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File: 124905272841.jpg-(393.04KB, 800x1118, 8BT___Red_Mage_by_NorthernBanshee.jpg)
12210 No.12210
I've seen weirder requests, so I'm just gonna throw this out there. Why is there no 8BT slash? I suppose FF1 porn'll do.

(also if you haven't read the comic in a while and want me to pique your interest, the little kid Black Mage has been accidentally beating up the whole comic grows up into the final boss, Sarda the sage, and Brian has had this all planned for a whole decade)

...But yeah, I want to see this bastard getting reamed.

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File: 124985593361.jpg-(43.87KB, 600x429, 4923360_m.jpg)
Bumping because I love this too much to let it die-
I'm pretty happy writing anyone, I've been following this damned comic a decade.


I... Did you just wake up one morning and decide that your raison d'etre was ruining webcomics?

...Pretty much, yeah.

o bb, never stop.
All I ask for is Thief, because elves are sexy as hell.

writing something tonight, don't know if it'll be any good.
(honestly guys let me know if any of you actually want this... 'cause if not I won't bump the thread when I post)


Do want. Yes.

What the hell man, post it up


Some Fighter/Black Mage or Red Mage/Thief is good for me.

Bumping for love


Post eet.

As a veteran of the nuklearpower forums, I feel obliged to tell y'all there was a massive RM/Thief kick on our fanart board a while ago.

File: 125184879942.jpg-(141.86KB, 555x500, THE SEXIEST THING YOU WILL EVER LAY EYES UPON.jpg)
>>13885 >>12697
RM/Thief is on the way, it's about 60% and I am writing like a motherfucker.
(I tried slashing Fighter but he reminds me too much of my bro ;__; )
>>14010 >>13829
oh come now, you should know it takes me a while to deliver.
WELL POST SOME THEN, GEEZ. I found a y-gall club for it but most of it was just toothrotting adorable

bumping without content D:

File: 125198433143.jpg-(46.51KB, 545x750, sleepyF.jpg)
I'm keeping this thread nice and warm for our writefag...
(with "toothrotting adorable")

Tweek get your butt in here and give me some elf porn.

File: 125259644789.jpg-(100.50KB, 720x294, menage a trois.jpg)
Hm... No, I'm bumping. Would it be greedy to ask for some Drizz'l?

File: 125298402778.jpg-(30.44KB, 400x548, nosebleed.jpg)
Right, fuck.
I got bored with the idea that Thief is the same as RM biologically- they're seperate species and that should be more apparent. Next time I do this if it's not done in a week I'm starting again. I got stuck halfway and left it for a fortnight... And rewrote the whole thing in the past 2 hours. Eesh. Sorry for the grammar/spelling/terrible ending, I'm not very awake.
Possibly. I'm due in the LFG thread next, but we'll see. A more direct prompt would be lovely, too.

I had read a few footnotes regarding the hypersensitivity of elves, but it had never actually occurred to me what any of it meant in real terms. It was easy enough to throw terms like "overly heightened senses" around without actually taking the implications literally. I'd scratched behind his ear almost jovially, like one might pet a companion component. I was expecting a punch in the face in retort, but rather than lash out Thief retaliated by headbutting my hand gently and crooning. I wasn't quite sure how to react, so I kept going.

His weak constitution might also have played a part in our predicament. Elves were easily intoxicated by human liquors, due to the infamous prohibition still in place in most of the kingdom my companion would eventually rule.

I should explain. In a moment of startling clarity Fighter had suggested a drunken bonding session. This had been too much cheap wines, a few awkward games of shithead and a sniggering conversation about unsavoury matters or two. It was when Black Mage threw up into the campfire and we decided we were done being buddies. Rolling him into that tent was inarguably the greatest act of teamwork the light warriors had ever accomplished. For some reason, I was followed to my own temporary bed by a giggling elf. At first I thought I was going to be murdered, but then it hit me- he was jealous of how expert my erection manoeuvres were. I knew he had been lying about being happy sleeping in trees. It had also occurred to me that it was entirely possible he confused the empty bottle I planned to piss into for a full one, but it's much more likely I wooed him with my impressive construction.

Anyway, it was painfully apparent he was wasted. I continued tickling his elongated helix idly, not sure if I enjoyed the strong reek of sherry on his breath or not.

He was moving closer, his hands groping around my collars lazily, feeling through the layers of mantle and cloak with fingers both deceptively sluggish and curiously deft, working to unfasten them as quickly as possibly. There was no questioning his intentions.

"You're smaller than you look, you know," he remarked lightly, shifting my overcoat off my shoulders.

"What'd you mean?"

"All that gear makes you look pretty fat," he said bluntly, moving to straddle my lap.

"It's worth it for the stat bonuses," I replied a little less confidently than I'd like to admit, as he nuzzled into the crook of my neck, breathing warm there.

I noted his little stoned smile, eyes peacefully closed.

"Do you even remember who I am?" I murmured, clawing softly along the side of his throat.

He squinted through his eyelashes as though it was a tremendous effort to even look at me.

"...Don't ask stupid questions." He shifted a little.

"How much have you had to drink, exactly?"

"Enough," he said lightly.

I dared to run a hand along his spine, trying my hardest to not just shove the thin leather armour (tier 7, I noted silently. Impressive.) aside. He shivered appropriately, breathing in little tremors as I unbuckled the back and threw the plating aside. It was quite empowering to be generating such reactions.

"Then how drunk are you?"

"Drunk enough."

I raised an eyebrow, silently.

He looked at me lazily, the way a cat would regard someone in their way. "You aren't exactly my type."

I blinked slowly, not sure how to digest that, as he removed his shirt.

He took hold of my wrists and moved my hands to his waist.

Tentatively, I grasped his prominent, narrow hipbones and pulled us closer together.

He was still looking at me in that piercing, unreadable manner, but he raised an eyebrow to mirror mine, his right for my left.

"But I guess for a human you're not too bad."

Those fleet fingers were unlacing the front of my shirt. I may have swallowed a lump in my throat as he set to groping my torso shamelessly, no doubt displeased at how bony, awkward, and/or puny I was. He hummed thoughtfully somewhere by my left ear, and began doing something incredible to my nipples with a thumb and forefinger each.

Suddenly he reached out thoughtfully, and tugged my hat off. I yelped in irritation, but he silenced me with a featherlight kiss. I glared at his smug grin, wishing the crimson suedette didn't look so incredible against the nut-brown of his skin, the muted teal of his hair. I flicked the brim irritably, and yanked him closer to capture his lips once more before he could think of anything smart to say.

His mouth was a strange place to find myself. The teeth were all wrong, too sharp and too many, his tongue was weirdly narrowed and rough, and the extra olfactory gland at the roof of his mouth caught me by surprise. Thief paused in his teasing my tongue with his own to fish the hair out of his mouth.

"Hang on a sec, I have some string somewhere..." he mumbled vaguely, fishing about in his pockets (and wiggling deliciously upon my lap at the same time).

I took a good long look at him, wearing my hat, totaled and a little pink in the face. I had slept with girls who weren't that pretty. It was a little disconcerting. I was being eaten up by this fully reasonable worry that he'd sober up in a second and run screaming from the campsite with all of my valuables.

He scooped the hair off my shoulders (thankfully sparing my bangs), binding it into a very makeshift bun behind me. I wasn't done worrying, but he pressed our lips together again and started rolling his pelvis into mine. I could feel his wiry abdominal muscles twitch against my own.

I pushed back. He made this delicious little whimpering sound as I ground my arousal into his. I bit his collarbone thoughtfully. I'd never particularly enjoyed frottage before, but it was rather wonderful to listen to those little strangled gasps bubbling out of Thief. I hadn't expected him to grow so excited over something that wasn't a bag of money.

I bit the bullet and pushed his pants down.

I admired the view momentarily. He growled. Trying not to snigger at how positively unthreatening he was, I trailed my fingers slowly along the length, thumbing the prominent opening before adjusting my grip and pumping slowly.

Well. It was a first for me, so I proceeded at a conservative speed. The angle made things difficult. I increased my ministrations' speed.

"Stopstopstopstop," Thief hissed desperately, still bucking against me. I looked at him as if he'd sprouted an extra head.

A quick glance upward confirmed I was doing /something/ right, anyway- he was biting his lip with those weird, inhuman teeth.
I spat on my hand before continuing.

"It's too much, for FUCKS SAKE slow down!"
It was amusing that he was trying to sound haughty all the while rocking his hips to meet my touch desperately. I didn't comply, and considered negotiating my contract while he was vulnerable.

The elf yelped suddenly, as if he was being electrocuted. I slowed, just a little, and let him ride his orgasm out against my chest.

While he exhaled shakily, I moved my slick fingers to probe his entrance.
He whimpered keenly, still brazen enough to roll back to meet my touch.

I entered slowly, once again internally debating whether or not our scenario counted as situational homosexuality. Was this just a one-off? Would this become a regularity? Was this because we were inebriated, or was it because of our isolation from women?

I was rudely jolted back to reality by someone pulling my hair very sharply.
"I'm sorry, am I interrupting an internal monologue here?" His eyes were closed, and he spoke through gritted teeth. It was a tone of voice I was used to from him, really. I wasn't sure why the normality of what he'd just said was so astonishing. Remembering that the gracile frame I'd wracked with tremors belonged to Thief was still rather difficult to take in.

"If I answer 'yes', will I be allowed to complete it?"

"Get /out of there/, gods damnit! What part of /too much/ don't you understand?"

He sounded so irritated I actually did as he asked. He threw my hat at me in exasperation. I wondered if I'd toed an imaginary line. Maybe he was sobering up?

Suddenly my sex was enveloped by a stifling heat. Ah. Wouldn't be that, then.

I laced my fingers into his hair, and wondered why I'd never considered this before. This could only improve our teams dynamic, surely? Serious contemplation was becoming increasingly difficult- Thief was doing some amazing things with his tongue after all.

I dared to glance downwards, but a lazy hand swatted my face to the side.
I took to scritching at his ears instead. The mouth engulfing my dick began to vibrate smoothly. It took me a few crosseyed moments to realise he was actually /purring/, albeit in a manner completely alien to me. The sibilous hum wasn't a noise I'd connect with a humanoid frame.

I twitched a little against his mouth, barely able to process that I was moaning low in my throat.

There was a wet pop, and then something I wasn't expecting- a very familiar, mocking chuckle of a laugh.

"You should see your face, man."

I groaned in mild ire, wondering just what I'd done to deserve that. I could tell he much preferred being in control- though I supposed that much should have been obvious.

He placated me with a few more tender sucks, before withdrawing to fish around in the pile of discarded clothes. He produced a flask. I wondered what on earth he was up to crawling towards the lip of the tent, until I heard him gargle and spit.

Despite my attempts at neutrality, I must have been making a face. He raised an eyebrow.
"What? It's nasty."

"Are you going to let me finish, or what?" Alright, it wasn't much of a oneliner. Wittiness was genuinely beyond me. He sighed and rolled his eyes as if I'd asked a colossal favour of him.

"I suppose so..." He fingered his lower lip, and looked mindful. It was a technique he generally utilized on shopkeepers. Before he could out think me, I had him pinned to the grass by his shoulders. To my shock, his expression was not one of anger- instead, his features were painted the very picture of lasciviousness. He hooked his ankles over my shoulders and licked his lips, watching me .

Thrusting one's backside at someone would normally be a shameless statement of need or desire. Coming from this elf, it was quite terrifying. I wasn't sure if the sparkle in his eyes was a threat or a promise.

I liked him a lot better when he was whimpering. I positioned myself and began my encroachment. I kept my eyes closed while he swore under his breath, figuring he'd appreciate it.

It felt good. Sinfully good. After what felt like an eternity of stillness, within that smothering consuming sheath of muscle, I dared move.

I eventually grew bored with going easy on him and adopted a different rhythm.
I pounded into him a little relentlessly, gripping the underside of his thighs loosely. I was surprised at my own energy.

Beneath me, he panted roughly with his mouth open. His expression was pretty unreadable, but I could feel his insides tightening around me.

"Nnghmotherfuck..." He managed to spit out.

"...You want I should slow down?"

"Don't be stupid."

We moved as a single unit, making an assortment of strange noises, for anywhere between four and fourty minutes. If there was a timepiece to hand, I would probably have been unable to read its face.

Somewhere very far away from where my thoughts were, there was fluid spattered against an elf's stomach, accompanied by some foreign curses. I didn't really care- it was incredibly difficult to think in a straight line and keep moving simultaneously, what with that fluctuating tightness throttling the orgasm out of me.

Undeterred by my grasp on his lower body, Thief managed to pull away at the precise moment of my ejaculation. It was spooky. I'd forgotten he was a ninja. I wondered what it was about my semen that offended him so.

I wondered what he'd have to say about this affair in the morning. It dawned on me I'd never experienced an Elfish hangover. I wasn't looking forward to it.


AAAAH you are awesome and I will bear one (1) of your internets children. That was worth the wait.

Oh baby, this was perfect. The ear fetishization, RM's constant dorky narration, the mild hostility throughout... It was lovely. You've made my day.

>he was jealous of how expert my erection manoeuvres were

That was lovely. Just a quick question- what's a helix? English is my second language.

Oh mama yes ;__;

You never fail to impress me. I'm looking forward to your other planned writing.


Ohmygod this is the best 8BT porn fic I have ever read.


I'd illustrate this but my scanner is fucked. It's a shame, because we really, honestly need fanart of Thief, in that sexy hat.
(Seriously, thank you for the random biology lesson in there, I am a total sucker for that sort of thing.)

Writefag, I have a simple request-
Fighter sucking dick.

File: 125316857441.jpg-(69.86KB, 423x398, 40641 - 8-bit_theater Black_Mage Fighter final_fan.jpg)

>>15822 I can't believe you, internet.
I asked a friend jokingly if there were slash fangirls for everything, and she sent me to this board. I've been reading this comic for 7 years. I masturbated to that. What have you done?!
>>15918 I think helix refers to the 'shell' of the ear.

File: 12575760049.jpg-(243.67KB, 475x770, thief copy.jpg)

You, sir, are a god among men.



“You hit me with some sort of muddling spell, didn’t you?” B tries to roll away, knocking some dastardly-looking apparatus to the floor. Just what he’d be doing with that in bed, Red Mage is sure he doesn’t want to know.

Somewhere near the bottom of Red Mage’s second cup of ale, this seemed like a fantastic idea. Round about the fourth, he’d felt rather like he’d die if he didn’t. B had seemed fairly amicable about the whole endeavour until he’d come to the apparently startling realisation that Red Mage’s concept of sport had very little in common with his.

“B, really, you did say yes,” Red Mage says, the tiniest, deliberate hint of something darker in his voice, as he pins B’s wrist to the pillow. “You’re not going to tell me your word’s not worth half a copper gil, are you?”

“Absolutely worthless,” B agrees. His hat’s been lost somewhere between the table and the bed, his hair no longer whip-straight but tousled, black and fine, spread across the rough-wave sheets. Even on skin so dark as his, there’s colour high in his cheeks, and his eyes beneath the soft glow are fetchingly dazed. “You’re a liar and a cheat, which normally you’d think would be something I’d respect, but-”

B’s words turn into meaningless noise, his mouth still open but speech moderately impossible with Red Mage’s tongue in the way. He starts to kiss back before realising it, stopping abruptly.

“Are you saying you’ve a measure of respect for me, then?” Red Mage asks, his lips wet and tingling, warmed by B’s breath.

“I promise I won’t in the morning,” B says.

I love this thread and everyone in it.
On it now.

File: 125783217749.jpg-(238.62KB, 946x606, fighterpinup copy.jpg)

I want to do all four of them but I have no idea how to handle Black Mage. Is his skin black, or is he just a dark and unknowable void made flesh? And how does that relate to his dick?


I always thought that his skin was normal and his usual look is just a side effect of being a Black Mage. Plus I think we've seen a shot or two with him face down without his hat and his hair is brown.



Is Black Mage right for you? Side effects may include: headaches, nausea, insomnia, impaired judgment, and this weird kind of shadow thing on your face.

Need fic with someone taking advantage of Fighter's naiveness.


Which page? I can't find it.

I do distinctly remember the main 4 getting kicked out of somewhere in their skivvies, and BM had normal coloured skin. But I can't find it.

File: 125817848476.jpg-(115.71KB, 538x950, redmage copy.jpg)

Yes. Yes we do.


Well, I guess I'll figure something out. Was his skin Thief's yellow color or Red Mage and Fighter's peach color?

File: 125820192273.gif-(122.61KB, 720x936, 021010.gif)
It's the last panel, if you still need it.
Also I love you long time, artfag. These are AWESOME <3

Drizz is a fucking nightmare to write. I am putting this off because Fighter porn sounds more fun.

File: 125828098990.png-(36.22KB, 559x871, golbatgay.png)

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

As for moar writefagging, someone needs to do Red Mage/ Black Mage going down like in the picture attached. And then maybe Fighter walks in on them.

.......I'm either in love, or going to puke. Seconded so hard!

Guys, I need to know.

Is it REMOTELY POSSIBLE that White Mage is faking the chick thing and has been a man all along?

Not a chance in hell.

But are you gonna let that stop you? HUH?

they do it in the shakespeare
Just do it, I'll be behind you (hurr :3) 100%

Why is Black Mage so fat in this picture?

Because it's implied that he's the mandatory fat loser of their little roleplaying group.

File: 125862506712.jpg-(340.74KB, 662x1066, whitemage copy.jpg)
Okay, so for the sake of argument, White Mage has been a dude all along and, I don't know, likes screwing with people's heads.

Oh good god I can't ship this, can I..?
I think I might have to. Might be the guyliner.

File: 125866919293.jpg-(12.00KB, 241x253, henchman 21.jpg)
Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

bb can I write fic of this? Or did you want to?
jesus christ


Totally go right ahead. Are you going to slash White Mage with Black Mage or Black Belt? Either would be hot.

File: 125999288645.jpg-(356.42KB, 558x1119, blackmage.jpg)

BAM. Giant dick, always a crowd pleaser.

Why so slow, thread?

I haven't seen this for a while and all of a sudden there's sexy as hell art and fic all up ins. Holy shit I fucking love this thread. Roach, you're so fucking awesome I don't even have the words to express it. Tweeker, that was crazy hot.. Please more, drawfags and writefags.

BRB re-reading the whole archive of this stupid gay webcomic
(roach, don't forget Dragoon!)


...I think I forgot Dragoon. Who was he?

File: 126286625778.jpg-(415.36KB, 1280x1024, rdm_1280x1024.jpg)
Canon hot RM is equally wonderful.
Bump ):

File: 126286781724.jpg-(417.33KB, 864x1200, 8-bitgroup.jpg)
Here's a group picture.
Minus male whitemage, because.... yeah.

I always assumed Thief would eventually sex his way through every light warrior using mind tricks and very tricky contracts.

File: 126360822929.jpg-(82.69KB, 500x626, Kaelus - First 8BT Fanart.jpg)
... wow. Who'd have thought Black mage was hiding a fukken horse cock this whole time?
and here I always thought he was over-compensating for something..

File: 126377815036.jpg-(241.78KB, 500x490, sit.jpg)

File: 126475727854.jpg-(122.56KB, 500x647, Black & Red Mage.jpg)
“You hit me with some sort of muddling spell, didn’t you?” B tries to roll away, knocking some dastardly-looking apparatus to the floor. Just what he’d be doing with that in bed, Red Mage is sure he doesn’t want to know.

Somewhere near the bottom of Red Mage’s second cup of ale, this seemed like a fantastic idea. Round about the fourth, he’d felt rather like he’d die if he didn’t. B had seemed fairly amicable about the whole endeavour until he’d come to the apparently startling realisation that Red Mage’s concept of sport had very little in common with his.

“B, really, you did say yes,” Red Mage says, the tiniest, deliberate hint of something darker in his voice, as he pins B’s wrist to the pillow. “You’re not going to tell me your word’s not worth half a copper gil, are you?”

“Absolutely worthless,” B agrees. His hat’s been lost somewhere between the table and the bed, his hair no longer whip-straight but tousled, black and fine, spread across the rough-weave sheets. Even on skin so dark as his, there’s colour high in his cheeks, and his eyes beneath the soft glow are fetchingly dazed. “You’re a liar and a cheat, which normally you’d think would be something I’d respect, but-”

B’s words turn into meaningless noise, his mouth still open but speech moderately impossible with Red Mage’s tongue in the way. He starts to kiss back before realising it, stopping abruptly.

“Are you saying you’ve a measure of respect for me, then?” Red Mage asks, his lips wet and tingling, warmed by B’s breath.

“I promise I won’t in the morning,” B says.


Wow, that's actually a pretty nice picture. Also, did anyone ever write a continuation of that?

Nice stealth bump.

File: 126675235878.jpg-(164.20KB, 640x713, thiefmage.jpg)

Tweeker, you always say you're going to do shit and you never fucking do. Put your money where your keyboard is and deliver something for once!

I have to get up in six hours to go to work but I'm here writing crap for assholes like you instead. We have a strange marriage, internet. You're totally right, though.

File: 126705816953.png-(19.24KB, 628x307, golden girls.png)
More porn for you all because the comic is ending (WHAT) and I feel like I owe a Roach a reacharound or seven. Sorry it sucks, and there's not a proper ending because I just want to throw it away and never look at it again, sorry there's no Fighter still... If I haven't done anything you particularly want, or if you think my work is terrible, it's because I hate you personally.
Now hush, furious anonymous. Unless you're from the LFG thread, in which case you may pelt me with debris, I guess. I just can't get it /right/ and it's driving me fucking mental. Seriously. I've put my email in the field, feel free to sign me up to horrible websites for revenge. Or you could mail me with ideas. Or you could write your own.

It had been four days since I woke up in his arms. I then vomited down his front.

To be perfectly honest I had been avoiding my team mate in red, because I'd noticed worryingly girlish behaviour developing in him and it was giving me a big rubber one. To me, there was nothing creepier than being watched. It wasn't like I couldn't tell that he was staring at me. All I had to do was twist a little towards the gangly fucker and he'd jump a mile, excuses frothing forth from hasty lips like ale-foam from overexcited tankards. I barely listened. But it didn't seem to sway him.

Even battle had become weird and awkward with my new crimson shadow. He disregarded his duty as a (mediocre) strategist and (mediocre) mage and suddenly seemed more concerned with bustling about dispensing curative spells and getting in Fighter's way. I didn't know what he was thinking had happened while we were horizontal, what large object had struck him on the head, or what exactly I had said to him, but if was obvious we were on completely different wavelengths.

I'd taken to hanging around Fighter of all people to dodge concerning attentions. Our fatter, more repulsive wizard had probably won awards for being the worst company of all time in wizard college, and he didn't seem to hold any lasting affections for me either. In fact, most of our conversations seemed to focus around destroying cities and elaborate hoaxes, and our excursion had been scarce of such luxuries as of late.

Anyway, the swordsman was blissfully simple, and after four minutes of listening to his prattle and agreeing flatly with him, I could no longer hear or comprehend anything anyone else was saying. It was the most painful sedative I had ever submitted to. By the time we were setting up camp for the night, I had actually forgotten my own name, let alone the situation with Red Mage. Fighter mentioned claymores. I admitted they were indeed, pretty radical. He asked if I would teach him some ninja tricks. I agreed. He asked if the green lanterns were weak to their own piss. I was too numb to argue. Sure.

Then someone with a big red hat gave me a long, meaningful look as he handed me a bowl of some sort of soup and a piece of bread. I had no idea what he actually meant, but it was obvious he was trying to say something without actually saying it. I blinked and ignored him.

It wasn't until that night when I lay painfully alert and awake by the pathetic campfire that I remembered anything unusual was going on at all.

I watched idly as someone pushed out from their tent. Someone with hair stuck in big, messy kinks without a shirt. Someone who actually froze in mid-yawn to stare at me.

I waited patiently for him to go away. It was a few minutes of waiting when I noticed I was absent mindedly tossing and catching a short dagger. Most of my nervous ticks are inherently threatening, which was normally a good thing, though it didn't seem to affect the wizard opposite much.

He just stood swaying sleepily, rubbed the back of his neck, bit back a yawn, and mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "we need to talk" all at once.

I'm pretty sure I resisted the groan that developed in my throat. I swallowed it clumsily. "Would you rather not be lying down right now?" It wasn't quite bribery, but it was close enough.

"Not on my own."

He was looking right into me. I avoided direct eye contact like that, in all situations, because it made lying difficult. I spoke to his insane bedhead instead. I fought back the urge to wrestle him to the ground and fix it. How could hair that long stand on end? Didn't he wash it?
"Why are you acting like a sixteen year old girl all of a sudden?"

One eyebrow shot up. "You think that's what's going on?" His mouth creased in one corner like he'd just failed a constitution check.

I waited patiently for him to keep talking. He could normally maintain a conversation on his own, I didn't see why now had to be any different.

An awkward, exhale of a laugh. "It's not what you think. I just want to... Uh..." He started combing his hair with his fingers, looking away from me. I'm pretty sure he was blushing. I was trying my hardest not to laugh. "Go again. Sometime. Maybe?"

I sniggered. He frowned. It didn't feel as good as upsetting him normally did. I almost felt bad. Watching him squirm and chew on his lower lip was making my insides twist in what I'm fairly sure was sympathy. Whatever it was, I didn't like it.

After a further minute of silence beyond the spitting protests of the fire, he shrugged gracelessly. "I'm going to lie down. Come with me. I'll, um..." Six seconds of quiet passed while Red Mage's eyes moved frantically; obviously wracking his brain for an one-liner to wow me. "Make it worth your while." He was evidently tired. I was a little disappointed. He disappeared back into his tent.

I listened to the fire crackle for a few minutes.


I rolled my eyes, and holstered my dagger. Impatient prick. A bucket of dirt was unceremoniously kicked over the smouldering wood pile.
I followed after him a little begrudgingly, dropping my boots on the way 'in.'

Our bodies found eachother in the dark, though I'm not entirely sure how. His hands were bigger than I remembered them being, great bundles of bone and sinew (like quite a lot of him) pulling me down by the shoulders. I wasn't used to them without gloves. Every now and then the jagged edge of a nail that had been bitten caught, and each time I would hiss a complaint.

His giant hands travelled a lot, to say the least. I shut my eyes for a second and when I opened them my shirt had gone missing and my ass was being fondled.

Were his nipples pierced the last time we were this close? Did he always shiver his exhales like that when he was being touched?
What would I have to bribe this bastard with to get him to cut his nails? He'd began scratching patterns into my shoulder blades and I couldn't tell if it was deliberate or not. It was driving me nuts, anyway.

I eventually gave up dodging his kisses- he'd assume it wasn't intentional, I was sure- and let him push my mouth open with his. Our mouths didn't fit together too well, and he didn't seem to know well enough to tilt his head. I pulled his hair pointedly.

"I'll... Erm." He coughed and laughed, simultaneously and abruptly. I could practically hear his bashful expression.

"Was that really worth interrupting for?" I would have kicked him, if my pants weren't tangled around my legs somewhere. His hand was stroking my stomach like I was some giant cat and /damn/ it was making me impatient.

He made some obscene gesture I couldn't interpret. I groaned and struggled impatiently, wondering why he was pulling away from me. His face was too obscured by hair and shadow for me to read it.

"Red, what the h-" I was interrupted by something warm and wet jabbed into my belly button. It wasn't much of an answer. The string of open-mouthed kisses dotted along my abdomen made a little more sense. His fingers were trembling on the fastening of my pants. I twisted underneath him, resisting the urge to join the tangle of fingers battling that accursed button fly. After a small, painful eternity of him mumbling excuses and fumbling, I was rewarded with skinny fingers pushing back my foreskin and a pair of lips enveloping my cock head. I'm sure I felt a stud pressed into his tongue, which was fluttering in the most delicious manner precisely where I needed it to.


I grunted appreciatively, trying to work my shorts down without actually lifting my hips.

Ever the clairvoyant, the sorcerer between my legs pulled my pants over my feet. He managed to do this without taking his mouth off of my dick, which I was silently grateful for. At least he seemed too exhausted and amorous to quip. Perhaps he was just too proper to talk with his mouth full. Either way, I wasn't sure that I could deal with his sense of humour.

I laced my fingers into his hair, trying to coax his bobbing head into a rhythm. I only remembered his hair was a fucking birds nest as I got trapped in it. I half-heartedly began fixing the tangles, with shaking hands.

Two alien fingers pressed against my lips. I grinned as I took them into my mouth. He didn't even have to say anything. I understood the gesture of submission perfectly. I'm pretty sure he glanced up at me as that hand vanished beneath him. I'm pretty sure he was smiling, with a mouthful of my dick.
He didn't even pull away to swallow.

I was clearly onto something beautiful here.

The position we settled on was awkward at best. I had him laying back from my lap, mainly because it meant he was laying under the sliver of moonlight interrupting our gracefully dark tent, while I was invisible.
I held his thighs apart and ground against his ass lazily, wondering what the hell was going on, when it dawned on me. Why hadn't I thought of this sooner? I mean sure, it had been a long time since I'd actually gone through with anything like this, let alone with a different species. But there were benefits, besides getting my rocks off every now and then.

Red Mage'd no doubt go through any amount of scamming and unfair treatment if I occasionally got him laid. I was a fucking genius. He'd fly over pits of lava to retrieve expensive weapons. I wouldn't even need to feed him, he would just live off the occasional quick fuck and some scribbled numbers on one of the pieces of paper he brandished like weapons.

I was jerked back to reality by someone kicking me softly in the hip.

It was simple enough to shut him up. Some particularly delicious sounds bubbled out of the ice mage as we arranged things, mixed with some colourful swearing (and worryingly enough, the face he made when about to throw up... Which probably didn't bear thinking about). I was quite glad my appealing lip-biting and violent squint of a sexface was concealed by the night's blackness.

He jerked his hips to meet my movements, but he was so off rhythm I soon lost my own. I think he was holding onto my wrist. That or something else was squeezing my forearm so hard I was losing circulation. I tried to pull free of his grasp, but he twined his fingers through mine and clutched with such ferocity I decided it wasn't worth arguing over.
However, he was reaching under himself to play with my balls, so I'd let him get away with a little hand-holding on the sly.

the dagger is strapped to his thigh, right? <3

(Only rookie green lanterns are weak to pee these days :3 )

i fully endorse everything either of you produce. That was lovely.

came to the thread to complain about there being no content, thx tweeker

...More? :3

Is this thread dead now..?

Looks it. I'm off work with gastric flu right now, so if you want anything done I don't mind having a merry stab at it, but I don't think anyone else cares now the comic is ending.


what, no. I love this thread. I am just a very sad writefag.

More, please! :3

I started this thread... *blushes* I'm surprised it's gone so well, really.. I still want my Drizz'l. Even just nasty plotless elven hatesex.
He's the guy with the spear who keeps jumping on BM. Thief accuses RM of having a 'wizard boner' for him.

Where's my male White Mage smut? I want him and Fighter having perfect vanilla sex while Black Mage watches from the bushes

I like the way you think, anonymous.

File: 127184372254.jpg-(421.40KB, 696x1095, FIGHTER.jpg)

this is, I dunno, pre-perfect vanilla sex. Either way, Fighter is totally going to score.

Whether or not he knows that girls don't have dicks is kind of another matter.

Oh god Roach stop making me want to suck him off, I swear you draw the best wangs



tweeker man why you keep deleting your posts?

File: 127448962790.jpg-(2.16MB, 1700x2197, 8_bit_theater_THIEF_by_Xakriuth.jpg)
bumping because i found this and it's pretty hot
also we need to get more porn in before it's all over

My boyfriend suggested I read this comic recently, and I remembered seeing this thread so when I was done with all 1224 I came straight here. I love everything you've done- these two are my OTP right now, which is pretty pathetic, but there you go. Why hasn't anyone played on the Thief's mind games with the Red Mage character? He does that whole crossdressing thing because of his 'daddy issues', which according to the Thief was just 'messing with him'. I can't remember which strip that's in exactly... But I think that's pretty good starting for some georgeously fucked up pornography. I would give one of my favourite organs up for more Fighter material- because I think he's a total darling. And now he's hot. Thread, you have given me the most embarassing crushes in the whole world.

File: 127646683529.jpg-(31.93KB, 483x348, Untitled.jpg)
These two-
fucking, right?

If you write it, we will read it.

I am listening to Christina Aguilera (she has a song called fighter and that is hilarious right now) and throwing some shit together for this but I don't know if I like it enough to do a lot.

Should I just post what I've got?

this is turning into 'Red Mage Talks Relationships (and there is a mostly implied handjob)', please bear this in mind
It's so easy to make him into a total manwhore and I'm not sure that's okay


Still want to see this so bad.

I am so baked right now you're lucky this is in english. I'm gonna post this even though I really don't like it and there ain't much
Somewhere near my ear there was a shudder.
"Red. Like that. Fuck."

He grabbed my ass like it wasn't unattractively bony and pulled me closer to him with those thick, calloused hands. His abdomen quivered as he exhaled through his teeth, sliding his fingertips (despite my constant begging I had only been handled by his metal gloves once) up the curvature of my back to brush the hair that was sticking to my shoulders away.

It was dizzying the way he handled me like a ming vase one moment and a sex object the next. I was never sure whether to growl or whimper, but he seemed to enjoy me either way fine enough.

Uncut nails dug dents in the back of my thigh while he grunted and thrust into my slick grip.

It was fantastic how well the professional relationship had developed since we had become partners, though given how we always seemed to operate on the exact same wavelength it hadn't emerged completely out of nowhere. We were kindred spirits. Friends. I had envied his stats and diverse skill set all those years ago, and that was before I'd really noticed what a sharp blue his eyes were, or what fantastic shape he was in.
It hadn't occurred to me that anyone good looking and powerful- and somehow not entirely evil- would even consider being my friend. Then some weird shit happened. Now, and surprisingly often, he dribbled semen across varied body parts of mine and pretended not to be embarassed afterwards. I was all rather shocked at how totally fine everything had turned out. I still blamed the elf for warping me so, for finetuning that little voice within me that begged for prostration and then dropping me like a sack of chipped gorilla teeth. Before Thief, I didn't really masturbate, or think about sex. After a few years of casual flings with the man my voracious appetite for physical gratification had grown embarassingly great.

"Nnng... Could you- Uh?" Dragoon never wanted to talk about what we were doing, before after or during. He was struggling to come to terms with our situation.

I spat into my palm sloppily, and resumed the task at hand. I was sure I was such a proud man when all of my clothes were on, but as soon as I so much as unbuttoned a shirt I lost all composure. There was a hand pulling me, by a strand of hair nonetheless, towards my own fist, towards his member darkening and slimy with trails of secretion. I obediently lapped at the head, using my lips as well as my tongue and left hand. The heavy hand on the back of my head knotted itself into my hair. I didn't mind how disgusting it actually tasted, accumulated sweat and saliva and spermatozoa. I barely noticed. All that mattered was making him sweat. As long as I was good for that, I wouldn't get left on my own again.

Um, well...
I have no idea where that came from but I liked it.

>>36452 Roach, from now on you are synonymous with 8-bit theater porn.

File: 127696731275.png-(323.21KB, 900x542, double your fun wot wot.png)
Keep going.


bump again?

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