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File: 127836670632.png-(80.33KB, 508x454, fUcKiNg MiRaClEs.png)
48355 No.48355
Old thread here >>45492
No one else did it, so I did.

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Not that I have any new content. I'm working on things now, though.

Even though you said it's not content, I still saved it. :P3


ditto :3

Katie, do you have a gallery I could stalk?

File: 127837077098.png-(220.71KB, 481x618, 12775381239.png)
gonna repost a few from the last thread

File: 12783707906.jpg-(91.70KB, 839x1304, 12775388981.jpg)

File: 127837081614.png-(265.58KB, 735x991, 12775646534.png)

File: 127837083333.png-(26.52KB, 500x500, 12776187226.png)

File: 12783708521.png-(140.53KB, 600x650, 127761331020.png)

File: 127837087233.png-(153.41KB, 688x663, 127802861977.png)

File: 127837091617.png-(118.69KB, 558x758, 127812848325.png)

File: 127837093687.png-(299.72KB, 497x700, 127830919971.png)

File: 12783710346.jpg-(91.57KB, 839x1304, 12775388981.jpg)

File: 127837122630.png-(200.55KB, 600x800, attc.png)

File: 127837124140.png-(191.83KB, 600x799, attc2.png)

Thanks for that. It was like "LOL NAH, FILE ALREADY EXISTS" when I tried so I just gave up.


File: 127837173138.png-(283.04KB, 600x800, 1 - karkat+tavros.png)
Also here's a WIP of a comic I'm working on. It'll probably be like 3 pages long.


Did you ever know that you're my hero?

And everything I wish I could be?

Hey, your hands in the "webcam" are the same as Gamzee's in the parents meme. Sorta.

You are far too kind, sir. I'm just a bored teenager with too much free time on my hands. Rest assured, I'll disappear once I start college.

Those are my boyfriend's hands. :B He is DOING IT WRONG. But I don't care. :3

whoa wait what
I'm a year older than you?
I'm so used to being younger than people geez I am turning into an old fogey.

File: 12783833154.jpg-(123.39KB, 600x800, 1 - karkat+tavros.jpg)
I'm so used to being 17 with people going "wohhhh you're only seventeen omg." Ever since I turned 18, it's like the wonder has worn completely off. Hahaha~
I'll be 35 and meet a 15 year old Da Vinci and then slash my wrists in sorrow.

Anyhow, finished that comic page. Complete with weird lighting and a paper texture to draw attention away from how bland it is.


wow, I don't even ship it and this is fucking magical

more please

man, I love you for this so much. Should be obvious since aT/cG was the first homestuck slash I drew.
I can dedicate the up-coming Dave/John to you,
or, you should request something :D


post that slash mofo


He. He blushes brown. :3

Draw what feels right up in your heart, bro. I don't want to steal the mIrAcLeS from you. B3

File: 127838664758.jpg-(76.48KB, 633x678, mspa_08c.jpg)
Delicious and fresh from Fanart thread.

You are just my favorite troll artist. (Not that you're an artist who trolls, but rather an artist who draws trolls.) No lie, you made me ship Tavros/Gamzee.

Well I'm glad I could... make you ship my favorite trolls... :D
But seriously. I don't want to press you into anything, draw what you like the best. I already got one request, and that sated me for a good long time. - v-
If you INSIST, however, my favorite ships are Tavros/Gamzee and Terezi/Nepeta. GO NUTS

as the first anon I thank the second anon for finally pressuring a request out of you.

File: 127839322681.jpg-(122.89KB, 395x739, at_02.jpg)
Moar gunshow.


>Katie is 18
>Morbi is 19

Oh man now I feel old and talentless. I'm fucking 20. And the very notion of Katie disappearing to college makes me sick with the depression.

(I only come in here to see what these people are talking about. dicks are still gross)

File: 127839933012.gif-(31.76KB, 720x616, crazy winged hate-threesome.gif)
hot off the /co/ presses

New to the fandom. Are there any fics besides that one with Gam and Tav?


there's a livejournal comm called plushrump that has a bunch of homestuck smut, but other than that most places just host pics or fic that isn't lemon-scented


there's a homestuck thread in /pco/ for straight porn as well


Plushrump's not worth it. Run by teenagers scared to let anyone else know they're writing PORN and set up like some kind of secret clubhouse.

Homestuck and MSPA need a real kink meme.

Me I'm happy if /pco/ and /coq/ happen to be the centers of the Homestuck porniverse.


Yeah. I was all gonna start one (and trying to figure out the hell I'd promote it on the main forums or get participants), but while I'd still like one, I am moderately content with the prawn content here. Also, am the previous anon you responded to for clarity.


While I can't promise any fics (though that's what I usually do but URG SO BUSY), I think a non-exclusionary LJ comm would be nice. I'd support it. But being so new in the fandom I'd feel pretty invasive starting one up myself.

Well if you do, let me know because I want to be the first asshole there to spread the god damn love around. I'd have no use for Livejournal otherwise. It's sort of become a personal quest of mine to draw porn so other people will stop being so god damn uptight about it and draw it too.
They're 13? Big whoop. There are ten billion fandoms everwhere with porn of characters that are underage, old news is old.
I'm not even addressing the topic at hand anymore. Just... gonna go draw now.


Just made it! (Best name I could come up with OH LAWD.)

I need mods and stuff!
Feel free to contact me at aim (Heisamilkman) or msn ( No parentheses of course.

alright I'll make an LJ jeez

I'd stayed out of that mess all these years... only to be done in by homestuck porn.

also I think the main thread came up with "homefuck"


Is the title fail then? I can delete and remake it if I need to.


nah leave it

yeah the title's perfectly fine. i was just getting all nostalgic for threads past. my own suggestion was "pornstuck".


I am a newfag so I am uneducated on these things.
(Sage for no content.)

I kinda like it. It's got a ring to it.

goddamn someone as shit slow as me at writing is really out of place on a livejournal kink meme.

File: 127846731648.png-(334.11KB, 600x1500, 2 - karkat+tavros.png)
Page two to this: >>48406

Okay, I finally got this done. I'm aware it's just a dumb white-void thing with floating people, but I seriously just fucked away my whole day on this one image. I stopped caring with the last panel (which was the biggest pain in the ass, you have no idea) and just slapped some shit together so I hope it looks all right.
I might do something with the lineart later when I'm not quite so pissed off at myself.


even in light of tonight's further extreme woobification of Tavros, HELLS yes. Please finish!






And your birthday.
All in one!


(I've never actually made one of these before. Let me know if I am missing anything important!)


Katie, ease up on yourself! That entire page is full of dynamic, attractive, difficult anatomy that you pulled off wonderfully well. Take a break and rest on your laurels!


Indeed, the art is amazing and you shouldn't feel bad about it. you're still one of the most prolific, talented, and openminded artists we have <3

Looks good to me. c:
I always feel like a dick when I request things cause I could just draw it myself.... |:1

>>48629 >>48646 >>48601 >>48612
Baw, thanks guys <3
I was retarded to believe I could do this whole thing in full color with shading and everything and finish it in a timely manner.

File: 127848141339.jpg-(289.84KB, 763x678, mmmmffffaaaAAAAAAAOOOOO.jpg)
I then dedicate this to you
will get about drawing some cT/aT or gC/aC for you,
since someone got those requests out of you.


the classiest of underwear

I kind of like the distinct shota feel this has.
Second panel, hnnghhh <3

File: 127856852639.png-(70.07KB, 400x476, ctsadgi.png)

New troll.

He'll probably fit in nicely.

File: 127858353657.png-(99.32KB, 600x800, 3 - tavargghhHHH BLARGH!!!!!.png)
Page 3 of this god damn comic KIND OF I GUESS.

So basically, it was going to be Karkat fucking Tavros roughly because he's a dick, then feeling guilty and doing it slower so Tavros can feel nice too.
Fuck this shit, I do not want to draw it anymore and I'm not spending another day on it. Lesson learned: don't waste all my energy working up to the buttsex.

File: 127858491444.jpg-(54.13KB, 473x450, woah.jpg)
I'd like to think that drawing all my Homestuck fanart in MSPaint means I'm a little more committed to authenticity. It really just means I'm too lazy to get a better drawing program.


awwww. :( oh well, sometimes I don't wanna finish shit either. XD

this pleases me
You've got a way with ms paint, Authentic-Anon.

This pleases me not so much. Sorry it became such a chore for you. Maybe you could get one of the fic-writers to wrap up the idea for you. And I'm sure there are people out there who would enjoy to color what you did finish if you want to move onto something else. I'd be one of them.

Butbutbut. you were inspiring me to actually post with content art. cause you're just that awesome.

Katie running out of steam is sad times for us all, but I totally understand. XD

Draw what makes you happy, girl!

File: 127863539780.png-(385.77KB, 748x749, NOOOOOO.png)
Ahahahaha WELP.

File: 127863542477.gif-(5.90KB, 300x224, horsecawk.gif)

File: 12786396505.jpg-(91.86KB, 347x515, FancyHats.jpg)

I desire fanfiction like delicious cake. So delicious.


I like this. A lot. :3c


dem socks with sandals


D'aww, happy wallsex.

File: 127864865926.png-(322.35KB, 600x1300, centaurs testicle sketches.png)
I have a thing for cT now.
The bottom sketch of him wanking was supposed to be sad/pining for some other guy troll because I suspect he is gay but too weird/introverted/selfish to even begin hoping to date anyone.




I don't



I was sort-of digging how grody (wife beater, bad teeth) he is, so seeing him all slender and appealing made me do a double take.
But yes, never thinking he'll match up with anyone due to himself/his fetishes, and maybe flipping it around and rationalizing that they're all just below him anyway. Then getting the surprise of a lifetime if someone willingly shows him affection. This IS a pleasing idea.

I love everything you draw.

Also, since I am such a huge fag for speculation, I'd like to think that Karkat is really fucking low in the caste system. Because of that, I have this horrible want for cT/cG, preferably hatesex or rape.

I can't do the dirty people thing, dirty is gross. B(
I tried, when I first drew him, to make him sort of sleazy, but I guess I just have this effect on the men I draw. They're all pretty, all the time.

I think he probably is. Lotus made a map of the caste colors and whatnot, and apparently red and brown might be at the bottom. But if Karkat's blood color is GRAY, and therefore lacking any pigment at all, that must mean he is like... the very lowest. You can't get worse than no pigment.
Edit: Also, yes, I second this. I think I can see Karkat beating the shit out of cT then having hatesex with him while cT struggles to wrap his elitist mind around what the fuck is happening. Either that or he would pine for Karkat and hate himself because of it.

I think he probably is. Lotus made a map of the caste colors and whatnot, and apparently red and brown might be at the bottom. But if Karkat's blood color is GRAY, and therefore lacking any pigment at all, that must mean he is like... the very lowest. You can't get worse than no pigment.

I assumed his blood's not actually grey. He's just hiding his color because apparently it's really fucking low. He even calls it gutter blood in the talk with aG.

I can't help but notice he has a fairly nice hive, though. Maybe he's not very low in the caste system but slums it?

Now I have to wonder what the lowest caste is. If he's hiding it... augh it's driving me crazy I want to know. >:C

this is great, i can't even begin to express how

>I think I can see Karkat beating the shit out of cT then having hatesex with him while cT struggles to wrap his elitist mind around what the fuck is happening. Either that or he would pine for Karkat and hate himself because of it.

Basically if you draw that, any of it, I will personally run through my local Walmart at three-am in a bright fuscha wig in your honor.

I was going to say "end you a hundred internets" but I can't actually do that.

Also, that new pic of cT is almost breaking my brain with how appealing you are making him in all his horrible weirdness. KATIE STOP BEING SOME KIND OF WIZARD

>I think I can see Karkat beating the shit out of cT then having hatesex with him while cT struggles to wrap his elitist mind around what the fuck is happening. Either that or he would pine for Karkat and hate himself because of it.

I was thinking more along the lines of cT being the abusive, sadistic fucker everyone is making him out to be and having him kick the shit out of Karkat. Just look at the bastard's poor lusus. But hey, whatever floats your boat. If you choose to do anything with either idea I'd fucking love it.

I wanna wait until the inevitable cT/cG chatlog to decide, but personally I think gutter blood roughly topping an aristocrat who secretly enjoys it would be awesome

File: 127866097321.png-(240.22KB, 600x1000, Karkat+cT.png)
It's obvious that cT is extremely violent (which begs the question - how did he bust out his teeth and snap off one of his horns? A fit of rage resulting in a rampage?), but I just can't see him actually beating up any of the other trolls. I certainly don't think his relationship with Nepeta is abusive (she seems to look after him, really). He might just be the kind of guy who throws a holy tantrum whenever he's pissed off.
And I agree with >>48979 - an uppity snob being put in his place is something I would enjoy, hehe.

Also more awful sketches. Imaginary hate make-outs.

I have an itching desire to draw them getting into a fist fight, falling on the floor and dry humping.
Also, regarding this wig: PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN


doooo it



PS: totally still working on that everybody/gamzee RP story. Totally. D: I just ended up leaving town again unexpectedly so I'm working on random computers in libraries/friends' houses when I have the time. WRITING TROLL PORN IS AWKWARD WHEN GRANDPA IS ON THE NEXT COMPUTER OVER LEARNING HOW TO USE MSPAINT

fwahaha, don't worry about it, bro <3
I could wait forever, but I have to say, it IS something I look forward to seeing every time I check /pco/.
If I don't draw Karkat and cT at least dry humping, I'm totally gonna try the fistfight thing. Mostly because they're both such whiny assholes and it would amuse me endlessly.

File: 127867424563.png-(23.66KB, 400x900, Abuse.png)


Lookan forward to it too. Maybe you could run your browser and stuff in text-only mode. Get Opera or something, which can be customized to look really plain. That way, no one will suspect that you're reading and writing porn on the side.

augh god AUGH
this is going to haunt my nightmares


This inspires so many fic ideas. Bondage, torture, creepy masturbation, all sorts of creepy porn.

File: 127870606411.jpg-(52.89KB, 800x800, taverrnoossss.jpg)
here, have a shitty tavros doodle I did while testing my tablet after attempting to repair it when it broke.
I'll stop now

File: 127870928476.png-(406.31KB, 600x1863, cat fight and dry humping.png)
Bawww, so cute <3
I like what you did with his hair. c:

I came through with this fist fight image. It didn't take all that long, thank god. The cartoonist deep in my heart is weeping woefully at the utter lack of background.

(PS, nosebleed fetishists will like this one)


Good lord you update the porn dump list quick with this one. ALSO. YES. THIS. VERY HOT.

I very much like how you gave Karkat a happy trail.

I'm all over that shit, man. If you leave it, it piles up and becomes a MONSTER. And thanks much <3
I'm usually too lazy to put hair on the dudes I draw, but I very much enjoy it.

ahahaha, you actually inspired me to attempt to provide content. I did the pic without reference until I got to the coloring stage, and by then I was too damn lazy to go back and make his 'hawk spike backwards. 'Sides, I've had a mohawk before, they flop in your face without a copious amount of gel.
I'm all in glee that you like it. I might provide more doodles if you like them. c:

YES, many more doodles, pls. Your style is adorable and I love it <3


I'm such a fucking nerd. I look at this and was like "hey cT doesn't swear"

But seriously that's awesome. saved so hard, like all your work <3


Definitely do more! Your Tavros is so cute :3

eeeeh, okkkk. uh. any requests?



Baw, I forgot he scolded Nepeta for swearing. Well, just pretend he's SO MAD. Man. SO. MAD.

This. Now stick Tavros in too. MAGIC.


Tavros/Gamzee '12


Yeah it wasn't like URNNNF IMMERSION RUINED, just the first thing I thought of because I am literally a big gay troll fan.

Fantastic pic either way. <3

File: 127871807969.jpg-(101.42KB, 366x734, mspa20.jpg)
annnnd since the requests were beaten out of you,
here's this.



Benefits to having your junk chopped off: it can be replaced by vibrating robot junk. And detach to be replaced with different varieties.
by the way: HNNNGHHH <3

I am a bad fan, I can't even keep them in character. ; ~;
But thanksss.

Considering I came home to find that my aunt had bought me a $140 Bamboo Craft Pen & Touch tablet, I will most definitely be drawing this for you. I need to break this baby in. (its like drawing with the finger of Jesus)



File: 127873295811.png-(187.51KB, 400x553, yesIdo.png)

Consider it pre-whatever-made-cT-beat-up. Also: probably OOC. WHATEVER. PRETTY DUDES, I DON'T CARE.


This is the best way to use the finger of Christ, don'cha know.

You guys
stop making me like cT.
It's not cool, you guys.


Don't stop

In honor of the latest update:
Vriska/Snowman, the more violent the better. GO GO GO

OH HEY DERE TEEF. WHATCHA UP TO. Also can I use your real name I hate calling you Teeth.

This is clearly what should be done.

We need some fic up in here. Seriously, it's time.

... Please?

have been filling prompt for kink meme. keep an eye on it.

I've been trying really hard to write something but my skills are shit and even if I finished it, I doubt I'd post it. :C
But I agree, we need more fanfiction.


I write it because I can't draw. :V

And vice versa for myself. I used to be really into creative writing, but I haven't really given it much actual effort in a few years. My writing usually ends up sounding like me talking and not an actual story.

File: 127881190495.jpg-(48.44KB, 527x794, whatisthisidonteven.jpg)
I'm a terrible person, I shouldn't even color this. (if I did, Gamzee would have his 'rad' makeup)
I.. may have a thing for molestable crippled guys falling out of wheelchairs.


RE THE LACK OF FIC: I started writing something, but it sounds far too much like a Watchmen fic I did a while ago. OH WELL better go draw some more troll dicks.

P.S. taking requests tonight. GO GO GO!

I'm pretty sure aT is planting (or nurturing) a disability fetish in all of us.

I think mine started with Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump.
that probably makes me an even more horrible person.

File: 127881563778.png-(226.68KB, 512x384, colors_slot1.png)
Gonna post some semi-old content while I wrangle with my scanner. Done on my DS.

File: 127881568298.png-(166.05KB, 512x384, colors_slot3.png)
more DS artz, yay.

File: 127881572891.png-(345.93KB, 297x731, miraclez.png)

Gamzee's like "what the fuck are you doing dude get off" while Tav sits there begging him to help. I like that a lot for some reason. :3c

God damn it.


File: 127882283690.png-(176.72KB, 376x640, hmm.png)

Here, have a WIP. :3


haha WOW

File: 127882324355.png-(163.64KB, 646x768, biifurca2iion.png)
two dicks
one troll

it's like incest and bestiality and pedophilia all rolled into one!

File: 127882478954.png-(234.70KB, 376x640, hmm-colors.png)
>>49371 That is why it is the best pairing.


That is why it is the #1 pairing.

Ahhh hahaha~
Someone actually drew this. I remember mentioning the possibility of Sollux having two dicks ages ago.

File: 127882799013.png-(134.32KB, 526x800, cT is my sextoy.png)
While drawing this, I realized that cT is my new sex toy. He's not even my favorite troll, I just love to draw him doing dirty things.


goddamnit katie, stop making me love your porn so much. ;_;

Draw more dicks, this thread is so dead, oh my gosh.


Well, everything else is bifurcated and duplicated, why not this?



File: 127885757643.png-(177.24KB, 500x487, omnomnom.png)
This is the result of talking to Katie about how cT reminds me of Rorschach a bit. COSPLAY FETISH YEAHHHH!

Why is this thread dying, we need more content you guys :C


cT/fat owl otp

who's the other troll though? me dumb.

It's Karkat. :D
You're not dumb, I'm just shit at drawing him. I must stick fluffy hair on everything or I will perish.

There are too many parallels. It is /perfect/.
My minuscule attention span has me giggling like a retard at that owl.


Ohhh, okay. The horn looked a little crooked like gA/aG's and with the poofy hair I wasn't sure if I was being rule 63'd. XD

I like it though! Heehee, ear nibbles.

I wonder if it's wishful thinking to hope that somewhere there is a lurker drawfag hanging out, too shy to post who will someday rise above the shame and share the awesome. Or a writefag. It's all good.
Guess I'll go draw dicks.


Please draw us dicks. All the dicks. I forget, have you done anything with Sollux?

Writefag reporting; I'm long overdue for writing for the coq thread.

I've got some ideas, but I'll let you guys choose; I'd like to write something people would be interested in, you know?

--Before cT (give the other ideas a chance too Katie, haha) got all beat up looking, he liked to look pretty. He even liked looking like a girl, because sometimes he did, and he thought that was okay. He had to be taught different. (Possible Sollux/cT. If so, it would involve mindbreaking and rape and all sorts of things.)
--On the other hand, I could pass that up completely and write a different crossdressing cT fic in which Gamzee sees him dressing up as a chick and is perfectly fine with it because he thinks it's just another miracle that guys can look like girls if they want to. Then, you know. Sex. obviously.
--Karkat/Sollux. I ship this so hard to begin with, so I can find at least one scenario where it works. I just don't know if I want Sollux to have two cocks or not. But the fic would probably involve some form of telekinetic fuckery. Or, since I'm twisted, Karkat pummeling Sollux with insults up-close and personal until it basically devolves into a game of Master and Servant, and each has to make a power play to get the upperhand.
--Tavros/cT. cT probably lusts after him anyway, since he has those gigantic horns. Theoretically there's a lot cT could do; even refit Tavros to a robo-horse body, which would be approaching high levels of creepy even for me.

Or suggest pairings to me. Honestly the crossdressing cT ideas are my favorites, but I want to know what you guys think.

>>49595 OH GOD DO ALL OF THEM. Or just the Karkat/Sollux one. Unf.

Nah, not yet. Which is completely unexpected since I personally think he's the most attractive, if not my favorite troll. I'll remedy that when I remember to.


>give the other ideas a chance too Katie, haha
NO NEVER. You won me over, oh my god <3
>the crossdressing cT ideas are my favorites
I'm glad you said this because I want the first idea so badly. I will draw whatever you want if you do this thing.

Need more Sollux.
Even if I'm producing Sollux stuff as well,
I still need more.


File: 127890684645.jpg-(201.57KB, 1000x1077, Typecasted.jpg)

Oh well would you look at that I happen to fit the description.

I need to start scanning my plethora of ugly little sketches and contribute already I mean gog damn it's not like it'll hurt or anything.

I like this. I like this a lot. And would appreciate more of it.


I am a big, big, Sollux/Karkat shipper. I am not so big on cross dressing, and we've got plenty of CT stuff going around already.

On the other hand, I'm strangely curious to see how it would turn out. I think I like the Gamzee/CT better than the Sollux/CT.

I'm going to be working on the Tavros/Gamzee prompt for the kink meme tomorrow afternoon, because I promised you guys or /pco/ or somebody written smut AGES ago and never delivered. Whatever, I'm gonna try and take that 'bathtime awkwardness turns into bathtime fun' idea from one of the last threads and combine it with the first blowjob prompt and see what I can get.

File: 127890875043.png-(390.87KB, 700x705, s'up.png)

The cockring makes this for me. :3c
Also hello there, new person <3

I look forward to that with relish. I feel, however, that I am largely responsible for more people liking cT. He's still a fucking creeper, but I think he's a sexy creeper.

om nom nom butts

Mmmm, butts. That one is ripe for squeezing.

I make no promises. I have a spotty record with fic, and it might be more like Tuesday than tomorrow. But GODDAMNIT, I'LL WRITE THAT SMUT. Nice to hear it's being looked forward to, tho'.

eeee spine shines
Sollux is such a delicious skinny nerd

Tori I would like to humbly request more trolls plz

File: 127891226482.jpg-(120.26KB, 687x748, Homnomnom.jpg)
Shit. Let's be santa.

I have more Sollux/Karkat on the roster. Lord knows I have enough time on my hands.


yes please :3

So These
are making me sooo happy
look forward to 3 pics involving sollux tomorrow.

Moar pls <3

File: 12789135765.jpg-(147.29KB, 659x783, dammiit2ollux.jpg)

File: 127891367231.png-(137.16KB, 284x738, karkat-sollux.png)
Here's some mediocre Karkat/Sollux. Sorry for the sketchiness/horrid pose.


god I love the effects


File: 127891500953.png-(111.03KB, 600x800, karkat+sollux.png)
WOH. This is awesome.

Aww, it's so awkward and cute. :3

I feel like a fuckin schmuck posting this shitty doodle but what the hell. Anyways, I'm going to bed.


Karkat with his guard down is really endearing somehow. I love this bromance even if I don't exactly ship it. :D

Rest well.

Alright, I've written up the first part of the cT Crossdressing fic. Um, does anybody mind that the first part is kind of long and there's no porn yet? Should I go ahead and post that sort of thing, or avoid doing so?


Dude like all of my longhand porn has gone like three parts before pants even come off. Post that shit!














yes, just yes

Um, alright. We'll see how this goes then. This was inspired by Chickenteeth's "You think I'm pretty?" cT picture. So bless the fuck out of them for being awesome and drawing a CUTE cT, because that's all it took.

"Miracle Boy"

(Quetra = cT. Sorry, but I like having at least a name to work with, and that seems slightly fitting enough.)

If there was ever any moment, at any time, across all of time and space, Quetra desperately hoped that this one above all others would be safe from prying eyes.

But that's what he said each time he dressed up like this. Very infrequently did he indulge in his strange desire to put on... fancy clothing, but today he was feeling especially carefree, and decided he would chance it.

Fancy wasn't really the word, though. He admitted that much to himself. These clothes weren't meant for masculine trolls; clothes like these were the kind that gA was prone to wear, not cG or tA. Or him, really. Whenever he was working he usually just wore his sleeveless grubtank and whatever pants were around. But a while back, when he had actually met aC-- when he had met Nepeta-- that changed.

Nepeta was always something of a tomboy. She liked to bundle up in the heaviest clothing she could find, whereas cT liked to dress light, so he could more easily manuever when he was tinkering with his automatons. So he had given her his long jacket; it was the same color as her trollian chat text, and she had appreciated that fact. He was just glad that she thought he had come up with that himself.

And in return, she had given Quetra one of her dresses. It didn't have a lot of buttons and zippers, like gA's clothes. It had laces along the side, and it was supposed to go down past her knees. She said she never wore it, though; it was too girly and not enough protection from dragons, and that she had only ever played with the laces when she was bored. He had blushed slightly upon receiving it, not exactly knowing what he was going to do with it or where he was going to hide it-- if he ended up keeping it at all.

But Nepeta, briefly, had told him that it would probably look pretty on him. After all, she had said, his hair was straight and his smile was nice and his face was pretty.

And he had asked in return, without meaning to, if she meant it. She simply giggled at the time, and he hesitantly took that as a yes, since Nepeta wasn't the type to poke fun out of spite.

In the time since that day, he had often looked at the dress: he had hidden it in the back of his closet at first, buried under so many failed creations. That way he wouldn't be as tempted to look at it, and maybe he would just forget about it completely. But gradually he would take it out more and more, and eventually he put it in his bottom dresser drawer, this time only hidden by his pajamas and socks.

So of course it wasn't long after that before he started looking at the dress with curiosity, wondering how it would look on his lithe frame. And less time still before he put it on, fed up with his baseless hesitance.

And he had discovered that it did indeed look good on him, and with his hair freshly clean from his daily oil-cleansing ritual, he really did look just like... a girl. A real girl, not a boy stealing girl's clothes and trying them on out of silliness and incomprehension.

Slowly, he started doing this more often. He would never fiddle with his robots while he wore it; frequently he would simply pass the time doing menial chores or simply pacing, wondering if he even walked like a girl-- or, for that matter, if he had ever walked like a boy in the first place. It was somehow... relaxing. A weird relief. He'd felt like it had always been this way.

But the longer it went on, the more he became terrified that someone was going to take it away from him. Karkat was always so violent sounding, and Sollux, while mostly calm and collected, occasionally lashed out whenever people didn't pay attention to his deeds, or if you pryed at his personal life-- and generally he got angry for a lot of reasons. So he didn't talk to him much.

Still, he was afraid that someone would tell him what he was doing was wrong, or that he needed to stop because otherwise people would think he was weird, too weird to even be around.

So, in that fateful moment, it was an inevitable conclusion that chance and luck would act against him. He noticed too late, pacing his room with light steps, that he had been messaged several times on Trollian. Just as he was reading over the messages, eyes frantic, his door flew open.

And in fell the clown, the "Miracle" troll, Gamzee Makara.

Alright, I'm REALLY SORRY this is so long but I'm feeling all inspired and shit and I want to take advantage of it. So I hope it comes out better for it moreso than worse.

"Miracle Boy"
Chapter 2

"No no no no. This is not happening this will NOT happen. No one is ever going to know about-- about this. Just what oh jegus why no."

Breaking through his thoughts, Quetra gets the right idea in his head and runs to hide behind his computer desk, pulling his screen to the side, hoping to get a better look at who this intruder might be. And on the screen was the answer he was looking for:

TC: Aw yEaH WhAt iS AlL Up aBoUt gOiNg oN OvEr tHeRe?
TC: Yo, I JuSt wAnTeD To bE AsKiN YoU If i cOuLd cOmE AlL Up aRoUnD ThErE
TC: AnD ShOw yOu mY SwEeT As tItS UnIcYcLe tRiCkS
TC: BeEn wOrKiN On tHeSe mOtHeRfUcKeRs fOr aLl uP In a wEeK BrO
TC: YoU ThErE My wIcKeD RoBoT-MaKiN BrO
TC: NaH YoU'Re pRoBaBlY AlL AbOuT MaKiN SoMe wIcKeD MoThErFuCkIn rObOt mIrAcLe rIgHt nOw
TC: IlL CoMe oN AlL Up iN AbOuT YoUr pLaCe aNd sHoW OfF My rIdIcUlOuS BiTcHtItS SkIlLs

terminallyCapricious [TC] has ceased trolling centaursTestical [CT]

Oh shit. Then that means--

"Yo my bro-canic! Where are you all up and at? I gotta be about showin' you these motherfuckin' unicycle tricks--"

At the sound of Gamzee's forever-and-always absent and carefree sounding voice, Quetra finally felt some boldness well up in his chest, and he shot up without further warning, hoping that his shouting would scare Gamzee off before he even got a good look at him. But just as he took a breath to yell at Gamzee, to tell him to get right the fuck out, Gamzee coolly and carelessly pre-empted his tantrum.

"W-whoa bro, when did you get all up the power to flip-flop your gender shit into female mode?"

Quetra's voice died in his throat with a kind of staccato hitch, his breath caught in his chest. The moment seemed to last for ages; him with his gaping, surprised expression, and Gamzee with an air of gears clicking together, answers falling into place, and Quetra was on the very brink of completely going off his shit, until--

"Aw shit, my motherfuckin' grub-buddy, that's what I all up and forgot. My bitchin' god damn unicycle. That thing is all about disappearin' out and from up under my shit, y'know? Always find that motherfucker though. S'just another one of those miracles I'm all thankful as tits for."

"You, uh," Quetra began, and suddenly he didn't really know what he was going to say. Here Gamzee was, obviously looking at him (or possibly somewhere far past him) and yet completely unperturbed; not angry or disgusted or even that confused. "I guess you'll have to go get it then?"

"Nah, I can just get my unicyclin' up on some other fuckin' time, y'know? You gotta be all about tellin' me how you got to look all pretty as a chick, my pupa-pal."

Again Quetra was thankful that it was at the very least just Gamzee he had to deal with, and Gamzee wasn't very much affected by what his friends thought of his views. Quetra thought he was maybe only affected by sopor slime and how his friends were, if by anything. So he tried to keep the dark grey color out of his face as he drew up a calming breath, and addressed the comment at face-value.

"You don't... care that I'm dressed like a girl?"

Gamzee took a single step back, his hands flying up to his horns in the slightly familiar motion of clutching one's head. "Holy motherfuckin' tits my bro! You're only dressed like a chick? I thought you had all up and transformed and shit! You all up in makin' crazy fuckin' miracle machines, never know what they are about doin'." He smiled sincerely and took a few steps forward, reminding Quetra suddenly that he was a whole foot taller than he was, even without the horn difference. The look on his face was more akin to radiant curiosity than a depricating glare. "So you just all up and wear chick clothes, and then be about workin' on your motherfuckin' miracle bots all dudely and whatnot?"

Quetra looked up at him, having problems getting his words past a newly formed lump in his throat as he broke out of his worrying line of thought and considered the question. And then, after a moment: "...yes. Sometimes. Not too often. I don't..."

Gamzee looked at him expectantly, likely wondering if he would be finishing his sentence or not. And, if he didn't finish the sentence, maybe he would marvel at how miraculous it is that people can just change their minds mid-sentence. But if Gamzee kept pressing the matter of his clothing instead, he probably would lose all his nerve...

"I don't think it's right. What I'm doing. Me dressing up like a girl," he said when Gamzee's look told him he couldn't tell if he was talking about dresses or robots. "The others would probably think it's disgusting."

Gamzee's smile slowly turned upside-down, once again creating that strange juxtaposition between his real lips and his painted face. "Shit, my monkey-wrench-wieldin' motherfucker, y'know it don't matter what your friends are thinkin' all up in their skullplates." His clown-faced friend put his hands on his shoulders, kneeling down slightly to meet Quetra's eyes. "You just gotta be about bein' all comfortable in that shit between your ears. If it's any kind of fuckin' cereal box consolation-prize, I think you're all up in lookin' fine as tits."

Quetra was still trying to strain all the compliments out of Gamzee's mess of a speech when he felt himself step forward into his friend's arms, wrapping his own around him. He was surprising himself, but not entirely much: Gamzee was being nice to him, but Gamzee was nice to everyone. But Quetra was the kind of troll who didn't get a large amount of compliments, and never about things like... this. No one was ever supposed to see him in these clothes, and Gamzee had-- and nothing had gone wrong when he did. In fact, Gamzee liked him this way. The clown thought he was amazing. He tried to remind himself that Gamzee thought everything was amazing, but his mind was in other places.

Gamzee, to his credit, simply stood there, arms draped over Quetra's shoulders like this was as normal as any other day, and the clown didn't think much about why Quetra was hugging him. It was what it was.

Quetra had had other thoughts too, he remembered as those very notions came back to him unbidden. He had never really kissed anyone, except to return Nepeta's cheek-kisses whenever he would have to leave, and he was sure those didn't count. And when Quetra was dressed like a girl he always felt a lot more confident; scared of course that someone would find him out and tell him off or worse-- yes, those things too. But more confident, more comfortable in his own skin.

So, knowing that Gamzee wouldn't give much resistance right up until the last moment if he was going to give any at all, Quetra pulled back and stood up on his toes, planting his lips ineptly but with impulsive emotion upon his taller friend's own.

And Gamzee Makara, to his credit, did not pull away.


File: 12789850709.jpg-(107.87KB, 414x563, SnakeSollux.jpg)


Sweet jesus I love you.

Bawww it's so cute <3
I can't wait for the rest of it. He's transgender and doesn't know it, hehe~

Oh my. B3

File: 127899148436.png-(473.24KB, 650x862, kissykissy.png)

File: 127899340140.png-(463.71KB, 469x1133, SlumberParty.png)
(3 may be tame enough for forum posting instead)




HELL yess.




ITT: Equius and Sollux, everywhere, all the time.

Sollux and Equius Appreciation Station ITT


But then, the porn part is going to change a little bit, in light of the recent exposition on our resident musclebeast admirer.

>Practically everything MAKES YOU FURIOUS. You have so much rage, it can only be expressed through STAGGERING QUANTITIES OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. You build strong and sturdy robots, set them to kill mode, and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM in caged brawls.

I'm going to draw cT raping EVERYTHING.


cT tries to rape himself, cannot, is SO FUCKING FURIOUS

(don't actually do this)


Spades Slick, then?

Yes. :3c

I might do this just because it's so retarded, hahahaha


if it were anyone else I'd be crying but I have faith in you

I think ;_;

I leave for a day and all this karkat/sollux happens *_* it's like christmas in july up in here

File: 127899911034.png-(389.68KB, 800x800, cowgirl.png)
Anatomy, how the fuck does it work.

Okay, so I tried making the lighting slightly more realistic, but it didn't really do what I wanted it to so whatever. There are ten billion things wrong with this but I am done with it. }:C

Ffffffuuuuck that's hot. Alright, after I finish this story, whether or not you want to draw anything for me, you can ask me to write something else for you. Because god damn that's amazing.

Also, I thought something was wrong with the anatomy at first, then I realized I was looking at amputee porn. That having been said, STILL hot. Not any hot-er though.

If that is based off Caring I will love you forever.
And I guess draw you something again. Any new pairings you like or just the old stand-bys?

YEAH, hahaha. :B
Ain't got no legs. It's actually inspired by this fic:
And man, I'd probably like ANYTHING you write. So I say write whatever you want. :3
Also I need a request from you, damn it. I'm thinking about drawing cT in a skirt or something silly because he makes a cute crossdresser.

IT IS. I have three all-time favorite trolls, Tavros, Gamzee and Equius, so anything involving them will automatically get my approval. But I don't request things, it makes me feel like an ass. ;c

J-jeez, I'd say I'm flattered, but shit I'm far too cool and collected to succumb to that silly behavior.

(But I guess if I had to request something then yeah it would probably be cT crossdressing, as clean or smutty as you like. (Or Karkat/cT hatesexings.))


I just.

Yes. Very yes.

You oughtta post that shit as a followup to the fic because it's amazing. Also I write fic and getting a followup pic is like the ultimate compliment. :B

Likewise. It's high, high, (HOW do you even GET all up in being that HIGH) praise.

>>49761 >>49763
The deed is done. B3

File: 127900296038.gif-(9.80KB, 75x61, flipout.gif)

I uh buh... I'll be in my bunk.

File: 127900415614.png-(123.09KB, 497x800, so pretty~.png)
He is so pretty. Just look at this girly mother fucker.

This is just so amazingly cute I can't help myself. i'm very nearly done with the porn section of Miracle Boy, promise promise.

Shit man, I was about to go to bed BUT NOT NOW.

Seriously about to wrap it up, GOD DAMN THIS STORY.


(A/N: I AM NOT CHANGING cT's NAME TO EQUIUS BECAUSE ARGH THAT'S TOO OBVIOUS. So in keeping with how I stick with my fiction decisions, even when derailed like FUCK, his name remains Quetra in this fic. Hell, he's practically a different character anyway.)

Quetra didn't want it to stop there, however-- still, It wasn't long before he was apologizing too many times for comfort.

He had been keeping his movements, or at least the unncessary ones, to a minimum ever since they started at this extremely cautious bit of intimacy-- he didn't want to accidentally hurt Gamzee. His normal penchant for violence, which he would admit he had felt flare up dangerously high when Gamzee first burst in (though his self-consciousness about the dress he was wearing won out, thankfully) had settled down considerably.

When the clown-faced boy had returned his affections after the horribly slow moments that followed the initial kiss, he felt a shiver shoot up his back that, judging by the wince on his friend's face, probably hurt his ribs something smart. And when Gamzee still didn't back away, he honestly tried to avoid hurting him further: he instead gripped the back of Gamzee's shirt as light as he possibly could, resisting so hard the urge to clamp down on the soft fabric.

And still, as Gamzee's hands roamed his sides, the clown boy chuckling softly as he tried to manuever to kiss Quetra's neck, he couldn't stop himself from ripping the shirt almost entirely off of his body. Gamzee pulled back almost too quickly, raising Quetra's hackles once again.

Then the other boy simply smiled at him in his dopey, well meaning way and laughed. "Shit bro-chinery, it's all up in bein' fine as fuck, y'know? I got shirts out the motherfuckin' wazoo, always bein' about covered in sopor slime after all and shit."

Even Quetra was calmed by the clown-faced boy's demeanor; his idle reassurances. He supposed if it wasn't going to upset Gamzee, then he shouldn't be getting upset himself about something he did in the first place. "It's really not a p-problem?"

"Psh, naw." Gamzee gave a strange grin (Quetra realized briefly and bemusedly that it was the kind of grin that implied seduction) and picked him up by his hips. Quetra's gut felt horribly uneasy in the very few moments he was off of his feet, but the clown simply set him down on his computer desk.

"I mean, it's like... we both like gettin' all up in bein' dirty, y'know?"

And he had a point, Quetra supposed, but he didn't really have a whole lot of time to devote thought to thinking about the surprising amount of things the two of them had in common, because Gamzee was getting down on his knees now and suddenly thought was a luxury.

Quetra knew enough about... "fine art", however, to know what Gamzee was intending to do to him, and though it colored his cheeks a near-pitch color he had enough good sense to push himself back further on the desk and clamp his legs to either side of the reinforced steel frame.

Unsurprisingly, it dented heavily inward, and though nothing had happened to his legs Gamzee's eyes still widened. "Good," Quetra thought. "I don't want him to think that this is going to be all that safe."

"Damn, you're all wicked strong as shit for bein' a chick." Gamzee just laughed at the dressed up boy when his expression turned to that of a petulant little kid, at once trying to take the compliment in stride and at the same time somewhat insulted at the implications aboout his gender.

He decided not to retailiate (even with words) and instead directed his increasing apprehension on his computer desk, which predictably gave under his fingers, crumpling up as easily as foil. He was trying not to be nervous about the situation but fuck clown-boy was pushing his dress up and what if he changed his mind when he saw--

"Aw it's on motherfucker, look at these bitchin' boxers you got goin' on these hips, Mr. Fix it." The voice came out surprisingly low, opening and closing with a laugh but with an inticing tone inbetween. Coming from anyone else it would sound like a mean-spirited jab but from Gamzee it was ridiculously charming; like he was trying to seduce his gog-damn wrench-print boxers.

The very thought had Quetra laughing, and he couldn't stop: it began as a soft sort of shaking chuckle and soon his guts were aching with the motion. In the background he could hear Gamzee laughing, lower than his own voice but still sincere somehow. But then, Quetra didn't know what it was the clown boy was laughing at, after all.

All the while Quetra was laughing Gamzee was deftly removing the boxers, inch by inch in time with the jerking motions the laughter brought on. And suddenly Gamzee's laughter disappeared and Quetra's died in his throat, because Gamzee had just taken Quetra's cock into his own, and after that there was a distinct lack of conversation.

But a steady stream of names and expletives, to be sure. "Oh FUCK you clown-faced bastard, oh god," and Gamzee just laughed against his shaft, causing vibrations Quetra almost couldn't take. The desk began to quiver, and Quetra thought loudly inside his head how much shit he would beat out of it if it broke right now. He hoped that would be enough, because he couldn't think about anything else after that except for Gamzee's painted lips around HIM and how much he wanted to grab him by the horns or the hair or ANY kind of touch right now.

So instead he took advantage of the fact that he lived in such a remote location, and let out the a bewildering moan-- he had never had cause to make a noise like that before, and now when it finally flew from between his lips it was caught between masculine and feminine, making no distinction nor attempt to be one or the other. It was both, and suddenly Gamzee had a dazed look on his face that looked a lot more like arousal than confusion.

After the first outburst Quetra tried to limit himself to just whimpers and throaty noises of approval; Gamzee's weirdly long tongue was lapping at the bottom of his shaft, catching one of his balls every now and then, and it was one of those times that Quetra decided he would rather cry out than twitch and break Gamzee's jaw.

All whimpers and groans and moans now that seemed to stretch on forever, but Quetra didn't care; it seemed like forever that Gamzee was licking at the tip of the head, swirling his tongue about it, taking it down sometimes deep and sometimes shallow and fast and oh sweet FUCK.

Then, with a very gentle nip and chuckle against the most sensitive of skin, Gamzee's lips left him and Quetra had to damn himself then for making such a pitiful and pleading noise; he was supposed to be strong. "But maybe, this time," he thought distantly, "I don't really have to be..."

But his pleading was rewarded, this time with a hand wrapped carefully around his cock, and all at once Quetra's vision was clouded with a ludicrous image: His member, four lithe fingers wrapped around it and then, almost nonsensically, a wild tangled mess of hair perforated only by the towering horns jutting from the black mess, and the beginnings of a painted face below and out of sight.

For that brief moment, with a clown-faced boy readying himself to jerk off he, a seemingly crossdressing tomboy, he didn't fully believe that any of this was happening, and that somewhere along the line he had fallen into some kind of coma.

Then there was a long, wriggling tongue pressing against a place even more sensitive than his member, beneath cock and all, and he wondered why he ever attempted thought at all.

This time the sound that came from him was definitely feminine, a high-pitched gasp of complete and utter surprise, and Quetra had to clench his hands so terribly hard to keep from pushing his head away, pulling his head in.

He had to stop himself from doing both in rapid succession.

Gamzee's hand was moving up and down his shaft quickly-- softly, perhaps, but with sincere eagerness. It was driving Quetra insane, because Gamzee's tongue hadn't stopped probing at him, hadn't quit licking under his sac, hadn't ceased any of the things he had began and FUCK did Quetra love him for it.

Quetra felt himself become unbearably warm, and something told him that this was it, he was about to explode for better or worse and right now he felt like that would be the best choice so he made no move to stop it. Now even the noises he was making couldn't stop his legs from quaking against the desk, and-- like a god damn miracle-- Gamzee could seemingly tell. The clown-faced boy once again set his attention on Quetra's cock, settling his fingers at the base as his mouth returned to doing it's incomprehensible work on his member.

Gamzee dipped his head down lower, fingers pulling back one by one until there was nothing left to prevent him from taking it all the way down to the base--and then, as the clown boy looked up at him and chuckled deeply in his throat, Quetra met his eyes, and that was all it took. He lost it. His body convulsed and it was all the desk could do to not break because it sure as hell didn't want to become scrap.

Gamzee somehow managed to stay in one place, his head completely still save for the slight bobbing motion that accompanied everything he did, as Quetra's exhausted moans filled the room. The noise stretched out across the room, filling every space and most certainly Gamzee's ears, as a smile formed on his face in an absurd expression, pleased and amused and-- in the middle of it all, he hadn't taken his mouth off of his member the entire time.

Finally, when the last whimper died in his throat, Gamzee swallowed everything he had taken from him.

(A/N: There will be some kind of epilogue to this, to finish it off, but I'm tired of hacking at this and just fretting over it too much, I feel like editing the shit out of it.)

And of course there was that damn smile.

Oh Andrew, how I love thee.

Just after I get done writing some gigantic Equius/Gamzee fic with a made-up name, you go and do a cT/tC UPDATE THAT'S ALL CUTE AS SHIT. FUCK YEAH.

I knew I read this shit for a reason.

Hnnghghghhh <3
This is the greatest thing.
I feel fanart coming on... if only this god damn headache would go away.

The update, ffff. Who'd have thought Gamzee would be at the top of the rung. THE IRONY.


woot fuckin CALLED that shit

(which is good because I apped and got Gamzee in a lj thing and totally went ahead and said he had fancy blood)

also that miracle boy fic is sweet as hell, I think I left you a comment about it on HS


It made sense to me, following the caste colour patterns. Purple is very often associated with royalty as well, and he lives close to the sea, which has upper-class troll implications as well.


Hottest motherfucking blowjob I have ever read. Shiiiiiiit, my motherfucker. A clown and a girly crossdresser, if that is not a MIRACLE I don't know what is.

That first sentence is complete seriousness. I very much like the fact that, as the story progresses, Gamzee's shown to have a perfectly fine sense of awareness and sexual agency. Husky, deep-voiced, and confident. Unnf.

Finally, I have to thank you. Now I can better imagine how to write him for my own damn fic. Now I know how to make him sexy.

okay now where is all the TC/ct D/s?


Fandom isn't big enough for instant porn.

Give it time.

I'm glad you ended up liking it. c: I admittedly had to keep pulling myself back to the actual PORN instead of what was going on inside Equius's head. But yeah, hope your head starts to feel better.

Haha, you have read my /pco/ fic, right? "So Polite"? That's the one you commented on over at HS; I haven't posted anything else there yet; seeing how it works out.

But, haha, yes; glad you liked it too.

w-wHOA MAN, you really liked it that much? o: I mean, I'm not gonna complain. I'm just happy you're getting this much out of it, really.

Gamzee was a bit of a challenge in that regard, but I don't know how I got him pegged as the husky type; I think I just like funny people, and so some of the laughter might've helped pull that off.

But glad you liked the scene. Have you read "So Polite", the fic I did for the /pco/ thread? I was worried the people crossreading this thread would find my new fic boring because AW SHIT ANOTHER BLOWJOB SCENE (but after the big reveal about cT's strength, FUCK; they weren't going to be having sex anything soon. Also, I don't know how Gamzee got up to his house. Fuckin' miracles.)

>TC/ct D/s
Huh, is this standard nomenclature in the community, the upper- and lower-case thing?

File: 127904520268.png-(243.40KB, 900x644, fucking kawaiiest.png)
something from the romart thread I knew you guys'd like

I've seen some D/s people do it online, submissives don't deserve capital letters for their names or whatever.

I've also seen people complain about it being silly and pretentious, so I don't know if it's a standard or not.

So, no. Not standard, but common enough.

Yessssss thanks for reposting this otherwise I would never have seen it.


'So Polite' is the Karkat/Vriska one, yes? Yeah, I raved anon praise for that one. You write oral sex well.

In real life, not every time two people has sex follows some variation of the handjob-->blowjob-->sex-->anal Standard Porn Sequence.

But, yes. They were both written well, but they were also startlingly Relevant To My Interests. Under the desk/over the desk, a good ol' fashioned seduction, a confident, confident cocksucker/passive recipient, noisy people, some quality cyberin' dirty talk on the part of Vriska...

So, yeah.

This is basically what I thought about the fic, I'm simply an incredibly inarticulate person. I speak with grunts and giggles.

I really liked how you portrayed Gamzee. Tall people. :3c
He was really charming just being spacey and completely unaware of how upset Equius was. There was literally nothing I thought was out of character or even off in his characterization. Friggin PERFECT, if you don't mind me bumping up the compliment a notch.

kawaiiest motherfucker on the block

Also. It occurs to me. At this point, we've shipped and smutted Gamzee/Tavros, Tavros/Equius, and Gamzee/Equius.

Clearly the next step is a threesome. Probably after everyone's been doped up on sopor slime because Tavros and Equius seem way too uptight to be comfy with that sort of thing.

I know, but some people just expect sex. But thanks muchly for the compliment. Though, DAMN I didn't notice the trend. Fuckin' desks and blowjobs, god damn. Subconscious fetish or something, I guess.

(And Vriska's dirty talk still makes me go red as hell and I try not to think about how corny it sounds out of context)

Man, Gamzee HAS to be tall in my head. He just seems like he would be. And hell, to Gamzee, Equius ALWAYS looks angry I bet (since he hasn't looked happy as of yet at all), so yeah he probably didn't notice.

I used to LOATHE Gamzee. Oh god I got so angry when he first started out. But man, he's too friiggin' chill and nice to hate. So I'm happy I was able to write him well.

(I'm going to try to stop wallowing in praise and shit now, this is starting to seem embarrassingly like I'm an attention whore)

How to start the day off right:
1. Wake up. Stumble around. Realize I'm not wearing my glasses.
2. Where the FUCK or those god damn gla-oh there they are.
3. Sit on the internet for an hour, avoiding necessary daily routines.
4. Get in the shower with my glasses on.
5. Realize I have paid commission work to do.
Mother FUCKER.
I'll get to the fanart later, hhrrrghhhhh.

NOT TO ME. But that's because I like everyone. C:


Also whoo I'm glad I'm not coming off like one yaaaaaay. c: And you DO like everyone, it's a miracle.

(man i'm tired.)


The desire to avoid needless attention-whoring was part of what kept me back from namefagging. Apparently pluschan's MSPA fans are laid-back folks.

That's the reason I chose a completely different name, actually. But yeah, people are really nice at P4C, or at least in the MSPA threads.

(Oh man I hope I'm not coming off that way to you of all people aw damn.)

I don't always namefag it up either because outside of the plushrump comm on LJ I've contributed exactly one thing to the homestuck pornroll :B

and if I can be totally honest here, the only unappealing thing I've seen you do is repeatedly wibble how you don't wanna be seen as an attention whore. you do good stuff, people respond to that, and thanking them or talking about your work isn't attention whoring. don't worry so much.

Looks like we're off page 1, so I started >>49896.

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