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Posts requests for content here, because the first /r/ thread is about to reach critical mass.

If some mod could sticky this, that'd be great.

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OP says all of this. Aaaaall of this.

totally out of the blue, but do any of the magical members of /coq/ have any solo/kuryakin from the old spy show the man from u.n.c.l.e.?

File: 128452417544.jpg-(31.77KB, 441x599, half_life_2.jpg)
Any Half-life ?

all I've found were like... 4 fics so far. and btw, just watched Titan AE. ........Oh Korso~ Such a manly man. *purr*

Here's a smutty fic. Mmmm.

Pray tell if you find anything else.


>>56519 I'm looking for some too. I've found a few fics that are good - but there was a lot of wadding through lackluster fics to find the few good ones.

Try there are a few awesome ones there.

File: 128463499096.jpg-(141.59KB, 663x885, GYA2jpeg_Page_079.jpg)
Gyakushu!? Anyone? Sexy cannibals I mean come on.

Not that I'm biased, but almost all the dialogue between these two seems like flirting.

File: 128465665036.jpg-(177.06KB, 503x600, 342749.jpg)


And guess what, I have some.

File: 128465669456.jpg-(237.56KB, 600x440, 337985.jpg)

File: 128465707957.jpg-(123.18KB, 667x800, 503935.jpg)

File: 128465716871.jpg-(122.51KB, 728x500, 509615.jpg)

File: 128465724780.jpg-(154.53KB, 700x701, 516182.jpg)

File: 128465734210.jpg-(155.43KB, 533x650, 516183.jpg)
Aaaand I'm spent.

There's quite a bit of other stuff on Paheal but I found the quality to be a bit low/the artwork to be a bit dodgy and didn't save it.

Unf! Thanks for these, they were some I didn't have. I did actually make a thread when there was approval, but people started saying it didn't belong (not Western enough, despite how we have Silent Hill on page three) and I didn't want a mess so I just deleted it. I appreciate this, though!

File: 128465940332.jpg-(32.11KB, 450x300, charlie-meets-jerome.jpg)

Does this belongs here in first place?

Oh man. It's like a Live Action Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

File: 128466856597.jpg-(104.50KB, 632x461, 1284586165114.jpg)
You took down the RE thread? I think its 'Western' enough.

W-well I'd never started a thread before and people were complaining so I didn't want to cause trouble and... yeah. I guess someone else can try again. I just got kind of jumpy.


No matter what you make a thread about, people are going to complain. It is a guarantee. Don't worry so much about it.

File: 128493792647.png-(362.01KB, 640x480, 127972541351.png)
So I'm going to go to hell for asking this, but I think I'll enjoy the ride.

Fred and Shaggy from Scooby Doo (any incarnation). You cannot sell me on facts towards pointing out Fred's straightness, because I ain't buying it! (pic related)

New Venture Brothers is on right now. I'm hoping beyond all hope that this will kick-start the content again.

File: 128504537584.jpg-(1.72MB, 2480x3508, 5366370.jpg)
Just finished watching the entire series. And now I need Sylar porn. My usually sources have failed, all hope rests with you now /coq/.

Ugh, same.

File: 128505361338.jpg-(106.41KB, 1200x795, liste-de-schindler-93-02-g.jpg)
i'm obviously going to hell for even thinking of this but i finally saw this movie and...come on? anyone? i'll feel so less bad about myself

File: 128506570016.jpg-(17.12KB, 396x264, The-Pianist-DVD-Movie-Review.jpg)

It's okay - I just re-watched the Pianist, so I feel you.

I had this craze a while back and I think I only found like one good fic to go upon. I'll try to find it again for you.

We NEED The Pianist. I have yet to see or read any fanmaterial involving Adrien Brody, and I'm about to burst.

File: 128510955392.png-(0.98MB, 715x850, pianist_by_phobs-d2yn7c2.png)

I would do horrible dirty things to Adrien Broody, you have no idea.


I would settle for Summer of Sam, even, assuming anyone watched that. Punk stripper!Brody. *sob*


oh, ohhhhhh not want to want. But DO WANT.


I THINK I MIGHT HAVE AN IDEA, FELLOW ANON. A GREAT MANY IDEAS, IN FACT. Also holy jesus that picture is gorgeous.


So much of this, oh god.

File: 128512323439.jpg-(82.32KB, 333x418, orgasm face.jpg)

Don't fret, anon. They've been my secret OTP for years now. I'd post some dirt but I'd feel so...dirty...




Post! Post! Post! You're anonymous - post it! No one knows who you are!

Can I just throw out a general request for anything with Nazis--preferably the SS? (And I'm not talking about that bishonen stuff from /y/).

File: 128519072861.jpg-(350.77KB, 700x700, i dont know.jpg)

Okay, I'll whip some writing and drawing in a little bit, but for now...uhhmm...

i love you <3

File: 128520660385.jpg-(67.08KB, 417x618, chuuface - Tetsuooooo!!!.jpg)
...any good Akira fics out there?

I will post more of my awesome Akira fanart collection in exchange.

/coq/ is for Western fandoms, bro.

File: 128520929813.jpg-(35.79KB, 535x290, the_town_poster_i2.jpg)
Saw this last night. I just wanted Jon Hamm to get naked. Movie was still amazing nonetheless.

I don't even know what his character's name was other than "Mr. Six Inches"...but yeah, him, slash, need, etc.

Would you believe me if I told you that I legitimately forgot? With all the anime/manga styled art of western fandoms and the western artists doing their own takes on anima/manga characters, it all gets a bit blurry for me.

Mea culpa, mea culpa.

This is amazing. Really amazing.


I'm really sleepy so forgive how shitty this may be...I'll finish it quickly, I promise.


“I know what you're going to say to me,” Amon begins, his words completely torn with slurring. He doesn't finish, his eyes still set firmly on the bottle between them. His lips still stay parted softly, like he has something on the tip of his tongue, but he's too far gone to actually remember. Quickly afterwards he makes a pained hiss as he takes his temple into his palm. “I'm so fucking drunk.”

“What do you say we call this a night, my friend?” he's hasty to offer. “Sleep it off.”

Amon makes a curious little chuckle, he can't pinpoint if he's laughing at him or himself. His eyes sweep up lazily to meet his. “Why don't you ever drink,” Amon asks, rubbing the texture of his shot glass. “Fucking /indulge/ me and take a sip, would you?” His attention is then drawn to the pack of cigarettes underneath his hand before Oskar has the chance to indulge him. “Pass me one, Oskar?”

“It's the last one,” he tells him. In all honestly he can't say no to the man. Amon doesn't even need to do anything other than breathe gently and narrow his eyes. He lets his trembling hand slide over the table to meet his own hand. The brief moment where they touch has Amon's hands shaking uncontrollably. “Look at that...” Oskar chides, “you have no control at all, you can't even stop that if you wanted to.” He lets Amon snatch the pack from under his fingers, with an obvious scowl on his face. Oskar's quick to find his lighter for him. He takes a short drag before giving him the cigarette back, no doubt trying his best to steady his fingers in a bid to impress him. It's not working. “Keep it. I'm going.”

“Stay a little longer,” Amon pleads, watching him get up from his seat. When it appears to him that he won't stay, Amon almost falls over trying to get out of his chair. It has Oskar wondering how he'll ever make it to his bedroom. He tries to straighten up a little, smoothing his hair back, but when he tries to walk up to him it's close to a miracle that Oskar doesn't fall over when all of his weight is thrown on him. “Would you...would to take me upstairs?” he asks, pretending as if his face wasn't buried right in his chest.

“Why do I have a feeling you wouldn't make it on your own?”

Amon's laughter is muffled in his suit. He picks his face up off his chest and looks to him, eyes half-lidded, his pale blue eyes accentuated further by his thick lashes. Amon's grip on him tightens. He presses his body in flush against his. There's nothing he can do but wait for the storm to pass. Amon will realize what he's doing soon enough. He nuzzles into his collar, slowly working his way up to his exposed neck. Don't say anything.

“I'm really fucking drunk,” he whispers hot in his ear, his voice low, shameful. “If I asked for it, what would you say?” His teeth graze over the cartilage of his ear before ultimately biting down on it.

“That you're...drunk, Amon...” he makes an effort to let his voice sound neutral. It doesn't go over very well, he makes a very audible groan when Amon begins to kiss his neck. The hot trails up and down his neck send straight down to private places, and Amon's alert enough to pick /that/ up. “You know you...can't...”

“Can't /what/? All of a sudden you give a /fuck/ about...” he bites down hard on his neck before resuming again, but on an entirely different and more humiliating subject, “...look at that, even your /mistress/ will be jealous...”

File: 128521940638.jpg-(11.82KB, 400x267, schindlers_list_01.jpg)
i love you anon
i wish i had more to offer at this time but my brain-tis broken

File: 128525337067.jpg-(51.59KB, 336x560, el376.jpg)
There was this Funny Games U.S. request in the last thread and someone posted a delicious gif/pic of one of the two actors in a different film. Does someone still have it?

There is a pretty good Nazi guys thread on 7chan's fetish board, you might have to look through a couple of pages though. Some of it is Japanese art with retarded uniforms that vageuely resemble those black SS ones and the rest ist mostly just pictures of hot real or fictional Nazis without sexual content.
You might be able to find the first chapter of "Go Down, Aaron" on 4chan's /r/ or elsewhere.
And if you can handle some JAPAN~ there is a silly yaoi game called "Absolute Obedience" which takes place after Germany lost WW2 (I think) but the main characters wear these vaguely SS uniforms and talk a lot about pride and obedience and stuff.
Oh yeah, and Inglorious Basterds is great for fanfiction of course.

requestor here, just going to clarify that the Nazi thread is actually on the uniform board, /unf/ (best board name ever imo). Thanks, anon. There's some great stuff on that thread.

IB forever man. that fandom has made my life


Actually some kind tripfriends posted the whole thing a while back, I could reupload it 'cause I lost the link. Although I found it a little...ehh, but nazi porn is nazi porn.

I've been told that the author forgets he's writing masturbation material halfway through. I didn't even like the first bit that much, I've read better porn on lj.
Can you upload it anyway?

Speaking of lj:

Non-nazi, but still following the same basic kink (aka war, uniforms, dubcon, etc.) is Maiden Rose, if you can take Japan stuff.

File: 128530023911.jpg-(131.61KB, 900x672, SQUEELIKEALITTLEGIRL.jpg)

I'm so shy about posting even if I'm anon, but I really mean it when I say I ship them so hard. I'm sure my history teacher knew, too, hrmm...Oh and moar Amon.


Oskar breathes in sharply, almost wanting to bring Amon in closer rather than push him away. His body is still pressed so firmly against his even though he makes it clear to him that he doesn't want this. It's hard thinking of a way out of this with his mouth on him, sucking and nibbling gently on his earlobe, a hand teasing dangerously close his...he can't even believe this.

“I-I want you to,” Amon almost growls in his ear, his breath short, laboured. Despite all of his objections and logic and /reason/ and his moral fibre and everything else he can think of, his arms hook around his waist and he's bringing him in so much closer. Amon makes a little gasp in his ear that makes his arousal much more apparent against the other man, but that's quickly forgotten when Amon tells him quietly, “Take me upstairs.”

“I don't think you realize what you want,” he has to say, “you'll regret this later. We can forget this happened, all right?”

“Kiss me,” Amon demands, picking his face off from his neck. Again his lips part softly like he wants to say something next, but after a wholly uncomfortable silence he laughs softly against his cheek. “That's not it, is it? What do you want to hear instead?”

“I don't know, Amon,” he smiles, “I'd rather you say you're just teasing me, cruelly, at that.”

“Do you want to fuck me,” he asks bluntly in his ear, making Oskar's answer limited to “yes” and “oh, god.” And in that moment he caves, cupping Amon's face in both hands as he greedily pushes his tongue past his lips, to which Amon readily accepts. He's caught off guard by how aggressively Amon kisses back, how his fingers claw harshly against the front of his suit. “Tell me how much you want to fuck me...”

Hazily his mouth moves from the corner of his mouth to his jaw, so soft and smooth and something he would never expect out of a man. Amon moans escape him weakly, and his clawing soon turns into a barely-there clutch, the trembling in his fingers returning. For a minute he's lost in the scent of his cologne, the taste of his skin, but the feeling quickly resurfaces that Amon is just playing with him, and he's already gotten him /this/ far and /this/ hard, he's so...

“You had so much to say before...what's the...matter now...?” Amon mumbles, his hands travelling up and along his back. It's easy to forget that he's out of his mind, though his ability to torment him seems to have increased tenfold. “Are you thinking about me, Oskar? What it's like to...have me on my back?”

The only way he can think of silencing him is with his lips. He can't stand it anymore. He kisses him until Amon can take it anymore and he's begging for air, but he doesn't stop, he needs to map him, claim him.

“O-or” Amon pants after Oskar's finished, a thin, lazy trail of spit between them. “...You ever...think about that...?” His face flushes like he's genuinely embarrassed spewing all this filth. He could almost call him beautiful—his blue eyes, the mussed hair, the softness of his lips. “Sometimes I think about it,” Amon composes himself after he spends time just nuzzling the underside of his jaw. “A-and I don't know if I want you fuck me rough or...” He begins to wonder if he's just babbling now. Certainly a sober Amon would not think about being fucked rough by his business partner or friend or whatever he sees him as.

“Don't speak,” Oskar says against his forehead before placing a gentle kiss. He shuts his eyes, finally submitting to him, “I'll take you upstairs.”


Amon boyishly giggled earlier that he had a surprise for him, and that he should just wait on the bed until he comes inside. He doesn't have much of a choice other than to sink in comfortably and enjoy whatever walks in the door, folding his arms together and wearing a nervous smile. Amon comes in dressed in full uniform rather than the simple white collar shirt from before, his hair combed and formal, his cap tucked under his arm.

“Well, then,” Oskar starts pleasantly, “I've always thought they dress you rather...smartly.” His eyes study him up and down as he walks in closer, the same smile on his face. He's wearing everything, the leather gloves, too. The pressure of his knee on the edge of his bed sends shivers up his spine as he watches him crawl closer to him, like a little dog. They're really—all of this, the smiling, the looks—he doesn't want to think about what comes in the morning when Amon isn't giddy like this and so eager, so eager to try anything once. Amon straddles him, pinning his sides with his knees, and puts the cap on top of Oskar's head. He smiles before leaning in closer to tug on Oskar's lower lip.

“Another man gets you so hard,” he says with a grin, grinding down lightly against his erection. Despite himself he grunts quickly, holding down Amon's hips. It's easy to take the bait, but it's easier to make Amon gasp and suck on his adam's apple. “O—Oskar...” Amon's still very much disoriented, and if he applies himself right he's sure he can turn this around, if only it didn't make him feel so terrible.

Found this:
It does have medical kink in it, but if you can get over that, it's pretty good. The writing isn't the best though.

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