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File: 127906349753.jpg-(28.38KB, 659x783, 4Pv2S-e525c06bad210e64794a309300f9cda0.jpg)
49896 No.49896
We autosaged off page one, bitches. Time to cook up more dicks and gay smut for this insane fandom.

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Forgot the obligatory old thread link.

> cook up more dicks

I was gonna say that probably could have been worded better, but with that pic... :P

File: 12790651016.png-(590.89KB, 824x917, pesterYum.png)

I THOUGHT that was what was happening! Argh.

I asked my friend what would happen if Equius found out about tC/aT. This was his answer.

"Awww yeah, motherfuckin' threesome!"
"I refuse to share intimacy with this weak and cowardly peasant."
"Fuck no you ain't! I am straight-up ordering you to suck this motherfuckin' bro of mine off. Ha!"

This was sort of what I was planning on drawing for katie.
The dynamics are rad.


Gamzee is simply the best troll there is.

File: 127907145525.png-(215.64KB, 600x800, Mr Fix It.png)
Fuck yes, oh my god. I cannot express my excitement. 80

Also here is a thing for Del. :3

Haha, he's not letting him get away. That's wonderful.
wrench boxers! :^:


Oh shit that's nice, Katie. XD I always kind of pictured Gamzee as a lanky motherfucker.

He makes the perfect lanky stoner kid. - v-


That's basically how I'm playing him in this multifandom LJ thing where's he's been aged up a bit. ;)

I'm pretty sure Gamzee as tall lanky motherfucker is everyone's headcanon. I haven't seen someone yet who said otherwise.

Fffffffff holy SHIT I'm literally friggin' giddy right now. The laces up the side, the wrench boxers, the absence of the shirt-- fucking everything is how I imagined it. Yessssssss. You're awesome. :D

Gotta get a fic finished back on the fora but after that I'm coming back here with SOMETHING, I know that much.

(Also, shr00m: noted. :3)

Now I'm interested... what's this you're referring to?

Bwuuhhh I am glad you like it <3
I read right from the fic while I was drawing it. C:


A collection of supernatural/post-apocalyptic earth locations cobbled together to form one bizarre multifandom city. There's some shit about a void that all the trolls are basically treating like another game.

Karkat's about to put together a heroic conquering Alternian death force consisting of Terezi, an AU aT who never got robot legs, and Gamzee.

It's actually really easygoing, and headcanon is encouraged. And since multiple AU/glitched versions of characters are possible, no one's really taken.

There's no sopor slime, but there IS weed. :V

Well this was interesting and eye-burning with all that formatted text. :|c


Yeah. I highlight or go to comments because god damn. D:

Equius is so goddamn romantic and sappy but he tries to cover it up so badly. It's adorable but at the same time really sleazy.

Just wanted to thank all write and drawfags for making me enjoy the comic even more!

File: 127908628526.png-(173.19KB, 850x1212, subjugate.png)


Equius just

This is extra lol.

I think it's mostly sleazy because he is romantic towards robot doppelgangers of people he hates for their blood color.

File: 12790958894.jpg-(286.84KB, 680x800, I_LOVE_BEING_STRONG_by_Clorin_Spats.jpg)
YO QUEERDOS. I come to you bearing a gift. Lurking dem forums does pay off.

Also writing a thing inspired by that image in the old thread from Katie, of Equius riding Tavros like a mechanical bull. I am tell you this so I can be held accountable instead of bluh bluh I won't post this is will be in my notebook forever no one will ever know.


If your writing is half as good as your art, you'd better fucking post that fic. I was a little late getting on board the strongtrain, but Equius won me over with "%%" even if I still think his name is stupid.

I'm not the only one!
(Though I probably should've lurked more and tried to suggest the name I had in mind, since it fits the Troll Name Reqs.

Quetra Vargas Y/N?)

All that delicious mangritttttt. Imagine me hissing when I say that. It makes it so much more intense.
And I find it hilarious you should be inspired by that, since the art itself was inspired by someone else's fic.
IT'S LIKE ONE GIANT CIRCLE JERK wait no, augh forget i said that

You're right, his name IS stupid. I was like "Equius...? You've gotta be shitting me." Obvious name is obvious and corny and downright embarrassing.
But I still love him.


Apparently the Equius suggestion box was only open for maybe 7 minutes, so who knows. Quetra Vargas sounds better, although some goons in the SA thread were calling him Horace Focker since he showed up, so.


I guess he'll always be Horace to me. :c

It sounds better than Equius at the very least. But "Vargas" reminds me of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and I'd never be able to look at him and not think of Edgar. I used to be the biggest fangirl for JtHM. *facepalm*

Shit, that's where I got that from. I used to read it all the time. Just didn't make the connection. Sounded familiar when I tacked it on though.

AG: 8ll th8t delicious m8ngritttttttt~

Horace sounds... well, like the name of a slug. I get the obvious pun though. And it's a funny nickname for him. Still, there had to have been a better name in all of that box...


Oh man I wish. I'm just repostan. Also: teehee, 69.


Oh rly. I would like to see this fic. For professional purposes, of course. Okay not really, but I don't want to end up making it too similar. I like how we are making a smut Ouroboros here.


Horace Focker 4 lyf.

Oh god, not Ouroboros smut. Always the same thing, over and over again.

It definitely deserves to be linked again. I loved how they wrote him as being sleazy and gross and Tavros' general horror at what was happening. Why do I like creepers so much?? Jegus.


Thank you. Funny that though 'cause I did an outline and ended up with cuddlesex. Haw haw, I am so whitebread. Or, uh whiterice I guess.

Hey, cuddlesex is good, too. Especially considering how Equius is able to break someone's jaw just by twitching.
I think if I ever get off my ass to write fic, I'm just going to completely suspend that whole thing because it's pretty much a pain in the ass and completely ludicrous. There is literally nothing about it that is even slightly believable and I find myself feeling very underwhelmed with the whole idea. Sure, make him macho or something. But strong enough to crumple steel? Meh.

File: 127910849219.png-(179.63KB, 765x568, grooming.png)
Also, here. Have some Equius and Aurthour bonding time.

File: 127911123312.png-(167.22KB, 520x903, maid outfit.png)
Three posts in a row, motherfucker. I'm insane for never sleeping.


Sleep is for people who aren't addicted to a webcomic that updates erratically in the middle of the night.

Fantastic pics.

I noticed that he never updates unless it's smack in the middle of the night. It kind of drives me batty because I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back on track.

Holy fuck am I glad I found this

Sometimes he updates at ~11 pm eastern. Those pretty much the only updates I stick around for. Luckily, the one time I managed to stay up till four, it was the day Tavros was introduced.

Excellent art as always!

File: 127911872680.png-(229.40KB, 600x800, CAN'T SLEEP.png)
Thanks. c:

Also have a WIP because I'm ready to pass out. Not sure if I'll make it. Trying desperately to provide content.

File: 127911906096.png-(236.17KB, 718x1024, subjugatecolor.png)


get some sleep and then pick it back up? :D looks awesome already!

I like the purple eyeshadow going on right here.

I probably will because I can't focus anymore. Didn't get very far in the lineart.

I also think it's incredible that this thread is getting more bumps than the one in /pco/. It's like a fuckin miracle up in here.

I can promise you that it's canon in at least one panel of the comic. Like, I fuck around and get the right colors for the lineart sometimes, and once I realised Gamzee's eyes weren't that dark grey, so I hit dropper and BAM purple fucking eyeshadow. I shit you not.

pesteryum indeed. DOSE TEEFS~ <33

also i am flattered as hell my pic got used in the first post, thank you <:)

He's really way too strong, but when they made that reveal RIGHT before I started writing the smut portion of Miracle Boy I had no idea what to do so I just tried to work with it. Frankly paired with his name, the whole STRONG gimmick is... grating. But I still like his character visually and personality-wise.

Also, these:

Are FANTASTIC. (I know SO MANY SYNONYMS.) I'm still all for Equius bein' a semi-secret crossdresser. I really don't know why I'm so dead-set on this.

Though the maid thing really makes me want to see some kind of Butler-off.
Are all awesome.

Thanks. c: I'm on my second drawing for your fic. I swear I'll get back to dicks when I'm done. I SWEAR.

Also I just read the update, guys. I was pretty loud about my distress (OOHHHH NOOOOO) and almost cried. Fucking Hussie making shit dramatic. I really liked Aurthour. ; m; (obviously he was going to die, but this was sooo saaad)

File: 127915559678.png-(216.44KB, 524x732, kiss.png)


Never fucking stop holy shit


You didn't have to draw two! :D I mean, I'm very pleased that you did, obviously. And such a nice dress, too! Had you drawn any of the smut-scenes I would have been fine with that too. I just especially love the way you did the dress.

(Aurthour: oh noooooooo!!! D:)

I drew it because I wanted to. :B
Felt like drawing something sappy and the kissing scene was pretty perfect for that.

I'd never accuse you of drawing something for any other reason. :3 But yeah, that's about how I imagined it.

(From Gamzee's perspective though, the world probably had a lot more sparkles and shit.)

Like this?
(the best PS brushes)

I'm not letting this thread get bumped off the first page, god damn it.
Where the dicks at, my brothers?

Huh. It is actually a little surprising that nobody has posted in here for about a full day or so. But hey, people are busy, mate. Good things come, etc.

This thread is dominated by my art. Good lord. I'm thinking about drawing some John/Dave based off the short fic someone posted on Homesmut where they're in a tube trapped together.

Your art is always welcome

Yeah, there is a lot of your art here Katie, but I seriously doubt anybody is going to mind.

That having been said, where the heck is Andrei? I thought he was supposed to be back by now.

I am in full support of that idea. That fic was some good stuff. And your art is some good stuff. So I am thinking those two combining would make like an explosion of awesome.

File: 127923415874.png-(131.49KB, 536x757, loligamzee.png)

File: 127923478724.png-(177.70KB, 675x825, aqualab.png)
hgth finally got around to drawing something halfway decent

i'm pretty sure that i've drawn entirely too much equius for one lifetime as is


Oh fuck yeah! Stick around, draw more.


I seeeeee yoooou. :D


Hggnnnn please. (And don't forget the buck teeth. Seriously. They are IMPORTANT.)

Yesss, unf <3
Please stick around, I hate being alone. :C

I AM INSULTED. How could I possibly forget those adorable buck teeth? (In an attempt to make them realistic, however, they usually end up much smaller than in the actual comic, sooo)

File: 127925100474.png-(109.87KB, 500x600, IWantThatCock.png)
So if you keep drawing pics for certain fics
I'm never gonna want to stop drawing you things.

File: 127925167494.gif-(179.63KB, 500x308, YOUWANTHISMILK.gif)

A+ would appreciate again


Ahahaa, hilarious. Also, hooray, first Tavros/Gamzee/Equius threesome. Knew it was only a matter of time.

Also, if this 'If you write it, we will draw it,' interrelationshp is turning out to be a pretty beautiful thing.

This made me giggle, hahaha <3
And since nothing else really seems to inspire me, I'll probably just keep drawing things based off fics. Fandom needs more fics. 80


A system is a beautiful thing.
>>Pictionary Modus
Alright MOST systems are beautiful things. But I guess I'll have to hurry up and get inspired to finish the series I'm working on so I can get back here to brush up my smut chops once again.

And when you do, I'll probably shower you with more art. :D

Got another commission to work on. They keep getting bigger. |:0
What happened to the dumb little 5-minute sketch and icon commissions that I used to get? OH WELL. MONEY.

File: 127926609553.jpg-(843.19KB, 1390x1000, trollhunkrump.jpg)
Brought you delicious delicious abs.

Also, scrawny and average.



Oh, Sollux!


All right, I can't sleep, but I'm not in the mood to draw anything. So I'm working on a fic that was a request on the Homesmut kink meme. I think it's going all right... It's not hard to write Tavros or Gamzee, so hey. I'll stick it here when I'm done.


Gog DAMN that's well drawn.




I DON'T EVEN HOLY SHIT CAN WE MAYBE GET THIS COLORED (with captions because "perv away" is the best thing)

Okay, uh, I had no idea this existed. I thought I lived in my own little brainworld of Homestuck dicks coming out of the walls.

But this shit is OFF the HANDLE. This shit. It's fucking FLYING off the FUCKING handle.

Is everybody gonna stick to trolls or should I mock up some fuckin' Dave and future!Dave shiiiiit? Because that sounds delicious to me.


Go for it.


I'm way more into the humans myself. Bring it on, baby.



I love you.


Welcome to the party motherfucker! :D I love trolls but the humans are great too. We never get enough Dave or John in here.

File: 127931905490.jpg-(102.83KB, 330x500, lol.jpg)
moar repostan from the forums

File: 127931908582.jpg-(230.78KB, 500x500, Thankyou.jpg)


We're only making so much troll stuff 'cause they're what's in the updates. I'd love to see some Dave/Future Dave or whatever.

The Eyes5 Law, they call it on the forums. If two different genderswapped/alternate universe/time clone/whatever versions of a character meet, they must make out.

Okay. MyLuckySeven, the artist of >>50254 is already coloring that later in her livestream, so I am noooot gonna waste time with it.

Back to Equius/Karkat fanfic.

>back to my Equius/Karkat fic

If it's in that order, I will fucking worship the ground you walk on.

If anyone wants to see a livestream of the coloring of this:

File: 127935945555.png-(156.36KB, 600x872, Dave+John frottage.png)
Nurp. Based on this fic:

File: 127936246531.jpg-(613.83KB, 1390x1000, trollhunkrump_GONUTS.jpg)


File: 127936397835.png-(3.40KB, 209x212, 1270074982379.png)

ML7's face the whole time she was working on this


yellow troll nipplez :3


File: 127936486590.png-(113.62KB, 750x700, my_best_fiend_by_anhou.png)

File: 127936489944.png-(208.68KB, 515x700, ct-flex.png)

File: 127936499189.jpg-(109.67KB, 535x901, trollhunkrump_angrynips.jpg)
She also did little doofy extras that are awesome

File: 127936500618.jpg-(141.79KB, 708x1000, trollhunkrump_doyouwanthisbulge.jpg)

File: 127936504822.jpg-(177.93KB, 495x915, trollhunkrump_HARMONYHARMONYOHLOVE.jpg)

File: 127936506922.jpg-(173.30KB, 535x901, trollhunkrump_THEMALL.jpg)

File: 127936508435.jpg-(157.25KB, 812x634, trollhunkrump_wink.jpg)

oh god, don't ever stop


All this content yesssss


I cannot express how happy this makes me.

Also, you did justice to the teeth. RESPECT.

This is my face a lot of the time, too.

File: 12794017156.jpg-(35.78KB, 512x512, XCentaurX - Making this Hapen.jpg)
Just found this on Y!Gallery




You found MY FILE, madam! Thanks for forwarding it before me. ;)

Haha, sorry. :B
I didn't know if you were already aware of this place, but I stuck it here cause it's cute. c:


coq appreciates. more please? :3

File: 127943731546.jpg-(98.07KB, 512x475, On this Hot God.jpg)

Moar you say? HAVE MOAR.

It's kinda refreshing to see the kids again, actually. Hivebent is amazing, but I miss John and the gang.

No kidding. Even though Terezi is me and I am her, I still miss John, Dave, Rose, even that crazy Jade like woah! And when're we gonna see John's dad and Dave's Bro again? Ah well. Patience as they say

Okay... I just finished this. And it's basically a WAY cuddly fic. Seriously. It's so sappy I'm kind of embarrassed to post it. 9 m6
I haven't done a lot of creative writing in a long time, so I really hope this isn't shitty. You can crit me if you want, but please be gentle... I'm a virgin. *sniffle*
Anyway, here it is. Tav/Gam cause it was a request on the kink meme.

Tavros sat alone in his house, as he had for the past several days since Tinkerbull's death. He'd had a hard time bringing himself around to talking to anyone. They weren't particularly pleasant as it was. He did, however, seek some comfort from the strange clown-boy, Gamzee; it was hard to call his spacy babble about miracles comfort, but it was far better than nothing at all.

He sat with his chin perched on his hand, staring at the screen of his husktop. His conversation with Gamzee had fallen idle hours ago, and he would occasionally bring up the window, wishing he could think of something to say.

Anything, really. Even if, at this point, it was completely meaningless.

But he was awkward. He'd always stumble over his words, unable to phrase what he could feel so sharply in his mind. When he was with Tinkerbull, all of that awkwardness would vanish, and he was a brave knight who never faltered and was strong and confident.

The thought-choking ties of his mind seemed to loosen around Gamzee, the more they spoke. He wasn't quite so faltering and formal. He even joked, knowing the clown would always laugh, regardless of whether or not it was funny. So strange, but so endearing.

He sighed, and reread their brief conversation for the umpteenth time.

terminallyCapricious [TC] began trolling adiosToreador [AT]

TC: HeY, mOtHeRfUcKeR, wHaT Is aLl uP AnD GoInG On.
TC: AlL RiGhT, tHaT'S CoOl, BrO. i'vE BeEn cHiLlInG NeXt tO ThE SeA.
TC: YeAh, BuT It rEmInDs mE Of mY LuSuS, y'kNoW?
TC: mOtHeRfUcKiNg mEmOrIeS, mAn.
TC: I GeT AlL KiNdS Of wEePy. ShIt.
TC: ShIiIiT WhO WoUlD MaKe fUn oF YoU?
TC: WeLl, FuCk, BrO. i dUnNo wHy aNyOnE WoUlD WaNt tO MaKe fUn oF YoU,
TC: BuT I SuRe aS TiTs wOn't.

terminallyCapricious [TC] is now idle

AT: ,,,oH,

He covered his face, massaging his eyes through closed lids. It was past midnight and he was still awake, hoping for some glimmer of life from a clown. He didn't know what it was that was making his throat burn and close up, but it was, and it wasn't long before he had his face buried in his arms with tears soaking into his skin. Silent sobs raked over his body. He missed his lusus, and his missed Gamzee. He never missed any of the other trolls, it always felt like a burden being friends with them. Especially Karkat and Vriska and Equius. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he hated them.

He hated them all.

But not Gamzee. He lifted his head back up, wiping his ruddied eyes roughly, with a touch of bitterness. He sniffed loudly and snapped off his husktop, deciding that Gamzee had probably spaced out, yet again, and wasn't about to return. He closed the husktop and started to wheel toward the ramp that led to his recuperacoon. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard his doorbell ring. And it was two o'clock in the morning. Heart pounding loudly in his ears, he swiveled around and wheeled out of his room and toward the door. Since his accident, he'd had ramps installed throughout the house, and moved his bedroom to the bottom floor. He was at the door in a few seconds, peering through the peephole catiously, completely bewildered.

He choked on a gasp at the sight of Gamzee standing at his door, staring up at the windmill on top of his house as if it were the most incredible thing he'd ever seen. Tavros slumped into his chair, his mind racing. What in the world was Gamzee doing here? The clown was insane. And yet, he felt his heart rising in a way that was somehow comforting.

He reached out with a trembling hand and opened the door slowly, barely managing to pluck up the courage to show his face. Gamzee didn't even look around at him. Tavros cleared his throat quietly, and Gamzee snapped his head around in surprise, then cracked the widest, silliest grin Tavros had ever seen.

"Tav! Hey, my brother. I knew you were feeling down, so I got my motherfucking ass right on up here as quick as I could." He reached out, knocking the door to the side, and squeezed Tavros into a tight hug, his long hair getting tangled in Tavros' longer horns. He backed up (with a little difficulty) and grinned down at the other troll. Tavros stared up at him, flushing so deeply his whole face was turning a smooth shade of chocolate.

"Shit, man, are you gonna let me in? It's cold as tits out here."

Tavros sputtered and wheeled his chair awkwardly out of the way. He avoided eye contact while Gamzee shuffled in, staring around at his house with apparant wonder. "O-oh, sorry, yeah..."

The clown started wandering off in a random direction, so Tavros called after him to follow him into his room. Gamzee complied, still staring around at everything with a vacant expression. Tavros turned and faced Gamzee, unsure of what should be done now. Gamzee glanced at Tavros, his eyes locking on something in his features. Tavros fidgeted, then said softly, "Err, what is it?"

Gamzee leaned down, being a full 3 feet taller than Tavros when he sat in a chair, and squinted a little. "You look like you been crying."

Tavros blushed again, looking down at his hands. Gamzee's tone suggested concern and unwarranted guilt flooded through him. He felt like he was keeping a dirty secret, but he couldn't explain why. Gamzee reached forward and wiped a smudge from Tavros' face, who flinched in surprise, jerking away.


Gamzee frowned. "What's been all up and getting you upset, my miracle-chair brother?"

The clown then sat down on the floor, almost eye-level with Tavros from this point of view. He had a strange way of focusing on something intently when he set his mind to it. Tavros could ignore him until he lost interest or forgot, and Gamzee probably wouldn't even notice, but he didn't.


He paused. He didn't know what to say. The slack in his mind had disappeared and his words scrunched together too closely, threatening to tumble out haphazardly. He swallowed a little, then leaned forward, his breath hitched in his throat, and kissed Gamzee Makara on the nose.

Gamzee merely stared at him for a few seconds, watching Tavros cover his face with his shirt and sink as far into his chair as his paralyzed lower half would allow. Then a smile crept into his features, and Gamzee shifted to sit on his knees, leaning forward and planting either elbow on the arms of Tavros' chair. He chuckled quietly, smiling.

Tavros looked up, and when he did he was met with painted lips on his own. At first he didn't move, his brain fogging over. Then he returned the kiss violently, his sharp teeth clicking against Gamzee's. He leaned forward, reaching out and pulling Gamzee toward him, the tightness in his chest expanding and relaxing as he let Gamzee's tongue slide over his own. When he pulled away for a breath, Gamzee nipped his lower lip softly, eliciting a soft moan from Tavros. A look of genuine arousal passed over Gamzee's face, and he hovered his mouth over Tavros' neck. Tavros tilted his head back as Gamzee kissed along it slowly, occasionally sucking and nipping at the delicate skin. Tavros squirmed, small mewling moans barely escaping him. His hands fumbled along Gamzee's sides before finding purchase in his shirt and dragging it upward mindlessly.

Gamzee shuddered at the shock of cold air and fingers dragging along his skin. He burrowed his hands under Tavros' shirt (to which the boy reacted with a gasp), pulled it out of the way, then hooked his fingers into the belt loops of his pants. He tugged gently, almost cautiously, kissing Tavros' belly and leaving small smudges of face paint. Tavros squirmed, panting. "N-no..."

Gamzee looked up, surprised. Tavros unhooked Gamzee's fingers and grabbed him by the shoulders, pulling him upward. Gamzee followed suit until he was standing in front of Tavros. He looked down as Tavros slid his own hands around Gamzee's waist and pulled him closer.

Tavros undid Gamzee's belt, letting it flop to the side, then pulled the tented fabric away from Gamzee's boxers. He leaned forward, using his intstinct to guide him, and kissed along the shaft through the fabric. He heard an intake of breath from above and continued to kiss, snaking his hands up to the waistband before finally pulling it down. He fumbled a little, flushing hot around his neck and not really sure what to do. Gamzee was already hard, and he let his hands rest on Tavros' horns.

Tavros lapped at Gamzee's cock tentatively, encouraged by the sensation of Gamzee's hands tightening around his horns. He took the tip in his mouth, sucking gently. He felt Gamzee's thighs tighten under his touch, and the clown let out a long, contented sigh. Tavros blushed at the sound and took more of Gamzee's cock into his mouth, using his right hand to grip the base gently. He took as much as he could hold into his mouth then slid it back out, his tongue trailing along the length. His fingers pumped gently while Gamzee's moved to the back of Tavros' head, pulling him closer. Gamzee's eyes were shut tight. Tavros bobbed his head lower with increasing speed, his fingers moving quickly and firmly to meet his mouth. Gamzee had to repress the urge to buck into Tavros' mouth, so he moaned instead, opening his eyes a fraction to look down at the tauros.

Sporting a hard-on of his own, Tavros unbuttoned his pants with one hand, fumbling awkwardly with it. He let out a shuddering groan as he touched himself. Gamzee's fingers slipped onto Tavros' horns, suddenly, gripping them tightly. He bucked once into Tavros' mouth as he came, his back arched. Tavros let Gamzee's cock slide out of his mouth, and a few strands of semen splashed across his face. He came shortly after, trembling and sighing.

Gamzee flopped back down onto the floor, his chest rising and falling visibly, but quietly. "Brother, I did not know you--"

"Don't say it." Tavros covered his face with both hands, his fingers getting caught in the sticky substance that had landed there. "It... it's embarrassing enough without you saying it."

Gamzee shifted to sit on his knees, leaning forward and taking hold of Tavros' hands firmly. He pulled them down and stared at the troll, his make-up smeared around his face in a terribly ridiculous manner as he tried to wear a serious expression. Tavros couldn't help but smile, and Gamzee smiled back. "I wasn't gonna call you a motherfucking queer, Tav."

Tavros flinched.

"I was gonna say, I didn't know you were all up in digging me, cause I sure as tits been digging you."

Not really sure what to say, Tavros just smiled in his endearingly awkward way.

This was an awesome fic. I don't know what else to say -- made my night.


Aaaah, so cute XD

You are Terezi, so you feel that way because Terezi x everyone! Simple.
This is really good. You write this pairing so sweetly.

as if I didn't already love you.
You just made my day, bro.

This was pretty adorable. A bit more than just "cuddly" to be sure, but still adorable. I really do like this little fic. c: Hence when I tried to think of some constructive criticism to give it, all I could really think of is what I would have written if it were my fic. Which means that because it's your fic, it's perfect!

(My logic is rather strange. But I liked it.)


Gamzee/Tavros/Equius over at the kink meme. I'd post it here too, but I'm not sure the OP finished it.


Holy cocks you queers are fast. XD It's done now, and the link is fine, but I'd prefer if the whole thing wasn't crossposted here. Is that cool with everyone?

I'm just really glad it wasn't a shit pile. This is seriously mega-embarrassing for me, because I have no confidence at all. ;__;
Also YES I'm gonna go read that right now.


ahaha I shat it out in one afternoon. Not too amazing.


Man what IS this, GERMANY? Neither of you write shit, end of story.


File: 127951828289.png-(68.57KB, 553x310, CDDD.png)

Oh hey there my carapaced brothers. B3

I remember sending Andrew a tiny little slash comic, PS and PI, and he replied with something like "oh awesome my first MSpaint adventures porn!"

This was a couple of years back, maybe like two? three? idk, it was way before the weasel king I think.

Polite sage for no contributing because I can't even hope to find that comic.

needs more carapace, guys

Try. You can do it, anonymous.


Simply email Andrew and ask him if he's kept it.


And this is Andrew we're talking about, so he probably has.

hate to break it to you guys but it was like this really tiny and badly scanned pencil comic.

gosh, I might just email him.

File: 127960843886.png-(282.40KB, 610x610, oOH, UHH, GAMZEE.png)

File: 127961130839.gif-(47.04KB, 650x450, oh god damn it.gif)
My heart is breaking.

I have no idea what o think of this latest update. I just got the hankering for some rage sex so I guess I might be able to finish that request.

Oh god how did this get here...


That's hilarious.

And I've got more ideas, this time Karkat/Sollux themed (Karkollux? Solkat? Tholchkat?)

--SolluxTop: Karkat doesn't really like Sollux. Well, he LIKES Sollux. But he doesn't LIKE-LIKE Sollux. Which is stupid idiot Human-speak for "he doesn't have a hankering for his heinous bone bulge". But Sollux like-likes Karkat. (And if he has to use his powers to hold the fucker down, he probably will.)
--KarkatTop: Karkat and Sollux get in yet another argument over some moronic hoofbeast-shite. It's not like Sollux can do shit about ANYTHING if Vantas just steals his glasses though, right? What would Sollux do if he can't see? If he had a sickle around his throat?
--Hatefuck: Basically a blend of the above two, but with less focus on powers and more focus on the power struggle between the two in the deed itself.


Unghh it's hard to choose. They're all good ideas. I think I'm going to cast my vote for the first one, just because I like seeing Karkat being dominated.

I laughed far harder than any sane human should.

insta boner kill

shit man, so ANGRY

Holy crap somebody actually laughed at the lisp-pairing (a word that, in itself, is a bitch to the lisp-impaired), my night has been made.

And alright, that's one vote for Sollux topping, which quite frankly is hilarious but I am RUNNING WITH IT.

What is the character limit for these posts?

Uh, it's pretty damned high. But for easy reading, I'd say split it up every 10k words or less, where applicable.

Oh, okay, I'm way in the clear, then. I was just checking before I made a mistake or something.

I have hit a roadblock. Should I just post what I have and come back to it?



I wanted to write about Dave. Then Equius had to be so freaking adorable but also creepgasmic and Tavros had to be like the cutest little thing and then this. I'll pick it up whenever the fuck I feel like it again which is not four thirty in the morning obviously.


Tavros had just stopped paying attention to the constant sensation of eyes on the back of his head. Equius made everyone feel that way when he would just stand back there behind everyone. Watching.

But, sometimes Tavros could catch him staring when he was supposed to be doing other things. His most polite, innocent guesses were along the lines of the other troll trying to size out the dimensions of Tavros' own limbs, so that he could make the robotic ones as accurate as possible. Or, on a darker note, the frightening young man could be already imagining the carnage that would occur when he was split in two so that the mechanical legs could be install, for, surely, he would watch even then.

Tavros had started feeling those eyes on him when he was falling asleep for a few days before the... surgery. It was enough that when he had lain down the day of, it was alright to fall asleep with the hot pressure of his stare digging into the back of his skull. He still slept with a small smile blessing his lips because his dreams were filled with the ability to walk and eyes on his back that this time he knew were there because they just didn't want to leave him as he frolicked about; RAPPING WITH TC and engaging in some RATHER EXTREME ROLEPLAYING, though not as extreme as before. He wasn't about to risk his legs again, especially not while he was watching.

And then he was quite suddenly awake, his mouth open in a silent scream, his eyes welling up and he tore at his bloodied arms with tense fingers, staring straight up into the light and trying not to feel too ashamed of showing this weakness to the one who was watching, the one who always watched.

And then he was kind of aware that the girl and her chainsaw were gone, and that there were hands that were too rough on the tore and gushing flesh doing things and hurting him and then he could feel his toes and hey this isn't so bad.

He'd passed out shortly afterward, but when he woke up he could still feel that he was being watched, but he was too eagerly smiling and staring down his new legs as he rotated an ankle, lifted a leg up and touched at his own thighs, giddy with the fact that he could feel, even if what was under his hands was cold and hard.

His nervous eyes were suddenly staring right back at the shattered lenses that stared over at him. "Can... can I, uh..."

"You will be able to feel carnal stimulation." Tavros turned red, the bluntness rattling his already shaky nerves. It didn't help that all the staring was making him itch to try out the fullest capabilities of these legs. He hadn't liked the idea of being watched before, had he?

"Can, uh... can you, uh..."

"No. Do it, you low-blooded..." Tavros had to avert his eyes quickly, as it seemed like Equius was getting worked up like he sometimes did, but what he was instructing him to do was frighteningly delicious sounding. Besides, where was the shame in letting Equius see something if he had made it himself?

His face was red with the curiosity and embarrassment as he pushed down the metal pants, finding that they really seemed just to be metal pants over his brand new lower half, and he wasn't entirely sure why he couldn't just wear normal pants over them but he was too busy noticing that there was a fully hardened metal dick stretching up against his stomach at an impressive size. He didn't know whether his own had even been that big.

“Uh...” He spared a glance at Equius, then looked down again because watching him while he sweat and breathed all heavy like that was weird and it made him feel sort of uncomfortable seeing as how it just made his horns feel heavier as he very slowly reached down and touched that cold length of metal that was pressing against his navel.

Sputtering as his metal legs spasmed, Tavros felt a wave of heat ripple down through his skeleton, silently singing praises to the skills of the boy who was currently watching him grope quietly at the metal dick that now was his own while flakes of his own dried, brown blood cracked off his arms and fell to the ground around him.

I am surprisingly pleased with where this is going and I don't know if I should be. Primarily I think it has to do with the fact that you write Tavros strangely well. The vernacular flows quite nicely.


Tavros is fun to write if you can pull off a decent stammer. :P Also write more of this bizarre robot masturbation thing; I think I'm harboring a new kink here :O

Equius put a ship in Tavros dick so it felt burning passion for Equius butthole.

Yes, let's make this happen.

Also this is amazing, don't stop. :3c

File: 127967876890.png-(80.28KB, 345x473, M0fNi-873a5e2603f1e1ca575f71e92151cf94.png)

Yes, actually.



Can we get more Sollux on Sollux action please thank you fandom ilu

File: 127968607015.png-(257.71KB, 433x919, jkhkjh.png)

File: 127968817715.png-(65.80KB, 459x446, DDSS.png)

I've got such a boner for SS and JN

i think it's that shiny sleek carapace lol


Surprisingly pleasant tingly feelings in my stomach. Do continue!

File: 12797089531.png-(103.65KB, 439x570, Karkat+Sollux crooked.png)
This image courtesy of ShiftyMoof at FA.



File: 127971622965.png-(269.20KB, 600x759, Tav+Gam LARP fanart2.png)
Annnnnd here is my fanart. I know Gamzee's ass looks weird I KNOW. I spent nigh to 4 hours on this so I done fucking with it.


Appreciating it on the queer board too. Gamzee's face is amazing <3

File: 127973389894.png-(134.85KB, 640x642, johncgbuttsex.png)
>>50874 Thanksss <3 ; v; I thought it looked derpy.

GUYS. I found this old sketch of John doing Karkat up the ass before anyone besides the main 4 trolls were even in existence. Should finish y/n?



aw yeah.
Dat's some dramatic triangular composition right dere.
please do finish, as much as you want to, that is.

Fuck yesss
Why is there so little Karkat/John


that's what I'm sayin. If I could think of a good scene I'd be writing them right now

File: 12797482668.png-(29.68KB, 800x750, abomintionporn.png)
All right, gonna finish that other sketch. Here's um... some awkward Dave frotting against a smuppet I also happened to find lying around. This probably isn't everyone's cup of tea but I like it. 9_6


I would be so up for some more Karkat/John, Karkat/Terezi, or Terezi/John. And it's a great sketch, the faces especially.

Dave embarassed smuppet frottage is hilarious. "Oh god why do I find this hot I'm so fucked up FUCK YOU BRO GOGDAMMIT--unnf."

That is the the thought process behind that face. In as much as Dave is thinking.

File: 127975258331.png-(136.32KB, 640x642, John+Karkat buttsex.png)
Hahaha, that's exactly how I pictured it. :B
Also here's that finished sketch. I didn't throw a whole lot of effort into this one since it's old and BLUH.

File: 127975332623.png-(20.14KB, 459x473, 12773961273.png)




/starts slow clap


I've found it, the most incorrect statement on the internet.

Seriously that is wonderful.

I laughed way too hard at that. CD = <3

Oh thank god I'm not the only one


I find Dave's discomfort arousing.

File: 127982863342.png-(391.43KB, 600x800, Tav+Gam kiss.png)
Just in time to bump this shit back onto the first page.


A+ as always, I love the way you draw these two :D

First off, thanks for getting it back on page one.

Secondly, this is chest-achingly sweet. I saw this on the fora (while it was still working for me) and I was going to comment on it, but the servers keep flippin' the fuck out. Seriously though, the detail is wonderful (especially, almost weird to notice, in the ear) and Tav biting his lip... it's rather lovely. Also, is that some Gamzee sans make-up? It looks like it. (Which would also be fine by me.)

(On a side note, I swear I'll have some fic written soon. All this fora business combined with the clusterfuck that is Clusterstuck has been dogging me down.)

Alright, writing this now. I've never written angry or sexually charged Sollux before, so we'll see how this goes.


Wow, for being something you didn't put munch effort, it ended looking really nice.

Augh this is so horrific thus far that I think I'll probably end up scrapping it and starting right the hell over. So for scrap perusal, I'll post it elsewhere.

"The Vernacular" - TA/CG


Proceed. Karkat/Sollux ftw but I really have trouble getting into their characters somehow. :B

Thanks <3 Yep, sans make up but only because I forgot and by the time I realized I was like "oh fuck this shit."

Hmmm, I like the idea you've got rolling here. There's something about it that rings odd for me, though. Maybe it's just the pacing or wording, but some of the sentences were hard to piece together as a whole and comprehend. I might also just be a clod.
Don't stop though! You've got their characterization down nicely, and I like where it's going. C:

File: 127991277728.png-(223.44KB, 634x838, what's shakin.png)
loot doot gonna drop this here too

God I love that pairing.


Oh fuck that's cute :D


Aw, don't look so disgruntled Tav, he's only teasing you ironically

Ffffucccck I had this more detailled concrit post all typed up that I was going to give you and I don't want to be arsed to retype it.

Summary: The dialogue sounds pretty good, and I especially like your establishment of character quirks at the beginning. The way you spin out their hatefriendship of mutual anger is believable.

Where I think you might be getting frustrated is some parts feel a good bit more 'tell' than 'show.' It's still a believable and moderately entertaining description of what's going on in Sollux's head,'s a description.

Hahaaa, okay, I know who you aaaaare.

(sorry, very tired.)

I don't mind that you don't have some kind of uber long concrit for me, that's perfectly fine. And I'm glad you liked what is there, at least to some degree.

And yeah, I've taken what I thought was wrong with it before and mulled it over, and decided that I don't really need to do it from Sollux's point of view. Or rather, not his third-person perspective.

His dialogue is going to inform what he's thinking, and he'll be doing most of the talking to begin with so we don't really need to be in his head. Besides, he's being the dominant one in this fic, or at least he will be. So it makes a lot more sense to be in Karkat's head. Karkat is the one who is going to get dominated, and at the very beginning it probably won't be consensual. it will get there, but what's important is the power struggle that is present at the start and how that gets resolved.

I figure that as a reader I would take more pleasure in this specific scenario if I knew what was going through the head of the one being dominated. but that's a personal preference.

So I think I'll get a middle ground. I haven't decided for sure, but I might just have Sollux's thoughts be entertwining with Karkat's via some psycho-power nonsense. Whatever seems the most realistic when I wake up tomorrow.

(I do already have a few pretty good paragraphs knocked out for the revision though, thank god.)

File: 127994205194.png-(326.74KB, 820x739, tavros mangrit.png)
Whoa has beefy powerlifter Tavros not been posted here yet? HOW CAN THAT BE.

File: 127994212196.png-(81.09KB, 482x300, attc-honk.png)
Which , uh is something I noticed because I came to post this from the same artist.


>>51124 >>51125

This rendition of Tavros, while incredibly badass and I do support it, reminds me a lot of the Big Nerd/Geek Bruiser archetype. Specifically, Beefy himself. Don't really know why the latter though.

All right, I need ideas. I have things I'm going to do for the /pco/ thread but literally nothing for this one.
I'll probably draw anything since I haven't done straight up porn in a while.

I have ideas! many many ideas do I have.

=>Sollux being dominant with Karkat. or anyone. Sollux never seems to be that dominant in fics or pics. it'd be a nice change.

=>Gamzee and, uhhhh... wait, has anybody drawn Gamzee WITH Gamzee? I know that some people jokingly suggest Sollux/Sollux, which would be fine too... but I dunno, I like clowns. especially easy-going clown people.

=>I'm sorry for even suggesting this but a while back a friend of mine said there should be a Troll Host Club. I took this to mean they should all be flamboyant and pretty or something.

I'm sorry the ideas are kind of crap. thought I had more than these.


Well damn. Beat me to the Karkat/Sollux thing, but then if this fic I'm working on turns out as good as I hope it does, there may potentially be more fic in the same vein thereafter. Stupid character voices.

But hey, if you're taking suggestions: Equius builds robots, so that he can beat the hell out of them. Would he not also build robots so that he can bang the hell out of them? I think he would.

Or, or! Maybe some Tavros dominating Karkat! I haven't seen that at all. I'll admit this was slightly inspired by the beefy-robo-leg Tavros picture though. But now I just want to see Tavros get all forceful with the Group Douche, y'know? He seems like he would eventually get fed up with Karkat yelling at everybody.

I would also accept (read as: be very happy with the unexpected gift of) a submissive Gamzee with somebody else other than Sollux. I don't really see how that would work though.

(recommented cause of double post and typos. - v-)

>I'm sorry for even suggesting this but a while back a friend of mine said there should be a Troll Host Club. I took this to mean they should all be flamboyant and pretty or something.

Sorry?? Hahaha, oh god. I feel like this is extremely pressing and should be done right away. Cross dressing flamers, nurrhurr.
Also, I'm gonna get on some Sollux/Karkat eventually. This fandom is sorely lacking in it.

Submissive Gamzee with Karkat, perhaps? Sounds good to me. I already ship it, so that's cool too.
FFF dominant Tavros is so strange. I'm definitely going to try this sometime, though. It's actually a pretty refreshing idea since he's everybody's doormat, no exceptions.
I already sketched Equius BEING banged by a robot a while back. B3 One day I might do it the other way around.

...PFFFFT I REMEMBER THAT. I liked every picture in that set. Perhaps most of all because of the way you drew Equius's eyes. Dunno why.

Also, if that person was talking about Ouran Host Club, then I don't think they meant crossdressers. But I loves me some crossdressers. So either one sounds awesome to me.

And yeah, the doormat thing is why I suggested Tavros. But Gamzee/Karkat sounds right up my alley. I've gotten really used to Gamzee being some kind of quasi-bottom, due to the fic of Gamzee being all "sit the fuck DOWN motherfucker" and whatnot. Him ordering people around passively. It's kind of hot.


Honestly, 'sit the fuck DOWN, motherfucker,' confirmed Gamzee for me as someone that could top, albeit in a totally laid-bad fashion. As someone that has a certain notch of the ol' royal, charismatic, forcefulness, if he wanted to use it. I guess I see him as someone who knows what he wants, and is generally successful in getting it, but in a laid-back kind of fashion.

I should write that one kink meme prompt and see if I can express this idea properly.

Writing the story in Karkat's head sounds like it'll work, especially if he doesn't immediately rush to the submissive side of things. After all, that'd be moreso showcasing a submissive Karkat than a dominant Sollux. Admittedly, I can't imagine Karkat going down without a fight, complaining and moaning and cussing (and perhaps loving it and hating himself for it) the whole time.

There are definitely workable ways to show both their headspaces.

And psycho-powers telepathnic nonsense to show what's in Sollux's head sounds delightfully hot to me.

Lookin' forward to this.

Tawarawa-llama-ding-dong draws an excellent Tavros, I hope to see more from that kooky furry lady.

File: 127996286848.png-(285.21KB, 800x800, hOnK.png)
I realized the non-crossdressing thing after a prompt Google. But screw it, I like cross dressing. Also here's a WIP. Dunno how I want to do this one. I'm really tired of drawing at HOOG RESOLUTION to make the lines bearable but I'm god awful at painting. Maybe I'll take a stab at painting anyway.

I agree with this. c:

Glad to hear that it's being anticipated. c:

But yes, for some reason, you expressing your approval of the psycho-telepathic thoughts thing made me realize exactly how it was going to work. Yes! Wonderful!

But now, I would definitely want to showcase the power struggle between Karkat and Sollux. there would be no such thing as one of them instantly becoming the submissive. That's not how I see their dynamic working.

//Del is already far too busy writing now to continue this post. INSPIRATION!//

File: 127997165845.png-(255.12KB, 640x640, hOnK.png)
Eeeehhhh not much effort. Meh.
But yeah, Karkat/Gamzee.


Hell fuckin yeah!

I am also in the process of writing a Karkat x Sollux fic right now. Does this make us bitter rivals?

It's always weird for me to see Gamzee without makeup, but you managed to capture his sexface perfectly. >:3

Honestly, it's hard for me to draw Gamzee with makeup on in porn. It makes the image goofier than I want it to look and ruins it for me. 9_6

But smeared Juggalo makeup is totally hot and oh god Hussie what have you DONE TO ME


Nah, see. Smeared and mussed anything is potentially hot, because it means the sweating and the....vigorous exercise...have been occuring.


Agreeing with Red here. Smeared make-up is sometimes rather unattractive to me, but-- and I don't know where exactly this particular fetish manifested-- if it's some kind of black and white make-up (like I guess a clown or a mime would wear) then the smearing just makes it more attractive.

It's really weird because I have no idea where or when I started liking this. o:

That having been said, this is several different kinds of lovely anyway. Gamzee, make-up or no, does have the perfect expression on. The drastic skin-color difference, while it makes sense, did throw me off a little at first. But purple just suits him way too well.

Gog damn I always type walls of text.

Man you're gonna need like ten spoons of sugar
Just to mask all the bitterness we got goin on
Fuckin Gary and Ash got nothin on this rivalry
Im doin it man
Im takin this joek to farrrr

FACEPAINT BLUH. I also simply happen to be bad at rendering it effectively SO. I decided to saturate their skin /very slightly/ with their blood colors instead of adding blush in various places cause it looks better as a solid color. I got carried away with the lighting and he looks... very purple. But I don't really care cause it's my favorite color anyway. c:

File: 128000622479.png-(160.13KB, 502x1003, nononono.png)
I think that a lot of art on the MSPA forums is pretty go- WOAH WOAH, WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK.

my reaction


It's the fact that we keep seeing this that makes me wonder if some of those artists are crossdressing fetishists that just haven't realized it yet. Seriously, I thought dudes in dresses was just something the dudes liked, and yet here's all this probably lady-art with it.

Also Red thinks that bodypaint is pretty hawt.

i'm going through withdrawal guys! help!

Not on the first page? Must bump!

Looks like we're autosaging again

I'll make the next thread later if no one else does.

It's probably wise for an artist to make the new thread, so as to have a noticeable picture to start it off with.

In the meantime, I'm about about one fifth through writing that Sollux/Karkat fic. Being sick has gotten me far too bogged down to do it as quickly as the last one.

Well good luck! I hope you feel better soon, being sick blows.


new thread, mofos

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