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Long-Term Projects

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File: 123881723883.png-(175.01KB, 600x1026, xtan.png)
11204 No.11204
I'm starting a thread here for the few remaining stalwarts interested in the project.
Last we left off, /trv/ /toy/ and /c/ were pretty much done, and we were working on /co/
I've copied beige's /co/ writeup to the wiki, but based on the thread that was posted in, I won't assume that it's final yet.

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You should know that your pic is more terrifying than any of the horrors that I've every seen on /x/.

Anyway, I've been working on /mu/ quite a bit. In the wiki it says that /r9k/ opens up the three rooms that /b/ had been hording to himself, so I was thinking that /mu/ and two other new characters would move into them almost immediately (I suggest /tv/ and /fa/). I've also got a character card almost ready for him, but I'll wait and see who's all here before I post it.

P.S. I've changed my name. "Ordinary /x/ile" was just a joke and I'm probably the only person who got it.

Well I'm happy to see somebody showed at least.
I wasn't sure if everybody would check their email in time.
I've got /tg/ /co/ and /x/ open right now in hopes of recognizing a name I'm missing.
I realized that Black Mesa Janitor never contacted me, and he was a big part of this.

Sadly don't have a great deal of time to spend here, but I'm here!

It seems everyone has their own area or categories they're working on?

Well, we never assigned anything to anybody, we were just working on whatever interested us most.
For instance, I did most of the work on /d/ because that's the board I frequent most often.
I say just work on whatever you're comfortable with, and offer suggestions when you can.
I haven't been working on it alot in the interim, but I've still got a few ideas lying around somewhere.

For the benefit of anyone who may be unfamiliar with the project so far : should bring you up to speed.

File: 123882001896.jpg-(112.42KB, 767x1009, 1236663594760.jpg)
Here's one of the old floorplan pics so we've got a better idea what we're working with.
I had suggested putting /mu/ and /o/'s rooms down by the garage, but that wasn't really agreed to.
/m/ is definitely down there though, and I think /n/ might make sense if /o/ does.
We'll probably have to rework the floorplan eventually, given that we keep adding characters.
We're probably pretty close to finishing off those that make sense to use though.
Alot of the boards really don't get that much traffic, or don't fit that easily into the story.

Did I ever mention how much I hate pictures fucking with my text formatting?
I figured I'd go ahead and start to slowly work out another story.
Here's part one for your consideration.

/co/ is coming back from the kitchen with a midnight snack, when he notices the lights still on in /tg/'s room.
As he passes the doorway, he notices that it's cracked open just a bit so he decides to take a peek.
/tg/ and /d/ are sitting next to eachother at the gaming table in /tg/'s room and talking, each with a rulebook in front of them.
/co/ rolls his eyes and thinks to himself "I can't believe he still wants to run a game with her after what happend last time."
As /co/ starts to walk away, he's halted by a sudden burst of laughter from the pair inside the room.
Now his curiosity is piqued, and he returns his eyes to the slit of light coming through the doorway.

/co/ watches as they take turns flipping through their books and pointing out pages to eachother as they struggle to contain their laughter.
"No way she's rolling up a character." thought /co/ "But what's so damn funny about a couple of rulebooks?"
/co/ gets a startled look on his face as he realizes that he was leaning on the door too hard, and it had managed to swing open.
"What are you doing hanging in the door /co/?" asks /tg/ "We're picking out the system for the next campaign. Maybe you can help us decide."
/d/ smirks at the invitation and shoves her book in front of /tg/'s face, her finger on a rolling table, and laughter bubbles out from them once again.
/co/'s curiosity overwhelming him, he grabs /tg/'s book off the table, and turns it so he can read the cover. He is greeted by the letters F.A.T.A.L.
"I've never heard of this one before. What one have you got /d/?" Tears rolling down her cheeks, she hands it to /co/? "What the hell is Black Tokyo?"

That's all I've got for now. Just typed it in a few minutes.
I'll hold off on the stories until we can get a few more posts in here.
Good to see we've still got a few people who'll be showing up though.


So, this kind of proves the whole "we need all the semi-interested anons that we had at 4chan" thing, doesn't it?

I've always known that we needed them.
I didn't really give everybody fair warning that this was going on tonight though.
I'm just putting this here until helpful /co/mrade can get this figured out with /co/
In the meantime, this thread probably isn't going anywhere.
Things might move a little more slowly, but we don't have to stop entirely for now.
As long as we can get a few people posting and in the mood again we're doing just fine.

Holy shit, X-tan. Nice to see you guys chugging along on this, it was always a pretty fun idea.

Aha, I'm late to the party, as always. Sorry about that, turns out my msn signed me out without me noticing >_<

Ah, excellent. Nice to see we've finally got a place to take this again. Sorry about not being here earlier, my sleep schedule is so bizarre I have no idea when I'll be awake anymore. In any case, though, I know a great drawfag who'd be willing to help us get some shit done for this project. I'll send her the info if she ever gets her lazy ass online. As usual, I'm not sure how much I can really contribute, but I'll do what I can. I'm just glad we have a place to discuss this without people whining about this being "too meta" and "not /tg/ related."

Also, Victimless Crime... of all the images available to you, you picked that one?


This is the DA account of the drawfag I mentioned. She also happens to be my sister, so I'm fairly sure I can convince her to crank us out some nice art, even if it's just a few yonkoma-style comic strips.

I thought you'd appreciate the humor of that picture Darc. It was an April Fool's joke after all.
It looks like your sister is a pretty good artist too. Any idea on what she might draw specifically?
I might try my hand at drawing a few things, but I don't know how in the hell it'll work out.
I haven't drawn anything since high school, and I haven't had an art lesson since grade school, so some practice is probably in order.
That, and there's the fact that I have neither a scanner, nor a drawing pad, which leaves me with either photos or drawing with my mouse.
I'll probably be doodling random things while I'm on the computer tonight, just to prove to myself whether or not it's actually worth sharing.

The image is funny enough, it's just... kinda creepy. As far as the art goes, I'll probably direct her to the 1d4chan article of writefaggotry and see if she wants to illustrate one of them. Knowing her, she will, as long as she finds it funny.

That'll probably rule out anything I've written.
Most of my jokes are in-jokes aimed at specific boards or board events.
Of course they might not be that funny in the first place either.
I've been doing a little bit of work on re-writing the previous "CoC game night" comic.
I'm hoping we can get a few people in here together at some point and get some more submissions finalized.
I don't like to be the only one posting stories/writeups, because I'd rather have the group's input.

Oooh, there's replies! Your sister's pretty good Darc.

I'm going to try a bit of writefaggotry sometime either tonight or tomorrow, assuming inspiration strikes. I just hope it's better than the last one I wrote...

Here's what I've got so far of the reworked version.
I'm hoping I can get a measure of comedy to work in it, but you won't see it here.

Scene: /tg/ /co/ /x/ and /d/ are all sitting at the gaming table in /tg/'s room playing CoC.
/tg/ is sitting on one side, hidden behind a GM screen, and /co/ /x/ and /d/ are on the other.
/co/ and /d/ are sitting next to eachother, and /x/ is seperated from /d/ by an array of charms and "study materials" on the table.

/tg/: "The earth trembles and quakes as the ground before you fractures, straining against a force from below."
"You freeze in horror at the sight before you, as a mass of oozing black tentacles erupts from the earth."
"As they emerge from the depths, multiplying in number and growing in size, they reach out to grasp at your vulnerable flesh."

I wouldn't mind a little bit of clearing up as to the nature of relationship between /d/ and /v/. I mean, /d/ seems to pounce on /v/ a lot. Any reason why? Or just luck of the draw?

Are we talking board wise, or character wise?
I don't recall alot of discussion regarding /v/ and /d/ together.

Character. And not as an item since that's /a/'s role. I just kind of recall at least twice /d/ dragged /v/ off for whatever. I was just wondering the nature of their relationship if there is one at all or if this was just random/bad luck for /v/.

File: 12389420859.png-(124.38KB, 472x906, somesortofxtanwithcolor.png)
I'm the guy who drew OP's pic. I decided to draw a picture of X-tan that is less creepy for ya.

I don't really have any ideas for this, but it certainly is interesting to follow.

To the best of my knowledge, it was just bad luck on /v/'s part.
I don't believe that /d/ and /v/ really have much of a connection (so far).
We certainly haven't really written much about any sort of relationship that they would have.
That's not to say that they couldn't have one, but we haven't gone that direction just yet.

Good to see we've caught your attention, and thanks for the pic.
If you're ever in the mood, we'd welcome any contributions you have.

If anyone's interested, someone from /ck/ came over because they heard /tg/ misses her or something like that. Not canon of course but maybe /ck/ could try to make a consolitary meal for /tg/? The /ck/ who posted was giving us some kind of recipe that had rose petal jam and skim milk and someone asked if she was trying to feed us elf food.

I caught the thread (it's still up). It's kind of funny seeing /tg/'s reaction to /ck/ coming to visit again.
The initial reaction was fairly typical of /tg/, including a reminder that /ck/ "broke their hearts".
I think /tg/ as a whole still has a tender spot for /ck/, but they've settled on /x/ pretty well by now.
Using rose petals/hips was bound to evoke an elf food reference. Can't be helped really.
Watching the boards on 4chan provides plenty of ideas for future stories.
A portion of what we've written already is based on previous board interactions.

1d4chan seems to be down. That can't be good.

I'm at least getting an error message from the site now.
Earlier the thing was just a dead end with no feedback.
Looks like they're working on the problem at least.
I guess I'll have to start saving THAT content to my HD as well once it gets back up.
I didn't expect I'd have to worry about losing our content from the wiki until now.
I should probably send out another email to remind everybody that the thread is here now.
I've been watching it nightly since I started it, but I don't want to be the only one posting.
I'll definitely have to see about editing the wiki once it's back up. No reason not to anymore.

All of our content seems to be dissolving... I tried finding the threads on suptg but they weren't even there, any idea what's up with that? Between that and the wiki, that's all the information we had... if we lose that, all we'll have left is what's in our own HDs, and I've got nothing.

If we lose it, we lose it.
As much as I've enjoyed this project, I wouldn't feel to bad about ending it if the wiki went permadead.
Starting over from scratch isn't really an option with so little activity right now.
I don't think that all of the character cards were actually posted ON the /tg/ threads, so losing the wiki would lose some of those too.
I'm expecting the wiki to come back though, and I did manage to save the /tg/ threads, so we aren't actually missing those.

File: 12390873719.jpg-(40.26KB, 472x643, 1236978109660.jpg)
Pic of /g/ for the chattin' folks

File: 123923711265.png-(66.19KB, 254x342, 2bsaved.png)
Good to see you guys are still alive. Shame you had to leave /tg/, but its for the best.

Hoping to see good stuff in the future. I may contribute more /tg/, /x/ and /toy/ later.

Glad to have you.
It may interest you to know that we're getting close to starting a weekly thread on /co/
We don't have the boards full approval just yet, but it looks promising at this point.
We're sticking with weekly to avoid one of the problems we had over in /tg/

Noticed that the threads are being deleted fast on /co/. Apologies if you already read this OP, but I think it's still an important point.

Your suggestion was to get all the drawfags, writefags, other Anons, etc to work on a webcomic about the board-tans of 4chan. I say, why not just get a group of these people together - doesn't have to be large, in fact it'll probably be easier with a smaller team - and just let them submit comics under any theme they want?

If someone wants to do a board-tan strip, great. If someone wants to do a parody one-shot, fine. If continuity comes up, don't let it stretch out for more than a few strips. Running gags and recurring characters would be cool, but you could also challenge yourself to try out new scenarios and sports/locations/hobbies/formats to draw, or just say "hey, I'd like to try this out for the new strip" and discuss it with everyone else. Get a rota together, get some comics done in advance, get some feedback on /co/, advertise the place without being total fags about it ("lulz its /co/ teh webcomic"), and just have fun with it.

It doesn't look like we'll be hosting it at /co/; a janitor's been deleting every thread /co/mrade's been making.

File: 123952415893.png-(129.54KB, 500x500, tg-bighat.png)
Seems like its either one of the janitors against "original content" or the mods are cracking down on what they consider off-topic chatter. Either way, such is not a good sign for draw or write threads, no matter the quality of work.

We've been looking at options outside of 4chan for a while. This thread being a bit of a placeholder itself.
Should 4chan ultimately decide that we can't hold threads there, we have other options.
Somewhere down the line, we'll have something worth sharing with them, and we will.
If they don't want to be exposed to the process that's fine.

I was actually discussing things a bit with helpful /co/mrade tonight and he had a similar view on the subject.
I think there's a way to make this project work, and I see no reason to try railroading anybody.
Having certain stories stick to whatever "canon" we can manage and having the majority of the content be one-offs is great.
That's pretty much what's been going on the few times that somebody has sat down and made a comic or a pic with any sort of context.

I don't think that the intention of the project was to create some sort of regimented storyline submission system.
We want this to be open and enjoyable for those involved in its creation, so that they have an easier time making it enjoyable for the audience.
The only reason we try to nail down any particulars at all is to keep some measure of a central plot concept and to keep the characters accurate.
If we make a character representing a board and the board itself has issues with it, we haven't been doing our job.

The subject of this project resurfaced in /a/ earlier today.
After some digging, found my way here. This project seemed like a good idea. I found the wiki page 1d4chan. Is what's on the wiki the some of the set ideas so far?

I think the wiki page is serving as the general archive and reference point for the project. It'll have character bios for all the board-tans, plotlines within the series, and eventually an accepted canon for the entire project (as soon as everyone involved can meet together to discuss said canon). Basically, it serves as the main reference point for people interested in the series and for the writers/artists to rely on when creating new work.

btw, we're trying to get everyone who is involved already to get together so that we can begin work on the introductory story. If you see the contact list on the wiki page, be sure to email me or VC to let us know your preferred meeting schedule and when you'll be available to chat in IM.

Why not make a story based in people comments?
Just like this one

being sitedropping faggot and posting this
It was the forum set up back when this first started back in September 08.
By the way, does anyone know of a good alternative to anonib for imageboard hosting

Didn't know you guys were still around. When you settle I might toss my two cents in again.

Sent an e-mail. Let me know what's going on and what IM client to get. I usually just use IRC so I don't have an IM client right now, but I can just as easily put one on.

So THIS is the rock everyone has been hiding under!

Now that I have found it, I would be willing to contribute again. Might be pretty sketchy for me since its getting close to the end of the semester, but once mid May rolls around you have my full attention.

Holy Hell that's a lot of activity since I checked this thing last.
Good to see there's still this much interest in the project, and that some of the old guard have gotten involved again..
I will be sending out an email shortly to everybody who's contacted me, in regards to organizing some group chat sessions.
In lieu of the (hopefully still possible) weekly thread on /co/ we'd like to get everybody together in Windows Live Messenger every now and again.
If that gets a bit crowded, we may just shanghai the old Board-tan board, since their admin never returned my email.
If the two members I contacted can get back to me we'll likely have 2 more contributors including a drawfag.

Do you mind posting your email at all?

In a way, I am glad not to be the only person who got a little lost.

Here's my email. I had put it up on the front page of the Wiki, so I forgot to mention it here.
Glad to see you and Janitor are still interested. I'm happy to see you guys still around.
We still haven't worked out a permanent location to host this at, though this thread or the Boardt-tan board remain options.
In the meantime, we're just trying to gather people together and hold occasional chat sessions.
I'd like to have us back on 4chan where we have the best chance for outside input, but it may no longer be in the cards.
Either way, we'll do our best to soldier on for as long as we can here. This project has been too enjoyable to just let it die off so soon.

Wait you mean OP's picture isn't rule 63 X-tan?

The previous compilation of /tg/ threads was missing ONE thread, and I have uploaded a more complete version.
That can be found here:

X-tan's sex is supposed to be unclear. Rule 63 doesn't really work on x-tan.

The original /x/-tan was genderless. The one we use now is very much female.

Lately a few of us have been meeting up on Windows Live Messenger at nights to discuss the project and otherwise engage in tomfoolery.
Anybody interested can look up either myself or helpful /co/mrade, and we'll be happy to send you an invite if we have a group going.
/co/mrade's email for both the project and the messenger is
Feel free to just listen in or chat if you like, the company is enjoyable whether we're being productive or not.

File: 124050644397.jpg-(115.51KB, 600x800, xtan.jpg)
Here, have an /x/-tan.

Am I correct in assuming that somebody is trying to convince her to put on some pants in this picture?
The look on her face says "What do I need those for?" That's actually pretty funny.

Just one problem

How do you plan on drawing /b/?

just a void of negative space on the page

We've imagined him as looking kind of like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

>>11708 >>11720
/b/ is undrawable.
Some day I'll get to making a collage of various /b/-tans from the many 4chan-tan pics.

File: 124063863727.jpg-(718.79KB, 3984x794, 1239757748645.jpg)
Hey guys, just putting this down so that we can have a few reference pics for our drawfags to work with.

/b/ would be like that Chernobyl mutant thing, except it would be an amalgam of all the other boards

And it would be huge, either in size or in number

File: 124081349833.jpg-(19.95KB, 640x384, d.jpg)
More pics:


File: 124081353086.jpg-(25.70KB, 640x384, d swimsuit.jpg)
/d/ in a swimsuit

File: 12408135653.jpg-(20.56KB, 640x384, x bathing suit.jpg)
/x/ in a swimsuit

File: 124081359483.jpg-(28.50KB, 640x384, x bathing suit1.jpg)
and again

File: 124081362699.png-(28.30KB, 421x775, x1.png)

File: 124081374481.png-(19.46KB, 421x359, x2.png)
and again

File: 124081377530.jpg-(20.33KB, 640x384, x1.jpg)

File: 124081382433.jpg-(19.61KB, 640x384, x.jpg)

File: 124081386291.jpg-(42.98KB, 678x625, tg.jpg)
/tg/ (obviously)

File: 124081390286.jpg-(118.10KB, 1113x887, tg and x 2.jpg)
young /tg/ and /x/

File: 124081404654.png-(60.75KB, 394x447, x.png)
younger /x/-tan

File: 124081406861.jpg-(510.48KB, 3200x800, 1235521450189.jpg)
Here's another version of the lineup.

File: 124081410420.png-(184.01KB, 403x480, tg and x.png)
older /tg/ and /x/

File: 124081419995.jpg-(13.93KB, 640x384, tg and x 4.jpg)

File: 124081425898.png-(251.84KB, 401x464, 1236112367826.png)

File: 124081439341.jpg-(24.10KB, 640x384, tg and x 3.jpg)
Oh my, how did THIS situation come about I wonder?...

File: 124081451147.jpg-(19.46KB, 640x384, e.jpg)

File: 124081455047.jpg-(114.96KB, 300x536, co and ck.jpg)
/co/ and /ck/

File: 124081462438.jpg-(225.71KB, 1024x768, 1235978801713.jpg)
/d/ and shota /co/

File: 124081467024.jpg-(232.27KB, 774x510, 1237965576795.jpg)
/co/nrad and /co/lette

File: 124081481535.jpg-(240.42KB, 1520x1473, 1236153920625.jpg)
Possible battle-mode version of /d/?

File: 124081486247.jpg-(237.68KB, 1927x1257, 1236153766476.jpg)

File: 12408148981.jpg-(93.80KB, 374x488, c.jpg)
moving on to some /c/ material...

File: 124081496045.png-(136.57KB, 304x428, c.png)

File: 124081513234.jpg-(193.09KB, 547x500, c1.jpg)

File: 124081522464.jpg-(514.31KB, 750x1405, c and b.jpg)
/c/ and /b/

File: 124081540654.jpg-(235.36KB, 938x699, c and a.jpg)
next couple are /c/ and /a/, and that's all I've got for now...

File: 124081544749.jpg-(252.77KB, 994x634, c and a 1.jpg)

File: 124081551085.png-(47.05KB, 898x888, c and a 3.png)

File: 124081564934.jpg-(130.04KB, 550x616, c and a 2.jpg)

File: 124081570156.jpg-(16.60KB, 640x384, c2.jpg)
more /c/-tan pics, straight off the press...

File: 124081577583.jpg-(13.23KB, 640x384, c3.jpg)

File: 124081582269.png-(137.60KB, 337x490, 1236982777097.png)
We were lucky to catch the attention of this particular artist before getting the boot from /tg/

File: 124081748478.png-(113.52KB, 358x353, 1236821868856.png)
Aside from the /a/ and /c/ pic, most of his/her stuff features /x/

File: 12408177651.png-(89.26KB, 500x500, toy-avatar.png)
I'll throw in a couple of takes on /toy/ before I finish posting the rest of the last artist's work.

File: 124081789243.png-(55.32KB, 334x367, toy-avatar mkII.png)

File: 124081809333.png-(125.44KB, 409x389, 1236820767345.png)

File: 124081841351.png-(251.65KB, 574x698, 1236952291868.png)
Last two pics are a bit "suggestive"

File: 124081852588.png-(105.33KB, 497x253, 1236824142170.png)
Probably don't need it, but I'll flag this one to be on the safe side.

File: 124081903776.png-(346.98KB, 612x477, 1236986316290.png)
On second thought, I think I'll flag this one too. Better worksafe than sorry.

File: 124089375347.png-(47.74KB, 435x529, 20p4yfo.png)
/x/ has got to be the most popular female character so far.
Hell, she's even getting more action than /d/ at this point, story wise.

File: 124089823741.png-(169.50KB, 450x675, cbeach.png)
my first post and its a picture of /c/ that I did

That's because /x/ is that rare character that can switch from "adorable" to "sexy" without doing anything.

File: 124102803939.jpg-(209.67KB, 700x700, 1240444661221.jpg)

File: 124103754843.png-(382.63KB, 600x800, xtanDATASS.png)
Another one from the same person who did >>11693.

Why is /tg/ thin and not fat?

Because back when this project was hosted on /tg/, we polled all the fa/tg/uys we could and found out that despite the name we refer to ourselves as, most of us are actually quite skinny.

I would fuck /x/-tan.

File: 124145133889.jpg-(107.56KB, 559x950, Vulture 63.jpg)
I have a suggestion for /hc/:

Make her a old porn star MILF, tanned with blond hair (or a wig), and DD breasts (fake or real). Something like the pic but without the Vulture suit. She often but not always speaks using sexual innuendo and double-entendre.

This could work.

For the most part, nobody has touched any of the NSFW boards aside from /d/ and /e/ at this point.
Might be interesting to see what we can do with the rest.
As summer nears and everybody is getting away from school, I hope to see things pick up.
I may start looking into creating a dedicated board similar to what the original Board-tan group had.
I'll still prefer chatrooms and image boards of course, but it's nice to have a reference point.

Just a small suggestion...
/i/ and /ic/ should be the Waldorf and Statler of the bunch, minor characters more or less. Not sure on designs though.
I'd imagine /r/ constantly mooching off of the other characters, asking to borrow various random things. Especially from /t/ and /rs/.
/n/ is a minor recurring character, always shown operating some kind of transportation the other characters use. When not on driving, s/he is reading a newspaper.

Nobody has done any serious work on /i/ or /ic/ since the original Board-tan group disbanded.
So far, we haven't come up with anything new, and they are likely to remain secondary characters.
There has been some work done on /n/, though /co/mrade is better prepared to inform you of that.
/r/ /t/ and /rs/ have been somewhat in flux, since they're rarely mentioned and we haven't come to any conclusions.

File: 124193351612.gif-(127.27KB, 800x600, 1241893187148.gif)
Guess who hasn't forgotten about the project?

File: 124193372426.gif-(176.96KB, 800x600, 1241893263398.gif)
Oh, it's you /tg/

File: 124193423715.png-(576.99KB, 1200x800, 1241911762784.png)
Come back with those Jeans!

File: 124193436672.gif-(188.04KB, 800x600, 1241898364529.gif)
Here we have /x/ /tg/ /toy/ and /m/ as drawn by Another Generic Drawfag.

...Doll joints?

It IS /toy/, after all.

File: 124198174177.gif-(217.95KB, 800x600, 1241893405177.gif)
Here's the pic I missed saving last night.
Thank goodness for the sup/tg/ archives.

The person who requested that picture used an earlier version of /toy/
The version that has since been come up with is much more human.

/s/ would obviously be her rival in trying to garner attention I guess.

dammit I was wondering where everyone was

y'all all still updating 1d4chan?
or was it wikichan?

The info's on 1d4chan, but I don't know if anyone's updated it lately. I sure haven't.

Nothing has been updated just yet.
I'd rather not go around changing too much without a little more group involvement.
Right now, the people who have been meeting in chat are a pretty small group.
Until we can get more input, I'd rather not try passing anything off as "canon" as we have before.
That sort of thing should be reserved for when we have enough people to criticize ideas and propose alternatives.
With such a small group, it's too damn easy to greenlight every new idea that comes through.


because I am a computer illiterate 'tard could you explain to me how to access the chat and when it convenes so that I might join in?

how does I work chat?


Thankfully I'll be done with school this week, so I'll have a lot more free time.

you guise really should go make a wikia or something. Better yet make a mediawiki if any of you has webhosting (wikia is easier to use, and FREE, but they also reserve the right to use pretty much anything you upload. Also no NSFW)

A wiki would allow file uploading with actual filenames, still allow chatting, and messaging between users, and discussion pages could be used for... discussing things

But that's just my two cents. I won't say I am a pro tier drawfag or anything, but I might contribute somehting now and then. I can help advise things as well, so I suppose I will lurk around here.


We do have a wiki page up on that we've been using.
It just happens to be relatively free of updates since the project got the boot from /tg/.
It's a little underutilized currently, and it wouldn't necessarily be out of the question to move the content elsewhere.
I have been a little leery of it getting deleted, but so far the mods there have been kind to us.

Normally I'm on some time around 10PM CST, but I'm not sure of everybody else's schedules.
Just hop on at night when you have some free time and see who's on.
Be sure to add both /co/mrade and me to your contact list.
Otherwise you'll have no idea when anybody is on, unless you shoot me an email and get on the e-mailing list.




Wow, guys, this is amazing. I was there when the project got the boot from /tg/ and I was sad to see you guys go, but then I lost news on the project up until now. Nice to see that you're still getting shit done. Keep up the good work!

To be honest, things have started to taper off a bit.
I was expecting MORE activity over the summer, but hardly anybody returns emails or shows up on messenger.
We've still been discussing the project, but I utterly refuse to nail anything down as permanent without more people involved.
It's been a little frustrating with the lack of direct responses, because I'm well aware that interest in the project remains.
I just with more people would be proactive about getting involved.
I don't want to turn into a spammer just so I can keep people interested.

File: 124352301483.jpg-(124.30KB, 541x698, DheartsA.jpg)
I found this on 4chan's /d/

Oh wow. I didn't catch that one.
Now I'm curious to know just who the hell drew it.
/d/ isn't exactly known for it's drawfags, and /a/'s aren't usually very active.
I certainly didn't expect to see much drawing done aside from the odd /tg/+/x/ thing that pops up from time to time.

Sorry I didn't comment on your post sooner.
Good to see that that particular board isn't quite dead yet.
I noticed you were using names for the characters.
Were those names that your group had come up with?
I must admit that I didn't watch the original board-tan attempt quite as closely as this one.
Either way, glad to see you're interested.

File: 124366665728.jpg-(443.64KB, 854x823, boards.jpg)

File: 124366678413.jpg-(3.49KB, 116x126, x-tansmall.jpg)

File: 124400512372.png-(75.58KB, 885x657, a v co06.png)
i've been following these threads across the boards...

/co/ thread last night, then decided to check +4c tonight. please tell me there is still interest in this.

you're going to be hearing from me

File: 12440097334.jpg-(455.64KB, 850x1454, LOOMIS.jpg)
The fact that there are so many people posting in this thread that I don't see in chat every night is an indicator that there is in fact still interest.
That's a great picture by the way (I'm assuming you drew it?) and we'd certainly be happy to have you.
From what I hear, both /co/ and /a/ have been having occasional chats on the subject.
I've been missing them sadly, though anything anybody could do to catch me up would be a help.
Maybe somebody could try and save one or two of them if they keep popping up.
The project archives are all from me saving pages out of the /tg/ archives so they don't get deleted.

On a project related note, I'm going to try and fill this thread with a bit more art.
Partly for examples to show people in chat, and partly because there's a slight backlog of new content that originated in chat.

lol new content? Anything with /tg/?

File: 124442282092.jpg-(31.92KB, 617x456, an-tan 1.jpg)
Nothing with /tg/ that I'm aware of.
All I have that can't be found elsewhere are drawings done in chat.

File: 124442297723.jpg-(26.46KB, 438x408, an-tan 2.jpg)
This is the second version of /an/ that was drawn by our resident chat artist.

File: 124442302834.jpg-(15.61KB, 481x206, battle of an-tans.jpg)
Here we see the two locked in combat.

File: 124442310290.jpg-(15.08KB, 481x204, poof.jpg)
Suddenly somebody is reminded of Ed.

File: 124442328662.jpg-(35.09KB, 552x552, fine.jpg)
Here's our artist's rendition of /e/

File: 124442332019.jpg-(20.17KB, 552x363, oh m.jpg)
She's as lovestruck as ever, as you can see.

File: 124442368498.jpg-(33.87KB, 624x379, c eh.jpg)
There are more /c/ pictures than anything really.
I'll put the rest of what I have up shortly.

File: 124450963978.jpg-(53.45KB, 996x670, b01.jpg)
alright, since nobody reads the invisionfree forums, i'm reposting my research here. Hours of reading 4chan history, news, and blotter. Also, pre-cancer /b/, by /b/.

October 1
/b/ - random

October 2
/h/ - Hentai

October 6
/c/ - Anime/Cute
/d/ - Hentai/Alternative
/w/ - Wallpapers/Anime
/y/ - Yaoi
/i/ - oekaki BBS board

October 9
/g/ - Guro
/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women

November 8
/a/ - Anime
/l/ - Lolikon

December 16
/t/ - Torrents

December 29
/l/olikon is taken down due to CP

January 8
/l/olikon returns
/r/ - Requests formed

January 25
/t/ removed

February 14 is suspended, is "temporary" home

February 19
/t/ - Torrents returns,
/f/ - Flash founded hosts /f/

March 28 is made permanent
/g/uro removed

September 8
/k/ (Weapons),
/o/ (Auto)
/sm/ (Shota/Male)
"/b/ is severely lacking in quality...contribute better"

October 9
/v/ (Video Games)
/n/ (Trains) is deleted
/z/ created

October 31
/l/ (Lolikon) and /sm/ (Shotakon) are deleted due to threats of legal action.

November 5
moot registers and moves /l/ and /sm/ there instead

November 15
/g/ (Guro) is deleted

November 1
/z/ was deleted


January 19
/e/ (Ecchi)
/g/ (Technology)
/n/ (Nature & Wildlife)

January 27
/ic/ (Artwork/Critique)
/p/ (Photography)
/x/ (General Photo).
Although there was already a /p/ board for photography before, it is the replacement, with new features (such as EXIF data).

February 26
/gif/ (Animated GIF)
/hr/ (High Resolution)
/wg/ (Wallpapers/General)

August 28
Donate or Die 2k5

October 30
Snacks leaves

File: 124450978842.jpg-(77.05KB, 657x548, b02.jpg)
Please take note that /tg/ and /x/ are trial boards at the same time, and that they appear only a month and a half before the great re/b/oot (which is when I would imagine /b/ turns to cancer /b/)


February 6
/5/ is deleted

April 6
/co/ (Comics & Cartoons)
/po/ (Papercraft & Origami)
/sp/ (Sports)
Two days later
/cgl/ (Cosplay & EGL)
/ck/ (Food & Cooking)
/mu/ (Music)
/n/ (News)
/tv/ (Television)
(I am assuming /m/echa, /an/, and /cm/ are up at this time also)

April 20
An Hero raid.

June 15
Tom green raids.

June 17
Zelda Guide Forums raid.

June 19 raid.

July 12
Pool's Closed raid.

August 22,, WikiFur raided.

August 23
/b/ day. crashes, leaving 14 boards, including /a/, /an/, /b/, /c/, /cm/, /g/, /k/, /m/, /o/, /p/, /r/, /s/, /t/, /v/, and /w/ inaccessible.
/b/tards fleee to 7chan, iiChan,, and 420chan didn't return until August 25, two days later.

September 11
Pool's closed, due to stingraids.

October 1
4chan fgt hat day

December 20
Hal Turner gets raided by 4chan, 7chan, YTMND, Something Awful, and Bantown

December 25
Hal Turner's vacation gets raided.

December 31
Hal Turner surrenders to 4chan: "I am not certain where to go from here. My entire existence - short of my physical presence on this planet - has been utterly wrecked, by people I never met from places I've never been."


January 9
moot also allows all of the trial boards created on April 6, 2006 to become full boards, except for /sp/ (Sports), which is deleted.

February 15
/tg/ (Traditional Games)
/x/ (Paranormal), created due to the popularity of 7chan's /x/ board.

March 21
Kelly Isenhower gets raided.

March 26-April 1
the re/b/oot. moot fags up /b/ to get rid of cancer.

April 28
4chan, 7chan, and especially 420chan combine forces to attack Subeta in order to take back longcat. The battle is long, but anon triumphs.

May 13
moot fags up /b/ to help stop the cancer. 10% decrease in posting rate for a week. When it goes back, people complain.

/rs/ - Rapidshares

October 1
4chan fgt hat day again. Fun times.

4chan gets a makeover

/fa/ - Fashion
/fit/ - Health & Fitness
/hc/ - Hardcore
/n/ - becomes Transportation
/sp/ - Sports
/toy/ - Toys
/trv/ - Travel
/jp/ - Japan/General
/r9k/ - ROBOT9000

File: 124451000780.jpg-(27.04KB, 421x665, b lame01.jpg)
also, emo /b/. Looks like /v/ a little.

Wow zec, thank you for that.
Having some info on 4chan's illustrious history is definitely useful for storytelling, and is certainly interesting to learn.


The new Invision board set up for the project.

A big thanks goes out to Zecro for setting up the new board, and providing us with some 4chan history.
Hopefully with a few new recent members and continued interest, we can get this project moving again.

If you don't have MSN/can't figure out who to add, I have set up an IRC channel:
#boards on

File: 124568908669.jpg-(20.71KB, 532x258, c5.jpg)
Here are some more of the /c/ pics I promised.

File: 124569109449.jpg-(24.70KB, 507x423, c tan.jpg)

File: 124569111396.jpg-(46.02KB, 644x612, c cute.jpg)

File: 124569118569.jpg-(42.35KB, 498x611, flower basket.jpg)

File: 124569121212.jpg-(19.34KB, 563x296, deli1.jpg)
Here /c/ learns a new word.

File: 124569122933.jpg-(26.78KB, 648x306, deli2.jpg)

File: 124569127655.jpg-(26.44KB, 521x455, e.jpg)
We have new work for /e/ and /d/ as well

File: 124569129322.jpg-(22.18KB, 404x347, demon.jpg)

File: 12456916029.jpg-(23.06KB, 627x277, debauchery.jpg)
I imagine it would be French.

That's all from me for now.
For those of you following our currently snail-like progress, feel free to check out the board linked earlier.
Maybe I can get off my keister and do some work for the old Wiki one of these days too.
As always, you can find me in chat most nights.
While the conversation isn't always serious business (it rarely is in fact) the company is definitely enjoyable. We aren't quite dead yet, and anybody interested is welcome to contribute either here or the board, or they can hop on chat with any questions they might have.

File: 124589191081.png-(12.21KB, 410x384, c deligate.png)
raise your hand if you like vectors
1000 hours in Flash, WIP.

File: 124624577954.jpg-(129.10KB, 916x666, c deligate2.jpg)
This is probably what's being animated unless i decide there's something totally off and needs changing.

File: 124625425713.png-(16.13KB, 409x474, ck1.png)

File: 124625456517.jpg-(499.23KB, 850x1446, Cookies (colored).jpg)

File: 124625473179.jpg-(65.58KB, 260x496, 1236391155832.jpg)

So I did this little animation thing with /c/. Art credit to Pride. The misspellings are clearly intentional. >_>

if that doesn't work,

File: 124634063596.png-(29.93KB, 560x280, -f- ghettoblaster.png)
/f/ needs something to blast porn loops, music clips, and WHERE DA HOOD AT
pic related, this is what he should have. It's like a computer/ghettoblaster mix. If they made these in real life, I would get one posthaste.

also I edited the /c/ animation a bit so it'll get reposted on /f/ more often

/d/eviant reporting in. It's nice to see such an interesting project still alive and kicking. If I may make a few suggestions for /d/-tan...
•Despite being a functual hermaphrodite, she cannot impregnate anyone. She's sterile. This will avoid some pregnancy issues in her rapings.
•However, in three-eyed succubus form, her demon tail acts as a secondary penis which can turn other women into partial succubi. The tail's foreskin forms a pointed spade-like sheath around it. /x/ is immune to the transformative effects, and capable of purification, for that matter.
•/d/ must have breasts the size of her head or larger, and I mean that quite literally. DD-cups are very "vanilla" to us. Unless they're lactating. Trust me, go to /d/ and try to start a "huge boobs" thread with nothing over DD. You'll see what I mean.

Also, we should add room descriptions to the board-tans page of the wiki. For example:
/e/: "Innocent activities, sexy results" is key. e.g. Pillows for pillow fights, Trampoline for bouncing breasts...
/h/: Set up like a small strip club.
/d/: Bondage equipment, Sybians, Milking machines, the works. Also, rather large pet Octopus.
/k/: Guns from wall to wall. Has his favorite handgun under his Pillow and there is a bomb rigged to the underside of the bed.
/x/: Center is very bare, mostly used for alchemical matrices and summonings. A blend of charms and posters line the walls.

sup guys!
just found this thread, and wondering:
is there more 4chan anime stories, outside 1d4chan?

There is one that I wrote, but I'm not posting it here. Its quality is questionable and it's NSFW.

The old invisionfree forum might have a few, but most of it is on 1d4chan.
you're looking for
it might not be canon, but it's entertaining.

File: 124663559925.jpg-(192.83KB, 576x795, 1245888693673.jpg)
Dumping all I have.

File: 124663593252.png-(422.29KB, 850x1100, the_hunt1.png)

File: 124663595760.png-(426.88KB, 850x1100, the_hunt2.png)

File: 124663598385.png-(461.30KB, 850x1100, the_hunt3.png)

File: 124663602479.jpg-(392.38KB, 541x660, 1229863439476.jpg)

File: 12466360446.png-(108.59KB, 600x601, 1245875720035.png)

File: 124663635666.png-(258.26KB, 640x480, 1229903367628.png)

File: 124663636914.jpg-(226.60KB, 518x634, 1229867099362.jpg)

File: 124663640171.jpg-(96.26KB, 640x480, 1243345590367.jpg)

File: 124663696223.png-(54.41KB, 300x400, 1243345021916.png)

Please draw some /x/-tan titties, guys.

Rest assured that if I had any artistic talents at all there would be gigabytes of /x/-tan porn by now.

clearly, the only way to make this thing difficult to hijack by any other site such as gaia or ebaums is to add in a lot of porn

File: 124672771826.png-(300.61KB, 938x746, CGOOD.png)

File: 124672876621.png-(41.13KB, 298x279, tg-bigbrother.png)
Have a shitty repost. I'm lazy and the lack of /tg/x/ is disappointing.

Very nice, but I'm unsure who the one in black is.

It says /ck/ on her panties.

Sorry, ladies. /d/ is still the only... thing... for me.

Well /d/ IS just standing there looking ominously seductive. She's practically a sexual catalyst.

I think /d/ (the board) has some sort of psycho-sexual effect on people because I don't think I had a futa fetish a year ago.

the same can be said of any board, they don't even have to be the NSFW ones...

File: 124708871998.png-(71.09KB, 426x717, SUP2.png)
Thought I'd draw some /x/ and /a/. They are my favorite.

File: 124708874523.png-(87.70KB, 683x633, shakedatassx.png)

Also I might color them later if I have time.

File: 124710466196.png-(286.96KB, 560x720, fitfags.png)
Oh my god, I've been wanting to draw stuff for this forever, but kept forgetting.

Has there been anything else for /fit/ and /fa/? I've seen one MS paint comic that I can't find on my computer right now.

ANyway, humbly contributing my renditions of them.

Oh man, that's great.

>>And it's just sleeping on the couch tonight then

Is.. is /fa/ Buffalo Bill? It makes too much sense.

File: 124720164468.jpg-(69.19KB, 839x550, Floor 1.jpg)
This is my idea for the apartment complex.
This is not up to scale and it can be changed in shape easily.
Again, an idea. (No handwriting software...blah)

1 outta 2

File: 124720173875.jpg-(56.23KB, 839x550, Floor 2+.jpg)

Note: Floor 1 is the first floor
Floor 2 is basement and any others.

File: 124720292546.png-(18.65KB, 609x598, untitled.png)

File: 124720966428.png-(30.33KB, 969x600, jj4qw7.png)
this is the latest revision of the house/apartment/converted orphanage

not a final draft, but getting there

I figure this is the closest related thread to ask, but.

Conrad. We've got a generally-accepted idea of his appearance, but does he have any weapons or combat knowledge to speak of? Same goes for Colette - what are her gauntlets for, exactly?

Collete and Conrad don't feature at all in this project, so I couldn't really tell you.


I didn't know. Although the Wiki's description of "/co/" is pretty much the same as /co/nrad's.

File: 124743784748.png-(34.79KB, 600x491, 1243238241340.png)

/co/nrad and /co/lette are from a different /co/ project -- they have another thread here on /coc/ -- although the character of "/co/-tan" is very similar to /co/nrad


Link to thread, please?

link is here


Basically /co/'s alter ego/superhero persona WOULD BE /co/nrad.
At least that's the way I've been seeing it so far.

A big thanks to the most recent contributions here, including the art and the diagrams.
I was kinda taking a break for a bit myself, and I'm finally starting back into the swing of things now.

We've made some decent progress lately, especially in concern with (nearly) completing /e/.
I think what we have on the board could maybe use a slight revision, but it's damn close to perfect.

File: 124786056578.png-(4.63KB, 272x384, xtanpixel.png)
shitty original content bump

So cam someone explain to me how to get working on this shit? I saw a dump on /b/ and wanted to ask about it. I looked at the wiki.

I mean, there are some things that could be improved. For example, every board-tan (except /d/) is a human. For some variety, something like /toy/ should be a robot like 2XL or something, not a little girl.

The /a/ and /v/ shit is hilarious. The /a/ being some kind of magical girl and jealous of /x/ is pretty fukken win too.

I noticed there's no /fit/

I guess /ck/ is good, too.

I'm a /b/, /fit/, and /tv/ guy myself. I noticed there is no description for them on the wiki ( I also saw that /b/ is exiled or something? That's sort of lame, honestly. /b/ would be the source of a lot ofhumor, sort of like Norton AV in the OS-tan universe is some lecherous old dude in a world of awesome OS-tans.

I can totally see /fit/ and /sp/ always at each other's throats, like /fit/ is super jacked and /sp/ is more lean. I'm thinking track/bball (or soccer even) vs. Ahnold. /fit/ is frequently seen carrying around a container of whey and oats under his arm.

/tv/ I dunno. I need to think more about this shit. But in any case, good sirs, this shit is awesome for the most part.

Oh, and I hope that /g/ is like super, super pale, maybe to the point that you can see his veins, or maybe he's got a green tint from being out of the sun for so long?

Adopting a trip now, too, and letting it register on this here IRC chatblox McImageposten.

Just a bit more brainstorming before I go to sleep. What about something involving a 4chan Gold Subscription or something, making fun of that. I dunno.

I can see like /c/ going around to everyone's doors in the apartment wanting to go in and visit, but each door is shut with a 4CHAN GOLD ACCOUNT REQUIRED sign posted on each door, kind of finger on lips as she walks around kinda sad and "hummmm" for a while.

No idea of a resolution or punchline or whatever. Just had the idea and wanted to post it before I go to sleep. Fuck it's 5am. :(

hey, i was the one who posted that thread
we chat on msn, so see this post

see >>14398 for /fit/

There's been some talk of a /g/
The first idea was to make her look like Nevada-chan, but personally, I don't think that fits the most mature of all boards...

AFAIK /g/ is a reculse who lives in the basement, never sleeps, and is hacker extraordinaire. Then he moves into a rooftop modular housing thing he builds.

but describing characters by story events is lame

/g/ is a skinny, bespectacled man who lives in the basement. His room is like the Fortress of Solitude- he rarely leaves it for any reason, since it's home to all his precious technology. His computer systems are top-of-the-line, and he's an extremely skilled hacker. He'll pirate anything for anyone, but it costs them a six-pack of whatever energy drink he's craving at the time. /g/ rarely sleeps, and relies on the aforementioned energy drinks to keep him awake.

File: 124798189633.png-(49.82KB, 643x926, 1236552751731.png)
Why didnt any one post this yet?

File: 124798193351.png-(61.26KB, 643x926, 1236552792595.png)

File: 124798196840.png-(66.58KB, 643x926, 1236552834010.png)

File: 124798207098.png-(57.39KB, 643x926, 1236552866770.png)

File: 124798210847.png-(57.59KB, 643x926, 1236552904884.png)

File: 124798214452.png-(60.97KB, 643x926, 1236552942851.png)

File: 124798217545.png-(45.09KB, 643x926, 1236553029396.png)

File: 124798221061.png-(33.04KB, 643x926, 1236553077384.png)

actually, add me on MSN too

i've got it up on the forum, the following is pretty self-explanatory:

/toy/ was originally more Transfan meets Dolljoints/Screwholes (fapfapfap), but certain people didn't seem to care for the design. So a more human /toy/ was offered.


File: 124801789512.gif-(22.68KB, 350x173, goredeath.gif)
The /g/ which can be viewed at work is not the real /g/

yes i am aware, see
>October 9
>/g/ - Guro
>March 28
> is made permanent
>/g/uro removed
>January 19
>/e/ (Ecchi)
>/g/ (Technology)
>/n/ (Nature & Wildlife)

okay new to this, linked from a thread on /b/. Now before you start screaming for me to fuck off id just like to say, this is utterly brilliant. I would love to see more & help out in anyway i can, although i cant draw for love nor money. Anyway, due to my /co/ newfaggotry, i have no idea the boar-tan's backgrounds. I mean i get /x/ /b/ /c/ etc, the more obvious ones but i dont know the relationships between all the boards. (frequentingly mainly /b/ & /x/) so i was wondering if you could help a /b/rother or /co/mrade or whatever out and explain a little.

probably my fault again (I absolutely refuse to give up on this project and so will keep kicking it in the pants until we start doing stuff again)

see this post:

visit for links to a bunch of stuff
which is also the current forums

You know what be cool to see, /co/lette and /ck/ are about to have a face off and /co/nrad is in the backgorund hoping that it will become a awesome cat fight.

File: 124898605986.jpg-(65.75KB, 640x480, 07-24-09_2103.jpg)
so i had suggested that /f/ have a boombox that plays videos and I didn't think such a thing was real.

it is. (it was also $30 cheaper at Sears.) It's kind of crappy, but there you go. Battery powered video playback goodness.

also bump

File: 124907915782.jpg-(76.13KB, 295x632, a-tan lolicon copy.jpg)
blip blap

i think "mommy in the nothing chamber" story will be good for /x/'s material

File: 124920163584.jpg-(273.48KB, 537x1377, a mtl.jpg)
MTL drew this and posted in /a/

File: 124920209643.png-(109.31KB, 633x666, a v04.png)
posted on /b/ i think

So he can darw now?

Hell I'd like to volunteer my expertise. They're limited to writing and editing/proofreading though. What else can you do with an english major.

File: 124979131742.png-(201.90KB, 410x651, xtansketch005.png)
I see some my old things here, Ill post some of my new stuff. Warnings just in case

File: 124979145753.png-(160.38KB, 404x518, xtan001.png)

File: 124979152023.png-(144.10KB, 329x569, xtan002.png)

File: 124979157493.png-(111.91KB, 301x538, xtan003.png)
And thats it so far...

File: 124984090951.jpg-(18.21KB, 352x172, honk-honk.jpg)

File: 124984281225.jpg-(218.94KB, 1240x1754, x-tan.jpg)
I'm going to post a bit of /x/-tan content I had been putting up in the threads that were on /x/ yesterday.

The pic in this post has several progressions, becoming a dickgirl, then appearing as though she has been attacked by zombies, and then losing an arm. I'm not going to post those ones unless asked to.

File: 124984287885.jpg-(860.19KB, 2470x3286, x-tan sketch.jpg)

File: 124984297193.jpg-(21.42KB, 554x510, Just about there.jpg)
Sorry for the massive size of the last post, I keep forgetting to resize that thing.

File: 124984305268.jpg-(332.86KB, 1240x1754, x-tan page 00a.jpg)
And the last one for the time being, first page of a comic I started on last night.

Hey, no problem. I likes me some hi-res images! :)

Cool! I hope you'll do more.


Thanks! I plan on finishing that page tonight and starting on the next page as well.

Adorably sexy.

Does nobody support /tg/ anymore? I'd be willing to jump (back) in here to fill in the gap, but the lack of /tg/ and /tg/x/ seems to be leaving him in the dust...

File: 12498841104.png-(95.12KB, 492x447, threewaymaybe.png)
Oh, and so I am contributing... NSFW'd just in case.

I'm glad to see continued interest in the project, and I really appreciate the new artwork.
If anything, I notice an improvement from the last that I've seen submitted from the two returning artists.
We've been going through a bit of a slow phase still, not quite sure how to structure things in the absence of /tg/.
Once again, I would remind everybody to take a look at the invision board, and consider hopping on chat for a night or two.
What work we've gotten done has been mostly over chat, haven't been put to type later and posted elsewhere.

/b/ really has gone through a lot of stages. Maybe he could be portrayed as, as story and time progresses, someone who suffers effects similar to Alzheimer, and senility. Maybe everyone knows about it (god knows all the other boards did). Perhaps he even lapses from time to time. /b/ also always complains about cancer. How about this. /b/ has thread cancer? His hair falls out, and his incisors grow, his skin turns green and he becomes something like the troll macro we know so well as the disease worsens. Just firing off ideas about the /b/, since he really hasn't gotten any love. Its a bit along, but there is so little on him, that he could survive a slightly radical change. I think at least there should be some visual change to go along with the historic change in /b/ from just all over the place, overstimulated aspie, to cancerous tumor. Maybe as he degenerates, he periodically starts defecating in /x/-tan's room, since historically, that's where the tards go.
/rs/ could be something of a delivery guy. I've never really seen the board as anything but a functional platform to share information. I don't think it has any memes of its own.
/tg/ always complains constantly about the friend zone, and it comes up there more than anywhere. Maybe he had a relationship or has a relationship where something like that comes up? Even R9K talks more about existing relationships when they moan and cry.

we had a talk about wtf this project is all about last night (aside from the obvious "board personifications living together" bit) and there's two ways this can work out: way #1 is to take a route like KS: get a dedicated team to crank out an official storyline and keep creating content. Anything anonymous does is fan-work. Way #2 is to cobble together a selection of character bios and world information and basically say "here it is, go crazy with it."
The "dedicated group" approach is a narrow bridge over a chasm of fail because anything based on volunteer effort tends to fall apart as soon as people lose interest (this happens in IRL organizations too).
The "framework directory" approach has it's own problems: there is nobody to say what is or isn't "official" since this is not approach #1. So you inevitably end up with a lot of disjointed junk and no continuity.

"Dedicated group" only works out if there *IS* a dedicated group.

"Framework directory" only works when a body of consistent framework has been created.

There are 44 imageboards on 4chan, maybe only 20 of which have any content created for them in the context of this project. Most of the content we have so far is more or less consistent, but there's still no "official" framework anywhere and what there is still manages to contradict itself at times.

also, I posted some stuff about /b/ on the invisionfree forum, but I'll repost it here since nobody reads that thing (unfortunately?). the disclaimer is that the group hasn't discussed /b/ in depth and most of this is from threads on /b/ or from my own interpretation. Describing /b/ is difficult unless the description is superficial.

Gender/Physical Description1: White male. Average-built. Hipster youth with tousled hair, constantly with a sadistic grin or a scowl. Wears T-shirts with offensive remarks or memes. Must have a zany suit.

Gender/Physical Description2: White male. Slightly overweight, have a full face beard, long hair, very pale. It doubles to make the character look more sinister and to emphasize the "doesn't go outside much and is lazy" aspect.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior etc.: Unpredictable and full of contradictions. Has an interest in very many topics and is knowledgeable about them, to a certain point. Asking /b/ for help could result in anything from heartfelt aid to aggravated assault, or any combination of the two. Is seldom serious although may appear to be so. Constant prankster (ranging from harmless to physical damage). Pretends (very convincingly) to be a confident bigot and gigantic jerk asshole who likes to make life hard for others, but is self-loathing and the loneliest (not even /a/ or /v/ compare). Hates everyone and everything (especially humanity's constant bullshit), except for cats and Yotsuba Koiwai. The thing he hates the most is himself. (Contrast /b/'s hate to /v/'s rage. Not quite the same.)

Special Power (tentative?): The obvious Biblical reference is that while Mark 5:9 talked about a man possessed by a legion of demons, /b/ is a shell created expressly to be possessed by demons (cancer/fail/aids). /b/ is invincible, and even if the shell is destroyed /b/ will inhabit another. Possibly is able to summon minions for raids. Alternatively has random tough guys following him constantly, even though they don't understand why they do it. Either version of minions have power in numbers, not by themselves. Minions may or may not listen to /b/.

Relationships: Everyone hates /b/, but not as much as /b/ hates itself. Isn't very social, prefers to be left alone. Interactions with other boards are often hostile (especially against /x/), but not always so. May or may not play the vidya with /v/ and watch animu with /a/. /b/ has a cat, which is the only thing he loves unconditionally, probably because it reminds him of his own selfish antisocial self. His love is not reciprocated.

Job: /b/ has no job other than collecting rent from the other boards. He had rich parents who didn't care and wrote him a blank check. Had a few jobs, mostly low-skill service jobs. Can't really hold any job down because of inevitable trolling.

File: 124997304710.jpg-(73.37KB, 500x625, logo1.jpg)
also i made this, 1000 hours in flash.


File: 125001156219.png-(16.86KB, 338x387, xtan57.png)
Hmmm Just dropping by

File: 125001163786.png-(74.38KB, 259x364, xtan58.png)
Must admit that its not my art. Just what I saved from a day where /b/ was raiding...

As far as the options Zecro mentioned, I believe that a certain mix of the two is kind of what we've been shooting for.
We need the established framework in order for open contribution, this is a necessity.
What we need PAST that, is a group of people who can objectively determine the quality of the submissions.
Those stories deemed to fit into the (so far) accepted canon, and deemed to be of a certain quality level, can then be collected.
Those stories join the already accepted canon to form our story, by working them into a timeline in respect to eachother.
That approach seems to be the best way to go about things, but we need more people involved on both fronts in order to use it.

File: 125008283852.jpg-(23.57KB, 632x433, Snapshot_20090807_4.jpg)
Agreeablely but we still need to set up a list of characters that run the gambit.
Here is someone's Badly scaned vision of /r/ and a /x/-tan shooting lasers out of her eye at his computer.

File: 125015678081.jpg-(22.82KB, 508x557, b 2.jpg)
credit goes to Ashley !ozOtJW9BFA from /b/

in case we are keeping track

Hate to say it but I want to call this one Bcan

File: 125067365075.png-(182.78KB, 816x490, co is love.png)
Just completed a bunch of edits to

Hopefully, nothing NEW there, but now it's more or less consolidated. plz2b linking people to the 4chan Anime page as it now functions as a decent (and hopefully brief) overview.

Thanks for the links

Didn't /g/ also want /tg/ to be her boy Friend and that she hates /x/?


/g/ as in /g/uro not /g/ as in technolo/g/y. /g/ is a bespectacled man who never sleeps. /g/uro is essentially nevada-tan.

I mean /g/uro, Yeah did you see that thread in /tg/?

File: 125075433639.jpg-(400.59KB, 1111x1111, x 01.jpg)
yep, I saw it.

/g/uro started up 2003.10.09 and was deleted 2004.03.28 or 2004.11.15. If the "storyline" is to follow the relative dates of openings/removals of boards on 4chan, then /g/uro will have been gone three years by the time /x/ and /tg/ are opened (2007.02.15)

of course, gurochan has a /g/ and that character might actually work better, being a creepy stalker of /tg/.

a cursory glance on 420chan showed they have a net characters board, which is where i found this image. tilt your monitor back

File: 125075518414.jpg-(523.41KB, 1000x1540, xtan comic by spikewible.jpg)
Posted on /x/. Looking pretty darn awesome. The threads getting saged at this very moment.

Drawn by, from the file name, Spike Wible.

File: 125075595892.jpg-(286.95KB, 1240x1754, x-tan page 00a.jpg)
Also, sorry Zecro and everybody else I had chatted with the week before. I've been with family out of town but I'll hopefully have some comic pages and whatnot to show you all in a few days.

<< Tone work I've been able to slap on in the last 20 minutes.

File: 125075888884.jpg-(459.47KB, 1240x1754, x male.jpg)
thanks for the tip. /x/ is kind of mean-spirited about /x/tan. But it has a very high potential for drama.

as far as /g/uro goes, let me elaborate a bit. even if the storyline does not follow relative births/deaths of boards, including /g/uro as a resident of 4chan house is a can of worms I'm not enthusiastic about. What about /l/, /5/, and /sm/? What about the other trial imageboards that were added and then deleted? So, assume a comic is being made, and then moot adds another board (advice?). Retcon is not cool, and the most logical thing to do would be to introduce the board as a newcomer.

That said, /g/uro from gurochan would be great for the part of /x/-hater and /tg/-stalker because she doesn't live with them and can afford to be away for a majority of the time.

Ha, I got linked to this thread from the current /x/ thread featuring this image >>16891
I was the one who posted that on /yakui/

For the removed and trail boards? First things that I could think of is background cast. Just designed characters but no major story to them.

/g/uro vs technolo/g/y?

What's with all these posts about /g/uro being Nevada-chan?
/g/ moved out years ago, and has 2 children (/f/reaky and /s/hit). She's mature for a board, and polite to a fault.
Besides, there's so many lolis and so few MILFs as it stands...


Heh, Zecro, I drew that. I try to appease /x/ far too much.

File: 12508008581.png-(62.83KB, 586x518, 1250792512973.png)
New thread, new pic.
>Just imagine /d/ preparing breakfast.
>She'd lay a few eggs, cook them up, blow a load of cum all over them for added flavor and protein, and serve with a glass of her breast milk.

not one mention of /u/

i thought /co/ loved lesbians?

Lol Raping /co/ childhood

File: 125080762433.jpg-(42.05KB, 345x600, xtan63.jpg)
Been hunting about and found a few more /x/ images. None are my own but just those I found. I will post more if it is ok with you guys...

File: 125081883813.png-(26.74KB, 304x1054, 1234984500091.png)


/a/ IS /co/ LONG LOST SON!!

File: 125083983582.jpg-(423.92KB, 1240x1754, x-tan page 00a.jpg)
My WLM is going up in flames...

Here she be. Need to adjust some light levels, throw in a bit more details, and fix her hand in the third panel (neck is a bit long too). Overall though, I think it turned out halfway decent. Was a good practice for getting the hang of how to work tones and whatnot through MS.

File: 125084066939.jpg-(141.13KB, 1022x678, 1250824495103.jpg)
Well I got a picture of /co/ talking to /a/

For some reason, I'm not sure this is what /co/ had in mind when his mother read him "Green Eggs And Ham".

File: 125087370127.jpg-(96.08KB, 579x438, guro_zenith_22_detail.jpg)
>>16902 >>16905
/g/uro, despite being hosted off-site, still interacts more with the other boards than technolo/g/y
Image related, but if you don't know why, you don't want to.

File: 125088508129.png-(30.34KB, 857x597, v.png)
oh god this thread is huge

we really need a consolidated image gallery somewhere

You know what this needs?

More /k/.

/k/omrade here, and I'm seeing a remotely low amount of /k/ here on this thread. I mean, I found this thread by hopping as I normally do over from /k/ to /tg/, and it interests me greatly.

some1 do more /y/ and /cm/, please?

File: 125092584647.jpg-(650.81KB, 651x4020, a fa.jpg)
>we really need a consolidated image gallery somewhere

darc, you're more likely to see this than i am to catch you on MSN, so please post/email/semaphore what options you want for web hosting (i.e. php ruby on rails, mysql, etc) (I don't understand semaphore)

i'll be adding images to the wiki after i upload some stuff here

File: 125092592743.jpg-(78.58KB, 527x599, cm.jpg)

File: 12509259534.png-(38.03KB, 600x599, an k.png)

File: 125092598590.png-(47.06KB, 776x794, fa k.png)
i bet /fa/ shops at the faggot store a lot, so he would know

File: 125092618778.jpg-(457.07KB, 604x795, k b01.jpg)

wherein /b/ is portrayed as a horde.
not that there's anything untrue about that, really. /b/-as-a-horde works better in some instances than /b/-as-an-individual

File: 125092621684.jpg-(386.87KB, 631x819, k b02.jpg)

File: 125092626444.jpg-(320.02KB, 634x790, k b03.jpg)

wherein /k/ can shoot mind-bullets

GO TO /k/

File: 125092632922.jpg-(374.13KB, 618x783, k b04.jpg)

File: 12509263569.jpg-(386.79KB, 616x786, k b05.jpg)

File: 125092649749.jpg-(360.15KB, 634x820, k b06.jpg)

when Duke Nukem Forever comes out

File: 125093048944.png-(85.57KB, 644x1318, co ck3.png)

images have been uploaded.

also /co/, /tg/, and /ck/. /tg/ always likes to bring up how /ck/ was his first love or something.

File: 12510899433.jpg-(574.18KB, 897x843, cod_anonib.jpg)
Just gonna upload a few pics that should have been up here a while ago.

File: 125109024245.jpg-(277.33KB, 854x823, acwz1.jpg)
Hrm... gonna have to make sure I don't get any duplicates here.

File: 125109039520.jpg-(434.90KB, 779x809, acmazt6.jpg)
That's a couple of the "sisters" for you.

File: 125109109898.jpg-(13.57KB, 400x400, 1251083424758.jpg)
Idea for a story, It just happen on 4chan.
/tv/ gave /co/ TRIBBLES!!! /co/ trying to get rid of the TRIBBLES by gaving some to /a/ and so on they infested other rooms of the house.
Over half the house has the infestation.

Let's just hope they don't leak into /ck/.

I believe /x/ gave them tribbles where they tryed to cook it.

File: 125114576516.png-(75.35KB, 600x600, b love.png)
crossposted from /tg/

The setting is the city of 4chan. The system is Mutants and Masterminds.

The supervillain /b/ has the town under the grip of his forces, known as L.E.G.I.O.N., spreading cancer to the helpless masses.

A group of young heroes must discover their talents and fight the forces of L.E.G.I.O.N. and beat back the cancer.

/co/ - the skill monkey, the party face, the detective. Smart and genre-savvy, he gathers intelligence for the group and provides backup.

/k/ - the military guy. Back from duty in the service, his access to military-grade weaponry brings heavy firepower and tactics to our heroes.

/tg/ - the warrior. Fancies himself a white knight, a paladin. Armed with his trusty d12 hammer, nothing can stand against his blows. Often in disagreement with /k/ over tactics, ie infiltration vs "I kick down the door!". Often overcome by furious rage.

/x/ - the paranoid occultist. Possessing high knowledge of strange eldritch energies, she brings unfathomable magic to the table, but each day she grows more afraid that she will lose her mind to the maddening power. In a relationship with /tg/.


I wonder if the guy is going to make more of that /x/-tan comic?

File: 125125977796.jpg-(103.09KB, 340x425, 4chan A-team.jpg)
Am I the only one getting a A-team vibe from this?

plus4chan's favorite A-Team character is VAN.

File: 125143246977.png-(95.28KB, 483x504, xtan01.png)
I was bored...

I just read that /g/ (I mean gore) get kill off.
I Think it will be way more interesting if /x/ stops her from killing her self even thou she try to hook up with /tg/

Keep getting bored

File: 12515135854.png-(132.32KB, 561x620, xtan02.png)

File: 125151755347.png-(94.85KB, 479x498, xtan03.png)

File: 125151883595.png-(264.77KB, 700x644, xtan04.png)


Great work; love it.

File: 125153133577.png-(303.36KB, 700x644, 125151883595.png)

done and done

also, super-cool art.

File: 125153848962.jpg-(321.40KB, 864x594, 1250605602372.jpg)
Oh my GOD I can finally get back ON! Was having technical difficulties with my computer. Thought I was going to die from withdraw!

And the projects still seems to be going strong!

File: 125160845439.jpg-(125.87KB, 497x465, tg female3.jpg)

still kickin' it.

need to kick it some more but i can't seem to be able to STAY IN FRONT OF THE DAMN COMPUTER LONG ENOUGH.

female version of /tg/ to kick it some more.

File: 125161947596.png-(206.89KB, 450x350, party_color.png)
drawn by that one guy (not HFA)

and colored by anon on /tg/

File: 125167114444.png-(121.79KB, 460x776, A.png)
Working on a group pic now.

What are /x/ and /v/ sitting on?

Alternatively, what are /d/, /co/, and /a/ standing on?

There is some massive floor distortion in this pic, just saying.

File: 125170311878.png-(23.13KB, 635x507, va_anonib.png)
they floatin' or sitting on stools.

was this ever posted (answer: yes, here: >>15905)? i don't think this was ever posted. (postin' another thing by the same artist)

Angled Blue is the guy who did the rage vs cancer comic, which i posted on the old forums

the comic itself refers to POSITRON UPRISING on /b/ (ROW ROW et all) on September 10th, 2008. tl;dr /b/ spammed a bunch of other boards, including /trv/ and /b/

i'm just wondering if this was done before or after the board-tan thing took off... if this was before, then i guess this is how /a/ got the flower in her hair. (protip: filename)

File: 125170328623.png-(27.07KB, 638x489, pictureb_anonib.png)
somehow, i still like the horde portrayal of /b/.

File: 125170337115.png-(50.29KB, 807x618, Rage vs Cancer 01.png)
/v/ as rageman.

File: 125170352680.png-(40.32KB, 756x533, assgrab_anonib.png)
oh yeah, there was talk of "cancer king" or something. that's him, dawg.

/a/ likes dat WT Snacks ass.

File: 125170435991.png-(33.39KB, 705x544, married_with_a_kid_anonib.png)

I think it was done around the same time, maybe a little before.

File: 125173866368.png-(45.70KB, 938x746, a c06.png)
actually it just occurred to me that the style 3-Angled-Blue draws in is highly reminiscent of the style the board-tans were drawn in. Maybe it's just the MSpaint-ish pixels? see >>12610

File: 125193759379.jpg-(248.96KB, 689x799, xtan56.jpg)

When is this getting a comic website like Gunnerkrigg Court or Gaang Junior?

File: 125202657489.png-(4.75KB, 300x300, iii.png)
My only complaint is that this thread requires more /i/.

File: 125204085936.png-(368.65KB, 1000x783, everyone.png)

File: 125205667246.jpg-(171.98KB, 571x580, i c rs.jpg)
patience. good things come to those who wait.(i'm working on it)

I'm hoping having a legitimate website/FAQ/image gallery would encourage people to contribute, the fact of the matter is that this project is running on sporadic submissions from "various artists" and the continued interest of anonymous. While people like HFA contribute on-and-off, there's nobody who's dedicated to draw out an actual comic (it's a large undertaking...)

Tons of content is strewn about, not concentrated in any one place, a bunch was once online and now exists only on the hard drives of anonymous, who may or may not upload it ever again or erase it without a second thought.

Unless a dedicated team materializes, the best we'll have is a collection fanart/fanfics (fanart of fanart?). There are 44 boards, (45 with /adv/ice) and the "core" 10-or-so characters are lacking depth and consistency.

For all the /x/-tan art that has been drawn, is she the adventurous "who actually WAS phone?" or the paranoid "oh god oh god oh god?" The latter seems to be how she's depicted the most, but then you ask which personality works best for an actual comic, and then you get into character dynamics. And until there's an official version, no one interpretation is more accurate than the other.

...Then again, didn't the board-tan project die off because people started taking it SO SRS? So here's /i/, stupid sexy /rs/, and /c/.



File: 125210739242.png-(5.93KB, 401x275, test.png)
Should /test/ be involved in any way?

File: 125211330269.png-(101.36KB, 500x2767, 125205173732.png)
Only if you want it to be, just like any other minor character I suppose.

This comic was great.

I noticed that /tv/ has a Summer Glau shirt on.

Shouldn't this be Selena Gomez instead?

Will there ever be a house plan to accommodate all 44 boards plus Moot?

Condo style housing usually hold about 50 plus people...

File: 125219310766.png-(237.00KB, 576x792, b alt.png)
yes, see
I realize this thread is fukken hueg.

Also, here's a different take on /b/, which I find highly fitting, more so than the asshole hipster. Maybe this is what /b/ looks like underneath his facade, especially if he has shapeshifting abilities (but then there's /d/...)

I got this thing up last night, and it's still online, even though there's not much content on it.

Anyway, suggest things I should put on that site, aside from an image gallery. If you want to be awesome and rock out with a site design (or recommend a CMS), post here or see the email field. There's still a bit of setting up to do (such as proper emails).

Good, I've been trying to build a house on The Sims 3.

Just checking in on this thread again, and noted some updates to the 1d4chan wiki. Recent stuff about the nature of /b/-tan compared to Legion sparked my interest.

As in, rather than be this evil malevolent mass of evils, /b/ itself is a void that draws these evils to it. Like some sort of animal cage, all these horrifying aspects are pulled into it in loose containment that, while occasionally lashing out, is pretty much more occupied with everything else in said void.

If the supernatural sides of the boards take any real presence (which I don't really care for as a plotline, but eh), it'd make sense that /b/ is not in upon itself the cancer/aids/fail, but rather is some sort of sponge that absorbs and holds in 'Legion' in a way that prevents it from being let loose upon everything else.

By this token, Cancer King, /b/tards, The Legion, and whatever else you want to call 'them' are just manifestations of this collective of faceless horrors that nest in /b/-tan. (and only really tend to lash out when something irks /b/-tan, a representation of raids and invasions.)

It would be fitting that /b/ always changes body from time to time, or that's how I think.
He can be an asshole to a curl monster to an idiot to heck a nice person from time to time...

I've got some stuff for the effort that I've been sporadically working on but the beginning crunch of JC has been sucking away most of my time. Once I get some aspect of it done, I'll upload/link.

I actually have some experience with Dreamweaver and some site-design for school. I could take a crack at churning out a mock-up for the time being.

File: 125222899019.jpg-(112.93KB, 600x677, cgl.jpg)
That's pretty much what I've been trying to get at. /b/ by himself is just a container for the spirits/whatever that posses him. His form/mannerisms/behavior are taken from that collective will, which rarely agrees, which means /b/'s personality varies heavily.

The physical form is an extension of the characteristics of the anonymous that happen to be in /b/ at the time. Old /b/ is perhaps overweight, late 20s, current /b/ might be like this >>16515

/b/'s own character is mostly irrelevant, but if it were to ever show it would probably be a defeated burnt husk who doesn't care for much, but still can't die. Maybe /b/-on-his-own isn't even aware of what's going on because he's unconscious for the majority of the time.

This depiction is different from the other boards, because it makes use of the actual users of /b/, instead of just stylizing stereotypes and adding common mannerisms, but it's probably the depiction that makes the most sense.

As far as the website goes, I've managed to get email working, along with another exciting thing, so keep watching.

Alright, are you guys ready for the madness?

Image gallery is go!

There's not much there yet, but you can upload without registering. Also, tags.

Can I get a screenshot of what all of the boards look like together?

File: 125232403774.png-(894.05KB, 3200x780, everyone2.png)
here's an outdated cast shot.
All the character descriptions (for characters with descriptions) on 1d4chan have one image:

as far as the website goes, i did some work on it, and made an about page. There's CSS and <center> and <td>s and mouseover stuff. still incomplete, but there you go. I'll get around to uploading a bunch of images soon.

Yo that link is not working.

Oh man, I remember seeing that like a year ago, /b/ still cracks me up.

File: 125236448629.png-(922.06KB, 783x913, Rcan.png)
it is
Oh and... /r/ has a face now

I'm up for one story that /a/ finds out /co/ is his father. It can happen like when his mother came over from to visit,
As /a/ is showing his mother around the house, meeting the other boards, until she meets /co/.
/co/ and /a/'s mom start to small talk, like they already know each other, /a/ is asking how you know him, /a/'s mother is like "beacuse he's your father"
/a/ falls over in shock, /co/ is like "oh shit"
and everyone else is like "wtf"

If anything, I'd have to say that a story arc regarding current events would put /b/ driving /x/ insane.

File: 125238713347.gif-(305.03KB, 1000x1676, 1252372191486.gif)
An earlier version of /r/ had him as a out-of-work paperboy (get it, he doesn't deliver?). Can't find the image.

Also, saw this on /co/. there was a huge shitstorm over posting /x/-tan on /x/ (newfag summer? trolls?) too, but there was an /x/-tan cosplayer.

File: 125238738211.jpg-(25.74KB, 495x640, r.jpg)
dredged up from the old forums,

>My version of /r/, an homage to the classic image of the early 20th century paperboy, standing on the street corner, loudly urging people to read all about what he has to offer.

>Perhaps nowadays he's washed up, his roughed-up clothes no longer fit, and he "doesn't deliver."

Well... Times Change. And If we look at the Wiki page.... My drawing kind of matches... and as of late I have seen /r/ deliver on more

File: 125244579559.jpg-(179.27KB, 864x599, simpsons animu.jpg)
the image gallery is up at 315, 124 of which are tagged "x"

Visual design is always relevant on imageboards, so when thinking about a character design, ask yourself "if I saw a person cosplaying as this character, would I recognize the character?" Part of the reason /x/-tan is appealing is because the character's design is nonstandard. Compare: Questionable Content and Dr. Mcninja (webcomics). QC's character designs are boring. Dr. Mcninja's character designs are not.

Large casts have originality issues, and popular shows/comics/anime get away with it in a variety of ways... color-coding can play a part, characters are defined by different powers/weapons/skills (naruto), different hairstyles, various props/accessories... next time you think "why does this character have a crazy hairstyle" think about how original the character would be without it.

that's part of why alternate art threads are popular, if a character is designed well, if they are drawn in a different art style like pic related they still remain recognizable. same goes for crossovers, take two characters, mix their unique features, and ???. Why are TF2 crossovers popular? Each class is very distinguishable from another.

just something to think about.

Holy crap!

File: 12524813362.png-(115.20KB, 600x575, 1252477813991.png)
You know, even though all the boards should have a personification, that doesn't mean more than 10 will actually be important story-wise.

i see what you're posting there.


File: 12526265285.png-(129.50KB, 500x500, tgBULKOUT.png)
They seem to enjoy the early 'bulkout' concept of /tg/. Some quick and dirty reposts from a thread last night.

This one, however, is kinda old.

File: 125262669814.png-(66.40KB, 211x412, tg-05.png)
Additions to this particular design: Steampunkish goggles kept around the neck, and the 'powerfist'/guantlet will be a more permanent fixture, both suggested from said thread.

File: 125262686966.png-(67.38KB, 273x233, tg-06.png)
Also, whats this I keep hearing about "/co/ stole our /x/". I've not seen much of /co/ *-tan threads, so I just suspect its trolls trying to dredge some BAW.

I remember those threads. Most of /co/ turned /x/ down because of the bromance between /co/ and /tg/. I still don't know why we are with /d/ though. I want /co/ to be while keeping most of the boards at arms length so we could read and draw comics and watch cartoons. I don't think the others like that idea though.

Did someone break up /co/ck/ or something?

I think it happen in /ck/, but I'm not sure. /co/ has their heads up their collective asses more than usual lately so it might be a troll.

Look at /x/....
Down the crapper of late.

The "bulkout" /tg/ is the kind of "fat guy" that everyone knows to not mess with. but if /tg/ is in that form, something's up

The steampunk goggles are AWESOME GOGGLES

>See that old lady sitting over there? Booooring, right?

>See that sewer drain?


>Who needs the REAL WORLD?

It was also suggested /tg/ be a fencer.

long hair because when he gets paid he thinks
>"buy some groceries, throw some extra cash in my wallet, and spend the rest on 40k minis."

Also, dashing swordsman
>Charming, witty, skilled, brave and handsome rolled into one

Also something was mentioned about multiple personalities because of different stat sheets. Or just use the character actor aspect literally: /tg/-tan just acts a lot.

but SOME ARGUE that /tg/-tan shouldn't look like the hipster that he's drawn as... he should be more of a loser.

I think 'hipster' is part of a grabbag of terms for 'things I don't like'. And being a loser =/= being a fat slob covered in cheeto dust.

Dr. Girth is an awesome design (though doesn't quite feel like a -tan). It just seems a number of the suggestions for fa/tg/uy is being fugly for the sake of being fugly, like some sort of inverse marysue.

File: 125265517843.jpg-(60.48KB, 882x502, iclol.jpg)
people say the same thing about /x/-tan (also oh god, /x/ is horrible as of late, if i could picture a ravaged and burning wasteland, it would be /x/ right now)
Why is she female rather than gender unknown? Why does she wear rainbow socks? Why does she wear no pants?

Hell, right now all the board-tans are drawn as hipster faggots with the possible exception of /ic/ (there's also liberal amount of actual gay)

i wouldn't worry about the naysayers, because there's not really an ALTERNATE design, but should a team actually form they would have to take up this question of an "official" design

Dr. T Girth should be /tg/'s uncle. there shouldn't be any actual family ties between the boards (maybe /i/ and /ic/ MAYBE) but an outside character who is awesome and related would be cool.

also i look like /ic/ so here's some not-/x/-tan "cosplay" maybe i'll get red hair spray to make the hair more red

this image is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. i'll be applying for a job and someone will go "hey you're that guy what a faggot!" NSFW because nobody wants to see that.

Not bad...


File: 125280394746.jpg-(8.62KB, 243x317, mask.jpg)
I think we should use the "Anonymous mask" for /b/.

IT is more the boards personified not the people on it.

Now I wish I had pictures of my /co/nrad costume still.

I drew it. Wich isn't saying a lot for a board wich point is that you stay anonymous.

Anyway. I saw a topic on these personifications on /a/ or /co/. They where amusing and since I usually drawfag on /co/ I decided to do one myself.

Ofcourse I couldn't post it in a worksafe board. Or, well... 4chan by god you might as well follow the rules even if the rest of the board doesn't.

So I posted in /d/. Anyway, hope you liked my cool story.

Nice drawing, man. You pretty much captured /d/ in all her glory. If you ever feel like doing more, you can post it here.

File: 125287825019.jpg-(208.93KB, 577x826, DheartsX.jpg)
Actually, I've been in the mood to draw something sexy.

Just an Idea but... Do you think you could do some character sheet style for some of the other board tans?
/r/ /tg/ /co/ /x/ /v/ /a/ /b/ and so on?
(/b/ based on the one attached to his info on )

File: 125289223763.jpg-(65.57KB, 564x816, 1251420353411.jpg)
Hey all, haven't been around much (didn't expect JC to take up so much time when I jumped on board) but I have been working on my own stuff when I can find the free time. I've been working off the '4chan House' idea but kinda doing my own thing with it. Writing character bios and whatnot. Picture related purely due to the rainbow socks and hot girls are always relevant. Example of what I've been doing...

"Set-up -
/wg/ is a hired painter and designer working on the exterior of the 4chan household.
/w/ is another hired painter and designer working on the interior of the 4chan household.

/rs/ inhabits an extensive library and storage area below the 4chan household along with /t/ and /r/. When other boards need something they turn to these three.

/b/ is the young son of the landlord of the 4chan household. He suffers from a multitude of medical conditions and somehow possesses the ability to self-multiply and mold his physical form into almost anything he pleases. Has a fondness for cats, leading him to often visit /an/ in secret. Also has a somewhat warped obsession with /x/.
/b/ has a habit of dressing in business suits and other dress attire do to a longing to be like the adults around him, not aware of the old adage “The suit does not make the man.”

/g/ is a middle-aged man in possession of vast technological know-how. He was hired by the landlord to maintain the various technological devices and wiring throughout the house and to keep the home secure. /g/ can be rather snobbish but occasionally he comes through for the others when they are in need.

/x/ is a curious, albeit somewhat cowardly, young woman who is self taught in the means of witchcraft, hoodoo, and other such instances of magic and manipulation. She continues to practice these methods despite the fact that they always seem to blow-up in her face. /x/ also has a keen interest in the likes of apparitions, cryptids, creatures of myth and folklore, doomsday scenarios of all kinds, and conspiracies.
/x/ is generally rather calm and thoughtful although she is known to let her imagination run wild. A frequent target of /b/’s wrath, /x/ is often at ends with the child but, due to her frequent dealings in the paranormal, /b/’s attacks and presence is generally a simple exercise in patience and endurance."

I like where it is going but I have to point out that most of those sound like they were rewrites of the wiki page... Continue anyway

File: 125295888068.jpg-(212.55KB, 576x723, DheartsD.jpg)
So... Another /d/ pic?

Nice work.


File: 125296815055.png-(321.63KB, 533x500, 1252885558304.png)
People been making a lot of porn of /x/.
lol and really /x/ is hating it.

Really? I have only seen back lash from poor art....


The ones I posted are actually from before I even knew of the 1d4 pages. But then, isn't that a good thing? You guys came up with an idea and when someone else decided to expand things themselves they had the same thoughts and observations about the characters. Shows that we're not completely May Sue-ing the shit out of the boards

I need some advice on how to build my 4chan house on The Sims 3. How could I create the boards in Sims format and what would their personality traits be?


Ok I stand corrected.

/co/ Outgoingly good

File: 125299241020.jpg-(25.31KB, 300x400, anti-akio.jpg)
I've been thinking about /m/-tan and It's not very like /m/ at all.

First off, /m/ would not look like Akio Ohtori, he's not even from a mecha show or tokusatsu. Pic Related it's not what /m/ would look like

Secondly /m/-tan makes no reference of /m/'s love of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Thirdly and lastly /m/-tan is entirely real robot with no mention of Super Robots (mazinger and the like).

File: 125299536455.png-(22.17KB, 469x483, sumshit.png)
>>17890 has descriptions of the characters

/m/-tan is supposed to be GAR in the hot-blood sense and stupid-sexy in the sense that he is attractive to everyone and comes off slightly gay. I saw an /m/-tan thread on /m/ a few days ago, but it didn't really go anywhere. (Ribbons Almark was mentioned as a prototype, which is funny because I cosplayed Ribbons at Anime Evolution).

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to pimp again, and ask for feedback on it.

I already been to that link.

Does really help me with the personality traits and the lifetime goals.

What about /adv/?

Huh, I always thought that M-tan should be Kiva.

File: 125303449331.jpg-(88.25KB, 1024x768, lucy.jpg)
A kid in a stand giving out advice, some good, some bad.

A while back there was an idea that /m/ was a set of triplets. A super robot fan, a real robot fan, and a Tokusatsu fan, who would also have a Super Sentai/Power Rangers feel to them.
But that's probably a bit unwieldy for the artists and what not.
So maybe something like Cyborg Gai from GaoGaiGar with Go Nagai style sideburns.

/b/ doesn't look right to me. He should look like a 16 year old hipster fag and be as skinny as fuck. With longish hair and actually owns a pair of skinny jeans (really the appearance of the tards blurting out memes irl) Oh, and always wears a Guy Fawkes mask outside.

He would also be in a continous war with eBaums even though they look and act exactly the same.

>A while back there was an idea that /m/ was a set of triplets. A super robot fan, a real robot fan, and a Tokusatsu fan, who would also have a Super Sentai/Power Rangers feel to them.

And even though the trio would argue amongst themselves on general /m/atters, they'd also join forces against common foes. Mostly by climbing on each other's shoulders.

"You've insulted my mom's cookies for the last time! Tokubro, Realbro, let's do 'that'!"
"Do what now?"
But no-one can agree on who tops.
/co/ spots the rabble and yells "Mecha Shiva!" The /m/ kids think, "What a nerd..."

Hate to say the average age of /b/ is older than that.


I really, really like this idea.

As do I.

And at dinner I was thinking about the /m/ triplet idea and tried to get some characterization going on.

Real - The Whiny Middle child, 'Even my own father never hit me', Wears a pilot suit, horrible with women, possible Newtype.

Super - The eldest, Has Go Nagai style side burns, prone to making speeches about love and courage, has decent luck with the ladies but always says the wrong thing.

Tokusatsu - The youngest, slightly Fabulous looking but not as much as /a/, Gets in a lot of arguments with the older two but is on fairly good terms with them otherwise. Has a collection of Rider Belts and various other Henshin toys.

Real and Super obviously have mechs in the garage, and Toku can Henshin into a Rider like thing. And when the situation calls for it they will transform into a Ranger team of sorts, but they shift who's Red because they never can agree who is the leader.

They are on great terms with /co/ and /toy/ who are invited to join their Ranger team.
They have a rivalry with /a/, with Toku disliking him the most. Other than that, they get along with /tg/ as long as no one brings up Battletech, and are sometimes confused for /mu/.

File: 125310424167.jpg-(140.55KB, 830x542, 1220920153066.jpg)
I found a pic of that

I love /d/.

That works

File: 125315173836.jpg-(182.23KB, 596x769, DheartsH.jpg)
So do I. Wich have to be why I keep drawing it.

Who is that? /h/? /e/?

My guess would be /h/
/e/ would have nothing to do with actual sex.
She's all show and no go.


I'm wary of having any one board be more than one character.

But it's /d/. /d/ rapes everyone. She's not with any board in any relationship because no one board can truly satisfy her other than herself no matter what the guys on /co/ say.

I was referring to the /m/ trio, and not because it's a bad idea, but because I don't see it fitting in with the way the other boards are characterized.


It's the fact that they can combine, like the mechas of years passed, that sold me on them being three separate entities.

>I was referring to the /m/ trio, and not because it's a bad idea, but because I don't see it fitting in with the way the other boards are characterized.

You mean because it's actually a good idea? I know, shocked me as well.

It's a good idea if the /m/ trio were main characters in their own comic/anime/manga. The three characters would complement each other well. But I just don't see three-man-/m/ working in a 4chan House setting, where there are already too many characters (most of whom are unimportant, but still there). If I were to generalize, I'd say Super most fits with /m/-tan, Real with /r9k/-tan, and Tokusatsu with /toy/-tan. Incidentally, I think all the /m/-tan stuff has been uploaded already:

The -tans aren't supposed to be mascots or representative of the boards' users, they're supposed to convey the general feel of the board across with creative characterization.

No /co/-/d/ sexings yet?

I am saddend.


Too many ingredients spoil the soup? I think I understand what you're saying.


Had an alternate interpretation for /m/ - make him a Mechazawa.

"I dunno, /g/. I think they're going to know its a robot."
"No, no, it'll be fine. He just needs a shirt. Somebody get me a shirt."

He can play off /r9k/ as well - since /r9k/ is a man delusional enough to believe he's a robot, whereas /m/ goes around yelling "STATEMENT: GREETINGS HUMANS. ENQUIRY: HOW ABOUT THAT WEATHER? ENQUIRY: AM I RIGHT? *beep*" and everyone else is like "Oh that /m/" even as his wings pop out and he transforms into a bedside cabinet.

And /x/ is the 'Hey That's Just A Chicken' lady.

File: 125322389913.jpg-(592.94KB, 1024x576, v b01.jpg)

TVTropes says it best, although you will hate me for linking to it:

/u/ Is a pair Though

The thing is the whole "GREETINGS HUMANS" robot doesn't fit /m/ since /m/ is all about piloted robots and occasionally sexy Gynoids.


Then we turn the /m/tan into a Megazord.

/u/ as a pair needs to be re-worked. it's much more interesting to have /u/ hitting up the other ladies instead of her twin.

/u/'s problem is that she can't decide whether she wants a serious relationship or to just fuck everything with a vagina. Sometimes she's sweet and romantic, and sometimes she's an obnoxious horndog.

Maybe /m/ could be a teenage pilot with access to multiple types of mechs with a female robot mechanic. The fem-bot is never seen but she does talk to him through a wrist communicator.

Seems workable.

Well They act as one being.... to start with

Here something to think about.
What would the board-tans of plus4chan will look like?


I don't think the boards have enough separate identity, as most plus4channers visit multiple boards and their populations are so tiny.

That's like asking the same question about any other *chan and it hurts a little to think about it.

I've been trying to talk down the number of included characters for a while.
The original project on /tg/ had a shorter list of characters than the one we (supposedly) have now.
Personally, I think that some of the boards lack enough "character" to actually have one.
That on top of the fact that several of them showed ZERO interest in the project makes them easy to leave out IMO.
I don't think that every 4chan board needs a character, or at least, not a fleshed out and frequently used one.
We've already established a core set of characters based on the activity levels of the boards and a relative sense of cooperation on the project.
In my book, level of board activity/interactivity + presence of a definitive board subculture = relevance to the project.
That's just my thought on the matter, though it doesn't mean I'll be turning away anybody's ideas anytime soon.

Let me see... The most Used character's in the stories are:
/a/ /co /ck/ /d/ /i/ /ic/ /c/ /x/ /tg/ /v/ /g/

what about /k/ and /an/?

/k/ is solo. So In normal rotation he is a minor character,
/an/ as well.

/k/ and /an/ had a fair amount of character development, but /an/ hadn't really seen much use as a character yet.
If I had to guess, I'd say that we're not likely to see much of her aside from the times she's associated with /k/.
/k/ on the other hand has been pretty involved, so I wouldn't exactly call him a minor character.
While there aren't a lot of single pics of /k/, there's plenty of writefaggotry and a at least two comics in which he's featured.
To be honest, /g/ has had very little involvement in the project, even though the character itself has seen some attention.
I'd say if you swapped /g/ with /k/ you'd have the core group pretty much nailed.

I just came from a /jp/ thread and it truns out /jp/ and /g/ are a item

Ehm... how? Neither of them either leave their respective rooms, so I guess they've got that in common, but... they'd probably never have a chance to interact.

The web?
I see your point there. Other characters like /rs/ or /r/ who only have art to their name are reall just minor characters who facilatate needs of the others.
/sp/ and /fit/ could real be the same person in a sense if not for the art done for them. /h/ and /e/ could be Same person at different times in their life. Those two are almost the same in art.
Really I guess You could say that about /cgl/ and /fa/ but... one is shown as a girl, on a man.
I am rambling now...

File: 125356124799.jpg-(452.76KB, 1680x1050, xtan3.jpg)

is it weird that /co/ and /ck/ are my favorite couple? in anything?

That is weird considering they have so little art of them together. There more art of /co/&/i/ than /co/&/ck/


if you're sitting on a large stash of /co/ x /i/ art, i urge you to upload it 8D

Is everybody ready for this?

The shimmie (and main page) now link to the 4chan House discussion board: is the "home" of the imageboard (there are no IMAGE boards there, however), in case you want to use frames for navigation.


File: 12539192732.png-(94.08KB, 500x500, 1253910013230.png)
Evil Fucking /b/oxes are taking control over all of 4chan, fight against the /b/oxes is not looking well for the other boards.
2/3 of the boards are over run, so far /co/, /a/, and /v/ are holding for now.


at first I had no idea wtf you are talking about.

then I went on 4chan and holy fucking shit javascript spam.

if there was a story, I don't know, /b/-tan would have the Midas touch of goddamn boxes or something.

Somewhat related

>In the beginning, there was only boxes. Then there were boards.

>For several years, the boards were united as one, but the boxes fought back. The boards were shattered into fragments, each fueled by the fanboy power of the sentients of the internet.

>The red hate was focused into the hands of console warriors, JRPG v WRPG fags, and worse creatures who focused together into what we now know as /v/

>The orange light of greed found its way to gatherers of transformers, legos, and other collectables which must forever remain within their boxes, which would gather in a place known as /toy/.

>The yellow fear was both worshiped and conquered by those who worship the Yandere and Tsundere, who look into the twisted face of moe and see glory, who will pierce the heavens despite it ending the universe. Together, they formed the place known as /a/.

>The blue of hope was gathered by those who fly in the hearts of machines, carry the destinies of whole universes on shoulders of steel, looped through belts of power, and on the ends of scarves that flutter in no wind. And they would come together in the land of /m/.

>The indigo compassion was gathered by those who felt love and understanding for both the worlds of japan and america, and expressed it through universal appreciation for girls of every type in eroge and mythologies of every type in gensokyo. And they united under the banner of /jp/

>The violet love was cultivated by those who loved each tiny army, both dark gods and emperor of light, all editions of the great game, and all other things, with an equal and violent fervor that could lead to both great creation and great destruction. They united within the boundaries of /tg/

>And now, the Green Will, the balance of the spectrum, which is found here, on the grounds of /co/, must unite the disparate color of the spectrum. For now the boards face... THE BOXEST NIGHT.

I can image /co/ typing this up and /v/ reading it, gives /co/ the "WTF is this shit?" look, and smacking him in the back of his head.

>The orange light of greed found its way to gatherers of transformers, legos, and other collectables which must forever remain within their boxes, which would gather in a place known as /toy/.

Fuck that noise, /toy/ hates Mint in Sealed Box fags.

File: 125460437420.png-(53.38KB, 437x509, xtan034.png)

File: 125462849810.png-(183.61KB, 291x574, xdress.png)
Thought I'd try something a little different. I guess her pantsless look is more popular.

I actually really like that design, maybe it could be a night gown for her.


I think the pantsless look makes her look more detached from basic decorum which is kind of /x/'s thing but the dress makes her look more 'Sadako-ish'?

I find that adorable.

File: 125465302068.jpg-(309.67KB, 1000x1000, b c_.jpg)

i like that look

also, this comic is now fixed.

I lol'd

What's up with the length of /x/'s hair anyway? Seems to change with every artist that draws her, one time it'll be shoulder length and another it'll reach down to her ankles. Well then again I guess /b/'s whole design changes with each artist, some things are just impossible to nail down.


fact one is that there is really no 'standard' and even the character page on 1d4chan is pretty general

fact two is that artists don't have to follow standard designs, since all art is essentially fan art. You'll find the OS-tan renditions vary, even though those designs are a lot more established. This is also why we get Shota /x/-tan.

I usually think of /x/-tan's hair as being down to about the small of her back, but it varies depending on the artist.

No there way too much /x/-tan artwork!
Really I have not seen a new drawing on /ck/ and /co/ for like ever!

What do you expect?
/x/-tan is far and away the single most popular character to come out of this. Honestly I'd rather see a bit more art on some of the "forgotten" characters, but I'm not drawing any, so there's not much I can do about it myself. That said, I think we could all do with trying to get the ball rolling again. Personally, I'm going to make an effort to be available late nights at least 3 days out of every week. What we need is to get this thing off the ground again.


I know what you mean. I'm up for trying to expand the idea a little more but everytime I try doing anything it always ends up with me drawing /x/, /co/, /a/ or /tg/.

It was kind of funny seeing threads about this on 4chan a while back. When posters were discussing possible pairings for the characters like /x/ and /tg/ it felt strangely like that second futurama movie with us all talking about who we're supposed to be 'dating' as a collective and whatnot.

File: 12548483685.png-(720.83KB, 631x812, xagain.png)
More shit. I was having fun.

Sorry about the quality, my scanner is archaic.


i must say that I quite like the eye bit.

also, I would like to point out that /b/ had Warhammer Wednesdays before there was a /tg/ and creepypasta before there was an /x/.

This brings an added dimension to /tg/ white-knighting when /x/ gets raided.
Not sure how much sense it makes to play up that particular angle, but it's interesting to note.

Love this one by the way. I also think the eye is pretty danged awesome.

/tg/ takes white knighting very seriously. He gets a paladin mount and everything.

didn't the last time /b/ raided /x/, /co/, /k/, and I think /sp/ where trying to help /x/ and that /tg/ was nowhere to be seen?

I seem to recall a thread a while back on /tg/ where somebody posted a comic of her getting killed by /b/.
The comic was actually just the backstory to a quest given by the OP, that /tg/ was told would save her.
/tg/ soon set out on said quest, which meant visiting other boards and asking them for a picture of a very specific item.
It was interesting to see the other board's reactions to all of that.


Call me a naive newfag but I don't understand why some people get so pissy about this. One '4chan show' thread occasionally pops up amongst hundreds of other threads and it's suddenly rage o' clock? I remember /tg/ were a lot more enthusiastic about this in days gone by.

Well maybe "enthusiastic" isn't the word I'm looking for but you know what I mean.

File: 125516302398.png-(55.60KB, 321x470, cultix.png)
Eh, its just some idiots/trolls.

Same ones that post Flare/Cynder.
Same ones that demand porn in drawthreads.
Same ones that sage for 'not /40k/'

/tg/ has a vocal minority made up of guy(s) like this. Its best to ignore them, since they only win if you're not having fun.

Also, for the record, I was the OP and am not OKDM. Have some reposted Culti/x/. I rarely draw these days... no drive.

I have some ideas for the tans on The Sims 3; however, I need some personality traits for the following boards.

/co/, /v/, /a/, /ck/, and /b/.

It's hard to tell on the wiki what traits to give.

Also, should I just name them b tan, ck tan, co tan, a tan, v tan in the name fields?

List of traits here →


Now that you posted that, it makes a lot more sense.

/b/: Evil, Childish, Good Sense of Humor, Inappropriate, Insane
/co/: Brave, Childish , Daredevil , Good, Loser
/ck/: Charismatic, Family-Oriented, Friendly, Good, Natural Cook (I'm not really sure about Family-oriented...)
/a/: Bookworm, Childish, Couch Potato, Hates The Outdoors, Hopeless Romantic
/v/: Childish, Computer Whiz, Dislikes Children, Hopeless Romantic, Hot-Headed

I'm going to cross-post this to the 4chanhouse discussion boards because they need more love D:

What would /ck/ be if they are not family oriented though?

Is /v/ and /a/ really childish?

Obviously this is an already known trait for /toy/, because they need to be in order to play with toys.

Won't all of the boards have the childish trait?

I just had an idea for /trv/ and /p/. Perhaps they could be useful for the World Adventures expansion pack. Plus photography is being added.

Childish and Dislikes Children conflict with one another.

File: 125526319450.png-(469.53KB, 482x821, Vtan.png)
Seeing as I probably won't be able to recreate the tans as they are in their drawing form. I will need to get creative with their appearances. I found a pre-sim that a /v/irgin used back when /v/ had threads about this game when it was leaked. Everyone laughed. Curtains fade to black.

File: 125526894239.jpg-(487.58KB, 1024x768, board house.jpg)
oh snap, you just reminded me of this

Why does /co/ look like Rorschach?

Not really.
You can enjoy childish behavior and still dislike the company of children.
It's not that difficult to shun a group of people, if they serve only to remind you of your own shame.
If one of your greatest joys in life is shared largely by children several years younger than you, do you eally want a reminder of that?
My guess is maybe not so much.

That's just one possible way of reconciling those factors though, and I'm not necessarily supporting that characterization.

/v/ /c/ /a/ /co/ and /x/ right?
The spiked collar almost threw me on the last one.

I still need a trait to replace 'childish' or 'dislikes children' for /v/. Try to make sure it's one that doesn't conflict with any others. If I don't have one, /v/ will either have four traits or will not be made.

Inappropriate and Snob for /v/ instead of childish and hates children

also, here's an /x/-in-sims-3:
Bookworm, Genius, Light Sleeper, Loner, Neurotic

and, just because nobody asked for it, /ic/, because he's a cool character:
Artistic, Dislikes Children, Grumpy , Hot-Headed, Perfectionist (I want to put Can't Stand Art in here too but it might screw the game up)

I was thinking of making a house full of children thus moot adopted and have the kids be the board. I'm still deciding on rather or not it should be an all male, all female, or co-ed house.

File: 125561119514.jpg-(863.38KB, 1280x960, Screenshot.jpg)
Why don't you guys walk me though building the house? Here is a screenshot of the grid and please feel free to draw on it using any paint program of your choice. NOTE: The mailbox and trash can are movable.

If worse comes to worse, I could always just make a meme house where moot and Chris-chan got married and they adopted a daughter named Boxxy.

I just uninstalled Sims 3 so forget about this project. I just want to play Sims 2.

so, /y/-tan


Poor /co/nrad

He's not dressing like that around the house.
Not if he doesn't want to get assaulted by various boards for various reasons.

The only characterization that was done for /y/ was that he loves the cock, is a "dick nazi," and doesn't like /cm/

Maybe /y/ works in /d/'s sex shop?

Sorry for a late response. I've been really busy between homework and preparing for this last weekend.
Now that one of those two issues is out of the way I should get back to posting.

Anyway, I think that COULD be an option if we were to use the character.
/d/ and /y/ have never really gotten along very well though, we tend to avoid one another.
Not sure if /y/ would make such a good business partner/employee.
/y/ is probably better suited as a rival of sorts, or some sort of antagonist.

Rival/antagonist would fit fairly well with the "overbearing dick nazi" that characterizes /y / so far.

Also, this thread has over 500 posts in it.

If you've been wondering why I haven't been on MSN it's because I've recently re-installed my system and also because I have been sleeping far too much.

Not a problem.
Between cramming for an upcoming test, and getting ready for last weekend, I've been pretty busy lately myself.
If all goes well, I should be able to get back into the swing of things this Wednesday evening.
The big test is tomorrow, and after that's out of the way I'll be on track with my classwork again.
That'll make keeping up with it MUCH easier.


new thread, because this is huge and tl;dr

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