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Old thread -

Boostle LJ on Booster and Beetle in Smallville -


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>CBR has a video interview of Geoff Johns, and he said, straight out, "We may see Ted Kord."


Also: Ted's icons are squee.

File: 128016024062.jpg-(204.40KB, 800x700, how-generation-lost-ends.jpg)
oh god, that picture is wonderful on so many levels

hey, hey guys, i've hit some wicked art/writer's block. prompts?

(silly drawfag-thread-pic ahoy)


Yeeeah I'm just gonna go hide. Over here. >_>


You're not the only one. I've hit such a block I can't even think of decent prompts, but I have too much homework to try jumpstarting my creativity ):

But prompt... prompt... uh, the only thing coming to mind is more high school/college Boostle?

Ted slapping a Kord Industries Logo on Booster's butt, with Booster looking shocked.



Prompts...beach. Swimming. Water-fight. Ted being a nerd. Ghost!Ted messing with Max. JLI!Max punching GenL!Max in the face. Locker room. Ted and Max perving on Booster. Naked times.Max wearing a thong bathing suit and going "What?" while everyone looks at him funny. Bondage. Kinky sex toys. Drunk!Max using his powers on people and hitting on everyone. Drunk Max/drunk Booster and/or drunk Ted. Gay cuddling.

Oh, and that LJ I posted >>51361 has one of your pics as an icon (Ted in a thong) but they don't know it was by you so you should go tell them.

File: 128017042440.jpg-(163.00KB, 600x800, endorsement-deal.jpg)
"I dunno, Ted, don't you think this is kind of...obvious?"
"Buddy, it's *you*. People will assume it's just a sponsorship thing."

File: 128017246892.jpg-(184.71KB, 800x600, jedi-mind-trick.jpg)
"I feel funny. I think I should go to bed."
"No you shouldn't."

Oh, there is so much to be done with the varying combinations of Max, Booster, Ted, and alcohol.



And his legs and his arms and his bikini line...

Also I know he's not, but it totally looks like Ted is stroking Booster's thigh in that picture.

File: 128018039386.jpg-(377.73KB, 653x1024, teddybear.jpg)
insomniac is here to save the day


MUCH better.

God, I want to know how Booster convinced Ted to put that suit on in the first place. Ted and banana hammock are not words that belong together.

i'm actually okay with it, this being still-doing-his-workouts-ted.

chubby ted, however, should definitely stick to trunks.

okay that is infinitely more sexier /thumbs up

File: 128018196154.jpg-(78.33KB, 483x750, jla_1.jpg)
So I found this JLI-based PSA ad about AIDS...

I could talk about how immature they make our boys look here (I do love awesome!Bea and serious!Booster at the end there though), but instead I will focus on the fact that Booster seems to be trying to reassure Ted that he couldn't have the disease. (So it's perfectly okay for Ted to "date" him, yes?)

Also, Booster appears to be waxing his costume.


>Oh, there is so much to be done with the varying combinations of Max, Booster, Ted, and alcohol.


"Max, did you just slap my ass?"

"Isn't it weird having Max in the room while we...?"
"No, it's not."

"Max, are you jerking off on my face?"


There's actually two versions of this ad. One of Booster in this costume, and one of him in his Robocop suit. That one's a little more suited to a coat of Shinola.

File: 128018665522.png-(560.09KB, 760x563, Picture 68.png)
I got bored and made this

File: 128018680346.png-(596.49KB, 772x589, Picture 70.png)
The reply


1. I love these things.
2. Aww, Max is apologizing! And encouraging Ted to admit he loves Booster. That's cuuuute.
3. I want to see Ted and Max exchanging notes arguing about their respective molesting of/crushing on Booster. And Booster's notes to them when he finds them.

you can make the forms here.

File: 128019101739.jpg-(168.37KB, 800x600, invite.jpg)
"Are you serious about this invitation?"
"What invitation?"
"The one you slid under my door."
"What? Lemme see.............. MAX!"
" it's not real, then?"
"Uh... if it WAS real...?"
"I might consider stopping by."
" we have to wait until midnight?"

File: 128019106256.jpg-(148.05KB, 800x600, thankyou.jpg)
Yeeeeah. That website isn't helping me focus on my homework...


I did something like this toooo.


(he said, on his third night of sobriety)
Part one! There will be more parts! This probably ends in a threesome or something! Also, I feel like I could write Max and L-Ron quipping at each other forever.


This wasn't Max's lowest moment ever, but it sure wasn't his proudest.

For one thing, he'd gone to the bar alone. Who did that? Lonely people? Miserable ones? Maxwell Lord was nothing of the kind. He was rich and good-looking and wildly popular, except among those who couldn't stand him, but those were mostly just people he'd beat in one arena or another. Sour grapes. To those he wasn't stomping in affairs of business or politics, Max was pure charisma, and not a man who ever had trouble finding a date. He could have come to this place - or better yet, a swankier one - with some pretty empty-headed thing on his arm and had a grand old time of it.

But he hadn't. That was the first problem.

The second was that he was apparently leaving alone as well, and the third was that, in the interim, he'd managed to get himself certifiably drunk.

It wasn't something that happened often, and he certainly hadn't intended for it to happen tonight. But somehow one drink had bled into two, and three had seemed like the logical next step, and then he'd sort of lost count. To his credit, he was keeping it together, as far as he could tell; he'd been coherent and collected as ever when he got up (well, perhaps he wobbled just a little) and left the bartender an extremely generous tip before making his way outside.

The dark sidewalk was mercifully abandoned, and he glanced both ways to confirm that before letting himself slouch against the nearest lamppost with a groan. He hadn't noticed it as much when he was sitting down, but now that he was on his feet, the world was swaying about in a very unsettling way. Driving was out of the question; calling a taxi even moreso. After all, half the media still thought he was off his rocker with this new street-level superteam he'd cobbled together; no need to throw fuel on the tabloid fire by giving some enterprising cabbie a story to sell.

Being famous had its drawbacks.

And so, with his options painfully limited and his footing threatening to betray him any second, Max resorted to the unthinkable: he fished his phone out of his pocket, fumbled carefully through the contacts, and prepared to swallow his pride.

"You say you've got a problem~, and you've tried the JLA---"

"Can it, L-Ron, I'm already nauseous."

"M'Lord? Is that you?"

Torn between being pleased that he'd actually gotten through and miserable that it had come to this, Max settled on somewhere in the middle and shifted the phone to his other ear. "Don't sing. In fact, don't talk. I...I..."


Max mumbled.

"I missed that, sir. Are you going through a tunnel, or-"

"I need a ride," he repeated, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"You have a driver, sir."

"And I gave him the week off. He said it was a family vacation." The ground gave another lurch, and Max groaned again and dealt his head a solid knock against the lamppost. "I was being nice," he lamented. "Why would I be nice? Don't I know better?"

"Trust me, sir, I'm as surprised as you are."

"Tell me about it." At this point, Max gave up what felt a lot like a losing battle and just slid to sit down, back to the pole. He'd just have to pray that no one spotted him in this condition - no one who'd recognize his face, anyway, which was an unfortunately short list. "Look, can you just...I don't know..."

"I'd offer to help, but I don't have a license."

"Don't tell me," Max drawled. "Failed the road test?"

"It's just as well. What would they have put down for my eye color?"

The fact that Max actually laughed at that would have removed all his doubts about being drunk, if he had any left. "Get - get Ralph to do it," he finally managed, trying (with little success) to wrestle his cigar case out of his pocket. "No, wait. Sue. I like Sue more. Sue's nice."

"You're not worried she'll scold you can I put this, sir...overindulging?"

"Who told you I overindulged?" Max demanded.

"Sir, you laughed at my eye-color comment."

"Oh." Well, he'd gotten his hands on the case, but getting it open was proving to be a new challenge, and he swore under his breath as he fumbled with the clasp. "...You don't really think she'd...'scold' me, do you?"

"I would be stunned if she didn't, sir."

"True." Finally meeting with some success, Max shoved a cigar between his lips and pocketed the case again, gazing blearily up at the halo of the streetlight overhead. "Fine. I don't know. Just - just make it work. Do that. I don't care how, just...get someone here. And be discreet about it."

"Discretion would be my middle name, sir, if I had one. Where are you?"

"On a street." Max squinted at the nearest parked car.

"Specifics would be helpful," L-Ron added, and Max eyed the phone skeptically, then blinked and stumbled to his feet.

"Oh, right. Right. Which street. Okay." It was hard to get anything past a blur out of the sign at the end of the road, but by sheer force of willpower he managed it. "Elm. Elm and...something. Fifth. Sixth?"

"That's probably close enough, sir. I'll take care of it."

"You're a saint, L-Ron."

"I'll be sure to invite you to my canonization."

Max was just trying to pin down the exact location of the END CALL button when a wave of dread hit him, and he scrambled to put the phone back to his mouth. "Wait, L-Ron! Whatever you do, don't tell---"

Dial tone.

Max stared helplessly at the screen.

"---Booster and Beetle," he finished, to no one but himself.

Maybe he wouldn't, he thought. Maybe he'd be helpful and sensible and Max's luck would turn around.

And maybe his ride would be a flying unicorn.

Maybe Max was going to throw up now.


Oh god, this is great. Please tell me Booster and Ted show up to get Max and they are drunker than hell themselves?


More threesome! Max! Drunk Max! L-Ron snark! Flying unicorn! But mostly the prospect of MORE THREESOME!

File: 128020510686.jpg-(210.98KB, 785x581, boostermad.jpg)
Ensuing stupidity.

File: 128020513094.jpg-(173.19KB, 800x600, talk.jpg)

File: 128020515172.png-(387.88KB, 801x552, maxshipsit.png)

File: 128020525348.png-(388.54KB, 793x553, ressurect.png)
BL/BD refrences. I know this totally isn't going to happen, but I can dream, right?

File: 128020530478.jpg-(169.20KB, 800x600, 3some.jpg)

And there will be more! I wasn't quite planning on the direction this ended up going, but it's Superbuddies era, and we all know those two had some issues around then, what with Booster acting like a jilted lover and all.


By the time Max got it out of his system (where 'it' represented 'at least three or four of those drinks, and all of the bar pretzels'), he'd almost forgotten about the phone call. Not quite, but almost. Perhaps, he thought, he'd get really lucky, and L-Ron would forget about it too. After all, he was feeling a bit better now - he could probably pass himself off as sober, or at least persuade the average taxi driver that he was. Yes - that was a good plan, that was an excellent plan. Almost certainly better than anything L-Ron would come up with. Not that being scolded by Sue was the worst thing that could happen to a man (not by a long shot, he thought absently) but still.

It certainly would have been better than, say, a giant blue airship careening over his head.

Max nearly fell over.

By sheer luck (and the last of it he expected to have for the night) the lamppost was in arm's reach once more. So he did the only sensible thing: he grabbed on for dear life, fighting the uncanny disorientation that came with getting buzzed by a very specific low-flying aircraft.

Max was nothing if not efficient. Specifically, he didn't even wait to get his balance back before he started thinking of the many creative things he was going to yell at L-Ron when he got back. Many, many creative things. He was still wrestling with the desire to keep his remaining stomach contents right where they were when the ship doubled back, hummed down close enough to ruffle his hair and send his tie whipping in the draft, and settled for a surprisingly smooth landing. Right in the middle of the street. True, there was no traffic. True, he hadn't seen a car go by since he'd come out.

Small consolations, at best.

Whatever he was going to yell at L-Ron could wait. He had more urgent yelling to do now, and attempted to stride purposefully towards the opening hatch of the Bug so he could do just that. Unfortunately, he'd overestimated just how much he'd sobered up thus far, and didn't 'stride purposefully' so much as 'stagger with increasing difficulty'. By the time he actually got there, he'd picked up a dangerous sort of forward momentum, so it shouldn't have been quite such a surprise when he stumbled forward and collapsed right against a very broad chest.

"Uhm," he mumbled.

Above his head, Booster snickered. "Oh, wow. You're plastered. Ted!" he yelled. "Get down here! You owe me ten bucks!"

"I don't believe you!" That was Ted's voice, and distantly, Max heard footsteps coming down the ramp. They stopped; there was a pause, then, "We never shook on it."

"Welch," Booster accused. "I told you he'd be drunk."

"Never mind," Ted interjected, his voice coming closer. "Lemme see." It dawned on Max that ever since he'd fallen against what he now recognized as Booster, he hadn't gotten around to un-falling, and still had his cheek squashed up against what felt like a t-shirt. Oh. Right. The tiny part of him that suggested he just stay there, where he had something sturdy and warm and good-smelling to lean on, took a merciful backseat to what remained of his common sense, and he wobbled his way to stand straight again and hastily smoothed out his hair.

"You two were...betting?" he managed. Booster grinned.

"I said there was no other reason for you to call for a ride. Ted thought you were more responsible than that."

"God knows why," Ted muttered. Max looked dazedly between them; civilian clothes, he realized. On another night, he might have pointed out that zipping around in the Bug wearing - wearing, what was that, a college sweatshirt? - was an excellent way to ruin a secret identity. On this night, he decided he had better things to worry about. Like not falling on Booster again. As it turned out, Booster didn't give him the chance; he pulled Max's arm up over his shoulders, then slung his own around Max's waist, and -humiliating or not - the support was definitely a good thing.

"Come on," Booster coaxed. "Up we go."

He let himself be steered up the ramp, into the ship, and onto some kind of little bunk. Booster sat down with him; Ted went right on ahead towards the controls.

"Don't let him throw up on my seats," he called back.

"Then don't drive like a lunatic," Booster countered, and gave Max a hearty pat on the shoulder. "You okay there, Max?"

"Peachy," Max mumbled. He was not peachy. He buried his face in his hands. "You two? L-Ron sent you two?"

He could feel Booster shrug. "I think he tried to send Sue first, but she was...busy."



There was a slight lurch as the Bug lifted into the air, and Max swayed, gripping the edge of the bunk. "And she couldn't---hgh---get away for five minutes?"

Booster raised an eyebrow. "No, I mean, she was busy with Ralph." He gestured helpfully.

"...Oh." Max hiccuped. "Right. Oh. I think I should lay down."

"I think you should too," Booster agreed, and moved aside to let him do just that.

"I think you should lay down," he went on, not wholly sure where this was coming from but in no state to argue it. Booster, on the other hand, was; he just chuckled and stayed altogether vertical.

"That's okay, I'm good."

"Lay down," Max grumbled again, eyelids drooping. There was a pause; then suddenly Max felt warmth just in front of him, heard the creak of the bunk, and - and there was Booster, lying next to Max and looking profoundly uncomfortable. Possibly because, to all appearances, it must have seemed like his boss was hitting on him or something. Alternatively, because the bunk was way too small for two, and the minute the ship banked to the side, Booster rolled right off the edge and landed with a yelp.

"Are you breaking things?" Ted's voice.

"No!" Booster called back, sounding indignant as he pushed himself to sit up.

"Are you touching things? Because we've talked about that!"

"Nag, nag, nag," Booster countered, but he looked downright uneasy as he eyed Max. Then he blinked, like realization dawning, and let out an exasperated little sigh. "Okay, don't do that again."

Max couldn't quite keep up. His head was swimming. "Do what?"

"Your..." Booster flailed a hand in what, he supposed, was supposed to be a demonstrative gesture. It mostly just made him dizzier. "Your mind-whammy thing. Making me lay down. Not cool."

"I don't think I did," Max mumbled. It was too much work to keep his eyes open.

"No, you definitely did." He heard Booster shift; when he spoke up again, it was louder, and with a familiar teasing note in his tone. "Keep pulling stunts like that and you're gonna make Ted jealous."

"What are you saying back there?!"

Booster snickered, and Max chuckled right along with him, absently scrubbing a hand under his nose. It came back damp, but he couldn't quite bring himself to care why.

"I wouldn't make Ted jealous," Max declared. "I - I am actually - I'm a good guy, Booster." Somehow, it felt important to point that out. And why not? When he coaxed an eye open to see Booster's reaction, he was met with sheer amusement, Booster now sitting next to the bunk with his arms folded over his knees.

"Is that so?" he said indulgently.

"Damn right," Max affirmed, sniffling and fighting another groan as the Bug dipped sharply. "Guh."

"Ted! Jeez! I'm gonna throw up on your seats at this rate!" Booster yelled.

"Don't you dare!"

"He does it on purpose," Booster insisted, shaking his head. "So. You're a good guy?"

"I am." It was hard to effectively drive home a point when you were laying down, so Max wobbled his way to sit up, and pretended not to be grateful when Booster reached out to steady him. He wasn't that drunk, surely. This was just...just a burst of honesty. Didn't even sober people have those? (Other sober people did, anyway.) "Let me tell you why I am."

"I'm listening." Booster looked like he couldn't have stopped grinning if he tried.

"Because," Max said with great conviction, jabbing a fingertip at Booster's chest. "I - I really mean it, I wouldn't make Ted jealous. Cause, y'know, I....I respect you two. I do."

It was a very noble and common-sense kind of thing to say, he thought, so he wasn't expecting to see Booster so visibly surprised by it. "Uh, Max. We're not-"

Max waved it off, swayed a little, and grabbed Booster's arm for balance. "It's okay. I mean it! People think I'm - I'm so old-fashioned or stodgy or something, but...but....yes," he concluded, blinking slowly. It was hard to tell, but he was pretty sure he was still making sense.

Booster flustered. "Look, I know what everyone says about us, but-"

"Oh, come on," Max scoffed. "Booster. Michael. We're friends. We're friends, right? You can be honest with me, be honest." He sniffled again, and missed the fleeting look of confusion that flitted over Booster's face, the tension creeping into his voice when he spoke again.



"Yeah, and Ted, we were a thing," he admitted softly. "But we're not now." And as soon as the confession had come, it was over, and suddenly Booster had that deer-in-the-headlights he got when he ran up against something new. "Uh, Max, you're - you know what, I'm just gonna go sit up front. You're okay, right?"

"Stay," Max commanded before he could think better of it, and Booster didn't move. It always did feel good when people listened to him; good enough that Max didn't really think twice when he tasted blood on his lip. If anything, he wondered why he didn't do this sort of thing more. It would certainly make the team easier to manage, wouldn't it? And he was, as he'd been insisting, a good person. He wouldn't use this little gift for anything nefarious. Just...just some handy, insta-matic cooperation. And maybe a little factfinding, now that he had a captive audience. He was, after all, only human. And that entitled him to some curiosity, especially about news as surprising as this.

"So tell me what happened," he prompted, rubbing his nose again. Booster squirmed.

"I dunno. We just kind of grew apart. Ted got all 'mature'. You've seen how he is lately." He took a deep breath. "Seriously, stop doing that, this is weird."

"This is not weird." Max waved his hand dismissively, only to latch it right back onto Booster's shoulder when another wave of dizziness hit. "This is - this is me looking out for you."

"No, this is you being drunk and pulling Jedi mind tricks."

"Because I care."

"Because you've had too much," Booster countered, but he still wasn't pulling away and Max was pretty sure he'd stopped focusing on that. It was hard to focus on much of anything.

"Talk to me," he coaxed, squinting at Booster until he stopped being blurry. "Tell me anything. I didn't realize you two had split up."

"Yeah, me neither," muttered Booster, setting his chin on his arms. Max had the sudden urge to pet him. He resisted. "Then suddenly it was all, 'ooh, Booster, can't fool around with you any more'," he went on. "'Ooh, look at me, I have a heart condition and no sense of humor'. Blah blah blah." Booster fell quiet, then picked right back up, with visible frustration. "Which isn't really fair, right? I mean, to just do that to someone, that's not - and he and I were like-"

He took a deep shuddering breath, and Max stopped resisting and moved his hand up to Booster's hair. He felt a little clumsy about it, but Booster only flinched for a second, then sighed and tucked his head against his arms. "This is stupid," he mumbled. "Sorry, Max."


Booster stayed put, so Max tried again, this time with a little push behind it. "C'mere," and Booster looked hesitant but still edged closer, and Max put what concentration he could summon up into reassuring him that it was fine to just rest his head on Max's leg, to let him keep stroking his hair, slow and easy.

It occurred to him, fleetingly, that sometimes it wasn't easy to be a good person. Not with abilities like his. After all, with his judgment compromised and Booster like this - lonely and pliable and, amazingly, not attached to Ted - there were a few morally gray ideas drifting through Max's foggy consciousness. A few fantasies he'd entertained for years, but had never been able to justify chasing.

But Booster was a friend, and good people didn't take advantage of their friends, so he just kept stroking Booster's hair till he felt him relax. "Here's," he hiccuped, "here's what we're gonna do." Booster tilted his head to glance up. "We're gonna get back to the embassy-"


"Whatever. And we're going to watch bad movies till I'm sober and Ted lightens up."

Booster's smile made all the effort of doing the right thing worth it. Sure, it also made Max want to do the wrong thing even more, because Booster was unfairly attractive when he smiled, but Max stuck to his guns.

"Might take a lot of bad movies," Booster pointed out.

"You could always try getting him drunk," Max suggested, and Booster outright laughed. It was a nice sound, that.

The Bug zipped on, and Max leaned back, closed his eyes, and let his mind drift.



Max walking into Booster, Ted and Booster picking him up in the BUG, Sue and Ralph were BUSY, Max drunk, Max making Booster talk to him, Max petting Booster and comforting him, Max trying to do the right thing and get them back together...just D'AAAAWW.

And I love Max's POV and that this might lead to a threesome because it feels like he's being rewarded for doing the right thing.

You gais... The full Blue Beetle live action demo is up from SDCC! Andandand Geoff Johns mentioned that Jaime and Booster (and possibly Ted) will make an appearance in Smallville next season! FFFFFFFF


This is even better than them showing up drunk. Oh, Max! Now that you know they were, you HAVE to get them back together! It's the good guy thing to do! And he could rub it in everyone's face that he knew the truth about it before anyone else.

The effects could use a little work and I kiiiinda feel like the whole writhing around HUNNNGHHRAWW thing was overexaggerated, but I totally dig the teenage snark and general feel of the demo.

YESSIR I RIKE IT even if Milago looks kinda old. But hey, it's just a demo. I AM STILL EXCITE.

brb hyperventilating

Ah, I hate to say it, but this looks pretty bad.
Shitty effects and HNGHHHH writhing on the floor? Hopefully it'll get better.


I'm more curious to see what the non-CG suit looks like. That would be the deal-breaker for me, I think. (also artistic nitpick- with a black and blue suit, yellow eyes works so much better than red)

I agree that Milagro is too old and that the yellow eyes work better, but guys, this is just the DEMO. Personally, I think it's friggin' fantastic (Jaime's casting is spot-on, even though they say his name wrong; CHIN SCRUFF FTW) for something put together with such limited resources. Of course the real thing will be better! Besides, Jaime on TV, come ooon.

File: 128028932931.jpg-(69.60KB, 527x800, nice hat pardner.jpg)

I didn't think his name sounded wrong, personally. But I agree, for a demo it's damn good.

File: 128029005092.jpg-(305.31KB, 900x579, crazy-space-bug.jpg)
in honor of jaime writhing around on the floor, here is jaime writhing around on the floor.


Oh god unf




I love it. I don't even care that the effects look cheesy. Floor-writhing was a little weird, but I'm sure that'd have sense to not make that an every transformation thing.

File: 128029842527.jpg-(230.04KB, 576x792, all you need is love.jpg)





E-Elton John?

I have a horrible idea.

What if all the JLI(specifically our handsome trio) got star sapphire rings...and began to have like an orgy- OH GOD MY FUCKING MIND AAAH

Or Booster/Ted falls into JLI/Superbuddy wonderland and everyone wants to molest him(Queen/King Max, and the king could be L-Ron, Cheshire Cat Ted(Oh come on, goofy grin, laughs a lot, and is a trickster), Tweedledee and Tweedledum could be Ice and Fire, March Hair G'nort, Mat Hatter Guy, smoking caterpillar Martain Manhunter....the possiblities are endless(also I should never watch Miyuki Chan In Wonderland again.)


It would be the wackiest orgy ever.

You think that's messed up? I had a very explicit fantasy today about post-Brightest Day Max becoming submissive towards Ted and Booster because he doesn't trust himself to make the right decisions anymore. Yes, a D/s relationship. Granted, Ted and Booster are weirded out by this and Max refuses to completly obey them because, well, he's Max, and none of them are willing to try and push this thing too far but...

On the one hand, I'm kind of insane. On the other hand, the sex scenes were really hot. The "People who are control freaks secretly enjoy being controlled in bed" cliche is nice.

Maybe it's a Texan/American thing? Traditionally, in Spanish, it's "Hai-meh." BUT WHATEVS they could pronounce it "chupacabra" and I would still lahv it. <3

asdjkf... ilu.

>DC Wonderland AU
>The Mad Hatter is not Jervis Tetch
It's weird how much this shocked me.

I meant it fir a JLI/Superbuddies thing

>The "People who are control freaks secretly enjoy being controlled in bed" cliche is nice.

my girlfriend and i subscribe to the personal headcanon that max (er, pre-death) paid hookers to dress up like wonder woman and tie him up.

File: 128034143353.jpg-(95.93KB, 592x366, BGSuperpanels.jpg)
I could totally see that Wonder Woman thing happening. But in general I could see Max being dom because he seems to be under the impression that he alone knows how to make things right. The heroes don't understand so he's going to do what's best for everyone.

BTW why has no one made Booster a dom with Superman?


I gotta admit to some perverse enjoyment of Booster and Superman's attitudes to each other- Superman's being that, he may have come to respect Booster but he's one of the few heroes Supes can't actually seem to like (i'd love to see his head explode if he ever finds out booster=supernova) and Booster because... well... put a shiny button in front of him he's told not to push and he'll push it with great joy as many times as he can get away with.

ahah oh god. i just got suspended from ygallery because apparently, despite my pointing out that the scarab is an alien robot thing, the mods are calling it an 'animal' and that makes my molesting-jaime picture a violation

what the hell

File: 128034681136.jpg-(272.23KB, 865x1468, smnbg12.jpg)
idiosyn: I don't see Booster quite like that. But the Superman/Booster dynamics always fascinated me. Clark can be so petty with him. Still, there's some level of respect there.

insomniac: I never had art like this but photobucket had issue with a scanned pic I had from Teen Titans. I cropped it to ask if anyone else noticed what appeared to be a naked man being tackled by Nightwing. The coloring was weird but they didn't like it.

Seriously? The one you posted up here? Wtf. I've never had a problem with the y!mods before but that's just ridiculous. Can you appeal?

not that i can tell. effin' a. well, that's fine, just means you guys get exclusive rights to all my porn for the next two weeks.
wow, the world needs more of booster in a bathrobe.

Well damn. That sucks for you hon (not that I'm complaining about pornings but yeah).


Haha, maybe I should clarify a bit more- more like the two had a rough start (and man, did they have a rough start) and Booster is petty enough to hand the superdickery right back.

I love flippant Booster. And I kinda really love the idea of him being in a cheesy soap opera...


That's what we're for- alien-robot-totally-not-an-animal porn dumping. And we will love you for it.

File: 128035048015.jpg-(284.67KB, 921x1455, smnbg7.jpg)
idiosyn: Okay that makes more sense. But seriously, how come there's practically no slash with these two? Booster was in a robe acting like he wasn't jealous that Superman is working with a new league and Superman reassures him that he knows he's a hero. In this one Booster is trying to give the press something to talk about.


Actually now I kinda really want to know- what is the context of this? Not saying Booster shouldn't randomly appear in people's workshops in just a robe but... why IS he randomly appearing in people's workshops in just a robe?


Reposting comment to add- wow. I think I may actually subject myself to going through the Superman Blue story if it means Booster is in various states of undress in it.

File: 128035145775.jpg-(299.45KB, 944x1511, smnbg4.jpg)
Basically Superman is in trouble as his atoms or whatever are scattered because of his new powers. Booster hears about this and figures out a way to save him at the cost of his power armor suit. The only problem? Their really high up and the pressure of recharging him destroys the suit. Booster is quipping the whole way down. He admits that he also wanted to get a new suit like his original, basically saying that Ted is made of fail and asking if Supermans' friend can help him out. Also includes Skeets (in the armor) and Superman leaving his clothes behind.

I want a comic of Maxwell Lord doing stuff (LIKE A BOSS), and him getting rejected by Booster like in the song

Can you post it here?

it was this one:

oh ygallery. you and your inscrutable rule system.

File: 128035574938.jpg-(250.30KB, 600x431, this actually makes sense.jpg)
i am all over this.

Max totally paid hookers to dress up like Wonder Woman. Part of me thinks he might have paid hookers to dress up as Booster too.

And Max is the sort of person who would normally be a dom, or at least want to have some measure of control over the situation. That's why having him act submissive or lose control, especially to Ted and Booster - because, well, they're rarely ever in control of the situation - is so freakin' hot. Of course, having him in charge isn't bad either - using his powers to make Ted and Booster have sex right in front of him, while having total control over their bodies? GUH.

File: 128035962138.jpg-(201.00KB, 900x540, so that's an average day for you then.jpg)


Booster would totally walk around naked all the time if he could get away with it. I'm seeing something like Max stopping by the embassy on a day off because he forgot something in his office and he runs into naked Booster, who is naked because he didn't think anyone else was going to be around and he and Ted just had lots of sex. And there is staring. And awkwardness. And then naked Ted walks in.

File: 128037156889.jpg-(248.92KB, 900x708, one way to deal with it.jpg)
>Part of me thinks he might have paid hookers to dress up as Booster too.

i...i never knew i needed this, but holy damn, this is really an idea that needs further exploration. lots of it.

I... kinda really want to write/read a fic wherein during a team meeting, Max can't help thinking how much he wants to fuck Booster and doesn't realize he's projecting it on Booster who finds himself horny as all hell and can't explain why. I don't know if it would end with Booster having to take care of himself or cornering a rather baffled Ted afterward.

"Geez, Booster- don't you have any self-control?"
"Shut up and drop your pants before I explode!"

>Max giving out mindboners
>Max paying for Booster stand-ins
>the continued adventures of Max the Drunk Good Guy



Max gets off to the thought of dominating female Booster so he has female hookers dress up as Booster because when Max tries it on a male hooker they aren't quite as perfecty toned in Max's mind as Booster.



*hides face*



Well, I'm no Insomniac and I'm too tired to give this more than a once over right now, but here! Mind boners!

Max was glad that it didn’t take much persuasion (and not even any ‘persuasion’ at that) to convince Oberon he wanted to take on more responsibility with the team. And taking charge of the team meetings was a good place to start. Max, of course, still sat in on them but Oberon was the one that had the floor now and that allowed Max to let his mind wander.

Which it did, as always, and Max went through his mental schedule for the day, the checklist of tasks that needed to be done, people to set up meetings with, business to conduct. But it was all things he mentally went over several times a day and took only a scant few minutes to go over once more in the meeting. Which gave Max’s mind ample time to wander non-business related thoughts.

Such as bending Booster over the table and fucking him.

Max kept his face carefully schooled with the idle little smile he always had and watched Booster from out the corner of his eye. Even in the flat interior lighting Booster was beautiful and golden, suit glinting every time he shifted and Max liked to think Booster’s skin would shine the same naked and oiled up, muscles stretching out as he bared himself to Max’s approval.

He’d lay out on the table, wrists tied together above his head, legs spread out and Max would be standing there, just looking at him, smile wicked and dirty with thoughts of what he planned to do to Booster running through his head. And Booster would be getting hard, imagining what Max could be imagining and ready to beg for whatever it was the moment Max let him.

Oh, Max knew his attraction to Booster was nothing beyond physical- some days, even Booster’s looks couldn’t save him from the trouble he and Ted got into -and the problem was that Max couldn’t act on it. Or rather Max wouldn’t allow himself to act on it. After all, there were lines that a man in Max’s position shouldn’t cross and dallying with a superhero that worked for you was far, far different than dallying with a personal assistant. The worst a personal assistant could do if they got miffed was mess up Max’s schedule. That was far preferable than having an emotionally unstable hero saving lives or getting into a snit with blasters on their wrists.

So Max stuck with fantasizing- not even with a male hooker. He tried. Several times. But none of them had the future perfected body or the megawatt smile and they all looked at Max with sultry expressions instead of eager or mischievous grins.

Booster Gold was truly one of a kind and Max was certain no one else could look like him as he begged to be touched, cock straining against the air and precome slowly beading down the shaft.

Across the table, Booster shifted in his seat again and Max’s gaze focused on him briefly. He looked a bit uncomfortable, maybe even a bit red. Max supposed it was due to the heat- it was Booster’s first summer in New York, after all. Metropolis didn’t get nearly as humid. Max made a mental note to turn the A/C up a bit after the meeting.

Or maybe he’d just have Booster undress Max instead, licking up the sweat at Max’s throat as his shirt collar became undone, pressing wet kisses down Max’s chest as he’d go. His hands would slick over Max’s skin until he pulled the shirt from slacks and look up with wet red lips near Max’s waist. He’d wait until Max gave him permission to undo his belt and pull the clothes down his legs. Then Booster would lick up the sweat the gathered where Max’s thigh met his hip, then between his legs and at the skin behind his balls. He’s keep licking his way up and around Max’s dick until his breathing got uneven and his hand tangled in Booster’s hair. He’d pull back just enough so his breath whispered against the head of Max’s cock and he’d say, ‘Tell me what you want me to do. I’ll do anything you say, just tell me. I want to do whatever it takes to please you.’

And Max would take Booster’s head in both his hands and raise his hips a bit. Booster’s mouth would open and Max would raise his hips more, his dick skimming between Booster’s lips as he’d go in and in until he pressed against the back of Booster’s throat and lips pressed against his pelvis. He’d pull out slowly and just as slowly push back in again and Booster would whimper a little, the hum of unsaid please humming against Max’s cock.

The part of Max that was left to observe the meeting noted the tone of Oberon’s voice- the meeting was coming to and end and Max tucked his fantasy away to think about later. He cast last look at Booster who seemed anxious for the meeting to end to the point he was taking deliberately deep, slow breaths. As Oberon turned to Max for the last word, he decided he’d make the final notes brief for Booster’s sake.


Booster had to wonder if there was something in the air in New York or something because goddamn but was he suddenly and inexplicably horny. Horny enough that he didn’t exactly feel confident in his costume- which was generally good at not showing unfortunately timed boners -from hiding it. As the meeting finally (<i>finally</i>) wound down, Booster made plans for his escape- get out ahead of the others and jump into the shower before anyone noticed.

He couldn’t help casting a glance at Ted, leaning back in his seat and making a valiant effort to get through the meeting without falling asleep once. Ted yawned behind his hand and Booster hastily looked away, his hormones wanting him to jam his tongue into Ted’s open mouth and swallow the little meep of surprise Booster was sure the action would get. Ted’s hands would brace against Booster’s chest, body stiff- and what Booster wouldn’t give to get Ted stiff in his arms, to rub his thigh against Ted until he moaned and rode Booster’s leg until he shook so hard he could barely stand..

The meeting ended and Booster jumped to his feet, practically running for the door.

“Hey, Booster- wait up!”

He bit back a groan and tried to school the heat he could feel creeping up his neck and cheeks. Booster slowed enough for Ted to catch up but resolutely kept half a step ahead in attempt to hide his arousal.

“You’re in a hurry,” Ted said with a little half-grin, “got a hot date tonight?”

Only if you in my fantasies count. “I need to take a shower,” and spend some time with my hand/wishing you were there on your knees, “it’s really kinda,” hot/sweaty/sticky, “disgusting weather today.”

Ted shrugged, “It’s just the humidity, lotta people can’t take it.”

“You seem,” fine/distractingly attractive/utterly fuckable, “okay with it.”

“I lived in Chicago. High temperatures and humidity isn’t anything new to me.” Ted licked his lips and Booster dug his fingers into his palm to keep from sucking on Ted’s tongue. “Me, Scott and the girls are going to head out to a diner- you wanna come with?”

The first thought that crossed Booster’s mind was ‘the only meat I want in my mouth is yours’ and almost slapped himself in the face for it. He as so horny he was getting stupid to an unprecedented level. “Nah. I step outside and I’ll melt.”

“C’mon, ya big baby. Tora’s handling the heat better than you and she’s from Norway!”

“Yeah, well she probably put ice in her veins or something.”

“If you ask nicely, maybe she’ll make you an ice coat to wear.”

That made Booster think of ice cream and Ted licking it off his body and oh God he needed to take care of his now-painful hard on.

When Booster didn’t say anything Ted looked up at him curiously. “Are you feeling okay, buddy?” A hand reached up and fingertips brushed against Booster’s hair before he managed to stumble away.

“If you’re trying to feel,” me up, “my temperature, it’s not going to work while I have the cowl on.”

“Then take it off.”

Take it all off and take everything off you and shove you against the wall and see how ridiculously flexible you really are, “I’m okay, really. I’m just going to soak in a cool tub for a bit, then just veg out or something. It’s just too hot for me.”

Ted, thankfully, bought it. “Alright. You want me to bring you back anything? Slice of pie? Maybe a milkshake?”

Booster didn’t know which image he liked more- the one of Ted sucking on a straw which then turned into Ted sucking on Booster’s cock, or the revisit to the ice cream licking. He just grinned and said, “Surprise me.”

“Alright,” Ted turned off toward his room with a little wave, “I’ll see you later then.”

“Right.” Booster waited until Ted’s door closed, flew to the bathroom and barely locked himself in before he had his pants down his thighs and a hand wrapped tight around himself. “Oh God, Ted...”



Oh, that was so deliciously filthy. Reading that on break at work gave me a mind boner the rest of my shift. Hhhggnnn...
But is it bad that I kept thinking "omfg what is J'onn doing right now?"



Can I vote for finishing "Good Guy Max" first? Because it's (everything I ever wanted in a threesome fic) fun and I really want to see what happens next.

MAJOR Spoilers for Justice League Generation Lost #6


duly noted
gen lost 6: discontent with never getting the chance to fuck booster, we find out that max intends to fuck THE WHOLE GODDAMN WORLD

File: 12804265581.jpg-(476.68KB, 1262x642, meetingshennaigans.jpg)
>>51715 Such a fun read. <3

Please excuse the long size of this.


Oh gawd I love it! Ted, you're such a dork <3!

File: 128043235848.png-(48.48KB, 804x598, Picture 82.png)
I drew this


JLI era - Booster gets pwned, Max doesn't pay attention, and Oberon fights tiny people.


Booster Gold thread! (With added crossdressing)

File: 128043896290.jpg-(214.23KB, 400x403, 1280439233430.jpg)

OH GOD. You sexy fucker I love you


File: 128045083318.jpg-(215.56KB, 800x1021, tumblr_l4rdshGd7W1qc8dsno1_1280.jpg)

File: 128045462041.jpg-(159.77KB, 600x800, barely-standing.jpg)
>to rub his thigh against Ted until he moaned and rode Booster’s leg until he shook so hard he could barely stand..

hnggh i just keep rereading this. That mental image does to me what Max's mental images do to Booster.


It's a chain reaction of horny!


File: 128046203771.jpg-(461.50KB, 900x637, BOOSTER CAN'T SAVE TED FROM DIDIO.jpg)
Found this on /co/ tonight.

That's apparently Didio strangling Ted

You can tell it's Didio because of the string of Superbuddies corpses dangling behind him at all times. ;_;

Also that Booster has the best expression ever.


and that picture does to me what that line did to you. hnnnggggh Ted losin' it.

I love everything about this picture. EVERYTHING.

Since everyone seems to like Ted helplessly humping Booster's leg- ficlet of Ted helplessly humping Booster's leg! I just did seven line drawings in two days for class, so if there's any mispellings or weirdness (such as with the last fic i did) it's because I'm kinda brain dead. Enjoy anyway :P

Booster had his back pressed up against a wall, but that was okay because it was Ted that was pressing him against it and his tongue deep inside Booster’s mouth, sucking the breath right out of his lungs. Booster’s hands were greedy at Ted’s waist, his back, his hips, smoothing along curves and angles and addicted to how Ted filled his palms.

Ted pulled back just enough to say “Booster,” and Booster knew what that crease between Ted’s eyebrows meant. He wasn’t freaking out just yet, but the idea was in the back of his mind and if Booster let him, Ted was going to think himself right out of this.

So he kissed Ted with ever fiber of his being, trying drown out the niggling reserves the time period drilled into Ted. Booster kissed him until Ted’s hands slid up around Booster’s neck and one cupped the back of his head. Only then did Booster pull back, smile warm and reassuring under flushed cheeks. Ted gave an uneven smile back, but at least he was being overwhelmed by lust and Booster and not by doubt.

Testing Ted’s reserve, Booster leaned in for a soft kiss and as Ted kissed back, Booster rolled his hips a bit. That made Ted gasp, his own hips pressing forward for a moment. Booster made an appreciative sound and Ted, a little cautiously, pressed his hips forward again.

That apparently wasn’t enough to keep Ted’s mind occupied because the hesitation was back again. He opened his mouth but Booster shushed him gently. He shifted his weight a bit, just enough so he could ease a knee between Ted’s legs. Booster rocked his leg against Ted, gently at first, carefully watching Ted’s expression. It changed- a little slowly -from uncertain to focusing on the sensation of Booster rubbing against him.

Ted licked his lips, hand shaking a bit as they gripped Booster’s arms. “O-Oh God...” Booster just grinned, pressing a bit firmer as he felt Ted harden against him. Ted whimpered, then pressed his forehead against Booster’s neck and Booster rocked a little quicker. Then, finally, Ted’s hips started moving.

At first he just panted against Booster’s costume, hips rolling experimentally, trying to find the best rhythm. Then, when he found it, Ted’s hips rocked a little quicker, hands gripped Booster’s arms a little tighter. Then the whimpers came, soft and breathless and each one pooled to the base of Booster’s cock and he had to bite back a moan, hands flexing around Ted’s waist in response.

Ted pulled his head away, reaching up to undo his cowl. His cheeks were flushed dark, pupils fully blown and just a sliver of blue. He licked his lips, brow furrowed with need and Booster’s name was on his lips as he rocked quicker and quicker.

Daringly Booster grabbed Ted’s ass, feeling the cheeks flexing against his palms. He gripped and squeezed and pushed Ted harder against his thigh. Ted let out a low groan, arms tossed about Booster’s shoulders and hands scrabbling across his back.

“Oh God, Booster so good more please Booster faster Booster Booster”

Booster ached so hard in his costume it hurt, but he kept dragging Ted against his leg until he felt the muscles in his arms protesting. He dropped kisses to Ted’s hair when Ted’s face was tucked against his neck, then kissed Ted’s jaw and chin and neck when Ted tossed his head back with breathless pants or little needy cries.

“C’mon Ted c’mon so hot almost there Ted so amazing come for me Ted”

Booster could feel Ted’s legs shaking on either side of him but still Ted kept grinding against his thigh hard and fast- mindlessly, helplessly. He clutched desperately at Booster, chanting ‘so close, so close’ in between Booster’s name and ‘oh God’.

Ted bit his lip, eyes tightly shut, whimpering with each motion until his thighs clenched tight on either side of Booster’s and his head was tossed back with a hoarse cry. Booster just watched, enraptured, wanting to lick a line up the hard arch of Ted’s body and reveal in his expression- a mix of stunned, amazed and it was absolutely beautiful.

Booster dared to lean forward, pressing a trail of light kisses over Ted’s neck until he slumped forward against Booster’s chest, unable to stand, still shivering and tucking himself beneath Booster’s chin in contentment.

Personally Booster wanted to capture this moment and just drown in it with Ted so warm and pliable and blissed out against him. Then Ted lifted his head and kissed Booster’s chin. “I’m sending you the cleaning bill.”

Booster offered a little grin. “How ‘bout you make me come in my costume and we’ll call it even?”

There was a slight, considering pause and then Ted grinned back widely. “I can live with that.” He hooked a hand behind Booster’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

Holy FUCK that was hot. This is what I get for peeking into this thread. Wow.


Idiosyn. Insomniac. I beg you. Don't ever change. Ilu exactly the way you both are. Where can I send you the offerings of my first born and such?

Oh man, I love waking up to things like this.


UNF. Ted/Booster's leg = OTP.

It continues! And it will continue to continue! Things take a turn for the sexy.


"Did he pass out?"

"I think he's just asleep."

"You're not supposed to let people sleep when they're that drunk!"

"What? No, yes you are, you're thinking of hypothermia."

"I am not!"

"Whatever. Hey, we should draw something on his face."

Max's eyes snapped open. "I'm awake," he immediately protested. "I'm awake. No drawing."

Booster just snickered and offered him a hand, and to Max's credit, he only weaved a little on the walk back into the office. Still, he wasn't going to complain about Booster sticking close, Booster's arm around him keeping him steady and more-or-less balanced. He took full advantage of it all the way over to the couch, but no sooner had Booster gotten him settled in than he was on his feet again, bound towards the kitchen.

"Ted!" he called back. "Sit. Get comfy."

"What? Why?" Ted sounded, Max thought, a little suspicious.

"Surprise movie night," he announced. Max heard the clinking of glass, the thud of the refrigerator door. Now Ted looked wary to match his voice, but he still settled onto the couch, at the far end from Max.

"Booster, it's kind of late---"

"Oh, please. I know for a fact you don't have other plans." When Booster returned, he was all smiles and nonchalant humor again. And he was carrying a six-pack.

Ted sat up a little. "Hey, those are Nate's."

"I'll pay him back," Booster shrugged, pressing one into Ted's hands before he could protest. "Max?"

Max spent a moment idly trying to remember that saying about beer and liquor, then just relented and took it. It didn't occur to him till after the first sip that, while this might just be Booster socializing in true Booster fashion, there was an equal chance that he intended to take Max up on his joking suggestion on the Bug. After all, with the drinks passed out, Booster wasted no time in rifling through the stack of tapes next to the TV and popping one in.

Maybe he really was going to get Ted drunk. It was enough to make Max stick around out of sheer curiosity - which was good, because when the title screen came up, he needed a good reason.

" 'Attack of the Mushroom People'?" Ted choked. "Seriously?"

"What? This is a classic in this time period!"

Ted eyed Booster as he flipped the lights and dropped back onto the couch, settling neatly between him and Max. "Did Skeets tell you that?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Call it a hunch," Ted snorted.

It didn't take long for Max to lose the thread of the movie. In light of the fact that it was exactly what its title had promised - there were mushroom people, and they were attacking - he didn't chase after it too hard. Booster and Ted had made a game of it, riffing on the worst bits of dialogue or the very...'special' special effects, constantly trying to one-up each other. Maybe Max was just buzzed still, but this felt right. Those two could be aggravating beyond reason when they got going, but it was familiar. He never would have guessed he'd actually miss Ted's banter.

And if Max found it distantly reassuring, Booster was outright soaking it up. He laughed at everything, funny or not, like it was just a relief to get the chance. They both looked the most at ease he'd seen them since he brought this ragtag team back together, and Max almost thought he'd been forgotten entirely when, with Ted distracted by laughter, Booster leaned over and whispered. "Thanks, Max."

And there it was. Max thought about the conversation in the Bug. He thought about how it had always been in the League - watching Booster gravitate towards Ted from day one, watching his clumsy and utterly blatant flirtations, watching Ted the genius miss it all completely until, finally, he didn't. Booster had smiled just like he was then, and Max had known instantly that he was out of the running.

"Any time," he murmured back.

He wouldn't let himself be bitter about this, whether it was just one night of getting along like in The Good Old Days or whether this gave them the spark to start it back up again. But he couldn't help his mind wandering. What if Booster had been the one to pick him up tonight, alone? (This being just a fantasy, he chose to ignore the fact that Booster didn't have a car, and Ted would never lend him the Bug.) He would have gotten Max, and they would have talked, and they'd come back here and it would be just them on the couch, and...

Max had the sudden, depressingly childish urge to put his arm around Booster. Just stretch and edge a little closer and let his arm fall around his shoulders, like something out of an old movie. If it was just them, he probably wouldn't even flinch; might look surprised, but then he'd smile, and Max would smile back and trail his fingers down onto his arm-

Something brushed Max's shoulder, and when he looked, there was Ted's hand. Ted's arm, snaked right across Booster's back - and Booster looked surprised, but then he smiled, and Ted smiled back, and Max had the sudden feeling that something had been stolen from him. His ideas? What, was Ted a telepath now? What if he thought, suddenly jealous, about the smooth slope of Booster's neck, the sinewy muscle and the short hairs that curled out just behind his ear, how they'd feel under his fingers - what then?

When Ted's hand crept back, just enough for his fingertips to skim up Booster's neck, Max nearly dropped his beer. Booster went tense immediately, a shiver rippling through him; his eyes stayed locked on the screen, as if looking over at Ted would break the illusion. Then they turned to Max, and went wide.

...You? he mouthed. Max let his look of confusion speak for itself. But then something dripped onto his lip, and he suddenly understood.

What he didn't understand was what he was supposed to do now. It had been wholly unintentional, alcohol and imagination getting the better of him - should he apologize? Push Ted into backing off? What if Ted didn't want to back off? What if all the forced maturity, the distance from Booster, was just waiting for an excuse to be dropped? What if -

Booster's lips moved again.

Don't stop.

There was something desperate there.


Max spent a long moment frozen.

Then, finally, he closed his eyes, resolving to deal with the ethical questions of this tomorrow. For now, doing that would mean saying no to Booster, Booster with his bitten lip and his pleading eyes, and that was more than Max was capable of.

It wasn't hard. He'd imagined this, and variations on it, more than enough times by then. And maybe this was as close as he'd ever get to living them out.

He thought of his hand creeping up from Booster's neck, weaving into his hair - how soft it would be when he raked his fingers through it. Next to him, Booster let out a shaky sigh, and Max told himself he heard gratitude in there. Even without looking, he could picture Ted's hand - his - Ted's, trailing up and down again, kneading gently at the back of Booster's neck, fingertips tracing out the collar of his shirt. He thought about how he'd move in closer, till he was right up against Booster, and as if on cue he felt the couch cushions shift. He didn't look; he didn't need to. Maybe he didn't want to. He could already picture Booster's face; a little guilty, but relieved, eager to get this back even for a little while, even if it took a little cheating to do so.

He could feel Booster tense next to him, and imagined what that would feel like under his hand as he soothed away all the stiffness in his neck, raked his nails over Booster's skin, and Booster's breath would go shaky and he'd touch Max before he could think better of it-

Max's eyes flew open.

Booster's hand was clutching at his thigh, and Max realized what he'd been doing a second too late.

"Excuse me a minute," he managed, trying to make it sound like something less urgent than it was, and barely kept his steps steady all the way to the kitchen. It was easier to breathe there, without Booster close and his breathing quick and shallow and god, what the hell was Max doing here? The seed was planted, and maybe nothing would come of it, maybe Ted and Booster would both act like this was just a slip and pretend it never happened. But knowing them, somehow, Max doubted it. For all he knew, they were already making up or something out there - when he strained his ears (against his better judgment) all he heard was the turned-down chatter of the movie and the murmur of voices, too quiet to make out.

Then Ted didn't understand yet, he supposed - or he'd have been more vocal. Righteously upset, and who could blame him? It'd be messed up even if Max were doing this solely out of compassion towards Booster, but the reality wasn't even that innocent - and there was no point in pretending otherwise, not with the impression of Booster's hand as good as burned into his skin, the warmth that had jolted out through Max at that simple touch, the low stirrings of something deeply inappropriate.

Max poured himself a glass of water, drank slowly, and tried to talk himself back down.

When he thought he'd managed it, he took one deep breath and stepped back out to the living room. Booster and Ted didn't notice right away.

That had nothing to do with mind-tricks, and everything to do with Ted practically in Booster's lap, tilting his head aside and sucking at Booster's throat. Even from where he stood, Max could see the way Booster clutched at Ted's shoulders, hear him panting and trying to drag him closer. Ted scraped his teeth just below Booster's ear, then glanced up, and his eyes were right on Max's.

And he was smiling.


>He never would have guessed he'd actually miss Ted's banter.


> - and there was no point in pretending otherwise, not with the impression of Booster's hand as good as burned into his skin, the warmth that had jolted out through Max at that simple touch, the low stirrings of something deeply inappropriate.

Awww, Max, you're so pathetic and horny while trying to do the right thing.

>And he was smiling.

SEXY...EVIL...SEXY...WANT NEXT CHAPTEEER (and maybe illustrations, yes?).


Oh my. Ted, what are you up to? And will you let Max in on the fun? Booster is so effing lucky. :3 I can't wait to see where this goes!
Insomniac, you are wonderful~!

akjdlkasjd /thoroughly enjoys


Maxwell Lord singing (being made to sing, in front of the JLI, probably because he's had a few) the Lumberjack Song. Specifically:

"I cut down trees, I skip and jump,
I like to press wildflowers,
I put on women's clothing
and hang around in bars!"

...IDK, we were talking about MP the other day and...yeah. Coconut-banging also acceptable. Plz?

Psst, artists! It's still July in some time zones, so you still have time to sign up for the art exchange over at Boostlethon! DO IT.

I'm getting a crush on Ted now because I read the DC Blue Beetle comic with him and he seems like such a nice guy, funny, smart, and adorable.

I'm actually looking away all shy from the screen when I download the comics with him in it all blushing like gahhh

snap out of it HE BELONGS TO BOOSTER

File: 128068614375.jpg-(198.40KB, 700x1000, 127205962555.jpg)
It's okay to crush on 'im! I totally have a big ol' mancrush on Teddy. Teeedddd. <3

File: 128071034822.jpg-(351.16KB, 900x800, the-lord-strippeth.jpg)

File: 128071879321.png-(121.62KB, 397x541, comics_makeouts.png)
Hrahhh, doodled these two. I really don't draw 'em enough.

File: 128073648824.jpg-(238.36KB, 600x533, mmnh-booster.jpg)
Aw. You draw a very nice Ted. He looks so...eager.

i can't sleeeep and i have writer's block like you can't imagine.

Hey, can you draw Ted? I may have a slight crush on him...

as do we all, my friend. want him doing anything specific?

I'd like to see him snuggling up to someone, preferably Booster please!

File: 128078493158.jpg-(303.22KB, 800x700, lazy.jpg)
playing about with photoshop brushes today.

File: 128079899185.jpg-(74.29KB, 839x979, 11241%20-%20Blue_Beetle%20DC.jpg)
So, just discovered the website Rule 63 and yes, I'm kinda scarred for life.

But why am I talking about tits in /coq/? Spoiler'd for...well, let's just say it's relevent to our interests, tits or not.

I was just thinking of something.

Ted is good at gymnastics. Ted used to go to meets.

How could Ted do that if he was a chubby kid? I did gymnastics from five to thirteen, and by the time I wanted to get back into it at seventeen, I was already too old.


I don't think it's canon that he ever went to meets. Ted took Comic Book Training, which allows you to become awesomely good at gymnastics/mixed martial arts/DDR/whatever in 1-3 years, even if you were a totally sedentary nerd before that. I wish *I* could do Comic Book Training.

The way I remember it, gymnastics was what got him un-chubby somewhere around his adolescent years. Could be wrong.

You're a god, you know that? You're the best, Insominac!

File: 128080877841.jpg-(25.90KB, 200x381, kord ted kord.jpg)

He doesn't say how he lost the weight. DAMMIT TED, BE MORE SPECIFIC.

(Wow, that was frustratingly complicated to post. Here, have some tuxedo!Ted to ease my pain.)


Annnnd apparently my bandwidth has been exceeded. Try this:

I am now choosing to picture chubby freshman Ted shaping up so his handsome archaeology professor will notice him.


Canon! Fund it!

(I'm imaging that what it really does is turn Professor Garrett's harmless preoccupation with his cute student into "what is wrong with me, I can't stop staring at his ass". Stop fighting, Dan. You know you cannot resist the Ted so sexy.)



DC has no idea how to draw a fat man. Also I am sorely tempted to cosplay fat!fashion disaster!Ted at some point. Because I'm fat, my clothes are horrible and I have a penchant for really strange colored hats.

File: 128082135179.jpg-(354.64KB, 1000x1507, Justice League Quarterly 06-40.jpg)
couldn't sleep, went reading through my justice league collection. found a whole story on ted's dieting adventures!

criminy, that's a lot of beer. ten bucks says he wakes up on booster's couch. or in his bed.

Ted and Booster doing car bombs. Who would go down first? Looking at this page Ted can hold his liquor pretty well.


The more a person weighs, like their body mass I believe, and their tolerence, like how often they drink, makes a difference. So, at this point, Ted probably could drink Booster under the table.

Aaaaand can we use this discussion to being back drunk!Boostle sex and chubby!Ted appreciation? Please? :3


to this day, I love that the semi-circle of beer bottles is around Ted, and Booster's barely drinking anything. (Any molestations that occur, Booster is always completely sober, yessiree)



Actually, judging by glass shape + color + apparent carbonation, Booster appears to be drinking a Bellini, Harry's-style. Because Booster's classy like that. (And chugging it, if the 3rd and 5th panels are any indication.)

File: 128088457321.jpg-(464.07KB, 681x973, Ted Kord is a buffet of manliness. A somewhat emba.jpg)

Hey, I became a black belt in 4 1/2 years, and that was only going once or twice a week plus gaps of time where I didn't go at all.

But anyway! Cuddly drunk people. Woo.

File: 128088973879.jpg-(399.12KB, 1100x747, DID SOMEONE SAY EVERYONE IN THONGS.jpg)
So, Booster in a thong makes sense because he's Booster. Ted in a thong here >>52333 was wearing it for Booster's birthday. Ted in this picture >>52064 is a little stranger, because it's implied that he just got up to answer the door - does he normally wear that to bed? Was it hot out? Was he swimming and fell asleep before he could change?

But even more confusing(/fun for me to speculate about) is >>52094
Is he planning to visit the beaches in Europe? Is there a JLI calender shoot/magazine "50 Hottest Businessmen" issue (+ Ted and Bruce) that some evil rival businessman talked him into participating in to make him look stupid, not knowing that he's in decent shape and he's planning to blow them away with his sexiness? Is he picking out parts of his Frank n Furter costume? JLI pool party? And why is he asking L-Ron?(I suppose if he asked Sue, she/Ralph would punch him.)

Yes, part of me wants to say "he's trying to seduce Booster, and is going to go lie on his bed with scented candles and a rose in his teeth", but I don't think he'd be that...forward in his seductions unless he was damn sure it was going to work or he was already sleeping with that person.

spammy, you think too much.

also, fair warning, i may not be delivering much for a while. moving in with the girlfriend; it's keeping me busy.

will try to finish the adventures of drunk max before i go, though, if i can ever get un-stuck on it.

>>52274 gluing I associate with cumming over statues. At least that's what 4chan means when they say it.

I would like Booster to hot glue Ted's lips. Mmm.


Yes I do. *headdesk*

Fair enough. You deserve a break anyway.

What part are you stuck on?


4Chan is weird.

I would like Booster to tell Ted he wants to hotglue his lips, or use some weird future euphamism for "cum on your face", and for Ted to freak out because he has no idea he's not being literal.

Brightest Day just revealed why Max is back. Anyone else curious to see how this plays out with the last issue of JLGL?


Craaaaap. I won't be getting Brightest Day until Saturday at the earliest. Curiousity is gonna be killing me until I get it. D: Hope someone posts it on S_D.


Aww, why couldn't it be something like "Make Booster happy again: bring back Ted"? Well, we know why he's getting the team together now.

I think Booster will be somewhat pleased that the mission is basically to kick Magogs' ass after their meeting in Brave and the Bold. There was a mysterious set up that Rip wouldn't let Booster investigate because he wasn't ready for it yet.

Love to see how Max is going to try and convince the group of his intentions.

I feel like drawblin'. Any requests?

File: 12809875519.jpg-(246.25KB, 700x756, not-diet-food.jpg)
this was my inaugural drawing with the new tablet. hooray!

hot-gluing indeed.


Max getting his White Lantern outfit dirty.

File: 128099466389.png-(140.27KB, 637x659, comics_whitelanternmax.png)

Ted with a sploded' Bug! And Booster lookin' guilty. Or shifty. Idk.

File: 128099693172.png-(217.60KB, 650x567, comics_explosions.png)

You madame, are awesome. <333


Awesome. I love his smug expression. Thanks!

Thank you and thank you!

File: 128100935951.jpg-(1.19MB, 2560x1973, Brightest Day 07019-020.jpg)

I wonder how this ties into what happened in Gen Lost though. Did Max go to far, or was it really Magog's doing?

>after their meeting in Brave and the Bold

What issue was this?


The Brave and the Bold #23 Jurgens was taken out of BG for a month to write this because Didio wanted him to have a Magog issue. Basically Rip is out of it when Booster gets to him and mumbles Magogs' name. He goes to the location Rip just came from to see a empty battlefield with his staff. It's all vague on the details but when Booster helps Magog save people in present day he isn't impressed and promises to take him down if/when he goes out of control.


Dat coloring. Insomniac, I love the way you do skin, particularly flushed skin. Just beautiful.

Sorry, I haven't been here since before SDCC, still catching up on the threads, but...

Didio mentioned this in the second DC Nation panel. Laughed and laughed, apparently he got the biggest kick out of it.

Magog represented the Dark Age in Kingdom Come. Perhaps the former-JLI are supposed to stop Magog to represent happiness and friendship overcoming darkness, and Brightest Day is about that?

Also a post I saw:

>From: thokstar
>Every glimpse at the future we've seen for a while >suggests Maxwell Lord is going to fail.


I'm so conflicted now. Do I love this man for being able to take a joke and buddy it up with some black humor with some fans or do I hate him for being an evil dictator sort of guy who relishes in the death of a beloved character caused by his editorial iron fist?


It sucks, but I'm assuming if Max fails the JLI will defeat Magog instead.

More quotes from SD that I rather liked:

>Well, if this doesn't give Max Lord an even bigger swelled head, I don't know what will.


>Heh I was actually thinking that everyone else is wearing costumes, but Max looks like he's getting ready for a boat cruise.

>He looks fierce. Helloooooooooooo, Mr. Lord.

>Alleged villain Max Lord vs. alleged hero Magog? Oh man. I know who I'm rooting for. Any idea where I can go to get a "Team Max" shirt made? Maybe with sparkles?

>Ah Max. See now I have a good reason to like evil you you. DESTROY MAGOG.

And also:

>Note that these panels all appear to be coloured in accordance with the emotional spectrum...appearing to be Hope, Willpower, Death (?), Compassion, Avarice and Rage.

Possibly just the colourist's choice, but it could be a clue as to the character's final fates.

Max = compassion? For his former friends, maybe?

File: 128109833058.jpg-(171.61KB, 864x656, morrison&darkseid.jpg)
Because I have no sense of humor about this, my reaction was :| and bitterly texting a friend, who recommended I flip him (and Geoff Johns and Jim Lee and basically everyone in the panel except Grant Morrison because it's hard to dislike someone with an accent that ridiculously adorable) off.

(instead I took a picture of GM with Darkseid)


God, I thought that was an edited picture of Didio for a second there. It would make sense though, wouldn't it?


Don't know if you've gotten over the writer's block yet, but I'm going to throw out some ideas in case you haven't and see if that helps:

- Ted asks Max if he wants to watch; Max ends up joining in.

- Ted used to use a vibrator/dildo on Booster and then fuck him with the sextoy still in there, Booster loved it, Ted thinks Booster would really enjoy having two cocks in him.

- Ted noticed Booster talking to/snuggling/touching Max and thinks Booster is attracted to him instead of the other way around.

- Ted and Booster used to jokingly talk about who they'd want to have a threesome with, and Max was actually not that far down on the guy list.

- Ted is drunk enough to think it's a good idea.

- Max is standing there anyway.

- Max is standing there anyway and he obviously likes what he sees, because he's hard.

- Combination of two or more of the above.




Here's the Booster/Magog confrontation, courtesy of scans_daily:

File: 128114268546.jpg-(333.74KB, 680x1024, 2940ug0.jpg)
Um. Magog, don't ever say that again.

File: 128114396879.png-(21.55KB, 722x594, comics_boostlesnuggies.png)
Also, my friend request Boostle in snuggies with hot cocoa. Idfk.

Third page isn't load for me, can someone post it?

Ha, Booster's gonna have to work with Max to take down Magog, isn't he? Delicious foe yay and Booster angst for all!

In my pre-headcannon, Max fails and is about to die when he asks the ring if it can resurrect someone in his place to finish his mission. And it's Ted. And when Ted is able to stop the war, they both get to live.


That would be good. I would enjoy that very much.

File: 128115596427.jpg-(251.83KB, 682x769, ted-kord-of-earth.jpg)


Nice. What's his requirement?


He is so friggin' adorable. And also- that looks like a hoodie and I kinda really want one...

To guide Jaime and be the heart of the team ala Flash from JLU :).

I'm still wondering what the team will call themselves. Also, I'm guessing Jade will join since the team needs a green lantern and G'nort isn't around...





That too! Lol

now I can't unsee that as the actual requirement

"Ted Kord of Earth

Sex up Booster so he may fight harder."

Oh god I made a bad pun

Things are looking bleak, Booster can't deal with everything that facing Max brings up, the team is getting scrappy and everything's just a mess...

White Lantern Ted shows up to remind him what they're fighting for and cheer him on.


His little face! He is too cute. I may die.

I smiled and d'awwed.

On another note, I'm writing a scriptfic where Ted and Booster prank call the JLI Embassy(While Booster and Beetle are out of the embassy.). Spoilers for said fic: Beetle uses a voice synthziser to mask his voice, lodges a complaint with the JLI over Maxwell Lord/Guy(I'm trying to figure out which on should I pick.) molesting the compainer's daughter(While Booster does fake girly sobbing in the background). Ice(who awnsered the phone) is shocked and disturbed by this and ends up crying over to Fire, who reconizes the prank call immediatly and yells at them over the phone. Beetle calls her a firecrotch and this ticks off Fire, who accidentaly sets the phone on fire. Next chapter has Maxwell Lord getting pranked called by Booster, who's doing the talking this time. He does a creepy heaving huff and goes "What are you wearing?" to Lord. Max is bored and humors Booster, and audio-molests Booster somehow. Max gets turned on and gives Booster a mind-boner and Beetle is just laughig thinking about Booster and Max having phone sex thinking it's a joke and stuff. Third chapter if I get to it will have either a random prank caller(Not Booster and Ted.) or someone else call the JLI, get an awnser from Sue, who figures it out and hangs up on them at first. She has to go to the restroom and soshe leaves, but the phone rings and Ralph answers it. Prank caller wants someone else so he trolls Ralph by telling him Sue's pregnant and he flips out and hangs up the phone(well he has the hug her somehow.) to go hug his wife. Prank caller calls again(Sue's busy dealing with Ralph.), Guy/Nice Guy picks up the phone and the prank caller tells him that he saw him spying on the prank caller's sister and threaten's Guy. They argue for a bit, before Batman gets annoyed and knocks out Guy with one punch. Caller flips out(Well you would too if Batman got on the phone.) and tries to troll Batman with stuff about Jason Todd. Batman just gets annoyed and hangs up.


I think that 3rd chapter-caller should be the Joker. Because he'd totally do that.

White Lantern Ted is so cute! I was thinking he'd just take over the "Stop Magog from starting the war" mission from Max, but getting the team together again and having them help him stop the war and prove themselves would be cool.

(If Max dies, would all his mind-wammies be undone as well?)

I was also thinking Max could have some sort of revelation about why he went evil (especially if he's messing around in Checkmate and they were the ones that did it), and that's what makes him decide to have Ted carry on in his place.

And he gets to see Ralph and Sue again and Sue slaps him, then hugs him. And then the White entity (new one) tells him after Ted fufills the mission that only one of them can live, and Max says it should be Ted, and the entity lets everyone hear him say that, then lets them both live.

...I can't believe, after the years I've had this song, I've only realized NOW I'd love to see someone do a Boostle thing based of it


I think someone (we) should grab a bunch of scans of Booster and Ted, edit out the dialogue, and put in the lyrics to this song. Or "Guy Love". Or both.


The "Guy Love" video has already been done.

It's the first result if you search for "booster gold and blue beetle."

Personally, I'm still waiting for a fanvideo done to this:

Thread needs more porn. Reposting.

The thing about Booster was that he was always willing to go above and beyond to win an argument. So they'd been bickering, and Booster had stuck his tongue out, and Ted had made some disparaging comment about Booster's maturity level, so Booster had kept sticking his tongue out, and Ted had threatened to cut it off, and Booster had argued that his tongue was a national treasure and to threaten it was tantamount to treason, and Ted had been highly skeptical, and long story short, that was why Ted was on his hands and knees on the bed, gripping the sheets as Booster settled into place behind him.

"You know you're only trying to derail the argument because you know I'm ri-IIIGHT!" Ted gasped as Booster's tongue suddenly slid along his crack, hot and wicked. He felt Booster smile against him in response; then Booster was using his hands to push him open, trying to get better access. Ted was only too happy to oblige, spreading his legs wider and tilting his hips back a bit.

Booster's tongue circled his hole, tracing out the shape of it. Ted shivered and closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling of Booster's mouth, his lips and tongue working at Ted, coaxing him open. Booster took his time, humming a little; Ted let out a gasping, choked laugh when he recognized the song as "Shake a Tailfeather."

"God, you are so cheesy...oh, do that again," Ted moaned, pushing back against Booster. Booster's tongue probed inside and Ted fell, shaking, onto his elbows. "Oh God, Booster...nng, yes..."

He writhed against the sheets, rocking gently back in time with Booster's thrusts as Booster fucked him with his tongue, whimpering nonsense. "Fuck, Booster, yes, oh God, please, so good, oh Booster..."

He tried to reach back, to jerk himself off, but Booster knocked his hand away with a growl and wrapped his own hand around Ted's cock instead. Ted was free to fist the sheets with both hands, arching and mewling as Booster matched the rhythm of his pumping fist to his tongue, hot and wet and so deep inside Ted, sparking along Ted's nerve endings until he clenched and shuddered and came with a shout.

When Ted could move again, he rolled creakily onto his side and looked back at Booster, who was sitting back on his heels. His mouth was obscenely red and his cock even redder, leaking precome against his stomach, but he still managed to look awfully smug.

"Yeah, yeah, okay," Ted said, voice a bit hoarse. "You win."

File: 128131805166.jpg-(470.20KB, 1109x645, sketches_boostle.jpg)
hurp durp

am I the only one that really really wants to see a fic come from those WWII manrypilot!Ted & Booster pictures?

File: 128132579436.jpg-(12.00KB, 201x201, second scruffy 2.jpg)

Scruffy believes in manly!Ted.


It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Actually, no, it didn’t sound like a good idea at the time because it never would’ve sounded like a good idea at any time (unless someone else was doing it for his benefit). But that’s what he got for being so desperate to come up with something to get for Booster’s birthday that he asked his teammates for advice. Which was why, by Ralph and Sue’s mutual prodding, Ted was doing probably the stupidest possible thing in his life.

He was wearing a g-string. Because hiding inside an oversized cake wasn’t stupid enough on its own.

It was far too late to back out now so Ted just strained his ears and waited for his cue. There was something about the entire plan that kept niggling at the back of his head, though. Something that was warning him the whole thing was going to end up as a disaster.

The last few bars of the horribly mangled birthday song ended and Ted popped himself up. His hands slammed into the cake cover, followed closely by the top of his head. He sank back down with a painful ‘owww...’

He heard the outside go quiet. Then Booster’s voice asking, “Why did my cake just move?”

Ted pushed against the top again, but it didn’t move. He shoved and grunted, then he started cursing. He heard Booster ask, “Why does my cake sound like Ted?”

“Oh, please tell me a half-naked Ted is trying to jump out of the cake!” Bea cackled.

Tora sounded more concerned. “Ted’s inside?”

“Think ya need to hit the weights some, huh Blue Butt?” Guy crowed before promptly guffawing his ugly head off. Ted slammed his head into the side of the cake- he told Guy about the plan. That’s why he had a bad feeling about it.

Because the entire thing wasn’t stupid enough that he had to tell Guy.

“I think he’s stuck,” said Booster, “hang on- I’ll get my blasters and-“

“Oh no you don’t!” Max interrupted. “We paid money for that monstrosity and you aren’t going to destroy it until it’s been enjoyed!”

“I’m enjoying this.”

“You don’t count, Guy. Scott, you’re the master escape artist. Would you help him escape without ruining the cake?”

“Sure, Max. Dear? Would you be so kind?”

There was the distinct sound of Barda’s grumbling gradually growing closer. “I’ll never understand these weird Earth customs.”

Something was shuffled off from overhead and Ted gave a tentative push to the cover that easily came up. He tossed it off and half pulled himself out of the cake to snap at Guy, “You ass! What’s the big idea?”

“The big idea was to laugh at your expense!” The Lantern sneered in response.

“Oh, Ted,” Tora said, the picture of sympathy, “do you need help getting out?”

“Hurry up and move so I can put this back,” Barda added.

Ted took one look at the multi-tiered cake that looked over three feet tall. “Why do we need that much cake?”

“To feed everyone, obviously,” Max said, sweeping out his hand. Ted blinked and looked around. And found himself not only surrounded by the entire Justice League America, but the European branch as well. He flared bright red, then sunk back inside the cake.

“Aw, c’mon Ted!” The opening darkened as Booster floated up just enough to look inside. “It’s not so bad- are you naked in there?”

“What- no!”

“Yes, you are! You’re in my cake and not wearing a thing!” Booster leaned in further and Ted had a split moment of panic at the idea that he’d climb inside just to prove his point.

“I am not!” Ted smooshed a hand into Booster’s face, trying to keep him out. “I’m wearing something!”

“Wearing what? I don’t see anything!”

“Would you stop that? Get outta here!”

“Oh hey- you are wearing something. Is that a g-string?”


“You’re wearing a g-string for my birthday?”


J’onn rubbed at his face. “Tora? Would you please get a robe for Ted?”


There wasn’t many that could pull off sitting around in a bathrobe after being thoroughly mortified in front of their peers with any dignity. Ted wasn’t one of those people, but he sure as hell gave it a try. He accepted Tora’s apologies on behalf of the rest of the Leaguers, he ignored the other ladies’ snickering and gently turned down Dimitri’s completely friendly and unsarcastic offers to help him build some more muscle mass. Ted spent most of the party glaring at Ralph and Sue for their ‘helpful advice’, ignored Guy for being, well, Guy, and, instead of punching Wally for all his incessant teasing, kept pushing cake at him until he started vibrating so much from the sugar rush J’onn told him to go for a run. Ted hoped he got a sugar crash somewhere in the middle of the Pacific.

All the while Booster was hamming it up to everyone. But he kept giving Ted little glances where his eyes brightened and his grin grew and several times the only thing Ted could think of was Booster wanted to lick more than just icing from his fork.

As Ted was merely a man in only a bathrobe and g-string, there wasn’t much he could do to hide just what those looks were doing to him. So the first chance he got to slip away without anyone noticing him, Ted took it.

He should’ve know that he’d been seen and followed and he was halfway up the stairs when arms circled around his waist and pulled him back against a strong, warm body.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Booster snickered into his ear. He was definitely in a happy mood- he’d been the center of attention for most the day, had a pile of shiny presents, was full of cake and wine and was now purring against his best friend.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” Ted said dryly, trying to ignore the fact that Booster was pressed against him from top to bottom, “because it’s not happening again.”

“Hmmm. Haveta make the best of this time, then.” A hand wandered under the bathrobe and, even though the palm was hot and smooth it still made Ted suck in a breath and jump. “Can’t believe you did that for me,” Booster breathed out, thumb rubbing over Ted’s abdomen and the other tracing where the hem ended low on his thigh. Lips brushed the shell of Ted’s ear, followed by the nip of teeth trailing down until Booster reached his neck and sucked lightly at the skin.


“Your room.”


Ted felt his feet leaving the ground as Booster flew them up the stairs and down the hall. They barely got into Ted’s room before Booster was trying to tug off the robe and smother Ted with kisses and get them to bed at the same time. Instead he yanked one of Ted’s arms at and awkward angle, bit his tongue when a shoulder hit him in the jaw and the two toppled over onto the floor.

Despite it all, Ted started laughing. “Patience, young grasshopper,” he teased with a beatific grin, “the sexing will come in due time.”

“Oh, sure,” Booster slurred, his tongue still smarting, “you laugh.”

“C’mere, you’re such a baby.” Ted rolled over and took Booster’s face into his hands before pressing their lips together. It didn’t take long for the kiss to deepen or for Ted to end up on his back and Booster enthusiastically took control, licking every inch of Ted’s mouth, hands skimming over his body until Ted started writhing and whining.

“Wait, wait.”

“Now you want to be patient?” Ted nearly shrieked as Booster pulled back.

“No, I just- I really want to see you,” Booster tugged the robe open, letting it pool around the brunette and he kneeled back, just looking at him. Ted fidgeted, simultaneously shy and turned on by the utter adoration and lust in Booster’s expression. “You,” came out hushed as Booster tried to figure out how to put emotions into words, “you’re just so...” his hands traced over the thin band of material that laid against Ted’s hips, dipping low and showing off the curls trailing down his navel and spreading out around the shiny blue package between his thighs.

Deciding to give up on words, Booster just bent down and mouthed Ted through the g-string, licking and sucking at the material while Ted shuddered and bucked against him.

“Oh God, Booster!”

Booster whimpered, closing his lips over Ted’s still-clothed erection. “I can’t believe you’re wearing this,” he muttered, “for me. So much I wanna do to you, Ted, I don’t even know where to start.”

“Well,” Ted panted, trying to remember what words were, “what sounds good right now?”


He let out a breathless chuckle. “It is your birthday for another few hours.” He rolled his hips up, deliberately brushing against Booster’s chin. “So why not?”

Big blue eyes got even bigger. “You mean...?”

“Anything you want, buddy. Just so long as you finish blowing me first because- God, your mouth is just-“

Whatever Ted was going to say was lost when Booster lunged up and thoroughly kissed him until both were breathless and dizzy with each other. “Ted, you’re the absolute greatest.”

Ted grinned and gave Booster a little peck. “I know. Now how ‘bout showing me how much you appreciate my greatness?”

And he did. Several times. And if anyone was bothered by the fact that the birthday boy had left his party early, they were smart enough not to bring it up.

Requesting Rani/Rip/Ice/Scott and Barda/Max/J'onn opening the door to Booster and Beetle having sex in bed(And Booster and Beetle are awkwardly staring at the entrance), then shutting the door.

- JLI as a special ops WWII flying squadron, with Atom as the leader, Guy as the hotshot, Tora as a local nurse, Bea as a gal pretending to be a guy so she can fight, Max as the jerk with a heart of gold officer in charge of the squadron, Ted as the mechanical genius and Booster as the fame-seeking newbie.

- Max walking in on Ted and Booster doing it in his office. On his desk. With the very important papers he cameback to get scattered all over the floor.


Variant cover to JLGL #7 has Max lounging around like a GQMF:

Here's the source, the IGN preview:




Except I'm wondering why the angel in the background seems to be wearing an Iron Man mask.

And the thread stopped bumping. Making a new one now.


new thread yay


Argh, it's the artist who fucks up everyone's hair again.

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