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What a happy family =F

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We had an extended family topic last night on /co/

Two famous inventors of the first decades of the 20th century.
James "Jack" Wright and Caractacus Potts.
Two rivals.
Neither knew that their descendants gonna form one of the craziest families the world ever saw.

Jack's granddaughter, Barbara, a teacher, once found herself in charge of an alien time travelling entity's granddaughter.
She had one daughter and two sons: the daughter, Miranda, became a fascinated with the law and joined the police force. the younger son, Nick "Phoenix" Wright, was pretty talented, and made a brilliant career as an "ace attorney". The elder one, Vivian "Jaws" Wright, was less clever and more aggressive, and was always jealous of his more successful brother. However, "Jaws" managed to make himself a fine career in sports. This also explains why Vivian's so bitter – he's the only one in the family who didn't get that "fancy" education (maybe he's just not too clever, or his mother didn't have much money at the time, and got richer later).

Miranda was more of an action type, so she chose to become a policewoman instead of a lawyer.

Phoenix, Miranda, and Vivian also had a somewhat loser cousin, Scott "Micromax" Wright, who became a DJ somewhere in the USA.

Caractacus Potts' twin great-granddaughters, Vanessa and Erin, both became secret agents. Erin worked for a secret agency which had a front as an insurance company. On one of her missions, she met the young lawyer, Phoenix Wright, who was just recovering from his violent break-up with his ex, Abigail "Mercy" ???-Wright. Erin reminded him of "Mercy", but without the insanity and criminal tendencies. They fell in love.

Phoenix and Erin gave birth to two beautiful pink-haired daughters, Paprika "Haruko" Potts and Pepper. As time went on, Phoenix and Erin adopted Trucy after a case involving her parents.

Needs Roger Smith in there.

I would watch the ever living loving straight up fuck out of this.

File: 125695322367.jpg-(68.46KB, 800x800, 172273292937274.jpg)
There was some ideas and stories in there as well.

-Erin and Pepper on a 'take your daughter to work' day. Hijinks ensue.
-Same thing, only with Phoenix
-A chapter of her hanging out with Aunt Miranda on a patrol, maybe interacting with Bonkers and starting some crazy stuff.
-A chapter with her with Vanessa and finding out her aunt is also a secret agent.
-Since Pepper and Haruko are at odds, a chapter on them fighting
-An adventure with Pepper and Trucy going on some magic adventure.


"Grandpa Roger thinks he's a tomato sometimes. Just go along with it okay, kids? He gets upset."

I was picturing they're brothers.
They constantly argue over who's needed for civil disputes.
"She needs a LAWYER to sue him for divorce!"
"They need a NEGOTIATOR to come to a peaceful separation!"

Where did Askal's post go?

File: 125703811195.png-(183.44KB, 1147x2693, peppersorigin.png)
I don't know

File: 125722914028.jpg-(91.29KB, 579x471, 1257228842911.jpg)
Sibling Rivalry

File: 12572947983.png-(144.92KB, 579x471, pepper.png)

File: 125772804488.jpg-(214.52KB, 800x800, 1261526156567.jpg)
Also, apparently her and Squirrel Girl are BFFs now.

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