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From the kink!meme

A Sharp Dressed Man

The best thing about sharing a branch company with your best friend, Booster thought idly on the elevator ride up, was that no one questioned why he stopped by, even if it was for ‘I’m bored and we haven’t hung out in a while’ reasons. Whistling an absent tune to himself, Booster stepped out of the elevator and into the reception area where the cute woman behind the desk perked up at his appearance.

“Mr. Gold,” Daria smiled winningly- Booster loved having that affect on people, “always a pleasure. I’m afraid Mr. Kord is in a meeting. He’s trying to convince some investors to fund a new project.”

“So he’s either going to come back in a very good mood or a very pissed one, thanks for the warning,” Booster leaned on the counter and smiled back, watching Daria flush and trying not to giggle at him. It wasn’t serious flirting on either of their parts, but Booster liked the attention and Daria liked having someone to talk to that wasn’t her boss. Which was a pity- Booster would bet she’d appreciate Ted’s bad sense of humor without the tension of her job between them.

The elevator dinged, drawing both their attention and Ted’s signature laugh was the first thing to come out of the doors. He was in there with a dark skinned older woman and someone who was apparently her assistant as he kept himself out of the way and virtually invisible as the other two talked. Daria gave a little ‘huh’.

“Looks like they finished early. I’m guessing this is a good sign.”

Booster, however, was struck speechless. Fumbling for words he told Daria, “Someone had to have dressed Ted this morning.”

Her sly smile went unnoticed. “You like? There’s a small wardrobe in Mr. Kord’s office for me to pick out his outfit for important meetings like the one he just had.”

“Whatever he’s paying you isn’t nearly enough.”

“You should tell him that in your meeting.”

Across the way, Ted was exchanging some final words with the woman before stepping back and bidding her and her assistant farewell. The elevator shut and Ted walked toward them, beaming happily and Booster found himself mesmerized. Ted’s charcoal gray suit was perfectly tailored, the jacket fitting nicely over his solid frame, bringing out the red of his auburn hair. His shirt was crisp and almost impossibly white and the blue and silver stripes on his tie made Ted’s eyes that much bluer, that much brighter. Booster thought Daria should stop being Ted’s secretary and just pick out his clothes every day.

“Mr. Gold,” Ted greeted with the kind of teasing, bright smile that always made Booster’s insides wobbly, “dropping by unannounced again, I see.”

“Well, if you can’t make the time for me, I’m sure Daria can,” and though Booster flashed a charming grin, he just wanted to step back and stare at Ted some more.

Ted laughed and clapped a hand on Booster’s shoulder. “Inside, buddy. No distracting my hourly-wage workers.” He threw a grin and wave at Daria as he pushed Booster into the office beyond. Once the door closed, Ted strode to his desk, stretching as he went. “So what’s up? I’m guessing you’re just stopping by for the hell of it again?”

“Pretty much. So what’s next on your agenda?”

“Nothing for a while, actually,” Ted unbuttoned his jacket and fell in his chair with a sigh. “Meeting finished early, so I’ve got a few hours to kill.”

“Oh, good,” Booster discreetly locked the door before going to perch on the edge of Ted’s desk. “You look good, by the way.”

“Thanks. Daria’s got a talent at making me look good.” Ted paused as Booster reached over to button up his jacket again, hands smoothing out the jacket. “Um...”

“Really good.”

“Really thanks?” The corner of Ted’s mouth quirked up. “You got something on your mind?”

Booster’s hand traveled up the lapel, traced the shirt collar and his fingers threaded at the hair at the back of Ted’s neck. “Daria says you have a wardrobe of suits in here.”

“That’s right.”

“So you have extra clothes, right?”

Ted shifted, the heat and intent of Booster’s gaze finally translating in his head. “Okay, I think I have an idea of how good you think I look.”

“Good.” And then Booster leaned in and captured Ted’s mouth with his. He sucked at Ted’s lower lip until Ted’s mouth opened and Booster licked at his teeth, the roof of his mouth, every inch possible. Ted made a pleased sound, tiling his head back, making Booster slide off the desk and lean over the chair. Booster’s hand roamed over the suit, caught in the feel of the material, following every seam, the way it flowed over Ted’s body.

Ted eventually pulled away and if he looked good in his suit before, he looked twice as hot now with his cheeks flushed, mouth wet and used and looking at Booster like he was two seconds away from pouncing on him. “Not that I’m complaining,” he said, breath coming out in quick pants, “but you’ve seen me in suits before.”

Booster scoffed. “In suits of your own picking. Meaning clashing colors and patterns and ‘are you sure you’re not blind’ styles.”

“Pfft. It was the ‘80s- that was the style.”

“Trust me,” a hand tugged at Ted’s hair lightly, giving Booster enough room to run kisses down his jaw and neck, “you look much sexier in this style.”

They kissed again, long and deep and Ted pulled Booster in until he was straddling Ted’s knees. Booster fisted Ted’s jacket, squirming distractingly and Ted groaned. His hands crept up between them, undoing Booster’s shirt as they went, palms sliding over the broad chest beneath. But when Ted moved to undress himself, Booster’s hands were suddenly on his wrist.

“No,” he said between dropping kisses against Ted’s lips and chin, “keep them on. I want to feel them.”

Ted’s mouth stretched into a grin. “And you say I’ve got weird kinks.”

“Are you objecting to this?”

“Not at all.”

“Then obviously you share my weird kinks on top of your own.”

Ted chuckled and pulled Booster in for another kiss. “That goes both ways, buddy.” He watched as Booster leaned back, shrugging out of his shirt. Every time he undressed, Ted always looked at him with unabashed awe and every time that happened Booster always fell in love with him all over again. Booster kissed Ted again, rubbing up against the suit and shivering at the cool silk of his tie, the soft warmth of the jacket. Ted pulled back and nipped at Booster’s lip. “One stipulation, though.”

“Yeah?” Booster asked, climbing off Ted’s lap to pull down his pants and briefs.

“I get to fuck you on my desk.”

“God yes.”

Ted snickered at Booster’s enthusiasm though, at the appearance of Booster’s erection, the grin turned into a leer. “Well, I see you obviously like the idea.”

Booster cleared off the desk and hopped on. “Let’s just say,” he leaned back, legs spread in a pose he practiced in a mirror to look as alluring as possible, “I’m open to the idea.”

Ted leaned in, fitting himself between Booster’s thighs and gave him another long kiss. Booster clutched at Ted’s shoulders, purring at the feel of the suit brushing against his cock and he couldn’t help rocking his hips.

Ted groaned against Booster’s lips, “Oh, I am not looking forward to explaining these stains.”

“Worry about stains later. Right now you should be focused on getting inside me.”

“Right, right.” Then, abruptly, Ted froze. “Wait- what do we have for lube?”

Booster’s eyes widened. “You better have something because I am not waiting.”

An eyebrow rose at him. “My, aren’t you a pushy bottom? Unless you want some really expensive moisturizer up your ass, I think we’ll just have to go with the basics of basics.”

Booster’s eyes crossed as Ted brought two fingers up close to his face. Then he got it, “Wait a minute-“

“Didn’t you say you weren’t gonna wait?”

“Maybe! But spit on it’s own?”

Ted turned his hand, caressing Booster’s cheek. “I’ll be gentle,” and though there was a hint of teasing there, Ted’s expression and tone was compassionate and affectionate. Booster sighed dramatically.

“The things I do to have sex with you,” he said before turning he head and sucking Ted’s fingers into his mouth.

“I know, it’s such a chore.” Then a hand was on Booster’s dick, open-palm pressing it against Ted’s suit jacket as he rubbed against the length. Even if Booster weren’t sucking on Ted’s fingers, his only retort was a low, full-bodied moan.

Ted withdrew his hand, gently probing against Booster’s opening. It was slow work, but Ted didn’t seem to mind. Not with the way that Booster was slowly reduced to a moaning, writhing mess as he was carefully stretched. He panted, body arching off the desk like a golden beam, hands alternately clutching at Ted’s hair, his shoulders, running down his arms and back and gripping his suit. Booster’s cock steadily leaked precum that dripped on his stomach, on Ted’s hand and smeared over his jacket, but neither of them cared; Ted was practically hypnotized by Booster underneath him and Booster kept trembling and whispering Ted’s name over and over.

By that point Ted was practically humping Booster’s thigh. “Please tell me you’re ready,” he said weakly, his forehead pressed against Booster’s shoulder.

“I’m tempted to say no,” Booster forced out unevenly, “but I really need you right now.”

“Thank God,” Ted pulled back just enough to unzip his slacks. With Ted standing there, disheveled and licking his lips, still fully dressed in that delectable suit and his dick erect and dark red and leaking from the opening of his pants- it made Booster shiver all over, squeezing the base of his cock as want and love flooded him.

“Oh Ted,” he moaned, wishing he had a camera to capture that moment, trying to memorize every nuance possible. “So hot, Ted, you’re amazing. Love you.”

Ted leaned in to kiss him, slowly pushing his way in. “Love you, too,” he murmured. Booster’s head stretched back, groaning deep and hands flexing until Ted was seated fully and Ted kissed at Booster’s neck and chest and shoulders. “You’re beautiful, you’re perfect, God, Booster- you need to look like this all the time.”

His lips quirked up, “Literally all the time?”

“Yes. On my desk, in bed, on the couch- anywhere and everywhere.”

“Even in public?”

“Only if we don’t get arrested for it.”

Booster pulled him in for a sloppy kiss. “You always say the nicest things.”

“It’s part of my charm,” and then, just because he knew it would annoy Booster later, Ted interrupted his retort by shifting his hips, leaving Booster gasping. His hips pistoned hard and fast, wrenching gasping moans out of Booster’s throat with each hit home. Ted’s tie fell out of his jacket, pooling and shifting over Booster’s chest, the zipper of his slacks biting the backs of Booster’s thighs.

“More, Ted. Faster, more!”

“Anything,” he panted against Booster’s chest, fist on his cock, jacking him off against his jacket again. “Anything for you.”

It was hard and messy and fast, filled with whimpers and gasps of ‘yes’, ‘so good’ and ‘more’. Booster pulled at Ted’s jacket and he probably stretched the seams but Ted was so big, so hot and Booster’s nerves were crackling with blue lightning that burst behind his eyes as he choked out Ted’s name, cumming in waves that Ted’s hand milked out. Ted followed soon after, biting Booster’s shoulder with a muffled cry.

Ted collapsed on Booster and he could feel Ted’s heart fluttering wildly against his chest. He lazily ran his fingers through Ted’s sweat-curled hair and gave a hum of satisfaction. “So I’m thinking,” Ted drawled against Booster’s throat, “I should let you know every time I have a fancy meeting like this.”

“I’ll be sure to bring lube with me next time.” Booster gave a hiss as Ted pulled out. “Oh yeah. That’s gonna be sore.”

“I’ll make it up to you. Tonight we’ll order in some pizza, have some wine, I’ll give you a massage...”

Booster’s eyes lit up, “With that fancy, scented oil?”

Ted grinned back, almost more content than was humanly possible, “Then maybe unwind in the hot tub- supposed to be good for sore muscles, I hear.”

Booster drew Ted in for a kiss, heat stirring up inside him again. “When do you get off work again?”

“I’m the boss- whenever I want to.”

“Good. We’re getting an early start on the evening.”

Their evening started a little later because Ted needed to change suits and Booster nearly had an orgasmic experience when he looked into Ted’s office wardrobe, but neither really cared. Not when they had all the time in the world and each other.

File: 127634430933.jpg-(769.82KB, 1280x1975, bg 20.jpg)
And a JLI prompt: Ted and Booster get in trouble, let's say with something involving one of the girls, and Max decides to punish them by making them clean his bathroom and/or maid uniforms.

Maybe leads to sexytimes with Max walking in on them/watching?


probably just a coloring error, but the eye color change might be significant...

File: 127641645120.jpg-(95.61KB, 500x368, tumblr_l3y0j1AQOB1qzsldao1_500.jpg)
by ghettolibretto on tumblr.

File: 12764164903.jpg-(152.41KB, 500x665, tumblr_l3y0o6F9sZ1qzsldao1_500.jpg)
I need this AU right now.

File: 12764364513.jpg-(20.87KB, 350x262, For realz.jpg)




I actually think my favorite part is Booster's Pebbles Flintstone hair.

I think a cartoon would have been way better, but HOLY CRAP YAY. Let's just hope they do the transformation scenes accurately so we can get glimpses of Jaime booty.
...He is legal, right?


...You know what? This means we might actually get LIVE-ACTION TED AND BOOSTER (AND GUY) AS WELL.

also, that suit fic, hnng yes.

File: 127654851680.jpg-(12.27KB, 100x100, t30.jpg)


More Ted and Booster/JLI in suits pics?

File: 127655207477.png-(202.09KB, 768x1024, boostle_deskfucking.png)

Mmmm. Yes.

Colours to come later, maybe.

yes ma'am! will work on that.

File: 127657144649.png-(389.12KB, 460x357, terriblesuit.png)
Bumping with a terrible suit and some Max Ass.
but seriously, that suit is pretty bad.

>How can you stab me in the back like this
>stab me in the back
Uh, Max...

File: 127660455111.jpg-(502.71KB, 726x1033, tumblr_l232nmvCKE1qzmrzeo1_1280.jpg)

File: 127662157022.gif-(53.52KB, 120x124, AND-ITS-ANIMATED.gif)
I got roped into making this in a drawfag thread. One good bromance deserves another, right?


You're the BEST.

omg i lost it at the end


Oh God. We need a series of these.

In other news, I ended up getting the fourth JLI trade today, and I pretty much squee'd throughtout the Max-discovers-his powers issue and freaked out during the brainwashed-Ted-goes-badass-and-tries-to-kill-Max issue. So much awesome. I also found a Time Masters trade, so I'l get to freak out/squee over blond!Rip as well.

- JLI had two issues dedicated almost entirely to Max contemplating his humanity.
-Ted and Booster are really good at the double-ass shot
-Guy flies through a spaceship
-Ted and Booster both trying to flirt with Wonder Woman at the same time
-Bea and Oberon are cute together
- "Ah...Amanda! The charm just OOZES out of you, as usual!"
"Ah...Max! All the sincerity of a SNAKE, as usual!"
"Geez! You'd never know you two actually LIKED each other!"
- Guy and Ice vs. Black Hand. Guy and Ice snarking at each other.
- Interviewing JLI candidates: (Firestorm)"What has my sexual orientation got to do with anything?" "I'm Major Force! I don't need refrences!"
-Max - "Really? You have my permission to slap me if I do it again."
- Barda:"I'm going down to get my mega-rod. Then we'll get serious!"
- Ted's mind is filled with hot babes.
-There are too serious storylines mixed in with the funny, like in Cable and Deadpool.
-Detective Maguire.
-Max is in trouble, and the first person he (unknowingly) reaches with his new powers? Ted.
-Max mind-wammys Huntress into joining the JLI. And is an adorable smug bastard.
-Everyone looks adorable/pretty/gah.

The writing in the 1st Time Masters mini series is...ah, a little fast pace. So much so that you might wonder why the characters are making these choices. It's much darker than you'd expect. I still like it for the cuteness of Booster/JLI, blond Rip in goggles, etc.

What is this doing on the un-first page?

File: 127674994289.jpg-(105.59KB, 800x1018, Hug_It_Out_by_EmpressFunk.jpg)



That's gorgeous!

Latest from the kink meme

"But..." Booster's mouth opened and closed uselessly for a few moments as he stared at the rapidly vanishing form of he who claimed to be Hermes. "Butbutbut you can't be my patron god; I'm an atheist," he howled. Unhearing, or uncaring, the deity disappeared with a jaunty sparkle, leaving Booster Gold floating in midair over the city and making abortive strangling motions with both hands.

"Well, that was vaguely bizarre," Beetle said beside him. Booster turned. He was dangling from Bug's skywire and gazing at Booster with a thoughtful look behind his goggles.

Booster didn't shout at Beetle. Much. "Vaguely? I just got adopted or something by somebody I don't believe in! What's he mean, patron? What does he even do?"

Beetle scratched his chin. "If I remember right, he's the patron god of travelers, tricksters,, thieves."


"Well, sorry! That's just the way the mythology goes. Ah, Booster?"

"What?" Booster snapped.

The Beetle cowl crinkled in a way that meant Ted was probably wrinkling his forehead. "Do you feel all right?"

"Yes..." Booster said slowly, surreptitiously checking to make sure all his limbs were in place and he hadn't suddenly grown breasts. (Hey, it happened sometimes.) "A little itchy, maybe."

"It's're glowing. A little. Around the shoulders." Beetle gestured helpfully.

Booster twisted around, trying to see his own back. Beetle swore, sounding weirdly awed.

"Booster, get in the Bug right now. We should land."

"What?" Booster tried to squash down the panic that was welling up again, despite the...Hermes...whatever thing's disappearance. "What's wrong?"


"Spit it out, Beetle, you're freaking me out!"

Beetle sighed audibly. "Chalk up one more for the magic-is-frakking-annoying-and-makes-my-sciencey-brain-hurt list. You appear to be growing wings."

* * * (w) * * *

Beetle managed to convince Booster into the Bug and sitting, which was good because the itching stopped pretty quickly and changed into hurting like hell. And Booster Gold knew more about pain than he wanted. He tried to keep quiet, but from the worried looks Ted kept shooting him and the slightly frantic jokes, he probably wasn't doing too well. He couldn't honestly devote too much brain power to feeling bad about that though, because it was pretty much all dedicated to OW.

* * * (w) * * *

Sometime later - Booster wasn't keeping track too well, what with his processing speed slowing to match the throbbing pain echoing through his chest and back - Beetle pulled him into an apartment and stripped off the top of his costume. It was pretty well shredded down the back where the wings had burst through.

"Here, ibuprofen." Beetle pressed a few pills into one hand and a cool glass into the other. Booster tossed them back automatically, gulping the water and settling himself, hunched over, on what he vaguely recognized as Ted's bed.

Beetle was back again, cowl pushed back, pressing a cool pack against his chest. Booster went limp, forehead leaning against Ted's shoulder. "Ow," he muttered into the fabric.

The pain slowly dulled, fading to a manageable throbbing ache.

Ted's voice stirred his hair. "Luckily, I guess he decided to make it heal quickly... I think muscle strain usually takes months rather than hours."

"Sprock all gods," Booster muttered.

* * * (w) * * *


"It's not like I've studied human aerodynamics a lot, but they should work," Beetle replied, edging around Booster's wings. His twenty foot wingspan took up most of the room. He grinned. "And man, think of the publicity you can milk out of this. You look positively angelic."

Booster stuck out his tongue and flexed his shoulders experimentally. His wings, feathers shading from the same bright blond of his hair to a sort of golden-wheat color, shivered, then flapped gently. He lifted about two inches into the air and sent papers fluttering.

"How is it working?" Ted asked, excitedly, fingers tracing unselfconsciously over Booster's pectorals. "How are you controlling them? Is it like moving your arms or more of an automatic response like blinking?"

Booster shrugged, which threw off his rhythm and dropped him abruptly back to the floor. "I don't know. I'm moving them on purpose, but it's like I don't have to think about how they work."

"Hmm..." Ted's fingers abandoned Booster's chest to trace along the base of the wings.

Booster shuddered. That felt weird and also kind of amazing, but Ted had the science gleam in his eyes so he tried to shove it to the back of his mind.

Ted was muttering equations under his breath, but broke off to order, "Flap hard. Just once. I need to see how this is going to affect your balance."

Booster did, and all the papers in the room took off in a tornado of wind along with a fine golden dust that spun around both men, leaving them wide-eyed and windblown.

"Wow," Booster breathed. Ted's eyes were really blue. "Can you touch my wings again? That felt kind of amazing and did I say that out loud?"

Ted nodded wordlessly, still staring at him.


Ted cleared his throat. "I'm not gay."

"Neither am I."

"I might be willing to consider 'bisexual' though," Ted informed him. It was a little muffled, as Ted said it with his mouth plastered to Booster's throat. Booster thought he'd got the gist of it anyway though, which was good, considering the somewhat embarrassing whine he was making because Ted's fingers were buried in the small feathers at the base of his wings and Ted was preening him, which prickled his new nerve endings like warm fur against bare skin.

Booster's knees didn't appear to want to hold him up anymore. He sort of slumped to the floor, taking a cooperative Ted down with him. Ted maneuvered them so Booster ended up flat on his front, wings out and stretched flat as well, then hopped over him and straddled Booster's ass, immediately reburying his hands in Booster's feathers. Booster moaned appreciatively. This was challenging 'figuring out that his cock had more than one use' for best discovery ever. On second thought, the fact that Ted was involved actually pushed it over. Ted was panting and his cock was rubbing against Booster's ass in a friendly manner through a few layers of cloth, which was also amazing. In fact Ted, Ted's hands, and Ted's cock were rapidly lining up as Booster's favorite things. And then Ted's mouth was nipping gently at the skin of his shoulders, right where feather met flesh, and his tongue, hot and wet, curled deliberately around the join and Booster was shouting and shaking and coming.

* * * (w) * * *

After Booster had managed to scrape himself up from the Booster-shaped puddle of goo he'd melted into and given Ted an extremely enthusiastic than-you blowjob, he dragged them both to Ted's bedroom and folded them both into the bed. With one wing folded along his back, himself wrapped around Ted, and the other wing blanketing them both he settled down with a sigh of deep contentment.

"Well," Ted observed sleepily, "I guess Hermes decided to give you more than one present."

Booster hummed noncommittally, loath to assign any virtue to the actions of a random deity.

Ted snickered. "Either that or we both just got bitten by a random love bug."

Booster swatted him.

"Birds and the bee...tles?"

"Grife," Booster groaned. "Sleep."

Ted laughed, then pressed a kiss to Booster's ear. "All right."


D'aaaaw, Hermes and d'aaaaw, Ted making stupid jokes at the end.

File: 127679146247.jpg-(161.26KB, 640x800, businesslunch.jpg)
aaaah i have not contributed in ages. i am sorry! have been busy with Very Important Things, and all.

but anyway, SUITS.

File: 127679961674.jpg-(187.02KB, 394x700, tumblr_l433clgtsM1qzpwi0o1_500.jpg)
Have we seen this yet?

File: 127679970319.jpg-(52.53KB, 640x375, image6-thumb-640x375.jpg)
Here's an article:

We've been freaking out over it in the Jaime thread!

File: 127681464530.jpg-(127.53KB, 1024x634, tumblr_l3vsy1OTP91qbf9hko1_1280.jpg)


File: 127681527816.jpg-(414.68KB, 642x1083, tumblr_l3rtyojMjk1qa5wx0o1_1280.jpg)



File: 127681895045.jpg-(1.08MB, 382x576, tumblr_l45xp6rbRW1qa5wx0o1_400.jpg)


He kinda looks like James Bond in this one D:


I agree. This AU really, REALLY NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


Argh - pictures not working for me, where's it from?


I want fic where Max seduces someone now. WHY AM I SO OBSESSED WITH MAX?!?



*still wants Max/Ted/Booster and Max/L-Ron, dang it*

And I want L-Ron to be in Generation Lost. And I still can't view that picture.

File: 127683677086.png-(398.30KB, 559x338, boosterbillboard.png)
Screenshot from DCU Online.

I really hope that we have a mission where you can fight with Booster and interact with him.


YES. And he gives you cheesy thumbs-ups and stuff. And is a big woobie.

File: 127683738664.jpg-(231.70KB, 800x900, bendy-gymnast-types.jpg)
so here's a position i didn't know existed till last night*! does this even have a name?

*and now you know why i haven't been real active here this week

File: 127683843738.png-(6.10KB, 250x250, tumblr_l3vvbdkevu1qzl89so1_250.png)

*immature giggling*

File: 127683850024.png-(391.86KB, 525x526, tumblr_l40t9tm83o1qbf9hko1_1280.png)
And Max...'s reaction to this picture?

> :D


File: 12768687536.png-(325.50KB, 685x935, boostle_deskfucking_col.png)
>> does this even have a name?
Probably. I've always known it as 'keep your legs like this'.


File: 127686883632.png-(234.36KB, 1080x691, boostle_max suit.png)
Do we still like suits? Here's Max, Ted and Booster wearing a suit. :)

oh god, i don't even know where to start, the things i love about this picture.
also, booster in a tie and a smile and not much else is clearly a theme we need to keep exploring.

They're all still over dressed, but that looks like the best board meeting /ever/. In fact, someone needs to write that. Max/Booster/Ted doing it in a meeting room. On the table.

And probably Booster or Ted falling off the table at some point.


LOL, how did this happen? Were they swimming/showering/having a threesome and someone stole Ted and Booster's clothes, so they had to divide up Max's?

Swimming...wet, dripping Booster is also a theme that needs exploring.

File: 127687779787.jpg-(221.02KB, 700x580, share.jpg)
yes. yes it is. along with DELICIOUS BOOSTER SANDWICHES.

fact: threesomes really don't work when one of the parties involved has a fierce jealous streak. trust me.

I want this fic. Mmmm, jealous!possessive!Ted


I think all three of them are fiercely possessive in their own way, just that Booster doesn't mind since HE'S the one getting all the attention.

I'd... actually find it really hilarious if they attempted a threesome and Max (unintentionally at first) starts edging Ted out of the action more and more. And of COURSE Ted would pick up on this and is petty enough to try edging Max out and it rapidly degenerates into both of them trying to outmaneuver each other and then to arguing and eventually Booster just gets so annoyed at them he gets up and says he's going to jack off in the bathroom while they get over themselves.

And then Max and Ted promptly argue over whose fault it was Booster left. Oh, boys.


And then Max and Ted end up making out and having not-really-hate-maybe-just-kinda-very-annoyed-at-each-other-sex. Or Booster tells them they have to have sex with each other before they're allowed to touch him again. And everything is (sort of) good.

Ooooo, and Max and Ted making out in nice suits. And Max and Ted staring at Booster while he swims/works out or something. And Max and Ted DP-ing Booster.

(I am insanely happy that I finally get to see all three of them naked together, btw. Ftw. <3 )

>>Mmmm, jealous!possessive!Ted

>>And Max and Ted DP-ing Booster


related, reread this last night, fun fic if you've never seen it before-

File: 127691014528.jpg-(215.00KB, 723x1136, tumblr_l47zcryArF1qbgsmko1_1280.jpg)
Lulz, had to share. MAXINE. SOMEONE DRAW IT.

Spoiler'd because girls.

Speaking of threesomes - Hey Insomniac you ever gonna finish the Tony/Booster/Ted crossover one?

i'd like to! i've lost steam on it, but we'll see if i can get that back. you know how hard it is to write plot when you get into the habit of writing straight-up porn.


If someone has a problem with you writing straight-up porn, they're in the wrong place.

File: 12769523891.jpg-(161.65KB, 880x340, tumblr_l46rncVyrC1qzl89so1_1280.jpg)


If mind-control is true then I'm digging it.

Max and mind-control me anyday.

"Through some wacky time/space traveling hijinks, Booster ends up on Earth-11 (the genderbent universe, for those of you who don't know) and meets Teddi Kord. I'm not terribly familiar with the Earth-11 storylines, but I think that universe's Booster Gold had been the one that was killed, so maybe some hurt/comfort sex is in order?"


File: 12770751629.jpg-(393.33KB, 900x800, well-we-could.jpg)
"I guess we could invite you to a threesome..."


"What?! It might be fun!"

"Are you serious?"

"Why not? Max liked the idea! Right, Max?"





I can't stop giggling at Max's reactions at their almost rape faces.

And I bet I know where Ted's hand is haha


Fuck. Booster. Don't ever stop looking like that. EVER.

Max looks like he's thinking "You want to put your what in my where?"
I love it.

File: 127710576464.jpg-(392.22KB, 800x720, is-it-too-much.jpg)
>Max and Ted DP'ing Booster

"You okay, buddy?"

i'm also writing a bit based off this
because really, how could i not


I love this thread.

...That...I didn't know...



File: 127713110772.jpg-(695.80KB, 860x800, Checking out dat neeerrrd.jpg)
a;sldkfja first thing I've done on the computer in weeks aghghgh.

So sorry to interrupt your dastardly good threesome fun, but I'm wondering... Are there any high school AUs out there? I'm normally not into AUs, but this idea struck me the other day. I-it's not like I'm into nubile young boys who are most likely underage (only just)


Have I mentioned how much I second this?

dat file name! Holy shit this pic makes my stomach swoop. I love you, insomniac

Booster's blush is too cute. Seconding the need for a high school AU

Tim! Tim! Hey Tim!
I've always wanted to tell you that you are my favourite Boostle drawing person. Your style just fits them. ♥


I've been rolling around the High School AU idea since the pics upthread.

I love how Max's hair always remains perfect, regardless of whatever sexual acrobatics that're going on.

oh man, okay, i love this.
first thought: booster's failing math, he'll get kicked off the team if he doesn't get his grades up, so he ends up with this nerdy student tutoring him.

you see where this is going.


O god, I want this to happen SO BAD.

YAY TIM, haven't seen you around in a while. Booster's blush under the greasepaint (or whatever that's called) is awesome.

Took a bit of each of these
and worked them into something. (something unfinished.)


This was by no means the craziest thing they'd ever done, Ted thought, but it definitely made the list.

At first, it had just been a misunderstanding. Then it'd been a joke. And then, inexplicably, it'd stopped being a misunderstanding or a joke, and here they were. 'Here' being a hotel room, and 'they' being himself and Booster.

And Max.

The 'and Max' was what put this one squarely on the crazy-list. Not just that Max was there, no. He was there, and his shirt was unbuttoned, and he was biting Booster's ear and running his hands over the bare skin of Booster's back. Ted could feel it every time Booster shuddered - he was sensitive around the ears, he'd always been sensitive there - because he was pressed close against his chest, he was kissing Booster and kneading at his thighs and Booster soaked up the attention like he could live off it.


It had been Booster's idea, or it had been Max's, depending on how you looked at it. It hadn't been Ted's, but somehow when Booster had shrugged and given him that 'why not?' look, Ted had fallen right in and been swept away. The only thing weirder than what they were presently doing was how easy it was to just go with it. Granted, Max was their boss. And granted, he could be manipulative, narcissistic, and occasionally smarmy. In sum, not someone Ted would have just up and picked to sleep with on his own. But that wasn't really what was happening here. They might both be half-dressed by now - not for much longer, with Booster's clever fingers fumbling on Ted's belt - but they only touched each other fleetingly, when their hands happened to meet on the middle ground of Booster's skin. He was the center of it all, sandwiched there between them, and that was what made this work.

Ted reluctantly pulled away just long enough to squirm to the edge of the bed, shimmy out of his pants, and kick them aside. He was idly noting just how small the room was - Max had definitely gone for 'cheap and private' over...well, 'fancy and private' - when Booster's breath hitched on a moan that made him look back.

While he'd been undressing, Max had taken the opportunity to press closer against Booster's back, and now he had an arm around him and a hand rubbing intently over the conspicuous bulge in Booster's pants. Ted watched him, watched his eyelids flutter and his head tip back against Max's shoulder. He was unspeakably beautiful.

Watching wasn't good enough, and he crawled back over and leaned in - just a second before Max's other hand gripped Booster's chin and turned him enough to steal the kiss Ted had been going after. Ted was immediately irked, and he barely managed to wait till Booster had pulled back, panting softly, before pushing a hand into his hair and claiming back that mouth for himself. Booster moaned against his lips. He sounded overwhelmed, and Ted stroked his hair, slow and soothing.

"You good?" he whispered, when he finally had to stop and breathe. Booster just nodded hastily, then ducked his head forward with a groan, hips bucking.

"Hh...Max, come on," Booster panted, digging his nails into Ted's shoulders even as he looked back over his shoulder at Max. The man's fingers had found their way under the top of Booster's pants, but not far enough, and Booster was all but writhing at the tease. Max chuckled, which was somehow irritating, and Ted was the one who kissed the corner of Booster's mouth and hooked his thumbs into his pants. It took some coordinated wiggling, but they got them about halfway down before Booster lunged forward to kiss Ted, knocking him right onto his back. He loved Booster like this, flushed and clumsy with eagerness, and the heavy warmth of Booster's cock pressing into his thigh was a reward all its own. He pet Booster's hair, scratched at his back, bucked up against him, and almost didn't notice Max helpfully tugging Booster's pants the rest of the way off.

Then he heard another chuckle. "Don't get selfish, Ted. Who paid for this room?"

That caught Booster's attention, and to Ted's dismay, he sat up to look over at Max, eyes bright and curious. At some point, Max too had finished undressing, and lazily stroked himself, eyes locked on Booster's face all the while. He wasn't a bad-looking guy, for a middle-aged businessman; hardly what Ted had gotten used to, and it was still weird to see him in this context, but not bad. He couldn't hold Ted's interest, though; that kept sliding straight back to Booster. So did Max's, apparently, because the minute Booster sat up, Max reached for him, pulled him in close and coaxed his head back to mouth at his throat. Another sensitive spot; Booster hissed sharply and grabbed at Max's hair, fingers tightening when Max's hand left his cock and found Booster's instead. It was profoundly weird, seeing Booster arch and squirm and swear at someone else's hands like that. Ted wasn't sure he liked it.

Still. This wasn't personal, right? This was just another one of their crazy games, and nothing more. Nothing to feel threatened by. That extremely sound logic didn't stop him from sitting up as well, running his hand down Booster's chest, his stomach, kissing at his shoulder. When his hand bumped Max's, he paused; Max didn't, like he hadn't even noticed his knuckles brushing Ted's with every stroke of Booster's cock. On a sudden impulse, Ted swatted his hand away, and Booster let out a whine that turned into something much better when Ted's hand took Max's place. Max might be smug and confident, but he didn't know Booster the way Ted did. He didn't know that if you pressed your thumb right-- there ---that Booster would moan and shiver intensely, and Ted savored it, sinking his teeth against Booster's collarbone.

Then suddenly he was bumping into Max's hand again, and before he could really process what that meant, he felt Max's thumb flex, just where his had been, and Booster let out another near-cry and pitched forward and clung to both of them.

Oh. That was it. He'd done that on purpose.

Ted lifted his head, and Max was eyeing him along the smooth slope of Booster's clavicle, gaze dark. He didn't flinch. Neither did Ted.

It only escalated from there. Max tongued Booster's earlobe; Ted licked his nipple. Ted stroked Booster's hip; Max squeezed his ass. Max started mouthing his way down the smooth, trembling planes of Booster's stomach, and Ted caught on and folded forward to outpace him, lips wrapping around the head of Booster's cock. When that didn't deter Max from wriggling down and licking at the shaft, that was just the last straw.

"Do you mind?" Ted snapped, pulling his mouth off. Above him, Booster whined.

"I thought this was supposed to be a threesome," Max said dryly, licking his lips.

"Well---yeah, but---"

Max sniffed. "Too jealous to enjoy it?"

"Jealous?" Ted sputtered, indignant. "No! Of course not! But you, you're hogging him!"

"And you're not?"

"You started it!"

"I did not!"

"Max." That was Booster's voice; tight, strained and packing record amounts of annoyance into such a short syllable. "Ted." They both looked up. Booster was flushed ear to ear, panting. He looked gorgeous and disheveled and impatient. He did not look amused.

"If you two," he said, with visible effort, "If you two don't get it together and quit fighting, I swear I'm gonna walk out."

Ted couldn't keep his mouth shut. "Naked?"

Booster continued looking not-amused, though, so Ted shut up and just glanced to Max. Max eyed him right back, then smirked and lowered his mouth around Booster's cock. Not to be undone, Ted grumbled and mouthed at the base, tongue stroking up the underside. Threesome or not, Max was taking too many liberties here, and Ted had to do something about that, pulling back just long enough to suck two fingers damp and reach around Booster's hip, pressing at his entrance. Booster whimpered sharply, to Ted's unabashed satisfaction, and clutched tighter at his hair.

"Fuck, fuck, wait," he pleaded, but Max was still sucking at his head, so Ted didn't back off either. Booster shuddered hard when he worked a finger in, and hunched forward with a yelp when he started stroking in time with the motions of his tongue, the same pace Max seemed to be imitating. "Wait, stop----fuck!" he gasped, and even without hearing Max's muffled noise of surprise, Ted recognized the way Booster trembled, the way his hips jerked up sharply. He didn't stop licking and stroking till Booster finally slumped and shoved at both of their heads, and he felt a pang of smugness when Max pulled back, coughing and wiping his lips. He grinned up at Booster, but to his considerable surprise, Booster wasn't grinning back. He didn't even have that blown, blissed-out look Ted would have expected right about then,

He looked...frustrated.

Ted glanced to Max, who seemed equally surprised, then back up at Booster. He was still trying to catch his breath; when he finally managed it, he let out a huff. "You guys...You didn't let me---I wanted---gah," he finally grumbled, squirming back to slouch against the pillows. Ted was mystified.

"You came," he pointed out.

"Exactly! Too soon! I wanted to---"

"You wanted more than a blowjob," Max supplied with a sigh, looking rueful.

"Yes! I mean, what the hell were you guys doing down there, having a contest or something?"

Ted opted not to answer. So did Max. Booster looked between them, sighed, and got comfortable. "Just----kiss and make up or something."

"What?" Max, who'd been absently straightening out his hair, peered up at him.

"You heard me." Ted couldn't stop watching Booster's hand, lazily trailing over his own stomach. "I need a few minutes, so you two work this out and we'll try that again."


File: 127717694422.jpg-(304.21KB, 600x734, Problem, Ted?.jpg)

SCREAMS YES rawrmaxted

I'm completely distracted by the fact that in order for Booster's dick to be where it is he either has to be A.Bent forward a little or B.Very well hung. Either way HNGHHH

I was aiming for both, so that works!

Well then. My comment of HNGHHHH doesn't suffice now.

Oh man, I leave for two days to hang out with friends and I come back to PURE AWESOME. I love this thread and everyone in it.


Augh...I can't...this is just...OH, YOU BOYS.

In my head, I usually place the threesomes after they've defeated crazy!evil!Max and gotten real!Max and Ted back somehow, because I think Max knowing that Ted was killed by someone he thought was him and that he'd been gone for a while, and Ted finding out that Max hadn't really betrayed them after all would make them be nicer to each other and the sex would be more emotional and cathartic and sappy and stuff basically. So (the point is), I'm interested in seeing how you're going to make this work.

(I think watching Booster pounding Max into the mattress and making him beg for it while he sucks Ted off would help. Or the other way around. Or just making Max beg for it.)

(Business suits would be hot too but they're already naked. Not that I'm complaining. Naked is good. But Booster totally has a suit fetish. And Max totally has a spandex/muscle fetish while we're at it.)

(And now I will shut up and let you get on with it.)


Featuring entertaining old-school Beetle-ness, Ted's horrible fashion sense, and some interesting discussions in the comments.

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