130.62KB, 651x950, booster_stetson.jpg)

Can never go wrong with a man a hat.

As promised: Porn! (also: this is this filthiest thing I have written yet. I feel like I need a cigarette.) Posted correctly this time, dammit.

Booster doesn't get in until late. The embassy is quiet. Half the team is out of town tonight, and it looks like the other half is either asleep or generally down for the evening. Booster doesn't bother flicking the light on in his room, just wanders into the bathroom and turns on the shower. The water is hot and good against his skin, and he braces his palms against the tile and doesn't think about anything at all for a while.

There's an envelope on his bed. When Booster reaches for it, his fingers stick to the paper, leaving little damp spots. He frowns and wipes his hands on the towel wrapped around his hips, then flaps the envelope in the air to dry it out before he pries it open. A photograph flutters out, followed by a note. The photo lands gently on his bedspread, face down, but he manages to catch the paper in midair. It's Bea's handwriting, and he picks up something about “chickened out” and “what a waste” before his brain picks out the vital word- “Ted”- and his hand automatically grabs the photograph. The picture's sharp, every detail clear, and small enough that Booster can tuck it against his open palm and stare.

Ted is a little shy. It might be a holdover from his chubby days; it might be that Booster is shameless enough for the both of them, as Ted is fond of insisting. Whatever. Ted wears slightly oversized clothing. He picks ridiculous prints for his ties and socks; he slouches when he's nervous. When he's not in his costume, Ted instinctively tries to fade into the background, become silly and ambling and nonthreatening. But when he puts the goggles on, he transforms. (They all do; Booster feels his shoulders straighten when he's in uniform, sees Guy's perpetual sneer solidify into an expression of total determination and Tora's eyes freeze into focus.) Ted becomes a hero in his costume, doing backflips off enemies, science-gun in his hand. He does moves that Booster can only dream about, turns and springs and roundabouts, flying through space powered only by his own sure footing.

Maybe it's the suit. Maybe it doesn't matter. Ted is sitting on his knees in the picture, legs splayed under him. One arm is reaching upwards, index finger crooked; the other is wrapped in the remains of his t-shirt. It could have been a casual stretch except for the look on Ted's face. His eyes are hooded, blue shining in the dim light, and there's a knowing half-smile on his lips. Booster feels a sudden flare of jealousy- Ted was looking at Bea, posing for Bea when he did this, Bea with her sweet curves and hot lips. Bea, he remembers, who is his friend- their friend, who made sure he got this picture, who he and Ted fight and laugh and drink with. The jealousy recedes, replaced by gratitude. He needs to do something nice for her, something very nice, because this picture in his hand is all the things he's wondered about, dreamed about. And yeah, his dick is definitely stirring beneath the wrapped terrycloth; Booster has to resist the urge to cup himself. Instead he falls backward on his bed with a thump and brings the photo closer.

Ted's skin is paler than Booster's; where the light catches it, it glows faintly, bright lines against the deeper shadows along his neck, hidden between his thighs. There's a bright spot at the back of Ted's hip, just where back turns into buttock, where the skin is particularly fair against the black border of his suit. Booster can imagine the warmth there, the softness; can imagine the way muscle and heat would move under his lips, if he put his mouth on that spot and moved down. Ted is compact, muscle and the occasional soft curve of flesh. He has hair everywhere reddish-brown, a few shades darker than his hair. The curls seem to emphasize his form. They soften the hard lines of his shins and forearms, blur the curves of his pectorals. The hair trails down his abdomen, developing into a delta of dark warmth at the waist of his uniform. There's a corresponding divot of hair along an inner thigh, shadowed by a bulge in his pants, and yes, Booster has to give in and press his hand against his aching cock at that point. This is too good, just looking, just seeing Ted, wanting and inviting and staring at him from beneath those long eyelashes. He can see the lines of Ted's hips, the muscles along his belly straining as they dip into his groin. Booster palms himself again through the terrycloth and groans. His jaw is a firm line, clean-shaven. Booster wonders if he would find stubble there, kissing it, licking over the taut skin while Ted moaned and pressed against him. Ted's hair is tousled, begging to be touched: Booster could bury his hands in it, tilt Ted's face back and attack his lower lip, suck it swollen and listen to Ted moan. He could lick a stripe down Ted's neck, dive into the notch at his collarbone, rub his face, ghost his breath over the fuzz on Ted's chest. He might chuckle a little at that; Booster used to be able to make Ted giggle and swat at him by tickling him, very lightly, right where his hairline meets his neck.

“Ted,” he says softly, and pulls his towel out of the way. It sounds good, and Booster says it again as he smooths his palm against his cock.. “Ted. God...” Just a little heat, now, a little friction, like he's brushing against Ted's thigh while he mouths his way down over his chest. He would plant a palm on Ted's abs, feel the muscles shift while Ted shivers and squirms beneath him. He can see the breadth of Ted's chest in the photo, wide and firm, the way the shape of his body flows, from long arms into his shoulders and down his torso. Booster leaves his cock for a moment to scrape his nails down his own side, shuddering as his ribs jump. His nipples, yeah, rolling one between finger and thumb and pinching, and Booster can imagine Ted arching into him, even as he whines and rolls his own hips, thrusting into empty space. The bed creaks a little, and Booster briefly thinks of moving before discarding the idea as involving too much effort. Nobody's awake anyway. It's so good to just lie here, trace his hands over his own skin and make soft needy noises as he stares at Ted's picture.

That trail of hair draws him in again. Booster rubs his fingers down his own belly and sighs. Even with his muscle, Ted would be softer. Booster could trace his fingertips in patterns over the soft skin. He might lick gently down that trail of hair, nuzzling and mouthing at the skin, learning the lines and patterns of his body. He could- Booster chokes back a snort. He could blow a raspberry onto Ted's stomach, listen to him sputter and laugh. Booster grins thinking about it. Ted would still be giggling as he eased his thumbs under the waistband of those shorts and peeled them down, exposing pale smooth skin and ruddy curls. Would Ted become shy? Blush, maybe close his eyes? Or would he give him that look from the photograph again, all heated and knowing and wanting?

Booster curls his hand around his cock and exhales. He'd move slowly, no matter what, take his time and enjoy himself. Make Ted writhe underneath him, huff warm breaths over straining skin, nuzzle his face into that rich mat of curls and inhale Ted's scent. Then. He licks his hand, broad sloppy stroke, and squeezes himself gently. Then he'd let himself touch Ted's cock, lick a messy stripe up one side- Booster strokes, once. Maybe- he flicks his thumb- run his tongue over the head. Let his hands cup Ted's warm ass, kneading, squeezing while Ted's breath comes in short little pants. Roll Ted's cock around his mouth, feeling the heat and weight of him, the way he makes Booster's mouth water. Booster stretches out an arm and lays down the photograph; he needs something to fill him up, and as he slides two fingers onto his tongue, he closes his eyes. It's not the same, not even close, but his fingers are broad in his mouth as he moans and pushes into his own fist.

Ted. Fuck. Ted would- he loves Booster's hair, stares at it when he doesn't think Booster is looking. He'd slide a hand into it, cupping his face, and Booster would be able to look up and see Ted staring at him, mouth open, little panting gasps and moans coming from him with every move. He'd- God, he'd be so good, so warm and eager, tiny thrusts of his hips as he pressed into Booster's mouth. He could cradle his balls in one hand, reach behind them to stroke- Booster pulls his wet fingers from his mouth and traces them down over a thigh, between his legs. Ted would shiver at that, muscles tensing- Booster spreads his legs wide, cants up his hips and presses his face into the sheets, panting. This is- Ted is too good, moans getting higher and more desperate, and Booster imagines stroking a finger gently along his hole, sucking him in deep as he winds tight into a coiled spring. Booster can feel his thighs shaking as he imagines Ted, Ted finally coming with a low moan, the pulse of wet heat on his tongue. He's so close, and then he thinks of Ted staring at him, whispering Booster, and his back arches and he's coming all over his fist with a strangled moan.

Booster lies in the dark, in the silent building, and listens to himself pant. He's thrown a forearm over his eyes, a rime of sweat making his skin damp. He cleans himself up gently with the towel, then lies back on the sheets and lets himself drift, skin drying in the cool air. He pats the bedspread gently. His fingers find the picture; he stares at it again for a minute, then sighs and taps it against his forehead. Ted is out on a business trip, but he'll be back on Friday night. Booster closes his eyes. Bea knows. Maybe. Maybe it's time.

HNNGH ON BOTH COUNTS. Oh my. Oh. I'll be joining you for that cigarette.



That ending just made the fic 100x better. That little detail of Booster tapping the photo against his forehead...Ahh, perfect!

File: 128220273459.jpg-(202.49KB, 800x465, god-ted.jpg)
fft this illustration has been fighting me every step of the way. i hope it satisfies.

GAH! x.x Please do a sequel.
I couldn't help myself I "D'aww"d. After I read the fic I thought it was pure sexy then I saw this and now the story is kinda cute.

File: 12822350708.jpg-(403.83KB, 1280x1943, p021.jpg)
Fuck yeah Max being a BAMF in this week's Power Girl.


Oh? So does that mean PG believes Booster now, or did Max's mind-whammy thing mean her brain just skirts around it?

File: 128224641124.jpg-(191.07KB, 594x902, boog_cv38_450_cmyk_previews_02.jpg)

Did Booster appear in the issue?

And just because more tentacles.

File: 12822464581.jpg-(103.84KB, 400x600, 15364_400x600.jpg)
Tentacles are attracted to Carters.


It seem like she just knows there some guy named Max out there who's planning something big. There's no indication that she's connected this to Booster talking about Maxwell Lord, or if she even can connect the dots with the mind-screw in place. She has called the JSA in to investigate into this though, so they at least might be able to hinder him even if they don't know who he is, and the more people who get involved, the better the chance that someone will be able to figure it out.

What I want to know is how did Max regain so much power so quickly after his ressurection, and who is he working with? (The guys who replaced/brainwashed him, maybe?)

File: 128224756812.jpg-(541.69KB, 1280x1985, Brightest Day 08002.jpg)
And hey, I think I found someone else who remembers!

Although he was never on the JLI, and will probably be too busy with Brightest Day to show up in Generation Lost...


Hi! I'm new here, but I really wanted to do the "Ted solo" prompt, so I wrote one up in like ten minutes.


“Booster’s in.”

Ted kept repeating Maxwell Lord’s words in his head over and over, causing them to practically lose all meaning until he forced himself to remember the impact they made on his mind.

‘Booster’s in.’ As in, Booster Gold aka Michael Jon Carter. As in the best friend and greatest ally Ted Kord has ever had. Still, he can’t possibly accept Max’s offer to rebuild the old team and go out once more to fight crime and help innocent civilians from the dangers of the world. He has a freaking certified medical condition for God’s sake, he goes back out there into the rough and tumble world of crime fighting and his heart will explode in about ten seconds flat! And yet….

“Booster’s in”

Ted proceeded to thump his head against his desk at his mind’s constant repetition of those fucking words. In fact, his head decided to thump right onto the paper’s Max faxed over mere moments ago. All he had to do was sign a little insignificant piece of paper, tug on some spandex and goggles, and risk the life of his poor little heart in order to be with him again. Booster. His ally, friend, co-conspirator, lov-

Ted’s forehead once again makes friends with polished wood, as it slams down. As much as he tried to make it otherwise, Booster was never more than a good partner. The dumb blond was too oblivious to notice Ted’s advances, and Ted was too scared to attempt anything more hardcore than lingering touches and subtle innuendo. It was one of the things Ted regretted about the old days. Sure, he could face monsters of nightmarish design as the Blue Beetle, but when it came to telling a friend that he wanted to sex him six ways from Sunday, well Ted Kord just didn’t have the courage.

God, the things Ted would do to that man if given the chance. He can already imagine how he’d begin. A gentle push against a hard chest and suddenly they’d be up against a wall. Ted would place rough, chapped lips against soft, smooth ones. A hand would brush down, a button popped, a zipper pulled. It’s then that Ted realizes that that last part has actually happened and he looks down to see his own hand thrust down the front of his slacks, kneading and pulling at his hardened length. A quick glance upward to make sure the door is locked and the blinds pulled down, and Ted thinks ‘what the hell’, and continues his fantasy where he left off.

Ted has always found pride in his vivid imagination, and right now he can practically hear Booster moaning in his ear as he envisions his hand around Booster’s cock instead of his own. He would grip tight and pull and twist making his companion gasp and beg for more. “Fuck, Ted…” he can hear him. He’s not there, but damn it, Ted can hear him so loud and clear in his mind. His own hand is pumping himself faster, and he begins to thrust his hips into that wonderful, tight warmth. In his mind’s eye he and Booster are already naked and covered in sweat. Ted would have the man on his back, laid out underneath him, the blond squirming as Ted licked and bit his way down that perfect 25th century body. He would pause and find that spot (Ted imagines it as the area right above the belly button) that would make the man under him thrive and shout in pleasure. Soon Booster would be pleading with Ted, “Fuck me please! I need it now. I need you now” and the brunette would be spreading his thighs and inserting fingers, smooth and glistening with oil, into the willing body of his best friend. He would continue to kiss and suck at ‘that spot’ until Booster was ready for him. He would place himself at his entrance, and would kiss those wonderful soft lips so he could distract Booster while he thrust himself slowly inside that tight (“So fucking tight”) ring of muscle.

By now Ted has slipped off his chair, and is now on his knees under his desk, his body a shuddering, shaking mess. One hand is gripping the edge of the desk, his nails digging deep into the polished wood; while the other hand is working his cock faster and faster. Ted is breathing hard and hissing Booster’s name through clenched teeth. He’s so close to the edge he can barely keep his fantasy intact, but he concentrates and is able to fill his mind once again with the image of his friend beneath him.

Ted would have to choke back a sob as he thrust himself fully inside Booster. He would go slowly at first so his friend could relax and get used to the intrusion, but then Booster would beg him to “get on with it and fuck me!”, and Ted would have no choice but to start pounding into him deep and fast and hard. He would lick the base of Booster’s neck to collect that delicious tang of sweat on his tongue, and would then kiss him so Booster could taste himself on chapped lips. They would begin to lose themselves in the heat of the moment, and their movements would become nearly animalistic in nature as they pulled and pushed into each other at a frantic rate. Ted would chant a litany of “Oh God, yes! So good, so tight”, and Booster would be too lost in pleasure in passion to do more than moan and scream.

Both in real life and within his fantasy, Ted was getting close to his climax. It was when his mind flashed him one last picture of Booster, his eyes glittering with adoration and his mouth sighing out “I love you”, that Ted finally came with a horse cry, thick strands of white splashing across the inner walls of his desk. He stayed like that for a few moments trying to catch his breath. Finally, he got the energy to tuck himself away, and clean off his mess with his embroidered handkerchief, and he let out a sharp “Fuck!” when he hit his head against the edge of his desk. Rubbing the back of his wounded skull, he slowly slid up back onto his chair and glanced down.

Looking at the contract papers once more, he skimmed the contents of the numerous paragraphs. He read straight past phrases like, “medical coverage”, “merchandise rights”, and “retirement benefits”, because he only could think of two words as his clicked his ball-point pen and roughly scribbled down his flashy signature.

“Booster’s in.”

Welcome aboard, and thank you for that. We all know Ted didn't really join the Superbuddies for the 'generous compensation', right?


Oh Ted. You're only shy because you're oblivious to Booster's painfully obvious attempts at flirting.

A minor update on the calendar thing, just fyi

Includes voting! btw, you don't have to be part of livejournal to give input. If you can leave a comment here and I'm sure to see it.

File: 128229096749.jpg-(549.24KB, 1453x2193, 1282290048722.jpg)
from a storytime on /co/: this is after Breakdowns, the JL has disbanded and all that. ted...ted is doing what he does, eating junk food and drinking beer and watching bad tv and being very depressed.

it's strangely adorable. i now want to write sulky-ted fic.

File: 128229413831.jpg-(334.10KB, 321x992, wait seriously.jpg)
...and this is an actual panel from the last page of the same special as sulkyted.

there's...there's just no other way to look at it, is there? i keep trying. i can't.


Okay, that page needs to go in the Boostle-moments post. Do you have an issue and page number for it?

File: 128229668731.jpg-(545.72KB, 1465x2200, 1282289892029.jpg)
Justice League Spectacular 01. That panel is from page 36.


Where the fuck are Booster's legs?



Where do you think?

File: 128231093456.png-(708.93KB, 401x992, NAUGHTYWORDS.png)

I am a bad, bad person.

File: 128231203798.png-(778.78KB, 772x432, tumblr_l7464mYYRE1qbf9hko1_1280.png)

File: 128231206618.jpg-(217.91KB, 1000x750, tumblr_l78oby1C0V1qzxbido1_1280.jpg)

As the person who made the solo!Ted and stetson!Booster requests, can I just say (i) I freaking LOVE this board, and (ii) hnngh. Thank you guys so much!



I... really DON'T have this already. I'm surprised and disappointed by that. Alright internet, you best not fail me... *google-fu away!*


This is so adorable my teeth ache!

Cute baby Blue and Gold. Kinda makes me wish Ted left a kid behind for Rip to play with.


Oh Ted, you really couldn't have said anything more ironic.

YAY SUCCESSFUL PORN. I'm so delighted that you all liked it, and I will do my best to gin up a sequel!

Oh, Booster. insomniac, he's adorable. And sexy! But mostly adorable.

File: 128237510234.jpg-(258.40KB, 940x1468, JusticeLeagueAmerica60p13.jpg)

LOL, I have that panel labeled as GODALMIGHTY.gif

File: 128237514847.jpg-(266.07KB, 938x1476, JusticeLeagueAmerica60p17.jpg)
Poor Ted. Dmitri's kids are sassy.


>Batman BATB
>Ted and Booster episode


File: 12824044436.jpg-(274.82KB, 600x600, i-love-you-man.jpg)
i've got intentions on writing when this hangover subsides, but in the meantime, booster being a lightweight at some kind of justice league get-together.

"Ted - Ted. Beetle-buddy. I love you, man. I mean it."
"Booster, you're killing me here."
"I mean I've been trying to get Power Girl's number for the past twenty minutes."
"And now she looks like she's about to burst out laughing."


I saw this on /co/, but I didn't believe it! I want upload NOW.


D'aaaww, Booster nuzzling Ted! And I love the coloring on this (for some reason) (I guess we don't usually see them with their outfits on...).




That is so adorable. Now I want more drunk Boosters hanging all over sober Teds. The more honest and adorable and cuddly-snuggly the Booster, the better. :3

Just wondering, but how much older is Ted than Power Girl anyway?

Wellll, IDK about Kara, but Ted is about early-mid thirties. Booster's apparently the same age as Dick, so late twenties/early thirties.

I'm in your fandom, angsting up your smut.

Booster hears the footsteps before the door even squeaks open, and he knows who it is. He lies still, in the darkness, knowing the sound approaching like he knows the shape of his own hand. The footsteps are wrong, not welcome here, not the ones he used to anticipate every night. But then the next moment they change, and suddenly they’re the steps he’s heard a thousand times, a gait his own stride matched without thought, knew without doubt. And they shouldn’t be here. Couldn’t. Because Ted was dead.

It had taken him a while to work out how this kept happening. Night time visits from a man who no longer existed. He’d almost suspected J’onn, except the Martian would never take another man’s face and do something like this. Oh, and J’onn is dead too.

Then he’d woken one morning, sore and aching from his nocturnal visitor, to see three perfect drops of blood on his pillow. And then he’d known. Max always had thought he was stupid.

The bed dips behind him and brings Booster back to the moment. He feels a slight scratching sensation at the back of his mind, but that could all be in his head. A weight leans over him in the dark and then there’s a hand resting on his bare shoulder - the calluses are all wrong. He always forgets to project the shape of Ted’s hands. Maybe he thinks Booster can’t tell the difference. Maybe Max never knew Ted’s hands, not the way Booster knew them. The hand pushes down and Booster resists for half a second, because he should fight this. He should scream and kick and punch, because this isn’t right. But then the itch in his brain intensifies and he can smell <s>Ma</s>Ted and hear Ted’s breathing and lets the sensations sweep his disbelief away. Besides, this is all he has now.

<s>M</s>Ted pushes him down onto lie on his stomach, head turned to the side, and drops two butterfly kisses on either side of the knob at the base of Booster’s neck. He watches the shadow above him <s>(wrong shape, wrong shapewrong)</s> out of the corner of his eye.

“Michael,” Ted breathes into Booster’s skin.

“Ted,” Booster murmurs back. The shape of the name feels wrong, but he can’t work out why.

“I missed you,” and it comes out almost as a sob.

“I’m right here, buddy.”

Booster hears him smile with a sigh.

Wetness falls into Booster’s back, warm and thick and copper-rich.

“Are you crying, Ted?” Booster tries to roll over and face his lover, but Ted pushes him back down.

“No, no. Everything’s just fine.”

Ted’s hands wander down Booster’s back, smoother than Booster remembers. When they reach the waistband of his boxers and Ted pulls them down sharply. Fingers pry, trace the shape of Booster’s curves. Booster moans and tries to part his legs but is still bound by his underwear.

“Kinda skipping a few bases there, aren’t you?” Booster grins, but it feels strained for some reason.

“It’s alright. I’ll look after you,” Ted whispers, hands still wandering.

Booster hums and forces his body to relax and Ted’s fingers work deeper, tracing the outline of his hole. This is his best bud Ted, after all. He’d never hurt his Booster.

Oh god! Ow! It's been a while since we've had sketchymax in here, and that was beautifully executed.


gahhhh, it burns, it burns so good. I like the implication that Booster's letting himself be mind-whammied to some extent, although that also makes me baw a little (teeeeeeed...)


I want to see Booster letting it slip that he knows it's Max, and he's letting him do it, and Max's reaction.

(With guilt-tripping Max, maybe? Because I love beating up on him. Let him angst for a while.)





Spoiler-filled details for the teaser of the Blue and Gold Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode. Won't lie, guys. That summary made me wibble.


OMG that's exactly what I thought would/wanted to happen! Squeeeeeeee!

Variant for Gen Lost #9 over here with Max and Magog. Although they're still using the weird thing that makes the pics not show up when you try to click on them.

I'm almost worried they won't acknowledge the Blue and Gold friendship and make it 100% about Batman. I mean, I know it's his show, but :c


Same here. But seriously- this is the internet! There MUST be a rip of that episode on it somewhere!

File: 128259132815.jpg-(1.05MB, 3000x1169, w_lntrn_var_w_logos.jpg)
The whole picture

Y'know, now that I've seen all the Brightest Day throne covers on The Source, something has occurred to me.
Max is totally wearing Doc Martens. Seriously! Look at him, he's rocking Docs!
I find this sort of odd, as the true heyday of Docs were the 80s and 90s, where Max was all tarted up in suits and dress shoes. It makes me wonder, did he always have them? Did he buy them when he went evil? Was he a Nirvana fan (owww I went there I'm sorry)?

That being said, I think we need some grunge Ted and Booster in here. Mmm, plaid shirts and long hair.


Yeah, but for a show that's technically supposed to be about only Batman it's actually really good at fleshing out the "character(s) of the week". There's even been a few episodes that barely even had Batman in it.


Pretty much ^ this. I still remember an episode that was basically an Aquaman/Atom buddy comedy. Besides, why would you do a Blue and Gold episode if you weren't going to focus on their friendship?

B&B!Bats is also less of a dick than comics!Bats. Thank God.


Plot summary of that elusive B:BatB Episode of Epic Bromance. My heart wants this to be really real, but my brain is all 'pics or it didn't happen' ):


See, now I'm probably trying to read to much into this, like they way they're sitting and who they're next to/across from and what's in the background. Does it mean anything that Max is by the White entity, and that he's diagonally across from J'onn, the other prominent JLI member, since the other diagonals are Hawk and Boomerang who are connected together by the White Entity's missions?

...I'm thinking too much again. Someone post some porn so I stop thinking for a while.


I am totally avoiding spoilers until I can see the episode for myself.


They said hints of future plotlines are in these combined images so I think everyone's reading into it. I was wondering why Booster was at the bottom of the carved images on Maxs' throne.

BTW, wasn't Maxs' backround color compassion in the Brightest Day reveal of their missions? Does that mean anything?

As long as we're overanalyzing, how about this: look at the JLI members shown on Max's throne. The only figure whose spot is still obscured is Blue Beetle.


Wait is that not Blue Beetle across from Red Rocket? If not, who is that I can't make it out very well.

I'm just thinking about how some of the thrones have symbols and some don't.

Maybe the symbols are supposed to mark who will earn their life back?

That's Booster. On Maxs' right going down it's Captain Atom, Fire, and Booster. His knee is blocking someone likely Jaime, Ice, RR.

I think it's telling how some of them are sitting. Hawkman and Hawkwoman aren't facing each other. Some are sitting more regally, and some are more active like Hawk getting ready to leap out of his seat or some using their powers. Firestorm has no mouth but my guess is that one has to do with Jason and Ronnie sharing the Firestorm matrix.


It doesn't ...look like Booster. For one thing there's no flippy hair style, in fact it looks like he's wearing a whole head cowl.

File: 128263523437.jpg-(690.17KB, 900x1404, jlgl_007a.jpg)
>>54789 here with a higher res cover

Yeah, that is definitely Ted on the lower left and not Booster.

w-well i'll be damned

- The three who don't have prominent symbols - Man, Hawk and Aquaman - are the ones closest to the White Entity. Although if you look closely at their thrones it looks like they might just have smaller versions of the symbols - and Max's throne has 6, three on each side.

- Not only is the spot where Booster supposedly is obscured, the throne has Ted and not Jaime on it. Unless he gets a costume change, but that wouldn't make sense.

- How do we even know that's Booster? Maybe it's really Jaime.

- But if it is Booster, the characters that have time travel and are the most powerful (and the shiniest) are on top.

- The ones at the bottom are Blue Beetle and Rocket Red, both had the first and second generations dead and the third generation currently on the JLI.

- Okay seriously, what do the things on the bottom/middle of the throne represent? Evil bird crabs? Techno portal? Big brother/HAL is watching you?

- Max is represented by black knights, not kings. Could symbolize him being more active, or more noble/honorable, or the fact that's he's being manipulated as well. Unless that's the normal Checkmate symbol, IDK.

- The enteties near them are symbolic - Deadman's by the White Lantern and that weird guy, J'onn and Cap. Boomerang are by Compassion - which is the most mysterious/ambigious group of Lanterns, Jade is by Hope but maybe also Rage, with the Hawks, she's by Rage and he's by Greed and looking at forbidden fruits, anti-Flash guy is by Fear/Love, Firestorm is Willpower, Osiris is Fear, Max and Hawk are Life - and both have people close to them on their thrones, and the same number of tiny Life symbols as people, and Aquaman is by Necron and the Black Lantern.

- Too many people with Hawk in their names, and Hawkman's slightly hairy chest is ridiculiously funny for some reason.

- All the thrones seem to be related to their missions - maybe the weird things on the bottom middle of Max's represent Magog or the war? And the JLI will totally be getting involved with his mission, maybe he manipulates them into it, but Booster and Jaime won't be able to help, and Ted/something of his will?

-Max is still the sexiest.

File: 128267122747.jpg-(79.02KB, 375x500, 283448530_6466880de1.jpg)
> Okay seriously, what do the things on the bottom/middle of the throne represent? Evil bird crabs? Techno portal? Big brother/HAL is watching you?

They're OMACs.

All I really have to say about those covers is that the pedestals keep throwing me off, even when I know they're there. With the exception of Zoom, J'onn, Firestorm and Hawkman/girl where you can clearly see something going behind the pedestal, I keep thinking the thing is just another design element on the throne instead of a separate platform and that makes me think 'those are some odd positions to be sitting in'.

Also is that supposed to be Hawk on the left side of the throne? Because if it is, he's got some shapely legs.

And yes, Spammy, Checkmate's logo is the silhouette of a knight.


Oh bloody hell, they are, aren't they? *hides*


...Alright. But they still look stupid. "It's fun to stay at the YMCA!"


>Also is that supposed to be Hawk on the left side of the throne? Because if it is, he's got some shapely legs.

What where? The guys sitting on either side of him are Aquaman and Osiris. Hawk is across from him.

>And yes, Spammy, Checkmate's logo is the silhouette of a knight.

...My interpertation is better-er. Boring-ass Checkmate. A king would make more sense, but I guess the knights are more recognizable.

Also lol Spammy. Tee-hee!

I think if Max does turn good or at least ambigious during this, at the end he should mysteriously vanish but leave instructions on how to free all the OMACs. And set up a charity for them. And donate to the reconstruction of that graveyard Black Lantern Max raised in BL: Wonder Woman. And pay for Jaimie's house. And set up a Ted Kord Foundation that like, gives underprivliged kids supplies for technology and science classes.

(Or Ted could come back and start funding the new JLI himself, and Max could secretly give him business tips so that he doesn't screw it up. And then Ted ends up hiring him, and hilarity ensues.)


On Hawk's throne, there's an engraving of Dove on the right and possibly-Hawk-with-rather-womanly-legs on the left.


*goes to look* Huh. His thighs are thinner than Dove's. Either they squished him to fit him into the space, or it's foreshadowing that they're going to Rule 63 him at some point.

Or the next artist working on him will be Liefeld.

I assumed the person on the left of Hawk's throne was Don Hall, the original Dove. He was a bit smaller than Hawk.

File: 128268484865.jpg-(483.65KB, 1280x2001, Brightest Day022.jpg)
This whole thing made me go back and look through old BD issues again, so I'm reposting these for the heck of it.

File: 128268492612.jpg-(419.71KB, 1280x2011, Brightest Day023.jpg)
He actually looks pretty hot before he starts bleeding from every orifice.

File: 128268734286.jpg-(665.68KB, 1280x1998, Brightest Day024.jpg)
I like that he had a picture of the JLI up there along with everything else, even if it is just there for dramatic foreshadowing.

How do you splash into ice cubes? Ice cubes don't splash.

I imagine if he ever tries/is forced to undo the mindscrew, Tora is going to have to ice him down afterwards.

Also, when the entity hands out the missions, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Boomerang and Max's symbols were in black while everyone else's were white. Foreshadowing?

Max dying is only acceptable if Ted comes back in his place.

Also, when Max transforms into a White Lantern in JL:GL #7, his guns disappear. THE ENTITY WANTS YOU TO STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE, MAX.


I'm too amused by the screen with Superman flying. Apparently Max thought he could catch up on foot while smoking a cigar.

Of course I also think how Booster is lying in a pool of blood just down the hall...:(


I know, the SCREENS!

From >>54829 : Zombie!Max! Running-like-a-dork Max! Someone flying! Max with some guys! Blob people! Breaking the fourth wall JLI! Neck break with inappropriate facial expressions! Staring contest! Sexy suit angst! Smoke a cigar, like a boss! Headshot, and how the hell did he get a pic from that angle? Something! Looking pensive! Staring contest while invading Superman's personal space! And omg, what's that camera doing there!

I like how they combined good guy and bad guy Max pics in there.

Also, aren't people supposed to get less attractive when they get older through middle age? Or was he always this hot and didn't look it because of the suits? Although I guess fighting superheroes would give one more incentive to stay in shape than just being the guy bossing them around. I wonder if he ever tried using the gym at JLI headquarters? I bet he snuck in when no one else was around to avoid looking like a wimp next to everyone else. Fat!Ted could probably still do way more push-ups than in shape!Max.

(Sorry I'm babbling so much today. School just started and I'm kinda stressed out. Speculating about goofy comic book related things is reliving my tension.)


I'm not sure if the screens are supposed to show us how vain Max is (which we know) or if this is just proof that Max always was a peeping tom trying to catch action every time he worked somewhere. I recall a page in OMAC Project that had him leering at Sasha as she changed.

Maybe they retconned Max into some vague age like Bruce, or Hal. I know Ollie was in his 40s before Hal gave him a younger body. Hank/Hawk was a bad guy when he died but to the best of my knowledge this has never been brought up since his rebirth. I suppose all the times someone tried to kill or control them had Max running enough to keep in shape. I could see that issue when mindcontrolled Ted tried to kill him making Max think "I really need to work out to outrun a superhero."

Cheer up and share in the Generation Lost goodness of previews.


Eeeee, awesome cover is awesome. I've been so distracted with school, I forgot that the comics come out tomorrow! That will help.

Oooh, Max running on a treadmill in little black shorts. That is a good image. Though I'd think he'd go work out somewhere with other businessmen, since he'd be way more in shape than most of them. On the other hand, working out at headquarters means there's a lot more sexy bodies to ogle.

Well here's another preview of something coming out tomorrow. See if you can catch the slashy phrase on the cover.


Wow, I don't think you guys have enough big shiny stabby things. And why are you fighting each other instead of the tentacles? And why has no one drawn Booster being molested by a tentacle monster yet?


If Ted or Jaime is involved, wouldn't it be a feeler monster instead? Either way, om nom nom.

- Also MORE DADDY BOOSTER. In a leather jacket even. And baby!Rip being adorable.

-Iron talking bird! One of the more flattering things Skeets has been called, I reckon.

- That pic of Rip kicking the guy is a bit awkward. How long is his leg there? Actually, all their legs look a bit thin compared to the chests, must be the artist.

- Timestream dumps Rip into places where he's supposed to stick his nose into things, I guess.


Well I meant "Ripping Claw" since you know, since it's their names and it sort of implies--never mind. :P

Yeah, I'm surprised about that too.


Gavril is quickly becoming distilled awesome. Seriously.

File: 128277200694.jpg-(481.41KB, 1280x1964, JL- Generation Lost 08014.jpg)

Jaime kicking ass! Silly code words!

...And I meant to spoiler that. And this ain't bumping anymore, so I'm making a new thread.


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