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Long-Term Projects

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File: 123484254743.jpg-(76.79KB, 768x1024, queenblossom.jpg)
10476 No.10476
/co/ came up with a huge project for the Powerpuff Girls all grown up, with Blossom taking over the earth as a goddess, Buttercup going into outer space to form a biker gang, and Bubbles becoming a masked vigilante. I thought it might be good to create a thread here in case others wanted to contribute fanart or something.

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File: 123485336228.jpg-(92.31KB, 490x527, PPG Buttercup.jpg)
Yeah, it was nice, although mostly being grimdark just for the sake of it.
I liked the idea of Blossom having her own country, like Doom or Magneto.

File: 123485357784.jpg-(226.69KB, 654x800, PPG Buttercup adult.jpg)
Also, I each scenario playing like a different comic could be cool.
Buttercup's similar to Sinestro Corps War or annihilation. Bubbles like All Star Superman, and Blossom's perhaps something like Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns.

File: 123485368635.jpg-(180.37KB, 764x800, PPG Bubbles adult.jpg)
Then again, what do I know?
I mean, I also like the idea of Bubbles being like a combination of Superman/Clark Kent and MILFblade.

File: 123492161666.png-(28.15KB, 452x408, PPG future Alt.png)

There was a big discussion at /co/. Maybe someone should post the major plot point here, since I don't know them that well.

I save a bunch of ideas from one of the threads the other day. I'll be posting some of them:

Bubbles represents the flaws of the "Child". She hated growing up, as it added so many complications, too much chance to hurt and be hurt on an emotional level. Yearning for the simple days, she becomes a teacher, emulating Miss Keane, so that she can live childhood vicariously through her students. And if one observes, one can see her behavior with those children - listening to their problems, giving them advice, encouraging them to make friends and play - as what it really is: playing with dolls.

Buttercup represents the flaws of the "Adoloscent". She's angry, she's a rebel, she's sure she knows what's right and wrong and doesn't have the patience to learn otherwise. She fights, fucks, curses, drinks and smokes, and she's always up and doing something, seldom thinking of the long-term results of what she's doing.

Blossom, finally, represents the flaws of the "adult". She's jaded, tired of the world, and no longer sees any clear morality in anything. Scorning base or emotional desires, she finds her enjoyment in art, literature, the accumulation of knowledge and the contemplation of mental puzzles. Considering all things in the long term, she always weighs her actions carefully and is more than willing to let people suffer now for what'll be best in the future; but of course, for her, that future can stretch centuries ahead.

Buttercup- Loves fighting an increasing amount. Starts "saving" other towns just so she can fight more, then other states, other countrys, then other planets. Stays in space longer and longer taking on a tough space bikerish persona, eventually one day stops returning to earth.

Blossom- secretly evil, more of a mentor role superhero though she still "saves" the world from time to time. More often than not, it is her own plans she is fighting against for entertainment. few villans pose a challange to her as she becomes increasingly more bored (and evil) eventually becomes completely evil and tries to take over the world as a Doom-esqe villan. (Think Dr. Manhattan/female Lex Luthor/Ironman who's not a villain only because there's someone much worse than her)

Bubbles, only longs to have a "normal" life, but she cannot ignore the cries for help from actual normal human beings. assumes a Dual life, one of "Bubbles" (or a new adult supername, might even try to pass off as a new superhero) and one of Miss. Basil, (i just figure she should have an actual name, but cant get rid of the B.) A teacher like quite like her preschool teacher. all she wants is to teach, make friends, and create her own family one day, though being a superhero still keeps her from being able to do so completely. (Much to Blossoms plans) (Think Batman/Superman persona)

So Buttercup is kinda like Lobo, doing what she wants, whenever she wants for whatever reason she sees fits.
Bubbles is simple and takes the classic double identity like most super heroes.
Blossom takes a Machiavellian approach as she sees it as for the good of the world by her methods.

I'm just wondering how it went from Feminist Blossom and Big Buttercup to Big Blossom and Rogue Buttercup

I really like this idea although it seems the /co/ mods are deleting threads about it now which is a shame.


Little bit mixed towards the end there; the person who's "like a female Lex Luthor/Ironman who's not a villain only because there's someone much worse than her" is Princess, not Blossom.

To explain her idea more; Princess, once she started having to learn to take over her father's company, reveals the same streak of toughness and determination that had her repeatedly facing the wpoerpuff girls despite being outnumber, outmatched, and beaten repeatedly. In the futurepuffs timeline, therefore, she's a bigshot CEO who's been putting funding into developing her "powerpuff suit" again, because she's the only one who's figured out Blossom's true nature thus far, and is Blossom's main mental jousting partner, as Princess attempts to thwart Blossom's schemes using her vast resources and strategic/business sense.

Not, they're not. I deleted the thread for it yesterday myself. I didn't want the idea to get stale on /co/ too soon. I'll start a new thread on it there in a few days. Maybe Saturday.

File: 123500705872.jpg-(425.64KB, 769x786, finalbattle.jpg)

Let's call it Miraclewoman.

File: 123501827831.png-(51.15KB, 600x450, PPG Blossom god 1.png)
Big discussion at /co/, I don't know.
Although, I like the grimdark parody idea.

File: 123501838410.jpg-(70.87KB, 398x907, PPG Blossom god 2.jpg)

File: 123501856931.jpg-(55.74KB, 504x360, PPG Buttercup space.jpg)
Also, space pirates and robots.

Also, I DIDN'T WROTE THIS; just in case.

Monster Island.

What used to be a terrible stretch of land where monsters that attacked townsville on a daily basis has been turned into something that holds something more dangerous that the monsters themselves. A special prison that houses the worst of townsville's criminals.

The Townsvillain Penitentiary.

It has been years since Blossom Utonium has visited this place. Much less the rest of Townsville itself. Spending her formative years in college and then working for foreign dignitaries has helped her see the world for what it is. And what must been done to correct it. It connect be solved by force, by cunning guile. Something she has done time and time again over the course of her young life after she left Townsville. is not enough.

"Complimentary travel food." A stewardess offers to her. She looks up, takes two box lunch and smiles in appreciation. This is another thing she must talk about the tourism department located at the island. Why would they turn a place that used to be dangerous into some sort of tourist attraction? It is not Alcatraz for Pete's sake. There are criminals active there. There's no way to make sure that nothing bad will happen. One simple incident can spark repercussions and it might tarnish the good name of Townsville. Not that she cares in any case, she just doesn't want her hometown to be as a detractor to her.

She sighs and looks out over the window. The ferry is slow and the other tourists she's holed up in are noisy. Eating can distract for only so long. It'd be nice if she had any company now. She smiles at this. Bubbles said she'll be waiting for her at the pier with a ride to the Tourism office.

Bubbles Utonium. Her sister. After College she went and got into an accounting firm for a few years, to collect friends or some such nonsense. Then she hit it big in the stock market buying and selling commodities, produce and livestock to be exact. The animal side of her trading was more focused on Horses, and other farm animals that are used to work on fields. Who knew Amish people can rake in big bucks? But in any case, her sister is well off now and can come and go anytime she pleases. Last time she met her was when her baby-shower a year or two ago. But here she was now meeting with again.

"Attention passengers this your captain speaking. Ferry trip Townsville to Monster Island travel tours is approaching the docks in a few moments. Please prepare to leave the ship in a calm and orderly fashion. Thank you."

Blossom politely picks up her leftovers and throws them in the trash. The saltwater smells quite amicable this time of the day. She sighs and leans over the railings. She could've just flown over to the Island, but she reasoned that she didn't need to. She'd rather be seen as just another civilian, like them, lest it be said that she acts too high and mighty. Yeah, it's vain of her to think so, but what of it? It's her way and she's doing it her way.

As they approach the docks she could clearly see a mass of blond hair looking out to her direction. A moment later one of its arm's shaking wildly, as if there're ants on the sleeves or something. She smiled at the thought. Bubbles may have grown up, but she's still the same as she was when they were kids. Wearing now a blouse and long skirt, she's more mature now and prim, if you're only looking at her, once she opens her mouth however...

"BLOSSOM!" She hugtackles her redheaded sister, almost knocking both of them over. Blossom just smiles and shakes her head, her sister's giggling fit is infectious enough to make her lose her air of maturity and act like she's young again. She holds out the blond at arms length to look at her carefully. If she wasn't married she'd have nabbed any boy she liked. After a few moments she hugged her in a sisterly fashion.

"How are you, sis?"

Bubbles smiled gently. " I'm fine. Johny's fine. Little Bobby's fine, though he likes it when everyone calls him Bub, for whatever reason."Here she giggles again. "Life at home's fine, really, lots of fun. Did you know that you can turn a part of your house into a freezer if you fix the pipes up in certain way during the winter? It's quite interesting,really."

"That's nice, but do you think we should be hurrying up?" The redhead grabs her sister's arms and drag her towards the taxi waiting for them.

"Why? Left the refrigirator running?" Once again she giggles and lets her be dragged.

After changing rides, they are on their way towards the Tourism office but first...

"So. Have you seen her yet?" Blossom looks over Bubbles as she hangs her head in silence.

"Um...Actually..." Bubble twiddles her thumb and looks out the window.

"What? I know she's at prison, but she can see at her break, can't she?"

"" Bubbles sighs and continues. " She IS in prison."


File: 123510840929.jpg-(303.43KB, 930x768, spacebiker.jpg)

Huh, I love GodBlossom's design there.

So in the over all story are any of the Justice Friends going to be involved. I can kind of see that as a starting point to things going wrong. Once Major Glory and all them retire/die.

I honestly think this would be better served as original content, just give them new powers and a new origin.

Then you could make like a webcomic or something.


I always thought that the fanfiction aspect was half the fun...

But it's good to be open to other ideas. What would you suggest for an original fiction?

Alternate less grimndark idea: a global case of the ego-clash, with the slightly more mature (though not necessarily headways) Blossom and Buttercup in a heated debate over how the world would best be supervised. Blossom favours politics and peace - Buttercup prefers calling on her associates Punchy McGee and Fisty O'Flannigan. The matter is settled in a televised game of Rock Paper Scissors witnessed by billions. Blossom wins, best 3 out of 5 (though since the girls' hands are stumps, the readers can't actually tell the resulting choices - that's the joke).

Thus, Blossom takes on the job of world guardian under her old alterego Liberty Belle, but finds micromanaging the planet to be a complete chore. She still pushes herself to save people from danger inbetween politics, but boredom sets in all the same. Eventually she starts losing her compassion for humanity and turns into a Doctor Manhattan parody, even slowly starting to talk in a redundant manner like Mojo Jojo.

Buttercup says she doesn't want to be ruler of the dumb old world anyway, and heads off into outer orbit to become Space Mange, scourge of the Milky Way and beyond. This entails beating up invading aliens from the nearby Monster Galaxy. Buttercup steadily 'recruits' new members to join her ragtag gang, bonded together as soul brothers by spirit - but she still can't shake a growing sense of homesickness.

Bubbles, estranged from her sisters, takes on the new superheroine mantle of Sailor Bunnychan and carries on her usual job of saving Townsville from monsters... but since Doctor Bellehattan pretty much does the job for her, she has a lot of spare time. During an attempt at saving Townsville, Sailor Bunnychan is hired by a marketing director for a game company - and soon gets the entire world addicted to a board game called Truncheons and Wagons.

Mojo Jojo is completely outraged that one single individual Powerpuff, a one girl army, has decided to rule the world herself, conquering the planet and otherwise dominating it. He forms an alliance with several of Townsville's best villains to form the single greatest (yet deceptively simple) scheme to snatching the world right from underneath Blossom's nose - to create a past time so addicting everyone will get sucked into it. They soon work out the semantics - a board game for people to socialise around, a trading card game for little kids, and an online version for neckbeards to play along with. They decide to piggyback on a certain other game (because imitation guarantees success), and the final product is called... you guessed it.

Bubbles eventually confronts Mojo Jojo about the plan, asking him when he intended on actually producing the game. Whoops - Bubbles missed the midnight launch by half an hour and five minutes! Now the world technically belongs to the bad guys - but with everyone safe and sound and no danger technically being committed, world peace is... well, it's still an impossibility, but it's at least not as ridiculous a concept as before. Ultimately Bubbles can't bring herself to tell the truth to her overworked sister, thinking that Blossom deserves the overdue rest.

Luckily, even if Bubbles can't save... unsave the world on her own, a certain ragtag warrior from outer space can. Space Mange - well, Buttercup - arrives, claiming to be 'bored' with orbital adventures, and heads off with Bubbles to see Blossom. It's awkward at first - how could it not be? - but you know how it all works out. They dance, they kiss, they hug, they make up, we go home happy. What do you say? Come on. Big (anti?) climactic fight scene involving the newly-reunited Powerpuff Girls beating up all the baddies. Broken Aesop about the power of sisterly love and family togetherness to top it all off. Totally lampshade the fact that we've ignored that billions are people are still addicted to Truncheons and Wagons. The end.

I like it, might need some work.
Perhaps they should get to together when the Beat-Alls have some sort of anniversary reunion, or the Rowdy Rough Boys comeback and cause some chaos.


Well, interpret the idea any way you like - I'm open to ideas, and trying to throw new ones into the thread. Just don't make the concept needlessly DEEP or wangsty - any hack can take a children's cartoon and throw grimndark at it.

So, there's a chance to see a draw of her from yours?

File: 123526261154.jpg-(27.75KB, 484x637, HyperBlossom2.jpg)
I also drawfagged something.
I took a few liberties on the character desing

Okay I like the idea and all but I just have to ask what the fuck is up with those character designs?


Battle mode.

Lonely virgins want to fuck the Powerpuff girls and have hyper-sexualized them.

buttercup = parody of powergirl?
blossom= parody of Dr. Manhattan?
bubbles= no idea


you give /co/ too much credit.

Agreed, others like myself, suggested the parody angle. However, it was originally SERIOUS BUSINESS type of stuff.

Bubbles was supposed to be All Star Superman, right?

How come this project was quickly passionately hated by /co/?

Maybe it was either the blatantly sexualized designs, the fact that circlejerk threads on /co/ (not that I disapprove, mind you) are becoming looked down upon, seeing how they eventually internally collapse due to TOO MANY IDEAS, or maybe /co/'s going through a phase

I dunno, I'm just posting on a whim here. But it's probably either one of those or something else entirely


1) Fanfic
2a) GRIMNDARK fanfic
2b) GRIMNDARK fanfic of a light-hearted children's cartoon filled with references, tributes, 4th-wall breakers and self-parody, with next-to-no gore, rape, or DEEP dramatic moments
3) "Good guy turns evil for some convoluted and poorly-written reason" fanfic
4) Fanfic with multiple contributors, each with differing visions of the final outcome
5) Fanfic born from a board infamous for jerking off furiously over projects for 2 weeks before forgetting the whole ordeal entirely
6) Fanfic that turns one of the characters into a ripoff of Dr Manhattan
7a) Did I mention this is a fictional story as written by fans of the series?
7b) Particularly the 'fans' on /co/ who are well-known for being less than wholesome regarding the source material?
7c) Because yeah, there's that as well. Just saying.

File: 124149562280.jpg-(90.15KB, 612x792, PPG 1.jpg)
I like this version better.

File: 124149564959.jpg-(93.16KB, 612x792, PPG 2.jpg)

File: 124149568746.jpg-(187.75KB, 641x700, PPG 7.jpg)

File: 124149570619.jpg-(199.26KB, 600x700, PPG 4.jpg)

File: 124149573598.jpg-(73.07KB, 612x792, PPG 3.jpg)

File: 124149576515.jpg-(172.91KB, 593x700, PPG 6.jpg)

File: 124149579943.jpg-(273.81KB, 700x700, PPG 5.jpg)

File: 124149582940.jpg-(391.84KB, 1300x600, PPG 8.jpg)

ok, now that's fucking d'awwtastic and makes sense they be in the teen titans, they're like a supergirl triplicate girl

>>11923 >>11924 >>11919 >>11925
Bubbles/Jaime and Buttercup/Miss Martian, are my OTPs

File: 124150710645.jpg-(175.06KB, 965x817, Power Puff Girls older.jpg)
Civilian clothes

Why the hell is my mouse so sticky? Oh....

Anyways, blue beetle is cool and all, but I think the powerpuff girls deserve to stay in their own verse

Can someone sketch that monkey with the huge brain but a little less.... cartoony?

The new drawings are from Mayekoi?

Hrm. Didn't know that...

Yeah, only three of them, the other ones are from Tim and another drawfag.

Well, these are just pics I asked for at /co/. Anyway, crossovers are cool.

Wait, the Powerpuff Girls are now members of the Teen Titans?

Uh, sure, why not...

File: 124581619455.jpg-(246.73KB, 743x1552, PPG Alternative 1.jpg)
Well, surprisingly there is new art for this project.

File: 124581626197.jpg-(200.49KB, 714x1239, PPG Alternative 2.jpg)
I don't know if there was a Buttercup one.

File: 124581635040.jpg-(26.47KB, 400x650, PPG Blossom SF3.jpg)
I don't know about this one

Nothing came of this.

File: 126819696251.jpg-(117.97KB, 751x900, grown ppg.jpg)
I always imagined Buttercup growing up to be the definitive female anti-hero, doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and fighting crime her own way.
Bubbles would eventually tire of her sisters' constant bickering and leave, deciding that, being the fastest of the three (if there's any continuity in the series) she could work better alone. Though she retains her silliness and overall pleasant outlook on life, she soon realizes that she doesn't have what it takes to fight evil alone, and so often teams up with other heroes.
Blossom, the ever feminist leader, strives to make an impact on the world, showing that women really can, "do anything better than you." This leads her to form a group of female superheroes, who, for various reasons, end up not quite accomplishing what Blossom had intended. Despite being annoyed by this outcome, she refuses to disband the group.



File: 12770111995.png-(224.81KB, 692x900, PPG.png)

This is awesome

Really now?


Sorry but these designs don't actually scream "hyper sexualized" to me. I guess you could make that case for Blossom, then again nudity doesn't automatically equal sex.

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