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Whenever I see an idea for a story I like in threads for original ideas for comics/games/etc, I save it, as due to the inherently lazy nature of 4channers 99.99% of these ideas are very likely going to go unused. I figured I should share the love with you guys and post it for here for everyone to enjoy and possibly so something creative. If you are the author of one of these ideas and object to your idea being shared here, alert me and I'll delete it.

My idea for a Future Shock.

It starts off with a wedding and rice is being thrown over the couple like confetti.

Later, it shows a pigeon eating some of the rice. That evening the pigeon is shot by a laser from an alien space craft giving it advanced intelligence. In then spends the rest of the night doing good deeds for every creature he can find.

Unfortunately, the rice he ate causes him to explode. The next day every creature he helped has forgotten about him.

Aliens make first contact with earth, it is a historic event.

If it were not for the fact that earth is fully inhabited by zombies.

Alien Slaughter begins.

An alternate history where the British colonists who settled in America had giant robots. The main protagonist is a Native American boy who tries to defend his home with a giant robot he found left by the Vikings.

A lonely man sits on a park bench. His would-be fiancee just declined his proposal and he recently lost his job. The only thing worse is if he were suddenly killed. But there are far worse things than death. He's suddenly struck by a "bullet" that seemingly came from nowhere. After being rushed to the hospital, the doctors find nothing except what seems like trace signs of radiation. They ignore it, patch the man up, and let him on his way. What he doesn't know is that his skull is now home to the power source for the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction in the universe... and someone's looking for it.

On the run from terrorist aliens and with a robotic intergalactic peace keeper at his side, our hero must find some way to remove the power source from his head before it melts down and destroys the entire world.

There's a homeless woman who lives in a dirt lot. She has a serious case of objectophilia (fetish for inanimate objects) and is attracted to a specific school bus in her district. She follows the bus around every day in order to win his heart and get busy with his exhaust pipe (the bus is not actually sentient, but she believes it is). She follows the bus on a field trip to an automobile exhibit where she then witnesses the insides of buses on display like some kind of sick freak show and has a panic attack. She runs outside to comforted in the bus's loving embrace, where she is recognized by the bus driver. The bus driver thinks she is a pedophile lusting after the children, when little does she know it is actually the bus who she truly loves. From this point on, many obstacles will be in her way, to test her true love for the bus. Can she overcome them? Find out in the next issue of Yellow Lust!

I really want someone to do an accurate "manga versus comics/anime versus cartoons" show/book. Most versions of this idea have always fallen flat. It should be like, a western drawn character hanging around a shoujo manga commenting on how ridiculous everything is. Or hanging out in a harem anime and actually banging the chicks instead of being a pussy. There's just so much stupid shit in anime to make fun of it'd be easy to come up with ideas.

A young, sickly girl who has been hospital bound for most of her life has elaborate inter-connected lucid dreams where she is healthy and has many friends, and even has a boyfriend. She finds she prefers these dreams to her dreary life and becomes obsessed with them, often sleeping for days at a time. A cure for her disease is discovered, but even after her health takes a great turn for the better she continues to spend most of her life asleep. Eventually she must choose between starting from the ground up in the harsh real world to make real friends or to continue living in a death-like sleep with her dream friends who will always love her. Her dream friends plead her to stay with them, but she chooses not to and suddenly stops having those elaborate lucid dreams.

A few years later, her health takes another bad turn, and the movie-like dreams return. Her old imaginary friends remember her, and they want revenge for leaving them, especially her boyfriend. The girl is frightened by her constant nightmares and sleeps less and less, which takes a terrible toll on her health. She is nearing death, and the only way to stave it off is to face her fears and literally fight her inner demons. Which she does. She later gets a boyfriend in the real world and moves on.

Then we find out this was actually all in the head of her dream boyfriend, who in reality is a real boy in a situation much like the one he invented for his pretend girlfriend, who is seriously fucked in the head and also near death. He had to force his pretend lover to dump him in his mind so he could die in peace, knowing that she wouldn’t mourn his death and that she would be happy in the arms of another, because he believes she is actually real.

The Night Shift: At midnight, the bonds between our world and alternate dimensions thins just enough for the craftier and more cunning of the otherworldly to make their way to ours. But there is a select few people from our world that can also exploit these openings. They are called Shifters and they glide between dimensions in order to keep ours safe from the malevolent forces from beyond. They know that dawn will bring about the closing of these doorways, so they must drive back these creatures before they gain a foothold in our waking world.

Shifters have it hard, though, as they are in constant nightly combat with the strangest beings to ever exist, aswell as being slowly tainted themselves by encounters with outside realms. Some have become so alien that they leave one night and never return (or maybe they do and we just can't recognize them).

Idea: a police officer whose teeth have been replaced with bullets that he can soot out of his mouth, but the catch is that if he bites down too hard his face will explode.
the title, GunDisease.

A guy in a world full of superheroes and villains who's only notable power is the ability to produce a bumper sticker of any size, shape, color and lettering he can imagine from his pockets instantly. He spends a lot of time in Walmart parking lots, making new bumper stickers for people who's old ones are annoying or offensive. You could have the guy become a vandalizing vigilante who uses his bumper sticker powers to make socio-political statements. He's eventually dubbed a villian by other superheroes who try to stop him. At the same time, he defies the corruption of villiany who seek to use him as a pawn. The concept is "rising above it all" with social commentary involved.

A poor son of a beggar named Tom-san suddenly comes into a significant fortune, which he immediately spends on a zoo. Again broke, and unable to sell the zoo, he must live a new life as a zookeeper.

To Tom-san's dismay, he meets a mysterious side character who grants him mysterious powers and suddenly the zoo is actually a haunted zoo. After working his ass off all day dealing with animals and administration, he must don his samurai robes and do battle with the undead, who threaten to upset the natural balance of the world. Eventually, he discovers a sinister plot in the underworld and realizes that it's his duty to protect everyone from the ghosts because of his samurai powers. One day, he powers up and becomes even more powerful. Another day, there are girl zoo-visitors who get taken captive by the undead. He must rescue them, as they, being female, are unable to do anything in the slightest. Also, Tom-san is Japanese but he doesn't have a Japanese name and his hair is not black.

He's a hate-fuelled Jewish werewolf in a wheelchair. She's a scarfaced shark-wrestling librarian whom everyone believes is mad. They fight crime!

"He's a war-weary guerilla inventor with a robot buddy named Sparky. She's a cosmopolitan renegade detective on her way to prison for a murder she didn't commit. They fight crime!"

I need to figure out what a Guerilla Inventor is.

Somebody who invents guerillas, I'd guess.

ruff routes extreme mailmen
it would be like topten only postal couriers
instead of Cops they wood deliver to all the secret
fortresses and bases of super villains getting past there security

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