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Ooookay, barring that weird incident, let's discuss. Bendy!Ted, Rocky Horror picture show, and Max being a creepy boss

Also, Is it me, or did Max get a cameo in Divided We Fall?

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old thread

If it got mysteriously deleted, it's probably because the other thread's still on the first page. No need to jump the gun.

Also: looks like a generic suit guy to me. You've seen the Ultimen one, right?

File: 127856361276.png-(198.85KB, 361x406, Picture 39.png)
Huh. Guess I was a bit too excitable then.

Max looks deliciously sexy in this episode, though.

Booster has to be Rocky all the time. Captain Atom can join L-Ron as the Narrator. Like maybe L-Ron overloads from seeing Dr. Max N Furter and Cap. Atom has to cover for him.

File: 127857021663.jpg-(203.11KB, 800x700, hoo-boy.jpg)
per our recent speculation! drawn, ironically, on my first sober night in weeks.

i have the stirrings of a fic in my head to go with this, too.

You are now now associating Dr. Scott with Scott Free. Manually.


Aww, drunk!Max.

And from some sort of tumblr sidekick meme post: "apparently namor is ted kord’s sidekick now"

Hilarity ensues.

File: 127859265744.jpg-(191.22KB, 560x880, tumblr_l58899HYnW1qzl89so1_1280.jpg)

File: 127859269471.jpg-(192.85KB, 609x873, tumblr_l5887zK0uF1qzl89so1_r1_1280 kevin maguire.jpg)

goddammit, can maguire please just draw these two forever?
i like ted's "this is so your fault" face.

TV Tropes says this conversation:
Beetle: That's what I like about you, Gold—you're a man after my own heart!
Booster: And that's just about all I'm after.

can be found in JLI Spectacular #1.

I have Justice League Spectaculua #1, but I kinda missed THIS conversation. Any help?

File: 127860005824.png-(809.00KB, 624x548, hip-bump.png)
You're in luck. And not only do they say this dialogue, they say it with the gayest body language I have ever witnessed.

Blue and Gold are GOOD CLEAN FUN


Is there a way to interpret that conversation that doesn't involve Booster being gay for Ted? Because I do not see it.

You can interpret the yellow glass as Booster's dick and the black cloth as Ted's body hair

yes I am dirty


My love for Maguire's work knows no bounds.

"I TOLD you not to touch anything!"
"But it was SHINY!"

Thank you
Do you know which issue this is?


Justice League International Special #1

File: 127862453460.jpg-(234.31KB, 600x445, 1278624348866-1.jpg)

I am overjoyed to add this to my running tally of things I helped inspire. Yessss.

Also, since tomorrow has the potential to be a bit of a soul-crusher for me, are there any short fic prompts people want to throw my way?

File: 127863516331.png-(264.57KB, 480x640, blue_beatles.png)
Just whipped this up in Tegaki a few moments ago.
It couldn't be helped.



Shouldn't Ted be John?

Tasteless? Oh yes I do belive so.

Max using mind control on Booster


We've started up a master post of slashy Boostle moments!

More to come!

File: 127870270920.jpg-(139.85KB, 429x694, CountdowntoInfiniteCrisis060.jpg)
Me: look at that speedo
Friend: ....
Why does Max have pictures of Booster in a speedo.


Why WOULDN'T you have pictures of Booster in a speedo?

File: 127870999238.jpg-(169.77KB, 700x348, tumblr_l4za7uNUAx1qzl89so1_1280.jpg)
D'aaaww...I think.

File: 127871004935.jpg-(344.88KB, 720x1078, Mister_Miraclev2_008Imbie17.jpg)
Yes, that is Booster and Ted falling all over each other.

File: 127871018827.jpg-(1.20MB, 941x1139, Oh.. it’s just non-evil Max..jpg)
Someone needs to draw some little hearts over Max's head. Also, way to look non-suspicious Max.

File: 127871080783.jpg-(322.01KB, 560x800, OMG I WOULD READ SO MANY ISSUES ABOUT TINY JAIME, .jpg)

Tiny!JLI with them all in school together and Ted is the class clown nerd and Booster is the quarterback and Scott is always sneaking out and Barda beat people upto get on the football team and Guy is trying to steal the quarterback position from Booster and Fire is the popular girl who hangs out with Ice who is the shy girl and Cap. Atom is the guy who tries to make everyone else behave and Max is either the annoying rich kid or the teacher and yeah



-Scott can't dress himself either.
- I love Barda's look. She's like an awesome barbie.
- Booster in that second-to-last panel is too cute!
- You'd think Ted would have better table manners.

Scott and Ted: bad-shirt buddies.
(And that's not Ted chomping down in the last panel, it's...what was it, a robot that they configured to look like one of the Beatles? Something like that.)

I thought it was Big Barda :o


"a robot that they configured to look like one of the Beatles"

Oh...of course it...was WTF? HIJINKS!

- Good thing Max wasn't there, can you imagine what he'd do with those guys?

- Did they try to make the John and Paul robots make out so they could sell pics to the tabloids?

- Wouldn't these have been totally awesome silver-age sidekicks for Ted?


That entire issue is hilarious with Ted and Booster crashing the Free's lives (much to Scott and Barda's fury), inadvertently drew a group of homicidal robots after them (to even more of Scott and Barda's fury) and while being dorks the entire time. Not to mention Barda juggling Ted and her appreciation of his backside- that always makes me snicker XD

I bet they go on shopping trips all the time. And they pick out the tackiest clothing they can find, as long as the outfits match.


Taking into account the kind of clothing he wore on Apokolips, can you blame Scott for like bright, lively shirts like that? Ted's only excuse was it was the 80s XD

File: 127872301941.png-(238.88KB, 700x580, Yeah_You_by_Colours07.png)

File: 127872359183.jpg-(171.96KB, 620x520, ohgoddan_2.jpg)
I have been in the biggest Dan mood.

Any Dan fics out there? Preferably Dan/Ted Bueller? Bueller?


That last panel- holy crap, Dan, rapeface much?

Anyway, I only know of two Dan fics and they're both from the kink meme (well, one on each).

Dan/Ted/Booster (going back in time for a steamy threesome)

Dan/Max (set while max is still in college)

File: 127873212928.jpg-(35.71KB, 608x336, vlcsnap-2924196.jpg)
So I don't know if there's any other Discworld fans on this thread, but I was watching the The Colour of Magic two-parter and I couldn't help but notice how Twoflower (sean astin) was very similarly dressed to a beach bum!beetle Insomniac did last thread...

File: 127873223414.jpg-(43.12KB, 608x336, vlcsnap-2953021.jpg)
And because he was playing opposite Sir David Jason, I couldn't help imagining the whole thing as 'The Adventures of Ted and Count Duckula'. In that regards it was a rather... surreal show.

>I have been in the biggest Dan mood.

YES. It's not just me!

I think I'll take you up on that Dan/Ted notion.


Shit, I love me some Discworld! Sean Austin, while not a short, nerdy, asian man like I pictured for Twoflower, but Sean Austin was way too cute! I think he did an awesome job! Same with David Jason - personally I think he's a bit old for Rincewind, but he played the part perfectly! Plus, Jeremy Irons was the Patrician - and god damn he is so handsome.


Squee Discworld!

Dorky wizard!Ted who blows stuff up all the time and fameseeking Watchman!Booster yes? And they try to fight crime and get into all sorts of wacky situations and make Vimes headdesk.

File: 127874407128.png-(73.83KB, 300x367, smboostleundies.png)

Oh my god so in favor of Disc!JLI.

I think Ted would do better as a member of the Alchemist Guild than as a wizard. Oh, wait wait wait! He WAS a member of the Alchemist Guild, but he tended to distract himself with get-rich schemes/blowing himself up that the guild sent him to do that new 'forensics' stuff for the Watch. Where he meets the gloryhound Booster and the two proceed to give Vimes a headached XD

I was thinking he would be an alchemist too. But if he were a wizard he could hang out with Ponder! And do computery stuff! (Possibly with explosions.)

Speaking of silly crossovers, I keep seeing Max as Dr. McCoy. They look alike and they're both snarky.

That would make Booster Kirk and Ted Spock, except Ted is the least stoic peoson ever. Maybe Ted is dragging them to a sci-fi convention or something.


Okay, hear me out:

We ALL know that Ted needs to be wizard (even though he'd be an AWESOME inventor in the Guild of Cunning Artificers).

Booster? I kind of see him as either a "reformed" Footballer who joined the Watch because his stunning good looks weren't getting proper recognition and glory in the game OR a "barbarian" hero who comes to AM with so much confusion that he nearly commits suicide on the first day by walking into the Shades. Wizard/Tinker!Ted could happen upon him, and well...

I love the idea of a special task force being formed in the watch by ShadySeargant!Lord fresh from Genua, full of odd characters like Scott and Barda from NoThingFord.


I TOTALLY forgot about the Artificer's Guild, but if Ted ends up being a wizard, he'll be an oddity even in the Applied Magic branch because he does more tinkering than magic ("why waste the time doing magic if there's already something that exists to do it for you?"). Booster, meanwhile, wanted to be an actor for the clicks (he apparently didn't get the memo that Holly Wood was gone) and ended up getting lost in AM. And then the two eventually meet and wacky hijinks ensue.

God I love that this is so in-depth. Someone seriously needs to write this. (Also, one of them hitting on Angua ohGod.)

I guess Rip Hunter would have to be one of the History Monks, writing on his chalkboard while Lu Tze swept up the place..

And because the idea is plaguing me- outline for something I'm likely never to write!

-Booster (taking his sister with him) originally went to Holly Wood (or where it once stood) because he wanted to be an actor. Finding it gone, the Carters eventually made their way to AM where Booster attempted to join the Actor's Guild. Got turned down because, while very pretty, he couldn't act worth squat (would've worked out nicely in silent films)
-Michelle, in order to support the two of them, joins the Seamstress's Guild out of the mistaken notion she'd be doing needlework. She does, but only because the other seamstresses didn't like the idea of running such a sweet girl out
-Booster, quite by accident, joins the Watch. Most likely because he inadvertently got into a brawl with Guy (possibly a watchman himself) and was dragged into joining afterward
-meanwhile, Ted tinkers in UU lots and Dan, a professor of ancient magic, can't help wondering if Ted actually wants to be a wizard- he tinkers so much he tends to forget he can actually DO magic (and when he does, he tends to use it for pranks)
-thus, Ted takes a bit of hiatus from his studies to explore the city and his options but really has no idea what life outside the university is like
-don't really know how Ted ends up on the Watch- likely he saw some kind of investigation and his curiosity wouldn't let him not look and interfere a bit. Luckily, Ralph was there to be amused to Ted's questions (for additional hilarity, have it batman that ted is unintentionally harassing) and suggests bringing Ted to the Watch House.
-Unfortunately, due to the case, Ralph can't hang around and Ted is quickly left alone in the Watch House where everyone just assumes he's a new recruit and thus pushes him onto a slightly-less-rookie rookie to teach him- Booster
-stuff happens, hilarity ensues, Booster reveals he's a damned good actor when he's tricking someone, Ted finds he can apply magic to police action, they end up being big damn heroes and become fullfledged members of the Watch. And also, there is buttsex.
-the end

I have no fucking clue what everyone is talking about.

File: 127879220461.jpg-(426.46KB, 790x1220, two boosters for the price of one.jpg)

Neither do I, so here's the cover of Booster Gold #19.

I propose Booster abuses his Time Master responsibilities to have threesomes/orgies with just Ted and his selves. Because if Ted plus one Booster is hot, Ted plus several Boosters is exponentially hotter.


Ask and the kink meme shall deliver!

“Are – are you sure this is a good idea?” Ted asked, stumbling a bit over the words as Booster’s teeth scraped over a particularly sensitive spot on his neck.

Booster looked up, though his hands kept working, unbuttoning Ted’s shirt. “A good idea?” he repeated.

Another pair of hands reached around to unbutton Ted’s fly, as a warm body pressed up against his back. “It’s a great idea!” the other Booster assured him.

Ted opened his mouth to make another logical protest, but the Booster in front had moved to his collarbone and the Booster behind was nibbling his ear, and whatever he had been about to say died on his lips.

He’d been mostly joking when he’d said Booster’s time travel gig would make threesomes a possibility, but Booster had looked awfully intrigued. A minute later the time sphere had materialized and the Booster of an hour into the future had stepped out. Ted’s Booster – well, they were both Ted’s Booster, but Ted had a vague sense he was doing a disservice to his own hour-into-the-future self – hadn’t seemed to have a problem with this.

Present Booster pushed Ted’s shirt off his shoulders and Future Booster peeled it the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. “Booster,” Ted said, and tugged petulantly at the hem of Present Booster’s shirt. Booster smiled and pulled his shirt off, then pulled Ted in for a kiss, dirty and full of promise.

Just as Ted was really getting into the kiss – and the thigh that had worked its way between his legs for him to rub idly against – he felt himself being spun around and he was suddenly facing Future Booster, who’d also stripped off his shirt. Future Booster kissed him, exactly like Present Booster, but that was also the mouth Ted knew so well leaving kisses on his neck, his shoulders, and, okay, the Boosters had been right. This was a great idea.

Present Booster pulled back a bit, apparently to watch, because: “Holy damn, we’re hot,” he said. “Jeez, Ted.”

Future Booster pulled back, too. “Well, duh,” he said. “C’mere.” He leaned forward, still pressed against Ted, and Present Booster did likewise, and Ted was suddenly very, very glad he was surrounded by two pairs of superheroic arms, because the sight of Booster making out with himself made his knees go a little shaky.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” he breathed, and the Boosters broke up the kiss, laughing. It was maybe a little creepy, but mostly just hot. Booster’s beauty, his boisterous, expansive personality and his smile and his scent and his voice, they’d always overwhelmed Ted, and now there was twice as much to be overwhelmed by, and God, Ted was so hard.

Future Booster pulled him into a kiss as Present Booster’s hands slipped around Ted to finish unzipping his fly, to push his pants and boxers down and wrap a hand around Ted’s dick. Ted moaned into Future Booster’s mouth, jerking forward.

“Mmmm, Ted,” Present Booster mumbled against his ear as Future Booster sucked on his tongue. “You’re so hard. You like what he’s doing to you? What we’re doing to you?” Ted moaned in agreement, reaching back to pull Booster’s hips flush against his back, to feel Booster’s arousal through his boxers and Booster’s jeans. Booster ground against him, breath hot and ragged on Ted’s neck. “Oh God, Ted, I want you inside me.”

Ted shuddered and pulled away from Future Booster to say, “I need you both naked. Right now.”

Identical pairs of jeans and briefs were dropped, and Ted spared a brief moment to wonder what would happen if the wrong Booster put on the future jeans when they were done, if there would be some sort of denim paradox. Then the Boosters were pulling him towards the bed, and there were hands everywhere, hands and lips and tongue, and Ted couldn’t really focus on metaphysics anymore.

One Booster lay down on the bed, while the other went to the nightstand and rummaged for the lube. Ted knelt between the legs of the one on the bed – Present Booster, he was sure. Present Booster had wanted to get fucked.

“Ted,” Future Booster called, and tossed him the lube. Ted popped it open and coated his fingers generously.

“Hey, buddy,” he said, putting the lube to the side and looking up at Present Booster, sprawled across the bed. Ted knew that Booster made draping himself in attractive positions into an art form – he’d seen him practice it – but he was still nice to look at, and it was still ridiculous, completely fucking ridiculous, that Ted got to have sex on a regular basis with such a beautiful man. “You ready?”

“I was born ready,” Booster said, then made a face. “Wait, no, not actually. That would be gross.”

Future Booster groaned as Ted laughed. “Oh, I meant to tell you to avoid that one. I mean, tell me. Us.”

“Nice,” Present Booster said. “I can’t even rely on my own future se--elf!” His banter turned into a squeak as Ted trailed one slick finger down his cock, over his balls, and down to press teasingly at his entrance. “Ted.”

Future Booster watched, fascinated, as Ted pushed his finger inside Present Booster, as Present Booster panted and arched towards him. “This is so weird,” he said. “I mean, that was me an hour ago, that was…” He sat on the bed by Booster’s side, squirting lube into his palm. “Tell him, Booster. Tell Ted how good that feels. I already know.”

“Oh God, Ted, it feels amazing, so fucking good,” Present Booster said obediently as Ted pumped a finger slowly inside him. Ted curled his finger forward, and Booster jerked. “Ah! Fuck, Ted, more, please.”

“Hang on a sec,” Future Booster said. He pushed and prodded Ted until Ted was lying on his side, propped up on one elbow, working Present Booster open with the other hand. Future Booster curled up behind him, his breath hot on Ted’s neck, his hand sliding down to squeeze Ted’s ass before one slick finger pushed its way inside. Ted gasped and pressed back against Booster.

“Ted, God, this is going to be so good,” Future Booster said, nipping at Ted’s ear as Ted slid a second finger into Present Booster, who moaned and clenched around him. “You don’t even know, God, Ted, you’re so fucking amazing.”

Ted closed his eyes and tried to focus on what he was doing, but his head was swimming. Present Booster was writhing on the bed, clenching hot and tight around Ted’s fingers, and Future Booster was whispering filthy promises in Ted’s ear, and his cock was hard and leaking against Ted’s back, and there were now two fingers twisting and scissoring inside of him.

“Fuck me, Ted, please fuck me,” Present Booster was moaning now, clutching at the sheets. “I need you, Ted, I want you so bad.”

Normally Ted would have given both of them a longer prep time, but he wasn’t sure he could last that long. “Okay,” he said, levering himself up into a sitting position and pulling his fingers out. Present Booster moaned at the loss, and Ted echoed him as Future Booster removed his fingers as well.

Then Future Booster reached around with a hand that was still slippery with lube, and stroked Ted’s dick, coating it. Ted’s head fell back against Booster’s shoulder as he leaned into the touch. “Oh God, Booster…”

“Hey!” Present Booster said petulantly. “That’s enough of that. Mom taught us to share.” He poked Future Booster with his foot.

Ted could feel Future Booster’s grin. “Yeah, but we were never very good at it,” he said, but he moved his hand to the base of Ted’s cock and pushed him forward gently, guiding him into Present Booster. Present Booster moaned, and Ted did too, as he slid inch by torturous inch into that tight heat, as Future Booster stroked his back and Present Booster looked up at him with dazed, adoring eyes.

It seemed like forever, and then he was all the way in, and he leaned forward to keep from moving, leaned forward and kissed Present Booster, messy and affectionate. Booster pet his face, stroked his hair, then broke away to gasp, “Move, Ted, please.”

That was fine by Ted. He pulled almost all the way out, arms shaking with the effort of moving slowly, then thrust back in. Booster keened and arched towards him. “Oh, fuck, Booster, you’re so tight, you’re so…”

“Ted, more, faster,” Booster begged, and Ted obliged, setting a steady rhythm, slow pull back and sharp thrust in that had Booster crying out on each one.

It was hardly the first time they done this, but it was always dizzyingly good – so good that Ted had all but forgotten about their companion until he felt big, familiar hands on his hips, slowing him.

Present Booster let out a noise of protest. “What? No, don’t stop!”

Future Booster wagged a finger over Ted’s shoulder. “Now who’s not sharing?” Present Booster stuck his tongue out, and Future Booster laughed as he pressed himself against Ted’s entrance, holding Ted still with the other hand. “I’ll give you a tip, Booster. Watch Ted’s face.”

With that, he moved forward, and Ted groaned, fingers tightening on the sheets beneath him as Booster slowly pushed into him. There was a slight burn, thanks to the too-short prep time, but it was lost in the incredible sensation of being filled, of Booster sinking deep inside him, panting hard against the back of Ted’s neck.

“Fuck, Ted, you’re so hot,” Present Booster said, thumb caressing Ted’s cheekbone.

“What he said,” Future Booster agreed, pressing a burning cheek between Ted’s shoulder blades. “Oh God, Ted…”

“Enough compliments,” Ted grunted. He was trembling, shaking with pleasure; he would die if they kept this up. “Fuck me.”

Future Booster laughed, a shaky, guttural sound. “You’re so romantic,” he said, but he began to move.

At first Ted just clung to Present Booster, buried his face in Booster’s neck and let himself be fucked, his nerves pulsing and singing with sensation. As he adjusted to Future Booster’s rhythm, though, he started to match it, timing his thrusts into Present Booster just ahead of Future Booster’s, so that each of Future Booster’s thrusts drove him in deeper. Present Booster seemed to like it; his head fell back as he lifted his hips to meet Ted.

“Ted, oh, fuck me,” he moaned, clinging to Ted, trying to pull him closer. “You feel so good, don’t stop, oh fuck…”

“Booster,” Ted moaned, kissing Booster’s jaw, his cheek. “You’re so tight, you’re so big, oh God, harder, please…”

Future Booster groaned and drove faster into Ted, harder. Ted couldn’t time his own movements anymore, could just stutter back and forth between the two of them. Booster was inside him and around him and beating in his pulse and through his veins, and when he could make himself listen it was Booster whispering filthy sweet promises behind him and when he forced his eyes open and down it was Booster arching up and jerking his own cock frantically, and Ted couldn’t hold on.

“Booster, Booster,” he managed, and then he was shaking and crying out and coming so hard he saw stars.

When he came back to himself, Future Booster was still fucking him, teeth scraping his shoulder, rhythm growing more erratic as he got closer. Present Booster was rocking up against Ted, against his own fist, eyes locked on Ted’s. Ted reached down and wrapped his hand around Present Booster’s, stroking with him, jerking every time Future Booster’s cock hit the still-thrumming gland inside him.

“Come on,” he murmured, not sure which of them he was talking to. “I want to see you come, I want to feel it, come on, Booster…”

“I…fuck!” Present Booster gasped, and came, spilling over their linked fingers; half a heartbeat later, Future Booster cried, “Ted!” and Ted felt him shudder violently and empty himself into Ted.

After a minute or two, Present Booster groaned. “You guys are squishing me,” he protested.

“Whine, whine, whine,” Ted teased, but he and Future Booster managed to roll them all over onto their sides. And…yeah, it was nice to be able to hold his best friend and be held by him at the same time. Ted would have been content to take a well-deserved nap like that, but after a few minutes of lazily tracing patterns on Ted’s bicep, Future Booster kissed the corner of Ted’s jaw and sat up.

“I’ve gotta head back to…right after you leave,” he said, pointing at Present Booster. “See you in a little while, Ted.”

“Meet you in the future,” Ted agreed, and half-sat up to kiss him goodbye. They watched as Booster gathered up his clothing, dressed, and climbed into the time sphere. He waved through the clear wall of the sphere; then he was gone.

Ted lay back down and wrapped his arms around Booster. “I have to admit, that was one of your better ideas,” he said.

“All of my ideas are better ideas,” Booster said, then yawned. “Don’t let me fall asleep. I gotta…get up…to…”

“Uh-huh.” Ted’s eyes were already closing. He wasn’t sure exactly when it was when Booster slipped out of his arms, pulled on his clothes, and headed for the main room of the bunker, but a minute later Booster came back in. Ted was a little too tired to work it out right now, but he was pretty sure he’d caught up with Future Booster.

“How was past me?” he asked sleepily as Booster stripped and climbed back into bed. “Was I an awesome lay?”

“The awesomest,” Booster promised, curling around him. “Grife, I’m tired.”

“Mmm.” Ted closed his hand over Booster’s. “Hey, Booster?”


“We can never, ever tell Rip we did that.”


it was horrifying because I couldn't do anything
and then Ted came and beat Max to death with a crowbar

it was horrifying


Fantasy novel series by Terry Prachett known for it's humor and memorable characters. The Watchmen are sort of the police force of the city of Ankh-Morpork, and Samuel Vimes is their incredibly bad-ass commander.


Wow...ummm, you okay?

File: 127881381637.jpg-(302.19KB, 600x800, boostle.jpg)
have some drawfaggotry.

File: 127881467372.jpg-(442.58KB, 812x752, boostlesquared.jpg)

Sketchy and now I'm late to work. >>


I believe hot Boostle action should be a valid excuse for lateness to things such as work and school.

I would like to think so but bosses tend to disagree about the importance of porn.

Also, awesome writer fairies- I had a little thought if someone would indulge-

There seems to be an ongoing 'accepted' thing that Ted 'experimented in college'. And after reading the hot Dan/Ted/Booster and Booster/Ted/Booster....I was wondering if anyone would be interested in revealing that his experimenting was with future!Booster (or at least one of them). So yeah. :)


Eeeeee I love this so much. (I, uh, wrote that prompt. So this makes me smile. A LOT.)




I'm loving on that prompt. Mmmm~



Clearly you need to write the future!Booster/young, starry-eyed Ted prompt. Orrrrr college age Ted/Murray Takamoto. Which I am also kinda tempted to write. *cough*

Booster is like a creepy, ret-con stalker or something...

Do inferences count? =D

Ted had known from a relatively young age that he occasionally found guys attractive. Soon after realizing girls weren’t icky and, in fact, caused some interesting sensations in his body, Ted realized a couple other boys he knew gave him that same reaction. He never asked his dad about it- his dad didn’t seem interested in answering any of Ted’s questions if it didn’t involve science or business -but his mom encouraged his curiosity. They had a deal, Ted and his mom- if he asked her more than five questions about a subject, she’d find him a book or two on the subject that they’d both read and then discuss. She didn’t even pause when he asked about reacting to boys like he did girls, she explained what she could, admitted she didn’t know a lot because 1) she never really thought about it before, and 2) no one really talked about that kind of thing.

So Ted learned about homosexuality and the biology and chemicals that affected attraction and he came to terms with the idea that it was a natural internal reaction. After reading up on the sociological aspects of it, Ted also came to accept that a lot of people weren’t as okay with the concept as him or his mom so while Ted came to be known as a hopeless skirt-chaser, he learned how to check out guys in a much more subtle way. And though things occasionally happened with girls, Ted never felt the need to go further with a guy than a few casual touches and the occasional fantasy.

Until the summer before senior year of high school.

Usually Ted spent the summers at a gymnastics camp, but that year was spent at home, preparing himself for college and the like so he stayed in Marquette. During his free time Ted would go to the gym- the one in Spring Valley which was much larger than the one in Marquette and actually had gymnastics equipment. It was on one of those trips that Ted saw <i>him</i>.

He had no idea what the man’s name was, if he lived in Spring Valley or was from one of the little outlying places and just taking advantage of the facilities. All Ted knew was he’d never really understood the use of the word Adonis until he saw that man. That and he’d never wanted anyone to bend him over a pommel horse and fuck him that badly before. He was much older than Ted- probably in his 30s -but he was beautiful and powerful and Ted just wanted to touch him <i>everywhere</i>. He seemed to favor the pommel horse and rings and with the kind of body he had, Ted couldn’t blame him. Ted didn’t even bother to pretend to be working out whenever he saw the man because he was just too hypnotized by the twirling of gold wrapped in flesh and muscle.

(Thankfully Ted was far from the only one that was entranced by the man though no one seemed to know him or even attempt to talk to him and every time Ted thought to himself ‘<i>This</i> time I’m going to introduce myself to him’ the man would get up on the rings and Ted’s mouth would go dry and afterward Ted <i>really</i> needed to get to a bathroom.)

Though nothing ended up happening all summer, the event was still significant as Ted had never before wanted anyone as badly as he wanted that man. Ted finished high school and ended up going to the Illinois Tech in Chicago and he found himself surrounded by attractive women and men both- none of whom knew him as clumsy Lardo Kord and Ted felt much more confident with his prospects in physical intimacy.

He still stuck with women for the most part though he occasionally made overt advances toward other men- Ted didn’t really follow through with either gender, though, as he tended to focus on his studies and personal projects instead. Then, in his third semester, there was a man in Ted’s advanced computer science course. Tall, impossibly handsome, he mainly kept to himself and sometimes Ted would see him reading around campus and he ended up joining the Classic Literature club because his classmate was in it. His name was Jon, he looked a little older than the other students and he wore glasses- reading glasses as Ted eventually found out when he put them aside so he could kiss Jon without worrying about them. It took most the semester for Ted to get the guts to talk to Jon who was quiet but had this soft little smile and gorgeous dimples and when Ted saw Jon at someone’s house party, he couldn’t help himself. And Jon didn’t resist but drew Ted to an empty room and when Jon stretched back to pull off his shirt and bared all that sun-kissed muscle off, Ted couldn’t help but think briefly to the man in the gym and it just made Ted want Jon all the more.

He knocked Jon over onto the bed in his enthusiasm but Jon didn’t seem to care- just laughed against Ted’s lips in a way that Ted decided he really, really liked. When it became apparent that Ted was fumbling even as he was exploring, Jon rolled them over, took Ted’s hand and guided it slowly down his body and his voice was a silky purr when he said, “Watch and learn.” And Ted watched, mesmerized by his hand on Jon’s cock. He learned as Jon told him how to stroke, where to rub his fingers and just how damned good it felt when Jon lined their cocks together and thrusted. All the while Jon’s hands were on Ted, stroking, petting, never resting until Jon’s back arched and he came over Ted’s stomach, choking out Ted’s name in a way that seared itself into Ted’s brain.

They continued going to their class and club together, not really speaking all the much with each other, but sometimes when Ted looked over he’d find Jon looking back at him with a little smile. Then, just before finals week, on the way out of the club, Jon leaned over Ted’s back and asked if he wanted to come over and study in a way that Ted knew had nothing to do with actual studying. Turned out Jon didn’t even live on campus and he had a small room rented all by himself and Ted was more than happy to take advantage of it. Or rather, Jon taking advantage of it.

It was like he was a mind reader- he seemed to know all the spots that drove Ted wild, knew when Ted wanted it hard and when to go easy. They spent the entire night having the kind of sex Ted hadn’t actually known men could have. Ted couldn’t help but think it odd, though, that Jon’s hands were always so restless as if memorizing (or re-memorizing) his body and whenever he came, Jon clutched at him as if he was afraid Ted would disappear. Eventually Jon tucked himself against Ted, somehow knowing just how he needed to fit under Ted’s chin and they fell asleep. Then finals came and went and Ted never saw Jon again, had probably graduated and Ted couldn’t help feeling a little depressed about it.

But that experience opened Ted up to a whole lot more. The techniques that Jon taught him, Ted ended up refining on his roommate of all people (Murray was like Ted- always eager to try something new and Ted found that more than made up for the fact that Murray wasn’t tall and blonde and built like a Frazetta hero). And then there was Professor Garrett- Dan -and though Ted’s initial attraction to him was because he reminded Ted of Jon and that gymnast, Ted ended up falling for Dan for being Dan.

The most he’d ever gotten with Dan was one frantic handjob in Dan’s office before Ted graduated and then Uncle Jarvis went psycho and Ted suddenly found himself in a vocation he idly fantasized about since he was a kid (and after doing the security for the JLA). He wasn’t looking too forward to it, to be completely honest. Not after having lost Dan, anyway, so Ted had gone to a bar in an attempt to drink the loss away.

That’s when JM found him and Ted found himself spilling his guts to him after their third drink and JM was appropriately empathetic. His hand was warm on Ted’s shoulder and they were close enough that their thighs were pressed together and with all that drink inside him and JM’s encouraging smile and the dim light giving him a soft, golden glow, Ted just wanted to loose himself in the man.

And he did, in the bathroom with JM on his knees and lips stretched over Ted’s dick and Ted’s hands in his short hair. Ted was sure he called JM Dan at one point but JM didn’t seem to mind, just swallowed as Ted came and asked if Ted was okay, if he needed anything else. Ted felt the need to kiss JM and did so and slid his hand into his pants. Ted eventually left the bar and JM feeling a little more relaxed with life on a whole.

After that, Ted’s experiences with men was basically nil. Even surrounded by other superheroes who were all impossibly attractive and in even more impossibly tight outfits, Ted just didn’t feel any spark with guys. Until, years after his debut as the Blue Beetle, he met Booster Gold. He was beautiful, all carved gold and eager youth. He reminded Ted of Jon and JM and the gymnast and Ted found it harder to harder to keep his hands off him. And the more Booster warmed up to him the more Ted wanted to kiss him, taste him, just feel Booster’s body filling out in his hands.

Which was probably why- being caught up trying to suppress his attraction so as not to make his teammate uncomfortable -it caught Ted off guard when Booster eventually pressed him up against the wall and said, “You could always ask if you want to touch.”

Ted didn’t remember asking, but he definitely touched, with hands and mouth and tongue over every inch of Booster’s body, learning every angle he could, just as Booster did for him and, somehow, it felt like coming home.

File: 127883547760.jpg-(91.76KB, 599x617, ooh maxwell lord.jpg)
You are an amazing bunch, /coq/.
I made you this. Sorry for the blank speech bubble, I couldn't think of anything fitting to put there.


That was awesome and you are awesome. And older!Booster with young!Ted needs to be drawn. Possibly by me. >>


For the empty bubble, maybe "And I will keep my cigar lit"?

File: 127886314163.jpg-(351.70KB, 1000x1445, Justice League Quarterly 01-70.jpg)
So I just read Justice League Quarterly #1, and it is slash-tastic.

In more ways than one. Jealous of who, Booster?

File: 127888130715.jpg-(226.27KB, 904x1360, JusticeLeagueInternational24p02.jpg)

I really want to see Max do this by pretending to be a JLI superhero for a day. With Booster and Batman helping, because Booster could let him borrow some of his stuff and if we're going with slashy fanon he's the one Max is closest to, and Batman because he'd figure it out anyway.

There'd be wacky hijinks, Ted being jealous over Booster hanging out with the new guy, and everyone would learn Valuable Lessons about...stuff. And group hugs.

I think JLI would be perfect for an Adult Swim series

From anon on the kink meme!
Ted couldn’t believe he was doing this.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said as he watched Booster haul another couple of suitcases in the front door of Ted’s apartment. “Why am I doing this?”

“Because you’re a good friend,” Booster said, fluttering his eyelashes at Ted. “You wanna help me with these?”

“I’m not that good a friend,” Ted replied. “You know, I don’t understand how you can leave a marriage with no money whatsoever but twenty-three suitcases full of crap.”

“Hey, your lawyers and Max’s lawyers both agreed that that prenup was iron clad,” Booster pointed out. “And it’s not crap!”

Ted pointed. “What’s in that one?”

“Hair products.”

“And that one?”


Ted threw up his hands. “Crap.”


When Booster had first told Ted that Gladys was divorcing him, Ted had laughed long and heartily. In fact, he’d laughed so hard he wrenched his neck a little bit, which kind of spoiled the fun. Still, this was pretty great. Booster’d been waiting for the old bag to die so that he could inherit her millions, and here she was kicking him to the curb because someone even younger – but not, Booster insisted, hotter, and having seen the guy’s picture Ted secretly agreed – had come along. It served Booster right.

Max flat-out refused to let Booster stay in Superbuddies headquarters; he said he’d learned his lesson about housing superheroes after the JLI embassies. And, well, Ted did have a whole penthouse to himself with three bedrooms he never used, and even if the guy had been driving him crazy since Max re-formed the team, when all was said and done, Booster was still his best friend.

“You know, I will pay you back,” Booster said as he arranged his various tanning oils alphabetically in the bathroom cabinet. He had, Ted noticed, removed all of Ted’s stuff to make room.

Ted was tempted to hold him to that promise, just to be obnoxious, but he’d just remembered what this whole situation reminded him of. “Why?” he asked, leaning against the doorjamb. “I never paid you back for all those weeks I was living with you when you were with the Conglomerate.”

“Hmm, true.” Booster grinned. “Okay, I won’t pay you back.”

And as much as he tried to fight it, Ted couldn’t help grinning in return. “Deal.”


Ted loosened his tie with one hand and tossed his briefcase to the side with the other. Coming home before sunset was a minor miracle for him, even at the height of summer. “Booster?”

Something about the apartment was different, and it took him a minute to realize what it was. The living room and kitchen had been decluttered: stray jackets and shoes spirited off to closets, papers and books stacked neatly, dishes relocated from funky piles in the sink to the dishwasher. It looked like Booster might even have taken a stab at vacuuming.

Ted heard a faint noise from the balcony and wandered over to investigate, rolling up his sleeves. “Booster, are you out h - gah!”

Booster was on the balcony, in a lawn chair Ted was pretty sure he hadn’t owned yesterday, wearing shades and headphones and absolutely nothing else. At least – Ted thanked God for small favors – he was lying on his stomach. A tiny gold Speedo lay in a crumpled heap by the chair.

Booster looked up at Ted’s shout. “Oh, hey. You’re home early.”

“And you’re naked!” Ted flapped his hands vaguely in the direction of Booster’s rear. Which was tan, and glistening with oil, and perfectly toned, and oh God, Ted had to look away now.

Booster made his squinty confused face, forehead wrinkling above the sunglasses. “Well, yeah. Don’t want tan lines, now do I?”

Ted pinched the bridge of his nose. “Please tell me you didn’t tan the front that way.”

Even behind the shades, Ted could tell that Booster’s expression had turned sly. “Hey, no point in only doing one side. Don’t worry, I didn’t see any of your neighbors out here taking pictures to sell to Gawker.”

Ted snorted. “Like Gawker cares what you do.”

“Dick. See if I do your dishes for you again.”

“You didn’t do them for me. You did them because they were making you nuts.”

“True.” Booster beamed at him and wriggled a bit on the chair, to get comfortable, Ted supposed. It just drew Ted’s eyes to the flexing muscles of Booster’s back and thighs and, oh yeah, ass, and he looked away quickly. “See, didn’t you miss living with me?”

Ted rolled his eyes and walked back inside. “I’m going to take a shower,” he called over his shoulder.

A cold one.


“So what’s living with Booster like?” Barbara asked.

Ted made a face, even though he knew Barbara couldn’t see it. At least, he hoped she couldn’t see it; he tended to avoid asking her which of his security cameras she was regularly hooked into, since he wasn’t sure he’d like the answer. “Ugh. A parade of ridiculous.” He adjusted his headset and picked up the latest prototype in both hands, turning it over to see how it looked from all angles. “He gets up at the crack of dawn to work out, so he’s always in the shower when I need to get in there to get ready for work. He gets all prissy if I leave dirty dishes in the sink, or my socks on the living room floor, or something. Seriously, he picks them up with two pencils, like chopsticks, and puts them on my bed. He keeps this funky wheat germ stuff in the fridge and it stinks everything else up. He puts the toilet paper in wrong.”

“He puts it in wrong?” Barbara repeated.

“So that the loose end goes under,” Ted clarified. “It’s supposed to go over.”

“Yeah, that does sound like a pretty big hardship,” Barbara drawled.

Ted scowled. “Yeah, well, you live with it and you see how you like it.” He put the prototype down and clicked through a few of his less-important emails, the ones he didn’t have to devote much brain power to. “Plus he’s naked, like, all the time.”

“Oh really?” Barbara asked. “Does he want to move in with me?”

Ted felt a sudden, unreasonable flash of jealousy, and he wasn’t exactly sure over whom. He tamped it down.

“Trust me,” he said, and leaned back in his chair with his fingers on his temples, the picture of suffering to any potential cameras. “You don’t want him.”


Booster looked embarrassed. Ted always felt vastly uncomfortable when Booster looked embarrassed, mostly because it happened so rarely.

“Uh, listen, Ted…can I borrow some cash?”

It was the fourth time he had asked in three weeks, and he always said “borrow.” Ted knew Booster was trying to ask for as little actual money as possible, but the guy was no good at saving. Neither was Ted, for that matter; he was just currently making more than his normal rate of spending.

“Sure.” Ted dug out his wallet. “How much do you need?”

Booster squirmed. “I dunno.”

Ted pulled back a bunch of twenties and held them out. “Think this’ll do ya?”

Booster didn’t take them right away. “I’m working on setting up some endorsements in Japan. Watches, cologne, that sort of thing. I should be getting paid pretty soon.”

“Don’t pay me back in Booster Gold Man Musk for Men,” Ted warned him. “I hate that stuff.”

Booster grinned, relaxing visibly, and took the cash. “That’s ‘cause you’re around me all the time. You know the bottled stuff can’t measure up to the glory of my real man musk.”

“Glory isn’t exactly the world I would use,” Ted snorted, and Booster whacked him with the cash, skipping out of reach of Ted’s return swipe.


“So how awful was it living with Gladys?”

“Eh, it actually wasn’t that bad. She’s kind of fun. You know she was a trophy wife when she was young? Like three times, actually – I was her eighth husband. So she told me she figured it was her turn, which, hey, fair enough.”

“I guess so, yeah.”

“And, you know, it’s nice having someone around.”


“I mean, I didn’t love the costumes, and I felt a little silly about the whole thing, but other than being married to her was fine.”

“Well, and you didn’t love her. Right?”

“…Yeah. That too.”



Booster looked up. “What’s this?” he asked, taking the card Ted handed him.

“I put your name on my debit account. Figured it was easier.”

“You didn’t have to – ”

“So what do you think we should do for dinner tonight?” Ted asked loudly. “I’m sick of pizza, and I had Mexican for lunch.”

Booster wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, I could tell,” he said, but his eyes were touched, and when Ted kicked him in entirely justified response to that comment, he didn’t kick very hard.


“Booster Gold, get out of the bathroom right this damn minute! I’m going to be late for work!”

The door opened, but Booster didn’t vacate the bathroom; instead, he grabbed a handful of Ted’s shirt and yanked him in. “Look!”

Ted looked. Booster was clad only in a towel that was clinging desperately to his trim hips. His skin was still pink and damp from the shower, and every so often a drop of water fell from his wet hair to trail its way distractingly over his broad shoulders and pectorals. He was, for some reason, holding his hand about an inch from the top of his head, forefinger and thumb pinched together, but the bizarre pose was the least interesting thing about him right now.

Ted swallowed, and hoped nothing showed on his face. Or his boxers, for that matter, since he was still wearing only what he’d slept in. “What?”

Booster hunched down and pointed with his free hand to the pinched hand. “Here!” he said, a note of horror in his voice. “I found a gray hair!”

Ted stared at him. Then he pinched the hair himself, swatted Booster’s hands away, and yanked.


“There. Now you have no gray hairs,” he told Booster. “Now get the hell out of my bathroom!”

Booster gave him a wounded look and went, making a great show of rubbing the spot on his head where the hair in question had been, and using the other hand to snatch at his towel, which was threatening to fall. Ted made a frustrated noise and slammed the door behind him, yanked off his undershirt and boxers, stormed into the shower, and, muttering darkly about Booster and his stupid hair, reached down to deal with the hardon he’d been sporting since Booster opened the door.


“Put it back.”


“Put it back, Ted.”

“You’re not the boss of me.”

“You know you’re not supposed to eat that stuff!”

“You don’t even believe in my heart condition!”

“No, but if we’re going to all act like your alleged heart condition is real, you can’t cheat on your alleged diet, because then you’ll have an alleged heart attack, and I really don’t know how to explain that to 911.”

“Spoilsport. See if I ever go grocery shopping with you again.”

“I’m holding you to that.”



“I’m going to kill him.”

He could’ve sworn Barbara sighed. “I take it there’s been no success on the toilet paper front?”

“Huh? No.” Ted opened his desk drawer, rummaging for a file he knew was in there. “He didn’t come home last night.”


“Because he met some girl, I guess. I don’t know. I was up until three worrying about him, and I finally texted him and he was all ‘Don’t wait up.’ Yeah, like I’m really going to wait up for Booster.”

“But…you did wait up, didn’t you?” Barbara asked.

Ted closed the drawer with more force than was strictly necessary. “Well, yes, technically, but, okay, that was totally different.”


“It was!” Ted slumped back in his chair. “I just feel like if I go to the trouble of ordering from that Japanese place that I don’t even like, and we’ve got that football movie out from Netflix and everything, he could maybe show up instead of going off and shtupping some…person.”


“It is the language of my people, Barbara.”

She chuckled. “So are you mad because he didn’t come home last night, or are you mad because he didn’t come home?”

Something in her tone of voice pricked Ted’s Beetle-sense. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m pretty sure you know.”

Oh brother, not this again. “Listen, Barbara, I gotta get back to work…”

“Uh-huh.” The problem with Barbara was that she never seemed to believe him when he lied. “Later, Beeb.”


“Look at us. Two on a raft, sunny side up.”

“What’s this?” Booster asked, leaning over the back of the couch.

Ted turned around to stare at him. “You’ve never seen The Road to Morocco? I’ve never shown you The Road to Morocco? Booster, you have every right to end the friendship right now.” He patted the seat beside him. “C’mere, you’ll love it.”

Booster sprang easily over the back of the couch and flopped down beside Ted. Though Ted wound up having to explain a lot of the cultural references (and make up some of the ones he himself didn’t get), Booster liked it enough that when it turned out to be a marathon of the Road movies, neither of them budged.

Sometime later, Ted woke groggily to the closing frames of The Road to Hong Kong. He had slid down the couch at some point, Booster slumped down on top of him, his head resting on Ted’s chest. He made for a very heavy and slightly drooly but very warm blanket, and it seemed a lot easier to reach for the remote and shut the TV off than wake Booster up so that they could go to separate beds.


“Hello, dear. How were Wally and the Beav today?”

Booster just groaned, and Ted frowned and walked into the living room. Booster was sitting on the couch, bruised and bloodied, his costume torn. Blood trickled from his lip and matted his hair, and he was dabbing in an exhausted, desultory fashion at a nasty cut over his heart.

Ted dropped his briefcase with a thump and ran to the couch. “Jesus Christ, Booster, what happened?”

Booster tried to turn to look at him and winced. “Bizarro and Metallo decided to team up, and Superman was in space somewhere, so guess who had to clean up his mess? At least I bagged and tagged ‘em for the Met PD before crawling home to die.”

“You can’t die on that couch. It’s too expensive,” Ted said automatically, heading towards the bathroom for the first aid kit, which was depressingly huge, and some painkillers. He detoured into the kitchen to get a glass of water for the pills, and then drew up the coffee table and sat on it, facing Booster.

“Take these,” he said, and gave Booster the painkillers. Booster gave him a look like reaching for the glass was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but obeyed.

“This the good stuff?” he asked. Ted knew that Booster knew full well that Ted’s medicine cabinet ranged from baby aspirin to horse pills.

“The best,” Ted said. “Think you can take your shirt off?” The fact that Booster had managed to drag himself home and was attempting his own first aid suggested that they didn’t need the hospital or Dr. Mid-Nite. Booster had every superhero’s bad habit of pushing himself past where he should, but he’d also been in the game long enough to know to seek professional medical attention for anything life-threatening. Still, Ted couldn’t be sure - or help Booster patch himself up – with the costume in the way.

“Fresh,” Booster joked weakly, but he let Ted help him tug the top of his costume over his head. It was a wreck – Ted would have to patch it later, and use the special cleaning process he’d devised for the future material. He hated that he’d gotten so good at getting blood out of Booster’s costume.

To Ted’s immense relief, removing Booster’s shirt revealed him to be battered, but not broken. He went to work cleaning and bandaging Booster’s wounds, fingers moving with practiced speed. Booster watched him dully, wincing less and less as the drugs kicked in. His eyelids started to droop.

“Hey,” he said. “Hey. This…this is the good stuff.”

“It’s all top of the line chez Kord,” Ted said distractedly, swiping at the cut on Booster’s lip with disinfectant. Booster didn’t even flinch at the sting.

“Good,” he mumbled, eyes closing. “Think…think I’ll stay.”

“Good,” Ted agreed. He hunkered down to pull Booster’s boots off, then eased him sideways so that he could lie down on the couch. He could, actually, just carry Booster to his room, but it would be a struggle, and it was better not to move Booster just now.

Booster sank against the pillow like a weary sailor at last reaching the shore. “Can I go to sleep now?”

“Go for it.” Ted kissed the top of his head before he could think better of it, and Booster made a soft noise that could have been protest or agreement. “I’ll take care of you.”


“Hey. Which tie?”

Booster looked up from his copy of People, where he was defacing everyone who had been ranked above him on the “50 Most Beautiful People” list. “Uhhh…the blue. Why are you all gussied up?”

Ted tossed the rejected tie onto the couch and started to arrange the blue one around his neck. “I’m not ‘gussied up.’ No one’s been gussied up since 1910 at the latest.”

“Okay, why are you wearing your glad rags?”

“These are my sharp threads, and don’t you forget it.” Ted tied the tie and made sure it was centered. “Got a date.”

Ted knew Booster better than anyone else in the world, which was why he could tell when Booster deflated, almost imperceptibly. “Oh.”

“What’s the matter?”


“Come on, tell me.”

“It’s nothing!”



Ted folded his arms and waited. Booster sighed. “I dunno. I was kind of craving Thai food and I was gonna suggest we go get some. But it’s fine. I’ll order in, or maybe Bea or someone is free.” He waved a hand at Ted, shooing him towards the door. “Put your jacket on and go, Beau Brummel.”



Ted went back into his bedroom, put on his jacket, and looked at himself in the mirror. He did look good. And he hadn’t had a date in months.

When he walked back into the living room, he was wearing old jeans and an old shirt with the Federation logo on it. “I told her I had to take a rain check,” he said in answer to Booster’s unspoken question. “You got me craving pad thai, you bastard.” And he walked past Booster into the kitchen, both to get the takeout menu and so he wouldn’t have to look at Booster’s smile.


“Well, it appears that miracles do happen,” Barbara said.

“What do you mean?” Ted asked, adjusting his headset with one hand and flipping through the quarterly reports with the other.

“I mean we’ve been talking for thirty minutes and you haven’t once complained about Booster,” she pointed out. “That hasn’t happened since he moved in.”

Ted paused for a minute to think about it. “Huh,” he said. “I guess I don’t have anything to complain about.”


“Guess what.”

Ted looked up as Booster shut the apartment door behind him. “What? And where have you been? I thought you wanted to watch the game.”

“Gladys had me over for tea,” Booster said. That wasn’t unusual – he and Gladys had settled into a bizarre sort of friendship, and he went over to her penthouse for a visit every few weeks, or let her take him to a play or the opera. Ted usually ragged him mercilessly about still being whipped even after the divorce, but he decided to wait a minute and find out why Booster looked like he was trying hard not to laugh.

“Does what I’m about to guess have anything to do with why you look like you’re about to pee in your pants?” he asked.

“I do not!” Booster said indignantly. He sat down on the couch next to Ted anyway. “Gladys’s best friend Mavis was over. Well, really best frenemy.”

Ted shook his head. “No. I don’t believe you actually know a pair of aging best friends named Gladys and Mavis.”

“Best frenemies.”

“Either way.”

“Are you going to let me tell the story or not?” At Booster’s frustrated look, Ted was silent. “Thank you. Anyway, while Gladys was in the kitchen, Mavis cornered me and…well, she sort of proposed?”

Ted stared. “What?”

“Well, you know,” Booster said, as if Ted must also have obscenely wealthy women proposing to him all the time. “She gave me the old once-over and made a lot of breathy comments about how lonely she’s been since her last divorce and how I must miss living in the lap of luxury and how much she’d love to have a big strong hero around the house. And then she grabbed my ass.”

Ted gaped at him. “…Are you kidding?”

“Nope!” Booster put his feet up on the coffee table and folded his arms behind his head. “Looks like yet another lady has succumbed to Gold Fever. Although it’s probably at least fifty percent just to piss off Gladys. Anyway, I’m thinking I might go for it.”

Ted gaped even harder. “You...what?!”

“Well, why not?” Booster asked, heedless of Ted’s darkening expression. “I mean, Mavis is kind of fun, and I think she might actually be richer than Gladys. And I like being married to old ladies. They’re easy to please.”

“No doubt,” Ted said, voice clipped. “I certainly haven’t been able to housebreak you.”

It was a joke he might have made playfully any other time, but the tone now was nasty, and Booster looked up in confusion. “Uh…Ted? Everything okay?”

“Everything’s dandy,” Ted spat, hot with anger. “You’ll go off and marry some shriveled old creep for her money, and I’ll get my apartment back. Everyone wins.”

Booster frowned. “Aw, come on, you’re not going to start this again, are you? I thought you were done picking on me!”

“I was done picking on you about Gladys,” Ted clarified. “Mavis is a whole new ball game.” He stood up, crossed to the hall closet, and yanked out a couple of Booster’s suitcases. The rest were scattered in closets around the apartment – there had been a lot of them. “Well, you’d better get packing. Wouldn’t want to keep ol’ Mavis waiting. I can’t imagine she’s got a lot of time left.”

Booster stood up, hurt and confusion plain on his face, and anger starting to creep up behind it. “Wait. Why are you pissed at me?”

“Pissed? I’m thrilled!” Ted said. “My best friend is getting married. What a wonderful celebration of the deep love between two inutterably shallow people who are using each other for selfish and passive aggressive reasons! Can I be the best man?” Ha. Like he would even attend.

“Not if you don’t stop being a dick,” Booster snapped. “Do you have a problem with Mavis or something?”

“Never met the lady.”

“Okay, then with me actually getting something I want for a change?”

“Ha!” Ted’s laugh was withering. “It’s never enough with you, is it?”

Booster glared. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what it sounds like!” Ted snapped. “What didn’t you have here? You had money, you had a penthouse, you had everything Gladys or Mavis or whoever could buy you, no strings, and you want to trade it all in to marry some old hag who doesn’t even love you!”

“No strings?” There was a bitterness in Booster’s tone that Ted didn’t understand, not that he was in any mood to dissect Booster’s tone right now. “Sure.” He shook his head. “If I don’t leave soon I’m going to be here forever.”

“Would that be such a horrible thing?” Ted demanded. “I mean, sorry I haven’t had nineteen husbands and twenty-three facelifts, but I just don’t see how marrying Mavis instead is trading up!”

He caught the “instead” too late, heard it fall out of his mouth like a depth charge to explode between them. Any hope that Booster wouldn’t notice it vanished at the slight pause in Booster’s anger, the faint line of confusion between his eyebrows.

“I…” Booster started, stopped, started again. “Are…are you jealous?”

“No!” Ted said, but it was too fast, too loud, and Booster would know, oh God, he would know.

“You are!” Booster said, pointing accusatorily at him. “That’s why you were such a jerk to me when I was married to Gladys! You were jealous!”

There was no way to deny it, no way Booster would believe him. Ted closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, hoping for a heart attack to come along and put him out of his misery. Nothing.

“Just…go,” he said. “Take your volumizing mousse and your wheat germ and go marry your grandmother, okay?”

Instead, Booster grabbed his wrist and yanked his hand down. Ted yelped as he was suddenly confronted with Booster’s eyes, bright blue and very round and searching Ted’s from about an inch away.

“What are you doing?” he asked, humiliation making him defensive.

Booster’s mouth curved. “Trading up,” he said, and kissed him.

For a minute Ted just stood there, stunned, Booster’s soft lips pressed to his. Then suddenly it was like someone had lit a Roman candle in Ted’s chest, and his fingers were clenched in Booster’s shirt and his tongue was in Booster’s mouth before his brain had quite caught up with the situation. Booster let go of Ted’s wrist to bury his fingers in Ted’s hair, and Ted made a small, urgent noise and tilted his head to deepen the kiss, pressing closer, all his anger and embarrassment transmuting into a different kind of adrenalin.

When he broke the kiss out of sheer breathlessness, Booster pressed in closer. “Ted,” he said, voice a little broken, and Ted decided right then and there that he needed more Booster more than he needed more oxygen.

When they stumbled blindly against the couch, Ted went tumbling backwards onto it, pulling Booster with him. Booster was already working his collar open, was kissing his way down Ted’s throat, and Ted tilted his head back and slid his hands up under the hem of Booster’s shirt and thought finally, finally.

“Why does your shirt have so many damn buttons?” Booster asked with sudden frustration, yanking at Ted’s shirt so that one of the aforementioned buttons went flying.

“Just rip it, then!” Ted said, impatient. His hands slid down to Booster’s ass, the ass that had been taunting him with its hotness for nearly two decades now, and Booster groaned and thrust against his hip. Ted could feel him through both their jeans, could feel him getting hard, and it made him gasp and fumble for Booster’s fly.

Booster yanked on the shirt, buttons clattered against the floor and the coffee table, and then Booster’s mouth was on him again, lips and tongue and teeth hot and wet on Ted’s collarbone, his solar plexus, his nipples. Ted let out a high-pitched, embarrassing whimper as Booster’s teeth scraped across the sensitive flesh, and Booster chuckled and did it again.

With a grunt of triumph, Ted at last got Booster’s fly open and shoved his hand inside. Booster wasn’t wearing underwear – of course - and they both moaned when Ted’s fingers found Booster’s dick. The angle was bad and the pants were tight and Ted couldn’t do much but rub, but apparently that was enough, because Booster clung to him and panted hot against his neck, and if Ted hadn’t been fully hard before he was getting there now.

“You,” Booster managed, voice muffled against Ted’s throat. “Pants. I need…fuck.”

“Yeah,” Ted agreed. He reached for his own fly, but his right hand was clumsier than his left, and he had no room to maneuver. With an annoyed snort, he pulled his hand out of Booster’s pants. Booster whined in protest until Ted shoved Booster’s jeans down around his thighs and rolled them over so that he was lying half on top of Booster. Then he yanked his own pants and underwear down. He meant to pull them off all the way, but Booster grabbed him before he could, one big hand wrapping around his dick, the other on the back of his neck, pulling him down into a kiss.

Ted moaned into Booster’s mouth as Booster stroked him, and rubbed his thigh against Booster’s erection. Booster broke the kiss on a gasp. “Ted,” he said, arching up against him, “Ted, I always…”

“Me too,” Ted assured him, biting at his jaw. “Me too, Booster, oh God, I…wait, wait…”

Booster stopped in confusion as Ted knocked his hand away – confusion that faded into pleased understanding as Ted shifted so that he could wrap his own hand around both their dicks at once. “Best genius ever,” Booster mumbled into his ear, thrusting gently against Ted’s strokes. “Why didn’t we do this years ago?”

Ted tightened his grip a little, pressing their cocks closer together, loving the feel of Booster’s hard length against his own. “Hhh…didn’t know you wanted to. Why didn’t you kiss me years ago?”

“Th…thought you were straight.”

“I am!”

Booster left off sucking a dark bruise below Ted’s ear to stare at him, then glance down to where Ted was still steadily stroking their cocks together. Ted flushed. “Well. Ish.”

Booster laughed out loud at that, and the happy familiar sound of it made Ted’s chest feel all funny – in a good way – even as his hips jerked forward. “Okay, fine. We’ll go with that.”

He kissed Ted again, fingers digging into Ted’s ass, groping shamelessly. Ted rewarded him by stroking faster, hips shifting shallowly against Booster’s, but it wasn’t long before it wasn’t enough. He let go so that he could thrust against Booster harder, pressed full-length against him, precome from both of them making it easier, slicker, dizzyingly weird and wonderful to be here, with Booster, doing this.

Booster rocked his hips up to meet Ted’s thrusts, lips pressing a staccato of kisses to Ted’s face, his throat and shoulders. Ted dug his fingers into Booster’s hip, his shoulder, babbling and only half aware that he was babbling. “Booster, fuck, yes, Booster, please, please, more…”

“Ted,” Booster gasped, sounding choked. “Ted – !” and Ted felt a warm wet rush between them, and the look on Booster’s face was enough to send Ted hurtling over the edge with him, crying out Booster’s name as pleasure sang through him.

When his brain cleared enough for him to process the situation, he was lying with his head pillowed on Booster’s shoulder, and Booster was petting his back through the shirt that was still half on him. His pants were tangled around his legs, there was a cool, sticky mess between them, and the very expensive couch probably had some very indecent stains on it now.

Still, Ted couldn’t bring himself to be anything but content.

Booster poked his side. “Dinner?”

Ted shook his head. “Nn.”





They lurched off the couch and into Ted’s bedroom, shedding clothes along the way. Booster found some tissues and wiped them down, then made himself at home in Ted’s bed. That was just fine with Ted.

He curled up against Booster’s side. “Hey, Booster?”


“Don’t marry any more old ladies for their money.”

Booster laughed softly and rolled over onto his side so that he could face Ted. “You gonna be my sugar daddy instead?”

Ted made a face. “Only if you promise never to use the phrase ‘sugar daddy’ ever again.”

Booster grinned. “Can I call you Big Papa Ted?”

“If you want me to puke all over you, sure.”

“Aw, you’re no fun.” Booster snuggled close, then suddenly pulled back to look at Ted. “Hey…you know you’re not like Mavis, right?”

Ted cocked an eyebrow. “What, I haven’t had enough work done?”

“No, I mean…you’re not…” Booster went slightly pink and tucked his face into Ted’s neck. “I’d be here even if you were broke,” he said, voice a little muffled.

Ted couldn’t stop the smile spreading over his face, but all he did was kiss the side of Booster’s head and say, “I’d be here even if you were rich.”

He felt Booster’s grin. “Well, I do feel like a million bucks.”

“That was terrible.”

“You loved it.”

“No, seriously, that was really bad.”

“You’re laughing on the inside. I can tell.”

“Good night, Booster.”

“Night, Big Papa.”


“…Night, Ted.”

Oh god, this was wonderful. The only thing better than well-written porn is well-written, perfectly in-character, funny porn.

This is so much love, I cannot even begin to express thy love.


I love this writer forever. Thanks for posting it here.

File: 127892134321.png-(102.99KB, 680x880, Flyboy.png)
I made this and I thought you guys might enjoy burly alternate universe WWII fighter pilot Ted failing to be amused by Booster.

Yeah, I don't know either. But it is fun adding in your own captions.

"And then they were all zombies and they started dancing like this! It's super famous in the future."

"What is a zombie that sounds silly"

I swoon over burly Ted forever.
And that hat.

It's okay to want to touch Ted, beck. That is the natural response to a bod so sexy.

File: 127899245031.jpg-(388.03KB, 1500x825, Adventures of the Skeetlings.jpg)
'Thank god we're finally back!' bump.

FFFFfffff This Ted is so hot beyond reason.
h-he's shirtless and he's wearing burly suspenders~
Also. I need that hat, like, five years ago


OMFG that is the cutest. I want a little Skeetsling of my very own!

File: 127899838644.jpg-(89.93KB, 738x554, mxsxe - blue and gold.jpg)


While everything about that pic is awesome, there's something about Ted's leg being hooked around Booster's that's just undeniably sexy.

File: 127902171254.jpg-(1.23MB, 871x1280, tumblr_l4sfxjGVZs1qa5wx0o1_1280.jpg)


Damn, Booster! What the fuck happened?! D:

I think the Beetle had something to do with it

You know, that giant thing Ted goes around in.

i have been wanting to write this like you can't believe.

Dan isn't sure where this started.


It might have started at the beginning. Three years ago. The first day of class, and amid the sea of bright new faces, Dan can already pick them out. The ones who are just here because they need the credits, or because their friend is in the class, or because they really think archaeology is all about dashing adventures and cursed tombs and foreigners with exotic swords. Dan's stories - but he makes a point never to tell them till at least halfway into the semester. It's a trick. It helps thin the herd a little. By the time he starts dropping mentions of those glory days into his lectures, the only students around to hear them are those who stuck it out through the drier, less glamorous stuff. Dan makes no apologies for that; they're the ones who'll appreciate it the most anyway.

So the first day starts off deceptively dull, a once-over of the syllabus and a dusty lecture about the value of studying history. Students will stay after class to talk when he gets to the exciting things, but they rarely do on day one.

Ted Kord does.

He's not an archaeology major; he's not even enrolled in the Humanities college, not technically. Engineering, he says, but sometimes that gets old. Dan jokes with him; asks if he expects more excitement out of studying things that died and decayed a thousand years ago. And Ted laughs, but only briefly.

"A man can never have too much education," he says by way of explanation, weeks later. It's something Dan would say. It's not something a freshman usually would. That sticks with him. It soon becomes Ted's trademark, his defining nature, at least in Dan's eyes - an endless supply of nonchalance and good humor, and then out of nowhere, moments of wisdom that leave Dan thinking long after class has ended for the day.

That could have been it.


Or the year after that, perhaps. Spring, and Ted's been in his course every term, and Dan's so used to him by now that he'd only be surprised if Ted didn't show up. But he does, and he does more than just show up - he's at the top of the class again, this student of the sciences, beating out kids who've studied nothing but history and letters since they got there.

Until he's not. His grades dip. He hurries off after class instead of hanging around to chat. When Dan catches him nodding off for the third time, he waits till the other students have filed out before making his way over to set a hand on his shoulder. Ted jolts awake, blinking.

"I think we should talk," Dan says.

Whatever he was expecting, whatever he might have imagined, is not what comes out in Ted's sheepish explanation in his office. Gymnastics, he says. He's on the school team, and practice has been keeping him busy. Dan is suddenly, sharply aware of Ted's broad shoulders, of the wiry muscle showing past his rolled-up sleeves. He tries to shake it out of his mind, and realizes that Ted is looking at him expectantly.

"Sorry," Dan says quickly, "I was just thinking -"

"Our meet," Ted repeats. "It's a statewide thing. They're holding it here this year. It's open to the public, and I'm competing in it." He fidgets a little; his hands shuffle in his pockets, and he smiles. "You could come watch. If you want, I mean."

Dan does not plan to go, but somehow he ends up there anyway. The bleachers are full of parents; he tries to guess which might be Ted's, looks for his bright eyes and dark hair in the faces all around. No one stands out. On the mats, the students all look younger than they should. Standing around, they're sinewy, awkward; they talk, they joke, mostly they stretch and wait for their turns. It's only in motion that they turn into strange and beautiful things, twisting and leaping to the applause of the crowd. Dan watches with dispassionate interest; this isn't his kind of thing.

And then it's Ted's turn. His name echoes over the announcer's megaphone, and he steps forward, and for that first second the gymnasium feels so small. The fluorescent lights make Ted look pale; a self-conscious flush stands out high on his cheeks. Somewhere off to Dan's side, a girl cheers, and Ted turns towards her voice and flashes a brilliant grin. He doesn't seem to notice Dan.

In class, Ted dresses like a boy who's gotten into his father's closet; awkward and half-mature. That's all gone now, and the figure flipping effortlessly across the mat is unmistakably adult. By the time Ted's routine finishes and he stands straight and taut, his finishing pose to the applause of the crowd, Dan's mouth has gone dry.

Ted finds him after the meet ends, pulling a sweatshirt on over the spandex as he jogs towards the bleachers. He's disheveled and smiling; Dan forces himself to smile back. They exchange pleasantries and Dan's congratulations, and Ted leaves with the girl who'd been cheering him on, and Dan goes home alone and thinks.


It's the beginning of junior year when Ted follows him to his office and makes the bright-eyed declaration that he's going to minor in archaeology. By now Dan has picked up bits and pieces of his story; Ted likes to talk. About class, yes, but about everything else, too. He approaches Dan more like a friend than a professor some days. So Dan knows about his family's company; knows where he's headed after this, and he can't quite hide his surprise.

"Archaeology?" he echoes. "Not business, or another scientific field?"

Ted scoffs at the idea, but doesn't exactly justify his answer. Instead he rolls right ahead to "So I'll have to write a dissertation," which Dan knew already, and "I could use some help," which he frankly should have seen coming.

That's how he ends up seeing Ted even more often than before, how he ends up staying late every week, getting into sprawling discussions over the paper-in-progress. It's about the pharaohs; Ted is fascinated with Egypt, and there are days Dan wishes he could tell all the stories he has. Once in a while he even sneaks one in - always carefully couched in the third person, prefaced with 'I read in the papers' or 'I heard on the radio'. Ted, clever as he is, never sees through it. He listens to Dan with rapt attention every time.

More than once, their conferences run late, late enough for thoughts of dinner to pop up. More than once, Ted asks if Dan wants to go out and get something with him. And Dan keeps politely turning him down. He should tell him that it's inappropriate, but instead he always makes up some other excuse. Something more temporary and less unforgiving.

He tells himself he doesn't know why, but it's not really true.


The classroom is empty except for them, and Dan is standing closer than he has to, leaning over Ted's desk to read his paper. He goes to circle a spelling error, and their hands bump. Ted smiles. Dan pretends not to notice.


Ted closes the office door behind them and asks, visibly hesitant, if Dan's all right. Says he seemed out of sorts during the lecture. Dan opens his mouth to say he's fine, but he's not and he blurts it out - he tells him about Luri, and about how they'd been close. How they hadn't spoken in ages. How he'd spent the weekend out of town, at her funeral - a car accident, of all things. She would have found it laughably unexciting.

Ted is quiet. When he hugs Dan, he doesn't ask for permission, and Dan has had too bad of a week to deny it anyway.


Dan goes to another one of Ted's competitions. The girl from before isn't there this time. He watches Ted flip and twist, watches the faint sheen of sweat on his skin, the electric blue focus in his eyes. He leaves before Ted can see him.

On the way home, he passes a church, and almost goes to confession for the first time in twenty years.


Wherever it started, it's all ending here. For the first time in a while, the school is doing well enough to take on some extra faculty - including a brand new addition to the one-man archaeology department that has been Dan Garrett since the day his predecessor retired. He's already met her; she's nice. Young, but sharp. He already knows what he's going to say, when Ted shows up. How he'll explain that he has too much work to really devote enough time to helping Ted with his dissertation. That it's a disservice to him, besides, to only get input from one professor. That it'll do him good to learn from someone else for a while.

They aren't lies; not technically.

He waits for Ted to come to his office, but for once, he doesn't. It's not like him to miss one of their appointments, and as the hour comes and goes, Dan finds himself worrying. He's on the verge of going out to look for him - maybe the gym, he thinks - when Ted finally appears in the doorway. He looks worn. He's not smiling.

Dan forgets everything he was going to say, and when the door closes, it all spills out of Ted with the slightest urging. He tells Dan about his father, the argument they just had on the phone - hastily fumbling an apology in there for missing their meeting. Dan waves it off, and Ted goes on, pacing, shaking his head, rambling disjointedly about what's expected of him. He says the word 'graduation' like it's a death sentence. Dan's never seen him so wound up.

Finally, he takes a deep breath. "I don't have my paper with me," he confesses. "I just - I wasn't sure where else to go."

"It's okay," Dan says, and he can see Ted's shoulders droop with relief. There's a long stretch of silence. This would be the time, Dan thinks, to dispense some teacherly wisdom. To give some advice about parents or choices or responsibility, or something. But before he can, Ted speaks up again.

"And then right after I got off the phone with my dad, my roommate called," he says, like it's a continuation of the last topic. "Suddenly decided to go away for the weekend."

Dan is at a loss. "Ah," he says, unhelpfully.

"There's this bar we usually go to on Fridays," Ted goes on, picking an old trinket off Dan's bookshelf and idly turning it over in his hands. "You know, like an end-of-the-week-unwinding thing. The guy that runs the place always gives us a discount for being regulars."

The second Dan understands where this is going, he wishes he didn't, but Ted's smile when he looks up is lopsided and hopeful.

"If you're not doing anything..."

No, Dan thinks.

"Sure," he says.

After a few drinks, Ted's intentions to unwind have left him visibly...well, unwound is about the right word. He's back to his old self, quick to joke and even quicker to laugh.

He is also, to Dan's quiet dread, quick to touch.

It's all completely benign; a hand on his arm, an arm around his shoulders, the bump of Ted's leg against his own below the bar. They're meaningless little things, but that doesn't stop Dan's senses from honing in sharp on every inch of contact, blanking out the rest of the world and making him want to switch to something stronger.

He switches to water instead, and wonders what he's doing here.

Telling Ted he's probably had enough feels like it would be too paternal, so he's relieved when Ted makes that call himself; he was starting to look a little wobbly. Dan quietly takes care of the check and insists on escorting him back to his apartment, and Ted talks the whole way. Dan is mostly silent.

When he fumbles with the lock and finally gets the door open, he invites Dan in. And Dan knows this is it, this is his opportunity to end this and turn around and just go home before he does something stupid.

Instead, he follows Ted in and suddenly the door's closed behind him, and Ted - Ted is too, too close.

"I saw you," he says, a grin playing on his lips. He's flushed, but his eyes are clear. Dan's chest flutters.


"At the last meet," Ted clarifies. "I saw you. You didn't say hi."

"Oh." Dan can't move. "Sorry," he says, which sounds ridiculous even to him. "I didn't---"

"I don't mind," Ted interjects with a chuckle. "No, I mean - I'm glad. I'm glad you came. You can always come watch."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Dan says before he can help himself. Ted looks surprised, but not as much as Dan would expect. He leans up a little, scrutinizing Dan's face. It's making him feel naked, like his heart is pounding loud enough for both of them to hear, all his guilt and bad ideas spread bare in front of him.

Then Ted smiles, closes his eyes, and kisses him.

It takes more willpower than Dan thought he possessed to finally push Ted away and whisper, "We can't do this," but all that effort goes right out the window when Ted licks his lips, eyes gleaming, and whispers back "Why not?"

And there are so many good reasons, he's sure there are, but he can't find a single one before Ted presses close to kiss him again. He can't help it; he kisses back this time, and Ted makes a small desperate sound and grinds against his thigh and oh, god, he's hard. He's hard and he's kissing Dan and then, without warning, he's sinking to his knees and unfastening Dan's belt.

When Dan chokes on a groan and spills against Ted's tongue, it feels like coming apart. And when he pulls him up to his feet and jerks him off, Ted trembling and clinging to his shoulders all the while, all the pieces scatter.

He'll leave in a minute, he tells himself, when Ted's got his breath back, when he doesn't need to slump against him like he'll fall over otherwise. But he holds onto him till then, petting his hair and letting him rest his head in the crook of Dan's neck. He's warm and shaky and beautiful, and now it's not just that Dan doesn't know where this started.

Now he doesn't know where it's going to end, either.

kdsjadlkmsfklsakd <333333

File: 127905079679.jpg-(206.03KB, 800x623, why-not.jpg)
and of course, an illustration.

File: 127905357567.jpg-(120.35KB, 584x900, 73589504.jpg)

Ted, you adorable sneaky little thing. <3




Oh my God. Not only did you write (awesome) Ted/Dan, you mentioned LURI. Luri! *eyes turn into sparkles of joy*

Also, Dan's "DO NOT WANT TO WANT" face is a thing of beauty.

and now for something a bit different, while i'm in this beetleshipping mood.
disclaimer: features underaged!ted.


Teddy Kord is 15 years old, and hating every minute of it.

Summer is just around the corner, and if this year is anything like every year before it, he can bet the air conditioning will break somewhere around mid-June. People think of Chicago and think of cold, wind, but nobody ever takes the summers into account - and they can be brutal. There's relief close by in the form of the local swimming pool, but the last time Teddy felt comfortable there was years ago.

He's just 'a little husky', his mother says. 'Healthy'. But this is coming from the woman who always cooks to feed an army, and insists that Teddy and his father will 'end up skin and bones' if they stop before the third helping.

The other guys in the neighborhood aren't quite so forgiving.

So it's May, and Teddy is trying yet again to turn things around. He's turned down his father's offer to buy him a pass to the local gym; the last thing he needs is to be seen like this, exhausted and straining himself and, by his own estimation, a big clumsy mess. Gyms are for people with less to hide, he thinks. Instead he stays in his room, and counts one situp after another, arms clenched across his chest and face screwed up in concentration.

He gets to thirteen this time before it's too much and he flops back onto the floor, panting. His back aches. His stomach's getting sore from the exertion. And he promised himself he'd do the push-ups today, too. Right now, just the thought makes his arms hurt.

While he catches his breath, he closes his eyes and tries to imagine the pool. The sharp chlorine smell, the open air, the chill of the water on his skin. He pictures ducking under the surface - finally getting a chance to try out the goggles he got three birthdays ago - and escaping the summertime heat.

But it's hard to picture, and even when he sort of can, it doesn't make the idea of those push-ups any less daunting. He needs something else.

Hoisting himself up onto his bed, he tugs the pillow under his head and gazes up at the poster on the wall. It's the only one he's got, mail-ordered for a buck out of the back of one of his 'Incredible Tales' magazines: their own hometown hero. The Blue Beetle.

Teddy loves the image. The Beetle is standing there exactly like a hero ought to, hands on his hips and masked gaze set off into the distance. The lines of his face are strong and resolute, with just enough of a smile - Teddy always imagines he's saying "Have no fear, citizens!" or something equally fantastic. He wonders what the Beetle's voice sounds like; in his head it's sharp, confident, like a radio announcer or his uncle Eli.

He reaches up and traces a fingertip over the contour of the Beetle's side, following the cut of the snug blue costume. It's bulletproof, they say - and fireproof, and who-knows-what-else-proof. The budding scientist in Teddy wants to know exactly how it works. If he did, he thinks, he could make one of his own. His very own Beetle suit. And then someday - someday, when he was in good enough shape, when he'd stopped being 'husky' - he could be the Blue Beetle's sidekick.

His eyes go half-lidded as he pictures it: himself, a little older and a lot leaner. Stronger. Maybe he'd wear an eye-mask like the Beetle does; or maybe he'd design something different, something that would stand out. Sometimes he gets ideas, and they end up scribbled in the margins of his homework, tiny sketches: Teddy Kord, partner in crimefighting. No, he amends mentally, maybe not Teddy. Maybe Ted. After all, kid sidekicks are pretty common, but he is almost sixteen. That's practically grown-up.

He'd have to have some kind of alias, but he hasn't been able to think of a good one yet. So when he imagines this marvelous new life, it's always just him and the Beetle. Alone, maybe after saving the day, where they could use their real names. The Beetle would put a hand on his shoulder and smile, and say Good job out there, Ted! He'd say, We really taught those crooks a lesson, didn't we? and Teddy would smile right back and say, We sure did, partner!

"Partner," Teddy murmurs. The word echoes warm and rich in his head, and his nerves spark at the thought. If it was just the two of them, then the Beetle could take off his mask, take off his cowl, and Teddy wonders what he'd look like. He already knows he'd be handsome; the disguise doesn't hide that. Strong-jawed and quick to smile - that's how he's always drawn, and Teddy trusts the artwork implicitly, even if he's never seen the man in person.

He glances down at himself, at the roundness of his stomach, at how short and inelegant his fingers look where they rest on his t-shirt. Then he looks back up at the Beetle. He's tall, he's broad-shouldered; the costume shows off muscle and strength and Teddy maps it out with his hand, trying to imagine what it would feel like for real.

A shiver creeps down his spine, heat stirring low in his belly, and Teddy feels himself flush self-consciously. He's idolized the Blue Beetle for years, sure, but it's only recently that he's started to look at his hero like that. It feels a little scandalous; the Beetle is an icon, something more than just a person. It's not like the brief, frantic crush he had on Rosie Klein from homeroom (or the subsequent, never-spoken-aloud one on her older brother). But Teddy can't help it. It just happens.

After all, he tells himself, superheroes lead dangerous lives. Maybe the Beetle wouldn't be able to have a - a girlfriend, or anything, in case his secret identity ever got out. Teddy's pretty sure that's how it works; it's like being a spy. You can't get too close to ordinary people when you're always out there risking your neck. So the Beetle would confide in him. His sidekick - the one person who'd understand what it was like. And Teddy would always be there for him.

He pictures the Beetle's hand on his shoulder again, but this time he's leaning down to kiss Teddy, and his dick twitches in his shorts. Thoughtlessly, he reaches down to grab himself, and turns his head aside to muffle a groan against the pillow. With his eyes closed, he tries to imagine it's not his hand - it's his hero's, maybe still in its bright-colored glove, big and strong and self-assured. He wonders if the Beetle has a secret lair - a cave or a hidden room in a house, something like that. His imagination fills in the blanks, and that's where his mind puts them now.

The jersey shorts he wears for exercising are getting tight under his hand, but he leaves them on, and pretends they're part of a costume. His costume, not quite the same as the Beetle's but obviously connected - something befitting a sidekick. Maybe they'd be in a hurry, rushing from one heroic rescue to another, with the adrenalin running high and no time to undress, and the Beetle would just...just touch him, just like that. Teddy strokes himself slow and firm, and flattens his palm, trying to make it feel broader than it is.

Teddy's knowledge of sex comes from one stodgy health-class teacher and dirty jokes in the schoolyard; firsthand experience is reserved for those a good few notches cooler than him. He sort of gets the concept of a blowjob, anyway, and that's what he pictures next. Pictures himself, still in his fantasy costume, dropping to his knees and gazing right at that trademark scarab-shaped belt buckle. It's all a blurry mental picture - there's some ingrained sense of propriety that keeps him from getting too explicit - but it's good anyway. While his left hand keeps working his cock through his shorts, his right comes up to the pillow beside his cheek, and he sucks two fingers into his mouth and groans. It's almost too much to imagine - the Beetle's hands in his hair, the sound of his breathing going fast, just the way Teddy's is now.

Maybe he'd be - he'd be pleased, Teddy thinks. He can hear that warm voice saying That's good, Ted. Just like that, and the thought makes him moan around his fingers, sucking harder. He can't believe he's imagining this - what would people think if they knew? - but it's too good to stop now. Soon impatience gets the better of him and he shoves the waistband of his shorts down, taking himself in hand and jerking his cock desperately. All the while, it's the Beetle's imagined voice in his head, urging him on, murmuring praise and encouragements.

You're doing great, Ted, he'd say, and Teddy steals one more glance up at his poster and comes with a shout.

It leaves him shaky and breathless, and he pants hard into the pillowcase. While his head clears, he wipes his hand on his shirt and strips it off; he'll wash that himself before he'll put himself through the embarrassment of tossing it in with the rest of the laundry. The warmth of the room is more comfortable like that anyway, and he lingers on the bed, draping an arm across his eyes.

When he eventually looks up again, the Beetle is still standing there, still posing heroically, still wearing that bold smile. Teddy gazes up at him. He smiles back.

Then he rolls out of bed, sets himself up on the floor, and vows not to quit till the push-ups get easy. After all, pool or no pool, he wants to be stronger.

Just in case.

Hnnggh. Oh Teddy, yes.
Ilu, Insomniac.

I think this is relevant to our interests. It's posted in a different thread but
Maxwell Lord/Tony Stark


File: 127913866735.jpg-(542.57KB, 1280x1988, JL - Generation Lost 05003.jpg)
i don't usually post scans, but...h-hngh.

lopresti can draw *every* issue of generation lost, as far as i'm concerned.

Booster is rocking that fucking ponytail, dayumn.

File: 127913998614.jpg-(60.38KB, 678x603, T1mco - Business time.jpg)
Aaaand, found some Max/Tony Stark lol.

H-hugghnghghg. M-My heart. He's so pretty. Oh my god, he's so pretty.

Lopresti has to draw Booster forever. Oh please oh please oh please.

File: 127914616343.jpg-(586.49KB, 1280x1978, JL - Generation Lost 05005.jpg)
More spoiler-scans.

I cheered when he said that.

File: 127914618820.jpg-(565.46KB, 1280x1984, JL - Generation Lost 05006.jpg)

File: 127914624623.jpg-(498.54KB, 1280x1986, JL - Generation Lost 05020.jpg)

File: 127914627171.jpg-(547.11KB, 1280x1978, JL - Generation Lost 05021.jpg)

File: 12791463185.jpg-(558.20KB, 1280x1969, JL - Generation Lost 05022.jpg)

File: 127914639589.jpg-(583.77KB, 1280x1982, JL - Generation Lost 05023.jpg)

I went a bit more in depth on this issue elsewhere, but the two big points for me:

-Gavril is no Dimitri, but I'm liking him so far
-you'd think Max wouldn't have brought in Jaime unless he knew what he was capable of

And, my overarching thought for all odd-number issues: BOOSTER IS SO PRETTY, OMG!


Aaaaaactually, at that point in time, he kind of was. When Max insisted Booster join the team, he was still under the influence of Kilg%re and did things like stage a terrorist attack just so the United Nations would accept the Justice League he created.

FFFFFFFFFFUUU I couldn't resist. Had to read the spoilerscans ;_;

I like this new JLI. Yes, yes I do. Max, you magnificent bastard, I like where this is going.

File: 127915289830.jpg-(204.83KB, 500x1000, star-of-the-team.jpg)
Don't beat yourself up too much, Dan. We wouldn't have been able to say no either.

I really hope it stays that way, too.


And Max ain't evil. HE ISN'T EVIL DAMMIT!

Okay, lj's journal purging news is making me all fretty and agitated. Someone gimme some doodling prompts to get my mind off it T__T


More Booster run over by sex?
Or, and it would totally make my night since I'm outta commission from work due to heat exhaustion, Ted taking care of a sick or wounded Booster.

oh, i like both of these. and i throw in a vote for anything whatsoever involving dan, because i am all about that right now and i might be writing more of the sleeping-with-teacher story from a few posts back.

File: 127916633680.jpg-(730.30KB, 576x576, sickboy.jpg)
"You and your so-superior future genes."
"You're lucky you're so comfortable or I'd throw up on you."


Well, that's not cool at all, LJ.

I vote Ted ogling Booster, who is dressed in one of his old football uniforms.

Or, y'know, more snuggling.


Hoky smokes! Ilu so much right now!

File: 12791682783.jpg-(725.27KB, 686x374, wasitgoodforyou.jpg)

I will always be pleased to hear that^^


So much fandom goodness is going to be lost forever because of this. Thanks, lj.

File: 127917030470.jpg-(773.74KB, 526x720, naughtyprofessor.jpg)
"Ted, you're sitting on my gradebook."
"So I aced that last exam, right?"

Fun fact 1: this is the first time I even considered what Dan looked like.
Fun fact 2: the three assignments I'm supposed to turn in for perspective class on Friday has the theme of Egypt. Guess what story I'll be telling in them?


idiosyn, I wish I had the Boostle!muses to properly love you in writing. *sigh*

File: 127917345269.jpg-(790.92KB, 720x720, sportsappreciation.jpg)
High school/college AU? Downtime at the embassy? You tell me.


The amusing thing is that I never really drew porn until this fandom. It's amazing the limits one's Boostle muse will take them.

>what dan looked like
You mean tall, strong-jawed, and blond? Certainly can't fault Ted on consistency...

no content, polite sage, etc.


I love how Booster has such a filthy look on his face.

"Good thing you aren't on a rival team, Teddy... You're too damn good at sacking this quarterback."

File: 127919004227.jpg-(326.50KB, 839x648, hero-worship.jpg)
oh, you knew this was coming.


Oh Teddy! He's so adorably chubby!
Now I know I'm really going to hell. Thanks, Insomniac! :D

Dat colouring. Never stop.


...The pictures aren't showing up for me. *sulk*

if it's any consolation, i too feel a little guilty.

a little.

File: 127920445028.jpg-(36.80KB, 178x72, oh-yes-you-do.jpg)
giffen and dematteis: they know their audience.

from the latest booster gold. and yes, this is ted speaking to booster. we also get barda referring to their banter as "couples therapy" a few pages later.


Have you tried right clinking, and copying the image location to a new tab/window?


The good news is that it's not a purge of all 24mo+ inactivity. They edited the news post to add that purged journals and comms must also have only one entry and no comments. So the fan archives are safe!


Yes. It's not workiiiiiing. And I'm whining like a 10-year old. Sorry.


I love you subtext-that's-not-even-subtle-anymore.

File: 127923980975.jpg-(69.05KB, 465x310, giant bug ted 01.jpg)
Everyone who can't see Idiosyn's art: right-click on the thumbnail, select "save target as." It'll download itself onto your computer and then you can see it.

And now, some Giant Bug Ted. He's my favorite Ted who is a giant bug.

Where is that from?


FOOTBALL PADDING YESSSSSSS. ILU forever and may have to write this now.

File: 127924496231.jpg-(290.22KB, 614x892, giant bug ted 07.jpg)

The abysmal Countdown Arena. Poor Giant Bug Ted was mostly in the background of the first issue, and met his ignoble end in issue two.

I think I cried, knowing that on Earth-33, there was a Booster who had no idea what happened to his best friend. And then I cried because I spent money on such a terrible comic.

File: 127925101220.jpg-(91.39KB, 613x402, birthofthebluebeetle1.jpg)

I, of course, have no problems with this =D

In other news, the first of three assignments I'm turning into advanced perspective class tomorrow! Guess what's going to happen next (the suspense!)

File: 127925969850.jpg-(113.67KB, 611x400, birthofthebluebeetle2.jpg)

It continues- our intrepid archeologist and his companions! (luri and some dude- translator? guide, perhaps?) What will they find inside the tomb? Oh, what tension!

File: 127926436988.jpg-(132.93KB, 613x402, birthofthebluebeetle3.jpg)

The final!

"Dan, are you sure you should be touching the glowing thing that you don't know what it does?"
"How can I find out what it does if I don't touch it?"

What will happen when he touches the strange glowing object? Find out in you local comic shop or internet because I can't believe I completed six assignments in two and a half days and my hand is killing me! And also I need sleep. (eternal cliffhanger!)

These are super neat!

File: 12793027133.jpg-(143.92KB, 668x720, wallbanger.jpg)
To make up for last night's lack of porn- porn!

Aaaaaaand now I'm late for class (i regret nothing!)

HNGH. Bendy!Ted is best Ted.



(And yay I can see it now! :D )

There needs to be gym/exercise equipment sex now.

Thought that came to me whilst my dad was watching the British Open: Ted dresses silly. Golfers dress silly. As the owner of a large company, Ted probably went golfing with other CEOs at some point. Ted probably has the most ridiculious golfing outfit EVER. (Or he goes the other way and dresses really blandly, but that's not as much fun to think about.)

So, Ted golfing with Max, Booster and Bruce Wayne, and everyone's dressed like Ted picked out their outfits, yes?

File: 127933348671.jpg-(736.86KB, 1280x1950, img009.jpg)

File: 127935333151.jpg-(56.33KB, 527x776, T1mco - Baby Baby oh yeah.jpg)


You know, as much as Booster's long hair in the comic made me snicker- HNNNGH, he's so incredibly pretty he gets a free pass (thank god it wasn't his 90s mullet, either).

The ridiculous ponytail is why I was hesitant to post that here.

Pretty Booster is my daily dose and keeps my day from sucking. Pretty Booster, Pretty Booster, let down your hair for upon your visage do I long to stare.


Good old-fashioned JLI fun.

File: 127937759967.jpg-(194.50KB, 900x800, oddly-specific-fantasy.jpg)
"Wait, wait, put your hair like - yes. Oh, god. Perfect."
"You've really given this some thought, haven't you?"
"Booster, you have no idea."


Damn. That is cute!

Now my brain is feeding me images of Ted making a DAT ASS face as Booster bends over to put his golf ball on the tee. And unf the swing of Booster's hips as he makes a drive. I alway though golf was boring... Not anymore!

There's something about Ted's face that really bothers me.

File: 127939109665.jpg-(809.43KB, 936x432, hairfetish.jpg)
So Tim's piece was kinda preying on my mind as I tried to sleep last night and I woke up to the conclusion that I think I may have a bit of a fetish for long-hair!Booster. Specifically for young-chubby!Ted and young-long-hair!Booster. AU, anyone?

Wow, we're off the first page. To correct this oversight, one of my favorite Boostle porns, done by silver_apples.

Ted tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as he inched his way down the street. It was late, long past rush hour, but the driver in front of him had one foot on the brake while he stared everywhere but where he was going.

Not that Ted blamed him. He was fairly distracted as well. Scantily clad women waved at the drivers, posing provocatively and shouting invitations.

Ted did not want to be here. This wasn’t his idea. But all his friends were convinced he was pining for his lost love. He’d tried to explain that Brittany wasn’t his love, lost or found, and that he wasn’t pining, he just wasn’t interested in finding another girlfriend right now. It was no use. They were convinced that since he wasn't upset over his latest breakup, trying to find a new girlfriend, or moping that he couldn't get a date, he must be far more hurt than he let on. They constantly tried to set him up with any moderately attractive single woman they could find, telling him he was past due for a rebound relationship. When that hadn’t worked, they’d suggested this.

Ted wasn't sure what he'd done to deserve such concerned friends, but whatever it was, he was very sorry.

“If you won’t date, at least get laid,” Bea had snapped. “Pick up a hooker if you have to. I’ll even chip in.”

To Ted’s shock and embarrassment, the rest of his friends thought this was a good idea. Before he knew what had happened he had a wad of cash, a pack of condoms, and directions to the red light district. He’d barely managed to talk Max out of coming along for “moral support.” Instead, he’d been escorted here by three other cars before his interfering friends had gone their separate ways, calling out final bits of advice as they drove off.

“These are grown women capable of making their own decisions. They’re doing a job, and they don’t need you to save them, so don’t try to turn this into ‘Pretty Woman’” Bea had warned.

“Don’t pick a Brittany look-alike,” Sue had said. “You need to get over her, not find a substitute.”

“Have fun,” Max had grinned. “I recommend Krystal and Megan. They’re a little more expensive, but” he leered “that’s because they always work together.”

“I want details,” Ralph had shouted out the window as he drove away. Ted saw Sue smack him before they turned the corner.

Looking out the window, he spotted two women who had to be Krystal and Megan. They wore identical tight black dresses and had dyed their hair the same shade of red. As Ted watched, an expensive looking car pulled up next to them and they both climbed in. Ted wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or relieved. Up ahead was a short, busty woman with dark hair. She was pretty, but Brittany had been short and dark as well (although not nearly as well endowed), and Ted was too scared of Sue to risk disobeying her orders.

Glancing at the other side of the street, his gaze fell on a tall blond man wearing a tight green shirt and even tighter black leather pants. Ted’s mouth went dry. Without even thinking about it, Ted did a U-turn and pulled up next to the blond, who opened the door and got in.

“Hey stud. See something you like?” he asked, voice low and husky.

Shiny pink lips. Cheeks slightly flushed. Big blue eyes heavily framed by thick black lashes and eyeliner. “Too much mascara,” Ted’s brain critiqued, but it was a very small voice drowned out by Ted’s more basic instincts, which saw nothing wrong except that there was still space between Ted and the other man.

The blond smiled and rested a hand on Ted‘s thigh. “Want to go somewhere a little more private?”

Ted nodded and pulled back into traffic. Tall, blond, and male. He couldn’t have found someone more unlike Brittany if he tried.

“There’s an empty parking lot up ahead,” the blond whispered, hand sliding up Ted’s leg.

Ted swallowed. “I thought we could rent a room.”

“You want me for the whole night, big guy? It’ll cost you.”

Ted smiled a little at that. “That’s okay. My friends are paying. We can splurge.”

“You’re lucky to have such generous friends. What’s your name, gorgeous?”

“Te-EED!” Ted swerved slightly as the blond’s hand cupped his crotch. “Driving! No distracting the driver! Horrible fiery death! Bad!”

The blond let go, leaning back in his seat and laughing. Ted flushed, determinedly keeping his eyes on the road and trying to ignore the shivery feeling that laugh gave him.

“This your first time, Ted?” the blond asked once he’d stopped laughing.

“Of course not.” Max had warned him that telling someone he’d never done this before was a good way to get fleeced.

“So you pick up male hookers all the time?”

“Every other week,” Ted lied.

“I don’t believe you. I bet this is your first time with a hooker. Might be your first time with a man too.” Seeing Ted’s blush, he laughed again. “It is! Oh, this is going to be fun.”

“What’s your name?” Ted asked, trying to change the subject.

“Whatever you want it to be.” The blond switched back to the bedroom voice he’d used earlier.

Ted frowned, glancing at the blond out of the corner of his eye. It might be stupid, but he wanted the other man to tell him his name, even if he lied. Expecting Ted to name him just made the whole thing Ted’s fantasy, with the blond a prop instead of a person.

“How about Algernon? Or Mortimer? Maybe Rupert?”


“I think Algernon fits you best. Algy. I like it.”

The blond glared. “Michael. My name is Michael.”

Ted mock-sighed. “Fine. Michael it is.” He pulled into the lot of a cheap motel. “Wait here.”

Ted went to the office and rented a room for the night. He hesitated when it came time to sign the guestbook, but since he’d already handed over his credit card it seemed a little late to make up an alias. Clutching the key to his room, he headed back outside. Michael was leaning against the car, thumbs hooked in his pockets. “What took you?” he asked when Ted got closer. He pulled the key out of Ted’s hand, glanced at the room number, and walked across the parking lot, hips swaying. Ted swallowed and followed.

Michael unlocked the door to room 15, flipped on the light, and held the door for Ted. As Ted walked past, Michael lightly squeezed his ass. “Nice,” he murmured, crowding in close behind Ted and letting the door swing shut. He wrapped an arm around Ted’s waist and licked his neck. “Any requests?” His breath on Ted’s wet neck sent goosebumps down Ted’s spine.

Ted leaned against him. “Um.”

“You know what you want, right? After all, you do this every other week.”

“Right.” Ted twisted to look up at Michael. Not sure what else to do, he stood on tiptoe and kissed the taller man. His lips tasted like artificial strawberry flavoring. Then Michael’s tongue was in Ted’s mouth, his hands roving up and down Ted’s back, and Ted stopped thinking.

“Money up front,” Michael said.

“What? Oh.” Ted pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket and thrust it at Michael. The blond took it, leafed through the bills, and stuck it in his pocket. “Don’t I get change?”

“Don’t worry, I’m worth every penny.”

Michael kissed Ted again, nibbling his lips as he unbuttoned Ted’s shirt. He lightly stroked his hand down Ted’s chest, the feel of skin on skin making Ted shiver. He pulled back a little and opened his eyes. Michael smiled and pushed Ted’s shirt off the rest of the way, then unbuttoned Ted’s pants. He pushed them down Ted’s hips, then lightly shoved Ted until Ted stumbled backwards and sat on the bed. Michael knelt on the floor and pulled off Ted’s shoes and socks, then tugged at Ted’s pants. Ted obligingly lifted his hips and a second later the pants were tossed across the room and Michael was pushing Ted’s knees apart.

Michael chuckled softly and looked up at Ted through soot dark eyelashes. “You got a Scooby snack for me in there?”

Ted blushed. He’d forgotten he was wearing his Scooby-doo boxer shorts. Michael slid his fingers up Ted’s thigh, under the edge of the boxers, his touch feather-light.

“You--You’re still dressed,” Ted stammered.

“We should do something about that,” Michael agreed. He stood, turned, and bent over, untying his boots and giving Ted a close-up view of his tight butt. Hesitantly, Ted stroked a finger down one cheek. Michael slowly straightened, kicking off his boots and peeling off his shirt, flexing a little. Ted felt hypnotized by the movement of muscles in Michael’s back and arms. He unbuttoned his pants and shimmied out of them. This took some time and a lot of shimmying. They were very tight pants. Ted didn’t mind the wait though, barely daring to breath as the golden skin became visible, centimeter by slow centimeter. Michael wasn’t wearing any underwear, and even while he was enjoying the view, Ted had to wonder how comfortable the leather could be against sensitive anatomy. Michael had to bend over again, hopping a little to peel the pants off his lower legs and yank off his socks, and Ted smiled. As gorgeous as all that bare skin was, it was still amusing to watch. Finally, Michael was naked, his legs covered with a thin sheen of sweat. He turned slowly, and Ted licked his lips as he got his first look at Michael in all his glory. He was beautiful.

“Now you’re the one overdressed.”

“Huh?” He really wasn’t a very good conversationalist tonight, but didn’t think anyone could blame him.

Michael didn’t answer, just pushed Ted over so he was lying on the bed climbed on top, his knees on either side of Ted’s waist and his hands by Ted’s shoulders. He kissed his way down Ted’s chest, then slowly, so very slowly, pulled off Ted’s boxers with his teeth. Ted dug his fingers into the comforter and tried to remember how to breath.

Once the boxers were out of the way, Michael started kissing his way back up, starting with Ted’s ankle. Ted shifted on the bed and spread his legs wider, whimpering a little when Michael nibbled a sensitive spot by his knee, his hips jerking. As Michael licked a long, slow stripe up the inside of Ted’s thigh, Ted decided his friends had had a good idea after all.



Ted woke up with a cold leg and numb arm. Double beds were not intended to fit two adult men. Michael had stolen more than his fair share of the covers, leaving Ted’s leg exposed, and he was lying on one of Ted’s arms. Ted pushed at Michael, pulling his arm free. Michael made an incomprehensible noise and curled up on his side. The covers were all untucked, probably Michael’s doing. He was too tall for the bed.

Ted sat up, rubbing feeling back into his hand and wincing as the pins and needles feeling started. Once his hand felt normal again, he stood and headed for the small bathroom.

A quick shower and he was feeling much more awake and ready for some breakfast. Michael was sitting up in bed when Ted emerged from the bathroom. He leered a little when he saw Ted. “Morning.”

“Good morning.” Ted walked over and gave him a long, slow kiss. Michael hummed appreciatively and tugged Ted down so he was half in Michael’s lap.

Ted smiled and combed his fingers through the blond hair. “Where’d you get the leather pants?”

“I’ve had ‘em for years.”

Ted frowned. “And I never saw them before why?”

Booster rolled his eyes. “Right. Because you never see me in tight pants.”

“Denim and shiny future material, yes. But not leather.”

Booster kissed him on the nose. “Didn’t know you liked leather. Besides, they’re a pain to get on and off, and they’re hot.”

“Worth it though.”

Booster smiled. “Were you surprised?”

Ted nodded. “I knew you were planning something when you agreed with the others that I should get a hooker, but I figured you were just going to wait for them to leave so we could sneak off together and spend their money. This was unexpected. And fun.”

“Oh yeah. You played the nervous first timer wonderfully.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself.” Ted kissed him again, then stood and started picking up his clothes from where they’d been thrown the night before. “C’mon, get cleaned up and dressed. I want food.”

“Can you get my duffle out of the car? I’ve got some non-hooker clothes in there.”

Ted pouted as he pulled on his pants. “No leather?”

“Maybe later. If you’re good.”

Ted finished dressing and went to the car while Booster showered. While he waited, he looked through the duffle bag, hoping Booster had packed toothpaste, but there was only a change of clothes. Checking the pockets, he found Booster’s watch and rings.

He heard the water switch off and walked over to the bathroom, rapping on the door. “You almost done in there?”

“No.” Booster sounded annoyed, and Ted opened the door. Booster was wearing a towel and scowling at his reflection in a cleared spot on the fogged up mirror.

“What’s wrong?”

Booster turned and indicated his face. “It won’t come off!”

Booster’s eyes were still dark, the make-up smudged and faded some, but still very much there. Ted grabbed a washcloth, soaked it under the faucet, and scrubbed at Booster’s face. “What kind of make-up did you use?”

“Whatever was in Bea’s purse.”

Ted tossed the washcloth in the sink, realizing it was a hopeless cause. “You used Bea’s? What was wrong with Sue’s?”

“I borrowed her lip gloss, because Bea‘s was too dark, but I looked in Bea‘s purse first,” Booster answered. “Why does it matter?”

“Because Sue uses regular make-up, and Bea uses stuff that’s tougher than the armor on the Batmobile. It can survive an inferno, you really think it’ll wash off with a little hot water?”

“So what will take it off?”

Ted shrugged. “Hydrochloric acid? Belt sander?”

Booster groaned. “I can’t go out looking like this!”

“You went out looking like that last night.“ Booster glared, and Ted clapped him on the shoulder. “I have sunglasses in the car. Anyone asks, we’ll tell them you’re hung over. After breakfast we can stop at the store and buy some industrial-strength make-up remover.”

Booster kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks. You’re the best.”

The two men went back into the main room and Booster dressed while Ted fidgeted.

“Aren’t you ready yet?” he asked as Booster hunted through his duffel.

“Almost. I just can’t find something.”

“Oh? What?”

Booster didn’t answer, turning the duffel inside out, shaking it, and patting it almost desperately.

“Booster.” No response. “Booster!”

Booster looked up, and Ted walked over, pulling out the gold ring he’d taken earlier. He gently grasped Booster’s left hand and slid the ring on his finger. “With this ring I thee wed,” he whispered, and kissed the back of Booster’s hand.

Booster sighed. “That was mean. I thought I’d lost it.” Ted offered him a second ring, a little smaller but otherwise identical, and Booster took it and solemnly put it on Ted’s finger before kissing Ted fiercely. “Mine.”

“You’re such a romantic. You know, if we just told the others we’d eloped last month, they’d stop trying to find me a new girlfriend.”

“I’ve got fifty bucks and a backrub riding on Ralph figuring it out first. If you tell, you forfeit.”

“That’s the only way you’ll win,” Ted replied. “Sue’s almost as good a detective as Ralph, and she’s better at reading people. Plus, she‘s known how I feel about you for years.”

The two men walked out the door, still arguing over which of their teammates was more likely to figure it out first. Ted went to return the room key while Booster got in the car to look for the promised sunglasses.

“Where do you want to eat?” Ted asked once he got back, climbing into the driver’s seat and starting the car.

Booster shrugged, finally finding the sunglasses. “You pick.”

“Okay, but you’re buying. I gave you all my money last night.”

“Hey, I earned that money!”

“What’s yours is mine, remember?”

Booster sighed dramatically and nodded. He reached over to capture Ted’s hand. Ted smiled and squeezed his hand.

Life was good.

The End

Inspirational Jerry Falwell quote: Grown men should not be having sex with prostitutes unless they are married to them.

File: 12794404606.jpg-(175.17KB, 1000x792, booster_by_MxSxE.jpg)
Off the first page? UNACCEPTABLE.
/goes to read

i d'awwed out loud and you are all wonderful people

Okay, so I realized that thing I labeled as porn earlier (last night? this morning?) wasn't ACTUALLY porn. So, as penitence, one of my favorite Boostle really-porn, this one by poisonivory.

“Hey, can I fly?”


“Can I man the weapons?”

“We’re not even fighting, and no.”

“Can I – ”


Booster pouted and slumped back in his seat. “You never let me have any fun.”

Ted grinned as he checked a nearby readout and adjusted a lever a nearly imperceptible fraction. “If it’s fun you want, Booster ol’ buddy, I think I – or rather South Beach – can provide. In just two hours it’ll be nothing but thongs and roller blades as far as the eye can see.”

“Ted, I told you after the last time, I don’t want to go to any more of your family reunions.”

“Hardy har har.” Ted stuck out his tongue at Booster. “Note to self: Choose flight paths around Metropolis from now on when in the Gotham area.”

“So what were you doing in G-Town anyway?” Booster asked, putting his feet up on the console in front of him.

Ted swatted Booster’s feet until Booster yelped and moved them. “Picking up some samples of that crazy aphrodisiac pollen Poison Ivy’s always chucking around.”

Booster raised his eyebrows. “Wow. You really are looking for a good time.”

“Not for me, dingus.” Ted rolled his eyes. “As if I needed it, anyway. You are looking at a prime specimen of virility here, mon ami.”


“Batman asked me to take a look at them, see if I could come up with some sort of vaccine.”

Booster’s eyebrows went up again. “Batman asked you?”

“Weeeeell…” Ted busied himself with checking the Bug’s humidity levels. “Perhaps I suggested it.”


“I said, ‘This is intolerable, Batman. It seems like every other day a superhero who normally comports himself with dignity and gentlemanly sangfroid –‘”

“So not us, then?”

“‘– dignity and gentlemanly sangfroid falls victim to Ivy’s sadistic whim and finds himself rutting with the nearest living creature like a dog in heat. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if you could just keep your rogues in Gotham – no offense, Batsy, but you might want to be a little more conscientious there – but as the situation now stands, it is a problem, and I’m willing to take it off your hands. And although my specialty is inventing, I am a Jack of many scientific trades and I’m sure if I take a gander at Ivy’s spores or whatever I can whip up an all-purpose vaccine in no time. And do you know what he said?”

“‘Hn’ and ‘grr’?”

Ted looked nobly wounded. “He told me that he’d be grateful for my assistance, and that I should drop by the Cave any old time and grab some samples.”

Booster looked at Ted.

Ted shifted.

Booster continued to look at Ted.

Ted looked at a dial that monitored the status of the dials.

“He told you to stay the hell out of Gotham, didn’t he?” Booster asked finally.

“…Yes,” Ted said faintly, looking sheepish.

“And then you went when you knew he wasn’t there and Alfred let you in and gave you the samples, didn’t he?”


“And we’re going to Miami because Batman will find some miniscule fiber or skin cell or something and know you were there and throttle your face off if we show up for a meeting, aren’t we?”


Booster considered. “Works for me.” He put his feet up on the console again. “Did Alfred give you those little almond wafers with your tea?”

Ted nodded eagerly. “Yeah, with the jelly, and he gave me some for you, too.”

“Alfred is so. Cool. Ow!” Booster returned Ted’s nobly wounded look as he took his feet off of the console again. “You know, hitting is not nice.”

“And it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from hitting to trying to take over the world with a plasma death cannon, I know. I read the pamphlets.” Ted rubbed out an imaginary smudge on the console with his thumb. “You just keep your feet on the floor, space boots, and you can save me from a life of villainy and hyperbolic monologues.”

“You already do hyperbolic monologues,” Booster grumbled. “These seats are uncomfortable.”

“They are not, you big baby.”

“I have a very delicate heinie!”

Ted stared at Booster for a long moment, until Booster blushed and looked away. “Um. Good luck with that,” he said finally. “Anyway, once I get out of Metropolis airspace I can really open up the Bug, and then we’ll be in the Sunshine State in no time.”

“I though California was the Sunshine State.”

“No, California is the Buckeye State.”

“That’s Vermont.”

“Oh, look, Marty McFly knows all the state nicknames.”

“Okay, first of all I’m from the twenty-fifth century, not Oceania, and second of all – ”


The Bug rocked violently to starboard as something slammed into the hull. Ted leapt to his feet as Booster fell off his chair. “What the…?”

Something red and blue streaked past the windows. “Oh. Him.” Ted offered Booster a hand up. “I really hate flying over Metropolis. Bug, run damage assessment.”

“Damage assessment commencing…”

Over the gentle whirr of the Bug’s scans, Ted flipped a switch in the center of the console. “Supes?”

The famous S-shield and spit curl hove into view in front of the eyeports. “Hi, Beetle. Sorry about that; I didn’t see you until I’d already socked him, or I would’ve hit him in another direction.”


“Rassafrassin’BoyScout,” Booster muttered, folding his arms across his chest sulkily. “Seventy-three kinds of vision and he can’t see a giant blue bug in the sky.”

“Bizarro,” Superman clarified, ignoring Booster with the ease of long practice. “He’s somewhere in that pile of rubble down there.”

Ted looked impressed. “Boy, reconstruction crews in Metropolis must make a ton.”

“Yeah. Insurance isn’t great, though.”

“And you’d think super-hearing might help him hear the giant blue bug, but nooooooo…”

Superman’s eyes flicked towards Booster with something like annoyance in them, but he refrained from commenting. “There’s no dent in the hull, at least none that I can see. Any internal damage?”

“I’ll know in a second,” Ted replied.

As if on cue, the Bug dinged, and then chirruped, “Damage assessment complete: 0.0013%.”

“Sounds manageable,” Superman said.

Ted nodded. “Yeah, maybe some things in the cargo bay got knocked around, but she should be fine.”

There was an ominous rumble from the ground. “Uh oh, Bizarro’s getting his second wind,” Superman said. “Gentlemen.”

“Have fun!” Ted called as Superman flew off. Booster made a horrible face at the disappearing cape as the Bug continued on its flight path out of Metropolis.

“Very mature,” Ted drawled.

“Like you’d know.”

Ted stood up. “I don’t particularly trust you out here alone, but I’d better check the cargo bay. Don’t touch anything, okay? I like my radio settings where they are, and I also don’t want you to cause us to crash and die.”

“When have I ever crashed a vehicle?”

Ted raised an eyebrow. “Last week. Remember? Incidentally, you’re a terrible driver. Why do they keep giving you licenses?”

Booster smiled and pointed to his cheeks. “Do you see these dimples? They are like magic.”

“God help us all.” Ted headed for the cargo bay, then turned back. Booster quickly pretended he hadn’t been checking Ted out. “I mean it, though. Don’t touch anything. I’ll be right back out.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“And if something starts blinking or beeping or turning or vibrating, come get me, okay?”


“And if you see anything in our way, come get me. Don’t try to steer around it. I’ve seen you play Blackhawk Squadron, you’re awful.”

“Just go already, would you?”

Ted sighed. “Fine. Remember, no touching!” Looking fretful, he disappeared into the cargo bay.

Immediately Booster turned to the radio and changed all the settings. “I swear, the man has the worst taste in music,” he muttered. “Oh man, Science FM? That has got to go. There!” He pressed the last button with a flourish.

…Maybe too much of a flourish, because his elbow caught the – rudder? steering stick? – and the Bug dipped suddenly to the side. “Shit!” he hissed, and nudged it back, but not before hearing a crash and a muffled curse from the back.

“I didn’t do it!” he yelled.

“Liar!” Ted yelled back. Well, at least he wasn’t hurt.

“It’s your fault! You should have put the Club on or something!” Booster settled back in his chair, waiting for Ted to come out and attempt to swat the back of his head.

But Ted didn’t come out. All Booster could hear was some faint rustling from the back.

“Yo, Teddy! Booster called. “You okay?”

There was no answer. Booster’s brow furrowed. What was he doing back there? He’d sounded unhurt before, but maybe… But everything in the cargo bay was secured, Booster knew that. The only thing that might be rattling around loose was Ted’s little Poison Ivy happy kit. And even if that broke, it wouldn’t hurt him, it would just…

He froze. “Oh, no. No, no, no,” he muttered. “Our lives are too stupid for it not to have broken. Ted, get out of there!” he yelled, leaping to his feet and heading for the doorway. “Ted – “

Ted appeared in the doorway. One glance confirmed Booster’s suspicions – cowl removed, pupils dilated, face flushed, and a fine dusting of something amber and sparkly standing out garishly against the dull blue of his costume.

Booster shook his head. “See? Our lives are stupid.” He tilted his head. “Ted?”

Ted blinked and slowly, deliberately, licked his lips.

“Okay, now Ted, just stay calm,” Booster said, backing away, his hands up defensively.

“Booster,” Ted said. His voice was low, raspy, and the hair on the back of Booster’s neck stood on end. Oh, why couldn’t this have happened with Batman or Ralph or someone Booster could actually resist?

“Yes. Booster! Your friend! Not someone you want to sleep with!” Booster backed up, but Ted kept coming – no, not coming. Booster winced at the poor word choice. Advancing.

Ted looked confused. “But I do,” he said.

Booster’d lost the thread of the conversation. “Do what?”

“Want you,” Ted said, and Booster bumped into the chair he’d been sitting in and went tumbling backwards over it.

His head hit the floor with a crack. Hissing with pain, he pushed himself away from the chair with his legs – but then he couldn’t move, because Ted was suddenly straddling him, holding him in place.

“Ted, this really isn’t a good idea,” Booster said. This close, he could see that the pollen or powder or whatever must have hit Ted full in the face, because there was a scattering of that same amber powder along Ted’s nose, his cheeks, his chin…his lips.

Ted smiled, and if this wasn’t really Ted, if this was crazy drugged-up plant-pheromoned Ted, then it was really unfair to let him keep that smile, that smile that always made Booster go along with the next misguided scheme. “It’s a great idea,” he said, and licked Booster’s mouth.

“Uh,” Booster said, mouth falling open. Ted took that opportunity to kiss him, his tongue slipping past Booster’s teeth, his hands sliding across Booster’s chest. He tasted funny, like tropical fruit oversweet and overripe, and the taste and smell of him flooded Booster’s senses.

“Oh God,” Booster tried to say, but Ted’s tongue was in his mouth, and it came out sounding more like “Uhguh.” But that was okay, because Ted was kissing him, and anyway Booster was an atheist. He arched up into the kiss.

Ted’s hands were scrabbling at his throat, looking for something – oh. Ted apparently found the seam where the cowl met the body; good thing Ted had repaired it so many times and knew how it came apart. Booster lifted his head and let Ted pull the cowl off, and oh, this was better, no bumping against goggles and Ted’s hands were hot against his face and in his hair.

He pressed closer, rocking into Booster’s crotch, and moaned against Booster’s lips. That too-sweet scent was in Booster’s mouth and nose and lungs, and something was buzzing inside his head. It didn’t matter. He felt for the fastenings of Ted’s shirt and tugged.

Ted knew what he wanted. Sitting up, back against Booster’s thighs, he pulled his shirt off. Booster squinted at him, wanting to see the flex of Ted’s muscles as he moved, the flush of his skin, but everything seemed hazy, and the sunlight streaming in through the windows was far too bright.

Then Ted was pressed against him again, and Booster hastily peeled his gloves off so that he could explore Ted better – the scars, the jut of ribs, the sensitive places that made Ted jump when he poked them. Ted’s skin was hot beneath his hands, feverishly so. Booster felt like he was burning up, too, little prickles of heat running helter-skelter beneath his skin.

He rolled them over and pulled his own shirt off, but it didn’t make things any better. He was still hot, far too hot, everywhere he touched Ted and from the inside out. His pants were uncomfortably tight now, and bucking down into Ted didn’t help, but he couldn’t seem to stop. Ted still smelled and tasted like fruit, like bright tropical flowers, like…


Ted sucked on his lower lip and cupped Booster’s erection through his tights, and it was good, it was so good, it was everything he’d ever wanted from Ted but couldn’t admit, and…


This was wrong.

With an effort, Booster pushed himself away and sat up. Ted looked up at him, breathing hard, mouth obscenely red and wet, a picture out of Booster’s most secret fantasies.

But his eyes were dazed and mindlessly hungry, nothing like the eyes Booster knew.

“I can’t do this,” Booster said.

Ted frowned and rolled his hips upwards, making Booster gasp. “Sure you can,” he said, and there was just enough humor in his voice, just enough of a spark…

No. “We can’t do this,” Booster amended, sliding off of Ted and onto the floor. “You’re not yourself.”

“Who else would I be?” Ted got to his hands and knees and crawled towards Booster, and oh God oh God oh God who cared about atheism?

Booster pressed himself back against the base of the console as Ted kissed him, willing himself not to move. He succeeded, as long as trembling didn’t count.

Ted reached for Booster, and Booster grabbed his hands, breaking the kiss.

“Look,” he said. “We’re going to be in Miami in like an hour and a half. You’ll check in to your room, take a nice cold shower, and then, if you still want to have sex, I will be more than happy to oblige. But wait until then, okay?”

Ted looked thoughtful. “Or…how about we have sex now, shower together, and then have more sex? Starting with sex now.” He reached for Booster again, and Booster swatted him away.

“You’re kind of missing my point here, Ted,” Booster said, standing up.

Ted grabbed his thighs. “Oh, I think I can find your point easily enough,” he said, raising an eyebrow at Booster’s crotch, just a few inches from him now.

Booster made a face. “Okay, now I know you’re not in your right mind, because that’s not even good innuendo.” He reached down and hauled Ted to his feet. “Sit.”


Ted sat in the chair Booster was pointing to. Booster sat in the other chair and stared resolutely ahead. “See? This is easy.”

There was a rustle; then Ted’s tongue was in his ear.

“…or not.” Booster pushed Ted away. “Bad Ted! Sit!”

Ted flopped into his chair, looking sulky. This time Booster kept an eye on him, although staring at a flushed, shirtless Ted wasn’t helping him to stop thinking about sex.

Ted’s gaze slid to Booster’s. Slowly, deliberately, he licked his lips, and without thinking about it Booster shifted in his seat. Ted smiled triumphantly.

“Changed your mind yet?” he asked.

“No,” Booster said a little too loudly, and looked away.

There was another noise, the squeak of Ted shifting his weight in his chair. Booster turned quickly, throwing his hands up defensively – to discover that Ted had shucked his tights off, and was now wearing nothing but boxers. Boxers with a very noticeable tent in the front, to be precise.

“Aw, come on,” Booster said.

“That’s what I’ve been saying!” Ted pointed out with a leer.

Booster leveled a finger at the boxers. “You leave those on, do you hear me?”

Ted just kept leering.

“Oh, for crying out loud,” Booster muttered, and looked away again.

Ted took the opportunity to spring acrobatically from his seat and onto Booster’s lap.

“Gah!” Booster yelled, jerking back and clonking his head on the back of the seat.

“Hmm. Not quite the reaction I was hoping for, but I’ll take it,” Ted said, leaning in for a kiss.

Booster clapped a hand over Ted’s mouth. “Okay, that does it,” he said. Ted licked his hand. “Ew. Do you have any handcuffs?”

Ted pulled back from Booster’s hand. “Kinky. I like it.” He stood up, mercifully, and pulled out a pair from a drawer in the console.

“Thanks,” Booster said as Ted handed them to him. “C’mere.” They walked over to the cargo bay door, which Booster closed. “Sit.” Cuffing one of Ted’s wrists, he passed the cuffs through the handle of the door, then closed the other side on Ted’s free wrist.

Taking a step back, he looked down at Ted: the muscles in his arms and chest and stomach lean and stretched from holding his hands above his head, skin ruddy and glowing, eyes dark with arousal, legs spread, and a damp spot growing at the tent in his boxers.

Then he turned and walked away.

“Hey!” Ted called after him. “Where are you going?”

“Over to this chair,” Booster replied.

“But…but…sex!” Ted protested. “Lots of it!”

“No,” Booster said. “At least, not until you’re in your right mind again. And since I can’t trust you not to jump on me, you’re staying over there until I need you to land this thing.”

“But I need you now,” Ted replied. Booster tried to ignore the desperation in his tone and sat down in the passenger seat, his back to Ted.

“I think you’ll get through it,” he said.

“Booster, please,” Ted said. “I need you to fuck me.”

It was a good thing Ted couldn’t see Booster’s reaction, because it would have given him away completely. He bit his lip, flushing hot and cold, and shut his eyes. It didn’t help – Ted kept talking.

“Come on, Booster, buddy, please, I need you to come over here and take me, just fuck me right here on the floor. I’m yours, all yours. God, Booster, I want you so bad, I’ll do anything, please…” Booster could hear the soft clink of the handcuffs against the door handle and the roughness of Ted’s breathing. He dug his fingernails into the armrests and tried to recall the more obscure chapters of his old football rulebook.

“…whatever you want, I’ll do it, just please, I need your cock inside me, please Booster…”

Booster lunged for the radio. Science FM was still on, but he still turned it up as loud as it could go. Anything to drown out Ted’s voice, because Booster had never been able to resist the man when he got to talking, and Ted had never been more convincing.

The Bug shot through the skies towards Miami. Booster tried to focus on the discussion on the radio – something about black holes, and gravity, and alternate dimensions – but his brain was too full of the sound and sight and taste of Ted, ready and willing and begging for him. He wasn’t sure if he’d gotten a dose of the pollen himself or if it was just Ted doing this to him, but heat was coming in relentless flashes from deep in his belly up to his cheeks, and he was faintly dizzy, punch drunk. Not to mention he was painfully hard beneath his tights.

Well, the heat and the dizziness he could do something about. He fiddled with the climate control – one of the few areas on the console that Ted allowed him to touch – until he’d gotten fresh air circulating from outside and into the Bug, hopefully carrying some of that pollen away with it.

It improved things a little, but only a little. After all, he’d been carrying a quiet torch for Ted for years. A little fresh air couldn’t make him forget that. Booster sank back against his seat and gave up on trying not to think about Ted, about how easy it would have been to just say yes. He could almost feel Ted’s fingers in his hair, Ted’s lips on his neck…

Wait a minute. He could feel Ted’s fingers and lips. Booster jerked forward and craned around to see Ted, who had been leaning over the back of his chair.

“What th…How did you…But I…!”

Ted held up handcuffs, no longer attached to his wrists. “Please. Getting out of cuffs is Superheroing 101. Now take off your pants.”

Okay, Booster had definitely been affected by the pollen, because he knew Ted could get out of cuffs. In fact, Ted could get out of cuffs a whole lot faster than he’d just done; further proof, if his latest comment wasn’t enough, that he wasn’t in his right mind. And –

“No!” he yelped as Ted reached for his pants. “I told you!”

“Yeah, yeah, shower, then sex. Your plan is boring.” Ted’s face was flushed, intense. “I like my plan, where you fuck me right now.”

“Okay, that’s it,” Booster said, even as his cock twitched at Ted’s words. He stood up, dragging Ted up with him. “Come here.”

Ted followed him willingly. Booster sighed internally. Fool Ted once, shame on Booster; fool Ted twice, shame on the pollen that was rendering Ted completely stupid. Although maybe Ted was just following him to take advantage of Booster being in front, because his hands were roaming in an extremely friendly fashion over Booster’s ass. He pinched, and Booster let out a squeak which he did his best to turn into a manly cough.

“In there,” Booster said, opening the cargo bay door and giving Ted a hearty shove inside. Then he slammed the door closed and locked it.

“You do know I built this thing and know how to take the door off the hinges,” Ted called through the door. “A little unscrewing…and then a whole lot of screwing.”

“Again with the bad innuendo,” Booster called back, leaning against the door. He could already hear Ted going to work on the hinges.

“So why don’t you just open the door and fuck me already?” Ted’s tone would have passed for casually conversational if his voice hadn’t shook.

Booster laughed bitterly. “You think I don’t want to?”

“You’re sure acting like you don’t.”

“Ted, I’ve wanted to sleep with you from pretty much the day I met you,” Booster said. There was silence from the other side of the door, and Booster didn’t stop to speculate on what that might mean. “If you – really you, in your right mind, without crazy vegetative sex dust coating your lungs – told me you wanted me, I’d be there, in a heartbeat, no question. But right now it’d be taking advantage, and I’m not about to do that to anyone, let alone my best friend in the world.”

There was silence; then Booster heard the soft squeak of the hinges resume. He sighed.

“You’re probably going to want to step away from the door,” Ted said after about ten minutes. “It’s going to come down in that direction.”

Booster stepped back. A minute later, the door did indeed fall outward, and Ted stepped blinking out into the main cabin. He took a step towards Booster, then faltered, shaking his head.

“Booster…?” He rubbed his eyes, looking confused. “I feel weird.”

Booster nearly went limp with relief. The pollen was wearing off.

“You should probably have…a drink of water or something,” he said, making it up as he went along. “Cold water. And then just…sit. Just sit.”

“Okay.” Ted kept a supply of fresh provisions (mostly coffee and Twinkies, although the actual necessities of life were there too) in the back, and after fetching himself a cup of water, he sat down in the driver’s seat and stared off into space.

Booster watched him carefully out of the corner of his eye. Ted kept closing his eyes and tightened his grip on the armrests, or giving these funny little gasps. Every so often he made a move towards Booster, then shook his head like he was trying to clear it, and settled back. And it was pretty clear from the state of his boxers that he was still hard, which wasn’t helping Booster’s own arousal any. But he definitely seemed to be coming out of it.

Still, it was an awkward rest of the flight, and Booster was glad when they finally touched down in Miami – and glad, too, that Ted was with it enough to land the Bug, since his digs at Booster’s vehicular prowess weren’t entirely unjustified. Checking in as superheroes always got them better rooms, so they pulled the discarded bits of their costumes back on, avoiding each other’s gazes. Sliding the futuristic material over cold, clammy sweat wasn’t pleasant, but there wasn’t much Booster could do about it. He just hoped they didn’t look too flushed and sweaty. That’d either get people in a panic, thinking there was a rampaging supervillain nearby…or give them something entirely too close to the right idea.

Check-in was an equally awkward but thankfully short process, and Booster soon found himself in a decent-sized suite, with Ted disappearing into the adjoining one next door. Booster peeled off his costume and took his promised shower – cold. Then, pulling on his favorite faded pair of jeans and an old t-shirt, he flopped onto the bed and turned on the TV.

He flipped through the channels three times and finally settled on the one showing all the amenities the hotel had to offer. After a good fifteen minutes of staring blankly at footage of the hot tub and cocktail lounge, he had to admit it to himself.

He was depressed.

That little jaunt up there in the Bug had almost certainly irrevocably damaged his friendship with Ted. Even if their relationship had been able to withstand Ted getting high and throwing himself at Booster like a cat in heat, Booster’s little confession… God, what was he thinking, letting loose with a monologue like that? Ted’d probably never want to speak to him again.

The worst of it was that it was all true. He’d always wanted Ted. And his only chance – which wasn’t really a chance at all – had undoubtedly just passed him by.

He dragged his mind from its morose thoughts and turned his attention back to the television screen. That was a pretty nice cocktail lounge, actually…

There was a knock on the door – not the front one, but the adjoining one. Booster swallowed. “It’s open,” he called.

Ted opened the door; rather timidly, Booster thought. “Hey.”


Ted walked over to the bed. He’d showered too, and his hair was still damp, curling across his forehead. He was wearing a fresh pair of boxers and a worn undershirt with a hole in the shoulder, and he looked so good it hurt, standing there barefoot and clean-smelling in front of Booster’s bed. Booster had to look away.

“Look, Booster…I’m sorry.”

Startled, Booster turned back to Ted, who was staring intently at the carpet now. “What?”

“I’m sorry I, like, molested you back there in the Bug. Um…I didn’t mean to?”

Booster stared at him. “Of course you didn’t mean to. You were drugged.”

“Yeah, so…um, do you hate me now?”

“Are you crazy?” Booster demanded. “Yes, Ted, how dare you have a normal human physiology. We’re so in a fight now.”

The relieved smile Ted gave him warmed Booster to his toes. Okay, maybe their friendship wasn’t ruined forever after all.

Ted sat on the bed next to him. “So I was skimming Batman’s files on that pollen while I was downloading them,” he said, “and it looks like the pollen only brings out attraction that’s already there. That’s why Ivy doesn’t work on most women. At least that’s the theory.”

“More’s the pity,” Booster said, abruptly distracted by the thought of all the women he’d like to see making out with Poison Ivy.

“And I showered,” Ted went on, as if it was a continuation of his former thought.

Booster’s eyes flicked to the wet curls at the back of Ted’s neck. “So I see.”

“Yes. Allll showered up,” Ted said, sounding strangely emphatic. “And sober.”

“I…good?” Booster was pretty sure he was missing something here.

Ted let out a frustrated puff of air and turned the TV off. “Did you mean what you said when I was in the cargo bay?” he asked.

“What, about you having bad taste in music?”

“No, and I do not.” Ted looked suddenly embarrassed. “I mean about…being attracted. To me.”

Booster’s heart plummeted to his stomach. Here it was: the end of the friendship. He thought about lying, but one look at Ted and he knew he couldn’t.

“I…yes.” He looked away. “I did. I…am. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“What do you mean, why am I sorry?” Booster snapped, embarrassment and grief making him short-tempered. “Maybe because I just freaked my best friend out with my secret lusty feelings for him and now he’ll probably never talk to me again!”

Ted let out an exasperated huff. “Booster, were you listening to a word I just said?”


“The pollen only works if you’re already attracted to the person. And it worked on me.” Booster could practically hear Ted rolling his eyes. “Keep up, Booster.”

Booster suddenly realized that Ted’s hand was on his, a tentative brush that belied his sarcastic tone. He looked up at Ted, startled. “Are you saying you still want to…?”

And glory be, Ted was actually blushing. “Well, you did say we could after I showered. And I’m all squeaky clean now!”


“What if it ruins the friendship?” Booster asked, even as he turned his hand over and interlaced his fingers with Ted’s.

Ted smiled crookedly. “I’m tired of pretending. And I figure that if sex is going to ruin the friendship, it’ll do it now that we both know that I want you and you want me, so we might as well have the fun of actually having sex.” He reached up and thumbed a lock of hair off of Booster’s forehead. “But I think we’ll be okay.” And he leaned in.

The kiss was nothing like the ones in the Bug. It started out delicate, timorous, the softest brush of lips slowly deepening, long and slow and languid, and through it all Booster didn’t let go of Ted’s hand.

When it ended, Booster rested his forehead against Ted’s and fought to catch his breath.

“Yeah,” he said. “We’ll be okay.”

Then he pulled Ted all the way down onto the mattress with him, their legs tangling, his hands weaving themselves through Ted’s hair. He could have kissed Ted lazily all day, any other day, but his body still remembered its earlier disappointment and was impatient. With Ted’s help, he pulled first Ted’s shirt off, then his own.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” Ted murmured, kissing his way down Booster’s chest.

“You say that like it’s news,” Booster quipped, trying to pretend his heart hadn’t just flipped over at Ted’s words. Ted just laughed and unbuttoned Booster’s fly.

Booster lifted his hips up and Ted tugged his jeans and briefs off together; then Ted shucked off his own boxers and clambered on top of Booster. He was straddling him again, like he had in the Bug, but the grinning, alert, alive Ted looking down at him was a far cry from the frantic mess he’d been just a couple of hours ago.

“Come here,” Booster said, reaching up, and Ted leaned forward to kiss him, rocking his hips forward as he did so that their cocks rubbed together. Booster gasped and bit Ted’s lip a little, and Ted laughed into his mouth.

Booster reached up, pulled Ted even closer, and oh, this was so good, this was everything…

Ted let his lips brush Booster’s ear. “So, about that whole ‘fucking me’ thing…”

…unless Ted suggested that.

“For real?” Booster asked.

Ted rolled his eyes. “No, I’m kidding. I was only handcuffed to a door, freaking begging you to take me right there on the floor, but ha ha, pysch!”

Booster couldn’t help laughing. “Okay, okay. Jeez, someone’s pushy.”

“Well, if you don’t want to…”

“Oh, I want to.” Booster flung himself sideways across the bed, reaching for his duffel bag. Ted’s hands skimmed lazily across Booster’s thighs and buttocks before goosing him and making him yelp and almost drop the lube and condom he’d finally located.

Booster rolled back onto the bed properly and attempted to glare at Ted, who was snickering. “You are a very bad man,” he told him.

“Fair enough,” Ted said, sliding down and spreading his legs. “Come on, let’s make me a worse one.”

And okay, that was just hot.

Booster squirted a generous amount of lube onto his finger and let it slip between Ted’s buttocks, pressing forward until he encountered resistance. He looked up at Ted.

“Go ahead,” Ted said, and slowly, steadily, Booster pushed his finger the rest of the way in. He stroked, slowly, his other hand petting Ted’s thigh, and Ted’s eyes fluttered closed.

“Another,” Ted said, hips twitching forward slightly. Booster added more lube and pressed a second finger in. Ted hissed, and Booster went a little more slowly, scissoring his fingers as he thrust in and out, and –

“Oh, God!” Ted cried, his head falling back.

Booster grinned. “Well, hello there, Mr. Prostate.”

“That’s,” Ted panted, “that’s some really sexy pillow talk you’ve got there, Booster. You gonna – hhh – give me a puppet show, too?”

“Well, I would, but my hands are just a little busy right now,” Booster said, curling his fingers forward, and Ted moaned.

Booster stroked until Ted was thrusting helplessly upwards, his head thrown to the side, hands scrabbling at the bedclothes. “More,” Ted gasped. Obediently, Booster added a third finger, loving the way it made Ted groan and shudder and clench around him.

Suddenly Ted tried to sit up. “Enough,” he said, pushing Booster’s hand away. “Fuck me.”

“You sure?”

“Do I look sure?”

Booster took in all of Ted: flushed, sprawled on the bed, legs spread wide – hooray for gymnastics – and dick leaking precome against his stomach. He squinted. “Pretty sure,” he admitted.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“Well, for one, I’ve lost the condom.”

Ted stared at him. “I hate you now.”

“Wait, no, here it is!” Booster turned back a fold of the blanket and held up the little foil packet triumphantly.

“Okay, I take it back, I love you again,” Ted said. “Now come on, get the lead out.” Booster leered at him. “That’s not actually a dirty expression, you know.”

“It should be.” Booster tore open the packet and rolled the condom on, then slicked himself with more lube. He watched Ted watch him stoke his dick, watched Ted’s eyes widen and his Adam’s apple jump.

Then he shifted forward, and then – slowly, slowly – he slid into Ted. He was tight, but not too tight for Booster to press forward, further and further, until he was all the way in, his face buried in the crook of Ted’s neck, his arms trembling with the effort of moving that slowly.

And this, this was it right here. If Booster could feel this way until he died, he would be the happiest man on any Earth.

Ted pressed up against him, kissed his temple, pushed his hair back from his sweaty forehead. “More,” he gasped. “Booster, please.”

Shifting his weight back so that he could move, Booster began to thrust shallowly into Ted, his eyes fixed on Ted’s face. Ted moaned and reached for him.

“More,” he said again. “Harder. Please.” Booster obliged, picking up a harder, steadier rhythm, but that wasn’t enough. “Dammit, Booster, fuck me!”

Booster could do that. If that was what Ted wanted, Booster would do it all night long. Booster would do anything Ted wanted, as long as Ted kept being hot and tight and lithe and gorgeous beneath him, rocking his hips up to meet Booster’s thrusts and fisting the bedclothes desperately.

“Yes,” Ted said, head falling back. “Like that, just like that…unh, Booster, yes.”

“God, Ted,” Booster mumbled. “So hot, so good…” and then words were lost to him, lost in the wake of Ted’s eyes and Ted’s moan and Ted’s heels at the small of his back and the tight sweetness of Ted around him. Ted was arching up, jerking his own cock desperately.

“Fuck, yes, fuck me,” he babbled. “Fuck me, Booster, fu – ” and then he was clenching around Booster’s cock and coming in an arc across his stomach, his eyes shut tight.

Booster kept driving his hips forward, helplessly, mindlessly. He was close, so close, he just needed…

Ted opened his eyes, and smiled at Booster, and Booster came.

When he returned from the stratosphere, Ted was untangling his legs from around Booster’s waist and petting Booster’s back gently. Booster pulled out slowly, peeled the condom off, and tossed it in the wastebasket; then, grabbing a couple of tissues and handing them to Ted, he lay back down. Ted wiped himself off and tossed the tissues in the general direction of the wastebasket.

“See?” Ted said after a minute of lying there while Booster’s fingers traced lazy patterns across his chest. “I told you you’d have fun in Miami.”

Booster chuffed an exhausted laugh. “And this is what you had in mind?”

“Okay, not exactly,” Ted admitted. “But this was way better.”

“Definitely.” Booster curled closer against Ted’s side. “Do you think we’ve destroyed our friendship forever and ever?”

Ted looked thoughtful. “Well, our friendship is good. Sex is good. So our friendship plus sex equals double plus good!” He craned his neck to look at Booster. “I’m really good at math, see.”

Booster kissed him. “That’s very comforting,” he said when he pulled back.

“I thought it might be.”

Booster suddenly remembered something. “Are you going to report your findings to Batman?” he asked with a grin.

“‘After exhaustive research, I have concluded that Booster Gold totally wants to do it up the butt with me’?”

“Something like that.”

“I think I’ll wait until he’s drinking something first. See if I can get a spittake out of him.”

“A noble goal.”

“Hey, I’m a superhero.”

Booster’s laugh was muffled as Ted pulled him in for another kiss, but he didn’t mind. Supervillains, high-altitude crashes, and mind-altering substances notwithstanding, this was the best vacation ever.

This was actually the first thing that got me nosing over here (well and Insomniac's fanart thereof). Still one of my faves. :)


>You know what I kind of want to happen but I know it won't? Rani taking after Booster and donning a similar outfit as the new Goldstar or something. She'd even have little goggles to match Michael's and she could tag along with Jaime too (or become friends with Milagro)

>Rani and Milagro
>New Blue and Gold

File: 127963174066.jpg-(154.17KB, 700x622, been-so-long.jpg)
"Uh, Booster? You okay, buddy?"
"Just---just need to get this out of my system."

inspired by the current BG story arc. it's fun and games now, but it's going to be sad as balls when he has to come back to the present and can't bring ted (though i'm willing to bet he tries, or at least considers it).

>picture + dialogue
Ohhh man, that's so-

Insom, you are magical.





Awwwwww, Boooooster. He needs more hugs.

On a completly unrelated note, has anyone ever drawn Max as the Amazing Wombat Man? Or Captain Capitalist, or Psyco Lord or something like that?

File: 127975621379.jpg-(480.10KB, 1280x1955, p010.jpg)

File: 12797562654.jpg-(474.07KB, 1280x1964, p011.jpg)

File: 127977410692.jpg-(185.91KB, 618x950, 15184_x_0003_02.jpg)
So Power Girls' forgetting about Booster being upset over Teds' death? But I thought this months' Time Masters had a cute moment or two.

File: 127977417942.jpg-(181.18KB, 618x950, 15184_x_0004_02.jpg)
Daddy Booster and Baby Rip for the win. :D

Holy shit, that's so much cuter than I could have expected. Way to be awesome, Booster.


Aaaaand now I have the mental image of Booster doing a presentation in Power Point

"This is Maxwell Lord." *slide* "He founded the Justice League." *slide* "And then for some reason he went evil and killed my best friend Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle." *dozens of slides with Ted*

I always knew Booster would be an awesome dad but I was ill prepared for it. Between this and JLGL we're getting a lot of mature, hot Booster.


BWAHA. I'm imagining completely random pictures, too. "Here's Ted on the beach...oh, and here's Ted meeting Santa at the mall! Santa didn't appreciate that."

Meanwhile Peej is like "...Is there a point to this, Booster?"


And Booster starts yelling at her "SHUT UP HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND AND HE'S DEAD AND I MISS HIM etc."

I'm trying to get the muses going, and I think I failed. I had this idea in my head forever, but I think it was a lot better in my head. D: I'm nervous as hell posting this, because I have a feeling it completely sucks. Please tell me how much I failed.

Involving Booster and Guy, with Kyle and others. Set in the aftermath of Blackest Night (if I get stuff wrong, it's because I only skimmed through the final issue when it came out months ago--haven't actually read all of BN stuff yet D:) Implied Boostle and implied Guy/Kyle.

Alan has his arm around his daughter’s shoulder, while she stands close to Kyle’s side, a hand on his arm in the familiar way of an old lover. Soranik is at Kyle’s other side, her hand just barely brushing Kyle’s like she’s trying to remind him of his relationship now. But Guy has their attentions, all of them, as he proudly tells them of trying to stop Kyle’s ring from leaving his body and of Kyle trying to stop Guy from succumbing to the Red Lantern ring. Others are listening--after all, Guy is loud and he knows it--and the current clean up of the area has come to a slight standstill.

Guy’s just getting to the part with Mogo cleaning out his system when he notices a familiar blond head over some rubble. He falters a second and then rattles on, keeping an eye out. His story is done and he is making his excuses, stopping only to give Kyle a sympathetic shoulder pat and a promise that he will be back soon. And then he’s gone, pushing his way through debris and heroes in a search for gold.

It’s in an alley that Guy finds him. Booster is standing there, looking down at jagged mass of cement like he can’t take it any further, like he’s so disappointed in it that he might not be able to move on. He must think he’s alone, because when Guy puts a hand on Booster’s shoulder, he nearly jumps out of his suit.


“Yeah, hey. How’s it going?” Booster tries to settle down, but he looks shaken.

“You alright with that?” Guy gestures at the rock.

“Oh, this? Yeah, just taking a breather.”

Booster is trying to smile. He his trying and it comes out strained, like a only a few dollars instead of the brilliant million bucks.

“Look, Booster-”

“J’onn’s back. Better hide your chocos.” Booster was trying.


“Should we get him some as a welcome home?” Trying so hard to look like he wasn’t hurt.

“Would you shut up a minute?” Guy asks. He grabs Booster by the arms and holds him. He looks directly through the visor, into Booster’s blue eyes, his wounded eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Guy says. “I don’t know who or what has a say in this kinda thing, but I’m sorry.”

Booster swallows hard and tries to look away. But Guy’s talking to him, and his tone won’t let him.

“I miss them, too, ya know? Ralph, Sue, Dimitri... Yeah, I even miss bug-butt.”

Booster is valiantly fighting it, but he can’t stop the furrow of his brow or the tremble of his lower lip. Guy pulls Booster to him, putting his arms around the taller hero.

“I’m sorry it couldn’t be them. I’m sorry it couldn’t be Beetle,” Guy is saying, and he can feel the tension in Booster, like he can’t, won’t let go.

“I know I treated you guys like crap. But you guys were alright, you and Beetle. And I understand it now,” Guy says, hugging Booster tight. “I don’t know... ya know... /how/ you guys /were/... But I understand it now, Booster.”

Guy wonders for a moment if Booster actually heard him earlier, going on in front of Alan Scott and the rest. But then Booster’s head touches forward to rest on Guy’s shoulder, he leans in, and it’s like he’s finally letting himself release. A few quiet gasps and hitched shudders, and that’s all Guy can tell that Booster is crying. Guy just hugs him, rubs his back and lets him.

He loses track of time and only realizes it when Kyle shows up, glowing a faint green as he floats into the opening of the darkening alley. Guy pats Booster’s back before letting him go, giving Booster the chance to stand on his own.

“Hey,” Kyle says, lingering at the alley’s mouth.

Guy smiles at his partner and waves him in. He pats Booster’s shoulder and gestures at Kyle. “This is Kyle,” he says very simply.

Kyle raises an eyebrow. Booster looks at the other Green Lantern and back to Guy with a confused look. “I know Kyle.”

“No,” Guy says, hoping Booster would get it. “/This/ is /Kyle/.”

Now Kyle is looking confused. But Booster’s eyes widen as they look at Guy. When he turns a watery smile to Kyle and waves, Guy knows he gets it.

“I need to finish,” Booster moves back to the slab of broken sidewalk. He stops to smile at Guy--still not quite his million dollar cheese, but worth a few thousand in its truth and gratefulness. “Thanks, Guy. I guess I owe you one?”

“You probably owe me a lot more than one, but who’s counting?” Guy shrugs, grinning back. Booster leaves, up and away with his rubble and not looking back.

Kyle is still confused as he moves further in the alley toward Guy. “What was that about?”

Guy throws his arm over Kyle’s shoulder and pulls him in against his side. “Just some guys and their memories. Hey, anyone ever told you about them guys? Booster and Beetle?”

“I’ve heard plenty of stories from J’onn alone,” Kyle chuckled.

“The chocos one, huh?” Kyle laughs as Guy brings it up. The head out of the alley and back into the aftermath of the battle. “Let me tell you about the mouse we had this one time...”

the end


Pshaw. It has Guy being awesomely Guy and Booster being justifiably sad. If there was anything sucky in there, I didn't see it.

Does BTAB getting canceled mean no JLI episode? ;_;


No, we'll likely get the JLI episode(s), because the cancellation news was incorrectly reported.

The show's ending, but they have the second half of season two plus thirteen episodes of season three to air still. So while the show's not being renewed beyond that, we've still got 27 episodes coming to us. That's more than enough for a JLI ep or two.


Woo, that took longer than I expected! I blame this heat. College AU, because I couldn't figure out a way to get Booster into the padding otherwise.


Gym class had never been kind to Ted, and once he’d reached college and fulfilled his phys ed requirement with a semester of gymnastics, he’d vowed never to set foot in a school locker room again. Of course, that was before sophomore year, when he’d met his new roommate, Mike “Booster” “Greatest Thing Ever to Happen to the Football Team” “Ass Like a Sign That God Does Exist” Carter.

And developed the world’s worst crush on his unexpected new best friend.

And, one drunken night, discovered that his crush was – inexplicably! – reciprocated.

He figured spending a lot of time hanging around the locker room waiting for Booster to change after practice was a small price to pay.

Of course, he usually hung out outside the locker room. The team had probably figured out what was going on with him and Booster, and no one had tried to beat up either of them, which was good; still, Ted didn’t see the point in pushing his luck by sitting around ogling them. But Coach Grant had talked to Booster for nearly a half hour after practice, and by the time Booster had gotten to the locker room, everyone else was gone.

“Sorry about that,” Booster said, holding the door open for Ted. “Lemme just jump in the shower and we can go.”

“No worries. I’ve got a book.” Ted was of the opinion that it was not possible to read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy too many times. “Go get clean.”

He sat down on a bench and pulled out his book. Booster opened up his locker, whistling snatches of the school song as he unlaced his cleats and tossed them in. Then he tugged his jersey over his head.

Ted didn’t think anyone could blame him for glancing up at that point. Sure, he was familiar with Booster’s body – even before they’d started sleeping together, Booster had never been particularly modest – but the guy was in his element after practice. His face was still faintly flushed, his hair sweat-damp, smears of eyeblack on his cheekbones, and this wasn’t the first time Ted had wondered if he should actually bottle the air around Booster and test it for unnaturally strong pheromones in the lab.

“Hey,” he said.

Booster looked up, fingers on the buckle to his shoulder pads. “What’s up?”

“You think anyone’s going to come in here in the next twenty minutes?” Ted asked.

Booster’s brow furrowed. “Don’t think so. Why?”

Ted put his book down, stood up, and crossed to where Booster was standing, still looking at him perplexedly. He gently pushed Booster backwards until he was flush against the row of lockers behind him.

Then he sank to his knees.

Booster’s eyes widened. “Oh my God, Ted…”

“Shh,” Ted said. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, here, where anyone could walk in; couldn’t believe how much he wanted to do this. But something about Booster half out of his uniform, fresh from playing, just got to him. The knowledge that they could be caught just added to the thrill of it, perversely. Even the funky smell of the locker room was doing things to Ted.

He stroked Booster’s thighs through the tight uniform pants. Booster fumbled for the shoulder pad buckle again, and Ted swatted his hand away. “Leave them,” he said.

Booster’s eyebrows shot up; then he smirked. “That does it for you, huh?”

Ted flushed, but he couldn’t deny it. “Shut up,” he said instead, unlacing Booster’s pants.

“Is that why you come to all my games?” Booster asked, still looking far too amused about the whole thing. “All that time you’re pretending to have school spirit, you’re really just sitting there with your foam finger on your lap, hoping no one will notice how hard you are?” His grin grew broader. “Should I bring my helmet to bed? Maybe leave the cleats on? Probably not the mouth guard, I’m guessiiing!

He cut off on a whine as Ted shoved Booster’s pants down around his calves and palmed him through his jockstrap. “I told you to shut up,” Ted said, stroking Booster though the thin cotton. “You don’t wear a cup?”

Booster snorted. “What is this, pee wee?”

“Oh, I would say definitely not,” Ted said, and squeezed lightly. Booster made another little whining noise, and Ted laughed. “You’re careful, though, right? I have a vested interest in this particular portion of your anatomy.”

Booster raised his eyebrows. “What, and I don’t?”

“I’ll concede that.” Ted skimmed the fingers of his free hand under the hem of Booster’s sweat-soaked t-shirt, grazing over that impossibly flat stomach, feeling the muscles shiver beneath his touch. He pushed the shirt up to give himself more room, then tugged the jockstrap to the side, working Booster’s dick free. Booster sighed and pushed himself against Ted’s hand.

“I have to say…hh…this is one of your better fetishes,” he said, head falling back against the lockers as Ted’s hand circled his cock, stroking slowly.

“It’s not a fetish,” Ted said haughtily. “It’s just a…pronounced interest,” and before Booster could make some sort of clever remark, he leaned forward and darted his tongue over the head of Booster’s cock.

Booster gave a low gasp, and Ted smiled and licked him again, longer this time, tongue sweeping out more territory. He glanced up to see Booster’s eyes flutter closed as he teased him, feathering his tongue along the underside and drawing it back up in long strokes, paying special attention to all of Booster’s favorite spots, spots he’d taken care to memorize right at the beginning of their…whatever.

One of Booster’s hands curved behind his ear. “Ted,” he said, sounding breathless, and Ted smiled against his hot skin, feeling a flutter of pleasure low in his belly at the hitch in Booster’s voice.

“Did you want something?” he asked, glancing up. Booster’s head had been thrown back, but he looked down at Ted’s comment, half-incredulous, half-amused.

“You bastard,” he said, laughing a little and tugging on Ted’s hair. Ted grinned, and before Booster could cast any further aspersions on Ted’s parentage, leaned in and wrapped his lips around Booster’s dick.

“God, Ted,” Booster groaned, fingers tightening in Ted’s hair.

Ted hollowed his cheeks and bobbed his head, taking Booster further. He had to admit to himself that he loved this: the smell and taste of Booster overwhelming his senses, the heavy hardness filling his mouth, the sight of Booster slowly falling to pieces above him. Booster’s eyes were still open, apparently through sheer force of will, locked on Ted’s and electric blue over the dark smudges on his cheeks. His mouth hung open, panting, lips bitten red and spit-shiny, and when he swiped his tongue over them and groaned out Ted’s name again Ted had to fumble for his own fly, clumsily working himself free of his far too constricting jeans.

“Fuck, fuck, so good, Ted,” Booster moaned, hips twitching forward in time with the movement of Ted’s head. Ted got a hand around his own dick, pumping his fist in the same rhythm. His other hand was latched onto the band of Booster’s jockstrap, pulling Booster closer, deeper. Every time he pulled back he could taste the salt of Booster’s precome on his tongue, and the acrid aroma of Booster’s sweat had no right to be so damn hot.

He wanted to tease more, to drag this out, but who knew how long their privacy would last? He quickened his pace, sucked harder, and heard Booster’s pants grow heavier, more desperate, in response.

“Ted…Ted…” There was that familiar note in Booster’s voice that told Ted he was getting close, and Ted freed the hand on Booster’s hip to cup his balls, thumb pressing just behind them, and Booster gasped and choked and came in Ted’s mouth.

Ted swallowed again and again, until Booster was done, pressed back against the lockers and whimpering softly, and Ted let Booster’s softening cock fall from his mouth and leaned his head against Booster’s hip. He tried to catch his breath, but it kept stuttering in his lungs. It probably didn’t help that his left hand was still moving, still stroking his own dick, but he couldn’t seem to make himself stop. Spent, Booster looked utterly gorgeous and utterly debauched, his shirt hiked up to tangle in the straps of his padding, his pants shoved down around his ankles.

Booster took in a few rattling breaths of his own, then gave Ted a gentle nudge backwards with his foot. As Ted scooted back, Booster fell to his knees in front of him and pulled him into a kiss, sucking on Ted’s tongue as if he wanted to suck the taste of himself from Ted’s mouth.

Ted groaned into the kiss, hand speeding on his cock. Booster knocked it away and replaced it with his own, and oh, this was better, Booster’s hand was big and callused and warm and now his lips and tongue and teeth were working at that sensitive spot behind Ted’s jaw, and Ted moaned and tried to climb closer to Booster, further into his arms.

“Fuck, Booster, fuck, fuck,” he whimpered, and Booster said “Ted,” and bit his jawbone, and Ted spilled himself in Booster’s hand.

It was a long moment before he could move, and when he did, Booster was licking his fingers clean and stroking Ted’s hair with the other hand. Ted glanced down at his shirt. “You made a mess.”

You made a mess, and besides, it was your idea,” Booster pointed out. “You still want to get lunch?”

Ted allowed himself a minute of rubbing his cheek against Booster’s shoulder in post-coital contentment, then sat back. “Yeah. Go get showered.”

Booster stood up, then held out a hand to help Ted to his feet. He pulled a little harder than necessary and stole another kiss when Ted stumbled against him, then slipped away to finish undressing. Ted went over to the sinks and tried his best to clean his shirt before it was a total lost cause – at least enough that he could go outside in it. Booster swatted his ass with a towel as he went by on his way to the showers, and Ted stuck his tongue out at him in the mirror.

When he’d gotten his shirt into some semblance of wearable, if damp, Ted returned to the locker area to wait for Booster. Picking up Hitchhiker again, he thumbed over to where he’d left off and resumed reading, totally content.

After all, you couldn’t read it too many times.

D'aaaawws and sexytimes, yays!

I think they should have a JL charity football match


Oh boys, never stop being horny.


That would end in nothing but tears (and possibly broken bones) as I foresee Guy spending the entire time trying to mow down Ted. Even if they're on the same team.

File: 128008084174.jpg-(30.75KB, 429x365, Dr_GF_and_Monarch.jpg)
Someone said that Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Bros look like Dr. Light and Sue Dibney sob

The fact that they're romantically involved doesn't help either

>Oh boys, never stop being horny.

I don't think you have to worry about that!


Stab them. In the face.








ON SMALLVILLE = ...not sure if want.

File: 128010796087.jpg-(37.80KB, 291x400, nathan_fillion.jpg)
ok, who would be a good Booster?

I think Nathan Fillion would make a good Booster. All you have to do is dye his hair.

File: 12801089449.jpg-(10.30KB, 248x317, john-barrowman.jpg)
John Barrowman. With blond hair.


Nah, Nathan Fillion's too old to be Booster. Besides, he doesn't look at all like him. If anything, he's more of a Hal Jordan.

If anything, I hope it's a hottie no name.

Barrowman was blonde in The Producers. It's really rather freakish. (besides, i'd be too busy wailing about the loss of handsome welsh teamen every time i see him to oogle a shiny ass D:)

But yes- I second the hottie no-name motion.

File: 128011185085.jpg-(87.46KB, 330x550, erik_sd259423.jpg)
Erik Von Detten is the closest thing to Booster I've managed to come up with, but I'm awful at the casting game.
and John Krasinki is my Ted forever.

File: 128011208034.png-(107.88KB, 289x395, Jason_stackhouse_true_blood_hbo.png)
It's all I can think of when he's on screen.

>>51296>>51297 Mmmm, John Krasinski.

...Also, yes, he WAS blonde in the Producers, but that was like. RIDICULOUSLY blonde. Idk. I just like him.

File: 128011376651.jpg-(50.58KB, 400x613, jasonlewis_booster1.jpg)
My usual go-to actor for Booster is Jason Lewis. Unf.

I always imagined that dude as Sam Guthrie ala Marvel. XD

File: 128011427623.jpg-(38.54KB, 357x500, alex-pettyfer-youngbooster.jpg)

However, this being Smallville, they may want to go for someone younger, like Alex Pettyfer here. (Then again, isn't Tom Welling like 47 by now?)

Booster in Smallville...I'm with you, Anon. Not sure if want, but I'll be damned if I won't be watching it. But why Jaime?! I mean, what is Ted doing in this AU Smallville that's so important?! I swear, if he's dead already in their universe, I'll just flip out and throw something at the TV.

Wiat. Minute...if Booster appears, that means Smallville Maxwell Lord will show up

and he's fucking ugly

I don't know him, but I can definitely see him as Booster. I mean, my god, he's got a Kevin Maguire face going on already. It's ridiculous.

Pfft. I don't even watch Smallville, but that one movie (was it a season premiere or finale? I can't even remember) with the JSA made me jizz a million fountains. SO GOOD. If they can pull something like that with the Blue and Gold episode... I... I can't even come up with a hyperbole that could remotely hope to portray how glorious it would be.


Why Jaime? Because the execs at DC love him and he's tailor-made for a solo television series that will attract a large demographic of viewers.

Ted, as much as I love him and it pains me to write this, doesn't have that appeal. Tweens and teens can't relate to a pudgy middle-aged white guy. Besides, the way DC's been treating him, Ted's become the Uncle Ben of the DCU.

File: 128014898654.jpg-(154.79KB, 500x585, Booster Gold looks sexy in 80’s fashion.jpg)

"Booster Gold and Maxwell Lord are the eighties. Anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong. Fabulous hair and shark economics embodied. Reagan shmeagan! Duran Duran? More like… er… something not as cool that is also witty wordplay!"


new thread yay

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