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Few days ago, I carried on a day and a half thread asking about establishing a Batwoman series, with her own villians, storys, and whatever. A kind Anon also provided some sketches of a villian that was suggested, a former French military agent turned hitwoman, trained in Judo and Sambo. Posted here are the pictures, and any story elements I remember, as they come back to me. Other anons can feel free to add, as I'm pretty sure the thread wasn't archived.

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The villian (who I think needs a name like Simone or something, plain and yet expotic) operates OUTSIDE of the major criminal network that controls Batwoman's new city, Chicago. That group holds the whole city under a subtle grasp, and they set about destroying Batwoman when she discovers them, sending all kinds of bad folks in her direction.

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Humerously, Kate Kane's equipment isn't all up to snuff. She's not obsessed about stopping crime like Bruce Wayne; rather, she's just a bored, fun-loving billionaire who likes to help people, and found a way to do it that she enjoys. This comes with the trade-off that she orders from a lot of shipping agencies all over the world without doing research, so her gear tends to fail. That, combined with her less-than-a-lifetime of training, means that she spends most of her adventuring time doing detective work, rather than punching people in the face.

One villian that was brought up was The Process, a giant of a man dressed head to toe in steel who mutters Jacque Derrida's philospohpy under his breath constatnly. After breaking Kane's truncheon in one issue, he's run over several months later by a truck with the words "Bat-Stick 2.0" spray-painted on the side.

>>This comes with the trade-off that she orders from a lot of shipping agencies all over the world without doing research, so her gear tends to fail.

This sounds like it´d get old rather quickly. If it's used as a plot-device to constantly make things difficult for her, then it's nothing more than a different version of "OH NO OUT OF WEB FLUID".


I was thinking that, but I didn't know how word it.

Well, I wasn't thinking it'd be like web fluid or THE COLOR YELLOW, but more like an explanation for being less hands-on.


I can see what you're going for. I imagine it would only happen the first few issues as she learned to buy from better suppliers.


>>This sounds like it´d get old rather quickly.

Damn it, it's suppose to be like a running gag, not a plot device to let the villain escape. It's suppose to be funny, like in >>9340

And you wouldn't, nay, you COULN'T use it in every story. Only an idiot would use the same faulty grapple gun the next night that failed her and expect it to work now.

Okay it's interesting that she just does it because she wants to and is inexperienced. But why does she have to be a dumb ass? Even if I were just "crime fighting for fun" (which sounds kinda ridiculous considering the mess) I'd want to do it with the safest and most reliable gear. She's a billionare as well, how did she get there? Couldn't she just hire someone to have a plan B-Z?


She doesn't really need to be dumb, the main point I think is that she's inexperienced and while having a certain level of skill sets in varies areas, she's not that good at the cape business which leads to comedic situations. Like in >>9340, the gizmo could be state of the art and works like a charm, but she completely forgets to take in account the maximum range of the cord and she fucks up. We want to go the JLI route here and do normal cape stories, but at least sometimes be funny about it, instead of grimdark and serious. It'd be a nice change of pace and take a little distance from the rest of the Bat-books.

As for her inspiration, I think we could go the same route as Green Arrow: Year One. She's rich and a thrill seeker, ends up in some situation where she is forced to be a sort of a masked vigilante to help people, finds helping people a really fulfilling and eventually it drives her to to try out vigilantism whole heartily when she returns to her normal and finds her old bland socialite life where Bruce Wayne's newest exploits are more important topic than trying to fix poverty and crime rates to be completely alien to her, no longer giving her satisfaction as it's meaningless after feeling to joy of helping another person.

After reading the new Batwoman comic and remembering our threads about this especially the part about a old guy working on her gadgets, I think we might have a spy in our midst.

... Holy crap, I didn't know anyone saved my images.

So what do we have regarding this major criminal organization? Are we looking at a classical Chicago mobster-style deal, or something else?

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