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Here's to little-known faggots getting the love they deserve.

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Second, those two seemed pretty ATTACHED if you ask me.

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Right click, save. Moar like this.

I'd like to retract my previous statement- a lot more of exactly this. Post comic, kindly anon!

Forgive, but I don't really read DC, but is this a thread about the villains that Flash goes up against? Or two people totally unrelated to Flash that just happen to have the word 'Rouges' in their super-hero team name? I'm interested because there always needs to be more guys that wear blue and orange stripes unashamedly.

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The first one. It's the Pied Piper and the Trickster, two very interesting characters with a long and well-established past! Piper is openly gay, Trickster is supposedly straight.

<3 this thread

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Let's not limit ourselves here. There's plenty of queerness to go around in the Flash world.

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The Cold/Wally diner scenes during Ignition are really interesting because they mirror what's going on with Wally and Linda.

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To continue where someone left off.

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And now continuing in a completely different style

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Depressed?Why not have a drink with a known killer in the middle of the night.

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I love how their respect for each other in costume continues when they're just being normal guys. They're not that different.

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Cold dripping ice in his coffee is a nice touch as well.

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Of course their little love in is interrupted by the superheroing life. But when Wally talks to Linda, he brings her back to the same dinner and is sad that he won't have late night meetings with Len anymore. The plot is weirdly romantic.

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'Cause it's one of my fav. fics of them and the author seems to have disappeared.


He was so damn tired.

Tired of running, tired of being blamed for the death of that young Flash, tired of this goddamn cellar, tired of being chained up to this immature jackass.

Tired of said jackass’ snoring.

He poked Trickster in the ribs, probably a bit harder than he’d needed to.

“Mphnrg?” mumbled the younger man, before sighing and settling back down.

Piper sighed harshly, and kicked at the wall. Hiding up in the Penguin’s cellar was not his idea of a good time. And God, he’d been chained up to Trickster for weeks now. They both stank, as Trickster wouldn’t shower while he was in the room, and yelled at him if he said he wanted to get clean. Fortunately, the chain stretched far enough that one could close, or nearly close, the bathroom door so that the other could go in privacy.

Why Trickster still thought Piper was hitting on him after he’d had to listen to him use the toilet every day for three weeks was something that Piper couldn’t quite figure out.

Trickster turned over, giving a frustrated sigh. “Right. It’s been three weeks,” he announced.

Piper nodded gravely. “Three Christ-awful weeks,” he agreed.

“God, why couldn’t I have been chained up to a girl?” bemoaned the younger man theatrically. “I can’t go another day without jerking off. You’re just gonna have to turn your back, alright? For the love of God, you cannot look at me.”

He rolled his eyes. “You flatter yourself. Do whatever you have to.” He did turn around, though, resolutely closing his eyes.

There were a few minutes of blessed quiet, and then the shifting sounds of fabric on fabric.

Trickster sighed.

Dry rasp of skin on skin.

Closing his eyes harder, Piper tried fervently to wish himself to sleep.

Trickster was breathing faster, the rasping sounds a little closer together.

He couldn’t help it, damn it. Like Trickster had said, it had been three weeks. He was starting to get turned on, just from the sounds he couldn’t block.

“If- if you need to…” Trickster’s voice was strained, and surprisingly soft.

Piper ground his teeth together, and gave in. He shoved his hand into his pants, gripping himself firmly, and started to stroke himself.

“Not that hand!” yelped Trickster.

Oh, God. That was his chained hand. Trickster could probably feel the movement of the chain on his own wrist- Piper groaned, feeling his erection harden fully at the thought. “But- I’m used to-”

“Shutupshutupshutup! No discussion of- nnn- technique!”

“Fine.” He rolled onto his back to free his left arm, pulling his knees up a little to give himself better access. It was weird with his left hand, a little awkward, but after a few false starts he was able to find a rhythm that felt fairly good.

There was little sound for a few minutes except harsh breathing.

Then Trickster shifted, and- “Damn.”

He tried not to respond. There was more than a little precome wetting his fist now, and he just wanted to come and go to sleep.

Trickster groaned a little, the sound lazy. “That’s surprisingly hot.”

“Shut up.” Piper tried hard to ignore him.

“Are you thinking about me?” he asked softly.

He couldn’t help glancing over at the other man, indignant-

Trickster had turned toward him, propped up on one elbow, dark red erection in hand. He was watching him with quiet interest.

Piper bit down a groan. “I wasn’t,” he protested, looking away quickly. He was just thinking about getting off. At least until he’d seen Trickster looking at him that way. At least he’d had the decency to keep it in his pants.

“Bet you are now,” breathed the other man, chuckling. His breath hitched, sounds of movement faster.

“Oh, shut up,” he pleaded, his own hand speeding up to match.

“Bet you want me- ah- to suck you off.”

Piper gasped, squeezing himself hard.

“I bet you want to fuck me. Or do you want me to fuck you?”

He pushed hard into his hand, hips leaving the ground. “Yes,” he ground out, against his will.

“You want me to fuck you hard,” panted Trickster. “You’d yell like a bitch. You’d love it.”

His hips thrust again. “Yeah.” Breath hissing between his teeth, he spread his legs, and reached between them with his other hand, moaning as he shoved two fingers hard into himself. The angle was awkward and he couldn’t get very deep, but it still felt good.

“Oh, god.” Trickster groaned. “You put your fingers in your ass, didn’t you? Oh, god!”

One hand stroking, the other thrusting slowly, Piper nodded.

“Are you thinking it’s my cock?”

He closed his eyes, head tipping back. “Yes,” he hissed.

“That’s it.” In a flurry of movement, Trickster was kneeling over him, pulling off his pants with fast, urgent movements. He dragged Piper’s right hand away, and shoved his own fingers hard into Piper’s ass.

He cried out, cock spitting precome into his hand. Trickster had no idea what he was doing- he was rough, moving too hard, too fast. It was far hotter than it should have been.

“Turn over,” he directed imperiously, fingers working hard.

Piper hesitated a moment, and then did. He braced himself on his forearm, left hand still urgently stroking himself, and spread his knees, inviting.

Trickster didn’t hesitate at all. He pulled his fingers out and thrust in.

He bit down on his arm, hard.

Groaning thickly, Trickster slammed into the warm body beneath him.

Piper closed his eyes and relaxed into it, pushing back to meet Trickster’s energetic thrusts. It had been too long, far too long since he’d done this- god, it felt good, so good-

Pressing his forehead between Piper’s shoulder blades, Trickster held his hips tighter, pushing in as hard as he could.

Piper arched his back a little- there! White spots flashed across his vision as the change in angle meant that Trickster was hitting his prostate now. Two- three more thrusts-

As Piper shouted, convulsing, under him, the clenching of his body in orgasm was enough to bring Trickster over the edge. He came with a low cry.

Panting into green robes, Trickster tried to recover his breath. “Do I, like, have AIDS now?”

Piper rolled over far enough to hit him.

File: 125507333612.png-(551.45KB, 730x733, PTchallengeB.png)

Oh, man, we need so much more like this. Is anybody still filling requests on the kink meme?

File: 125521373329.jpg-(171.26KB, 900x701, nudepiper.jpg)

Is he wearing Airwalkers?

File: 125522414044.jpg-(21.91KB, 239x470, silverpiedpiper.jpg)

Would be awesome if it were. But it also looks like his normal shoes from his Silver Age costume.

File: 125529837539.jpg-(562.12KB, 789x600, nuu - DCU - James Jesse.jpg)
Most days FBI Special Agent James Jesse could be a normal person. In fact most days he was. To this Hartley Rathaway, his boyfriend and roommate, could attest. But there were also some days when he could be a down-right kinky bastard. And, to this, Hartley Rathaway could also attest.

One of those rare days was today.

Hartley, fully dressed as the Pied Piper, was up even before the sun to prepare for long day at that local homeless shelter. He stood in front of the coffee maker waiting for it to percolate.

"Excuse me, sir, but there have been reports of suspicious persons in this area. I'm Special Agent James Jesse with the FBI and I'm afraid I'm going to have to question you."

Hartley turned around to see a fully dressed-for-work James Jesse smirking at him from the living room. He crossed his arms and leaned back on the counter, giving James a long contemplative look. He still had an hour before work; he'd play James's game. "Oh really now? And what did these 'suspicious persons' look like?"

A certain excited glint entered James' eyes. The same type of expression he used to have when he would throw glue pies in the Flash's face as the Trickster.

"Well," he said, walking a few yards from the living room into the kitchen about an arm's length away from Hartley, "one of them has reddish-brown hair," he moved a little closer to Hartley to caress a few strands of his hair, "with blue eyes, just about your height, and with soft lips like yours." James moved the hand that was caressing Hartley's hair to the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. After a few seconds, James pulled away and opened his mouth to speak again. "They call him the Pied Piper. You wouldn't happen to be him, now would you?"

Hartley unfolded his arms to embrace James and kissed his neck before answering. "And if I was? Would you arrest me?" He looked up into his boyfriend's eyes, a smirk plastered across his face.

James's smirk fell into a frown. Though Hartley continued to smirk widely at James, he secretly wondered if he had done something wrong. "If you were? Then, I'd have to arrest you," he said before putting his arms around Hartley and nuzzling his neck. He kissed Hartley's neck all the way up to his ear before he pulled away just enough to whisper into his ear. "Buuuuuuut," he spoke in a teasing sort of tone, "I have to find evidence that implicates you first," Hartley could feel James' smirk widening against his neck. "If you wouldn't mind?" He kissed the junction between Hartley's ear and his cheekbone.

Hartley smirk grew, confident once more. "Do what you have to. I've got nothing to hide," he whispered, giving James a quick kiss on the side of his mouth.

James shivered. It wasn't often he could get Hartley into such a playful mood. So, he was going to have to take advantage of this. "I'm going to have to ask you to remove the cloak." Hartley pushed him away just enough to remove it. He handed the cloak to James, who shook it for a moment before discarding it. "Nothing important in there," he said before he kissed Hartley's collar bone, "Must be somewhere else on you." He started to pat his hands around Hartley's front and back, as though looking for something.

"Hmm, and what is it you're looking for?" He murmured as he started to pull at the knot of James' black tie.

James let Hartley throw his tie somewhere across the kitchen before he answered. "Nothing in particular. Just evidence to prove you're the Pied Piper or other points of interest." He stopped his patting when he came to Hartley's belt full of his instruments. "And what do we have here?" He unhooked it and looked at in mock interest before dismissing it with a light, "Doesn't look like nothin' special," and placing it on the counter behind Hartley. He wasn't going to take the chance of throwing it; having Hartley berate him for possibly breaking an instrument and completely ruining the mood.

James shrugged off the suit jacket that Hartley had unbuttoned while he had been talking and started to unbutton his shirt as Hartley pulled it out of his pants. Hartley snuck his hands under James's shirt to feel his warm skin underneath. He kissed James's neck and murmured, "Keep looking. I've got nothing to hide." He started to kiss a trail across the skin that James’ now fully opened shirt left exposed. He stopped at James's nipple and stuck his tongue out to lick it.

James let out a quiet moan and pulled Hartley away from his chest to grab the bottom of Hartley's shirt to pull it up and off. He left curt, light kisses on Hartley's shoulders before he spoke again. "Oh, really?" he paused to catch his breath a little. This game was making him very excited. "Nothing? Nowhere?" He started to pat his way down from Hartley's chest to his pants.

He pulled James's head up so that he could kiss him on the mouth this time. It was a passionate kiss, but it was cut short by Hartley. "Yes. Nothing. Nowhere," he said before he kissed James again. Only this time it was harder with more want. It left them both out of breath and panting when they finally broke apart.

"Hmm, well," he started before stopping for another gasp of air, "Then what's this?!" he asked smirking as he cupped Hartley's erection through his pants. Hartley gave a startled gasp before he moaned. James let out a breathy laugh as he lightly stoked Hartley's bulging pants. "So," he started again, "what is it?"

"J-James!" Hartley whimpered as he tried to hold back from bucking into James's hand.

"No, no. You can call me Agent Jesse," James tsked at him, "Let's try and be appropriate here." He let go of Hartley's clothed erection to pull Hartley's pants down to his knees before he began to stroke him again.

Hartley grabbed onto the counter behind him to keep balance as he threw his head back. "James!" he whispered, trying to sort through the pleasure currently being given to him by James's steady hand.

James pouted. "Agent Jesse," he repeated, sulking a bit before he leaned over to suck on Hartley's adam's apple. Hartley moaned loudly before he started to buck into James's hand.

"J-Ja-! Agent-! Jesse! Jesse! Jesse!" Hartley was saying in his ear now, but James couldn't stop smirking. He began to move his hand faster up and down Hartley's cock before he ran his thumb over the tip of Hartley's cock. When he felt the pre-cum dripping out, he let go of Hartley completely.

Hartley whimpered at the abrupt end of his pleasure and James laughed a little at how worked up he'd got Hartley. "Just hold on a few minutes," he said as he began undoing his belt and unzipping his pants, "I've got to give you a cavity search." He pulled out a small bottle of lube and pushed his pants down over his thighs. "Give me your hand, Hart."

Hartley put out his hand while James popped open the cap of the bottle and squirted some of the liquid into the middle of Hartley's palm. He took Hartley's hand and guided it to James’ erection. Hartley put one hand on James's shoulder to balance himself before he grabbed him firmly, and began to pump his hand up and down, lubricating James's length.

James put also put his free hand down on the counter behind Hartley to keep steady. He leaned his head on Hartley's shoulder and closed his eyes as he let the gradually growing waves off pleasure over take him. After a minute or two Hartley let go of him and James pushed himself back into a standing position. "Turn around, Hart."

Hartley turned around and placed his hands on the counter.

Meanwhile, James squirted a gracious amount of lube onto his fingers and continued to rub it between his fingers to warm it up. Deeming it warm enough, he inserted a digit into his lover. He wiggled it around a little that earned a desperate moan from Hartley.

He smiled at that and added another finger. He moved his fingers around searching for Hartley's prostate before Hartley's sudden yelp of pleasure told him he'd found it. He pulled his two fingers back a little before hitting Hartley's prostate again. He did this over and over and each time got a sharp "Oh!" or "Ah!"

When he put a third finger in, Hartley hissed in slight pain. He put his other hand on Hartley's thigh to comfortingly rub little circles against it. After a few seconds he twisted his fingers around, testing the waters. Hartley gasped out a small, "God, yes!" Before he pulled out his fingers.

James readjusted himself behind Hartley before entering him slowly. Even with lube, he didn't want to take the chance of hurting his Hart.

Hartley sighed. "I'm fine, James. Hurry it up!"

"Okay," came his more than enthusiastic answer. He kissed the back of Hartley's shoulder blade once before plunging the rest of the way into him.

He gave a minute for Hartley to adjust before he pulled out and pushed back in slowly for the first few thrusts, half out of courtesy to Hartley and half because he was looking for Hartley's sweet spot.

At Hartley's cry of "There, there! Again!" James chuckled against Hartley's back.

Hartley turned his head around to see what was so funny. "Wha-uh!" he cried as James hit his prostate again. Hartley began to buck back into James, trying to hit that place harder.

"Nothing. I just found what I was looking for." James replied. He started to angle his thrusts towards Hartley's sweet spot. As he started to pick up a faster rhythm, he reached around Hartley to grasp his cock again, and started to jerk him off.

Hartley didn't know what to do. He didn't know if he wanted to push back into James and have James's cock farther in him or to press into James's hand that was rubbing over his tip so deliciously. But he did know that he wanted James to do it harder.

"Harder! Uh!" he shouted, gripping the counter so tightly that his knuckles turned white. "No more games, James! Harder! Now!"

James rolled his eyes, but did what was demanded of him. He didn't regret it either. Maybe because of the way it made him feel like he was about to come at any moment or because of all the pleasured screams out of Hartley's mouth.

Either or both ways, he wasn't going to last much longer with the way Hartley had decided to start pushing back onto him. He picked up the hand massage he was giving to Hartley to give him an edge.

Just as he thought he was going to blow, Hartley came. Eyes closed and screams out of a regular human's hearing range. James certainly couldn't take it anymore. With a few more thrusts into Hartley's tighter-than-ever ass, he came.

They basked in the afterglow for a few moments before James pulled out. He hugged Hartley to his chest and kissed him tiredly before he let him go.

"Do you want me to join you in the shower or do you have to get to the shelter?" he asked, hesitant to zip his pants back up if the answer was "Yes."

"How about both 'Agent Jesse'?" Hartley teased.

Holy shit, that was adorable!

Summary: The boys look for an alternate way to get free from their cuffs.

It was a shame, Hartley decided, that they had come all this way, only to find that their efforts had been a waste of time. No, that was being entirely too charitable. Their efforts had been a colossal waste of time, he amended.

Well, maybe not a complete waste of time. If they hadn't come this far in an attempt to have the shackles removed from their hands, Hartley would never have been granted the opportunity to see that particular dumb founded expression on James' face.

Which, while amusing, wasn't nearly as funny as the mage made it out to be. The woman standing in front of them - some crazy old woman Trickster had known from his circus days - shook all over as she laughed, making the chains of gold around her neck jingle obnoxiously loud as she shook her head fondly at the blond-haired man beside Hartley.

"It's not so bad," she promised. "There are far worse rituals involved in spell making."

"It's very bad," James protested. "Very, very bad."

"And seemingly overly complicated," Hartley added. "You're that good of a witch - "

"Sorceress," she corrected stiffly. James stopped being dumb founded long enough to elbow Hartley in the ribs.

Hartley sighed. "No offense intended. I simply meant that if you are good enough of a sorceress to cast a spell, why can't you cast one to unsnap the restraints without the extra requirement?"

"Magic and technology do not always work well together," she admitted, and Hartley could hear a headache coming on. "Sometimes we are lucky, when the technology is weak, but other times..." she waved her hand. "The technology in these restraints is strong and complicated. So too must be the spell."

"So we have to have sex?" James blurted.

"The technology dictates that you must be bound together," the mage continued with a hand wave that was entirely too casual to be appropriate for the situation. "The spell allows intercourse to bind you together instead of the restraints."

"That makes no sense," Hartley argued.

"Sure it does, Piper," James sighed. "I just don't know which one of us is the princess and which one of us is the toad. I'm thinking you're the princess."

"And I'm thinking this isn't an option," Hartley answered. To the mage he added, "Thanks for your help, but we'll be going now." He jerked firmly on his end of the chain, privately thinking that if he jerked a little too hard and James didn't follow, the resulting pain from the shock would be worth it so that James would get a good jolt too.

James did follow, much to Hartley's disappointment. But he also threw a "Hold that thought" over his shoulder to the witch.

Once out of range, Hartley turned to James and said calmly, but firmly, "No."

"Look, I don't like it any more than you do," James protested. "I probably like it even less since you, you know, like the having sex with men thing."

"Some men," Hartley pointed out. "Not all men. Not the man standing next to me."

"Whatever. A penis you don't like for a gay guy has to be easier to swallow - no pun intended - than any penis for a straight guy," James answered.

Hartley glared down at the cuffs holding them. He decided not to mention that there really wasn't enough slack in the bonds to allow for oral sex. If they were going to agree to this ridiculous spell - which they weren't - it was going to be anal sex all the way.

Because hand jobs really wouldn't cut it, if Hartley understood the spell correctly.

"Did you miss the part where we aren't doing this?" Hartley asked James coolly.

"No. I heard that part," James answered. "However, perhaps you missed the part where the alternative is that we stay stuck together."

"We find another alternative," Hartley answered calmly.

"We've been searching for alternatives for months!" James exclaimed. "Do you honestly think there is any other solution?"

"There has to be. This one isn't an option," Hartley repeated.

"Why not? You can't want to be stuck together like this! That's gayer than wanting to have sex in the first place!"

"No," Hartley said firmly. "I very much do not. However, I also want to keep up my no killing stance, and if I have to listen to the level of ass you're sure to be both during the act and following it, I won't be able to."

"I won't be an ass!" James protested.

Hartley just looked at him. Really, such an obvious lie wasn't worth so much as a glare.

"I won't!" James continued. At Hartley's continued stare, he added pleadingly, "Hartley -" Which really wasn't playing fair, "Come on. Tell me what I can do to convince you that I won't be an ass, and I'll do it."

"That would only work if you were capable of not being an ass," Hartley answered. "But I'm not sure you are. You open your mouth and out comes assness. Sometimes I think it's involuntary with you."

"That's not -" James denial stopped mid-way, whether because he realized it was ridiculous or because he knew that he couldn't convince Hartley otherwise, Hartley didn't bother to ask. "Okay. So, I won't open my mouth. At least not to talk. Either during the ...thing...or to ever speak of it again."

"No speaking at all?" Hartley pondered. "During the sex?"

James winced at the bluntness, but nodded. "And no discussing it afterward. Rogue's honor."

Hartley gave a derisive snort. "That doesn't mean a hell of a lot these days." Well, strictly speaking that wasn't true. What it meant these days was a dead kid and a dead Flash ... but that probably wasn't what James had meant.

He received a scowl for the commentary. "This isn't Captain Cold you're talking to, Piper. My word ought to count for a hell of a lot more than Mr. Drugs Are Bad But I Snort Coke In My Free Time."

"Hypocrisy is Captain Cold's rule number 42," Hartley answered with a shrug.

"See? Another way we're different," James said. When Hartley didn't say anything, James sighed. "C'mon, Piper. This is the only way. You have to agree. Please? "

Hartley was almost certain this was going to be a mistake. But even if it was, he consoled himself, he'd get a few minutes of silence. And if James broke his promise to never speak of it again - which included any sly comments insinuating that Hartley had enjoyed himself - Hartley could simply remind James that it was he who had begged Hartley to have sex with him.


He'd promised, James reminded himself, not to say a word. In fact, he was pretty sure if he broke that promise, Piper would call it off entirely, and they'd be stuck together.

And Piper would blame him for it.

So, he remained quiet, even as Piper pushed him down onto the mattress that had so thoughtfully been provided for them by the mage who seemed more and more like a creepy voyeur. There was no way he should be on the bottom! He shouldn't be the girl.

As James tensed, Piper looked down at him expectantly. "Something to say, James?"

James opened his mouth to say no, then thought better of it and shook his head instead.

Piper smiled, in what could only be approval - which should have irritated James far more than it did. "Good boy," he proclaimed as he began removing James' pants. James tried not to squirm, tried to remind himself that Piper didn't want to go through with this anymore than he did.

In fact, judging by the fact that Piper's eyes were still covered, it was possible that Piper wanted to be here even less than James wanted to be here.

Which wasn't fair, really. He was a perfectly attractive guy, and there was no reason that the gay guy shouldn't think so.

Once James' pants had been removed, Piper began working on his own pants, and James sat up to take a peek. He wasn't interested in Piper's goods, but what guy could pass up a chance to do a little comparison checking?

Piper quite rudely pushed him back down onto the mattress. Biting down a protest, James tapped his fingers impatiently against the mattress and wondered if the annoying mage was still watching them. Neither of them could see her, but that didn't mean anything.

"I'm going to have to apply the lube now," Piper informed him, picking up the tube that the creepy voyeur mage had so thoughtfully provided and all James could do was nod again. Which was truly unfortunate because upon raising his head, James could see that Piper was already hard, and there were plenty of snide jokes that could be made and commentary that went along the lines of "I knew you had a thing for me."

But as much as James would have liked to make such commentary, he wanted to get free of the damn handcuffs first.

"I'm going on a hunch that you've never been on the receiving end of this before," Piper acknowledged.

James rolled his eyes in response.

"There are straight men that engage in anal play," Piper argued, and promise or no promise, James was going to argue that point as soon as he was free. Because straight men did not enjoy anal penetration.

Piper shook his head at him, even though James had been good and not said anything. "It's called a prostate, James. And I promise to give yours a thorough exam so you can be dissolved of your ridiculously hetero-centric notions. Try to relax. The first time can be uncomfortable, and the lube's a little cold."

A little cold, as it turned out, was the understatement of the year. It would have been like saying their handcuffs kept them “a little" tied together. The minute Piper's fingers- still gloved, because Hartley was a sadist at heart, James was sure - slipped where no man's hand had ever gone before, James immediately tensed as the ice cold lube hit parts that were more sensitive than James had ever had reason to notice them being.

"Relax," Piper instructed again and James sighed his frustration and reached for Piper's unoccupied hand, tugging off the glove to explain what the problem was. Or at least, what he thought was contributing to the already quite large problem of not being gay and having frigid lube being shoved up his ass.

"Some people like the extra ribbing," Piper noted. "Wimp."

Some people were freaks, James thought, but he was very content to see Piper remove the glove from the other hand. Piper rubbed his hands together, in a gesture that James desperately hoped would bring heat to the fingers, before coating his fingers with lube.

"Still need you to relax," Piper instructed. "The phrase 'unclench'? Is a good one."

James took a deep, calming breath and tried to relax his muscles to make the whole experience less unpleasant.

"This is going to be uncomfortable," Piper instructed. "But it shouldn't hurt. If it hurts, one of us is doing something wrong. Let me know immediately if it starts to hurt, alright?"

James lifted a hand to his mouth and tapped it in question.

"No," Piper said. "With your hand. Still no talking."

James stuck out his tongue.

"Not having that kind of sex," Piper answered, as he slid his finger inside James.

It was still cold, but less so than it had been before, and uncomfortable was definitely the word...but Piper was right. It hadn't hurt.

Piper slid his finger in and let it remain in a place for a moment, and James figured that was Piper's way of letting him get comfortable. After a moment of silence and remaining still, Piper began wriggling his finger inside of James.

That...that was different. Definitely different.

"You okay?" Piper asked as his finger stopped wriggling and started turning.

Okay. Well, that was certainly a highly relative term, considering, but James gave his nonverbal consent.

"Good. Going to add a second finger." Piper accentuated his words by pulling out and adding additional lube to his fingers. James expected two fingers right away, but Piper inserted only one finger at first, repeating his actions of allowing the sensation to sink in before inserting a second finger.

James took a deeper breath the second time, as the second finger felt more uncomfortable for a prolonged amount of time. But he shook his head at Piper's question of concern.

It was through mid-shake that Piper's fingers hit something that made them stop being uncomfortable long enough for James' world to go momentarily white. Despite his vow of silence, James let out an audible gasp.

"That would be your prostrate," Piper acknowledged, "And that would be why even straight men like anal play." To illustrate his words, Piper pushed down on the exact same spot.

"Wow," James breathed, not really caring much whether it was a gay wow or a straight wow, as long as Piper promised to keep doing that.

And Piper - the sneaky bastard that he was - grinned down at him and calmly reminded, "No talking, James."


Hartley did consider, by the time he added a third finger, that it would have been entirely possible to make James come with just his fingers inside his ass.

It would have been a sweet victory, and Hartley was tempted. But he had a suspicion that digitally stimulating James' prostrate wouldn't count as the kind of sex that would be needed to make the spell work.

So three fingers were removed long enough to slide the condom into place, and Hartley hid his smile at the little sigh of protest James gave when the fingers were removed. He was sure it was an unconscious sound, but it was one he filed away in his memory. It too would never be spoken of again, but that didn't mean it wouldn't bring Hartley pleasure.

The way James closed his eyes and bit his lower lip as Hartley pushed into him was also carefully filed away into a private place in Hartley's memories. Beneath him, James' muscles tensed, and Hartley wished for a good reason to have removed the shirt on the other man's chest, so that he might have seen the naked muscles instead of the crumpled costume.

"Relax," Hartley reminded, and he received what was definitely not his first eye roll of the night. Nonetheless, James took two deep breaths and visibly tried to relax into the mattress.

The shift in body language exposed more of James' neck to Hartley, and he resisted the temptation to lean forward to lick the exposed flesh. That would be ...horribly inappropriate, would be a definite case of taking advantage of the situation, and was overall unnecessary.

But Hartley memorized the way that naked flesh looked, down to the exact shade of skin, and began moving his hips.

He could have, Hartley knew, brought James to orgasm by simply aiming for the right spot. But somehow, that didn't seem very polite...or fair.

"The spell probably needs you to get off too," Hartley noted as though what he was doing wouldn't and gestured to the handcuffs binding them together. "That okay with you?"

James tilted his head, indicating that he didn't understand. Hartley responded by placing his hands at the base of James' cock. James' widened his eyes, and hesitated, but slowly nodded.

Which, really, was all the agreement Hartley needed.


James had constructed a plan when the mage had first explained the terms of the spell to them. He'd planned to lay there and flip through the mental images of every gorgeous woman he'd been with, or even wanted to be with. Far from being sex with Piper - or gay sex, it would have been a great masturbation session.

It had been a great plan.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be working. To James' utter horror, his body seemed to be reacting to Piper's touch without any fantasy needed.

That wasn't supposed to be happening. He was straight. Still, his body didn't seem to recognize or care about his sexuality, as it insisted on enjoying - yeah, there really wasn't any other word, no matter how strongly James wanted to deny it - Piper's touch.

Enjoy. James felt his body stiffen at the realization, and right on cue, Piper stopped what he was doing, and every very straight part of him cried out in protest.

"Are you alright?" Piper asked and James immediately shook his head. This had the unfortunate side effect of making Piper let go of his cock.

Really, there wasn't anything for James to do but pull Piper's hands back to his cock. That earned him a funny look, which was bad enough but it was followed up with a knowing look - one that said Piper knew James was enjoying himself.

"Not hurting you?" Piper asked in a tone that James was sure was a taunting one.

But he shook his head anyway.

When Piper's hands returned to their jerking, and Piper's hips resumed their movement, James tried really hard to refocus on a fantasy - any fantasy would do - but it was hopeless. When he came, it wasn't with the picture of some random chick in his mind. It was Piper.

And it was Hartley's name that briefly escaped his mouth.


So far, things had gone well. Hartley had a nice little fantasy to file away for later use - one that included how James smelled, looked, and felt, and even how his own name sounded on James' lips - and the spell had worked, meaning that they were both free.

Naturally, James had to ruin the moment by speaking.

"So -"

"Never to speak of it again," Hartley reminded.

"Right," James agreed. "I was going to speak of future plans, not of ... it. "

"What future plans? And why?" Hartley asked, turning to face James now that they were both suitably dressed. "We're free to go our own separate ways, and isn't that exactly what you wanted?"

"Maybe," James admitted. "But I have this plan to shut down the other Rogues...and I could use some help, you know?"

"You've done nothing but state how much you want to be on your own during this whole time," Hartley reminded. "Suddenly that's changed?"

"Well, yeah."

"Why?" Hartley asked suspiciously.

"Friends help each other out. And we are friends, right?" James questioned. "I mean, we used to be, and now..." he trailed off, and waved at the mattress between them.

"Never.Speak.Of.It.Again," Hartley reminded.

"I didn't speak of it," James denied. "I simply pointed out we qualify as friends with benefits now and that we might as well take advantage of that."

Hartley sighed and wondered what he'd ever done to deserve the life he was currently living. "We aren't lovers," he reminded sharply, "And we haven't been friends for a while."

"Well, maybe we could work on that," James suggested with a shrug. "Y'know, while we take down the bad Rogues."

Hartley didn't ask which part James wanted to work on, because he was sure that was only wishful thinking on his behalf. Instead, despite the fact that he should have said no, he nodded and agreed, "Sounds like fun."

He could only hope the hopefulness in the sentiment wasn't as obvious to James' ears as it was to his own.

File: 125546842265.jpg-(98.46KB, 250x250, 159.jpg)
Since this thread is also Flash related.

Well, yeah. You don't think his and Piper's relationship is strictly professional, do you?

File: 12555076992.jpg-(225.16KB, 750x949, theflash1su8.jpg)
Flash/Rogues imo.

File: 125552093978.jpg-(47.58KB, 300x300, 123206051096.jpg)
I guess I can post this then.

File: 125563531589.jpg-(71.92KB, 366x557, The_Flash.jpg)

File: 12556353504.jpg-(201.45KB, 800x480, strippingrogues.jpg)

Summary: Piper's ex-boyfriend is also named James.

The Penguin's wine cellar was cold, and Piper blew on his fingers to warm them. Beside him, Trickster was polishing off a bottle of 1952 Chateau Musar and saying, "I told ya Pengy had our backs. We'll be back on our feet and outta Gotham in no time."

Piper didn't feel as confident about their benefactor or their odds of escaping Gotham with all their limbs intact, but he was too weary, cold, and heartsick to bother with arguing. All we ever do is argue, he thought, and all he said out loud was, "Whatever, Trickster. Wake me when we have to run for our lives again." He then curled up on his side, pulling his tattered green cape around him. Their clothes stank, but there was no way Trickster would agree to shower with him, and no way to remove their shirts without ripping them. Walking around shirtless and handcuffed to one another didn't seem much better than staying in their filthy costumes.

Piper dropped off to sleep almost immediately, and soon his eyes were flickering back and forth beneath their lids. Trickster tossed and turned as much as possible, considering the chain, trying to find a comfortable position. He sighed deeply and prayed for sleep.

Piper, meanwhile, was enjoying one of his favorite dreams. He dreamt about the afternoon when he and his ex-lover, James, had been caught in a rainstorm while walking back to their apartment. Laughing, they'd run up the steps, then slammed the door behind them and began stripping off their wet clothes. He dreamed about the damp shirt clinging to James' body, the smile on his lover's face, the way their lips met. So long, so very long since he'd kissed anyone. Dream-James kissed him breathless, and then pulled him towards the bed. "Hartley," said Dream-James. "Hartley. Hartley. Hartley. "

"James," moaned Piper.

Lying next to him, Trickster's eyes shot wide open. "Omigod," he mouthed silently to himself. Piper said my name in his sleep. Carefully, he raised his head and peered at Piper, making out the curve of his face in the dim light. Piper smiled, obviously enjoying whatever was happening in his dream. Trickster laid his head back down and concentrated on not moving a muscle.

Piper was dreaming about -- what? Kissing him? More?

Not that he wanted Piper to dream about them together or anything.

This was an ego thing, Trickster told himself. It was heartening to know someone still found him attractive, even if that someone was Piper. He listened to Piper groan again, and idly wondered what Piper's fantasies were like -- was the sex rough? Or slow and passionate? Was it just primal animal lust, or did they kiss and caress one another? Were handcuffs involved? He decided Piper seemed like he was a little bit kinky. Piper moaned, and the chain between them pulled on Trickster's wrist. Yeah. Handcuffs are definitely involved.

Dream-James traced the hollow of Piper's throat with his finger, and then followed with his tongue. "James," mumbled Piper. "James." Trickster smirked, thinking, Damn, I must be pretty good to get Piper worked up like that.

Several hours later, Piper awoke with a start, yanking the chain between them and waking Trickster, as well. Stretching his arms and legs, Trickster smiled up at him and asked, "Good dreams, huh?"

Piper's look was one of puzzlement. "Um, I guess. Why do you care, Trickster?"

Trickster's smile got even wider. "You can call me 'James'."

File: 125574603326.jpg-(412.20KB, 1024x1607, Untitled-Scanned-14.jpg)
I really want to right some Piper/Wally pr0n, but I don't have any spare plotbunnies. Help a writefag out, dear Anon?

File: 125607210230.jpg-(385.23KB, 800x575, vibrations.jpg)
Flash speed vibrations. Sound vibrations.
Sexual usage of said vibrations?

From the Kink Meme; Wally ganbang

"Fuck him harder."
That's Kadabra, thinks Wally, eyes squeezed shut. He clenches his jaw until his teeth ache, trying to ignore the feel of gloved hands on his hips, the thrusts coming harder and slower now.
"He's hard," points out Trickster.
"Get it on camera." Cold's voice is flat, unmoved. Wally is grateful for the man's detachment, grateful for something else to focus on besides McCulloch' cock, pistoning in and out of him and...
"Damn." Trickster sounds impressed, a little breathless.
Wally twists against the restraints, red spots flaring bright against the dark of his eyelids. He can feel his cum, dripping down his dick.
"Tell me you got that on camera, Axel." There's an edge to Cold's voice now, enough of one to make Wally open his eyes.
"Yeah," says Trickster, swallowing.
"Good," says McCulloch. He pulls out with a plop, smacks his cock against Wally's ass. "Someone else take a ride." A gloved hand caresses Wally's buttock. He tries not to shiver.
"He's smooth as velvet," says McCulloch.
"We've got what we need," says Cold. He stands and Wally manages to glare at the man. "Let him be."
"You'll regret this, Snart."
Captain Cold glances at him, shrugs. "Fine, then. Who's next?"
Wally lowers his head, shuts his eyes, tries not to think about the film being uploaded to the Internet, tries not to think of Mardon stepping up behind him. He tries to ignore the moan that escapes him, the baleful red glare of the camera, recording it all. Tries to pretend, some secret part of him isn't loving every goddamn minute of this.
Tries and, ultimately, fails.

Dearest write/drawfags-

I really want to see something about Piper's oral obsession. Indulge me?

File: 125754333133.jpg-(206.28KB, 611x900, hotandcold02.jpg)
To hopefully inspire some Captain Cold/Heatwave.

File: 125754335276.jpg-(194.93KB, 611x900, hotandcold03.jpg)

File: 125754337598.jpg-(261.06KB, 613x900, hotandcold06.jpg)

File: 125754339985.jpg-(241.39KB, 611x900, hotandcold09.jpg)

File: 125754342039.jpg-(190.72KB, 612x900, hotandcold11.jpg)

Hopeful bump

>>22459 Have some Cold/Piper fic from the kinkmeme

The Rogues had welcomed back James and Heatwave without much fuss, and Piper had hoped that their assertion about brainwashing and all that would let him fit right back in. Of course, questions were raised about why he didn't come around immediately, but hospitals and arrests were always easy to believe with their lifestyle. So after a few hours of sheer panic they ended up throwing him a party. There were women, of course, because he was only a superficial excuse for one they were probably going to throw anyway, but there was also liquor, lots of liquor, which made all the corners of the room and curves of the dancers blur so nicely.

He must of dozed off, since next thing he knew it was dark out and things were winding down, men going off with the girls laughing and kissing. James had managed to wrestle three blonds out the door with him, which meant he was a very suave man or a very good tipper. Piper thought about getting up and finding an empty bed to sleep, but the corner of the worn out couch he had staked out was pretty comfortable and it was so easy to sink back into the scent of cigarettes, beer, and sex that had defined most of his twenties.

"You know," came a deep, rumbling voice from behind him. Cold, Piper's mind helpfully provided. "I always thought your heart wasn't really in this."


"Tricks and Heatwave, yeah, they were always bastards, but you, we'd all figured you'd actually gone straight," he paused to let out a chucking heh and leaning down so Piper could feel his stale breath right against his ear. "So to speak."

Piper swallowed hard. He's just testing you, he reminded himself. Don't panic, he can't prove anything. "So you prefer it when I'm not straight, is that it?" He tried to sound as self assured as possible but his hands were still shaking.

Cold laughed, circling the couch and dropping down beside Piper. A little too close to be casual, but still too far to jump to any conclusions. That was Cold to a tee. In the dim light Piper could see his bare face. Without the usual hood and eyeware it was pale with worn in lines and grey hairs that made him look much older than his real age. Piper remembered when they were both in their twenties, when Cold was still Len half the time and dangerously handsome. Dying and killing could do a lot to a man. Cold draped one arm over the back of the couch, hand falling right on the back of Piper's neck. He played gently with the fine, sweaty hairs there while he took a long gulp from his beer bottle. Piper shivered.

"Well, that depends Piper. You didn't use to be the sort that kissed and told." The hand on Piper's neck became more demanding, grabbing the hair to pull Piper closer to Cold's face. "All that time with the pretty boy is tights didn't change you, did it?"

It was hard to hold Cold's steady stare for more than a few seconds. Piper swallowed hard and started to undo Cold's belt with shaking hands. This seemed to be the right more, since Cold slumped back further on the couch and spread his legs so Piper could kneel on the floor in front of him. Cold was already half hard when Piper wrapped his hand around the base and leaned in to lick slowly up the shaft. A million things were going through his head and he pushed them aside to concentrate on sucking cock. There were few things Piper knew he was absolutely good at, and musical puns aside blowjobs were one of them. Even as a teenager he had enjoyed giving them, half out of rebellious spite at his classmates and family who looked disgusted at even the mere mention of fags. He chewed his lips to looked as half fucked as possible just for the stares and furitive questions it got him. Maybe it was just the attention he was getting off on, that would certainly explain the ease with which he had fallen into the costumed lifestyle.

He bobbed his head, pushing forward more with every stroke until Cold let out a low groan. Just like falling off a bike, Piper thought. He pulled back to just suck the head and dragged a thumbnail over the sensitive skin between the cock and balls. He tried not to laugh when Cold hissed in disapproval and yanked his head back down, forcing him to get back to the business of deep throating. It was good as always, opening his mouth and just fucking his face down until he was raw and drooling. Cold seemed on board with this, holding Piper's hair tight in his fist and snapping his hips up to meet the back of Piper's throat again and again. Piper could barely breath and dark spots swam over his vision even though he was painfully hard. Unconciousness was racing towards him when he finally got his pants open to wrap his sweaty palm around his leaking cock. His shuddering moan was enough for Cold, who was polite enough to let Piper's head go as he came, splattering out of his swollen mouth that was slack with pleasure as he finished himself off.

Piper knelt there on the floor for several minutes, panting until his vision came back into focus and he could get his muscles to work again. Finally looking up he met Cold's almost affectionate gaze. Cold reached down to gently wipe Piper's face off before moving him out of the way so he could stand. Piper let his eyes slip closed again, slumped against the filthy couch as Cold rattled around the room somewhere.

"Hey," Cold said, interrupting Piper's drifting off. He offered an icy beer bottle and Piper silently accepted it. "Welcome back."

File: 126068389629.png-(243.53KB, 400x700, 28jfm8p.png)
Cold/Piper, eh? Intriguing...

Going through the Flash_rogues archives, I've been seeing alot of Piper/Boomerang. Can anybody tell me what the basis of that pairing is?


I'm pretty sure it's a joke/crack pairing. My friends started it (and even created a spinoff comm for it on LJ).

No. Just no.

Because the screams of the unwary and innocent are very sweet indeed.


Is anybody paying attention to the kink meme? Our bbs have quite a few unfilled prompts.


OMG! I had deja vu while reading the first couple lines and then I realized you posted my fanfiction!

Thanks for thinking it's good enough to post!


Sorry, where is this?

The kink meme? It's here:

Nobody has been in the kink meme for a while...

I really want to see some fic about Piper with an oral fixation. Unconsciously gnawing on stuff, really enjoying giving head- everything.

so many kinks, so little time!

Bump with content. Everything this author writes is great:

File: 126871397321.jpg-(222.21KB, 800x934, piperonpiper.jpg)
Enjoy a pretty bump

File: 12723627135.jpg-(957.91KB, 1020x1312, closer__by_mlang.jpg)
In need of moar pics....

I know we already have a DC thread, but I figured I would bring back this thread and the content we have here already for your important documents.

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