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And then Spider-Man was truly dead and buried, to me.
Way to go, Joe. You had a chance to redeem yourself entirely. You had a chance to make everything between MJ and Peter work again.
Then you kicked us in the balls all over again.
Fuck you, Joe Quesada. I'm done with you, and your need to desperately try to live through Spider-Man.
For those of you who want more context.

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Yeah this is kinda retarded and heavyhanded

Though I have to ask why you are only done 'now', it's not like Quesda has ever been light on the ball kicking.

Still don't get his preoccupation with this ball kicking nonsense. everyone forgets or moves on from this dreck and then he has to bring it back up again and remind people to why they are pissed at him.

Quesada is the devil, he lives off of the hate and anger he inspires in Marvel fans.

It...Sustains Him...


apparently, I dropped ASM because he keeps doing this nonsense.

I'd be angry, but ASM 642 came out too and that was just fucking awesome. You guys should totally read that instead.

So how many times now have they brought out new stories simply to go back and try and prove this whole farce is somehow so perfect and right? It's hardly going to win back the readers they drove away over it, they'd be much better off just trying to write good stories that aren't hitting the readers over the head solely in an attempt to reinforce the whole retcon business.

They need to bring back the goblin twins in every issue. That'll distract us from everything else.


I've counted about three or four times since the intro into this. That not counting the times they make Peter to be the most luckless person on the planet who can barely tie his shoes much less live a normal life.

Oh don't remind me.

They got rid of so much else and yet he specifically kept those abominations around in canon...what the hell?

Mmmnope. Still glad I'm not reading Spider-Man. I don't care how many Gauntlets or Grim Hunts they pull out of their ass, I cannot look at the character the same way.

What the fuck is Quesada's damage? Did a red-haired girl beat him at dodgeball in the third grade? Was he a particularly bitter Peanuts fan?

File: 128409288110.jpg-(17.24KB, 185x131, 1284071229318.jpg)
The way I heard it MJ represents his ex-wife, and Aunt May his dead mother.
And obviously Peter would be....

Todays like today are why I hate online comic fans.

So the best way to get back to him is have someone in marvel make a story where Aunt May figures out what has happened in all of this and kills herself after recording a video telling peter to grow up?

Eh if the scenario about his personal investment in the characters turned out to be true then as pathetic as it is for him to abuse his position and act out his fantasies through them I still have to say thee nay, in a case like this I have to call sympathy for the devil.
Losing someone to cancer is nothing to joke about.

Eh go stick your head in the sand, even if it's taken too far by some people bad stories are going to get a negative response.

I don't care how painful it is for Joe, if this was for him this should be small little stories made out and given only to him to cope if he needs it. He shouldn't be allowed to force his PAIN on others by making this nonsense Spiderman canon. He doesn't get to hide behind his mother or whoever died of cancer either, I'm not talking about them just the fat idiot who needs everyone else to go through his mood swings with him when they see Peter be described as a rapist for having super powers while being in a relationship or whatever.

Don't make me give my "shit-eating moment" speech again. ...Okay, you talked me into it!

"I sat through Hal Jordan going from essential icon of the DC Universe to crazy nutball in the world's ugliest metal tuxedo to a dead guy in footed pajamas, and all the time I just chuckled like Fred MacMurray and thought 'Boy, are they going to have to eat a lot of shit to bring this guy back to the status quo...'"
--Calamity Joe, blog "Gone & Forgotten," September 2nd, 2007

Silly Joe! He thought it would be ten years before Hal was brought back, but otherwise, he was right. Except, Jordan's just the tip of the iceberg. Without the firm guidance of the sort of chief editors they used to have, DC and Marvel are letting every overrated fanboy idol cut a bloody swath through their universes on a regular basis.

Then someone else has to come along and eat some shit in order to fix it. Look at the enormous amount of stinking fecal matter someone was required to gobble up to get Oliver Queen back from the grave. Was it worth it? For a few months, perhaps.

But that's why it's called "the shit-eating moment;" you want to do such-and-such, and you can't write your way out of the hole another guy dug for you, so you close your eyes, pinch your nose, and write some preposterous shit. And you eat that shit. Then Hal Jordan is Green Lantern again and you can move on, trying desperately to forget the taste and the smell of the shit you had to eat to get here.

Not Joe. No, HIS shit doesn't stink. It's NOT really shit. He has to remind you of that. So well after the "moment" has passed and everyone's gotten the smell and the taste out of their minds, he has to walk up to you and yell in your face, "HAY REMEMMER WHEN I ATE THASSHIT?!?," and you can smell it on his breath and oh God you know what's coming but you can't get away fast enough and then he puts his finger down his throat and vomits up that very same shit onto the front of your shirt, blarrrrrgh, and your high-pitched shriek of horrified disgust is drowned in the liquid gurgling and splattering of his discharge.

There's a negative response, and then there's taking a bad story as a personal insult. And when you do the latter, like so many posts in this very thread have, then you are a fool who shoots pretty much all of their legitimate points in the foot.

Yeah, guys, don't let this stuff about how Spider-man is being run get to you like it's personal. That's exactly the reason that Joe Quesada is doing the things he's doing to it.

So just wait until the comic slowly dies and Joe's actions are irreversible, got it.

And I'm still enjoying that awesome Mark Waid issue that came out today! Fuck yeah "Origin of Species", you got shit getting crazy. Oh and the Stan Lee back-up. That shit's awesome too

Stan Lee's stuff is just a back up? The solicit billed him and Mark Waid as co-writers.

I still need to pick that up. Hopefully it'll give the BND status quo one last hurrah before the schedule changes and we go to one writer.

Yeah, he's been doing a 12 part 2 page back-up with Marcos Martin since the beginning of the Grim Hunt.

>And then Spider-Man was truly dead and buried, to me.

And then I still couldn't care less.

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