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File: 127906349753.jpg-(28.38KB, 659x783, 4Pv2S-e525c06bad210e64794a309300f9cda0.jpg)
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We autosaged off page one, bitches. Time to cook up more dicks and gay smut for this insane fandom.

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File: 127975258331.png-(136.32KB, 640x642, John+Karkat buttsex.png)
Hahaha, that's exactly how I pictured it. :B
Also here's that finished sketch. I didn't throw a whole lot of effort into this one since it's old and BLUH.

File: 127975332623.png-(20.14KB, 459x473, 12773961273.png)




/starts slow clap


I've found it, the most incorrect statement on the internet.

Seriously that is wonderful.

I laughed way too hard at that. CD = <3

Oh thank god I'm not the only one


I find Dave's discomfort arousing.

File: 127982863342.png-(391.43KB, 600x800, Tav+Gam kiss.png)
Just in time to bump this shit back onto the first page.


A+ as always, I love the way you draw these two :D

First off, thanks for getting it back on page one.

Secondly, this is chest-achingly sweet. I saw this on the fora (while it was still working for me) and I was going to comment on it, but the servers keep flippin' the fuck out. Seriously though, the detail is wonderful (especially, almost weird to notice, in the ear) and Tav biting his lip... it's rather lovely. Also, is that some Gamzee sans make-up? It looks like it. (Which would also be fine by me.)

(On a side note, I swear I'll have some fic written soon. All this fora business combined with the clusterfuck that is Clusterstuck has been dogging me down.)

Alright, writing this now. I've never written angry or sexually charged Sollux before, so we'll see how this goes.


Wow, for being something you didn't put munch effort, it ended looking really nice.

Augh this is so horrific thus far that I think I'll probably end up scrapping it and starting right the hell over. So for scrap perusal, I'll post it elsewhere.

"The Vernacular" - TA/CG


Proceed. Karkat/Sollux ftw but I really have trouble getting into their characters somehow. :B

Thanks <3 Yep, sans make up but only because I forgot and by the time I realized I was like "oh fuck this shit."

Hmmm, I like the idea you've got rolling here. There's something about it that rings odd for me, though. Maybe it's just the pacing or wording, but some of the sentences were hard to piece together as a whole and comprehend. I might also just be a clod.
Don't stop though! You've got their characterization down nicely, and I like where it's going. C:

File: 127991277728.png-(223.44KB, 634x838, what's shakin.png)
loot doot gonna drop this here too

God I love that pairing.


Oh fuck that's cute :D


Aw, don't look so disgruntled Tav, he's only teasing you ironically

Ffffucccck I had this more detailled concrit post all typed up that I was going to give you and I don't want to be arsed to retype it.

Summary: The dialogue sounds pretty good, and I especially like your establishment of character quirks at the beginning. The way you spin out their hatefriendship of mutual anger is believable.

Where I think you might be getting frustrated is some parts feel a good bit more 'tell' than 'show.' It's still a believable and moderately entertaining description of what's going on in Sollux's head,'s a description.

Hahaaa, okay, I know who you aaaaare.

(sorry, very tired.)

I don't mind that you don't have some kind of uber long concrit for me, that's perfectly fine. And I'm glad you liked what is there, at least to some degree.

And yeah, I've taken what I thought was wrong with it before and mulled it over, and decided that I don't really need to do it from Sollux's point of view. Or rather, not his third-person perspective.

His dialogue is going to inform what he's thinking, and he'll be doing most of the talking to begin with so we don't really need to be in his head. Besides, he's being the dominant one in this fic, or at least he will be. So it makes a lot more sense to be in Karkat's head. Karkat is the one who is going to get dominated, and at the very beginning it probably won't be consensual. it will get there, but what's important is the power struggle that is present at the start and how that gets resolved.

I figure that as a reader I would take more pleasure in this specific scenario if I knew what was going through the head of the one being dominated. but that's a personal preference.

So I think I'll get a middle ground. I haven't decided for sure, but I might just have Sollux's thoughts be entertwining with Karkat's via some psycho-power nonsense. Whatever seems the most realistic when I wake up tomorrow.

(I do already have a few pretty good paragraphs knocked out for the revision though, thank god.)

File: 127994205194.png-(326.74KB, 820x739, tavros mangrit.png)
Whoa has beefy powerlifter Tavros not been posted here yet? HOW CAN THAT BE.

File: 127994212196.png-(81.09KB, 482x300, attc-honk.png)
Which , uh is something I noticed because I came to post this from the same artist.


>>51124 >>51125

This rendition of Tavros, while incredibly badass and I do support it, reminds me a lot of the Big Nerd/Geek Bruiser archetype. Specifically, Beefy himself. Don't really know why the latter though.

All right, I need ideas. I have things I'm going to do for the /pco/ thread but literally nothing for this one.
I'll probably draw anything since I haven't done straight up porn in a while.

I have ideas! many many ideas do I have.

=>Sollux being dominant with Karkat. or anyone. Sollux never seems to be that dominant in fics or pics. it'd be a nice change.

=>Gamzee and, uhhhh... wait, has anybody drawn Gamzee WITH Gamzee? I know that some people jokingly suggest Sollux/Sollux, which would be fine too... but I dunno, I like clowns. especially easy-going clown people.

=>I'm sorry for even suggesting this but a while back a friend of mine said there should be a Troll Host Club. I took this to mean they should all be flamboyant and pretty or something.

I'm sorry the ideas are kind of crap. thought I had more than these.


Well damn. Beat me to the Karkat/Sollux thing, but then if this fic I'm working on turns out as good as I hope it does, there may potentially be more fic in the same vein thereafter. Stupid character voices.

But hey, if you're taking suggestions: Equius builds robots, so that he can beat the hell out of them. Would he not also build robots so that he can bang the hell out of them? I think he would.

Or, or! Maybe some Tavros dominating Karkat! I haven't seen that at all. I'll admit this was slightly inspired by the beefy-robo-leg Tavros picture though. But now I just want to see Tavros get all forceful with the Group Douche, y'know? He seems like he would eventually get fed up with Karkat yelling at everybody.

I would also accept (read as: be very happy with the unexpected gift of) a submissive Gamzee with somebody else other than Sollux. I don't really see how that would work though.

(recommented cause of double post and typos. - v-)

>I'm sorry for even suggesting this but a while back a friend of mine said there should be a Troll Host Club. I took this to mean they should all be flamboyant and pretty or something.

Sorry?? Hahaha, oh god. I feel like this is extremely pressing and should be done right away. Cross dressing flamers, nurrhurr.
Also, I'm gonna get on some Sollux/Karkat eventually. This fandom is sorely lacking in it.

Submissive Gamzee with Karkat, perhaps? Sounds good to me. I already ship it, so that's cool too.
FFF dominant Tavros is so strange. I'm definitely going to try this sometime, though. It's actually a pretty refreshing idea since he's everybody's doormat, no exceptions.
I already sketched Equius BEING banged by a robot a while back. B3 One day I might do it the other way around.

...PFFFFT I REMEMBER THAT. I liked every picture in that set. Perhaps most of all because of the way you drew Equius's eyes. Dunno why.

Also, if that person was talking about Ouran Host Club, then I don't think they meant crossdressers. But I loves me some crossdressers. So either one sounds awesome to me.

And yeah, the doormat thing is why I suggested Tavros. But Gamzee/Karkat sounds right up my alley. I've gotten really used to Gamzee being some kind of quasi-bottom, due to the fic of Gamzee being all "sit the fuck DOWN motherfucker" and whatnot. Him ordering people around passively. It's kind of hot.


Honestly, 'sit the fuck DOWN, motherfucker,' confirmed Gamzee for me as someone that could top, albeit in a totally laid-bad fashion. As someone that has a certain notch of the ol' royal, charismatic, forcefulness, if he wanted to use it. I guess I see him as someone who knows what he wants, and is generally successful in getting it, but in a laid-back kind of fashion.

I should write that one kink meme prompt and see if I can express this idea properly.

Writing the story in Karkat's head sounds like it'll work, especially if he doesn't immediately rush to the submissive side of things. After all, that'd be moreso showcasing a submissive Karkat than a dominant Sollux. Admittedly, I can't imagine Karkat going down without a fight, complaining and moaning and cussing (and perhaps loving it and hating himself for it) the whole time.

There are definitely workable ways to show both their headspaces.

And psycho-powers telepathnic nonsense to show what's in Sollux's head sounds delightfully hot to me.

Lookin' forward to this.

Tawarawa-llama-ding-dong draws an excellent Tavros, I hope to see more from that kooky furry lady.

File: 127996286848.png-(285.21KB, 800x800, hOnK.png)
I realized the non-crossdressing thing after a prompt Google. But screw it, I like cross dressing. Also here's a WIP. Dunno how I want to do this one. I'm really tired of drawing at HOOG RESOLUTION to make the lines bearable but I'm god awful at painting. Maybe I'll take a stab at painting anyway.

I agree with this. c:

Glad to hear that it's being anticipated. c:

But yes, for some reason, you expressing your approval of the psycho-telepathic thoughts thing made me realize exactly how it was going to work. Yes! Wonderful!

But now, I would definitely want to showcase the power struggle between Karkat and Sollux. there would be no such thing as one of them instantly becoming the submissive. That's not how I see their dynamic working.

//Del is already far too busy writing now to continue this post. INSPIRATION!//

File: 127997165845.png-(255.12KB, 640x640, hOnK.png)
Eeeehhhh not much effort. Meh.
But yeah, Karkat/Gamzee.


Hell fuckin yeah!

I am also in the process of writing a Karkat x Sollux fic right now. Does this make us bitter rivals?

It's always weird for me to see Gamzee without makeup, but you managed to capture his sexface perfectly. >:3

Honestly, it's hard for me to draw Gamzee with makeup on in porn. It makes the image goofier than I want it to look and ruins it for me. 9_6

But smeared Juggalo makeup is totally hot and oh god Hussie what have you DONE TO ME


Nah, see. Smeared and mussed anything is potentially hot, because it means the sweating and the....vigorous exercise...have been occuring.


Agreeing with Red here. Smeared make-up is sometimes rather unattractive to me, but-- and I don't know where exactly this particular fetish manifested-- if it's some kind of black and white make-up (like I guess a clown or a mime would wear) then the smearing just makes it more attractive.

It's really weird because I have no idea where or when I started liking this. o:

That having been said, this is several different kinds of lovely anyway. Gamzee, make-up or no, does have the perfect expression on. The drastic skin-color difference, while it makes sense, did throw me off a little at first. But purple just suits him way too well.

Gog damn I always type walls of text.

Man you're gonna need like ten spoons of sugar
Just to mask all the bitterness we got goin on
Fuckin Gary and Ash got nothin on this rivalry
Im doin it man
Im takin this joek to farrrr

FACEPAINT BLUH. I also simply happen to be bad at rendering it effectively SO. I decided to saturate their skin /very slightly/ with their blood colors instead of adding blush in various places cause it looks better as a solid color. I got carried away with the lighting and he looks... very purple. But I don't really care cause it's my favorite color anyway. c:

File: 128000622479.png-(160.13KB, 502x1003, nononono.png)
I think that a lot of art on the MSPA forums is pretty go- WOAH WOAH, WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK.

my reaction


It's the fact that we keep seeing this that makes me wonder if some of those artists are crossdressing fetishists that just haven't realized it yet. Seriously, I thought dudes in dresses was just something the dudes liked, and yet here's all this probably lady-art with it.

Also Red thinks that bodypaint is pretty hawt.

i'm going through withdrawal guys! help!

Not on the first page? Must bump!

Looks like we're autosaging again

I'll make the next thread later if no one else does.

It's probably wise for an artist to make the new thread, so as to have a noticeable picture to start it off with.

In the meantime, I'm about about one fifth through writing that Sollux/Karkat fic. Being sick has gotten me far too bogged down to do it as quickly as the last one.

Well good luck! I hope you feel better soon, being sick blows.


new thread, mofos

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