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Old thread here:

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I'm in your fandom, angsting up your smut.

Booster hears the footsteps before the door even squeaks open, and he knows who it is. He lies still, in the darkness, knowing the sound approaching like he knows the shape of his own hand. The footsteps are wrong, not welcome here, not the ones he used to anticipate every night. But then the next moment they change, and suddenly they’re the steps he’s heard a thousand times, a gait his own stride matched without thought, knew without doubt. And they shouldn’t be here. Couldn’t. Because Ted was dead.

It had taken him a while to work out how this kept happening. Night time visits from a man who no longer existed. He’d almost suspected J’onn, except the Martian would never take another man’s face and do something like this. Oh, and J’onn is dead too.

Then he’d woken one morning, sore and aching from his nocturnal visitor, to see three perfect drops of blood on his pillow. And then he’d known. Max always had thought he was stupid.

The bed dips behind him and brings Booster back to the moment. He feels a slight scratching sensation at the back of his mind, but that could all be in his head. A weight leans over him in the dark and then there’s a hand resting on his bare shoulder - the calluses are all wrong. He always forgets to project the shape of Ted’s hands. Maybe he thinks Booster can’t tell the difference. Maybe Max never knew Ted’s hands, not the way Booster knew them. The hand pushes down and Booster resists for half a second, because he should fight this. He should scream and kick and punch, because this isn’t right. But then the itch in his brain intensifies and he can smell <s>Ma</s>Ted and hear Ted’s breathing and lets the sensations sweep his disbelief away. Besides, this is all he has now.

<s>M</s>Ted pushes him down onto lie on his stomach, head turned to the side, and drops two butterfly kisses on either side of the knob at the base of Booster’s neck. He watches the shadow above him <s>(wrong shape, wrong shapewrong)</s> out of the corner of his eye.

“Michael,” Ted breathes into Booster’s skin.

“Ted,” Booster murmurs back. The shape of the name feels wrong, but he can’t work out why.

“I missed you,” and it comes out almost as a sob.

“I’m right here, buddy.”

Booster hears him smile with a sigh.

Wetness falls into Booster’s back, warm and thick and copper-rich.

“Are you crying, Ted?” Booster tries to roll over and face his lover, but Ted pushes him back down.

“No, no. Everything’s just fine.”

Ted’s hands wander down Booster’s back, smoother than Booster remembers. When they reach the waistband of his boxers and Ted pulls them down sharply. Fingers pry, trace the shape of Booster’s curves. Booster moans and tries to part his legs but is still bound by his underwear.

“Kinda skipping a few bases there, aren’t you?” Booster grins, but it feels strained for some reason.

“It’s alright. I’ll look after you,” Ted whispers, hands still wandering.

Booster hums and forces his body to relax and Ted’s fingers work deeper, tracing the outline of his hole. This is his best bud Ted, after all. He’d never hurt his Booster.

Oh god! Ow! It's been a while since we've had sketchymax in here, and that was beautifully executed.


gahhhh, it burns, it burns so good. I like the implication that Booster's letting himself be mind-whammied to some extent, although that also makes me baw a little (teeeeeeed...)


I want to see Booster letting it slip that he knows it's Max, and he's letting him do it, and Max's reaction.

(With guilt-tripping Max, maybe? Because I love beating up on him. Let him angst for a while.)





Spoiler-filled details for the teaser of the Blue and Gold Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode. Won't lie, guys. That summary made me wibble.


OMG that's exactly what I thought would/wanted to happen! Squeeeeeeee!

Variant for Gen Lost #9 over here with Max and Magog. Although they're still using the weird thing that makes the pics not show up when you try to click on them.

I'm almost worried they won't acknowledge the Blue and Gold friendship and make it 100% about Batman. I mean, I know it's his show, but :c


Same here. But seriously- this is the internet! There MUST be a rip of that episode on it somewhere!

File: 128259132815.jpg-(1.05MB, 3000x1169, w_lntrn_var_w_logos.jpg)
The whole picture

Y'know, now that I've seen all the Brightest Day throne covers on The Source, something has occurred to me.
Max is totally wearing Doc Martens. Seriously! Look at him, he's rocking Docs!
I find this sort of odd, as the true heyday of Docs were the 80s and 90s, where Max was all tarted up in suits and dress shoes. It makes me wonder, did he always have them? Did he buy them when he went evil? Was he a Nirvana fan (owww I went there I'm sorry)?

That being said, I think we need some grunge Ted and Booster in here. Mmm, plaid shirts and long hair.


Yeah, but for a show that's technically supposed to be about only Batman it's actually really good at fleshing out the "character(s) of the week". There's even been a few episodes that barely even had Batman in it.


Pretty much ^ this. I still remember an episode that was basically an Aquaman/Atom buddy comedy. Besides, why would you do a Blue and Gold episode if you weren't going to focus on their friendship?

B&B!Bats is also less of a dick than comics!Bats. Thank God.


Plot summary of that elusive B:BatB Episode of Epic Bromance. My heart wants this to be really real, but my brain is all 'pics or it didn't happen' ):


See, now I'm probably trying to read to much into this, like they way they're sitting and who they're next to/across from and what's in the background. Does it mean anything that Max is by the White entity, and that he's diagonally across from J'onn, the other prominent JLI member, since the other diagonals are Hawk and Boomerang who are connected together by the White Entity's missions?

...I'm thinking too much again. Someone post some porn so I stop thinking for a while.


I am totally avoiding spoilers until I can see the episode for myself.


They said hints of future plotlines are in these combined images so I think everyone's reading into it. I was wondering why Booster was at the bottom of the carved images on Maxs' throne.

BTW, wasn't Maxs' backround color compassion in the Brightest Day reveal of their missions? Does that mean anything?

As long as we're overanalyzing, how about this: look at the JLI members shown on Max's throne. The only figure whose spot is still obscured is Blue Beetle.


Wait is that not Blue Beetle across from Red Rocket? If not, who is that I can't make it out very well.

I'm just thinking about how some of the thrones have symbols and some don't.

Maybe the symbols are supposed to mark who will earn their life back?

That's Booster. On Maxs' right going down it's Captain Atom, Fire, and Booster. His knee is blocking someone likely Jaime, Ice, RR.

I think it's telling how some of them are sitting. Hawkman and Hawkwoman aren't facing each other. Some are sitting more regally, and some are more active like Hawk getting ready to leap out of his seat or some using their powers. Firestorm has no mouth but my guess is that one has to do with Jason and Ronnie sharing the Firestorm matrix.


It doesn't ...look like Booster. For one thing there's no flippy hair style, in fact it looks like he's wearing a whole head cowl.

File: 128263523437.jpg-(690.17KB, 900x1404, jlgl_007a.jpg)
>>54789 here with a higher res cover

Yeah, that is definitely Ted on the lower left and not Booster.

w-well i'll be damned

- The three who don't have prominent symbols - Man, Hawk and Aquaman - are the ones closest to the White Entity. Although if you look closely at their thrones it looks like they might just have smaller versions of the symbols - and Max's throne has 6, three on each side.

- Not only is the spot where Booster supposedly is obscured, the throne has Ted and not Jaime on it. Unless he gets a costume change, but that wouldn't make sense.

- How do we even know that's Booster? Maybe it's really Jaime.

- But if it is Booster, the characters that have time travel and are the most powerful (and the shiniest) are on top.

- The ones at the bottom are Blue Beetle and Rocket Red, both had the first and second generations dead and the third generation currently on the JLI.

- Okay seriously, what do the things on the bottom/middle of the throne represent? Evil bird crabs? Techno portal? Big brother/HAL is watching you?

- Max is represented by black knights, not kings. Could symbolize him being more active, or more noble/honorable, or the fact that's he's being manipulated as well. Unless that's the normal Checkmate symbol, IDK.

- The enteties near them are symbolic - Deadman's by the White Lantern and that weird guy, J'onn and Cap. Boomerang are by Compassion - which is the most mysterious/ambigious group of Lanterns, Jade is by Hope but maybe also Rage, with the Hawks, she's by Rage and he's by Greed and looking at forbidden fruits, anti-Flash guy is by Fear/Love, Firestorm is Willpower, Osiris is Fear, Max and Hawk are Life - and both have people close to them on their thrones, and the same number of tiny Life symbols as people, and Aquaman is by Necron and the Black Lantern.

- Too many people with Hawk in their names, and Hawkman's slightly hairy chest is ridiculiously funny for some reason.

- All the thrones seem to be related to their missions - maybe the weird things on the bottom middle of Max's represent Magog or the war? And the JLI will totally be getting involved with his mission, maybe he manipulates them into it, but Booster and Jaime won't be able to help, and Ted/something of his will?

-Max is still the sexiest.

File: 128267122747.jpg-(79.02KB, 375x500, 283448530_6466880de1.jpg)
> Okay seriously, what do the things on the bottom/middle of the throne represent? Evil bird crabs? Techno portal? Big brother/HAL is watching you?

They're OMACs.

All I really have to say about those covers is that the pedestals keep throwing me off, even when I know they're there. With the exception of Zoom, J'onn, Firestorm and Hawkman/girl where you can clearly see something going behind the pedestal, I keep thinking the thing is just another design element on the throne instead of a separate platform and that makes me think 'those are some odd positions to be sitting in'.

Also is that supposed to be Hawk on the left side of the throne? Because if it is, he's got some shapely legs.

And yes, Spammy, Checkmate's logo is the silhouette of a knight.


Oh bloody hell, they are, aren't they? *hides*


...Alright. But they still look stupid. "It's fun to stay at the YMCA!"


>Also is that supposed to be Hawk on the left side of the throne? Because if it is, he's got some shapely legs.

What where? The guys sitting on either side of him are Aquaman and Osiris. Hawk is across from him.

>And yes, Spammy, Checkmate's logo is the silhouette of a knight.

...My interpertation is better-er. Boring-ass Checkmate. A king would make more sense, but I guess the knights are more recognizable.

Also lol Spammy. Tee-hee!

I think if Max does turn good or at least ambigious during this, at the end he should mysteriously vanish but leave instructions on how to free all the OMACs. And set up a charity for them. And donate to the reconstruction of that graveyard Black Lantern Max raised in BL: Wonder Woman. And pay for Jaimie's house. And set up a Ted Kord Foundation that like, gives underprivliged kids supplies for technology and science classes.

(Or Ted could come back and start funding the new JLI himself, and Max could secretly give him business tips so that he doesn't screw it up. And then Ted ends up hiring him, and hilarity ensues.)


On Hawk's throne, there's an engraving of Dove on the right and possibly-Hawk-with-rather-womanly-legs on the left.


*goes to look* Huh. His thighs are thinner than Dove's. Either they squished him to fit him into the space, or it's foreshadowing that they're going to Rule 63 him at some point.

Or the next artist working on him will be Liefeld.

I assumed the person on the left of Hawk's throne was Don Hall, the original Dove. He was a bit smaller than Hawk.

File: 128268484865.jpg-(483.65KB, 1280x2001, Brightest Day022.jpg)
This whole thing made me go back and look through old BD issues again, so I'm reposting these for the heck of it.

File: 128268492612.jpg-(419.71KB, 1280x2011, Brightest Day023.jpg)
He actually looks pretty hot before he starts bleeding from every orifice.

File: 128268734286.jpg-(665.68KB, 1280x1998, Brightest Day024.jpg)
I like that he had a picture of the JLI up there along with everything else, even if it is just there for dramatic foreshadowing.

How do you splash into ice cubes? Ice cubes don't splash.

I imagine if he ever tries/is forced to undo the mindscrew, Tora is going to have to ice him down afterwards.

Also, when the entity hands out the missions, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Boomerang and Max's symbols were in black while everyone else's were white. Foreshadowing?

Max dying is only acceptable if Ted comes back in his place.

Also, when Max transforms into a White Lantern in JL:GL #7, his guns disappear. THE ENTITY WANTS YOU TO STOP SHOOTING PEOPLE, MAX.


I'm too amused by the screen with Superman flying. Apparently Max thought he could catch up on foot while smoking a cigar.

Of course I also think how Booster is lying in a pool of blood just down the hall...:(


I know, the SCREENS!

From >>54829 : Zombie!Max! Running-like-a-dork Max! Someone flying! Max with some guys! Blob people! Breaking the fourth wall JLI! Neck break with inappropriate facial expressions! Staring contest! Sexy suit angst! Smoke a cigar, like a boss! Headshot, and how the hell did he get a pic from that angle? Something! Looking pensive! Staring contest while invading Superman's personal space! And omg, what's that camera doing there!

I like how they combined good guy and bad guy Max pics in there.

Also, aren't people supposed to get less attractive when they get older through middle age? Or was he always this hot and didn't look it because of the suits? Although I guess fighting superheroes would give one more incentive to stay in shape than just being the guy bossing them around. I wonder if he ever tried using the gym at JLI headquarters? I bet he snuck in when no one else was around to avoid looking like a wimp next to everyone else. Fat!Ted could probably still do way more push-ups than in shape!Max.

(Sorry I'm babbling so much today. School just started and I'm kinda stressed out. Speculating about goofy comic book related things is reliving my tension.)


I'm not sure if the screens are supposed to show us how vain Max is (which we know) or if this is just proof that Max always was a peeping tom trying to catch action every time he worked somewhere. I recall a page in OMAC Project that had him leering at Sasha as she changed.

Maybe they retconned Max into some vague age like Bruce, or Hal. I know Ollie was in his 40s before Hal gave him a younger body. Hank/Hawk was a bad guy when he died but to the best of my knowledge this has never been brought up since his rebirth. I suppose all the times someone tried to kill or control them had Max running enough to keep in shape. I could see that issue when mindcontrolled Ted tried to kill him making Max think "I really need to work out to outrun a superhero."

Cheer up and share in the Generation Lost goodness of previews.


Eeeee, awesome cover is awesome. I've been so distracted with school, I forgot that the comics come out tomorrow! That will help.

Oooh, Max running on a treadmill in little black shorts. That is a good image. Though I'd think he'd go work out somewhere with other businessmen, since he'd be way more in shape than most of them. On the other hand, working out at headquarters means there's a lot more sexy bodies to ogle.

Well here's another preview of something coming out tomorrow. See if you can catch the slashy phrase on the cover.


Wow, I don't think you guys have enough big shiny stabby things. And why are you fighting each other instead of the tentacles? And why has no one drawn Booster being molested by a tentacle monster yet?


If Ted or Jaime is involved, wouldn't it be a feeler monster instead? Either way, om nom nom.

- Also MORE DADDY BOOSTER. In a leather jacket even. And baby!Rip being adorable.

-Iron talking bird! One of the more flattering things Skeets has been called, I reckon.

- That pic of Rip kicking the guy is a bit awkward. How long is his leg there? Actually, all their legs look a bit thin compared to the chests, must be the artist.

- Timestream dumps Rip into places where he's supposed to stick his nose into things, I guess.


Well I meant "Ripping Claw" since you know, since it's their names and it sort of implies--never mind. :P

Yeah, I'm surprised about that too.


Gavril is quickly becoming distilled awesome. Seriously.

File: 128277200694.jpg-(481.41KB, 1280x1964, JL- Generation Lost 08014.jpg)

Jaime kicking ass! Silly code words!

...And I meant to spoiler that. And this ain't bumping anymore, so I'm making a new thread.


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