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File: 126501035391.jpg-(893.33KB, 750x1500, ST - hallucinationLangstromSchtein.jpg)
26732 No.26732
Let's get this one started up again with imminent rape and naked!rotting!hallucination!Langstrom/Schtein.

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ok, i swear i cleaned and cropped that pic before posting it!

fail OP anonymous is fail :(


NEVER YOU MIND. content = content

Thinking of drawing an exploitable so people can make Schtein fap to whatever they want. Y/Y?

I approve of this butt-grabbing

File: 126504711693.jpg-(79.20KB, 300x760, ST---rule34.2bM.jpg)

Have another, edited to remove the offending het

File: 126507592662.jpg-(44.65KB, 736x209, ohgod.jpg)
OH my god I didn't realize anyone would keep doing things for ST now that HINABN bailed the thread. Fuck yeah. These drawings are VERY welcome :) And my visual/story prompts from the last thread still stand, if anyone is willing to do them!

Pic is not porn, but relatively relevant as some commenter pointed out: "Langstrom’s expression in that fifth panel is less ‘friendly’ and more ‘I’m gonna rape you if you fall asleep’." Do with this what you wish.

File: 126507690561.png-(161.70KB, 984x763, fruitcakes.png)
suddenly, homestuck

john's teeth would hurt like a bitch on your dick, I'm certain

File: 126508878489.jpg-(70.55KB, 418x455, rapeclock.jpg)

bump for more of this! (pic unrelated)

also i kinda ship it actually


File: 12651686276.png-(94.50KB, 358x608, oglaf_apprentice2.png)
shame on you all for constantly reposting Oglaf, with no fan art of your own.

I think it's safe to post this now...

My jaw dropped. Mmmyes.


link to pic w/ offending het plz?

File: 126518172832.png-(19.94KB, 689x572, stop hallucinating schtein.png)
Ok fff enough MSPaint for me for the night. Apologies if this offends your senses!

File: 126518553742.jpg-(326.15KB, 550x741, ST - plus4chan request1.jpg)
Prompt from: >>25286

Here you go! I wanted to add a flush to Schtein for the red and black, buuuuut I'm lazy.

Yeeeesss, that is what anonymous likes seeing!

omg this is perfectbeautiful ;w; i love youuu

Yes! You filled my prompt! That's really fantastic, I love his paunch. It's probably not healthy how much I like gloves.

File: 126526337591.png-(19.15KB, 686x572, oh.png)
He's hairier than this, it's actually canon.

Decided I wanted them to be shirtless in this, instead...

File: 126526341870.png-(282.27KB, 787x633, Sexy_Langstrom_by_krishva.png)
Aaannd someone else's fanart.

File: 126559245465.jpg-(186.44KB, 760x596, previously.jpg)
>> Hey, if the apprentice a regular human or what?
I notice he has....horns I guess. Or is that just his hat?

I wonder how he even got to be her a apprentice?


omg we were just talking about how he became her apprentice.

I am horny and creeped out.


Eh... I dunno. I just found that page disturbing and unpleasant. Poor apprentice.

to be fair on me horny is a permanent feeling I have most the time.
The creepy feeling was new however... well, not that new.

>I just found that page disturbing and unpleasant.
That's my favourite kind of porn!

File: 12669844994.png-(356.15KB, 498x677, Sort_of_a_cheesey_pinup_thing_by_evilengine9.png)
Well, well.

Jesus yes.

Not a big fan of thread-resurrection, but - people - Langstrom is CANON GAY:

I guess that explains all the leery faces he's made at Schtein :>

God, the apprentice (the one we see in the comics now) is so freaking adorable. I'm torn between wanting to see him win something for once and wanting to see him horribly abused.

If you vote top comic, you get a preview of Auditore. Apparently Langstrom was a chubby-chaser.

my first thought: "looks like a chubby Dr. Schtein, actually."
author comment: "looks like a chubby Dr. Schtein, actually. Draw your own conclusions."
I am drawing my own conclusions! and it kind of makes me belatedly sad that Langstrom is dead now lol.


The last comic made me awwww for him. He's such an adorable loser.

I'm still waiting for Ivan(apprentice)/Xoan ambassador slash. C'mon, it's canon!

I don't know how you'd accomplish that one, though. Maybe the ambassador buys him as a slave from his captors?

>Maybe the ambassador buys him as a slave from his captors?

God, I hope that happens.

Anybody got any Goodbye Chains?

I've been too busy bawwing to find any art. ;_;


>too busy raging to find any art

this. i'm probably still too annoyed to even be able to fap to content, should some suddenly be provided. srsly wth

File: 127281528432.jpg-(643.35KB, 850x3805, Lackadaisy asymmetry.jpg)
Why didn't I think of posting here before?

Human!Mordecai/Victor, por favor.

man I know. i just...i don't even...let's all rage together.
ok, after finals are over, i'm so doing this.


Just posted some filthy porn in the /r/ thread because I am lame and didn't see that this thread had been revived.

And it's going to stay revived, dammit.

File: 127284258813.jpg-(225.81KB, 959x744, catdicks.jpg)
Puttin' this where it belongs. If you know what I mean.

It is still magnificent.

And you'd better remember that you owe us fic.

nnngg ... I never saw this before. You rock, puks. <3

Awesome and all...

...but Mordecai looks like Medic from TF2


Medic + White Demoman! I'm moving that shit to TF2chan!

File: 127293563736.jpg-(175.40KB, 744x1298, HEADS FULL O\' EYES.jpg)

Man, to think I came here with a prompt...

Lackadaisy Cats + Inglourious Basterds. *flees*

Since Mordecai is Jewish, one of them is going to be highly insulted. You pick.

File: 127294858416.jpg-(59.38KB, 450x507, 1264055021.jpg)
oh shi-
I think I'd go for Mordecai, at least he'd make it quick.

If they were human in this one, would Mordecai's hair be mussed? Would that drive him completely insane, y/n?

It'll drive me insane if I don't nitpick this: Medic wears regular glasses, Mordecai wears pince-nez. Also they look nothing alike but that's less of a nitpick and more just a... pick? a nit? a difference of opinion?

>If he was human, would his hair be mussed up? Wouldn't that drive him insane?

And by their expressions, Viktor is doing everything in his power to help him along that path.

File: 127301540055.jpg-(99.40KB, 800x451, 1264727086.jpg)
more adorable kitty cats so we can feel like terrible people.

and from my brain to yours: when reading i hear mordecai as david hyde pierce

you're welcome

Why should we feel terrible?

Because there isn't Mordecai/Victor muscle worship porn, yet?

File: 12730475335.jpg-(364.83KB, 860x600, yiff.jpg)
Because we're bad people.

Alright we tried again but then paintchat seizured, and so one crappy texture later there is this.

File: 127307375921.jpg-(10.13KB, 266x268, YEAAAAHHHHH.jpg)


Dat is a man's ass rite dere.

In regards to Lackadaisy, I would also be unopposed to seeing some sort of pass made at Mordecai by Nico Savoy. Dat Cajun, bough!

File: 127307755277.jpg-(15.24KB, 360x299, dat cajun.jpg)

Yes plz.
Spoiler'd for boobs.

File: 127309984227.jpg-(244.79KB, 640x1368, 1203883008.jpg)
Why is this so hot? fap fap fap forever, you two are great, keep it up!

Nico is hot but Mordecai so would not respond favorably to that at all.... The results might be funny but not so fappable.
Nico/Mordecai/Serafine would be hot, though. Not /coq/ material, but hot.

Here's more canon Viktor+Mordecai since I don't have other content to bring yet!


Of course he wouldn't respond favorably. Nico's speech and grammar is worse than Viktor's. Doesn't mean Nico can't fuck with him a little.

File: 127311050637.jpg-(229.78KB, 800x1730, Lackadaisy_Valentino_by_tracyjb.jpg)
I would buy this up until Mordecai shot him. I still hold that Viktor and Mordecai works mostly because Viktor isn't scared of getting shot.

Also, smoldering.

they are so adorable sjhfdjhfdjfffdshff

>"Viktor! You've been shot, like, four times!"
>"No worries, is foreplay,"

I keep seeing Victor's hand as Mordecai's in the last panel, so I always see it as him with his arm around Victor's.

First panel, too.


You're welcome.

In the Maribel, Nico could move like a ghost. The carpeted floor and smoke-heavy miasma concealed his whereabouts like camoflauge, but out on jobs, Nico made use of his obviousness.

Scare tactics and misdirection were not Mordecai’s preferred methods, but the Savoys used both as adeptly as stage magicians.

As slipshod and hazardous as it seemed on the outside, Mordecai soon began to recognize the patterns in their strategies. When he learned to anticipate how the plan would change, depending on the situation, they began to like him. They still laughed at him and shared secrets in French, but now they seemed to expect him to join in.

Nico was a pleasure to watch. Serafine’s dance was more metaphorical, but Nico was a boxer. Every night, he would pick someone out of the crew they were about to massacred and force him to fight for his life. The other man always lost, but it was still fun to watch. Nico’s footwork was graceful, the punches he threw calculating and elegant.

Of course, just when Mordecai would be getting into it, Serafine would prod him in the shoulder. “You like watching him, ya?”

“Must you ask every time he boxes?” Mordecai asked. “The answer is yes. Please don’t touch me,”

Mordecai could hear Nico’s heavy steps and smell the smoke from a block away, in a clean environment. But in the Maribel, it was difficult. He never shuffled his feet, so the sound of leather leaving the carpet was muffled, and Nico loved to sneak up on Mordecai- perhaps simply because he couldn’t do it often.

“You’re lucky I didn’t shoot you,” Mordecai said the first time Nico surprised him.

“You would be sorry to shoot me, no?” Nico asked, leaning into Mordecai’s personal space. He felt his skin crawl.

“No. I wouldn’t,” Mordecai responded, then scurried away.

It was the sixth time that Nico finally caught Mordecai, when Asa had dismissed him from bodyguard duties for being ‘too sour’.

“How’s a man supposed to enjoy a gin and some cards with a mug like that hovering over his shoulder?” He wanted to know. “Take a hike, kid. Go relax on some nice stalactites, or wherever it is you sleep,”

And just as Mrodecai was rounding a corner, the heavy flat of Nico’s palm landed on the wall near his nose.

Mordecai glanced up to gauge Nico’s expression. It didn’t tell him much. He turned to leave, and Nico’s other arm landed next to him.

“Relax right here, cher,” Nico suggested, briefly removing the cigarette from his mouth. Mordecai found himself awash in smoke. “I been meaning to have a talk with you,”

“What is it you could possible wish to speak to me about?” Mordecai asked. “Are you unhappy with the way I perform my duties?”

“It’s not so much about the duties,” Nico said. “Just a little something that’s been on me and Sera’s mind,”


“Sera and I,” Mordecai corrected. Nico ducked his head to chuckle and Mordecai refused to allow himself a deep inhale, to smell the soap and sweat an inch from his nose. Nico relaxed his stance, fitting himself close to Mordecai on one tight bicep. He took another pull of his cigarette.

“You too uptight,” Nico explained. “You need to relax. Sera think you need a little lovin’ in your life. Some stress relief, you hear what I’m saying?”

“I hear you being far too interested in my personal life,” Mordecai responded. “Unless the quality of my work begins to falter, neither you nor your sister should feel concerned,”

“Well, you know Sera,” Nico said. He took the cigarette out of his mouth again, glanced down the hallway, then rolled over Mordecai, pinning him to the wall without touching him. He leaned down until his lips were level with Mordecai’s ear, and he could feel every breath dampening his collar. “She say you might enjoy work too much unless you lose some tension,”

Mordecai wanted to shove him, but his hands stayed locked in fists at his sides. He stared at the wall over Nico’s shoulder and willed himself not to feel the heat radiating from Nico’s broad chest. Nico pulled back a little and set his cigarette back between his lips. Mordecai watched the cherry ignite as he inhaled, but not the blonde stubble on the chin underneath it. He ignored the fine hairs over the upper lip, and the smell of smoke seeping into his clothes.

“Sera says you don’t like being touched,” Nico said. He pointed at Mordecai. “Mind if I lean on this shoulder here?”

“Yes,” Mordecai responded. Nico pouted, but Mordecai wasn’t looking at him. He was looking at the wall.

“How come?’ Nico asked. “Why you hate bein’ touched so much?”

“I’m very particular about my personal space,” Mordecai said, and ignored it when Nico shifted his weight until his hips were pushing against the fabric of his trousers.

Nico hummed his disapproval and Mordecai could feel it in his diaphragm, right against his arm. “That’s no good excuse. I known men whos personal space I don’t want to get in. You I don’t feel that way about,”

Mordecai ignored the staccato beating inside his chest. “Perhaps instead of obeying every slightest impulse which grabs you, you might consider my feelings,”

“I am considering your feelings, cher,” Nico said. Mordecai gave up on ignoring him and turned to Nico. Nico took the cigarette out of his mouth, and Mordecai’s eyes involuntarily traveled downward. Nico’s legs re-crossed, and Mordecai’s eyes snapped back up.

“What,” Mordecai said slowly. “Does that mean?”

“You know what it means,” Nico said, hot in Mordecai’s ear. Mordecai felt a shiver all the way down his spine, settling deep in his belly to burn against the front of his pants. He hadn’t been this hard since he was a teenager.

He had a fist in Nico’s gut before he knew what he was doing. Between the force of the blow and Nico’s stomach, his wrist gave, sending pain shooting up his arm. He focused on the hurt rather than the heat, and his mind cleared.

The look on Nico’s face was one he’d been expecting- surprise, but when he met Mordecai’s eyes, the same shit-eating, I’ve-got-you-now grin Mordecai had grown up seeing spread across Nico’s face.

Mordecai couldn’t tell what was worse- the mortification he felt, or the erection still straining against his zipper.

Yeah, just ignore my madd numbering skillz


Mordecai adjusted his vest and traveled up to the sixth floor employee bathroom. There was nothing of interest on the sixth floor, so there was rarely anyone else there. When Asa dismissed him, he would sit there with a book for forty-five minutes. If Asa still wasn’t done with his cards by then, he would return again after thirty minutes.

As he’d expected, there was no one in the bathroom. He locked the door anyway, then washed his hands twice. He re-settled his pince-nez, then examined his expression in the mirror. He was still badly flushed, and now his hair was set out of place. He took a small container of pomade out of his pocket and fixed his hair, then rinsed the pomade off his hands.

He could still smell Nico on his vest. When he closed his eyes, he could feel his chest on his shoulder.

He double-checked the lock. Then, hands shaking, he lowered his pants. His wilting erection twitched when a knuckle brushed against it. There was no denying it now- he needed to get rid of it.

He tried, at first, to imagine women. Faceless ones from magazines, Serafine, and even Miss May- not that he’d expected to feel anything for the woman who had dragged him into the woman’s lavatory just to hold her purse for her while she used the toilet. He wasn’t surprised by the boredom he felt, but he was a bit disappointed.

Now he imagined faceless men. He imagined them big, heavy, and warm, and his dick hardened in his palm. He imagined the strong cords in their neck, the dip in their spine where the ass lifted up, and the smell of Nico on his vest sent the blood in his brain coursing south.

He leaned against the sink, too busy stifling grunts to keep the images flashing by in check.

He was downstairs again, his wrist smarting after the punch he’d landed in Nico’s stomach. Nico was smiling.

He punched Nico again. He saw the shock on his face, the confusion.

He imagined taking a chair to Nico’s smug face, battering his strong sides until he curled away from Mordecai. He imagined how Nico would feel, shuddering between his knees as he landed blow after blow high in his chest, low in the stomach, the frightened expression going blanker and blanker as he dropped into shock.

He didn’t want him unconscious. He barely wanted him concussed. He wanted Nico scared, gasping wet and choked sobs into the carpet as Mordecai held his bleeding teeth into the carpet, peeling the tight pants away from his legs and pushing deep, deep inside of him.

Mordecai’s vision went white as he came.

He rinsed his hands, re-set his clothing, then stood swaying in the bathroom, enjoying the afterglow.

The afterglow sunk into guilt.

Mordecai waited in the bathroom for thirty minutes, then when downstairs to collect Mr. Sweet.


I. What. Did not know that I wanted this until this happened and Jesus never stop writing this it's so awesomely messed up.

so fucked up

i love how it seems like everyone was secretly waiting for this fandom to happen. thank you, whoever had the balls to ask for it first.

I-I just I don't even this is so fucked up and wrong and catdick and fapfapfapfapfap.
Seriously I shouldnotwant but since it doesn't really interfere with my OTP at all and also jfc I am a sick fuck fapfapfapfapfap

I'm slightly disappointed that Nico/Mordecai pornfic came before Viktor/Mordecai, but it was amazingly awesome and totally not what I was expecting. A++ writing, and I hope you make more.

This time with Viktor/Mordecai. Dedicated to the muscle kink prompter.

Viktor has him crushed against the wall of the boneyard, huge fingers kneading into his hips. Mordecai scrambles to stay on his feet and not slide down, onto the crushed skulls and snapped femurs littering the floor. He can feel the knots of someone’s spine slipping under his loafers as Victor tucks his huge thumbs under his belt.

Mordecai is panting so hard, small little gasps come with every breath. He’s shuddering and pressing against the warm, strong plane of Viktor’s belly as his shirt slides up, the vest opens and Viktor leans tongue-first to taste Mordecai’s clavicle. It’s a hot, maddening sensation, something just short of irritating, and Mordecai doesn’t know if he wants to pull away or press against Viktor and rut until he’s relieved.

The tongue travels up his neck, and that feeling that isn’t quite a tickle shorts out Mordecai’s nerves, makes him shake uncontrollably between the wall and Viktor. The tongue works into his ear, and finally his nerves figure out what they want to do and shoot straight into his groin, pumping blood into the head of his penis. Mordecai grunts and latches onto Viktor’s sides, his hips stuttering against the thigh planted between his legs.

He feels pinned but, strangely enough, not helpless. Protected, maybe. Snuggled safely between cold rock and hot, heavy Viktor, who whispers something warm and deep against his throat.

Mordecai’s hands scrabble against the plane of Viktor’s back, stretching the cotton of his shirt. His hands dive down, untuck the shirt from his pants, then travel back up. He feels the solid, doughy skin under his fingers and whimpers in satisfaction, fingers running along his flanks and over his spine.

While Viktor bends down to tongue a nipple (sending waves of shock and arousal coursing down Mordecai’s spine), he traces the spine up to the fine, sweaty hairs at the base of Viktor’s neck. He clings to the wet spikes on Viktor’s head, traces the band of his eyepatch, then moves to his shoulders.

Mordecai pushes Viktor back, snaps the suspenders off his shoulders and tugs the shirt off his head. Viktor seems mildly amused as Mordecai follows the veins and lines of his arms, first with his hands, then with his tongue. The tips of his fingers travel down the definition of each ab, then up into the tubes in his neck, pulsing with the rush of blood and salty with sweat.

Now it’s Viktor against the wall, helping to keep Mordecai aloft as he strains on his toes to nip at the muscle on his shoulder. His hand smooths against Mordecai’s back. He bends down, and Mordecai’s arms go around his back, raking his hair and pressing again on the warm, solid thigh pressed between his legs.

He feels against his stomach a column of heat and tension. His fingers dive inside Viktor’s trousers and wrap around his erection. Viktor grunts in surprise as Mordecai’s fingers slide around his tight balls, and up the shaft. They linger with interest on the unfamiliar foreskin, then around the head, gather a bead of pre-come leaking out.

Mordecai’s hand pulls out of his pants. In the gloom, Viktor watches him with one sharp, blue eye, while Mordecai regards the jism on his hand. He places it on his tongue. He swallows.

Viktor stares, but Mordecai is too busy pulling Viktor’s pants off to notice. His palm runs against Viktor’s cock, nails rimming the skin around the head.

Viktor makes a small, whining noise. “You pull back,”

“What?” Mordecai says, jerking back to reality.

“Pull skin-” Viktor says, and Mordecai obeys, sliding the foreskin away from his dripping red head. Viktor temporarily forgets the rest of what he was saying. “-down,”

Mordecai is on his knees, brushing bones out of the way to find the floor. The head is hot against his tongue, the smell musky.

“I’ve never done this before,” He warns Viktor.

“Just no teeth,” Viktor squeaks. “You do fine,”

Mordecai considers saying something smart about the teeth comment, but instead, runs his tongue along the bottom of his cock. Viktor exhales through his teeth. Mordecai likes that.

He sucks Viktor down, appreciating the feel of the cock on his tongue. The smell and repetitive movement makes him dizzy. One hand covers the base of Viktor’s cock, the other dives into his own pants.

He’s leaking inside his trousers. Disgusting. His pushes his pants down and fists around his hard cock while Viktor makes shallow thrusts into his mouth. He can taste the salt of Viktor’s jism on the back of his tongue. Saliva drips onto his fist as Viktor pushes deeper into his mouth. His eyes are watering at the cock pushing his gag reflex, throat contracting around the intrusion. His instincts tell him he is choking. He thrusts into his fist, dick spitting pre-come.

“Ja hod-“ Viktor moans. “I am-“

He’s coming, Mordecai’s brain supplies. He’s going to come. In your mouth. Mordecai pushes his throat down and fists his dick hard. Viktor’s hand clamps onto the back on his head, keeping him down as he comes, pulse after pulse down Mordecai’s throat. His eyes water, and he’s coming, oh god, he can’t stop the shudder or the moan even as it hurts to breathe.

When he comes back to himself, he finds that Viktor is propping him up with a hand on his shoulder. One hand is offering him a handkerchief.

“You have made mess,” Viktor tells him. Temporary panic sets in when he remembers how difficult it is to get that particular stain out of high-thread cotton. He snatches Viktor’s handkerchief and begins to compile a list of damage.

He is immediately relieved. There’s a sticky line of come from stomach to jaw, but apart from a small spatter inside the hem of his shirt, he’ll be perfectly presentable when they return to the group. He cleans himself, then realizes what he’s done.

“Viktor,” He says. “Have I just destroyed your handkerchief,”

“Eh. You need it,” Viktor replies. He grabs Mordecai’s jaw and drags him forward into a kiss, tongue probing the cavern of his cheeks.

Mordecai wonders what he’s doing. He jolts when he realizes he is tasting himself along Mordecai’s tongue.

Viktor pushes back a little too hard and Mordecai lands on a particularly old skull, shattering it into the dust.

“Not bad for first time,” Viktor says. “You learn better, soon,”


I have to say I did lulz a bit at uncircumcised novelty. Nice one, anon!

jesus fuck yes yes YES. thank you anon, holy shit, that was hot.


harblfdjhfjdhffdk yesssss
anon you are a treasure

File: 127319917817.gif-(133.93KB, 500x748, 12596340759.gif)
YES fap fap fap fap THANK YOU thank you, ffffuuuuck I hope you do mooooorrrre

hey thread, I fucking love the Lackadaisy (a lot) but let's see if we can get some String Theory, TJ & Amal, and Goodbye Chains up in this place too!


File: 127320012447.gif-(99.12KB, 583x582, 125832594391.gif)
I'M SORRY I AM TOO :( someone fix it quick!

File: 127323768927.jpg-(249.59KB, 570x900, Lackadaisy_Viktor_and_Mordekai_by_Phobs.jpg)

I love you so much for writing this. Have this fanart I found in return for your wonderful services.

File: 127329914815.jpg-(231.71KB, 514x1000, Lackadaisy_Clockwork_by_tracyjb.jpg)

Also keeping thread alive.

File: 127330227019.jpg-(133.51KB, 600x750, 125896820061.jpg)
prompt: Viktor/Mordecai; Viktor seems like he'd be pretty considerate in bed. Mordecai seems like he'd be fucked up in kinky ways. how about some smut with Viktor indulging Mordecai's kinks (I'm thinking maybe breathplay) but in a sort of loving way?

or just some fucked up Viktor/Mordecai breathplay (or kink of your choice) without the fluff, that would be hot too.

Oh my, yes.
Victor/Mordecai. When Mordecai hears from Mitzi that Victor is hurt and laid up in bed, he decides to go visit his old partner a few nights later to see how bad the damage is himself. Kind of sex is up to the writefag.

i was thinking that too. it's especially convenient cuz Victor can't really move from that chair and Mordecai can do what he wants 8D

File: 127353851676.png-(1.13MB, 602x1018, DON\'T DROP THE SOAP.png)
This doesn't exactly fill any of those earlier ST prompts but I guess it could be considered as aftermath? <:I new drawfag is new to ST, so please be gentle haha <3

File: 127353863793.png-(1.04MB, 657x876, naptime.png)
also, have some fluff (or as close to fluff as Schtein can get, I guess haha)

File: 127354867997.gif-(25.51KB, 226x276, ohgoodnessmymonocle.gif)
That's really adorable.

Please don't stop.

File: 127384217080.jpg-(143.75KB, 600x800, comic338.jpg)
anything about Rob and Elliot?

File: 127407975243.png-(192.61KB, 1000x1000, 453325 - Dave_Strider Homestuck MS_Paint_Adventure.png)
Goddommot, someone tell me there's more than two non-worksafe images of Homestuck on the entire friggin internet. I swear to god there's only two images.

File: 127420071795.jpg-(165.19KB, 425x991, wick.jpg)
Having just read the whole of the current comic in one sitting, I can't help but find myself wanting more Lackadaisy stuff. Unf.

Question: Does the Lackadaisy stuff have to be human exclusively or can the cats come out to play too?

I can't bring myself to draw them as cats because it seems like a threshold that, once crossed cannot be un-crossed. But I would say any content would be accepted? I mean, there is that TMNT thread.

Mmkay, just curious, since I wasn't too sure if this thread would be okay with the Lackadaisy men as their original catty selves.

The art here just makes me wanna contribute...*_*

In accordance to the rules, it should be fine if you spoiler it.

What happened to writefag?

Also, bump.

FFFFUUUUUU I'M TRYING, MAN. I keep re-writing the breathplay one... FUCK IT, TAKE THE OPENING.



Viktor should have known better than to be surprised by Mordecai. He’d proved to surprise him throughout their partnership, and creating a pre-concieved notion about how he’d act in bed proved to be a disappointment.

He could easily picture it, anyway.

To Mordecai’s credit, the first time had been pretty hot. A little sudden and very confusing, yes, but it was hard to disagree with someone who sucked like a sexually repressed hoover.

It was great when it became obvious that Mordecai was happy to repeat his performance, even better when Viktor found out that Mordecai wasn’t the type to pretend it never happened, or that they were ‘just drunk’. And it was pretty much perfect when, after the sort of fire fight that left them buzzing with giddy adrenaline, Mordecai clambered down onto the floor of the cab and blew Viktor so hard the car nearly crashed.

But the novelty was beginning to wear off. Instant gratification was nice, but that was what he had his hand for. With a partner, man or woman, he’d always enjoyed the slow process of making them shiver and overheat in his arms until they melted for him. He was good at it- and he was proud of being good at it.

He was surprised when he discovered that Mordecai was completely unfamiliar with the idea of mutual gratification. When Viktor suggested sex- not a hand-job stuffed in an empty bathroom, but a few hours somewhere comfortable where Viktor could give Mordecai singing lessons- he gave Viktor a blank expression and asked why.

Trying to explain that he just liked sex had been impossible. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the language barrier, or because Mordecai really couldn’t wrap his mind around the idea, but even after Mordecai agreed to give Viktor’s idea a shot, the first try was a disaster.

Mordecai was tense- responsive to every touch Viktor gave him, panting and gasping as Viktor’s hand moved, but tight as a wire. Finally, something- Viktor wasn’t sure what, exactly, and Mordecai couldn’t explain- made him snap. He fought Viktor off, then sat on the edge of the bed. Mordecai sunk into one of his confused panic attacks where he repeated the same stiff, jolted movements like a wind-up doll designed to clean his glasses over and over. When Viktor tried to touch him, he jolted away. Finally, Viktor sat back on the bed and waited for Mordecai to get over his funk. He didn’t have to wait very long.

“I’m sorry,” Mordecai said finally. “Should I leave?”

“I don’t want you to,” Viktor said. He tried to kiss him, but Mordecai pushed him away.

“Viktor,” He says. He pauses. Viktor gives him time, waiting out whatever Mordecai is beating himself for.

Finally, Mordecai continues. “How determined are you to follow through with your proposal for mutual gratification?”

Mordecai is always hard to understand, but Viktor learned years ago how to decipher meaning from the garbled mouthful of syllables he hears. He knows enough to feel anxious and answer exactly the opposite of how he feels.

“Very much,” He said. Mordecai turned to Viktor with the sort of glint in his eye he normally gave toolboxes and stubborn informants.

“Can I hold you to that?” He asked. Viktor tensed, and Mordecai followed up with a suspiciously vague assurance. “It won’t hurt,”



Seriously, this is amazing and I love you for it.

File: 127445499726.png-(549.02KB, 800x1600, scoundrels.png)
OH MY GOD oh my fuck I'm so happy you're doing the breathplay, and this is already HOT. moooorrrree!

also I now ship nemesis/nemesis, someone join me on this crazytrain


“Can I hold you to that?” He asked. Viktor tensed, and Mordecai followed up with a suspiciously vague assurance. “It won’t hurt,”

“Tell me, first,” Viktor said.

“The act of asphyxiophilia,” Mordecai began, and Viktor immediately zoned out. “Is the practice of cutting off oxygen to the brain immediately prior to orgasm in order to increase the sensation,”

Viktor’s brain clicked back on at the mention of orgasms.

“As you may imagine, the risk involved far outweighs the rewards, but I have… difficulties with intimacy,” Mordecai said. His expression made it clear that this confession was like pulling teeth, and Viktor was almost sorry he had missed it.

“What is it you want me to do?” He asked.

“In essence, I want you to strangle me,” Mordecai said. Viktor’s ears tried to crawl into his head to escape.

“Y- what?”

“Just a little,” Mordecai said.

“Why?” Viktor asked, and Mordecai’s mouth tightened into the universally disapproving frown of a lecturer ignored.

Viktor tried to improvise. “If maybe I hurt you-“

“That would be a shame,” Mordecai deadpanned. He set his pince-nez on the bedside and moved towards Viktor. “I’m not asking for much,”

Viktor pulled away. Mordecai cocked an eyebrow at him.

Viktor gave himself a minute to consider. He knew he wanted to sleep with Mordecai- and Mordecai would react like a clock with a wrench in it’s cogs if they went slow.

He weighed his options, then he wrapped his fingers around Mordecai’s neck and shoved him onto his back.

He fell like a rag doll. This time, Mordecai didn’t resist when Viktor kissed him. Viktor tried to focus on the warmth of his mouth instead of the convulsing of his throat, prying open Mordecai’s jaws to worm his tongue in.

He released his grip and heard a deep, wheezing gasp. He closed his fist again and felt Mordecai jerk underneath him, knees suddenly snapping tight against his waist.

It was not, he told himself, anything like the last convulsions of a dying man. He squeezed his eye shut and focused on the sex.

It wasn’t exactly what Viktor had in mind, but it was good enough. It was skin against skin, and Mordecai was choking out soft mewls of pleasure as best as he was able. It was sweat and effort making skin doughy and legs pliable when he pushed them over his shoulders.

He let go of Mordecai’s neck and heard the rattling intake of air again. He’d be wheezing for days after this, he thought to himself. He squeezed again, tugging Mordecai’s cock against his stomach and watching his stretch and gasp as the orgasm built inside of him. Viktor bit his chest, and Mordecai’s hands jumped. He pulled a nipple between his teeth and felt his vocal cords vibrate soundlessly against his palm. He bucked twice and came against Viktor’s chest, dropping bonelessly onto the bed. Viktor let Mordecai gulp down air while he pulled a tube of Vaseline out of the nightstand.

HOT. i feel like i can't breathe now, myself. your writing's too good!


I love how you write Viktor SO, SO MUCH.

File: 127464516864.jpg-(407.63KB, 1000x1131, monomania.jpg)
...I really, really hope Mordecai is canon!gay, because honestly, I can't imagine a straight man being this bitchy.

That's just a little bit sexist.

Keep writing bro, this is delicious!

And just a little bit true.

>>41367 Bitchy or just...catty?

BWAHAHAA *buh-dum-tsh*

Got ya covered:

This thread needs more Viktor/Mordecai.

Taking art prompts to give the pair more love. Cats, humans, I'm cool with both.

Be warned though: I have no tablet and have to use a pencil to do my thing, so it might take a good while. :I

Sexytimes that are then abruptly interrupted by Mordecai freaking out because Viktor popped a button on his suit.

Preferably non furry. Cartoon kitties kill my boner :(

is requesting cuddles boring? I'd love to see Mordecai asleep in the car and leaning against Viktor. as cats or humans, I don't mind, it's cute either way right?

Oooh, this one is sexy...I likes it! I wanna see how well Mordecai's "ASYMMETRY?!?" face translates into human flesh.

Fluff is fine by me, no worries. :)

File: 127471070388.jpg-(214.29KB, 899x700, Lackadaisy_Ubercharge_by_Kobb.jpg)
Dumping some fanart I found on DA.

Now that I think about it, Mordecai and Viktor suit Medic and Heavy's roles perfectly...

File: 127471077649.jpg-(164.83KB, 800x800, Lackadaisy_Sunset_Drama_by_ItanHimitsu.jpg)

File: 127471090582.jpg-(1.64MB, 800x2694, Lackadaisy_sketchdump2_by_ItanHimitsu.jpg)

File: 127471095441.jpg-(796.62KB, 820x1220, Lackadaisy__Explanation__by_ItanHimitsu.jpg)

File: 12747110257.jpg-(235.09KB, 1024x721, Lackadaisy__Fragments__by_ItanHimitsu.jpg)
Aaaaand that's all I got.

Sorry for the lack of cock. Have some suggestive hand-holding/arm-grabbing instead.

Ohh, this is wonderful.

You have no idea how happy this imagedump has made me.

Hnnng, damnit now I am a furry.

Moar, etc.

oh gawd, it's so cute. Mordecai's paws are so small in Victor's awwww

Hnnnngh, dat image dump.

I am so conflicted because I actually like Viktor and Mordecai better in their cat forms, but I am incredibly disturbed by catdicks.

File: 127510224085.jpg-(159.99KB, 800x711, wedon'thavetodothis.jpg)



Oh god I just realized


writefag is taking a quick break from porn for An Idiot's Guide to How Sociopaths Sympathize. Hope nobody minds a lack of cat barbs.


Viktor was finally alone.

Ivy had re-fluffed his pillows, spread a new blanket over his knee, and even made him some tea, complete with a wedge of lemon. Rocky had given him an overly-familiar punch to the shoulder and then sidled out backwards, as if Viktor was planning to throw himself at the skinny boy with a hole in his side and a nasty case of watery lungs.

The quiet, frightened one stayed outside the door. And now he was alone, with the radio kept mercifully quiet- still twanging out Ivy’s banjo nonsense, but low enough to ignore. Now it was only Viktor, and the warm spring air seeping in through the window.

He must have drifted off, because when he opened his eyes, his tea was cold and the light in the sky was orange. His lungs seized with every painful breathe, every muscle in his neck and shoulders aching with the effort it took to hold him upright.

He was trying to remember, through the haze of sleep and pain, where he’d put the painkillers Leo had ‘prescribed’ for him, when the door opened.

Viktor froze. He didn’t have to wonder who had broken into his house, because there was only one man who could.

Mordecai took his hat off as the door closed behind him.

“Hello, Viktor,” He said.

“Come to finish off job?” Viktor burbled.

“Of course not. I came by to see how you were feeling,”

“So thoughtful,” Viktor squelched, wishing liquidized lungs didn’t change the tone of his voice. “Should have thought more before you clean us out,”

“’Before you ‘cleaned’ us out.’ Past participle. I had orders, Viktor, it had nothing to do with my personal sentiment. You should be able to sympathize with my predicament. Don’t you remember when Atlas asked you to assault your favorite supplier?”

“He spoke my language,” Viktor mumbled. “Told good jokes,”

“Yes, but he was cheating us out of stock,” Mordecai said. He moved to Viktor’s side, and Viktor tensed defensively. The wound stung and his muscles protested, but all Mordecai did was turn off Ivy’s Banjo Hour and close the window.

He gave the fashion magazines an incredulous look, then moved to clean out the wasted tea.

“Did the girl come to visit you?” He asked while scrubbing.

“Miss Pepper,” Viktor reminded him.

“Yes, Miss Pepper,” Mordecai agreed. “Did she?”

“I wish you don’t make small talk,” Viktor said. “Is not like you. Make me worry,”

Mordecai put the cup up to dry, and turned to him. “Then what do you expect me to do?”


“I expect you to shoot me,” Viktor said.

“To your endless disappointment, I’m sure, I left my guns at home,” Mordecai said. “Did Ms. Pepper come to visit you?”

“Yes,” Viktor said.

“Oh, good,” Mordecai said. “I was worried the Vogue magazines were yours,”

“I am very interested in, ehhh,” –Viktor checked a magazine cover for a topic to bring up. “-Perfume. From French,”

“France,” Mordecai corrected, taking the magazine out of Viktor’s hand and tossing it back onto the side-table. “French is the culture, France is the country,”

“I forget,” Viktor said.

“I noticed,” Mordecai responded. “Mitzi suggested I stop by to give my condolences. She seemed to feel my actions were in direct correlation with your imminent injury,”

“You give machine guns to farmers. They don’t know negotiation,”

“’Don’t know how to negotiate’. Yes, I know, but it was Asa who invented the scenario, not myself. He isn’t interested in style or capability, only finishing the job completely. It was messy, I know, but I’m sure you were more than capable of finishing them off,”

“I am alive, yes? Then is obvious. Why are you here?”

“I told you-“

“WHY?” Viktor shouted, lunging forward onto old, tired knees that could no longer support him at a sitting position. He fell, undignified, back into his seat, coughing pitifully into his fist. Mordecai unfolded a tissue over his fist to cough into instead, then picked the blanket off the floor and tucked him back in, an even amount of sheets on all sides, with a perfectly straight fold over his lap.

“Is it honestly so difficult to believe I was curious to see if you were alright?”

“You don’t care,” Viktor spat.

“Never the way you wanted me to, no, but I did worry. Is that wrong of me?”

It would have been a rhetorical question from anyone else, but Viktor had learned long ago that lessons in humanity were the only reason Mordecai tolerated him at all. Viktor was his buffer to the rest of the world. Viktor was a decent person, despite his choice in occupation, and whenever Mordecai’s temper was running short, or he couldn’t comprehend the new direction a conversation had taken, he would turn to Viktor for help. Viktor, at first, was flattered. Then he understood what Mordecai was doing- he was not teaching himself how to feel, he was teaching himself how to emote. Viktor may have been an odd choice to model himself after, but he was successful. After enough practice, he could pretend that he cared, and have anyone believe him.

Now here was Mordecai, years later, again pretending to be innocent while looking for another lesson in human subtly. Viktor staunchly ignored him. This annoyed Mordecai.

“It appears that I’m still the callous antagonist in your personal drama. Since the roles have already been cast, perhaps I should prove my worth in this Greek tragedy,” Mordecai snapped. The tantrum passed immediately, smoothing back into Mordecai’s customary expression of unconcern. Mordecai cleaned his glasses with his handkerchief.

“To think,” He continued at last. “I came here to reconcile with you,”

Viktor bristled.

“I do miss you, you know,” Mordecai said.

“You don’t care,” Viktor said flatly.

“I tried to,” Mordecai said. “Isn’t that worth anything?”

Viktor’s right eye occasionally teared, particularly in poor weather. It didn’t mean anything. He wiped underneath his patch, and saw Mordecai grimace.

“Use a handkerchief- you might infect something if you use your hand,”

“I have been inside all day, I have touched nothing dirty,” Viktor said. Mordecai sighed testily.

“I can see when I’ve worn out my welcome. Will you be alright by yourself, or would you like me to fix you something?”


“Well,” Mordecai said. “Alright. I’m sorry this latest rendevous was under such awkward pretense- perhaps next time I visit you, it’ll be because of wounds I’ve inflicted with my own hand,”

“Get out,” Viktor commanded. The sun had set, and Mordecai used that as an excuse to light Viktor’s lamp, purposefully dawdling to annoy him further, before vanishing back into St. Louis.


I really liked this.

File: 127696591840.jpg-(150.08KB, 800x1018, Lackadaisy humans.jpg)
Bumpin' with some more human!Lackadaisy

File: 12787954801.jpg-(183.91KB, 760x596, balcony1.jpg)
Bumpin' with this awesome Oglaf thing, fuck yeah, Oglaf.


This made me d'awwh when I saw it the other day.

File: 127881575892.jpg-(175.33KB, 760x596, snowbound1.jpg)
Oglaf is the only webcomic I read. It's so fair and funny!

File: 127881774032.jpg-(85.60KB, 760x298, balcony2.jpg)

funny enough I like this ending better then the original Cyrano de Bergerac.

File: 127891673763.jpg-(217.92KB, 760x596, sweetmeats.jpg)
God damn do I want some Apprentice/Xoan Ambassador fic all up in here

fuck I know.

His craziness is awesome.
I love apprentice so much, he always has this kinda *sigh, why am I the only sane person?* look all the time that is hilarious.

also his name is Ivan apparently. My bad.

I am pretty sure the Xoan ambassador is drunk like, all the time.

hahaha omg. I wish there were more comics of them.
also, the apprentice's hair is the best.

File: 127987361318.png-(374.77KB, 655x910, tommy5.png)
I saw this page
And I couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry.

is there any Boxer Hockey slash?

THIS. I have been craving for Skip/Rittz since forever.

Wtf. Where is my TJ AND AMAL??

File: 128045680129.png-(485.62KB, 710x1086, 134.png)
SERIOUSLY. The current arc is so adorable, I am dying for fic.I'd make my own but I can't draw or write for shit. ;_;

Dumping the current arc to pimp the comic. (link:


File: 128045685779.png-(517.37KB, 710x1000, 135.png)

File: 128045692945.png-(921.32KB, 715x1094, 136.png)

File: 128045702575.png-(948.30KB, 715x1514, 137.png)

File: 12804572666.png-(1.21MB, 715x1851, skip and ritz being adorable as fuck.png)

>Rittz's "OHMYGOODNESS" face

Also a fan, but I've seen very little fanwork. Maybe when the author draws the slash herself, it's less fun for everyone else to slash it? :P

Still, seconding, because any porn of those two is good porn.


brb crying like the huge woobie i am

File: 128046918870.jpg-(399.59KB, 1000x654, hamletmachine.jpg)
She's got a ton of stuff up on the fanart page

File: 12806184884.jpg-(170.82KB, 800x600, elliot x rob.jpg)
Hello, I'll be your new artfag for today *bows*

File: 128103414751.png-(106.92KB, 560x840, twokeys.png)
Requesting some Colin/Lucas porn? Please?

link to source please.

very helpful


hey, isn't that by the chick who did Honeydew Something-or-other?

yes it is

File: 128132113484.jpg-(125.11KB, 1608x1347, 1280446230261.jpg)

Here's to actually looking through the threads before you start a new one, just like I didn't.

I have some pics saved that were done over on /y/, can we get some more drawfags all up in this?

File: 128132117489.png-(123.35KB, 499x561, 1280338089528.png)

Some SFW skip/ ritz

File: 128132122356.jpg-(135.32KB, 901x1000, ritznskip4y.jpg)

Not so SFW Skip/ Ritz

File: 128132128864.jpg-(323.47KB, 1000x1276, 1280529073591.jpg)

and some some non-canon underwear ritz
Don't think the drawfag in case liked boxers

Word to the wise, you don't need to NSFW gay porn on the gay porn board. Only really weird kinks get nsfw'd.

File: 128133428225.jpg-(179.08KB, 760x596, masq1.jpg)

File: 128133429648.jpg-(196.03KB, 760x596, masq2.jpg)

File: 12813343226.jpg-(198.17KB, 760x596, masq3.jpg)
Oh that wacky Xoan ambassador.

Someday ambassador!
Straight to the moon!!

Until then NOM NOM NOM

poor Ivan He never gets his dick sucked or a handjob or anything. Being the apprentice sucks.

he did get a blowjob from a really horrifying vagina-spider, though. Which, gaaahhhhh.

File: 128142138723.jpg-(75.94KB, 533x767, Hysteria - The apprentice and the ambassador.jpg)
Yes! Finally Ambassador/Apprentice porn! Drawn by the lovely and talented Hysteria on y!gallery.



More of these two pairings.

Seriously. If Sandoval wants some sweet sweet lovin', he should give Ivan a little attention.

Don't get something for nothing. Not even in Xoan.

We need this. I wish I could, but I'm kind of a shitty writefag, and my tablet it broken...
Again, YES
Err... I'll be riiiight back...
Eh, I don't know, I wouldn't mind being his slave for a while


Do you guys mind some childhood fluff?

I may or may not expand this universe to include some awkward teenage fumblings. :>

They met when they were eight.

They had their first sleepover a month after, in Rittz's house. The location was never in question; Skip's home was a Subject Not To Be Talked About. It was whispered, though, among the teachers and the gossips in Ms. Bloom's class, like the way adults used to whisper about Rittz's mom. Rittz didn't really like the hushed tones and furtive glances full of pity then, so he decided Skip must not like them, either. That would explain why Skip returned school with more band-aids when the whispers were particularly loud or when the glances were blatant enough to be stares.

The sleepover was pretty standard as second-grade sleepovers come. Rittz pulled out some chocolate-glazed doughnuts and strawberry milk (to which Skip muttered "...lame") and consoles for Super Mario Bros. They took turns, one munching on the snacks and yelling directions while the other controlled the little mustached red man on the screen. Then they started to argue about Superman and Batman, and which one would rescue Princess Peach faster. The argument lead to Skip's impassioned demonstration of Superman's abilities, until Rittz joined in as Batman and the carpet of the living room turned into a pit of lava and Princess Peach was forgotten.

Dinner was served by Rittz, whose father phoned and apologetically explained that he had to work overtime again. The dinner was doughnuts (this time Boston creme) and a bag of Cheetos. Skip devoured the meal with particular gusto. It had been a while since he got to eat snacks.

By the time Rittz's father came home, Rittz and Skip were snoozing on the living room sofa, the latter's head on Rittz's stomach. Rittz's father tiredly took in the mess of the living room (linens and pillows arranged as what was undoubtedly a fortress, video game controller and cord strewn about, books and magazines scattered all over the floor for seemingly no reason at all) and frowned. He moved to wake Rittz up to scold his messiness, but froze midway, suddenly remembering the last time Rittz acted so carefree-- before Sarah.

Instead of waking his son up, he retrieved the linens on the floor and covered the sleeping boys. With a small sigh and a sad smile tugging at his lips, he bent down to pick up the scattered books.

File: 128159700565.jpg-(193.34KB, 700x549, oglaf-what.jpg)
A tame offering of Sandoval/Apprentice.

I love you. Very much.

File: 128163248462.gif-(91.78KB, 1100x308, brofight.gif)
I am just going to leave this here.

omg onii I LOVE YOU!!

We need some writefags

>>53274 here, new to /coq/ but wanted to try and writefag for Oglaf. First fic, hope you enjoy.

He doesn’t know what it is about the apprentice that attracts him. His looks wasn’t special, his name was forgettable, no benefits such as an alliance or a trading route. Although the horned hat was amusing, the Xoan could easily have an even better replicate made. He was just the underling of a political ally, a powerful woman whose every whim came true, if she demanded it.

When he’s sober, the apprentice is apprentice. When he’s drunk, apprentice is apprentice. What is the difference, he wonders to himself. The same pointed clothes, the same lightly tanned skin, the same look of exasperation, irritation, disbelief. He wonders what the apprentice looks like when he smiles, a real smile and not a fake one planted by the mistress.

He doesn’t see why he pursues the man so fervently, compared to other conquests.

Why not the ‘mistress’, as she was called by those under her rule? She’s beautiful, his other bedmates are beautiful, every body he gets writhing under him (and the couple he writhed under himself) were enchanting. They have skill in what they do, their hips are perfect lolling against his and they know what to touch, what to nip and suck at, how loud to scream and how softly to beg for him to go faster, harder, deeper. He doesn’t need to seek them, they seek him and offer everything from their bodies to their land. He can’t find the answer, which frustrates him.

When he drinks, something changes. Of course the man (wasn’t his name Ivan) is still just an apprentice under his female master, who is a good friend and ally along with being just as prone to toy with other lives as he is. It is fun, he is guilty. But after enough drink is coursing through his blood, spreading a warm feeling through him, a thin thin thin line is crossed.

There is now something different about the apprentice (Is his name Ivan?), which he can’t bring himself to ignore. It’s captivating in every meaning of the word.

His plain brown hair suddenly seems perfect in its waviness, how it felt in his grip when Ivan was sucking him off. For a pinecone, of all things.

His always exasperated face suddenly seems cute and in his heart the Xoan ambassador feels himself grow fond of the skeptical shine to his eyes, the tight pressed lips and his eyebrows, so often furrowed in his presence.

Ivan’s clothed body is more alluring than any half-naked or naked person he sees in the embassy, bodies tangled with bodies. He liked how in certain poses, he could see the fabric wrap around and accentuate his body, the angles and curves where angles and curves should be. And the ambassador drinks more to try and distract himself from this sudden…sexiness, only to find it encourages his mind into making advances.

He does not woo and seduce with careful caresses and whispered sweet nothings. The ambassador does not, doesn’t even let them cross his thoughts.

He tricks instead, with half-planned-and-half-alcohol-and-half-on-the-spot schemes.

Lies, with carefully chosen words.

Poisons, with the foods from his native kingdom.

Deceits, with the antidotes a Xoan will always bring with them.

But is it really just lust that drives him to go so out of his way? In this drunken stupor, he will look into the glare of the other, who wipes away a drip of white fluid from the corner of his mouth. And in this gaze he finds stranger feelings. He wants to hold the other’s hair in his hands again, wants to feel the movement of a tongue against his own like the first time they met. Wants to strip his body and feel every inch of it, wants to take him and hold him with the first shouts of pain. All of this in the small not-even-a-moment-of-time that they exchange eye contact, until he turns and leaves the temporary embassy.

Although he just released himself, as soon as the other is out of the tent, he trails a hand down his body to his half-hard member. Takes it in hand, stroking slowly. Thoughts of drinking and more strange events, maybe another human rowboat, or a cross through the oceans of time in a clock. But then those stupid, stupid things are wiped away and replaced by Ivan. Not just apprentice, but Ivan.

Ivan whose body he undresses and touches, each gasp only driving him more.

Ivan who he presses himself against after preparing the other’s entrance, fingers stretching the muscles.

Ivan that rocks his body against his as they fuck, the air sweaty and he wants the first night to be just them in the room, on a bed alone and away from other ears.

Ivan who would whisper, then moan, then shout his name with every few thrusts. “Sandoval, Sandoval, Sandoval!”

And with this last thought he cums in his hand, a sticky mess on all five digits. He’s drunk and tired, uninterested in having any actual sex tonight. After a good search he finds his clothes, and hopefully what fluids are on it are mostly his. They’re gathered in his arms as he winds around the couples and groups, to a more private room that he actually -sleeps- in. The mask is set on the table beside him, and the clothes are just dumped on the floor. Sheets wrap around his naked spent body, and somewhere through the drunken haze he wishes that apprentice-Ivan was in the space next to him.

The next morning arrives, and in a hungover and worn state, Sandoval the ambassador from the Xoan nation still can’t answer any of the questions he asked himself about why Ivan(he still wasn’t sure) the apprentice of mistress was such a thing to be pursued. For a while he just lays on the bed, wondering why. It seemed a simple question, but it wasn’t.But complicated questions couldn’t be answered by not looking for the answer.

He gets up, gets dressed and wanders out of his room to see if he can find the man once more, and continue to pursue both the answers and the person prompting the questions.
Tell me if I'm failing at these two; and does the mistress ever have her name stated, or the name of her land/kingdom/etc. stated?

Nope, Mistress is always Mistress. We never know her name.

And please, you are NOT failing. Please do continue!

So uh, this gets posted because it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Oh those naiive young days.

Wriiiitefaaaaaag come baaaaack...

I'd love to, but it'd be nice to see more content from other people too.

No ones really contributing though...
I'll wait.
Take your time, writefag. Someone might even post other stuff.

new oglaf comic up.


You beat me. I was going to post the exact same thing.

I fucking lurve this comic. This new update was delicious. Fucking exploding in fanboy joy. Liiiiife isss soooo gooood...


>want whatever's in it
>dick in a box

File: 128203057576.jpg-(301.58KB, 640x800, 5.jpg)

Someone get started on this before they move the story along and ruins fantasies.

File: 128203069469.jpg-(316.46KB, 640x800, 6.jpg)

File: 128203083061.jpg-(220.33KB, 640x800, 16.jpg)

Thank you for the newest comic to obsess over, anon.

A short Oglaf ficlet, because I was bored.
Sandoval didn’t give as much as he took, but in this case he was more than willing. He held two legs apart, tongue licking and sliding all over the hard member in-between. The apprentice was trying to hold in the groans coming from his mouth, but with each teasing movement he only made more. It was so crowded in this large bedroom, filled with noise and heat and the wet noise of his mouth on Ivan’s erection.
“This is, only because you owe me it…No false hopes.” His green-gray eyes laugh, gazing upwards, but the other avoids his eye. Such little confidence.
“I guess I do, don’t I? So do let me make it up to you, Ivan..”
“Shut the hell up, and hurry up..” Sandoval smiles, looking down again. From the corner of his eye he sees the other look at him, tanned skin rosy and his eyebrows bunched.
Endearing, truly. Pulling away for just a second, the ambassador kisses the tip before slowly taking every inch of the other in his mouth, bobbing up and down. Hands tangle painfully into his long hair, and more whispery breaths. Faster, that voice says, with the same impatient tone he always had…And Sandoval obliges because he wants to, and not because he needs to. There wasn’t any harm in getting even, repaying a favor done unto him. It’s hot and lazy on this afternoon that they have alone, for just now. The ambassador shudders when the other cums, wishing that it was more than just that moment.


Thank you again.

File: 128246443015.jpg-(546.30KB, 1024x3395, Lackadaisy_Bunny__hug_by_tracyjb.jpg)

I now want fic of an exhausted Viktor taking Mordecai home and tucking him in bed, while Mordecai pukes all over his only good shirt and feels up his brickhouse of a body.

...Mordecai in a tuxedo...


bumping this for that person who can't figure out you can search through past pages.

boxer hockey here

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