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Almost down to a month left now. Who's going to play the shit out of Civilization V?

I hope we get some good mod support, I want to see a new and extended Last Frontier mod.

Pic related; every civ game I run, ever.

I'm playing the 4chan mod of Civ 4.

Shit's actually fairly funny.

> Last Frontier mod.
The one in space? I just recommend Galactic Civ from Stardock. Though I admit I hope Civ 5 has some better future tech than the 4. I want to be able to conquer the world as it is now damn it!

I love every Civ game and I'll definitely get Civ V. Though at the same time I feel guilty because I never really get into the big strategy of the game; I just like to roleplay a civilization (obviously my civ is a pristine science-loving utopia in my mind) in a single game every so often.


I agree with this sentiment. I rarely crawl higher than the mid-level skill at end-game, and I'm absolutely dreadful at managing military expansion, but I like culture victories and science victories and what have you.

Although, I will say, ending up on a continent full of religious zealots wherein only one nation would ally with me, and then fighting them back for 300 years until the entire continent was either conquered or a protectorate, looked pretty cool from the outside.

China ruled by Abraham Lincoln. Generally peaceful, unless you're Spain. Fuck Spain.

The modern era was my least favorite part of every Civ game. Gone are my awesome steampunk railways, and useless is my army of stalwart Crusaders. The music sucks, and you have to use mods just to get ACTUAL future tech. I want an army of robo-knights riding holographic horses!

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