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19725 No.19725 Locked
New thread for Wakfu subbing. The old one is GIANT now.

If you need any of the episodes look here

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This new episode might just be the one FUCK yeah Sadly moment i have been waiting for,


Same here, but do consider that:
- the trailer may just be a mishmash of multiple future episodes, meaning that Grovy will go berserk not in the newest episode, but one released later on
- it may just be him being taken over by the demon of his sword again.

Is there a torrent of the 15 first episodes softsubbed and/or in true widescreen anywhere?

28th of November for ep. 16 apparently.

Oh. That is tomorrow.

I am excited to see the next episode. xP

And I agree that Sadly is an awesome character.

Now we just need people ready to sub it within a week of it airing.

Raw is out.
subs when?


If anything, that episode made me ship SadlyxEvangelyne harder then ever.

So who wants to do the timing for this episode when we get everything together for it? Better to figure it out now instead of having three different people working on it.


direct link for the episode. If the link doesn't work, tell me and I'll up it to megaupload.

Just heard from my translating friend; he's on it, so get the subbering figured out now so we don't get hurt feelings again.

And yes subbering is a word because I say so and because fuck you.

File: 125945517215.jpg-(36.93KB, 700x394, tristepin_1.jpg)
"Whassup. My name's Sir Sadlygrove, and I just survived a head-on attack from a dragon's fire blast. Not only did I survive it, I BLOCKED that motherfucker - and in the process I saved all my friends from becoming barbecued piles of ash. What have YOU done lately?

Don't fuck with me, don't fuck with my friends, and NEVER forget who's the hero of this show. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go make out with my girl."

File: 125945521550.jpg-(47.75KB, 700x394, 2_3.jpg)
"Pic related, it's me and my girl."

Thanks for organising the translations and showing where to find the RAWs, guys. I think I'm becoming a pretty massive fan of Ouiaboux Fightan Toonz.

File: 125947185658.png-(384.35KB, 842x477, Wakfu DollRaspberry.png)
Thanks Subbers. Y'all are awesome

Praise be to you, oh holy ones.

File: 125952168010.jpg-(41.88KB, 400x400, 1247942447531.jpg)
lol i don't think so


haha oh wow


Phfft. She was already an expert with the Huntsman.

But now she also has a plan to kill everyone she meets.

didn`t Ben Reilly post a link to all the wakfu subbed eps


Fuck yes! The only ship i support, ever.

Question: When the subs for ep 16 are in, do you want to have a hardsub with subs on black bars, or over the picture?

The raw does not have black bars, but it is possible to create them and place the subs there. Please discuss.

Only if it doesn't mess with the quality to much. I usually prefer it to be on black bars but I know some people like it to be a bit up so they can see the action too. My vote still goes to black bars if it will wont mess with it.

My vote goes to being on the picture,i`m used with having them there,and if u have BS player the subs tend to get over the screen limit and u have to set 16:9 ratio to actually see the subs.

my vote goes to the black bars

Black bars, as long as it doesn't mess with the quality.

Hardsubs mean you have to reencode the movie, meaning quality will suffer either way. That's why you should use softsubs.

I say just do whichever is easier for you, as long as the quality is still intact and we can read the subs. If the RAW doesn't have the black bars, adding in the black bars seem stupid to me.

And besides, doesn't adding in something that's not supposed to be there ruin the perspective and size?

Over the picture please.

Well that`s what i was trying to say...


Translated script for Episode 16 - The Eliacube


Cra's a good job, mate.


Does this make Sadly an Soldier?

>>20018 Hmmm.... prolly. and then Yugo is a Scout. cause he moves so fast.

>>20019 And what is Ruel, then?

hmmm demoman?

Ruel would do as a HW Guy, I suppose.


So how regularly are episodes released? Seems odd that they aren't weekly.


They were weekly, back in Spring/Summer. We've just been through a prolonged mid-season break, like all shows do. The next episode will probably be in the next week or two (I assume), then continue for a few more episodes until the season finale.

Different countries have different season lengths. In Britain, seasons (or "series" as we call them) rarely stretch more than 6-8 episodes, unless they're flagship shows for international audiences or soap operas. France has a similar television make-up to Britain, so I'd imagine their television seasons would be smaller than Americans are used to, but Ankama does seem to have a rather...unique distribution strategy, so I could be wrong.

Wait, so the next Episode hasn't been out yet? How did one /coc/er get the script?

The latest ep is 16, aired last week. Ep 17 airs this saturday.

Oh lol. xD

so whats the eta on episode 16?


Don't rush it. It took us the entire four-month break just to catch up with the last 5 or 6 episodes. We seem to be getting a bit more organised now, so if we manage to sub Episode 16 before Episode 17 comes out, we might just be able to get a nice weekly production line going.

I'd help, but I have retained nothing from my six years of compulsory French learning, and my EeePC is functionally useless for timing or encoding shit. Excuses, excuses, I know...

Good news that it's back weekly. Assuming this was a mid-season break, we'll probably get another ten weeks of new episodes over winter, then another break until late Spring. France3 seems to be timing their cartoon premières to coincide with the holidays, which makes sense.

If they are coincidin' with teh holeedayz, there'll probably be a Christmas Special. I wanna see Kwismas Isle in all its retardation! (Kwismas Isle is a Xmas event place in Dofus and Wakfu)

call me sir knight, because i CAMELOT

Wouldn`t be easier to have a soft-sub production,and simply give the raws with them?

It would, but there are too many retards here who can't get softsubs working (mostly VLC users).


The pattern up to now has been to do both. Soft subs first since they're easier to distribute on the fly, followed by hard subs for those with uncooperative media players. The previous pattern has been for the subs (soft or hard) to emerge whenever someone felt charitable or bored. We're establishing ground rules now to make the process flow more quickly, since we know the episodes are coming and have an opportunity to prepare this time around. We don't want to be caught sans culottes like last time.

....aaaannndd if you cant wait:

nice overview about guys behind the Wakfu and Dofus:

I will get started on timing for 16 saturday if no one else has started it yet. It is going to be kind of hard to get stuff going smoother seeing as what time of year it is. Though you guys are awesome for being so patient. Hopefully after the new years starts we will get all the kinks worked out.

Sorry to be off topic but how are those EeePCs. My sister is getting one this year and I want to know how it is and what I should make sure she knows.


EeePCs =typewriter+internet

>EeePCs =typewriter+internet

Pretty much. Which is fine for my purposes, since all I essentially do all day is write stories and browse the intarwebs.

The EeePC was one of the first models on the netbook scene and consequently the most evolved. The latest versions have 120GB hard drives, zippy Intel Atom processors and batteries that will outlast the sun. For videos, music and graphic design the EeePC is obviously far from ideal, but perfectly serviceable if it's the only thing you've got.

Video games are a non-starter (which was most jarring for a dedicated gamer like myself), but for what it's meant to do it does extremely well, and is probably the only laptop on the market that can actually sit on top of your lap, rather than crush your knees into a squidgy paste and bake them together like a delicious casserole. And most importantly, they're bloody cheap.

Only word of warning is that using the keyboard would benefit from prior experience with embroidery or model airplane building. Its dimensions are a tad on the 'economic' side.

Great for aspiring novices, casual browsers, travelling businessmen and meditative hermits like me. If your sister falls into any of these categories, I'm sure she'll be satisfied.

Now enough about that. MOAR WAKFU. I command it...

... subs for the god damned interview plz.


Trés cool! They got a Master System in the office! I thought I was the only one.

Oooh...there's a DS version coming out. I'll have to look into that.

I have an ACER aspire one, and it's pretty much like
My battery life is ~6 hours (came with a beefed-up battery), so I never have to bring my cable to class. Also it fits on the tiny chesks university campuses love to have, and is great for taking notes once your fingers get accustomed to the small keys. It's very very mobile, and that's the point, and I'm satisfied with it's mobility. More so once I got a soft zipper case with handles.

Runs fast enough for browsing, watching videos (although watching full HD might pose a bit of a problem), and writing. The display size is disappointing, but there's pretty much a part of the package. It's brighter than most other laptops which helps a bit.

To stay on-topic, I'd like to express my gratitude for the fansubbers working on this for us uncultured people who have to respond to everything with a je ne comprends pas.

Hi guy's, I love u for your hard work on the series and i want to Thank You, but could u lend us the sofsubs as well ?

...Okay first off, this is *chan, not gaia. Chatspeak will only get you yelled at. Second, it's being worked on. Be patient. Third, if you're asking for the earlier episodes' subtitles, just scroll back up to the top there and read the first post.

Holy Mother of Enutrof, Episode 17 just blew 12 out of the fucking sky in terms of awesome! Also, WHAT THE HELL, IS GROUGALORAGRAN DEAD?!?! SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!

Cool thanks.

Ok no more tech talk. I will get to work on the timing here in a bit. So unless someone else is working on it expect 16's by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Man I've already finished mourning him by the time I'm able to say his name. It's tragic.


Ben, I've just finished timing and basic templating of the opening theme, if you can use it.

Also, if there is a need for timing/typesetting I've experience doing a few other projects if you require assistance.

Oh, and I've done the first mini episode (though my French isn't the best) Is there someone acting as QC for the project, or an encoder I can pass the subs to? I'd do the encode myself, but I've a strange issues with .flv's and avisynth (it adds an arbitrary black bar to the bottom, even with mod16 cropping...quite annoying).

If you wanted to do the timing I only got the first five minutes done it is no big deal. I only do timings if it looks like the others are to busy to do it.

I usually don't do the opening. Ryukengouki usually adds it when he encodes it though.

For the mini episode just post a link to the .ass or whatever format you used and someone will pick it up. Ryukengouki usually does it for use.

We are pretty open with who does what. No one is really assigned to certain things but if there is any problems with quality there are a few that usually catch it before the final is done.


I haven't been able to locate transcripts/translations for episodes 16/17. If you know where I might obtain them, I'd gladly take responsibility for one or the other (both might be a bit daunting for the free time I have available this weekend!) Or if you have them I've attached an email address to this post.

The subs for Mini Wakfu 1 can be found at:

I'm going to try encoding the opening again today; hopefully I'll have a link for that as well later in the day.

EDIT: I'm a touch foolish at times when it comes to searching (read: I fail hard at it sometimes). I've grabbed the episode 16 translation posted on this very page, and will start timing accordingly.


DANG! Use spoilertags, at least :P

Oh, and snape kills dumbledore

That episode 17 is freaking awesome xD. Certainly the best ever.

If you really want to know what really occured in the end :
when "what you know" happen, their wakfu create a new dragon egg, so Yugo and Adamai have to find it before nox do


Cheers bro.

Timing and TS done on EP16, just trying to do some comprehension editing.

The raw for 16 posted here is somewhat rough, and the link to the official release seems to be broken. If anyone has a link to a better quality raw, it would be much appreciated if you could post it.

As it stands, I'll mux and post a softsub version with the raw I have shortly.

EDIT: Uploading now, might be a bit as mega is being finicky, and not accepting at a constant rate. Will link it as soon as I have it confirmed up. I'll also be posting the .ass for those who may want to hardsub it without pulling the whole .mkv and having to extract.

EDIT2: Megaupload is being a real pain today, anyone know of a viable alternative? This will be attempt 5 to upload it, and I'm not on a slouch connection...

EDIT3: Finally! It's up!

Also, after some consultation, some translation changes were made to the Mini Wakfu 1 .ass (I'm no fluent translator) and the corrected file can be found here:

Re wakfu 16
>The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable


How annoying. . .nothing I do gets along with mega today. Guess I'll try uploading it again.

Odd though, the sizes matched, and I tested the link; it brought me to the usual enter code to dl page.

Well it could just be temporary. Try rapidshit?

Could do, I'm wondering if it's because I have the free account with mega, maybe there is a limit to the number of access per time or something? I'll try rapid, thankfully the file is small so no splitting probably.

Got it working. No worries.

Curiouser and curiouser...I still can't access it via the link. I'll link rapid in this post as soon as it's up for those having similar issues.

EDIT: As Promised, here is rapidshare for EP16

EDIT2: Here is a link to Mini Wakfu 1 (also a softsub)

Might have time tonight or tomorrow to work on the second mini, or make a start on EP17 if a translated transcript surfaces.

Download limits are FUCKING AWESOME.

Any chance you could get a collector's account (free, and no download limits)?

.mkv files isn't playing. I'm using the latest k-lite codec pack, that should do the trick, shouldn't it?
Downloaded from Mega, because I can't from RS.

Okay, that shit didn't work in DivX, it didn't work in media player classic, but it did work in my run of the mill bullshit mediaplayer that came with XP.
Who knew?

Well whatever. If I can play it, than it's good enough for me, whatever program I use. Thanks! The whole aura things makes much more sense now.

I proof all my file on a standalone machine with only CCCP ( installed, to be certain of compatibility. Far as my experience, this is the standard most fansubs will shoot for in softsubbed releases (all the ones I've worked with in any case).

I'll look into a collector account right now, as I only went to rapidshare due to mega giving me issues.

EDIT: Seems to make a collector account, I'd have to re-upload the file. I'll see about doing so when I post Mini Wakfu 2. The original megaupload link seems to now be working (at least it is for me).
EP 16 megaupload:

EDIT2: Okay, Mega is still messing with some people, as such, I'm tired of messing with them, and have created a torrent. You may fetch it via the magnet link below. Expect the swarm to be a bit slow, as I only have 500k/s upstream and limit initial seeding to 4 peers. (To use simply paste into the address bar of your browser, your torrent program should launch and fetch the file)

File: 126005892657.jpg-(26.62KB, 449x337, 1208879107618.jpg)
Holy nuts on a stick, that was the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

I have no use for my eyes any more, for I now know I have seen ALL.

Could you post the subs only for ep16, for those who have the video already saved from the site? thx.


As requested, this is a rar containing the .ass and fonts used in the sub (normally contained in the .mkv) Either mux in or install the fonts for it to display properly, might be ugly as sin otherwise.


Also, you said you have a raw saved from the site? Would it be possible to have a copy posted somewhere? The raw I'm working with for 16 is a bit. . .rough.

16 was epic. can't wait for 17.

Very much seconded. That last shot is making me rethink how I'm going to handle teleportation effects in tabletop RPGs. Dimension Door-type effects=Yugo's portals, teleporting across vast distances=take a chunk of the terrain with you.

I fully expect some players to abuse it (say, by teleporting a chunk of a dam with them), but it's just awesome enough that I'm having a hard time having a problem with that.

Turns out Ruel is the most powerful. Who knew?


Why is Megaupload now acting like an attack site?

Well, he was bounty hunting with Yugo's father long before any of the others were born, and by that point, Sadly had already taken two attacks and could barely stand up.

Not only that, but we've seen how wealthy Ruel is, and even as stingy as Ruel is with his kamas that must have been a looooot of motherlodes. Being in the adventure genre, that must have meant a loooooot of bad motherfuckers to fight for said motherlodes. And besides, the man has an established track record of holding back on the group with damn near EVERYTHING. Why should it be a surprise that he's obscenely powerful? I mean, we're talking about a man that can bend the ear of Enutroff himself!

>Also, you said you have a raw saved from the site? Would it be possible to have a copy posted somewhere? The raw I'm working with for 16 is a bit. . .rough.
see >>19921 for the link

interestingly it's still alive, so I'm wondering if the older raws are still up there.

Ep 17 is in case you are wondering.

Also, that magnet url is kinda not working.

>interestingly it's still alive, so I'm wondering if the older raws are still up there.

OK, scratch that. Even if the older raws are there, we won't be able to find them (easily). The ankama site uses a flash movie player that calls the videos per media id, ex. for ep 17 (media_id: 1452).
While the videos files themselves seem to stay alive, the media ids are nuked. Media ID 1365 is ep 16, but that media id has already expired, and so the flash movie player cannot access it - but the mp4 video is still physically up on the ankama site.

Since the video filenames are seemingly randomly generated, there aren't too many chances for us to find the older videos there. Unless they are not randomly generated but instead follow an encoding scheme, in which case there is a SLIGHT chance that someone could reverse engineer the flash player, and find out exactly how the video filenames are generated. But I wouldn't count on this.

I grabbed 17 right from the ankama site (cache extract, love firefox). Interestingly it seems to be of a similar quality to the posted 16 raw. The reason I asked for a relink to an external 16 was because I simply couldn't find the full episode on their site (trailer was evident, but not the full ep)

I've just verified the my seedbox is set properly, if you were referring to the subs only link, that was my fault for leaving the default ratio limit set; seems it was eclipsed and the file went dormant. That has been rectified.

I also verified both links from an external network source, and both seemed to function fine. However, I've posted the actual torrent files at the following:

EP16 Torrent:
Subs EP16 (ACTUAL rar) :
Subs EP 16 Torrent:

I've been trying to figure out what the deal with megaupload is, since it seems it's only my posts that have these strange limits. Unless all the other posted episodes were done from premium accounts and I'm just unaware of this. There seems to be no reason for it; not one that's posted anywhere at the least.

EDIT: Additionally, I re-uploaded EP16 to rapidshare under the 'collector account', so this should alleviate some of the limit issues.

Nice job you now have a nice weekly production

If you want a better quality, I can provide you encoded ep 16 and 17 coming from my home TNT recorder. Quality isn’t flawless but at least it isn’t as bad as the ankama raw.
The only problem : I won’t be able to upload them until next sunday U_U.

Moreover Deafdefiler, if you could give me an e-mail adress to contact your french friend, I’d like to ask him if he does transcriptions before the translation plus other stuff...

Vialou my friend that would be excellent. Recreating the files is a simple matter of re-encoding with the existing subs, and the blocks in the current raws are really irritating me. With better raws I could put out better softsubs, and perhaps a styled hardsub for playback on other media devices/consoles.

I can make a start on 17 today/tonight if the transcripts become available, again working with the ankama raw (not that I think people will mind, the episode was amazing just to watch!) until next weekend.

Beautiful things happens when Anon works together.

Quote:After the brutality but the visual beauty of episode 17, a 18th opus which promises to be rich in emotion, with a little fight, too.(Powerman)
12 December,just a week for the raw,can`t wait


Script for Episode 17 - Grougaloragran the Eternal

Thanks a bunch Caedo!

Excellent Deafdefiler, I'll set to work on this shortly. I assume there are a few people awaiting it!

You're very welcome; be sure not to forget the others who contribute! I'm but a small piece in the process.

If anybody is thinking about doing a hardsub, please go for it. My translator can't do softsubs, and language barrier means I can't really help him, but he still likes to watch with English subtitles.

Yes, I plan on doing hardsubs. However the file raws from ankama are difficult to encode properly (they have strange parameters) so it might take a few days to figure out.

There was another person doing hardsubs in this thread, if he has a workflow for the ankama .mp4's and can pass it along that would speed things up immensely

2x0=0, you can still run

Greatest god damned god ever.

i concur with you, man.

File: 126013855012.png-(431.21KB, 600x600, 123224350354.png)

that episode, Was an visual orgasm

Episode 17 Complete! (though I didn't have much time to proof/tweak; please forgive if there are small issues)
In an effort to avoid some of the issues we had distributing 16, I've decided to just go ahead and provide as many methods as I can to access 17. I fully expect Megaupload to continue being retarded, as such I've added rapidshare, and a torrent right at the start.

An excellent episode, I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks once again to Deafdefiler for the transcript/translation!

Excelent episode

EP17 Distros:
Torrent File:
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DPRPPKMOSTJNGBAZIM2EJFGN6E4QRTHZ

EP17 Subs ONLY (As previously, the rar contains the fonts used in the episode; install or mux them for proper display)
Direct DL:
Torrent File:
Magnet Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:MS2MDEA5PAXQXP4SLXCYG26J3RRARONP


I'm painstakingly clawing data off the internet via the torrent, but no matter. You are Le Roi.

Après vous, le déluge...

Sorry for the low speed, I don't have any limits set on them, so there should be a total of 500k/s available for the initial seeding. Don't know why it's going so slow for the 3 people currently on it...

Perhaps check to see that you have protocol encryption enabled? I hear some ISP's throttle torrent data.

Also, for those awaiting a hardsub, I've managed to figure out a way to force the ankama raws into cooperating, so episodes 16 and 17 should be available shortly, though the quality might be a shade low.

I'm getting some really good download speeds from the torrent.

I've doubled my upload limit and I'll be seeding. Thanks for the hard work!

File: 126014577094.jpg-(45.34KB, 750x522, Facepalm.jpg)
Glad to hear it.

In other news, watching through the episode again (as it's that awesome) I've discovered my first overlooked error at 03:22. Please substitute 'to' in place of 'too'.....


The episode was visually amazing. 'Twas sad, but it has me aching for more! I can't wait for 18. Great job, again.

Okay, so, the lack of a dedicated QC for this episode has lead to there being profuse errors. As such I will likely release a patch for the already posted files, and depending on how many people continue to DL, possibly a v2. Hardsubs will be reencoded with the corrections before I post them.

As promised, here is a link to the patch to repair the errors that were evident to me. To use, simply extract the rar to it's own folder, put the original softsubbed file in that same folder, making sure it is named 'wakfu_17_[9fb3d1f7][DC].mkv' (the name it was released with) and then just execute EP17.bat. This will produce the patched episode in the same folder, at which point you may dispose of the patch files themselves.

That was an awesome episode. And it was sad too. :(

They've done a really good job of making Nox look sinister and powerful.

Sorry for the wait Deafdefiler, here are the links for the hardsubs of 16 and 17.



The files are slightly larger than the softsub versions, simply because while transcoding I did quite a bit of postporcessing and buffered them a bit to try and make the process as lossless as possible, without spending time to tweak the size down much. They're still smaller than the semi-typical fansub these days. Both were tested for compatibility with PS3 and Xbox360.


Damn you got that done fast. Thanks for the work.

File: 126016264176.jpg-(452.39KB, 1024x768, youre awesome.jpg)

Glad you like them! As a small bonus, here is a softsub version of Mini Wakfu 1

And the hardsub:

Right, that'll be the last release I have time for till we get closer to Episode 18. Enjoy!

On behalf of /co/ at regular 4chan, profound thanks to all you hardworking subbers. After waiting seemingly forever for Boufbowl Hell part 2 (in fact this is MY first time back to the series since part 1) it's straight fucking awesome to stumble back onto this smörgåsbord of rapidly translated new content.

<3 ya, monolingual anonymous /co/mrades across the world.


LOL, super late to the party. Here's the avi hardsub for ep 16 (with checksum). Subs are on black bars. Enjoy.

Just finished watching episode 17.

I feel as though I can die now, having seen perhaps the most motherfucking amazing fight seen in the history of media. Seriously, if there's something more outstanding, I can't think of it and I'd CERTAINLY love to see it.

File: 126018107284.png-(243.62KB, 640x480, 1259663033977.png)
Thanks to everyone involved in the subbing process, you people are amazing.

Agreed. Without these fansubbers, I'd have never witnessed Grougaloragran grab a superpowered puppet by its ankle and beat another superpowered puppet with it. I mean, I suppose I could have seen that one scene in isolation, but it's just so much more amazing having the whole context for WHY it's so fucking epic.

It was like DBZ...but without the recycled animations and hours of powering up. It got straight down to business and it was fucking GLORIOUS!


So pretty much, it was like some of the better fights in DBZ.

No, it more like like someone distilled everything that made DBZ fights worth watching down to the barest essence of epic supernatural combat, then applied nothing but the slightest nuance to that essence. If DBZ was wine, it would be fit for cooking at best. Compared to that barely food-grade wine, this fight scene would be a bottle of Remy Martin Napoleon cognac.

Or in other words, it's like the fights in the DBZ manga.

Now that I wouldn't know about.

He's basically right. The reason there's so much powering up and yelling and re-used animations in DBZ is filler. The Dragonball manga got an anime long before it finished, so for almost the entire show it was a long battle to not end the show before the manga. The result? Filler; instead of non-canon storylines, though, they did half-hour powerups.

Could anyone who has these files put them on Megaupload or something? Rapidshare has no slots available right now.

I'll post them right now; just be warned mega has been quite annoying for people in the last few days.

Also, here are some magnet links, I'll be seeding them for a while (in case mega is still having issues)
EP17: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:LT2PSHQHFSFI32GYPPZCPPFD6FQZXGB3
EP16: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:I4HTLC6DK57AUGWLWDN4ZYKEFMZMWE5H

Here is meagupload for the hardsubs:

Magnet links are a way to share torrent files without having to download the torrent file itself. The link fetches the torrent directly from a seed rather than you having to download it from a website. It works better for decentralizing the whole torrent scheme, removing large database websites and trackers and relying more on the distributed peer nature of the system.

Caedo, don't get me wrong, I appreciate what you're doing, but could you please put the episode title in the filename? And the Season and Episode number. The Popular format is "Series name S#E## Episode Title"

Simplicity is key for distro purposes. The filenames are made to be as compatible as possible, while also providing the most crucial information to a person downloading it. The naming scheme I use is one I was shown many years ago in one of my first projects, omitting spaces, arbitrary information, and including the crc32 for quick and easy integrity verification.

I will, as you request, start adding the episode name to the file descriptions on the various download sites, but for the purposes of distro, it won't become part of my standard naming convention. Feel free of course, to rename them either after, or when you 'save as' from the download site, as doing so will have no effect on playback (unless there is a patch released for the episode, in which case a specific name will be required until the patching is complete).

EDIT: I should probably also clarify, I'm not trying to be inflexible here, it's just the procedure I was taught. Also, I favor a single heading per series, versus breaking by season, hence the omission of a season designator in the filename (I.E. episodes are simply numbered chronologically, regardless of season as long as they are part of the same series). If season is ever designated, it will be done in the series name second of the filename. I have however gone back to my file descriptions and included the S##E## marker.

Wow, is Megaupload supposed to take 3hours to download one episode?

Thanks though for adding that to the file description. It makes it easier on my end because I like having the episode title in the filename.

You've been doing a great job, and I can't thank you enough for this. :D

Thank you all so much for subbing this! All I can say about E17 is holy shit. :<>

And Caedo, I really appreciate the quality of your hardsubs (nice fonts, singalong theme song, etc). It would be awesome if one day you went back and gave the fancy treatment to the earlier episodes.

Really guys... these things take time and effort, just be grateful there are people who would sub for us, like really.

Him and the rest of the guys are cool for subbing for us, but on the other hand, you guys surely aren't for keep on making such unneeded personal requests.

In my experience it's usually the white knight who is the prick.


Here's the avi hardsub for ep 17 (with checksum). Subs are on black bars. Enjoy.

I used to think that 4chan was a place of eeevil and stuff. Now that I see all teh awesome in this thread, I AM WRONG! :D Love ya /coc/.

Ironically, I've already made a start on this as sort of a personal pet project, as I prefer styled subs and the like for my archive versions of shows. So far I've only done the subs for EP1 and pat of 2, as I'm waiting for some better raws. The stream rips are quite rough for the early episodes (not to mention parametered in very funky ways; the ankama encoder is either a genius at annoying fansubbers, or needs to relearn his trade).

I'll throw together an encode of EP1 from the available raw and see how it gets on. If it comes out well enough I'll post it.


Well technically this isn't 4chan. plus4chan is more the underground smoky jazz club to 4chan's mosh-pit. Just take a seat, enjoy the groove, and try the house cocktail. It's smoooooth.

Episode 17 is the best yet. Amazing.

Nah, plus4chan is the underground smoky jazz club to /co/'s metal concert, which is the underground metal concert next to /jp/'s 'VN distribution center' (aka eroge store) and /tg/'s game room, all underground below /b/'s no-rules moshpit.

As a result, while /jp/, /tg/, and /co/ sometimes get some stragglers from /b/ and a couple teeth fall through the cracks in the floor, we almost never get any of that here because we're second level down.

Woah. Ep 17 was like... woah. I can't describe it. Wakfu is teh shitzorz. :D

So how long do I have to wait for rule 34 on Grougal? Because dayum, that is a sexy old dragon man once you get his clothes off.

Eps 16 and 17 were fucking EPIC, cannot wait for 18.

In ep 16 when Grougal teleports the gang and says goodbye, the french is "a bientot" (sorry, can't type accents) which is more of a "see you soon" than goodbye, isn't it? IN ANY CASE I love the subbers because my comprehension of spoken French is really terrible and I'd be lost without you subbers.

File: 126038749137.jpg-(209.76KB, 750x600, RockOn.jpg)
Hey, just got here from /tg/. Just wanna say that Wakfu is bloody awesome and so are you subbers. Thanks!

You are correct, the literal translation would be "I'll see you later" or "I'll see you soon"; contextually speaking it it's a much more condensed conveyance of the meaning. The translation we chose was more for preserving the context of the scene. A short terse, parting salutation implying meeting again (goodbye) which was then bunked by Nox's line immediately following with a similar style phrase.

So, I suppose that from a purely literal point of view, we're technically wrong; then again that would also depend on how you choose to interpret 'goodbye' versus 'farewell' and their implied levels of finality.

IMO it didn't quite work the way you translated it, what it was meant to mean was obvious, but 'goodbye' didn't cut it.

And here I thought it was just fine.

I say it worked fine, partially because Nox gave it a meaning right in the next sentence, and because there is a similar word in my native language (sort of a formal version of "see you soon", English doesn't have this), and I immediately thought that they were trying to say that.
It's not like it's an entirely uncommon combination of phrases anyway - good guy saying "seeya" to friend before leaving to face the endboss, endboss replying "NO YOU WONT SEE THEM AGAIN CUZ YOU'LL BE DEAD".

if the meaning got across, the translation is good, imo.

File: 126047063156.jpg-(106.88KB, 700x700, DannyElfmansOingoBoingo48.jpg)
By the way, that turn of phrase reminds me of a little song by the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo that I love singing myself:

This is the end, dear
the time of night when we delight in turning in
But, please remember
it's not goodbye, but just until we meet again


Good points all, though i suppose distilled to the most basic point of decision; I just couldn't get my head around Grougal saying anything remotely close to 'seeya'. He talks about himself in third person for goodness sake!

"Until next time" would do.

Then the context would shift slightly, because Nox would suddenly be picking up on the turn of phrase including time in it, and you know how he and his minions are always making references to that.


Anon who first brought up the "see you soon" VS "goodbye" here, to be honest it did work fine for me the way you translated it, not sure if that's because I caught the spoken "a bientot" or not, but whatever! I just brought it up out of curiosity. I really do love the work you subbers have done and am very very grateful. Good point about the fact that it would have sounded weird for Grougal to say something like "see you soon" or "see ya later," that's way too casually phrased for him.

... Still hoping that the internet will provide Grougaloragran rule 34, but I may have to draw this myself.

As of right now it's about a quarter to four in Paris.
What time does the steamed episode usually turn up on the ankama site?

LOL, I just happened to look at the old thread. 9.55am Paris time, I guess.

File: 126059674784.gif-(42.32KB, 200x204, Suiseiseki laughs.gif)
>steamed episode

Nicely done. I'm actually in the process of upping the raw to mega at the moment.

Just wish I could backtrack the previous episodes we're missing .mp4 streams for; they're slightly higher quality than the original flv's. Ankama's naming scheme makes it rather impossible though, sadly.

EDIT: Here it is, Episode 18 Raw on Megaupload.

Ships feature prominently in episode 18, don't they?

>>20283 *insert Baird pic here* NO SHIT!

dude, NSFW please.

I was posting in the other thread and confused the two tabs.

File: 126063191432.jpg-(148.77KB, 700x390, 04.jpg)
(screenie taken from episode 19)

I thought she was biting his ear, from the thumbnail.


so did I, was disappointed. Well no, i wasn't, My ship has been feed so much lately-

Also, I havn't really realized it before, but this show has unusually good music.

File: 126065948475.png-(107.60KB, 344x504, Bitch please.png)

File: 126065998285.png-(373.45KB, 891x492, Crowning moment of awesome copy.png)

Why I've taken to watching the stream before the translation has come out, I don't get to appreciate all that with the subs.


The music during the fight was like watchiong a old zorro or musketeers movie. I Nostalgia'd hard.

File: 126066991882.png-(491.20KB, 894x509, 1260660571992.png)
I' I feel like a 14 year-old girl, I could die.

File: 126068916443.png-(435.79KB, 898x504, Iamthinkingyoubald.png)
So anyone working on a translation?

this episode was awesome even in french. I d'awww'd.

I'm sure it's being dealt with as time allows; patients!

File: 12606940814.png-(517.15KB, 898x504, pleasedon\'trapemekindsir.png)
I'm not your patient! Unhand me at once!

File: 126070162768.png-(241.49KB, 884x497, CAPITAN.png)

This episode had me go Fuck yeah Groovy!

File: 126070626089.png-(76.68KB, 204x259, Awesome Smug Face.png)
This episode is just full of reaction faces

File: 126071195356.jpg-(50.08KB, 896x502, snapshot20091208160843.jpg)
and this didn't?


Of course it did- I'm wuite shocked at the amount of fuck yea sadly moment s they are tossing at me. It's like they decided "Hey, MAtts fave character need moore awesome"

The ever amazing Vialou has provided tnt raws for 16 and 17. They are better in every way than the streams, and as such v2 files for both episodes will be forthcoming (both softsub and styled hardsub)

I hope to have them completed this evening my time (UTC -5).

I just got linked over here from /tg/, and I just want to say that we fa/tg/uys really appreciate the hard work!

Okay, as promised here are the links to EP16v2



Thanks once again to Vialou for uploading the raws, the v2's look amazing.

While I'm waiting for Ep.18 (patience is a virtue :P), does anyone know the name of the opening song? Or is it something they made for the series?

While I'm not positive, it sure sounds like something produced for the show, particularly what with how short it is.

Guessing by the cheesy lyrics, I'm guessing for the show.. haha.

Well, out of impatience, I've decided to watch the latest episode in French. Wow at Sadly + Evangeline. But still very looking forward to the English subtitles.

File: 126077505040.jpg-(59.50KB, 700x390, 1238792522651.jpg)


I have it on my Zune, and according to it the opening song is named "Trois"

Umm... Yeah, about that. That's my fault. Sorry. I pulled it by importing the first episode into iMovie, cutting it down, and tearing out the audio, and just named it the first thing that came to mind. It's not actually the name.

As for ep. 18, my translator has school. He'll be done as soon as he has any time at all to work on it, and apologized for the delay.

Goodness, please don't apologize! This is after all a volunteer project that we do as time allows (I assume anyway; that's what I do).

In other news, here is EP17v2. Took a bit longer than 16 to re-time and get all squared away, as they adjusted some delays for broadcast that threw off all the fine timings (and even the a/v synch!).
The links:


Also for those that don't know, or have perhaps forgotten, all updates (that I make at least) are posted in the Wiki maintained by Vialou for the project.

Add the link to the mp4 to that wiki.

The new encodes have much less blocking (almost none), but they are also blurred somewhat... the ankama file are much clearer and higher resolution, but it only shows on almost still shots, due to the horribly low bitrate.

The ankama raws are in fact not at all higher resolution; they were simply upscaled by a very tiny margin to achieve proper mod16 dimensioning which results in them being approximately the same size as the tnt raws. The 'sharpness' you speak of is likely the result of this process, and while possibly slightly clearer, it also adds spline ringing and other nastiness as a direct result.

There were also several translation and timing errors that were dealt with in the v2, and from a creator standpoint, those are the files I'd like propagating, not the one's I've left errors in.

If it truly is intolerable, the links still exist in this thread, as I'm not going to backtrack and remove them. You could also simply through a wsharp shader into your player stream (I assume you're not using WMP if you're prepared to note detailed quality differences ;) )

Of course, you may also feel free to obtain the softsub files and re-encode/re-mux at your leisure; my matroska releases all contain unprotected .ass as well as all fonts utilized in the script and are for free use (CCshareAlike).

I didn't meant physically higher resolution, I meant it comes from a higher resolution source. The new encode looks like a lower resolution recording. It also has noticeable haloing (as if a sharpen filter was used on it?). Yes, warpsharp fixes that (somewhat), but I'm not keen on changing video settings per file. The warpsharp required on the new encode will make the other mp4 look like an acid trip, by the way.

Basically I'm saying that the new encode is as much better as it is worse. Yes, it has waaaaaay less blocking artifacts, but it's also much less sharp with more acuting. In still shots (where the low bitrate won't ruin it), the ankama mp4s look better... It is arguable that there are few of those though.

Doesn't matter either way, since we will not get perfect rips of the episodes until DVDs are out. (Though, given how extremely high quality this show is, I hope they will release a HD version at one point... This quality animation in 1080p would be orgasmic.)

Either way, my point is rather moot for now (and I'm so much used to HD rips now that almost everything in SD looks like blurred junk for my eyes, so my opinion doesn't even count - so please do not take anything the wrong way, I am only sharing my own opinion, I'm not trying to call your work bad).

So carry on with the subs please.

One thing I could recommend, regardless of video quality though. Please make sure that the softsubs are shared separately, all the time. So they can still be used - if required - when we get *flawless* dvd/bluray rips in some point of the future. If you can prepare a pack of subs for every full episode on it's own, I'll gladly host them on my own place. I can't/won't put up whole episodes as it would tax the server too much (and open up a can of legal worms), but there couldn't be anything wrong with softsubs.

As far as I know, the new raws come from an HD broadcast. The v2 files were created with as little alteration from raw as possible, as what Vialou provided was already AVC High@3.1 896x486 progressive. I'm not sure what processing took place between capture and delivery (deinterlace/upscale/decimates etc) but for my softsubs I performed absolutely no transcode/transform at all. They're a straight remux.

The hardsub encodes are generated with console playback in mind, but again with no filter/transform outside the insertion of the subtitle stream (TextSub, 1) utilizing Jeeb's x264 1183 with the bog standard ettings :

program --profile high --level 4.1 --preset slower --pass 2 --bitrate 1000 --stats ".stats" --thread-input --deblock 0:0 --bframes 3 --b-adapt 2 --direct auto --b-bias 0 --scenecut 40 --ref 3 --ipratio 1.1 --pbratio 1.1 --vbv-bufsize 24000 --vbv-maxrate 24000 --qcomp 0.5 --rc-lookahead 40 --no-mbtree --aq-mode 1 --aq-strength 1.0 --merange 12 --me umh --subme 7 --partitions p8x8,b8x8,i4x4,i8x8 --trellis 2 --psy-rd 1.0:0 --output "output" "input"

The idea being of course to preserve as much of the existing quality, as the streams are already compressed and thus improvement is essentially impossible.

Also, I've noticed that the ankama streams have some very strange parameters and resolutions, which in order to have prime efficiency require at least some form of crop/resize. It's like they're mod and not at the same time, or they've chosen the mod farthest from their described AR. It's actually quite puzzling.

I agree with you that both of our point's are essentially moot, at least until access to more pure captures or (please dear god) and HD hardcopy source.

Don't worry that you've offended; quite the contrary I welcome constructive discussion and criticism, as I've been away from the scene for almost a year, and goodness knows what tricks may have shown up in that time! By all means if you have a suggestion post it or sent it to my posted email.

I'll package up the subs as final versions are settled upon, so that they are available publicly (independent of the video/audio streams) should something remove my participation. I'm actually in the process of reworking the posted earlier episodes for the sake of consistency and continuity (not that I had a part in any original work before EP16, I just prefer a complete set).

Cadep, you're awesome. and so is everyone else in this thread that does something! :D

>Don't worry that you've offended; quite the contrary

That's good to know, I know many encoders / project members of anything / would've gone completely apeshit already. You are better than them.



18 script.

Thanks once again Deafdefiler!

To work I get/

File: 126091776118.gif-(489.66KB, 640x366, 1260447212574.gif)

Yay! Thanks you guys.

Quite a tricky episode this; lots of wordplay. Doing the best I can to make it all jive, but be warned that the finished product may be a bit wordy. Also, for the first time there will be notes occasionally at the top of the frame, so have that pause button ready!

Rough timing/editing 16/22

Quite a tricky episode this; lots of wordplay. Doing the best I can to make it all jive, but be warned that the finished product may be a bit wordy. Also, for the first time there will be notes occasionally at the top of the frame, so have that pause button ready!

Rough timing/editing: 22/22
Fine Timing/TS : 22/22

I'm re-encoding the video this week, to try and deal with some of the more complex scenes, and deal with ankama's funny avc settings, so it'll be a few more hours before the ep is posted!

that just the translation or .ass?

File: 126095868528.jpg-(11.99KB, 350x340, 1259663679292.jpg)
My f5 button broke.

And I thought I was weird checking every five minutes... Glad to see it's normal.

Aaaaanyways I wanted to express my neverending gratitude and pledge my love to you guys working on this project. So. Here I do that.

That is just the rough translated episode transcript. It's not timed or edited.

Sorry for the delay gents, it really is a difficult episode, video wise as well as script wise. The good news is the actual subtitle work is done. The bad news is the video is presenting some issues (odd anomalies, particularly in particle heavy scenes, of which there are many) as well as a strange corruption along the right video frame border which was pointed out to me by my QC (which doesn't show on my system). Very irritating to say the least. Progress is being made as quickly as possible. I hope to have the episode posted before this time tomorrow.

Thanks for being so patient!

It's cool, the amount of care you take to ensure quality is only to be encouraged.


I didn't want it to sound like that I'm pushing you or anything - I'm full aware everyone uses his own free time and I am accepting the fact that it's done once it's done, no matter how long should I wait.

It's just... like waiting for Christmas or something @.@

>Transcription/Translator: Deafdefiler

Good thing this is a preliminary, because that should read 'lordkelson1'. The scripts I bring you come from him; he's underage, so can't come here himself.

Ah, I was unaware, as the transcripts contain no credits. I shall amend the encodes for EP18 and continue accordingly from here on!

File: 126098873572.jpg-(63.06KB, 296x389, awww.jpg)

Thank you!

Just one thing - in that part when they're deciding a name for their company, shouldn't it be pointing to _fellowship_ of the ring, not company? Though maybe I am completely off...

No, you're right, it's supposed to be fellowship, as that's the joke.

where are mah softsubs

File: 126100261553.jpg-(34.99KB, 896x512, wakfu_18Hard_[b5fba511][DC].mp4_snapshot_20.20_[20.jpg)
F5 button! Your death was not in vain!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks guys.

Actually as far as I can tell, they in fact do say company; probably in deference to various infringement concerns. Still, I think the joke still gets across.

Your softsubs are in progress; I blame the ankama encoder who obviously has never heard the term 'mod' before. . .

Actually Evangelyne says "la Communaute de l'Anneau", which is the official french translation of the first Lord of the Rings movie title. So "the Fellowship of the Ring" is more accurate indeed.

I thought so. The flow of the joke depends on a direct reference, otherwise it's just a lame duck.

Most resources I have at my disposal, and every dictionary I checked translates communauté directly as community. In any case, that was the translator's conclusion, as the referential conclusion. My guess would be they're using the movie title to bring the joke across to the French community, if the film name matches what she said.

"My guess would be they're using the movie title to bring the joke across to the French community, if the film name matches what she said."

Yes, that's it exactly. ;-)

By the way, I'd like to add my two cents about the puns in this episode. The guys who wrote the dialogs here did really have their fun. This makes this episode one of the funniest so far, but also the trickiest to translate to another language.
*Waves to the translator* You're brave, man! ^_^

- "Payment by map": the French word "carte" is the same whether you talk about a map or a card (credit card, playing card, etc.). So it's indeed very convenient to pay by "carte"! ^_^
Also @14:35, when the Captain says she's "not used to shuffling maps", the French expression is "battre les cartes", which is literally "beat the cards".

- @15:12 "Up on the mountain! - Don't sing around": "La haut sur la montagne" (up on the mountain) is a french nursery rhyme.

- @15:18 "Thunder of Ogrest!": Pronounciation next to "Thunder of Brest", which is one of the favorite expressions of Captain Haddock, a character from the Belgian comic book Tintin.

- @16:57 "Don't spit on my Iop!": Refers to an old French ad for some liquid yogurt called "Yop". It showed a teen who said he spitted in his Yop because he didn't want to share it.

Also, a few words about the names:
- "Mond, Smisse Mond!": Well, aside of the obvious reference to "Bond, James Bond", the name is pronounced as "Miss World".

- "Prince Duchemolle" (Amalia's Brother): "Duchemolle" is slang for moron or dopey.

- Although it's not said in the episode, the name of the captain of the ship is "Capitaine Femme". Literally translated as "Captain Woman', the pronounciation is actually close to "Capitaine Flam", that is "Captain Future": an old japanese anime from the end of the 70's.

Well, that's it! Hope this will help you to fully enjoy the episode.

File: 126103621914.png-(279.20KB, 640x480, 1259575297807.png)
- @15:18 "Thunder of Ogrest!": Pronounciation next to "Thunder of Brest", which is one of the favorite expressions of Captain Haddock, a character from the Belgian comic book Tintin.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I guess what the English version translated in the books as "Thundering typhoons".

Thanks for providing the cultural contexts.

I'll be shortly posting a few different softsub versions of the episode, as I think it's a good indicator of how 'repairable' the stream source episodes are.

They will range from extremely brutal filtering to very light modification, as well as one with as little processing as possible. To deal with the non-mod issue, re-encoding is necessary in some form in all cases for .mkv styled softsubs due to limitations with VSfilter and requirements for mod8h/mod2w.

If there are any encoders out there that want to take a stab at how to clean up the stream raws, or have suggestions that are constructive, please let me know. I'm not at all used to such low quality source material, so it's a bit of a learning curve.

>Your softsubs are in progress; I blame the ankama encoder who obviously has never heard the term 'mod' before. . .

But, you don't have to encode for softsubs, just post the srt/ass/whatever other format subtitle file.

Actually no, it's not that simple. Due to the ankama streams, VSFilter won't properly render into the display graph, causing the horrid border bar along the right side of the video frame. This is because the ankama streams are not properly mod8/16 compliant. In fact they seem to use almost no standard at all.

Anywho, nearly done, just uploading and renaming and all that fun stuff.

Sorry for the double post, but as advertised here are the softsub files I'm playing with for Episode 18. By no means am I done attempting to process or imporve, these are simply representative of the efforts to date. I will also include an unmodified file which will be of approximate quality as the ankama source, but cropped to comply with mod standards. If you have the bandwidth and some experience in the video field, I'm looking for some comparative opinions.

Heavy filtering:
This file has been processed most heavily and brutally, resulting in the greatest overall change from source. There are some somewhat obvious flaws that I'm working on dealing with (some border rainbowing, retention of fine detail) but it also would be considered the 'cleanest'. The filtering does however tend to decimate flaws as well as minute detail.

AAA only:
This file has been cropped and processed with a fairly standard AAA algorithm, the intent being to try to clean up some of the messy lines and mosquito noise. Not a huge change from source, as the blocking and color banding tends to be retained, but it also retains more minute detail.

And finally, we have the cropped source:
Cropped by a mere 2 pixels to conform to mod standards, this file has had no processing done at all outside the re-encode. It is the closest possible to the source itself.

I have more attempts in progress, and depending on the outcome may post them as well for comment. Theses files however present what can be done with recovery, and are a good representation of both the extremes and subtleties that can be affected in the process.

File: 126105712933.png-(392.52KB, 750x498, untitled.png)
In episode 19 Tristepin is surely losing control of his powers(or of his demonic energy, if he has something like that)

File: 126106725092.jpg-(28.50KB, 450x450, Haddock-450.jpg)
>FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I guess what the English version translated in the books as "Thundering typhoons".

Huh. I wonder what the original French version of "blistering barnacles!" was...

Excellent work, everyone!

I use mpc-hc, and it has zero problems, with the ankama mp4s and separate .ass files posted so far. Could you please post the subs alone, so I won't have to download 100+ mb stuff just to extract the few kb subs?

"Mille sabords"! ;-)

And i love this episode even more....

Or maybe he is just magicked up in some way, like put to sleep or held down. Remember, the Grougaloragran eps trailer had everyone thinking that he will wreck shit hard, and in the end it was "only" blocking a "single" fireblast.

Though it may be different this time, given how much moments he had so far.

Also: why the fuck is he called Sadlygrove in the english version?

There are so many different versions because there is no "best" as yet. They are all good for different reasons. The layman isn't even going to notice a difference.

Apparently the literal translation of his name is "Moody Pines" or some such.

There is at least one important difference. The hardsub version lists me as the translator/transcriptor, which just isn't the case. The softsub versions list lordkelson1, my french contact, which is as it should be.

> why the fuck is he called Sadlygrove in the english version?

Because he's listed as Sadlygrove on the English version of Ankama's website.

Yeah, I know that, otherwise I would be wondering why people call him Tristepin. But seriously, anybody knows why Ankama decided to rename him in the English version?

OK, finally watched the last ep. It left me with the impression that you guys are trying too hard to stay literal, resulting in puns getting explained left and right.

Its annoying to pause the episode constantly to read explanations, but, I can also understand that some people require literal translations more than air, instead of the other kind of translation where untranslatable puns are switched out as a whole, to something more known by the target populace.

And yes, I know that trying to switch out puns would be suicidal when doing fansubs. It makes me wonder how the official english version will end up for this episode, if one is ever made.

Well it would be a transliteration, rather than a translation, because Ankama itself would be involved in discussions of how to convey the dialogue.


Here's the avi hardsub for ep 18 (with checksum). Subs are on black bars. Enjoy.

You must be using the internal MPC renderer. If this is the case and there are others doing the same, I'll have to change how some of my stylings are handled. I'll post the .ass as soon as I'm sure they're more compliant.

If you've no interest in video processing and simply want to see the episode, I'd suggest picking up the cropped only version or one of the files linked in this post.

I'm correcting this in the final hardsub version dead. I'll also be going back and re-re-doing episodes 16 and 17 to reflect the same change, as you were also listed in those.

If it bother's the community so, and an appropriate more literal and more acceptable alternative can be found we could easily substitute/ignore the ankama name.

If you've suggestions as to how to deal with the issue, please pot them. Translating and retaining as much of the substance of the show is extremely challenging, and in these cases simply replacing the puns/word games won't work simply because there are no English equivalents. We could leave the original French in, but that would require everyone watching to leanr to replace englich concepts with french ones whilst remembering what the English meaning of the term is. It's not like when other subs leave in a foreign word consistently; this is likely the only case we're going to see these jokes.

Additionally, I've settled upon the following as my current favorite render, as I think it improves on the ankama raw considerably, without losing too much in return. As such I'm be re-releasing the hardsub based on it for permanent consumption. These are also the versions that will be posted on the wiki.

Softsub (Styled mkv) :
Hardsub (PS3/xbox360 Compat.):

Tristepin means sadly grove in english,they translated his name

260th post,isn`t this thread kinda big?

Sadlygrove's name meaning must have some importance, that's why they translated his name into English with the original translated French meaning intact. I believe that was a good decision.

Tristepin = Sadlygrove
Triste = Sad
Pin = A type of tree (hence "grove" fits I think)


To elaborate, 'Triste' = Sad, 'pin' = pine. 'Tristepin' is composed of French words that viewers would recognize, and thus for an English version they felt the need to give him a name composed of English words that viewers would recognize. Sadpine wouldn't do, because it's two syllables and Tristepin is three, which would throw off the flaps. 'Pine' is also a bit of a clumsy word to clip onto the end of a name, and thus we have Sadlygrove. TRIS-te-PIN and SAD-ly-GROVE also have the same stress pattern.

He'll always be Tristepin in my heart, though. Pinpin toujours~

For the longest time I thought it was "Lop" instead of "Iop" because the subs on the torrent didn't differentiate between capital L and I. The I looked up, and felt kind of silly, because I wasn't hearing them say "Lop" at all.

My opinion on Sadlygrove vs Tristepin is that the subs should put the transliterated French, so the audio matches with the text. I don't think Jp->En subbers translate NAMES, and if they did it would totally throw me for a loop because I'm hearing [Japanese name] but reading a translated instead of transliterated version.

Aren't usually proper nouns are transliterated instead of translated, even for audio translations? I'm thinking along the lines of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann vs Heaven Piercing Crimson-Lagann. I'm not sure about it but I think (a 4kids translation of) Naruto translated Konoha into Hidden Leaf... which is what it means, but kind of kills the world a little.

However, translating Tristepin as Sadlygrove makes a lot of sense from the viewpoint of actually re-voicing the series. (Also, since the show is made in Flash, if they did the animation like I would, it would be relatively simple to re-work the mouth flaps. Each character is only animated from certain angles so many times and there are only so many mouth shapes you need.)


>For the longest time I thought it was "Lop" instead of "Iop" because the subs on the torrent didn't differentiate between capital L and I. The I looked up, and felt kind of silly, because I wasn't hearing them say "Lop" at all.

Glad I'm not the only one.


"I don't think Jp->En subbers translate NAMES [...]
Aren't usually proper nouns are transliterated instead of translated, even for audio translations?"

You've probably never heard of Princess Tutu, but it's the best example I've got. The heroine's name in Japanese was 'Ahiru', meaning 'Duck'. It was taken as either-or depending on the fansub group, but a few fans got particularly miffed at ADV's decision to use 'Duck' in the official dub. The Ahiru purists argued that 'Duck' sounded dumb and not like a real name, but in Japanese it wasn't supposed to. 'Ahiru' was supposed to be a strange and somewhat silly name in the original, and it needed to have the same effect in both languages.

In the same sense, use of Sadlygrove instead of Tristepin is entirely justified by any translation group, official or fan, dub or sub. Whether they do or do not use it is their choice, and personally it doesn't matter to me. With translated anime, Japanese names are often kept for cultural context or to maintain a certain 'feel', but in Wakfu's case, the world it takes place in is fantasy and not culturally French, so using Sadlygrove over Tristepin has no effect on the impact of the setting.

I can that from my own fansubber point of view that I'm simply using it based on scripts.
That said I've alway been a bit of a die-hard with regards to names remaining that; names. To me because they refer to something so literally 'right there' (meaning characters) they don't have a translation; they simply refer to the person regardless of the apparent language.
That is of course a personal point of view.

Except a lot of the time, to get the same feeling of the name across, it has to be translated. If it's an actual name, like Yuri (in a russian context), keep it that way; but something like 'Duck' would have a lot of puns thrown around with it, puns that would lose all of their meaning if you translated the show to Russian or Japanese but leave the name 'Duck', all of the puns would be lost.

File: 126119980398.jpg-(25.22KB, 315x400, Suigintou (1).jpg)
I am of mixed feelings on the topic.

It's like... for Rozen Maiden the official subs take out Suiseiseki's "desu" most of the time, and replace it with a "yes" some of the time.

I can't decide if I'd like them to just leave the signature desu, or take it out entirely. Sort of like how each of the dolls are named in German as well as could also call Suigintou "Mercury Lamp".


File: 126119989278.png-(46.33KB, 569x571, URHGAAUGH.png)

Hoo boy, I left the S out of both words. Way to go, me.

Translation and transliteration are quite an issue when it comes to Ankama's work. Since Dofus, they have quite a habbit to use puns and play on words naming characters, places and items.
Generally, these puns don't have deep meanings. They're just little pieces of fun the guys at Ankama have during their long nights of work. Some are private jokes that even a French wouldn't really understand.

So, is it necessary to translate all the names? Would you translate "Smisse Mond" to "Smith World"? It's not easy to get it right indeed...

About Tristepin: the fact is Ankama chose to translate the name. Since the guys at Ankama are quite picky about their work, they must have a good reason to do that.
Is it because it's supposed to have some special meaning? Or just because Tristepin sounded "too French" for international release? I wouldn't know...

This person is indeed correct. Ankama officially made Tristepin into Sadlygrove for english speaking countries. Way back in the days of Eurofag doing the subs he decided to use all the english versions of words that Ankama made. Another example is the Boufball/Bouftou being a Gobball in certain versions.

It was better to just go with that so it would be easier for us when the english version came out so we wouldn't be confused/upset by new names. Which we are still waiting for when everything makes its way to other countries.

episode 19 is epic, i wanted for a long time an episode like this one,and it seems we`ll have a little Nox action in episode 20

File: 126122236719.jpg-(58.03KB, 1024x600, 1261221862337.jpg)
>This episode

File: 126122676898.jpg-(310.32KB, 700x390, 1737-9.jpg)
lol look at these ones:

File: 126122685554.jpg-(199.76KB, 700x390, 1739-10.jpg)

File: 126122690870.png-(514.10KB, 882x496, 323123.png)

Oh my... Poor them...

evangeline`s left arm is broken(by Rubilax of course)

I have to admit I am glad I was sticking with this series. I honestly did not care for it much (Yes, even boufbowl was just "okay" to me) but now that it is actually getting more into the main story instead of just random episodes of bad shit happening I'm enjoying it a lot more.

So thanks to the subbers for the work on this.

>Would you translate "Smisse Mond" to "Smith World"? It's not easy to get it right indeed...
Well, translating that one with world would be missing the point that it's really meant to allow him to do the "My name is bond... James Bond" rhyme thing. Plus if you had to translate litterally it it'd be Smiss World, to at least keep the Miss World pun. And let's not get into Capitaine Femme, where the joke only makes sense if you've grown up watching french TV (though, I mean, Captain Femme would still sound badass)

And sometimes it's just hard to pinpoint, like how the Black Raven's really officially the Black Crow (though you can see it if you look at the lipsync for ep 3. But I had already named it black raven in the princess episode).

So yeah, back when I was doing it my policy was to find the equivalents as much as possible since Dofus existed in both languages already, so Sadlygrove was a given, and in that case I was and still am pretty certain the name's a given name related to his backstory and he may really be related to or an amnesiac or reincarnated Goultard, a character from the Dofus comics, so it'd be more sensible to translate from the get-go than have to rely on a translation note (I hate those) when the name will inevitably become significant.

Since I had the Dofus artbook it was easy to look up the monsters, and for those I didn't find I cheated (like calling Nox's crawlies underlings since I only learned their english name when I bought the making of wakfu artbook)

>Since I had the Dofus artbook
>I bought the making of wakfu artbook

you know what I want to say about this, right?

File: 126123849329.jpg-(160.94KB, 700x390, 1832-2.jpg)
<== screenie taken from episode 20

Yeah, but that won't happen. can't scan them without taking them apart, and they're expensive enough, relative to the budget I have set apart for buying books, that I can't afford to buy an extra of each so I can destroy them for scanning.


... This episode made me go: Noooo, Ahhh, SHIIIEEET, FUUUCK etc etc.

Wakfu is just getting better and better.
*Crunch* made me flinch. Her scream.;_;

i`ll die till next saturday can`t wait that much to see what happens in episode 20


agreed. I can't remember when i last got so exited over a show before.

File: 126124537815.jpg-(10.04KB, 317x274, Cry.jpg)


>next saturday
Dude, it's gonna break your heart but you've gotta know, that was the last 2009 episode. Episode 20 is on january 9th.

File: 126124648172.png-(331.29KB, 640x384, 1238868660608.png)

That's why I said that getting it right with translation was difficult. Smith, or Smiss, or Smeess -or whatever you want- World will miss part of the joke anyway because you can't translate a pun literally.
Transliterating a joke only adapts it to another language, and can't stick strictly to the original.

Now, it depends whether you're a purist who wants to stick to the original all the same with translation notes; or somebody who tolerates something adapted to your language, even if it means compromising on the puns.

Either are good; but as far as I'm concerned, I don't like translation notes spoiling my screen... ^_^

Also, having official Ankama references, just like your art books, helps a lot. As I said, Ankama guys are very picky about their work; so I think it's wise to use what they provide.

File: 126125565634.jpg-(166.60KB, 700x390, 1773-1.jpg)
Upcoming episodes:

20 - Tree of Life (2010/01/10)
21 - Igôle (2010/01/16) (Higol is that pet tiger of nox)
22 - Rubilax (2010/01/23)
23 - The Dofus Quest (2010/01/30)
bonus ep - Noximillian the clockmaker (2010/02/06)
24 - Homecoming (2010/02/13)
25 - Entering the Legend (2010/02/20)
26 - Mount Zinith (2010/02/27)

Tree of Life has Ruel in jail, and Amalia confering with the Tree of Life (seeing visions of the future?)

Igole / Higole has Yugo and Adamai finding the egg of Grougaloragran, and they are in turn found by the pet of Nox.

Rubilax will be a self-journey solo episode for Sadlygrove.




Also, anyone knows how many episodes this show was supposed to have. I remeber sometihng about 50+? or was it only 26?

Basically this serie is supposed to have two seasons of 26 episodes each.

File: 126125713874.jpg-(29.84KB, 512x384, 1258572645914.jpg)

fifty.... six.... episodes... ;_;

The joy

You mean 52 episodes right?


yes... Yes i do.

My Grovy/Eva ship is still intact right guys? ;_;

File: 126125949179.jpg-(158.47KB, 790x440, mygroovy.jpg)



Seriusly thou, I don't think this means the end for it. Did you see how little Eva wanted to fight Groovy?

Yay it won't sink :3

One thing I do like is how Ruel is a champion of just rolling with whatever the fuck happens.


Enutrufs are like that it seems. Hehe

Ruel is definitely one of my favorite characters


nd soon he will have his own pet mole who will fetch him kamas!


that creature is beyond cute,

It's been ages since I was so hyped about a show. But gosh... this one is so worth it...

OK, some more gifts.

Check the episode selector on the bottom, it seems Ep 21 "Igole" is fully up on the site. Relatively shit quality, but hey, it's supposed to air a month later, so we can't complain.

The constant french voice you hear during the ep is a banner ad on the left menu, click on the little speaker icon on the flash ad to mute it.

Now, I would be happy if some flash wizard could decompile this shit and grab the original file for us. I didn't have any success doing so.




Sems yugo learned a new OH GOD GOES FAST trick


Yeah, he throws portals so fast that that the wormhole is visible in the air, and he travels fuckfast while doing do.

Of all the places that egg had to turn up, did it have to be Australia?


Australian wildlife+Wakfu= NIGHTMARES FOREVER...

Popping in to say thanks to all who have worked on this, or have contributed to make my experience with this show even better. ilu guise

Rather watch the episode in order and with subtitles though, hehe, or I'd be on to that episode in a flash. I'm waiting for ep. 19.

About the artbook, is there anyway to scan it without taking it apart?

It should be mentioned that the fifty-two episodes are only happening if the first twenty-six work out to be popular enough.

Any of our Franco-phonetic allies heard information regarding this?


no diea. Bu from what i've seen on french forums the show has a rather strong fanbase allready.

Ep 21 is pretty much self-contained, so no worries. Sucks about subs though, no idea how could we grab that episode, and believe me I tried. Someone needs to reverse engineer the Flash/javascript player, and even the may not be enough.

If anything, it will be useful for making transcripts/translations, so the only remaining thing will be timing the translation to the ankama mp4 once it goes up.

fun fact: the ep16 mp4 is still active, so there's a good chance they don't bother purging old videos. If only we could find the links to the older episodes...


Pretty sure this series will last as long as Oban Star Racers did. It fills the hole of fantasy high adventure that was left when OSR ended.

I've managed to capture EP 21 from the linked website. The quality is quite low, however. So I'd only recommend downloading it if you absolutely must see the it. No subs will be released (by me anyway) based on it.

It's uploading to mega, I will add a link to it once it completes.

Here is the LQ EP21 Raw:

File: 126128720222.jpg-(34.68KB, 363x285, 1259796695493.jpg)



Epic trolling, especially seeing as we have to wait three weeks to see wtf happens.

I blame puppetmon for everything.


Three weeks? I hope not considering that's episode 19.

File: 126129566725.jpg-(175.61KB, 883x490, 1260098163329.jpg)
Thanks to all you guys for subbing this. I'm from 4chan (/co/, /tg/ and /v/) and I stream the episodes every so often. I'm glad you guys are keeping us up to date. Thanks again!

So... ETA on ep. 19 subs? I really prefer to know what they are saying.

Must resist the urge to watch the raws...

Out of interest, how did you rip it?

Damn! Mah Internetz are too damn slow to download them, and Megaupload isn't lettin' me watch it online D:

File: 126131358092.jpg-(14.68KB, 384x371, sadder eva.jpg)

File: 126131527858.jpg-(48.14KB, 634x430, noooo.jpg)
All hardsubbed episodes are watchable up till 18. and then, to put salt in a huge-ass wound, the soft sub is available on Megavideo. D:

Most embedded flash video players use a proprietary streaming protocol called RTMP to link with their mediaserver. It utilizes a rather bad and outdated codec called VP6 in transport. You just have to intercept the packets as they stream to the .swf player app in your browser, then convert out of vp6 to something like AVC.

Because most major streaming sites like youtube are starting to shift to higher quality content, you mostly see embedded .mp4 container playback these days, so really it's just a trick a picked up in the bad old days.

What do you mean? As far as I know no one has subbed anything past 18 yet. If there is another release happening, I'd be very excited to find out more about it. if you have found a sub of 19, please do link it or post anything you know about it. Pooling efforts is usually a good thing!

umm... i already posted the same thing ==>>20495

>>20570 I meant that all subbed eps are watchable on Mega video. then, 18 shits on my head, and tells me that only the softsub is watchable on teh Intarwebz.

Strange, I'm able to view my hardsub on megavideo. That said they destroy the quality so bad you can barely read the subs.

Perhaps I should increase my font size a bit if streaming them is a common practice over downloading. . .
I always figured people interested in the hardsub downloaded it for playback on media devices or consoles, not streamed it.
I have to admit the thought of three file releasing is a bit...daunting.

>It should be mentioned that the fifty-two episodes are only happening if the first twenty-six work out to be popular enough.
>Any of our Franco-phonetic allies heard information regarding this?
Actually you got it wrong. The 52 episodes are a given. What's conditional is further seasons beyond those 52 episodes.

But things are looking good. Quote Tot, Ankama bigwig and writer on Wakfu:

"Sinon on a réussit à négocier la diffusion de l'épisode spécial "Noximilien L'horloger" pour fin janvier. C'est l'épisode complètement ouf réalisé par nos japonais préférés. Je pense qu'on est en train de franchir un pas avec fr3, vraiment. Ils nous font confiance, on fait des supers audiences et du coup on peut aller de plus en plus loin. La saison 2 a bien commencer aussi à l'écriture et on va essayer d'aller plus loin encore maintenant qu'on a nos marques.
Un vrai kiff."

"On other news we managed to negociate the airing of special episode "Noximilien the clockmaker" for the end of january. It's the completely crazy episode made by our japanese buddies. I think we've gone up a step with fr3 (france 3, the channel that's airing Wakfu), really, they trust us, we're getting very good ratings and so we can go further and further. The writing on season 2 has started well and we'll try to go even further now we've got our bearings.
It's the shit"

For the anecdote, the other episodes made in collaboration with Ankama Japan are "the brotherhood of the Tofu" (The pirates one) and "Rubilax", the as-of-yet-unaired Grovycentric episode.

Oohhhh They ARE working with japs. Lets not discuss that further, /co/ would claim its /a/

It's a bit trickier than that. This is the future, man, the world of tomorrow! No boundaries or frontiers!

Or to put it more simply, half of Ankama Japan is french guys who live in japan, though of course the diea behind the whole thing is to get more japanese animators in the loop. And they do traditional animation but other chunks of the pileline, not to mention writing and preproduction, are still happening in france. That's why it's called a collaboration.

But of course if you're afraid having crunchy japanese bits in your french cartoon will taint it in the eyes of /co/, then you can say it's still much, much less that the amount of korean and chinese animators who work on an average Venture Bros episode and /co/ should be renamed /co/rea. Also /co/ knows about it already, it's just that if you don't go rub it in their face they can choose to ignore it.

I've just checked the credits for ep 18, and there are maybe 6 japanese names, out of maybe a hundred.

Keep in mind the whole team's not credited in the endings.

File: 126132830122.jpg-(164.59KB, 790x440, igol.jpg)
a screencap of Igol from lat raw episode.

he looks so... wild.

It's Nox's pet.




Except they're not. It's being co-produced between two arms of Ankama Animation. One of them just happens to be in Japan. According to Wikipedia the Japanese arm was set up very recently, less than a year ago, and is just starting to contribute to Wakfu.

Speaking of Wikipedia:
The cartoon series is tacked on as an afterthought to a great big description of the MMORPG currently in beta. There are great big gaps in the description and only Yugo and Amalia have bios. I don't know if there are any casual Wikipedia contributors around, but if anyone has some free time, it could use some fleshing out.

In other news, god help me, I've started playing Dofus. What the fuck is wrong with me?


Yes. Another one! I to play it. Hellis3000 be the name, My escaflip is called hellis


Ah! I don't believe it, I'm not alone! I'm a lvl 16 Eniripsa named Foumoine. I'm not a subscriber yet, I'm just pottering about Incarnam at the moment building up my support character.

dofus - yoda-pl , sadida. looking for /co/ guild if they have one.


the music is really awesome for this game.

> less than a year ago
To be quite exact, going by Dofus mag that soon won't be true, as the japanese arm was created in january 2009. But they're not quite "just starting" anymore either, since there's already the three episodes mentioned, though they were not able to fully produce the Brotherhood and Rubilax episodes in japan. It's not yet clear whether the Nox special was fully made there or not.

But the longer term goal is to have them work on another, yet unannounced Ankama series that should be revealed in a few months.


just in case but this music was done by professional musican playing classic orctestra. so much i heard it was the first time when some gameproducer payed so muc money for such network-game production. so much i heard.. at least if it is true then i like to hear professional made musican who plays original instruments and not some weaboo shit from hollywood who make "musica" by droping his fat fingers oin synteitc shit. YO

You leave Mark Mothersbaugh alone.

File: 126135121131.png-(137.93KB, 790x440, werealldevo.png)

File: 126136227173.gif-(2.20MB, 475x250, EpicWakfuLong.gif)
"It left me with the impression that you guys are trying too hard to stay literal, resulting in puns getting explained left and right." >>20448

Quite late, but as someone who got into this series as a way to improve her French, my two cents is the more literal, the better. I moved from watching raws to watching subs when I realized that the show had too much potential for me to risk shoddy comprehension on, but literal English subtitles are still really beneficial to my learning. I realize that pausing all the time to read explanatory side notes is a pain for people who aren't actually interested in the language, so I'm not going to kneel and beg for those, but literal translations are much more useful than gist-of-it translations.

Thank you to everyone working on this, past, present, and future. You've done a wonderful job so far, and I only wish I was fluent enough to help.

Also, thank you to all of the fantards like myself who are hanging out here and posting fanart, screencaps, and reaction pictures. Have a gif.

To be completely honest, the only reason we added notes (as they've ONLY been in that episode) was due to the sheer number of in-jokes flying around. Without them or some way to inform the watcher of them, the episode becomes far, far more bland and generic. Unless ankama continue to keep such a prodigious amount of wordplay in, I seriously doubt we'll need very many more similar measures.

Cracks me up a bit when people take the "WTF READING" stance while watching a subtitled show though, I mean really.

19 script, edit away.

Thanks once again! I'll set to work as soon as time allows

That's all we can ask for, especially considering the date.

Oh, and Translator is taking a break for family. He won't be able to work on anything else until after Christmas.

On a more personal to myself note, if we could avoid posting screenshots and/or spoilers until the episode is actually translated and out for us. I'm not very good at resisting the temptation...


I've identified the problem.

If that .gif could be made avatar sized, I will produce offspring for you.

I've been feeling like doing some Wikipedia, so I'm probably going to do it. I'm usually too paranoid about getting it wrong to do anything, but at least this isn't a srsbsnss sort of subject.

I'm not a very good person though.

>Oh, and Translator is taking a break for family. He won't be able to work on anything else until after Christmas.

Which is absolutely perfect as there isn't anything else until after Christmas. Tell him to have a nice time!

so someone over at /tg/ said >but raw 20 and 21 have already been leaked

anyone got links?

Read the thread.

Anyone manage to rip episode 20? I can't seem to get the player on this website to work properly.

I've only seen raws for 21. 20 As far as I'm aware has not been found in the wild. You can find a link to the extremely low quality 21 raw in this thread on linked on the wiki.

>>I can't seem to get the player on this website to work properly.
You found a site with the episode 20 or you are trying to find?

so do i need some codec to run that episode 21 lq file? its not working at all with any of my players


Seriously? It's like 40 frames long or something crazy. Using it as an avatar would raep any forum you chose to use it on.

If you still want it, 100px or 200px?

100 please


It's already been said, use mpc-hc ( or pick up SMplayer ( a windows gui implementation of the epic mplayer.

Quick status update:
EP 19
Rough Timing: 22/22
Fine Timing: 12/22
Editing: 0/22

Sadly the ridiculous holiday rush is somewhat interfering with my usual pace. I'll post a softsub as soon as the script is satisfactorily finished.


Hey, work at the pace which works best for you.
All the anons here appreciate everyone's effort to sub the series.
Keep up the good work

>On a more personal to myself note, if we could avoid posting screenshots and/or spoilers until the episode is actually translated and out for us. I'm not very good at resisting the temptation...

This, please. At least wait until the softsub if you can?


My bad

I wonder if we should have a thread on /co/ for that sort of thing then, or would there be riots and blood in the streets if Wakfu fans took up even more space?

File: 126143673645.gif-(135.76KB, 100x53, EpicWakfu100px.gif)

It must be your birthday.

So I just found this old Wakfu trailer...

Does anyone have any idea who the Iop with the dreds is (or the dude he's fighting)? The way his role is emphasized in the trailer, do you think he's going to become important later on or was he just an early concept character that got scrapped?

Sorry to be a monumental pain in the arse but does anyone have a torrent for the episodes after 12?
I can't find rapidshares of them and megaupload refuses to allow me to even download the .ass files.
Although I have gotten 16 and 17 thanks to this thread.

Yeah, please don't post too many spoilers and screen-shots before the actual subs guys.

Here is the softsub for EP19, hardsub will be up once it's done encoding. Thanks for waiting!

EP19 Softsub:


The barbarian. Its Dofus, so its far back in the past. Essentially the badass Barbarian got his family killed by the Sacrier who carries a demon. The Iop then gets the Demon instead as he kills the Sacrier.


fuck yes

So what's with the video quality on these past few episodes? I'm not complaining but I noticed with 17 and 19 there's been a lot of grain in the video.

I've always been very disappointed that the series hasn't included Sacrier's in any way; they're by far and away my favorite class type. I think it'd make a fascinating character.

Which releases are you watching?
It's the ankama raws. They have such a low bitrate that they're blocked beyond belief. It's either blocks or slight grain, as processing can't undo blocking, only estimate replacement, which results in some grain. This is particularly true of scenes with heavy motion, of which there are many in 17 and 19. Grain can be mitigated with smoothing, but doing so heavily will decimate all fine detail, resulting in a very bland flat encode.

Hardsubs might be delayed, I made a mistake in my encode script which resulted in the file being almost 250mb in size. I may post it interim if it's not too bad till the corrected version is done.

>I've always been very disappointed that the series hasn't included Sacrier's in any way; they're by far and away my favorite class type. I think it'd make a fascinating character.

Wasn't Kriss a Sacrier?

I just watched ep 19 and...oh man. Oh fuck.

I hope it all turns out okay. It'd be tragic otherwise.

Was he? Perhaps I just didn't notice. Didn't seem have the tattoos and the whole berserker 'hurt me harder it's so good' mentality. Twisted yes, but perhaps I missed it because I was expecting something a bit less generic than the evil sports opposition thing?

Was he? Perhaps I just didn't notice. Didn't seem have the tattoos and the whole berserker 'hurt me harder it's so good' mentality. Twisted yes, but perhaps I missed it because I was expecting something a bit less generic than the evil sports opposition thing?

In other news, my hardsub is going to be delayed, as the resulting file came out quite poorly, and I'd prefer not to have it circulating around with my credentials on it. My sincerest apologies to those waiting on it, I'll try to get a new one produced as soon as possible.

well that`s why i use the spoiler option when posting screenshot(before the actual subs,you can simply ignore them)


He had the tattoes allright and as he were getting beat In the whole push vs push segment he flipped out and won.


I found this one earlier, about the barbarian:


Also I was mildly surprised how much more bloody it was, compared to Wakfu. But then again, I guess Wakfu counts a lot on children as viewers, doesn't it?

Now that's what a Sacrier should be like! Not Goultard (the Iop); the 'bad guy' pre-death is most excellent. Gotta love that whole 'the more you win the more I win' caveat to dealing with them.

On a side note did Ankama ever release anything more full length from this? I know it was released in conjunction with a Dofus manga, but it looks like a serious production. I just can't find any information anywhere one way or the other.


Its a short only I think. The "manga" explains the events in the video I think.

And we wont ever see Sacriers like that. They are essentially blood wringing berserks. There is no way that pops up in its glory in Wakfu.

File: 126148981054.jpg-(146.84KB, 600x940, 1.jpg)
Also, found part of the Dofus manga -

It's just second part of a first chapter, but considering I don't like it that much, I guess I won't be searching for the rest...

>The barbarian. Its Dofus, so its far back in the past. Essentially the badass Barbarian got his family killed by the Sacrier who carries a demon. The Iop then gets the Demon instead as he kills the Sacrier.

Thanks (Earette too, for that video)! Is he actually going to appear in the show or did they just add those clips to make the trailer more exciting?

>I've always been very disappointed that the series hasn't included Sacrier's in any way; they're by far and away my favorite class type. I think it'd make a fascinating character.

Including a Sacrier character (other than bit-part sports-team opponents) would be difficult to pull off in a show like Wakfu. Wakfu's meant to be watchable by all audiences, and showing 'real' blood would be considered too frightening/graphic for a Saturday-morning cartoon (remember Blue Calm?). To my understanding, Sacriers use their own blood as a catalyst for their power, meaning any Sacrier characters that appear either won't be using their power or will have to substitute blood with something more child-friendly.


More like hysterical-mother-friendly. I bet each one of those little kids would actually love seeing some decent bloodshed once in a while.

Well, it's interesting. In Dofus, the character is quite clearly utilizing blood on their own hands. In the Wakfu beta (despite the spikes and bleeding statue on the character select screen) they've sort of tamed it down to smoky ethereal tattoo like things.

But you're probably right, the whole concept is definitely more adult-minded than the rest of the components they have included. Doesn't mean I can't dream a little...

Megaupload wont work for me so I cant use the vialou links.


Well, we've already seen a Sacrier in action; one of Nox's puppets. Except he didn't react as well to damage as you'd expect a Sacrier to.

I'm a big fan of Wakfu, and it's hard to say how thankful I am for all the hard work everyone's been contributing. Keep up the good work, guys, I truly appreciate it.

>Thanks (Earette too, for that video)! Is he actually going to appear in the show or did they just add those clips to make the trailer more exciting?

Sadlygrove is stated to be related to Goultard. What their relation is, no one knows. Reincarnation, master-student, distant relative, could be anything.


Doesn't Dofus take place like 100 years before Wakfu? If Pinpin's related to Goultard, my bet's on long-lost relative or reincarnation, rather than them having actually known each other. The Order of the Guardians of the Shushus might have something to do with it, too, given the whole demon story.

I'm going to stab Ankama in the face if I don't get some kind of flashback or exposition in that solo-journey episode.

It's actually cited as being a millennium. So, yes, I doubt it's a direct relation.

File: 126150315536.png-(96.73KB, 171x364, untitled.png)
>>Guardians of the Shushus might have something to do with it

You might be right, look at this.

Did you have any revelations about which might be the link between Goultard and Tristepin?

Isn't Goultard supposedly immortal? That would make anything possible.

And at long last, here is the EP 19 Hardsub.
There is one subtitle error, as I didn't realize I has rendered in the wrong script, it's at the very end. Just didn't fell like making you all wait another 13 hours to re-render it. If we get more hi-qual raws I'll correct it.

EP 19 (PS3 Compat) Hardsub:


Danke shoen.


Here's the avi hardsub for ep 19 (with checksum). Subs are on black bars. Enjoy.

File: 126157041788.jpg-(43.96KB, 450x284, logo_wakfu.jpg)
And with that, we can all enjoy a nice holiday vacation until new episodes start airing again on the 9th. Much thanks again to all the people who worked so hard on providing subs for the series so far, you guys are true /co/mrades!

It was barely a year ago that this show was just an unknown foreign cartoon on the internet, but thanks to us and all our new fans Wakfu is slowly gaining popularity and notice across 4chan. Now things are heating up as our heroes have gone separate paths to fulfill vital quests, and the nefarious Nox is getting closer and closer to fulfilling his goal. Friendships have been made, lessons have been learned, an old man has learned to have faith in his new friends, a long-lost brother has been found, a boy has learned of his people, a precious ally has disappeared, a love has been kindled and now put to the test, and a princess has found her noble spirit.

Happy Holidays /co/mrades! Here's to the new year that's coming: a year that promises to be full of adventure, and I look forward to seeing it with all of you!


File: 126157351755.png-(147.26KB, 557x347, Old oak.png)

this winter makes my old bones hurt~

File: 126157356129.jpg-(21.77KB, 635x358, 1239499369395.jpg)

But oh boy oh boy, presents!

File: 126157362136.jpg-(68.10KB, 600x800, 1239281587305.jpg)
So get in on the festivities!

Many thanks, subbers.

By the by, do you have any idea if or when the more high-quality raws will be available, and, indeed, subbed?

File: 126157370049.jpg-(51.92KB, 640x360, 1234211983136.jpg)
wait with baited breath!

File: 126157378186.jpg-(30.97KB, 640x360, 1238297462897.jpg)
Put on your prettiest Dress!

File: 126157392731.png-(161.96KB, 640x360, 1239508402506.png)

For Santa knows if you are good or bad.

File: 126157396732.jpg-(48.05KB, 400x400, 1261320802223.jpg)

File: 126157457647.png-(149.08KB, 710x640, dragon.png)
For Grogal wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS

Currently the only alternative source would be broadcast captures.

Vialou managed to acquire two episodes worth, but I've not located any others. We'll likely have to bear with the streams and heavy processing till some hard copy become's available.

File: 126158391721.png-(71.71KB, 319x700, evangelyne_Xmas.png)
I'd like to thank all of you guys who make the show accessible to those of us who don't understand French.

As an expression of my gratitude, have this christmasey Eva.



File: 126158702078.png-(7.39KB, 120x120, 120px-Santa_Jaws_Hat.png)

Bah humbug. Dofus didn't give me a Santa hat. >:(

Merry Christmas one and all, and may the break until the next episode feel as brief as a passing breeze.


In fact I own TNT recording for ep 7,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19

But they certainly aren’t HQ raws : it’s not HD recording and my reception isn’t perfect.
Moreover the shitty native resolution of my recordings are 544*576 (anamorphic) so don’t expect much of them.
It’s just a solution wainting for DVD/Blu-ray...

Si un français m’entend et qu’il a la possibilité et le courage de faire de meilleurs enregistrements que les miens ~~

But if you insist I will share you 18 & 19, you will see if you can use them or not...

(deafdefiler, could you give me an email to "chat" with your french friend ?)

File: 12615897182.png-(60.19KB, 356x700, evangelyne_Xmas.png)

Just changed the belt, it seemed to be placed too high. (I know there could be more to fix, but the belt just bugged me too much.)

What gives me real headaches with the ankama streams is that they're so full of over-compression errors, that any sort of reasonable upscaling or post-processing is extremely hard. A cleaner copy (even if it's smaller) would still yield a superior end product.

I'd love to get copies of all the raws you do have, in as unprocessed a state as possible.
To that end, I have an FTPS server, and could easily allow you access to upload them directly (overnight or something, assuming you don't have bandwidth caps) rather than having to deal with mega.

>(deafdefiler, could you give me an email to "chat" with your french friend ?)

If I did that, I'd be phased out completely... But if it gets the episodes to people faster, I'll gladly do so.

You should have an e-mail in your inbox soon.

File: 126159801953.jpg-(36.98KB, 896x502, hyperviperbeam.jpg)
Thanks to everyone who's working on these. The unstyled hardsubs are godsends for people like me who stream the show for its fans on 4chan. /tg/ and the OTHER /co/ sends its greetings.

>To that end, I have an FTPS server, and could easily allow you access to upload them directly (overnight or something, assuming you don't have bandwidth caps) rather than having to deal with mega.

Regarding this, I have an ftp set up too, and if possible I'd like to have those raws as well. I can't promise that I will do anything worthwile with them, but if we manage to get every ep in decent quality (no transcoding, softsubs, decent resolution), I will torrent them up.

Likewise, if you guys make softsubs for each ep, I can and will host the subtitles on http. (and their raws on a torrent on my fiber home connection)

I do my part to promote this show to /v/. Sure they may be a bunch of uncultured remorseless faggots, but perhaps exposure to something that is actually good can help them....

I frequently stream this among a small core of 30-40ish viewers and they all really enjoy it. I appreciate your efforts in subbing Wakfu. It's one of the better series I've watched.

Polite sage to prolong this thread's shelf-life.

This series sure exploded in popularity across 4chan and its tributaries recently, hasn't it? It took ages for the first thread to max out, and now this second one has reached 400 posts in a month.

It seems to have displaced Avatar in terms of /co/ anticipation for a kids' cartoon, with the added bonus of requiring some effort on our end to translate and distribute them, building up a nice community rather than just having it delivered to us on a plate.

I feel this could be the start of something great. Something that provokes the creation of an /ank/ board somewhere (not yet, but eventually).

And god help me, it's giving me fanfic ideas...someone please stop me...

Thanks to subbers and every one that helped,enjoy the Christmas, have a happy new year and see you on 9th January


> it's giving me fanfic ideas...someone please stop me...

No. I've read your stuff, and the LAST thing I want to do is stop you from writing more.


Tell me about ut. Me and helpfull faced hell promoting it before.

Now i see it alot

I love it

File: 126169950394.png-(103.39KB, 710x640, fan.png)
Speaking of fanfics, I made a Female OC Iop. I'm a horrible person

Any one gota torrent for episode 19? Mega upload has been taking hours to download.

Here is a temporary magnet link for the Styled Hardsub of EP 19.

I'll seed it for a few days. Please be sure your torrent client supports encryption, as I don't allow legacy connections.

EP 19 Styled Hardsub:

File: 12618712859.jpg-(220.13KB, 428x840, magiclady.jpg)
My friends sends his thanks for the good work subbers! Here is a pic he made.



She should have a cameo

She should have a cameo in the show

Matt what the fuck man that is too much in the style of Ankama not to BE Ankama.

I knew I'd seen that picture before.

Is this your friend?


haha, he is gonna throw them a worksamples apperently. He wants to work with ankama.


Apparently hehas a new Deviant art. This is his site btw

He's a old friend of mine, one of the first people iget to know trough the internet and the person responsible for making me draw.

Hey guys just wanted to add that you are the greatest. We need more like you.

Let's go, ep20

Not gonna happen, mostly because it hasn't aired yet. Be patient, and pay attention to the thread; you would've already known this.

Thanks for everyone who subbed this so far. You guys are performing an amazing service.

I don't know if the dub for this show is going to be picked up for a market in the States at all, but if they did I wouldn't at all be surprised if it ended up as the next big thing. The show itself is on par with Avatar, which if you remember didn't even hit its stride until Toph arrived in the second season.

File: 126197937022.jpg-(55.66KB, 512x472, k4-125121640860.jpg)
>Implying Avatar is any good.

Sure is liking teen drama weeaboo stupidity in that post.

Hey now, this is /coc/, not /jp/. Don't be a dick. People are allowed to have opinions.

Besides, despite early first season and late third, it was a fine show. Wakfu is looking to surpass it like Zeus to Cronos, but that doesn't make Avatar any worse. It's just that Wakfu is better.

File: 126200324522.jpg-(30.49KB, 640x480, bscap0339.jpg)
Seems that Ruel already had one of these pets.

Also, can someone explain the various forms of extended Rubilax? I noticed two (or maybe even three?) of them, but I wasn't quite able to figure whether they appear at some special occassions or something.

rubilax uses his energy to amplify his owner power,because he`s energy is demonic, he`s owner will also become a demon, so it depends on who is using rubilax

File: 12620079938.jpg-(206.98KB, 640x720, rubilax.jpg)
Just two of them, after all. But there doesn't seem to be any pattern at when does it take which form.


Anyone who's playing the Wakfu beta might be able to better explain it.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to that /co/ Dofus guild being planned? I'm asking because I've got a subscription now and my own guild seems to have arbitrarily disbanded itself. We could call ourselves the "PlusQuatre Chanel" or the "Giant Robot Hand Corps" or whatever...

ooh i thought you where referring at the demonic form Tristepin is taking when get`s possessed, the first image is when rubilax absorbs the power of earth(this idea has been scraped, after few episodes i didn`t see that form again) and the second form is when he uses only his energy

Trailer for episode 20-The Tree of Life

Rubilax uses the earth-lava form against Grougaloragran.

Good, now we know that Sadlygrove WILL appear in the episode properly.

Fucker took the spotlight imo.


I did my research as a homework. The lava sword appears for the first time when he fights the Black Raven, and not just in the fight, but already when Sadly is showing off "scouting." Then it appeared when fighting the tentacles (an tentacle, huh?) on Oma and then finally against dragon himself. So it doesn't seem to be strictly "dragonbane" weapon.

On the other hand, reusing a scratched concept of "earth form" as a "dragonbane form" would make sort of sense... or not. Like, not from the plot point of view, but generally from the "use of cool aspects" point of view...

...and I don't make any sense... again.

I always figured it was related to what he was surrounded with when he released into the extended form. I.E. he absorbs power from his environment?

In the caves when fighting Grougal, he's surrounded by rock and fire. In the other scenes he's in a wooded or more lush area and it takes the green form (with a strangely leaf-like pattern on it).

Dunno for sure, but looking back this pattern seems to hold.

who ever t sadida lady was she looked hot

I am not 100% sure on it but I know in the Wakfu game every class starts with magic from every element. So I assumed it was Grovy using different types of magic when he is about to fight. I didn't get to try out the Iop class so I am not sure if it is actually something reflected in the game but just my guess.


Huh...*rechecked trailer*...that's funny. What about that screencap of Grovy in the desert with a seriously overdone tan?

Maybe in episode 20 it's revealed that the tree of life allows you to meet departed friends and loved ones, hence Amalia meets a woman who looks like her mother and Eva meets Grovy.

If that doesn't mean their ship is still sailing strong, I don't know what does.

Wakfu's elements are fire, plant, rock, water, and air. We've definitely seen either fire or rock, and plant or air. The only question now is if he has all five, and if we'll ever see them.

Grovy in the desert is from episode 22, "Rubilax". Yes, it is a grovy-centric episode.

I hope Grovy will be in ep 20 for real, but the vision thing also makes sense (and it is what I've been suspecting from the beginning).

Rubilax said the he is a four element demon.


The chronology doesn't really make sense otherwise. It kind of takes the punch out of last episode's climax if Grovy comes back in the very next episode as if nothing had happened.

More to the point, if we're doing the vision thing, I'd love to know who Ruel is going to see. Besides a huge pile of kamas, I mean that's practically a given...

I was thinking that they settle their score here, after which Grovy goes on to deal with Rubilax.

But I guess the vision thing makes more sense.

Either way, we get more Grovy, and it's really fucking hard to wait for January.

If I remember well, though, Grovy "just stands" there with the others while Amalia greets the green lady... That ain't something one would expect from a vision - vision is expected to be more... significant? Not just _standing_ there.

Then again, we're possibly talking about vision of Iop. He may as well sleep on the floor.

'tis just my brain refusing to accept the possibility he may not be back soon.

You're getting confused with the end credits for episode 21.
Man it's amazing how confused people got with that extra episode skipping ahead. So many requests for the raw of episode 20.

If the trailer for twenty is any indication, it will be an Eva-centric episode, which is awesome too.

I'm honestly regretting pulling it off that site and posting. Might even take the link down to cut spam some.

The weird thing is it actually makes sequential sense, in my mind, for episode twenty-one to be seen before episode twenty. Of course we want to know what's happening to the brothers after no seeing them for a whole episode. You know, I think it was actually meant to happen that way originally, but because of the Christmas break making people wait to find out what happens to eva/grovy, Ankama thought fans would kill them if they didn't reveal it ASAP.


No, I know that's episode 22, that's what made me think it was a vision Eva was meeting in episode 20 (I mean, yeah, he's 'standing there', but he's standing in a magical grotto and never seen outside, there's only so many conclusions we can garner from a 30-second trailer).

Grovy disappears in episode 19 and re-emerges 3 episodes later as a badass. I have no problem with this.

File: 126207408439.jpg-(94.47KB, 600x777, rubilax.jpg)

I believe that the Green Sword is just a plain fighting sword. The Black Sword actually has Rubilax's power running through it & looks like his true form. Usually the pattern for using it is if it's an enemy that Sadlygrove can't take down on his own.

Picture Related, It's the Big Bad Demon himself.

BTW, Here is where you can find out more on Rubilax's dutys in Wakfu.

File: 126207561754.png-(387.04KB, 1365x774, pinpin-03.png)

The thing is 22 was supposed to be 20. See here:

As for episode content:
>>Cet épisode se consacre entièrement à notre ami Tristepin (comme vous l’aurez compris grâce au titre) et à ses préoccupations dans la vie : Evangelyne, Rubilax et comment être un chevalier digne de ce nom. Je ne vous en dit pas plus mais on en apprend beaucoup sur ce personnage attachant et ses origines, ainsi que sur sa relation avec Rubilax.
Assez de blah blah, place aux images !

This episode is dedicated entirely to our friend Tristepin (as you will understand through the title) and his concerns in life: Evangelyne, Rubilax and how to be a knight worthy of the name. I can not tell you more but you learn a lot about this attaching and its origins and its relationship with Rubilax.


So Ankama felt perfectly entitled to switch around 3 episodes for scheduling reasons. They're usually very tight in terms of chronology, so they'd only entertain this if the episodes were completely interchangeable. That would only be possible if the characters remained resolutely separate between all 3 episodes.

Sorry friends, but it seems that Grovy is not returning in episode 20 except as a wistful reflection of Eva's heartbreak. :(

That blog post was made in June of July. It has pre-production shots. It is entirely possible that they re-ordered the episodes as much as half a year back, or got new ideas, or some other ep didn't go as planned, and so on.

Is there any non-rapidshare way to get the subbed mini-wakwu?

There is now!


Do keep in mind these are quite old, and are my own (probably very bad) translation of the episode, as my French is quite rusty....

That's probably because Rubiliax is still in control of his body. Only Hugo has the dexterity to outmaneuver him.


You're a wonderful person.

File: 12622437803.png-(366.82KB, 878x1270, Yugolines.png)
We need more Yugo lovin'
Humble drawfag here, hope you don't mind the animu style.



btw, you fucking /coc/ers are fucking AWESOME.

File: 126234227963.png-(270.42KB, 640x360, 1259375645242.png)
It's not about watching episode 19 online, it's about telling your friends that you did.

Heh, yeah, great show. Happy New Years everyone.

File: 126240663397.jpg-(73.94KB, 800x582, chouchoufeu.jpg)
Well, I refute your beliefs and substitute my own.

Rushu's Shushu's here in the pic represent the 4 elements.

Rubilax might be able to take shape in the 4 elements aswell, although his magma sword shape suits his personality just right.

His green shape is... well Earth/Nature, even if it doesn't look like it, well other than the spirally root shape thing on the blade.

we saw 2 forms earth and fire

File: 126248010612.jpg-(23.31KB, 531x393, can I have some of your milk speed 8.jpg)

What the heck!?


Reference from a flash done by Egoraptor, the guy that made those Metal Gear Awesome flashes that became so popular.

Some anons have been requesting this, as it seems the old link is dead. So, I've taken the liberty of uploading it to Mediafire. Here is the mp3 of the Wakfu opening theme:

Dunno what the hell they're talking about, it's still here.

Hasn't been moved or gone anywhere since I first uploaded it way back when. A few days after Avatar ended, I think.

File: 126265017676.png-(240.68KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-22505.png)
Ruel's hair, as seen in Episode One.










That's more than enough of that. Would you kindly cut it out? Thread is for subbing, and when we have something to sub we'll use it for that. Until then, take your silliness elsewhere.

Yeah, take your silliness somewhere where it would be appropriate - like /co/!


I'd like to post the subs on Youtube or Megavideo to help get the word out. Considering their policies towards most subbed material, do you think Wakfu episodes would be taken down?

I have to honestly say that I'd prefer they not be thrown up on youtube.

At the very least I'd request that any of my releases not be posted on that horrid cesspit. Nothing but bad comes from that kind of direct exposure, and its often the first step to forcing companies to send C&Ds. Most reputable fansubs do not condone posting of their work to youtube.

Ankama's official stance is made quite clear in that they do not support fansub work on their series; despite this there have been numerous positive opinions about our work made by individual employees. This is likely a case of they'll leave us be as long as thing s aren't flaunted too ridiculously

tl;dr: Don't post to youtube, it's a horrible place and may result in a C&D.

I never understood C&D orders against fansubbers/scanlators. I can understand it if you are selling manga or dvd's in the country, but if you aren't... Isn't that biting the hand that feeds you?

I'm having a bitch of a time finding an episode guide to help me recall what happens in which without having to download them all and watch them again.

Can you give us more details as to the 'official stance' of the company, and the positive opinions of the individual employees? Not their identities, or anything that could get them in trouble, but the opinions.
No, it's a lot more complicated than that. Yes, we are being helpful in getting the word about the animation out, but having the subbed episodes on filesharing programs, and people only watching the downloaded subbed eps isn't, strictly speaking, helpful at all and in fact that's the illegal bit.
I didn't know this at first, but my habit of watching the streaming episode at the official website is probably the most concrete 'help' I've been to Ankama, despite all the threads I've started about it in 4chan. They have the data from their website that johnny foreigner is watching, and that encourages the producers and the broadcasters (France 3).

Ankama, of course, are ouiabeaux. This means they know good and bad fan sub etiquette. If we play nice I'm sure they're more than happy for the project to continue, SO FUCKING PLAY NICE.


Just watch them again. They're good.


They are going to be releasing Wakfu abroad. Ankama has already showcased a provisional English dub for the first two episodes. They're just either waiting for a distributor, waiting for the first series to be complete, waiting for the MMORPG to be released, or all three.

Fan sub etiquette is that a series' subs are taken out of circulation as soon as the series is licensed for an English release. Here, a license isn't even necessary, Ankama's already announced their clear intention to distribute Wakfu outside of France.

Which means we shouldn't seek exposure. These subs are fine to pass around tiny fan-clubs like ours, but spreading them across the web would be biting the hand that feeds us, and Ankama would be perfectly justified in clamping down on us.

Plus, watching the raws improves your French! :)

Very basic really, there have been numerous instances of people making posts referring to/asking about/requesting etc about the fansub on the official Ankama controlled fora. The result is always an Ankama mod locking/deleting and stating quite clearly that Ankama does not in any way support or condone the project in an official capacity.

As to the individual opinions, a few of the Ankama artists/employees have blogs/webcomics, and a few have DA accounts. In numerous cases they have commented usually in good humor to similar requests about the fansub, not discouraging or disparaging. A few have even nudged people in our direction ever so discretely.

So, like I said: I really think this is a case of live and let live so long as we play by the fairly well established rules. I for one certainly intend to make every effort to be courteous to the situation, as I quite enjoy the project, and would hate to see it end early.

P.S. One more Day!!


seriously. his company is not american. trhis compayny do want nothing it just hope to get money and make own projects to the end. this company get public money from EU and french goverments for child-animation projects(so much iheard) this company does great work (i mean both the producers and the ankama) and at least i give a shit about your blabeling because FAN SUBS ARE ALWAYS FOR CLOSE CIRCLES AND FANS who are THE TEST FOR STARTING OF POPULARITY OF THE PRODUCT OUTSIDE OF FIRST RELEASE-COUNTRY. Fan subs are THE FOOT WICH OPEN THE DOOR INTO FORIGN CARTOON NETWORKS AND FORIGN COUNTRY. aside that belive me only one hardcore fan is ready to see cartoon animation with horrible english language subs and be happy about. and hardcore fan is one from 1000000 ordinary people or kids (or even mucho less) AND BELIVE ANKAMA KNOWS THIS ALL AND ANKAMA WILL SHOOT UP AND FOLLOW OUR TO ACSEPT OUR HORRIBLE SUBS BECAUSE IT HELPS TO MAKE WAKFU POPULAR WITHOUT TO HARM ITS BUSINES. (or they should be completly retarded) not that ankama keeps the spreading of internet subs by producting own translations dubs in othe languages. wich we can see in priselees brodcasting of the wakfu in internet.


File: 126294952140.png-(373.99KB, 898x504, Notadoctor.png)


1) I was just trying to pick which episode would be good to preview on my friend's livestream channel and see if anyone would be interested in adding it to the schedule. As much as I like the show, I don't really want that to turn into a whole day of downloading and re-watching.
Also, for other shows I have found episode summaries useful for quickly finding information someone asks me about if I am in a discussion, or help me easily locate which episode to look through if I want to see exactly what happened in a particular scene again.

2)(off topic) I click on the 'Last 50 posts' button because I don't wanna load a giant thread...but then if I click on someone's post to follow a post link, or to reply to someone (even one of the last 50), BAM. It instantly loads the whole thread anyway before you can do anything else. (unlike say, 7chan, where all but the last 50 will stay hidden unless the link you are following is one of them).

Whoa there, calm down man.


Well, there's no way I can argue with such a concise and persuasive voice of calm reason...


While there is a Wakfu Wikia (, it concentrates almost exclusively on the MMORPG, and even then it isn't large. It's still very new.

In other news, Wakfu's Wikipedia page has expanded a great deal as of late. Good job...uhh...*checks history*...Mr. Grave! Whoever you are.

Welp, there's a need, but it all depends on whether we can dedicate enough of our precious time to compile an encyclopaedic aid, to a community that probably doesn't extend much further than this thread.


Huh, and here I thought we were doing a decent job. . .

<sarcasm>Well, you heard it here first folks; we can hardly disagree with such a clearly logical assessment. S'pose we should just close shop now then </sarcasm>

In all seriousness, /b/ is <---thataway, kindly come back when you have found both your courtesy and comprehensible logic; or alternatively feel free to lurk.

Sounds like a good side project for us non-subbers. We can work on making descriptions to put in our wiki thing and on Wikipedia.


Not a bad idea. We'll probably need to ask the Wiki admins whether it's all right to crowbar in some stuff on the series, but it helps that it's available. I'll write up some descriptions now!

Need to download the first episode again. I'm such a hypocrite...

It seems like someone (or some people) has put a lot of effort into the Wikipedia page... The section about the cartoon characters is almost longer than the description of the game itself. Why doesn't someone just make a new article for it?

Also, to my knowledge official anglicizations for several names haven't been released, so it seems irresponsible to use names like "Puddlings" (les Flaqueux), "Bullies" (les Taures), and "Breadnought" (le monstre pain) that were just invented for the sub.


I really couldn't understand what he got so angry about... lol

I think it would be a good idea to start the new year's episodes off with a new thread. What say ye?


Allright, who shit in this guy's cereal?

Raw for EP 20 is up!



to be honest... that was a mindfuck.

Direct link:

I can't watch it yet due to work, bummer.

File: 126303288911.png-(550.40KB, 890x557, bubbleva.png)
Tree of life is hallucinogenic. If you meet your childhood self, remain calm.

Not a bad idea. This one has gotten a bit big. So when Caedo gets done with 20 he can go ahead and make a new one. But until then we can keep to this one. The one before got to 600 before we made this one so I think we can bear with it until then.

File: 126303779139.png-(387.66KB, 890x502, Ux1zEKLKxcME.mp4_snapshot_18.00_[2010.01.09_12.50..png)
Okay, this episode needs subs super quick. It's fucking awesome, yet again.

- ruel is imprisoned
- the little puppetmon dude helps eva and amalia infiltrate the tree of life
- the tree is actually pretty small, not as big as you'd expect from that other huge tree they met in the first few episodes.
- lot of eva/sadly moments, even if it's a dream
- loli eva!
- Ruel befriends the little boar, they jailbreak out, and warp out to Ruels place.

>childhood self

Uh oh.

>**** eva!

Damn I hate that word.
Pedos are going to make me dislike this episode aren't they.

File: 12630469371.jpg-(30.05KB, 640x480, 1259573067638.jpg)
It's not the first time we've seen her. She's a bit older here, but there is a scene where she comments on the crzy dress Amalia is wearing.

amalias mom is one hot milf.


how can you torture me SO!?!?

Damn I read it. Really eager to actually see it though.

New here, found the link to the episodes in /tg/ last week and binge-watched them.

As 20 was released not long ago (earlier today if I'm not mistaken) about how long does it take to make the subs? Not trying to seem pushy or rushed, just curious when I should take my break from studying this weekend to watch the latest episode.

Keep up the great work!

At worst, 3+ months. At best, a few days.
The subbing group seems to be more organized nowadays, with all new eps since November getting subs before the next episode could air.

Concerning all the real-life hurry in January, I'd expect subs to take longer than the previous episodes.


Ah, thanks, well, I'll just check in periodically throughout the weekend and next week.

File: 126306990491.jpg-(122.43KB, 448x700, evangeline copy.jpg)
Just showing my support.
keep up the good work.


I've drawn up a template and an entry for episode 1, basically stealing the format from an Avatar wiki I googled. The Introduction is mighty detailed since that's the most important bit (and the Grougal/Nox fight is probably the first thing anyone saw of the series), but from episode 2 onwards the synopsis should take precedence, and be a lot shorter to boot.

On French names, I'd suggest a system similar to the one I've used for the titles, where we have the initial mention of a creature/person/thing followed by (créature/personne/chose) in parentheses and italics, with the added disclaimer that all english terms are provisional until further notice. I didn't really have time to do it for this description, but maybe in version 2.

Also, in .doc and .odt, as I've no idea what everyone uses.

Idea: we need to make an unofficial trailer for the show. Say, two to three minutes in length. A decent trailer would allow us to explain what's the show is like without having to compare it to anime.

Or, if you're not into trailers, I hereby request decent AMV's of Wakfu.

gah, when i saw that trip sequence and all the cool shit iop does in his comeback i was like FUCK YEAH

somebody, please, say something about proper dvd release of this series, i`m anxious like hell, it`s about three years since i wanted to have something like this on a physical media


After googling "Wakfu DVD", I'm no more the wiser than you are. There is a promotional DVD of the first two episodes (plus specials) that was handed out at the latest Ankama convention, but there's no sign of any boxsets yet.

Anyway, I'm avoiding spoilers until the subs come around. I'm putting together some character entries (slowly) and right now I'm trying to dredge up my GCSE learning with a copy of "Teach Yourself: Improve Your French" open in front of me.

I think I'm turning ouiabeau...

Seriously, listening to episode 20 raw for the third time (screecaping gaems) has really cemented in me a desire to learn French. Beyond Wakfu it's completely pointless though, bilingualism only makes you seem smarter.


Well it's pretty practical from where I'm standing. I'm only £60 and two hours from Paris. In the unlikely event that Eurostar actually starts working again, it's a nice place to spend lunch.

It's been a long time ago since I made AMV's, but I would be curious enough in making a bit with Wakfu.

File: 126328819444.jpg-(31.02KB, 896x512, whatthefuckhappenedlastnight.jpg)
Can't sleep... sub might get released..... can't sleep.

protip: many government jobs give elevated pay for bilingual/multilingual knowledge.



In places like Canada, you'd get higher priority in job placements if you knew both French and English and some jobs actually even require it.

File: 126332074231.jpg-(39.09KB, 500x270, engrenages-2.jpg)

While I'm not contemplating work in the Foreign Office or anything, let's just say that relearning French is both more feasible and more socio-economically beneficial for a Londoner than learning bloody Japanese. It's just funny that it's taken an Ankama cartoon show to finally persuade me to take the plunge rather than...say...Amelie or Spiral or the films of Jean-Luc Goddard.

that's just because we're that kind of crazy fanbase.

Around my area of the USA, the three foreign language choices were Chinese, French, and Spanish. I ended up taking seven years of Spanish in grade school, and because both Spanish and French are Romance languages, reading the French website is actually mildly intelligible.

You don't have to worry about subs getting released until I get a script from kelson and post it here. THEN you can start not sleeping.

I just know it i'm gonna end up watching it raw with a word document open in another window... ;_;

File: 126333943076.png-(356.21KB, 640x480, 1261431431043.png)
Helpful keeps saying the sub is nearly ready. Odd.

File: 126334040682.jpg-(103.59KB, 633x355, Wakfu_new.jpg)
January 16th
Episode 21


File: 126334099270.png-(166.10KB, 774x1000, evacolourprogress.png)
Stupid shit that you do when waiting for subs (not finished, obviously)


File: 126335163467.jpg-(68.37KB, 500x396, 1263279825167.jpg)

File: 126335264966.jpg-(97.32KB, 586x488, 1263336841482.jpg)
can I brush you


lol xD

lost it

If someone could make episode 19 streamable I would be so happy. How does one make such things streamable anyhoo?


I think I saw Eva at the beginning of 19th eps. Some lost frames or sthg?

anyone know when ep. 20 will be up?

see >>21241

What is the difference between styled and unstyled subs?

pretty pink Comic Sans fonts that follow music lyrics karaoke style by changing color, vs. plain subs like you'd see on a DVD.

Pardon good Anon, but I never use pink.

The primary difference for the purposes of our release is the Styled preserves the aspect ratio of the original raw, includes colorized subs with occasionally varying fonts, and places the subs on the video frame. This is typically more suitable for HDTV viewing, or viewing on a widescreen monitor, as it retains the 16:9 profile.

The unstyled adds letterbox bars to the video, and places hardcoded plain white subtitles on said black bars. This results in a total frame of 4:3, which is often more suitable for streaming and the like.

The styled subs are encoded with AVC (specifically High@unrestricted for softsubs, High@4.1 for the hardsub for console playback) and filtered to attempt to recover some visual quality lost to Ankamas very poor stream encoding.

I don't know what filtering the unstyled may have, but it is encoded with the older Xvid.

File: 126353556399.jpg-(67.72KB, 640x480, 01-14-10_2203.jpg)
hey /coc/, is this cool?



File: 126353720199.jpg-(35.99KB, 896x512, evaeyessuprised.jpg)
Glorious. I wonder if you need to wear pants with that?

File: 126353882447.jpg-(32.18KB, 374x680, DSCF0075.jpg)
strictly speaking, probably not, but I'm going for the whole cosplay, elf ears and foam-core wig included.

Why don't you just grow your hair longer and hairspray that shit, you blood nut.

hair doesn't work that way (and i've tried)

...God dammit. I've been looking into doing Nox for... Well, ever since Eurofag subbed the first episodes (4 and 6; such fun we had with everybody wondering where 1-3 and 5 were, if you can call explaining the same shit fifty times a day fun. Though of course I'm talking about later, when we got one and two.), and now you've got me thinking again. I bet I could even have it done in time for Comicon...

Go as Amalia. I dare you.

I'm six feet eight inches tall, male, bearded, and pale. It wouldn't work.

If you are skinny, and shave you can go as eva.

Shave your hair, die your beard, and dress up as Ruel.

I've got a whole group willing to go. if she keeps her promise, my wife's going as amalia.

Awww an Amalia cosplay would be so cute.


No it's not.
No I can't.
My beard isn't long enough, and I only do costumes with masks anyway.

Besides, I've already decided on Nox, on the incredibly unlikely chance that I do any costume at all. Money isn't exactly loose right now.


Indeed. Where is our shota translator?


I'm getting a little antsy myself. I'm looking at fanart and inadvertently spoiling myself seven ways to Sunday.

Turns out one of my earlier speculations about Sadlygrove's reappearance actually came to pass. But I don't want to know that! I want to be pleasantly surprised! God damn...

*apprendez la francais...*

>*apprendez la francais...*

Every bit of that was incorrect >__>

'Apprendez' is a misspelling of 'apprenez', which is the second-person plural imperative conjugation of the verb 'apprendre'. Meaning you're commanding someone else to learn, not doing it yourself.

'Français' has a cedilla on the c, and it's masculine, meaning you use 'le' and not 'la'.

*en apprenant le français*

Their word for learning is what our word for "apprentice" is derived from? That's cool.



(...'nk you...)

Well, Rubilax looks suitably epic. Except they've selected scenes that look decidedly 'Flashy' for their preview, and not in the good way.

raw episode of Igole is upbut look at this trailer:

this is awesome.

Yeah, seems like we get Goultard in 22. HUH. HOW ABOUT THAT.

Tristepin finished his flight in the desert, near the grave of his former master ... The latter is not dead, and under his leadership, our "Iop brain" will discover how to become a real keeper of the Shushu!

So, Grovy is the apprentice of Goultard.

the barbarian from the other show?
f*** year

Also, please sir, can i have subs more?

Subs will happen as they can; currently we're waiting on transcription/translation (possibly the most tedious step in the process).

I assure you I'll be releasing very shortly after we receive them.

What is this "other show" you speak of?


it's not a show but short movie.. beware, wakfu is tame compared to this.


I wonder if they're retconning or if Goultard is actually 1000-some years old (or if Pinpin can time-travel). Either way, I'm super-excited to see that he's making an appearance.

Does the font on the styled subs look small to anyone else? They probably aren't too bad on a computer screen, but I was watching them on my television and I had to keep pausing to read it.

ok, so tell me most important thing:
that was a trailer, or what?
are there many wakfu-related movies, series etc?

Holy Schnikes!

It looks like it was probably just it's own thing, not really a trailer for a bigger video, but I'm not really sure.

File: 126366750049.jpg-(63.21KB, 350x486, Horatio_Nelson.jpg)
That is... the... holy shit. Words cannot express the awesome.
Is that guy some sort of a boss in the game or something? Anyone care to explain?


It's a full movie , i saw fragment onces.. goddamn chewed frog part >_<

it has no real connection to the wakfu tv story... well, apart one.

That Iop who avenged his family was possesed by another shushu i guess , and he learned how to control it , in the next wakfu episode this iop will show Groovy how to tame shushus.
He's probably over 1000 years old.Weird, huh?

Goddamn , i can't wait till next saturday!

So you know you watch too much Wakfu when you make a WikiAnswers account for the sole purpose of correcting the Wakfu lyrics someone posted there.

'Héros malgré toi', not 'Héros maladroit' :|


That the sacrier in that video the same one who Nox keeps as a mummy?


yeah , that is Sacrier.

as you can see, Sacriers are getting stronger when getting hit and can cast "attraction" spell which drags enemies to them , in that clip he uses Blood , creepy, aint it?

Nox's Sacrier puppet was using some sort of magic substance.And i like it better this way...

is there a link to all these old animations?

I have bad news, and good news.

The bad news, from my translator (when queried about 20):

>My apologizes, I couldn't tell you that my computer crashed because of a Trojan... ='(

>Then, I hoped meanwhile it get fixed you found another translator for this episode. But if you didn't I'll rush and translate episodes 20 AND 21 soon.

>Sorry again...

The good news: (it's actually the script for 21, I misnamed it)

can anyone upload / give me a link to 20 and 21 raw episodes?


All of the raws are on vialou's wiki, and the link to that is in the first post of this thread.

File: 126368090998.jpg-(77.17KB, 1276x587, bottom.jpg)
How far along are the translations of the Mini-Wakfus? If they haven't been done yet, I can translate all of the transcriptions that are on the wiki.

WTF is 'j'maitrise' and why are the French laughing at it?

I think we have episode one and that's it.

"J'maîtrise" would be "I have control".
What's funny is that Yugo says he "maîtrise" though he obviously doesn't really have the control over his powers yet...

File: 126368341610.png-(964.99KB, 1680x956, yugoclunkagain.png)
Ah okay. For some reason translator wasn't picking that up. I regret the lack of blood in cartoons. Yugo should definitely have been bleeding during this episode.


What? But I don't want Yugo to bleed! He's a loveable little scamp that I want to keep safe from harm...

In other news, I can now say "BON, LA VOITURE EST AU PONT CINQ, MAINTENANT ALLONS AU BUREAU D'INFORMATION AU PONT SEPT," and the cross-channel ferry crew will pause to wonder why I needed to say any of that out loud...

Yes, I did just check, and I got that right on the first go. In a couple of years I may just be able to ask the way to the railway station really loudly. Watching Wakfu without translation may take a little longer.

If he bled that would just heighten your feelings.

Me, I don't want Yugo to be moe, so maybe he shouldn't bleed after all.

err sorry if its been posted already but wheres 20? last I downloaded was 19 and we are on 21 now?

Where do you think it's going to be?

i disagree
The only characters that need to bleed are sacrieurs, since it's essential to their character. They build temples with blood fountains ffs. You don't need gore to add edgyness to the show. You want emotion?

That being said, i loathe censorship.

>In a couple of years I may just be able to ask the way to the railway station really loudly. Watching Wakfu without translation may take a little longer.

I've been learning French for years and have a working knowledge of it, but I still need transcriptions to make sure I'm hearing things right. It really depends on if you're better at reading or listening.

But if you needed homework help I could certainly offer it ^_^

Obviously I don't want emotion, I want cause and effect from smacking into a bunch of rocks and falling down crevasses.


20 wasn't translated yet, I think.

We don't have twenty yet. The script for 21 is up, though. >>21525

I'm starting work on 21, but I won't release it before we have 20 completed (yes, tormenting, I know). On the brighter side this means there just might be a double release!

I have rough translations of 2, 3, and 4 of Mini-Wakfu, but the puns in 5 are killing me.

Does anyone have any idea what the verb 'crâ-pache' was supposed to be before 'crâ' was inserted into it?


Why wait? Weren't 20-22 basically interchangeable anyway?


Personally, I assumed that Nox's Sacrier was using some form of magically congealed blood, since its own would naturally have dried up long ago. By the way, what was the one with the big shield? The archer-puppet was an obvious Cra.

Exactly. Not to mention we got 21 first ANYWAY.

It's a play on words on both "Apache" and "cravache" from the verb "cravacher" (to quirt).


I should be fine eventually, I'm just relearning what I unlearnt. I'm taking advantage of six years of French lessons when I was a child. Slight flaw is that it was the only GCSE subject I had a D in. I'm just crossing my fingers that was down to retarded British jingoism rather than mental inability.

Reading is mostly fine. I only thought I could do it in the first place because I picked up "Improve Your French" in the bookshop and successfully digested a geographical breakdown of l'hexagone and its neighbours. Writing is hard to impossible, since I'm piecing together the grammatical structure myself and I'm out of practice. Listening is somewhere between the two. Just like reading I can pick out certain words and piece together the sentence, with the added disadvantage that by the time I've figured it out, the dialogue's moved on. The French are fond of rapid-fire wit and wordplay, it's what makes À bout de souffle such a joy to watch, but it makes things bloody difficult for the rest of us.

It's a fuckload easier than Czech, I'll give it that.

Anyway, I second the motion of subbing 21 first, since it's interchangeable with 20 and 22 anyway. The last episode ended with Îgole howling in the moonlight, which nicely segues into his appearance in 21.


Feca , go read wakfu or dofus wiki .

>It's a fuckload easier than Czech, I'll give it that.

Not much of a surprise. Being Czech myself, it's nice to know I can't really encounter much languages that would be more difficult than my own.

...why don't I just go and learn French then...?

Quick update:

21 progresses apace

Rough timing: 12/22

In light of the outpouring of 'why would you do that' and 'they're interchangeable' I will release 21 when it is complete. It goes against all of my personal precedent experience, but the will of the mob and all that. . .

Also love Ankama even more for their random references.

File: 12637363996.png-(134.94KB, 279x278, WF_FecaArt.png)
a Feca. There's a race in dofus/wakfu dedicated to shields and shielding stuff. Enough said.

Regardless of when they are subbed, I am going to wait and watch them in order.

I'm from Israel, and we speak Hebrew here. From my experience, it's a rare person who speaks proper Hebrew, and I've never met anyone not born and raised in Israel that can speak it flawlessly.

Does it mean that the language is hard? probably, since it's basically a modernization of a language which was dead for about 2000 years.

File: 126374727413.png-(633.76KB, 890x499, BlanquetteAlibert.png)

Thanks! I still couldn't translate it, but thanks.

These are the rough translations for Mini-Wakfus 2 through 5. The wording is awkward-sounding in places, and I wasn't creative enough to come up with good English equivalents to the puns in 5, but they're there if someone wants to refine them.

Does anyone have any of the Mini-Wakfu's after 5? I could hazard translations of 6 and 8, but it would be easier if I had context.

Well just like the puns in episode 18, you absolutely can't translate them literally. You have to create other English-friendly puns.

I'm afraid my English is far from being good enough to do that. However, I can explain the puns to you in a French context.

Just tell me if you happen to be interested.


Tree of Life.

Thanks a lot!
I hope in a couple of days i`ll make russian subs for this 2 series.



I'd actually argue that it would make things easier to be a reconstructed language. Hebrew and Czech share a common characteristic in that they were essentially rebuilt from scratch by romantic nationalists in the 19th century after nearly going the way of Welsh. English and French are far more silted under the sediment of history, which gives rise to numerous frustrating and endearing quirks that makes learning them a pain from an outsider's perspective.

It's just that French is closer to my experiences than Czech is. It shares many common words with English and is a compulsory subject in Secondary schools. Emerging from the Latin milieu, it might have been closer still if not for our rotten luck of being invaded by Angles who renamed the place Angle-land and made everyone speak Angle-ish. Bloody Low Germans...

Also, yay, content!


Well I wouldn't say exactly rebuild from scratch, in case of Czech - back then language was still pretty alive amongst the common people, it's just that none of them really bothered with stuff like writing. But yes, without the few Revivalists (? - this would go the closest to the meaning) it might easily happen we'd be speaking German today, because Czech wouldn't simply have enough support to find its place as an official language. As a nation, we were always kind of... lazy. /irony on/ Oh the glorious Bohemia. /irony off/

just consider that both english and czech come from the germanic language root and french from the romanic one, taking this and the fact that before english exists the ones living in UK spoke french, we can deduce that english can be the combination from german and french.

by the way, recent studies proof that the two most difficult languages are chinese and spanish because of the inflexions they have, and also that when a person know english, spanish and chinese, they can learn any language in the world easely


Me too.


Don't put yourselves down, I'm actually rather fond of Czechia. I find a lot of its blatant made-up-ness to be strangely endearing. I mean all nations are essentially 'made up' once you dig hard enough, so it's refreshing to find a country that wears it proudly on its sleeve and isn't so hypocritical about it.

Sorry, I just came off writing a chapter of my novel set during the Second "Republic", so I'm in a bit of a 'Czech' mood...

>the fact that before english exists the ones living in UK spoke french

Yeeaa-no, the Britons didn't speak 'French'. French is a Romance language that formed after the invasion of the Franks, hence "French". The Romano-British spoke a Celtic dialect that became extinct after the Anglo-Saxon invasions, developing into Old Welsh in some quarters (although genetic evidence suggests that the people weren't forced out, just the languages).

Also, I'd very much like to see those studies that definitively 'proof' that Spanish and Chinese are the most difficult languages to learn. I mean, that sounds all kinds of arbitrary. Is Spanish more difficult than...Vietnamese? Maoi? From whose perspective? How do you prove something like that?

Okay, so links with parentheses are bad. Just copy and paste the whole thing, or you won't get where you need to be.


Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn. Who says it's hard?


This guy >>21626 who mentions 'studies' that 'proof' it, which sounds definitive and indisputable...


Modern a product of various languages coming together.

A very light dash of Celtic
Some Classical Latin
Some Anglo-Saxon and Norse
Some Norman French and Vulgar Latin
And finally top it off with the Great Vowel shift and a fuckton of loan word and you get English

File: 126377590282.gif-(21.90KB, 299x381, the-comic-book-guy-pondering.gif)
excuse me, i believe we were talking about spunky curvy elves...


The net needs more Wakfu porn to tide me over while I wait for subs....
Or off topic discussions

No, it needs less now. Christ some of the stupid shit I saw posted on /tg/ last night.

Umm... do you mean less wakfu porn or off topic discussions...?

File: 126378529675.jpg-(95.81KB, 893x1224, 1246466274797.jpg)
it needs more QUALITY wakfu porn. Half the shit is scribbles. By the way, don't click the black and white ones...

I've been debating commissioning something from raylude. He has a knack for it, plus he's done frenchanime porn before. Anyone know how much he charges per doujin?

File: 126379820823.jpg-(22.62KB, 250x250, Dorothy.jpg)
ETA on Ep. 20 subs?

>both english and czech come from the germanic language root

Um... except for that Czech does not. It took over many German words (which are to be seen mostly in the colloquial language), but it's Slavic.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I do love my country (in the... healthy way, right?). It's just that we usually don't fight oppression. We laugh at it. Mischievously. And it stops, after a while. It works, really! They called us "laughing monsters" for a reason =)

And talking about made up things, you may already know that the "greatest of Czechs," as actually seen and loved by most of the nation, in fact _is_ a person made up from a scratch. And we're goddamn proud of him.

Forgive me my tendency to get carried away by random conversational topics. To undo the harm, I will try to provide some spunky curvy elves in the course of the day.

File: 126380403494.jpg-(51.86KB, 488x800, 7341476.jpg)
Since I have nothing interesting to say about languages roots, I'll just provide one of those spunky curvy elves. ^_^


Strange sort of love for someone you keep trying and failing to throw into the Vltava...

It's a lovely characteristic of the Czechs you'd do well to maintain. Lest we forget Vaclav Hanka's "ancient Czech manuscripts" that Masaryk himself had to puncture as forgeries, and if there's anything your current President can be accused of having, it's definitely not a sense of irony. Don't ever change, brave Czech, never ever take yourselves too seriously. It's a lesson us Brits have been learning in fits and starts.


And this spunky curvy elf will do very nicely. My linguistic nerdiness is shunted thus...

>Oh, don't get me wrong, I do love my country (in the... healthy way, right?). It's just that we usually don't fight oppression. We laugh at it. Mischievously. And it stops, after a while. It works, really! They called us "laughing monsters" for a reason =)

Do not hate me, I like Czech Republic and all... But isn't this attitude... a bit gay? When something's happen to your country you shouldn't sit and wait until something good or someone good will happen. And taking pride in it... It's weird.
Sorry, that's my thoughts on your post, not your country. To be perfectly honest I don't believe Czech citizens think like that.

That's basically how they got rid of the communists.
Glorious revolution doesn't do much good. Velvet revolution does.

Not that I know much about it (I'm from US and I haven't taken modern history/politics yet) but I'm almost sure Velvet Revolution wouldn't fare well without Poland. From what I've heard and read, it's Poland that started anti-communist revolutions so USSR was paying attention to the bigger country.

Yes, I think keys also played an important role.

Zentlemen, topic please; this thread is gargantuan enough as is!



Rough Timing: 13/22


Rough Timing: 22/22
FT/TS: 1/22

Will you make a new thread when you've got a new episode uploaded?

Annoyingly, I've just lost power, so the desktop is down for the moment. Shall resume as soon as I have electric service back. Hopefully today, but you can never tell.

Yes, I plan on making the New, new Wakfu Subs thread once the next episode is done. I'm hoping that is later today, item preceding permitting.

(you may note this post is not signed, this is because I forgot my key, as it's saved on my main machine >.> I'll confirm this post as soon as I again have acess)

File: 126381841815.gif-(2.01MB, 640x400, 1263693684673.gif)
Good luck Caedo, we're rooting for you.

gee i wonder what's their character clASS...

clASS A++.

I had in mind Jára Cimrman, I can't somehow remember him being thrown into the river... at least not in some distinctive way.

Well I was dragging it a bit over the edge... Always laughing at everything, including ourselves, part of the national spirit I guess. Sure we do know how to move some masses. Our students good at it, especially.

Guess I'll rather shut up now and draw some spunky elves. No more melancholic tours to Czech history from me, I promise.

We could do with two new threads; one for subbing (only) and another general Wakfu discussion

File: 126383495089.png-(56.71KB, 443x700, tofuthrowing.png)
Here, an apology for the thread derailing and my thanks for all the wonderful work done here.


Gah, ignore me, I was thinking of another fictional Bohemian entirely. Although I now have a new favourite non-person...


Oh, lovely! I'm constantly scraping around for fanart. Although I don't know what she has in mind for poor Az. Looks like she's planning something nice, but then Az always is the neurotic sort.


EP20 is complete and ready for your consumption, it may be found:


The styled hardsub, as usual, will be posted as soon as it's done encoding.

As to the whole 'new thread' thing, I figure considering we have these two releases so close
together, that I'll just make it for EP21 and on, once I have both files for it ready to post.

Anywho, do enjoy.

P.S. Jovis is the man.

i... i have no macros
i have no words
just... thank you...

Well, I haven't slept yet (university issues). Still, I have to watch it.
Thank you very much

I was about to go to bed when you came with this! :o

And thus begins a new year of Wakfu for us! :D

File: 126385796819.jpg-(18.14KB, 332x514, 1257471458376.jpg)


You guys are Gods among men, and I worship at your altar!

Amalia's mom.

Thanks so much! You all are brilliant!

Gouldtard is also a weapon in dofus:

But funny enough, there is a sword that is similar to it but looks like a good version of it, called Raziel:


Maybe I missed it, or I just forgot because it's such a long wait between episodes...but what happened to Amalia's mom?

Died a long time ago.

Yay! Thank you


Here is a link to the styled Hardsub for EP20


Work on 21 continues on schedule:

Rough timing : 19/22

File: 126390196876.jpg-(39.06KB, 626x418, shippan.jpg)
i'll admit it, i squee'd like a little girl for most of the episode

seconding this
Apparently love can bloom between one kind of elves... and another kind of elves. I d'aww'ed throughout the whole episode.

Well, Eva seems to be quite shy when it comes to relationships... Altough she surely appreciates when a man makes first step.
I'll bet Grovy, will get her.

File: 126390889231.jpg-(20.50KB, 450x253, happyheavy.jpg)

well it was her subconscious talking and who knows, maybe she'll remember the dream and not be so oblivious to grovy's advances

Great, now I'm trying to draw Groovy and Heavy having a drinking contest


is there a significant difference between hardsub/softsub other then file type/size?

Break her bow and hand!
A Dream will make she forgive you!

The softsub has a separate subtitle stream, which means that the subtitles can be disabled, and the properties of the text can be changed (color, font, placement etc) while playing.

A hardsub has the subtitles encoded into the video, making them literally a part of it. As such they cannot be modified, extracted or altered.

A softsub is more commonly used by users playing back on a pc, and as such can use more advanced encoding features to further reduce its size, and it might have a very tiny (probably imperceptible) advantage in quality. Hardsubs are used for compatibility purposes in most cases, and my hardsub releases are aimed at console and media center playback (Using PS3 compatibility as a guideline).

If you have trouble playing my releases (or any video file for that matter) take a look at the CCCP Project ( It solves 99% of video playback issues; just be sure to follow their guidelines carefully. Best of all, it's totally free!

That would go well with >>19951

Spoilers for Ep. 20 in this post.

I was watching the episode, and all was well.

So they fell down the rabbit hole, and then Grovy appeared out of nowhere, acting like a smarmy Casanova.
At this point I was like, 'this is a god damn dream sequence'. Then we saw a bit more of the bizarre setting, and I was like, 'I KNOW it's a dream sequence, GET ON WITH IT'. I couldn't enjoy the episode after that. There's nothing more boring than a scene which you know gonna get retconned...

I admit I jumped forward a few minutes a couple of times during the episode.

You can say Evangeline have a [spoiler]Iop Brain[/spoiler]

File: 126392244127.jpg-(80.20KB, 400x300, 1263845884082.jpg)
jesus christ I hate when this happen

File: 126392659073.jpg-(10.42KB, 228x205, 1263710043597.jpg)
>play dofus
>do soft oak dungeon run with guild
>kill him
>cheer at drops
>see ep 20

Will there be an unstyled hardsub of episode 20? I find the styled ones difficult to read.

I also wasn't really a fan of Sadly in ep 20, I really have enjoyed the Eva/Sadly hints in previous episodes but I'm glad he was just a dream in ep 20, he was really annoying. I like him much better when he's stupid and incompetent, dammit.

Also oh man, Ruel and that little beast were SO FUCKING CUTE, what the fuck. I love it.

He was pretty annoying, but then again, we are talking about a dream that belonged to a girl in love.... Oo
And yeah, people have many sides to them.


I'd say more that it was the Tree of Life trying to make a dream that Eva would like, rather than Eva's own dream, as evidenced by how she kept resisting and each time she resisted it would try a new tactic to get her attention and/or make her happy.

Also I know that I personally want to see more about how Sadly broke her bow, that's a big thing and she can't just punch a dream in the face and then suddenly it's okay. Probably in ep 22 they'll deal with that more though.

Who the fuck is the midget guy called Joris. He's something related to the Bonta guard obviously, but how did he knew about Nox plan, or he didn't knew he just wanted to Amalia and Evangeline to bring back the King so he could speak with him about something else?

He knew about it cause in ep19 he listened to what Amalia said to Armand about Nox invading.

Seconding this. I stream the episodes, and I'd like to do a mini-marathon tonight with unstyled hardsubs if possible.


Whoever he is, he's fuckin' awesome. I want his action figure.

Joris has got to be up to something. I know he's up to something, because he's half-hidden in a dark hood. All my critical narrative studies concur that this is the subtle and nuanced indication that he's "up to something".

He's probably a sram, since the way he act is disabling and defeating enemies without they have a chance to react.

About episode 20:
I think Evangelyne didn't resist... It's just that Tree of Life didn't understand her. ToL saw that Eva's in love with Grovy but she refused him each time. Same with Amelia - Eva wanted to save her and make her happy, but when she finally saw reunion with Amalia's parents she'd snapped.
Then ToL panicked and tried to grant every if Eva's wishes... Making her understand whole situation...



one of her wishes was seeing her *young*-self?
[spoiler] i refuse to use THAT word[spoiler]
i think the tree simply took too much of its own medicine

But ty for spoiler tags. It really irked me about the underhanded incident in ep19

ah! my own clone[spoiler]now neither of us will die a virgin[/spoiler]

Well, maybe (just maybe) she's some dark secret. We will know what's about this young-herself thing later.


Good points. "Resist" was the wrong word for me to use earlier, I think, but you get what I mean; in either case I agree with this assessment!


oh another dofus player...

i didnt knew he was in the game, i should play more this game... though the gameplay is pretty slow.. gather 70this and 70this and 60this to get next scroll...

no wonder kamas selling sites are going so well..


The "Evangeline" says "Remember me?", and don't use her hair pin, I'm assuming is a person that she met when she was younger (Considering she have been living her most of her life in the sadida kingdom). Also, why would showing her younger self to her would help into making her happier? ToL would bring illusion of dead people and give a excuse for it, but bring yourself from other time is stupid.

Here is my theory, it is someone that Evangeline hurt and that she regrets from it, showing her all right to Eva would make her happy, so the tree tried showing her, but eva probably figured out there would be no chance of her being there with that person, so she woke up.


Sister. It must be sister that either Eva couldn't protect either Eva was saved by her sacrifice


Dofus is proving impossible to play on my Eee PC. Occasionally you might catch me as I materialise in front of the Astrub Alchemists' Workshop, feed my ghost, and disappear into the mist.

Maybe when I get an upgrade, but I honestly don't think I have the mentality for MMORPGs. I'm too pre-occupied with life nonsense to suffer waiting five seconds between clicking my mouse button and getting my Eniripsa to avoid a Chafer's sabre.

And those kama-selling shout-outs are bloody irritating. Half a minute in one spot and my entire conversation log is filled with spam...

File: 126394179995.jpg-(43.08KB, 640x480, bscap0437.jpg)

Well she doesn't have the hairpin in the first memories from Vampyro episode too... So I guess it's really just little herself. including the pink top and such...

To put it simply, child eva appearing in front of herself is probably a reference to how life was simpler, happier, and pretty much carefree as a child. TOL wanted to grant her this, but Eva had too much conscience to accept it.

File: 126394242492.png-(1.28MB, 890x502, evaloliflank.png)

I was just comparing the two myself and finding no real difference...freckles, purple shirt, brown tie around her neck. It's not a given that they're definitely the same, but it seems extremely likely from what info we have.

File: 126394367023.jpg-(41.17KB, 896x512, treeoflifedoll.jpg)

I agree with you.
Reminding her of her childhood self really could have a lot of significance. Along with what you said, I wouldn't be surprised if something rather prominent happened in her life at that time as well.

File: 126394413934.jpg-(20.11KB, 260x374, Malfurionarchive.jpg)
She was already providing a easy life for Eva(Being saved every time by Sadlygrove, everyone being together, nobody dead, everyone happy to be with her, she didn't need to submit to anyone).

Noticed that when I looked on some other episodes, maybe I'm overthinking the fact that ToL showed her a illusion, but that looked very suspicious to me.

Also don't know if this is a reference, but when you look on the Queens head, she have a adornment that looked like horns, and in Warcraft Lore, great druids have horn .

Oh, they also are deeply related to the world of dreams.

So, basically
Evangelyne is just too much of a smart bitch to believe in perfect world, huh?

She'll definitevly make good pairing with Grovy

Like freedom before being tied to the princess as a companion.

And the ToL is very naive and childlike. Its idea of the perfect dream set off a whole stack of psychological bombshells which led to the illusion being cast aside.

Yes, this please!!

Ruel was so adorable in this episode!

File: 126397188765.png-(1.27MB, 888x500, Sadidaqueen.png)

I actually think the presence of Amalia's mother, and Eva's emotional reaction to seeing her alive, was the source of her dissonant link between her older and younger selves. Maybe the Queen was someone she was supposed to protect and failed, and has been distraught over her death ever since, unbeknownst to anyone?


Here's the avi hardsub for ep 20 (with checksum). Subs are on black bars. Enjoy.

Is it just me, or are the ankama streams getting worse and worse in quality.

apparently there's an adaptive system choosing which file to use on based on the user's connection, if the stream looks bad chances are the connection was kinda slow.

And overall yes, there's no point for them in havinng too high quality, as that'd only hurt the upcoming DVD sales.

The scenes just get more and more complex, while they still use the same bitrate. (snowstorm in ep 18, rainbow color looping in ep 20, etc)

File: 126397732047.jpg-(46.28KB, 896x512, wakfu_20Raw.mp4_snapshot_18.49_[2010.01.12_09.47.5.jpg)
There are some scenes which the stream can't do any justice to at all. It's frustrating. I can't take as many screenshots as I like of Eva and Sadly on the beach of that island, but pic related was a pixellated nightmare to capture.

I capture on fiber, always the same resolution and bitrate it seems. In any case they should fire whoever is doing their encodes, as he's terrible at his job. Even with streaming restrictions, from source, and at that resolution, there really is no excuse for it looking that terrible.

Also, to those who have issues with the styled subs. What exactly do you find difficult to read? Is it the font, color, placement, size? If changes can be made to up the utility of my work, I'm all ears for constructive criticism.

File: 126400384158.jpg-(65.19KB, 800x600, 800_600_capitaine_femme.jpg)
Maybe that, but never in the memories or anywhere Amalia mother has been shown, and if she died when Evangeline was young, where she was needed to watch over the princess, why would she be feeling bad about the queen dieing?

Spoilers of EP 21.
"Yugo, you must use the force to detect your enemies! That's the true way of a Jedi Knight."

Capt. always related.

>I capture on fiber, always the same resolution and bitrate it seems

Which episodes did you capture? Only 16/17, or did you use personal recordings for the hardsubs? I always download ankama raws + seperate subs, and the wiki doesnt list other higher quality raws.

Either way, we totally need HQ raws, the ankama files are getting pretty damn shitty for the insane action we get in the newest episodes.

I'm sorry, my terminology was unclear. I use a high-bandwidth connection, and the files I grab are always the same resolution and ABR (a very strange resolution at that).

I've tried doing a direct rtmp intercept, but it yields no difference. Ankama uses AVC, so no variable quality to mess with from what I'm able to find.

yes, as an encoder I'd spill much blood for an alternate source. Even if it's lower resolution, just being rid of the compression errors, mosquito noise, and blocking would allow me to produce a far superior result. I'm at the absolute limits of what I know of filtering and post processing as is, and it hardly makes a difference.

Going off the point of the thread for a while just to give some tips. Unless you are high level enough to find the scroll exchange quests easy, you should avoid it, and if your character needs them to be effective (WisXel,IntEca,IntIop) they should be supported by a rich character as a alt. Also, I stopped playing a month ago, but I'm pretty sure that you can still exchange doploons and strokens for scrolls, (even though you would do better exchanging strokens for full soul stones and selling them).

Also, what level are you? You should focus on leveling and gathering gear until those are pretty high and you have spare time to start scrolling.

As an avid MMORPG player myself (WoW, 7800 achievement points), I must say that from your words Dofus sounds HORRIBLE.

Right, I see. Ankama uses http by the way, not rtmp. You can catch the video links pretty easily with any basic tool, that's how I link to their mp4s directly. The trailers may be still rtmp, though.

I'm on fiber optic too, so I trust that what I get is always the highest quality... though, it's news to me that they change quality depending on connections.

maybe some update on ep.21 status?


around 40lvl Sadida , im mostly toying around with him , a mix of earth and fire build... with abit of water, but i will use him to gather resources to perfect next character , if i will bother creating next one... plus , no job no money no time for silly mmorpgs. at least the art is cute , especially in dofus 2.0

btw. Ankama closed wakfu beta today for new players, they still cant figure out what are they gonna do... since they dont want this game to be "different version of dofus".

New Thread >>21828
Lets keep this one a bit more on topic and take discussion over to +/co/.

I enjoy it due to the tactical style and comic atmosphere, but eh, it lacks A LOT of stuff to be par with almost any MMO atm (It most attracting feature was that it is on flash, and they just removed it). But, comparing Blizzard with Ankama is pretty cheap. I wouldn't say it is horrible, it is a pretty good game since it came from an animation company and used to be on flash platform.
For those who cares, Wakfu game is now Closed Beta again

File: 126403619828.jpg-(165.44KB, 700x390, 2193-2.jpg)
I wish episode 22 came before 21. I love Yugo, but 22 looks awesome! Hmm...21 does have Igole in it though...and he's one bamf.

>Avid MMO player
>Only lists WoW

I don't have a reaction image to show my disapproval.

File: 126405367780.jpg-(18.40KB, 618x360, 1262860677840.jpg)
I was going to say something about that myself, but then I chose tactfully not to.

I have also played each and every MMO that had a trial period. LotR, Warhammer, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, etc.

My example was just to show how much of a grinder/achievement-whore I am (7800 is in the top 50 of most servers), and that by *my* standards Dofus sounded boring.

Maybe someone will find it useful - page with russian subbed series, I made myself, from 1 to 21.

If that could go on the vialou page that would be awesome.

*looks around, with shifty eyes*
*notices english subs are not done for 21*
*начинает качать эпизод 21*

About mini wakfu. I found 6 episodes on subbed but they/he/she should have raw too, no idea why they stopped at ep 6 a while ago

File: 12641882754.jpg-(93.96KB, 700x390, kriss_groupe.jpg)
Oh, it's in my native language! Thanks for the link!

shto? vot ti blyat...

>Russian subs for 21
>no English subs for 21

I decided to help you with subs for episode 21. I used timings for russian subs and original transcription. Enjoy!

Cool! Thanks


Great! And also cool to see Wakfu so fully translated in another language as well.


22 episode already watched fro Ankama site, Groovy is rock, i'm satisfied and inspired, and can't wait for next one! Need eng subs!!! Good sirs and lades, tons of best regards for your subbin' work, wakfu is the best thing i've watched above the last two or more years

New thread for wakfu subbing is here (EP 21 was posted earlier today):

/co/ Thread for Wakfu discussion outside subs:

Try to use em, so we can maybe avoid re-threading quite so often :P.

If you post here try to remember to sage.

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