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Do you remember Invader Zim? Invader Zim remembers you.

Now please, stop writing those Dib/Zim slash fics and talk about this show

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I liked it overall. Still find it strange they somehow blew the whole season CGI budget regularly on one episode

Everybody was screaming all the time. They were never not screaming. It could get on your nerves after a while.

Whenever I got a chance to catch this as a kid (since I didn't have cable back then), I always found it really funny, especially Gir. Favorite segment had to be when Zim was afraid of germs.

Never watched the initial run sadly. I only know of it because I happen to have the Nicktoons channel, which syndicates reruns at night. It's somewhat undeserving of its fate but considering what it tried to do and what it could have done it's not very surprising.

What annoys me is that the show's fanbase focuses so much on the LOL SO RANDOM stuff.

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I was turned onto this show by an IRC friend halfway across the world from me. It was already too late to see it on TV--it would be listed in the paper, I'd sit down at the proper time, and something else would be on instead. I ended up learning to use bittorrent to download tiny, crappy TV-rips, which I loved anyway. Later I bought the DVDs, and I was amazed all over again. I knew they'd look much better, but I had no idea that CG stuff like 'NanoZiM' looked so stunning. I'm pretty damn fond of this show.

Best episode is battle planets

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This is the best show with a batshit insane fanbase.
It also has THE most batshit insane fanbase out of all good shows with batshit insane fanbases.

File: 128460022930.jpg-(25.02KB, 300x301, ZADR__maid_service_by_fullmetalninja92.jpg)


File: 128460072162.jpg-(475.83KB, 1249x1628, Too_Late_by_HeCallsMeHisChild.jpg)

I think that Vasquez managed to tickle people with bizarre synapses by using his trademark aesthetic shenanigans. That's the only explanation I can come up with. These guys are completely bananas.

>Dane Cook
wait, what?

As for the show itself, it was one of the best things Nick ever aired and it's a shame it died so early. Thanks Osama.

one of the worst things ive ever seen

I rather envy you for that.

File: 128460849230.jpg-(80.15KB, 336x472, 51SRHKM7N2L._SS500_.jpg)

If this is the worst thing you've ever seen, perhaps I can introduce you to Megababies, Butt-Ugly Martians, and Super Duper Sumos.


Those, and the Brothers Flubb (the only show I know that was on Nick that aired for a little over a month, THEN got cancelled)

You should add that show about some kind of ugly mutated babies or something like that.
That was terrible.

>You should add that show about some kind of ugly mutated babies or something

The show uses a lot of gross-out humor based on snot, vomit, flatulence, drool, and various other bodily fluids.
Powers and abilities
* Shared powers: Superhuman strength, invulnerability, super diaper filling, super food consumption, speech.
* Bucky: Super belch, trouble magnet.
* Meg: Mega fart, baby flirt.
* Derrick: Snot palooza, berserker fury.

Super diaper-filling.

God, I love this show so much, but I hate the fanbase majority so much. So many tween girls that don't understand that random humor stops being random when you're just incessantly repeating someone else's joke.
It's up there with the awfulness of the Sonic fanbase.

Yeah, that one.
It was a really disgusting show, like a fist right to both of our eyes.

File: 128475967410.jpg-(288.81KB, 1015x685, DibinWonderland.jpg)
>incessantly repeating someone else's joke
Well, that can be applied to a lot of groups and social situations. Repeating someone else's joke, repeating lines from a famous movie, repeating the same old memes long after they're funny--it's like presenting your ID card. "I know the catchphrases, I'm one of you!"


You're talking about AoStH, and not SatAM Sonic, right?


The Sonic fanbase as a whole.

File: 128477613176.jpg-(100.73KB, 517x631, monty_python.jpg)


Should I... laugh at the surreal humor placed in old material... or feel bad because an old joke got slaughtered like a fattened pig ready to be sold for Christmas?

File: 12847917088.jpg-(33.96KB, 480x360, legends_olmec1.jpg)
the choice is yours and yours alone

I actually started re-watching this recently cause it's on Netflix instant play. Though they don't have the un-released episodes that apparently showed up on Nicktoons or whatever.

I really liked the show back when it was new, but watching it now I'm not sure what I really saw in it. It's not bad, but the jokes are really repetitive. It got a few laughs out of me though on the way through. The one I can think of is this:

Zim says his plan
Computer: But you could just do
Zim: Silence! I don't pay you to contradict me!
Computer: But... you don't pay me at all?

Sounds stupid in text but the computer said it in a really human like way so it was just the tone that made it funny to me.


Agreed. It's like the "Tak, the hideous new girl" episode, when Zim yells for the computer and the computer groans "WhaaaAAAAT?". Very human-like for a piece of machinery; makes it seem oddly funny.

Didn't Jhonen voice the computer?

I think I was the only fan of this show who absolutely hated GIR. Just looking at pictures of him makes me irritated. Am I alone?

God no.

I didn't get him. I didn't even see him as a main character. He was like Jar Jar Binks but invisible to me. The fact that he got so popular and people loved him so much more than the rest of the cast is what started to piss me off, especially since it meant stealing the merchandising spotlight from the Tallest and Membrane and Tak and pretty much everyone (see: hot topic search "Invader Zim"). Zim got a few t-shirts at least.

My favorite computer gag is the one from the episode where Zim has to retrieve his ship from a cult, and he needs the computer to disguise his containment pod.
"Processing. PROCESSING" The delivery is just so over-the-top.

Also, I totally recommend owning the DVD set if only for the cast and crew commentary. There's a track for nearly every episode and they're all hilarious.

>Also, I totally recommend owning the DVD set if only for the cast and crew commentary. There's a track for nearly every episode and they're all hilarious.


His whole purpose was just "annoying comic relief." He was totally null and void beyond that.

>Also, I totally recommend owning the DVD set if only for the cast and crew commentary. There's a track for nearly every episode and they're all hilarious.

Should be worthy to note that it's the 3 vol set that has the commentary. The 2 vol set that was released earlier this year doesn't have all the bonus stuff to it. However the 3 vol set has become expensive as hell.

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