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I have to say that I agree with Max being sexy when he's evil. Right from the moment he got out of being tied up and got Guy to call him "sir" I was stuck by his sexiness.


As a Mary fan, this makes me VERY happy!

File: 127750492630.jpg-(259.95KB, 648x800, oh-god-why.jpg)
i storytimed kooeykooeykooey the other day and everyone latched onto the "booster and ted get stuck with maid service" ending, so...


Well, evil is sexy. And mind control is sexy. And foeyay is sexy. And evil who was once good or has the potential to become good is very sexy, but that might just be my opinion.


Needs a pic of Max watching them and perving out. Like, him sitting at his desk with a cigar smirking like a bastard telling them to bend over because they missed a spot. (And then they try to get out of cleaning duty by giving him a blowjob argh self stop being a pervert.)

(Getting people to call you "sir" is sexy.)

File: 127751852352.jpg-(221.78KB, 700x800, 124720554370.jpg)
crossdressing and boostle just go together so well.

I think them being out of the cowls would be sexier but still awesome

i had to go for the silly factor. crossdressing isn't usually my cup o' tea.

vorked isn't doing my request. I can't draw guys for heck buuuut

Star Sapphire Max Lord chasing Booster Gold


File: 127753453991.jpg-(107.20KB, 357x492, dc_boosterzatanna.jpg)
I firmly believe Booster just works with cross dressing. Or maybe just fishnets.

File: 127753456067.jpg-(179.43KB, 700x611, animals_everywhere.jpg)
Any ways, dumping. Don't mind the random animals.

File: 127753457259.png-(100.33KB, 704x625, dc_boostanna.png)

Yes, yes he does fit with cross dressing.

He's giving me a cross dressing kink, hoo boy.

There was a request, either here or the kinkmeme, for more of Ted being the assertive one. This definitely deserves further exploration.


When Ted invites him out, he says no, at first. After all, he'd had high hopes for that date last night, up till they got dashed on the rocks, and such a thing warrants a little time to just sulk. But then, it's Ted, and Ted doesn't let anyone sulk for long, least of all him. He ignores Booster's protests, and he's smiling and promising him he's got the tab tonight - even though Booster knows full well that K.I. isn't doing so hot lately - and Booster's never been good at saying no when he gets like that.

So they're at the bar, and a few drinks later they're at Ted's place, Chinese leftovers going cold on the coffee table while Booster flips through the channels. There's nothing on, but it doesn't matter much; Ted never lets the silence get too heavy. He always breaks it just in time, speaks up with some offhanded comment or a joke, filling in the gaps Booster's leaving. It's not that he was all that attached to the girl he's brooding over; she was pretty, sure, but it's more just the fact that it didn't work out. It hasn't been working out a lot lately. Maybe Ted's picked up on that; maybe Booster's just being a total wet blanket and making it obvious. Either way, he has the surprising decency not to tease, and Booster is quietly grateful.

"Hey," Ted says, and Booster suddenly wonders how long he's been trying to get his attention.


"You okay?"

Booster rubs his forehead. "Yeah, peachy. Why?"

"Because I just made an incredibly bad pun and you didn't call me out on it," Ted explains, sipping his beer and reaching for Booster's to pass it over, the split second before he'd have leaned to do it himself. "You're really taking this hard, huh?"

Booster isn't going to talk about it. He doesn't want to talk about it. So he's surprised to hear himself say, "I'm just...frustrated," and almost more surprised when Ted still doesn't laugh.

Instead he says, "I noticed," and his hand is warm and steady on Booster's shoulder, which feels good, because all the drinking they've been doing is starting to catch up to him.

"I don't think I should drive home," he declares, switching off the TV and closing his eyes. Ted chuckles.

"Because you're drunk, or because you don't have a car?"

"I also don't have a license."

"Well, I don't think you should drive home either." Ted squeezes his shoulder. There's a pause; Booster can hear him gulp down a mouthful of beer, lean to plink the bottle down on the coffee table, then settle back in at his side. "Look, Booster..."

It takes some effort, but Booster opens an eye and glances over. Ted's a little flushed - so is he - and he's watching Booster's face intently.

"If there's anything I can do..."

And he thinks, oh, great, Ted pities him. Ted, who's had his fair share of failed dates himself. Ted, who's also had his fair share of successful ones, who's got enough personality to fill a room and eyes like the sky in June - Ted pities him. It'd be funny if he didn't sound so sincere. Booster laughs anyway, short and dry, and knocks back what's left of his beer - established as it is that he's not driving anywhere any time soon.

"Like what?" he sighs.

"Anything," Ted says, but he says it like it means something, slow and measured. He takes a deep breath, which gets Booster's full attention, and he doesn't know what to call the look on Ted's face right then. Apprehension, maybe. And then, suddenly, he does know that look, he knows it because he's seen it a half-dozen times since they met. Ted has an idea, and he knows it's a bad one, and he's going to try and drag Booster into it anyway.

He thinks. He thinks some more. Finally, he wrinkles his nose and sets his beer aside. "Okay, are you offering to get me a hooker or something?" It's all he can come up with.

Ted stares at him, visibly incredulous. His fingers twitch on Booster's shoulder. It's always weird to see him at a loss for words, and it's just starting to put Booster ill at ease when Ted blurts out "Are you kidding?"

"I don't know," he says hastily, not even trying to hide his confusion. "What? You made it sound like - I dunno - I thought you - "

Ted's eyebrows shoot up. "Do you want me to get you a hooker?"

"No! I mean - No!" he sputters.

"Good!" Ted's really red now, all the way out to the tips of his ears, and he looks exasperated. Booster can't decide if that's better or worse than the pity thing. Then his eyes soften, and he smiles, but it's a weird, not-Ted smile. It's actually sort of sad-looking. "It's...never crossed your mind?"

"What's never crossed my mind? Getting a hooker?" Booster is this close to just pleading with him to make some damn sense already. Then Ted slides his hand down from Booster's shoulder, and it lands high on his leg, fingertips brushing the inseam of his jeans.

It takes a second, but he gets it.

"Oh," he says.

Ted stays quiet.

"Ah," he tries again. Ted's hand doesn't move, and he can't take his eyes off of it. Because it has crossed his mind, of course it's crossed his mind, how could it not? Ted is funny and handsome and the one person who's been getting his back since the day he joined the League. There have always been so many 'if onlys' when it comes to Ted: if only he were a woman, if only this were Booster's century, if only Ted weren't such a blatant girl-chaser, if only making a move wouldn't risk the best friendship he's got here.

Ted flexes his fingers, and Booster fights a shiver.

When he still can't find anything to say, Ted finally clears his throat and ducks his head. "Right---sorry," he mumbles, then gives a forced little chuckle. "Guess I've had a little too much, huh? Should've---"

He stops. He stops because he'd been pulling his hand away, but Booster's is wrapped around his wrist. Booster doesn't know why, but he knows that if he lets go, this chance'll probably never come up again. It's a perfect storm: the alcohol, the loneliness, the way Ted's looking at him, startled and hopeful.

"You're straight," he points out feebly, which isn't easy but feels like the right thing to do. Ted's been drinking too, after all; maybe he forgot. But he just smiles.

"And you're a Capricorn. What's your point?"

Booster thinks about that for a minute, and Ted chuckles, not waiting for an answer before his hands are back on Booster's shoulders, both of them, steering him back towards the armrest. "Get comfy," he suggests, and Booster - Booster just does it, because while he's pretty sure he knows where this is going, he can't quite believe it. He's too stunned to do much but go along for the ride and see if it really plays out. When all's said and done, he's got his back against the armrest and his legs up on the couch; Ted is on his knees between them. His head is down for a minute, like he's doing the same mental gymnastics Booster is. Then he looks up, and licks his lips, and all the blood rushes straight to Booster's dick.

Ted leans forward - for a second Booster thinks he's going to kiss him - but then he hesitates and cocks a lopsided smile, and shifts back on the couch instead. This time, when he curls forward, his forehead touches Booster's stomach, and a hand slips under his shirt, coaxing it up. It's such a little thing, Ted's lips skimming right below his navel, but it gets Booster's skin tingling. When his tongue darts out along the waistline of Booster's pants, it's all he can do not to squirm, and he grips mindlessly at the back of the couch.

"I should tell you, I don't usually put out on the first date," he jokes, trying to pretend he doesn't sound so worked up already. He needs to - this needs to still be them, which means jokes, means not letting it get heavy. Ted's snicker is all the reward he could ask for.

"Right," Ted quips back, "like this is our first date."

And hey, maybe he has a point, because if you define 'date' simply by its elements - if you define it as going to the movies, or going out for drinks, or getting a pizza or---

Ted's thumbing open the button on his jeans, and Booster's train of thought goes right off the tracks. The slow pull of the zipper is like a tease, and Booster bites his lip before he can embarrass himself. Ted takes a quick breath, then makes a little sympathetic sound and palms Booster's dick through his briefs.

"Really has been a while, huh?"

"Shut up," Booster snorts, but it's utterly without malice, because Ted's hand feels perfect, big and warm, and the only thing that could possibly be better would be - would be if he tugged Boosters pants and briefs down and touched him skin-on-skin, which is exactly what he does, and Booster's head falls back against the armrest with a gasp. Yes, Ted's right. Yes, it's been way too long. But moreover, it's Ted, Ted's curious determination and Ted's work-calloused palm and Ted murmuring, "Geez, Booster..." quiet and fascinated. He curls his fingers around Booster's cock, and Booster digs his fingers into the couch, voice hitching on a groan when Ted starts stroking slowly.

"I should've known," he says breathlessly, "when you offered to buy the drinks."

"Oh, yeah," Ted agrees, perfectly deadpan. "I've been out to seduce you since day one."

"Took you long enough."

"Hey, the Ted Kord Charm is something to be enjoyed slowly."

That makes Booster flat-out laugh, a laugh cut short when Ted rubs his thumb just under the head, firm and deliberate, sending sparks up his nerves. "A-any chance of enjoying it a little faster?" he pants. Ted snickers again.

"Patience is a virtue."

"A lot of things are virtues. Since when do we have those?"

"True," Ted concedes, and suddenly he's scooting down and wrapping his lips around Booster's cock, and Booster scrabbles uselessly at the cushions and moans before he can help it. He barely has the presence of mind not to buck up into Ted's mouth; Ted rewards his restraint by doing it for him, hands running out to brace his hips as he slides Booster's cock further. He can't quite go all the way before he chokes, but he doesn't let that slow him down one bit, just pulls back and switches to running his tongue all over Booster's cock, long slow strokes up the shaft and quick teasing flicks over the head. It's never enough, and it's perfect, and Booster's lips fumble on words he can't find.

"Ted," he pleads - it's all he can come up with. He moves a shaky hand to Ted's hair, and Ted looks up and flashes him a smile. He's still got his eyes locked on Booster's when he takes him in again and sucks him in deep, and that may well be the hottest thing Booster's seen in this or any century. Ted is watching him, and all he can do is watch back, too staggered to even come up with jokes any more. Which is probably just as well, since Ted would have to have the last word, and that would mean stopping what he's doing right now, and Booster doesn't ever want that to happen.

His eyes finally close when he starts to go at it in earnest, hollowing his cheeks and bobbing steadily, and Booster lets his head fall back with a groan. He's not sure if Ted's really really good at this or if he's just a little wound-up; it's probably somewhere in the middle. Who cares? Ted's mouth is hot and he's doing incredible things with his tongue, and there's no way this can last as long as he wants it to.

When Ted's hands slide inward to massage at his thighs, thumbs pressing where the skin's pale and sensitive, he really knows it won't last, and curls his fingers tight in Ted's hair. "Ted, I, I'm - I'm close," he manages to stammer. He hears Ted groan in response, soft and muffled, but he doesn't pull away. Instead he lifts his head till his lips are tight around the head of Booster's cock and works the shaft with his hand, fast and insistent and slick and he's still sucking and it's so good---

"Ted, Ted, Ted," he whimpers, and spills himself onto his tongue.

Ted doesn't let up till Booster's a trembling mess beneath him, and when he finally pulls off he doesn't go far, just tilts his head against Booster's hip and pants quietly. The late realization that Ted just swallowed sends a lazy shiver through Booster, and he pats at his hair, clumsy with contentment. Even when he's starting to come back down to earth, Ted still sounds breathless and a little unsteady, and when Booster manages to lift his head, he sees flushed desperation all over Ted's face.

"Get up here," he says, giving Ted's hair a gentle tug. For a second Ted just looks confused; then understanding hits and he scrambles to resituate himself, straddling Booster's waist. Booster coaxes him forward till he's got a knee on either side of his chest, and this close up it's obvious, Ted's hard and he's hard from going down on Booster and that is really something.

"You know that thing about the Ted Kord Charm?" he says, wasting no time in getting Ted's belt and pants undone. "About how it goes slowly?"

Ted takes a shivery breath as Booster pushes his pants and boxers down his hips. "Uh huh?"

"The Booster Gold Charm is totally different," and before Ted can wonder what that means, Booster wraps a hand around his cock and slides him into his mouth. It feels good, and even better is the sharp startled noise Ted makes, curling forward and digging his hands into Booster's shoulders. He hasn't done this in a while, but it's hardly rocket science, especially with Ted being so shamelessly expressive about everything Booster does right. Booster curls his tongue and Ted whimpers; he lets his teeth scrape, just the slightest bit, and Ted pitches forward with a gasp. He pets at Booster's hair all the while, like he doesn't know what else to do with his hands; Booster's find their way around Ted's hips. He pinches his ass playfully, and Ted yelps and bucks his hips forward, and suddenly the head of his cock is brushing Booster's throat. It's unexpected, but he shuts his eyes and breathes hard through his nose, and Ted all but claws at his scalp.

"Oh god," he moans. "Oh---god, Booster, Booster, please---"

He's not sure what Ted's begging for - Ted's probably not even sure what Ted's begging for - so he improvises, swallowing around him, and if he hadn't just come he'd be getting hard again just from the feeling of Ted's cock twitching against his tongue. He takes him as deep as he can, till he's nosing the dark curls at the base, and that's it. Ted gasps, tries to say something - a warning? - but he's already coming, and Booster almost manages to take it all. He pulls back just when he feels like he might choke, and the last few drops arc onto his cheek, his lips. Above him, Ted's still shivery and helpless; Booster tugs him down till he's straddling his hips, lets him slouch forward against his chest and catch his breath.

"I," Ted pants, "I like the---Booster Gold Charm."

Booster has to chuckle, scrubbing the back of his hand across his face. "Well, it is pretty..."



"Ha." Ted kisses his neck; then he lifts his head, and for a second they just stare at each other. Booster's the one who finally goes for it, reaching around to the back of Ted's head and dragging him in for a long, lazy kiss. He tastes like beer and lo mein and Booster, and somehow that's just right, as natural as their jokes or their banter or the way Ted eventually wriggles back down and nestles his head against Booster's chest.

"We should do this again," he says. Booster doesn't quite miss the note of uncertainty lurking in there, the question mark Ted only implied. He thinks about it for a minute. Then he smiles.

"Do I have to crash and burn on a regular date first?"

"Only if you want to."

"And if I don't?"

"Then you can buy the drinks."

"Seems fair," he concludes, and Ted chuckles and kisses his neck again.

"I'm not getting up," he warns. Booster considers pointing out that this couch really isn't big enough for them, that the armrest is going to give him a sore neck by morning and that Ted has a perfectly good bed not that far away. But it sure seems far away with Ted cozied up against him, breathing slower and steadier by the minute, and Booster can't fight that.

"Thanks," he finally says.

"Welcome," Ted mumbles into his shirt. Anyone else, and he's sure they'd have to talk about this, and maybe they still will, eventually.

But he thinks it can wait.

Awwwwwwww. (Sometimes, blowjobs solve everything.)


If it was from the kinkmeme, it was likely my request in which case: GLEEEEE! And if it wasn't, still: GLEEEEE! Because the world needs more assertive!Ted and blowjobs all around.


Screenshots of civies!Booster from the Brave and the Bold episode.



YES, EVEN THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE A PENIS! (And now I'm thinking of someone trying to give L-Ron a blowjob, and now I'm thinking of L-Ron f**king Max with a strap-on and ARGH GODDAMNIT BRAIN)


Just...just read the description.

File: 127757288564.jpg-(167.75KB, 890x474, Beetle_and_Booster_by_MiniMask.jpg)

File: 127757292342.jpg-(309.60KB, 900x1424, Max_Lord_by_Devilpig.jpg)

File: 127758821572.jpg-(263.78KB, 511x360, Blue_Beetle_and_Booster_Gold_by_Krayola_Kidd.jpg)

File: 12776007041.jpg-(120.36KB, 297x650, M'Lord by ~eatfun.jpg)
Love this title.

Where did all these things to catch up on come from...
Ffff oh god. The Rubicon actually came up in some Max-and-smut related RP for me the other day, so this entire conversation amuses the heck out of me. (I deemed the appropriate response to be "alea iacta est", naturally.)
Ooh, saw the wip of this over on /co/, came out niiiice. I am still totally down with the blood-and-cherry-juice direction that thread took, by the way.

From the Super Friends entry on Wikipedia, refrencing Superbuddies:
"The lighthearted nature of the show was partially spoofed in the 2000s with two DC miniseries, Formerly Known as the Justice League and I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Justice League! (although these series were more direct take-offs on the 1980s Blue Beetle/Booster Gold-era Justice League). "

"Blue Beetle/Booster Gold-era Justice League"

HECK YES. Wiki ships it!

File: 127768195858.jpg-(156.64KB, 600x750, tumblr_l4fq8nL91Y1qbf9hko1_1280.jpg)

File: 127775208384.jpg-(16.68KB, 250x180, Maxjlu.jpg)

i just watched this. hnnngh max.

kind of amusing to see him being waller's bitch, i have to say.

What episode is this?!

The JLU episode with the Ultamen. He's there managerial type guy.

Actually, it's a lot like the Conglomerate with Max as Claire.

Random quote from Scans_Daily that i just had to repost:
" "women flashing him"

I've had that thought, every flying dude must get flashed all the time.

Booster must love it."


Aaaaaaaaand now I want Ted taking Booster to his first Mardi Gras.

I liked Batman's delivery of the last line.

"Mine are bigger than yours."

File: 127778052175.png-(187.27KB, 564x564, bb.png)
Found these on an art blog I like which DEFINITELY DOES NOT PRIMARILY HAVE HETALIA ART, o-orz and I don't think they have been posted before, SO.

...aaaand I would post more except we are autosaging.

Can I make the new thread?

wow, autosage already?

File: 127779115681.jpg-(163.84KB, 800x600, happy-birthday-ted.jpg)
i'm gonna have some time to kill tomorrow. prompts? especially for writing?

Uh...could I request some Maxine/Earth-11(genderflipped) Ted gunsex? If yuri is ok. If not, some more Mindfuck Max, perferably during THOSE two hours please!


Ted and Booster are RPing as Bats and Supes. Maaybe the two actual guys catch them in the act? But just seeing the first part would be pretty fun.

Ted is a fashion disaster, Booster joins in, DISCO DANCING. Max is not amused.

I still want to see Michelle somehow. I know it's /coq/, but maybe she could be in femmeslash with Bea? Have her travel to Earth-11 and meet Maxine and have hot mind-control sex?

Or, please please please, someone write L-ron. He could be with Max or Skeets or a Metal Men orgy. He could write cyborg smut with a ridiculously pastiche of the JLI that gets telegraphed over the internet, or reveal that he has the "real" Superbuddies-era cyborg!max's identity and memory backed up on an old AOL disk.


More crossdressing.


That's totally what I was thinking. Max somehow gets a JLI float in the Mardi Gras parade, and he gets a bunch of them to ride on it and throw beads to people. They'd get a ton of people flashing them. Max would be in the front wth some dancing chicks looking like a pimp, with Oberion and L-Ron in the car with him, Ted and Booster and Guy would be showing off and staring at boobs, and Booster would probably end up shirtless, Tora would be handing out beads to all the kids and occasionally dragging Guy off to look at interesting cultural stuff, Bea and Powergirl would be dancing around and teasing all the guys, Batman would be stoic and ignoring all the girls flashing him (unless Selena/Harley/Ivy sneak in there), but smiling at the kids wwaving at him and throwing them beads, Ralph and Sue and Scott and Barda would be planted along the route as security, and the girls would keep slapping their husbands, and J'ohn is just floating above the whole thing, observing and being very confused.





File: 127782440687.jpg-(313.71KB, 1000x800, rot-in-hell-max.jpg)
while i don't feel fully qualified to write ladysex, i did make you this.


Ooh, pretty.

Soooo, I am wondering, how would one go about writing L-Ron porn in the first place? Most of my Max/L-Ron imaginings have him using a semi-realistic hologram generator that he could concevibly use to look like anyone he wanted, with a few slight things off like being cooler and dryer and slightly metallic-tasting than a normal human, but having all the sensory imput intact, if you know what I mean. But if he was going to have sex in his normal body...does he have a robo-penis in there? Any holes? Does he just cyber?

(Oh god, Max meeting someone on the internet and cybering with them only to find out it's L-Ron...)

(But I'm asking because I want good!Max waking up in the present wandering around and running into L-Ron, who disguises himself as a hot chick to get close to Max so he can kill him for betraying them, because he totally had a crush on Max and only started hanging out with the anti-human robots out of grief after Max went "evil".)

i, uh. i'm gonna go with HE IS JUST A ROBOT and probably doesn't have fun parts like this, because he doesn't need them and also they would look silly.

that said: he's had a number of different chassis....chassises? how the hell do you pluralize that? different bodies over the years. so there's room for flexibility, and all that, but

i dunno. i can't wrap my head around actual sex involving l-ron. everything short of it, sure, but not the physical stuff.

we making a new thread or what?

It's awesome though. Thank you! :D


Well, that's why I like to go with the "holo-projected human body" deal. Because then we can just write normal sex and technobabble the robot part away, and we get to do plots like "L-Ron disguising himself as a hot chick to get Max's attention" and "Max passing L-Ron off as his hot secretary and using him to distract businessmen" and "Max makes L-Ron make himself look like Booster" and "Max makes L-Ron turn into what he thinks he would look like as a human and then has sex with him in that form and it's sappy". I seem to like making him disguise himself as a girl though, at least the first time they do it, I don't know why.

Also, L-Ron and Skeets and the Bug totally used to cyber for the heck of it, and because they liked mocking the humans. If they ever bring back the JLI and include Jaime in it, the Scarab would join them.


New thread.

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