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Fufilling Request with Spy vs Spy Content

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HNnnngh why am I so turned on

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Dumping some pictures so this won't die.

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This is all from her DA.
Also we need more Blue and Red up in here.
Also dat ass.

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And that's it for now.

I'm so confused as to how I should feel. Surprised, or "duh of course there would be porn of them." I think I like this?

fic, I need it

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This is pretty much my favourite picture in the entire world.

I support this thread.

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File: 12800877797.jpg-(325.03KB, 800x748, DarkPenguin - Checkin out Agent Black.jpg)

the pics here are such great scenes they have to go along with some kind of fic or be inspired by fic.

no one knows any?

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File: 12800904007.jpg-(2.81MB, 750x5580, DarkPenguin - SEX face MEME.jpg)

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File: 128009136930.jpg-(111.09KB, 550x719, DarkPenguin - Scuz me while I whip dis out.jpg)


there is totally fic to go with these pics. they were written by decafkitty but they don't seem to be on her Y! gallery any more. luckly i saved them all. i'm going to post part one (it's in five parts and the last part is really long) if people like, i can post the rest, or maybe someone with better google-fu will post a working link to the fic.

Fic: (sorry didn't save the title)

Black had been foolish. He had not been paying enough attention to his surroundings as he labored over the complicated explosive. He had plans to place it under White’s next car and send the other spy sky-high. Maybe when he landed back on the asphalt Black would get in some gloating words before White fell unconscious…

So he had begun thinking of the specifics of what he would say, still flickering his fingers about the wires that made up the bomb. Then suddenly White was on him. Black had only a few seconds to wonder how the other spy had found him and gotten into the basement of his new safehouse. He struggled dirtily, elbowing White in the face. He heard the distinctive crush of glasses before a rag shoved into his nose. He coughed once, realizing it was chloroform, and managed to mutter one dry word: “Fuck.” He kicked out his leg, sending the unfinished bomb crashing against the wall. White had his arms under his own, across his chest, holding him up. In contrast to Black’s own sadistic fantasies, White made relatively little sound as Black went unconscious.


The next thing that Black knew was that his arms were sore and the muscles in his upper chest burned with ache. He groggily raised his head and blinked at his new surroundings. It was an apartment with off-white carpet and absolutely no furniture. The blinds were nearly sewn shut they were so tightly closed. A fierce light shone from the ceiling’s fan – an utterly plain thing except for the new dome-cover over the bulb. Black stared at it a while before looking hazily behind him, to see why his arms hurt.

He was tied to two metal posts. The knots were perfected, flawless. He squinted to find some sort of mistake but nothing showed. He recognized the bars he was attached to as a newer-looking railing that must have been recently put in. Black hummed in his throat indistinctly as worry suddenly filled him. He had been in a few situations with White before, where he had set up these elaborate arrangements often for interrogation and torture. He wouldn’t admit it to just about anyone in the world, but Black had been broken before, maybe once or twice, and only by White. He gave a tired snarl of frustration and struggled with his ropes.

“Not again,” he murmured resiliently.

“Yes again.”

Black actually startled. Shame immediately dropped down on him. Good God, was he really that jumpy around the other spy? He wanted to kill him, and he couldn’t even notice when the man was in the damn room with him?

White was in his complete attire that he always wore. Seeing the other man, Black realized that he was wearing the exact thing he had been wearing earlier, except for…

“I took your pants,” White explained comfortably. He leaned against the wall opposite his prisoner with a half-smile on his lips. “But you can keep your hat.”

Black found his stomach flipping, and he narrowed his eyes at his rival. “What do you want from me?”

White tugged at his black tie, loosening it from around his throat. “A lot of things. Sometimes I make lists.” He finally got the black cloth into two lengths around his neck. His eyes took their time examining Black’s legs, which only caused the other spy to slit his eyes further in incomprehension. White flicked the buttons of his vest open, continuing to speak calmly, “I would love to know more about your embassy, your leader.”

Black would normally have responded right-away, refusing any suggestions that he would talk. Instead, he found himself watching White’s movements at his throat and chest. He opened his mouth to say something, then White began taking off his fair-colored collared shirt. “Ah…” Black blinked as his rival unbuttoned his top, finally revealing his chest. White looked serenely back at him, unspeaking. Eventually, Black gathered his wits and spat, “I’m not saying anything.”

“That’s fine, too.”

Black held back his automatic reaction of ‘What?’ He dragged his gaze down from White’s pointed hat that covering his bangs to his vulnerable throat to his now revealed chest and situated his eyes right above his belt-line. Then he shook his head, suddenly realizing what he was doing. “There’s nothing you can do to get me to talk,” he reminded his rival.

White shrugged and pushed off the wall he was leaning on. Black was suddenly grateful he had his sharp-edged hat, which he used to cover his vision. White’s displayed body was confusing his head. White hadn’t done this before. He’d always kept his clothes on. They knew there was sexual tension between them, but neither had really played off of it. Hell, they were spies.

Then he felt White’s hands on his boxers. Black jerked his head up and stared at him. Their hats nearly hit each other. White raised a thick, black brow at him. Black’s eyes remained wide, his eyebrows hiding under his bangs and hat. But White wasn’t questioning him or asking him if he wanted to do something.

White was pulling down Black’s boxers and exposing his half-stiff cock. Black bumped his head and hat against the bars and went to kick White in the face, but White suddenly grabbed his balls and squeezed them tight. Black gritted his teeth together, eyes snapping into a narrowed fury. White only slitted his own eyes, smirking. His expression clearly read, ‘Don’t even try it.’

Black barely knew what to do when his rival suddenly used his other hand to grip him around his growing erection. There was no lubricant, no sweetness – only White touching him with a fierce wildness he was desperately turned on by. But he made a rule in his head: ‘I’m not going to cry out, I’m not going to give him the satisfaction.’ White stared hard into Black’s face, looking for that particular sign of weakness, expression still quirked with a smile. The more he jerked Black’s cock, the more Black had trouble containing his composure. Black eyed White’s rising chest, his exposed throat, his parted lips. He found himself swallowing with his mouth firmly shut. He refused to make a sound for White’s benefit.

His rival’s smirk faded somewhat. He dropped his hand from Black’s cock. In that moment, Black clamped his teeth down together, causing an audible sound. White’s eyes remained slitted in cat-like amusement. Clearly, White had won the battle, even though Black had fought valiantly. Black’s face contorted in fury at his defeat.

His expression instantly changed when White pulled down his trousers. His already hard erection stiffened further at the sight of White’s own cock, which stood upwards rigidly. He wasn’t precisely sure what White was thinking, but he certainly knew what his mind was fixating on, and he hated himself for it.

White turned around. The coattails of his white shirt were half-covering his ass. White looked behind him, his long hat at the same angle as his nose and smirk. Black tried not to show the worship in his eyes, but White only complicated things by giving his own ass a firm smack. Black made a strange sound in his throat. He shifted his hips uncomfortably, trying to touch his now almost painful erection. White made a face of ‘aw, you poor thing’ before crouching down invertedly, his back to Black's chest. His right hand held him up, his right leg bent, with his left leg sliding out. Black’s eyes went wider as White began bringing his ass towards Black’s cock. He almost choked when he realized his rival had already stretched and lubricated himself. And he nearly died when White shoved his ass down hard on his cock.

A small part of him said, ‘Dear God, win this time, don’t you fucking say a word.’

The rest of him was too busy struggling with the ropes and gritting his teeth, moaning in his throat. White laughed indistinctly and pressed his left hand backwards on Black’s chest, pushing on him, as he rose off his cock. Black released a groan, tilting his head, staring at their connecting bodies. White gave him a slanted smile and a righteous look. Then the fucking truly started, and their pace rapidly increased. Black had never fucked a man before, but he had dreamed what he had considered nightmares of fucking White. His ‘nightmares’ were being joyfully exceeded, as the real White was much more vocal, surprising the hell out of him and turning him even more on.

“Oh yes…” White moaned. “So good…”

Black was violently working against the ropes. He wanted so badly to take White on all fours, grabbing his hips ferociously, grabbing that cock of his, getting him off as he fucked him. “Uh…” he ground out as his rival pushed down all the way on his cock, smacking his ass against his balls. White only aggravated his fierce desire by continuing his loud string of blissful comments, “Yeah… like that…!”

Their bodies were slapping together. Black was sweating furiously in his shirt, his hat felt heavy on his head, his eyes couldn’t keep off his rival’s ass. White must have been even more hot and wet in his attire – he had only opened his shirt and vest, pulled down his pants. But he seemed oblivious to any of that, and continued to shove himself on Black at a tight, fast pace that Black wasn’t sure he could handle much longer. “If…” he began, but White interrupted him, apparently not hearing or not caring as Black’s cock struck a perfect place inside him. “Oh… yes…!”

Black bit down on his lips, nearly cringing with his want of the other spy. He mustered out, “If… you untie me…” White looked at him, sweat rolling down his face, but did not stop, causing Black to groan, “Ah… I’ll fuck you right…” White’s open lips broke open to show an almost sadistic grin. He squeezed some muscles and grabbed at Black’s chest, looking him dead in the eyes, and shoved down again, all the way. Black growled out, “Unnn…”

White regained his simple smirk and continued his fierce up-and-down pace. Black was basically rubbing his wrists red and raw in his fight to get out and grab White to push him down. Instead, he found himself powerless but pleasured crazily. His cock was racing to release, and White kept on moaning and saying just the worst things someone could say during sex. He slid backwards and pressed his back against Black’s chest. White ran a long tongue up Black’s bare neck, dragged it along his earlobe, and suddenly bit him hard under his ear. Black pushed his cock further into White as he did this. Both released thick cries of ecstasy at that move. White almost grimaced at the pleasure rocking him, but he still managed to work it his way, grabbing Black’s hair opposite where he was brutally biting him. Black thrust into him further, his legs going awkward but struggling to get to a position where he could fuck White as hard as he wanted. At every bite, he exhaled these quick, short breaths, and tried even more.

Eventually, just as he was getting to the point of climax, Black got one of his legs under him. He used the prop to thrust up into White in a way he had not been able to do before. White dropped his neck and moaned so low, so husky and sexy, Black knew he was done. He refused his eyes to shut as he came hard inside White, staring at the fully-white-clad spy atop him. His rival must have found his own climax in those last final thrusts, because White’s chest seemed to collapse and his grip on Black’s hair went wild, ripping out countless black strands stuck in his hand. Several enormously fantastic moments wracked them both. As their orgasms grew more faint, White left Black and fell forward on all fours, trying urgently to catch his breath. Black stared at him almost desperately and wondered if someone could get hard again at the site of their orgasmic partner. He felt his body grow slower and heavier as his peak diminished, but he could not help but still want the ropes off and his hands on White’s hips.

White carefully moved around. He sat in front of Black, his cock still ragingly straight. He had experienced a orgasm without ejaculation, and White’s smile returned his mouth. His expression stated ‘You know what I want’ and Black, yet again, had the crazy realization he didn’t care about the embassy or his leader, but he wanted White and he wanted White now.

So when White stood and shoved his cock towards Black’s mouth, the spy didn’t shy away or gag. No, he only took in White and allowed his mouth to be fucked as hard as White wanted. His rival slapped his hat down on his head and grabbed his hair. His feet were straddling the other’s hips, and his trousers were bunched over Black’s boxers around his ankles. White was already agonizingly hard when he pushed his cock in Black’s mouth, and it only took several magnificent sucks and twirls of tongue and an opening for deep-throating for White to make another gorgeous moan and cum fantastically in Black’s mouth.

The spy swallowed most of White’s cum, but some trickled over his lips, down his chin. He looked up almost absently at White as he pulled away from Black. His rival crouched down over him, smiling in blissful satisfaction and fulfillment. Black wasn’t sure what to do and had the self-conscious thought to brush the cum off his mouth but was still unable to get his hands out of the knots. White studied Black’s face then reached over and licked the cum off Black’s lips with slow, steady strokes. Black repressed a groan, but his eyes narrowed in a second round of lust. White leaned further to him and pressed his lips hard against Black’s. His hands came up to drag the other spy in a fiercer, more passionate kiss. Like with everything they did, it came down to a competition of tongues and bites.

After several minutes, even with Black being tied, it was certain he had won, and White pulled away, his smirk faded for the moment. He looked over Black’s face and then smiled. He ran a thumb under Black’s eye, knocked his chin up to meet gazes further with his rival, then stood up, buttoning his trousers. Black watched him seriously, still feeling the stirrings of desire in him. White quirked a brow that asked ‘Want more?’ Black would not nod and would not even flicker his eyes off his rival. White only tugged down his hat further on his head with a tender but half-mad smile directed at Black.

“I’d ask you to stay the night, but you don’t get a choice. I’ll see you in an hour. You better be ready again…” White warned, though his eyes were already fixed back on Black’s rising cock. “Though I can see you’re getting there.” He reached into his pocket where he pulled out a gun that had miraculously stayed in his pants the entire time. “Maybe this time, we’ll include a little more fun…” His mild smile turned into a much wider smirk that usually made Black apprehensive but now made him horny as hell.

Black replied easily, “So long as I can fuck you on all fours.”

White paused, looking over his rival. His smirk wavered as he did so, and Black had a flicker of worry he had gone too far. Instead, White gave him a long, sexy smile. “I’ll be your bitch.” Then, God as his witness, White barked, and Black’s cock flashed up, hard and straight and far too eager to fuck.

It would be nice if we could get something that wasn't drawn by this artist in here. :c The details they add to the characters kind of remind me of Hellsing.


ahhfff this story. I remember I stayed up until 4 AM reading this story in full when I first found out about it. I think it still has a tiny influence on the way I write foe-yay now, too.

File: 128018479268.jpg-(59.94KB, 897x456, Mentalspewage - 4 of 4 - I can't draw butts o.jpg)
alright, so it turns out i'm just stupid. all the fics are still there, you just have to be logged in and i wasnt.
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
start of part 5:
don't be stupid like me, make sure you are logged in.

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Does she have anymore with Tovarich in it?

File: 128024373882.jpg-(389.17KB, 700x940, DarkPenguin - Yeah Baby pull that lever.jpg)

File: 128025511675.jpg-(466.80KB, 800x1170, DarkPenguin - Tovarich Sketches.jpg)

File: 128353232561.jpg-(183.00KB, 750x1013, Count Ze Dots.jpg)

File: 128353252099.jpg-(122.56KB, 549x1280, Its A Dirty Job.jpg)

File: 128508774939.jpg-(62.88KB, 588x700, Say my name.jpg)
This Pic was made from this fanfiction

File: 128529816651.jpg-(70.74KB, 600x700, Yes give it to me!.jpg)

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