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47210 No.47210
Old thread here >>44231

So I'm looking for scans where the SuperBuddies go to a world where Max led a team of strippers and Booster pimp slapped someone in it

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File: 127840070282.jpg-(183.66KB, 482x482, enjoying the view .jpg)
geez, why do I love the idea of Booster perving on Ted so much?

also, working on a lame excuse for bendy!porn. but porn is porn I guess.


If Ted doesn't realize Booster is perving on him after that, there's no hope for him. But I agree wholeheartedly- there's just something about pervy!Booster and oblivious!Ted that I adore forever.

File: 127841340829.jpg-(354.97KB, 800x691, the-amazing-folding-beetle.jpg)
i really, really like this.

went for a kink twofer. dat officesex. dat flexibeetle. and now i am really attached to the idea of ted being able to call booster up like "hey, i'm at work, wanna get lunch with me" and it being code for "get over here and fuck me on my desk".
apologies for messy coloring.

also: if there are any write/drawfolks in need of prompts, wanna do something involving one of them treating the other for their birthday? because it's mine

File: 127841828096.jpg-(265.51KB, 630x840, hell-of-a-workout.jpg)
and more!


"Max in that outfit", you say?

Also, happy birthday Insominac! Is there such a thing as internet cake? Oh well, I'm sending you some anyway.

Holy shit, happy birthday!


I love the little detail of Ted missing a shoe (because in a pic of porn i pay attention to inconsequential things like that).

And now I'm going to be thinking of doing porn during class. Just for you. Happy birthday.

File: 127843981089.png-(62.61KB, 760x749, awesomebeetle.png)
>idiosyn doing more porn
and here i thought i wasn't getting any presents this year!

Thank you very much! Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome birthday!

File: 127844245566.png-(144.87KB, 563x402, tumblr_l53j3f7jo31qbf9hko1_1280.png)

Thank you very much! Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome birthday!

File: 127846335610.jpg-(99.95KB, 460x451, Foreshadowing from 20 years away.jpg)
I know this is technically a Boostle thread but...WE NEED SOME JAIME. Seriously. Like, stat.

Scarab sex in his brain while in school. Accidentally seducing Tim. Hell, even something like him putting his hands over his ears and singing really loud every time Paco tries to tell him what base he got to with Brenda. SOMETHING.


In the meantime here, have some irony from the 80s.

It's even more ironic on Earth-11 Maxine killed Booster and not Teddi

File: 127846563319.jpg-(472.04KB, 540x1944, forinsomniac.jpg)
Okay, not porn but it's naked Ted, hope that's good enough. HAPPY B-DAY TO OUR RESIDENT ART PIMP!



*stands up and applauds*

I hate you so much. That image is forever burned into my brain now.

Also happy birthday insomniac!




Someone needs to write fic with Max in that outfit. It doesn't even have to be Rocky Horror; they can be participating in a "Crossdressing For Charity" event or something...that would be pretty fun, actually. Why has nobody done that yet?

I sort of took >>48472, >>48570, and >>48587, and combined them into one writefag of silly. No porn, but it's my first Boostle, so... Happy birthday, insomniac.

Booster was definitely not sulking, even as the entire JLI paraded about in costumes, in varying degrees of ridiculousness. He wasn’t sulking because it was his birthday, and he’d be damned if he was going to sulk on his birthday of all days, especially when there was a costume party going on in his honor. In fact, he didn’t even have to pretend not to sulk when Max was finally drunk enough to mind-control people into doing the chicken dance at random. Definitely not sulking.

However, if he were going to sulk, it would be on account of a certain person who should have been there to witness the birthday shenanigans and wasn’t.

“Quit pouting,” Bea said suddenly, appearing from nowhere and snapping the elastic on Booster’s paper party hat. “Or I’ll tell Max to make you dance next. He’s taking requests now.”

“M’not pouting,” Booster said into his palm, which was currently supporting his chin.

“Of course not,” she replied sarcastically, adjusting her oversized leprechaun hat. “Who came up with these stupid costumes anyway?”

“Ted,” Booster groused as he turned away from Bea. “The whole thing was his idea, right down to the costume assignments.”

“Oh, was it? In that case, I owe him a thank-you. Come to think of it, where is the little bug-brain?”

“His office, I think,” Booster said, pretending he didn’t know exactly where Ted was at the moment. There was a pause between the two of them as Booster watched Max select his next victim. In all honesty, the sequined corset and matching heels didn’t look too bad on him. “Do you have any idea what Max is supposed to be?”

“Oh, he’s just a sweet transvestite,” Bea answered with a bit of a grin. When that didn’t seem to answer the question, she added, “Before your time. Don’t worry about it.” Booster decided he wasn’t going to.

All the same, as he trudged off towards his room, Booster was finding it significantly harder not to sulk. Ted had been bursting with ideas for how to celebrate his birthday, and in the end, had decided he was too swamped with work to even show up for the party he organized. It didn’t exactly add up, but Booster was too busy concentrating on not sulking that he hadn’t worked it all out yet. That is, until he opened the door to his room.

Sprawled proudly on the bed, naked save for a strategically placed paper party hat, was Ted, grinning broadly. “Happy birthday, buddy,” he beamed. “Ready to open your present?”

Booster fought to stifle a matching grin as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “A party hat?” he asked. “Really?”

Ted was unashamed when he replied, “Hey, can’t go wrong with the classics.” Booster eyed him appreciatively, a long motion starting at his smiling face, and trailing downwards to the party hat. Curiosity got the better of him, and he lifted the hat off of Ted’s groin, revealing his erect penis, and a miniature party hat perched atop the head. His grin never wavered.

Unable to contain himself, Booster burst into laughter and flung his arms around Ted’s neck. “I love you!” he exclaimed with amusement, face now buried in the pillows.

Ted was impossibly smug as he came back with, “I know.”

LMAO you know I love you, right? Cause I totally do. But unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to get either this image or that 'Dick in a Box' song out of my head for a while...

Also happy slighty-belated birthday, Insomniac. Hope you had a good one, bb.


Woo-hoo! I helped contribute to popping someone's Boostle cherry! Be proud, anon, for you have opened a gateway from which only more Boostle-related goodness will come forth.

(also- lol, leprechaun!bea. i now imagine she has a rainbow belt buckle on which means her pot of gold is in her pants)


I don't know what I like more here:

- Ted telling Max to wear THAT for Booster's birthday party
- The implication that they all deliberately got Max drunk so they could watch him screw with people

And Bea is going to make Booster watch Rocky Horror later on, yes? And she and Ted will be yelling at the screen and throwing things in the air, and Booster probably won't get any of it, and it will be adorable.

>The implication that they all deliberately got Max drunk

What do you suppose happens when Max gets drunk?

I imagine he gets touchy feely and his mind control runs rampant

Hnng, Drunk!Max.


What Fudge said, plus it's easier to talk him into using his powers for stupid things. And he randomly starts singing, and is giggly, and...

Please tell me this will lead to drunk!Max hitting on Booster. Or Ted and Booster talking drunk!Max into using his powers on each other. Or drunk!Max + drunk!Booster + drunk!Ted partytime.

I d'awwwed and lol'd at the same time.
It was awesome.


They'd go to a midnight showing. In costume. And they'd bring Tora along because she's probably never seen it, either. Bea and Tora would dress as Magenta and Columbia and Booster could only be Rocky. Ted should go as Eddie, especially if Max is dragged along as Dr. Frank-n-Furter.

Ralph and Sue as Brad and Janet.

Guy would make more sense as Eddie, though. Ted could be the narrator guy. Cap. Atom would be Riff-Raff I guess, or the professor, and he would also be totally confused and probably uncomfortable.

And then when they're there they run into Barda and Scott who are also going as Magenta and Riff-Raff. Because Barda in a maid outfit.

File: 127853410298.jpg-(489.22KB, 900x900, creepymax-is-bestmax.jpg)
because the only thing better than booster perving out on ted is max perving out on booster, amirite?

"here you go, michael. eat it slowly."
"i mean - so you'll enjoy it more."


Ha ha, oh Max. You creepy pervert. (Then again, I'm sure there are people here who would totally do the same thing.)

Anyway, Max and Ted are in the gym working out - Max probably at least uses the treadmill or something, and Ted is being bendy - when Booster comes in and starts working out shirtless, and eventually Max and Ted stop what they're doing completly in favor of staring at Booster's ass. And either Booster notices and starts showing off, or he drops something and bends over to get it and Max makes him stay like that for a while and Ted goes along with it, or they both try to follow him into the showers, that sort of thing. Double perving action!


If Guy were there, otherwise you got the irony of Frank-n-Furter!Max killing Eddie!Ted. But, were that the case, Ted would make an excellent Riff Raff. And I've just amused myself by imagining L-Ron as the professor, if not just by picturing him singing.

File: 127854096593.jpg-(113.64KB, 711x451, and then a step to the right.jpg)


*chokes on tongue*



I want Guy to be Eddie so he can sing crazy rock songs to Columbia!Ice and it will be cute. Riff-Raff Ted would work actually because he's the "handyman". I still want Cap Atom to come, because the more confused/slightly scared people the better.

And now I'm picturing Bea and Ted trying to talk Max into this:

Ted: "So if we're all reeeeeaaaaally good the next few weeks, you'll let us go, right?"

Max: "...Since that's not possible, yes."

Bea: "And you'll come with us too, right, oh fearless leader?"

Max: "Yeah, yeah."

Ted: "As Frank N. Furter."

Max: "..."

Ted: "It'll be fun!"

Max: "........"

Bea: "Booster will be wearing tiny gold shorts."

Ted: "?"

Max: "...I'm in. Now get outta my office."


Oh L-Ron. You have too much neck for that character XD


I dunno, I'm actually torn between Booster in a gold speedo or having everyone in the floor show get-up, just to get him in heels and corset. Though if it's the floor show, then I nominate Scott and Barda as Brad and Janet. Or would it be Janet and Brad...?

Guys. Guys. Guuuuuuysssss.

"Eddie's Teddy" just took on an entirely new meaning.


I think they/we would need to see both outfits. Several times. For comparison. And I am all for getting Scott and Barda involved as well.


...So it's either Guy/Ted slash or Teddy's...Teddy. Owmybrain.

I imagine it's something like, "Hey! Watch what I can make Powergirl do!"


Or, we could have Ralph and Sue as normal, begining-of-the-movie B and J and Scott and Barda as the floor show versions. And Ice as sparklytux!Columbia and PG as floorshow!Columbia, and, well, whatever Rocky Booster goes as, Cap. Atom can be the other one.

And Oberion as the guy in the wheelchair.


Narrator guy - L-Ron
Brad - Ralph
Janet - Sue
Riff-Raff - Ted
Magenta - Bea
Columbia - Tora
Frank - Max
Rocky - Booster?
Eddie - Guy
Wheelchair Professor - Oberion? Skeets? J'ohn doing an X-Man shoutout?
Floorshow!Brad - Scott
Floorshow!Janet - Barda
Floorshow!Columbia - Power Girl
Floorshow!Rocky - Booster?

And Cap. Atom is whichever Rocky Booster isn't. Is that everybody?

(Also, thanks to you guys, I'm going to have the soundtrack in my head all night.)

File: 127855837571.gif-(101.56KB, 600x400, rockyhorrorsuperbuddies.gif)
You wonderful maniacs.

I think you just broke my face.

This is now my favorite thing on the internet. Beautiful.

When Max pervs on someone, he's the creepy molesting boss.

When Booster pervs on someone, he stares at someone or makes bad pickup lines.

I am now picturing Max having to go through corporate sensitivity training. NO GROPING IN THE WORKPLACE, MR. LORD.

Also, we're autosaging.

I'll make the new thread


New thread


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