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88946 No.88946
We were in autosage. Previous thread here: >>75966

As I said in my last post on the previous thread, I'm really digging the overarching mystery and looking for clues. How about everybody else?

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Well so far the overarching myserty has taken somewhat of a back seat to whatever shenanigans they're up to in the current episode. Which is only to expected I guess considering they're only on the eighth episode, but I enjoy the presence of a bigger mystery in the background.
And boy was Scooby forcing Vhelma away this episode, not to mention the fact, how the fuck did Fred collect that sample, from a human being, with his goddamn drill?

I was talking to my friend last night, and we concluded that the one thing that most drastically sets this apart from all previous Scooby-Doo series is, "It's very character driven."

>>with his goddamn drill
Hole saw actually. Which would be rather good for collecting a "pound of flesh".


Well, yeah, scooby doo where are you was more focused on the mystery at hand and had no overarching plot and certainly no character development.

Myster inc kinda turns that whole concept around while still maintaining the core of scooby doo, which would be the whole supernatural beings and mysteries.


Hole saw then, but still.


and he was sawing for quite a bit


Guess he likes to inflict pain, maybe his conflicting feelings for Daphne is all a great joke just to have her suffer.

File: 128344421554.jpg-(37.54KB, 500x324, saw3-6.jpg)

He gets worse with age.

File: 128344847460.png-(256.62KB, 640x480, braddinkley.png)
Reposting from last thread:

>Striped hair. Freckled cheeks. Cleft chin.
>Velma's mom is Brad Chiles with a sex change.

Or his sister. I guess that would explain it, too.

But I'm still curious if and how Skipper Shelton factors into the mystery of the missing kids. The fact that he's a recurring character is reason enough to believe he's connected somehow.


Well he cold be like the cabbage merchant in avatar.


This gets all Hot Fuzz down the line. "You see we all had a good life with the tourism..but they just wouldn't stop, it was what was best for Crystal Cove."


Kind of a repost from the last thread, but I think it makes sense that the siblings of the missing kids are around. I think that Angel Dynamite is the little sister to Cassidy, since she seems a bit younger than the rest of the parents of the Scooby gang. And since Velma's mom does look like she could be Brad Chiles' sister, I'm hoping that Daphne shows her the locket at some point. We already know Mayor Jones recognizes it, but hasn't said anything about it.

The fact that you have referenced Hot Fuzz makes me so happy, you don't even know. "It's all for the Greater Good (the greater good)".

File: 128346258884.png-(20.30KB, 98x125, OriginalMIGang.png)
Reposting the pics of the missing kids from the last thread for easier reference 1/3

File: 128346273074.png-(10.83KB, 61x125, OMIMascot.png)

File: 128346363449.png-(386.95KB, 1128x517, OriginalMIKids.png)
And 3/3. I had to crop it a little so it would go through.

So there's going to be a scene where the sheriff, Fred's dad and maybe some other parents and the disco chick are sitting around in robes telling them they have to kill the gang to get money out of all these crazy people they turn into criminals who dress up as ghosts?

"Have you ever wondered why, why the conviction rate in Crystal Cove is so low, yet the ghost turn out is so high?"

"R'I reckon you rot rumthing rere."
"He . . . he says he reckons you've got something there, Fred-"
*tearful* "I know, Shag."

I mean what's the one thing we've never seen in standard Scooby doo even if it would be boring as hell? Those crooks actually going to a trial or prison. I mean even if they have evidence these kids have no authority to do this meddling and vagrancy. Not to mention with their supposed mid teen ages they’re probably breaking curfew as well thinking turning in a bigger criminal will clear any charge that could be put on them for snooping around private property if Fred's Dad doesn't smooth things over or Shag and Dap's parents can't bribe their kids out.


Man, I watched two episodes, and it felt like I was watching someone's bad fanfiction in animated form. Shaggy/Velma stuff was extremely annoying and forced, not to mention it really deteriorates Velma's characterization. But I've never been a Scooby Doo fan, I guess if you are then it's good. People were clamoring how it's so different, but it's the same stuff as before, only with worse art.

There's an overarching metaplot connecting the otherwise episodic stories, the characters have memorable and complex personalities that go beyond two-word summaries, the humor is generally high-quality with good timing, and it manages to pull off the same old cliches while actually keeping you guessing whodunit. Also, the matter of the art style's quality all comes down to personal opinions. I, personally, think that the stylized look is befitting its oddball nature.

Like it or not, calling it the same stuff as before is... no. Have you watched any of the previous series?

Deteriorates Velma's characterization? Are you suggesting she had a personality before this show?

Wait a minute...MISTER E?




I wish I could pat people on the head condescendingly through the internet.

I got it right away but that might have been because they made the same pun in an episode of Recess way back when.

>complex characters and plotline

Let's not get carried away now, Joe...

Well, they certainly are relative to the series that came before.

real fuckawesome show. I came for Adventure time, and I stayed for mystery inc.

Though I'm getting a bit tiered of the romance subplot. I mean the last episode had the ,"Follow your heart." line which made me cringe.

Also the art direction is great, I liked how the Medieval episode had a dark, but warm feel to it.


So Freds father, Vhelmas parents, the sheriff etc. gave the kids an offer they couldn't refuse.

That's nice.

Mister E is going to help them find the crypt the town kills and dumps off all the unmasked ghosts. Velma’s going to do a repeat of the first episode where she lists off all the old and new criminals and what they tried to do till the meet other members of Mystery Inc and the Sheriff with a loaded gun.

Sounds hot. Or fuzzy. Perhaps some mix of the two.


Rhit rust rot real!!!!

Did you see his face Shaggy!

"Well, I couldn't see his face, could I? Like I'm not made of eyes!"

This show is being too smart for everyone just to vanish..yea Shit is gonna get real.

> hot fuzz
> mystery inc

You know, I think I'd enjoy it, but it's not happening. I think I'll enjoy whatever the plot has in for us anyways.

Okay, I can see Fred in Edgar Wright's role, but who's gonna take Simon Pegg's.

Also, Sheriff Stone = The Andys as one guy?


I think you meant Nick Frost (Danny Butterman) for Fred, since Edgar Wright was the director.

I don't think we could necessarily place who would be who between the two fictional worlds exactly as far as personality goes (neither Velma nor Daphne really have what it takes to be Doris Thatcher - aka the only policewoman). Also, if you think about it, Scooby would take Saxon's place, which would make Shaggy into Bob Walker, the old guy on the force with the super heavy British accent.

Great, now I want a pic of Shaggy dressed in Bob's uniform. Damnit fandom, stop screwing up my brain and my love of uniformed people!!

>I think you meant Nick Frost (Danny Butterman) for Fred, since Edgar Wright was the director.

Oh, right.

File: 128375205254.jpg-(94.15KB, 438x600, patrick_warburton.jpg)

Great, now I have the Andys' lines being read in my head with Patrick Warburton's voice. Here, try it:

A2: "Everyone and their mums got guns around here."
N: "Oh really? Like who?"
A1: "Farmers."
N: "Who else?"
A2: "Farmers' mums."

And every time I hear PW's voice, I think Brock Samson, which makes me think of The Venture Brothers. It is cannon in TVB that Brock has a younger brother...and now my brain is going into further crossover mode. Damnit, brain, I have homework to do!!!

Fuck yes, War of the Gargantuas homages everywhere

Funniest ep. so far


I like that they even used that one song from WotG.

C-could this be the resolution of the Scooby-Velma-Shaggy mess?

Maybe the sheriff advised the previous Mystery inc. to go their separate ways and they actually took the advice.

That'd be a trip.

>Velma and Fred have probably gotten the biggest character makeovers. The idea for Velma was to make her more like a cool ‘Comic-Con’ girl who is really smart, quick with a comeback, into underground music and horror movies – a little like Juno from the movie of the same name. She’s also the kind of girl who makes up for her insecurities by being a little bit rough around the edges in terms of her interpersonal relationships with the gang. Velma’s biggest struggle is that she is smarter than everyone and it sometimes gets annoying to her that not everyone can keep up. In terms of her relationship with Shaggy, she is much more comfortable with it than he is. Shaggy is still a boy, whereas Velma is becoming a woman. As a couple, their biggest problem is that Velma is looking for a commitment that Shaggy may not be emotionally ready or mature enough for. And that hurts.
>We did 26 half hours, with a season-long story arc that will climax in Episode 26 and I guarantee no one will guess the surprise twist.

>We did 26 half hours, with a season-long story arc that will climax in Episode 26 and I guarantee no one will guess the surprise twist.

*maniacal laughter*

I know that the people who visit this thread regularly will probably have the mystery sorted out well before the season ender. Why do I know this? Because that quoted sentence above right there? That's a challenge to have us make the creators/writers look really stupid.

On that note, where can I procure the newest episode? My searching of Internets has failed me tonight.

Really? Are they sure Velma also doesn't have abandonment and mother issues as well?

So apparently Daphne's dad is retarded and her mother is insane.

And she herself is possibly crazy. I look forward to the reveal of the rest of her family's neuroses.

Oh yeah, and one of her sisters in mutated.

The Blake family. Man.

The sad thing is that with all their money almost none of the family can leave their home. It's basically a heavily furnished insane asylum where the doctors have to play out these elaborate scenarios for all of the other daughters and their parents just to make sure they don't hurt themselves in the real world while also cooking, cleaning and otherwise being “servants”. Daphne showed the least likelihood of developing a similar dementia but sadly the signs are starting to show.

File: 128383594464.png-(379.32KB, 624x352, 1283833226084.png)
I liked the team uniforms.

I lol'd when I realized they all came with ascots.

Like, really loud. My SO came over to check what the fuss was about.

Man, with uniforms like that, they really need some kind of giant, mystery solving robot.


>Another one from the sons: “What is with Daphne’s mother’s hair? It’s so long!”
>Status. The Blakes have to have the best at everything, and that includes hair.


Man, I know its been said before, but Shaggy realy needs to man up and tell Velma and Scooby that he's not somthing to own.

Still cant get over Im talking about the PLOT of a scooby doo series

>On that note, where can I procure the newest episode? My searching of Internets has failed me tonight.

Seconding this. I had to miss the very last five minutes of the episode, and I'm dying to know if the answer was as obvious as it seemed. (I'm guessing not.)

Also would like the file for screenshotting that Shaggy/Velma makeout at the start.

Huh? I found it in like, 3 minutes.

here ya Go Amigos!

Thing is, Velma hardly does anything smart or mature in this show. She seems like the odd one out because she offers the least use to the group. She's kind of annoying to me because it seems that at least some of the writers are trying to talk to the audience through her.


Thank you so much Tiki! Last night my searching was coming up empty; it was great to find this waiting for me in the morning!

No problem bro!


I think maybe the Sheriff is Brad Chiles' cousin or something, because at the beginning of Episode 9 at the Tiki Tub, you can see the Sheriff without his hat on. He's got the same hair stripe as Brad, and a cleft chin. No freckles, though, so it's not a perfect match, but damn it's close!

File: 128388608538.png-(753.81KB, 1658x352, rosegarden.png)


It's sort of fun reading the /co/ threads, everyone arguing about whether Scooby or Velma is the bigger bitch in this feud, who is more justified, etc.

Team Velma all the way D:

File: 128389878213.jpg-(238.05KB, 550x757, Scooby Mecha.jpg)
Thought I would just share some of regular /co/'s madness

File: 128389880372.jpg-(52.48KB, 475x378, Angry Mister E.jpg)
Also this.

Yes! YES!

Also acceptable.


You know, freckles can be removed via makeup.....

Yes, YES!

Neither of them would take it very well. Shaggy can't just instantly grow a spine and expect either two to respond positively to force. Of course if this season is shaggy slowly manipulating the two into a more relaxed and easy relationship I’d be impressed. I like the idea of Mastermind Shaggy.

...yes. I think I approve of this vision of Shaggy. I could even see it fitting with the characterization we've seen of him in this series.

Freckles can also be removed by getting a tan.


You know Fred actually does fit with the characterization of some of the latter Power Ranger Bosses

>Freckles can also be removed by getting a sunburn.

Fixed for freckles accuracy.

"Before anyone outs Shaggy..."

Wow, Fred, you're one to talk.

He at least knows he's not a man anymore, HE HAS FEELINGS!

We really need to compile a list of the all the known character's neuroses:

Fred Jones: trap-obsession (likely a symptom of Asperger's Syndrome), skewed conception of the masculine ideal and marriage (likely a result of upbringing), short-attention-span, less-then-ideal social skills

Daphne: disturbing obsession over Fred, seeming homicidal tendencies

Daphne's Mom: Can't go out at night (?)

Daphne's Dad: Can't function without his wife telling him what to do.

Delilah (aka FemShep): a bit TOO thoroughly indoctrinated, Renegade

Shaggy: Compulsive overeating (Honestly, he's the most normal guy in the gang)

Scooby: Compulsive overeating, separation anxiety

He could be a real Machiavelli if he wasn't so level headed and simple. In the old days he would never do anything unless he gained some form of compensation in Scooby snacks and there shouldn’t be any reason why this glutton also doesn’t have some of the odd talents his parents seem to pull out of nowhere. But in Mystery Inc his motives have become vague. What is going on inside your head Shaggy?


Also for Daph's mom that bit where she talked about her started to sleep in the tree house and then they have to put her away for a while. Possibly some regression in that behavior.

Velma's problems seem to stem from her lack of a parental bond and being upstaged by Animals for love and affection which causes her to project that anger onto those that she obsesses about since she seeks to find a replacement for those bonds.

>Velma's problems seem to stem from her lack of a parental bond and being upstaged by Animals for love and affection which causes her to project that anger onto those that she obsesses about since she seeks to find a replacement for those bonds.

Then again, her mom's been shown to show genuine care and affection when she needed advise.

Maybe there never was a rivalry between the horse. Maybe Velma is just a control freak who can't handle sharing with anyone and saw any other connection her mother had as a threat to their own? Doesn't explain why this has moved onto Shaggy though.


Mayor Jones (aka Fred's Dad): seems to have been (if not neglectful) a detached father, workaholic if his obsession with his political career and his town's tourism industry is any indication

Sheriff Stone: E'ffin useless (also known as "stupid cop" syndrome), a bit of pent-up rage/homicidal tendencies tempered only by the fact that Fred's his boss' son

File: 128391944446.jpg-(53.27KB, 704x384, VelmaDoo.jpg)
What Shaggy needs to do is to combine Velma and Scooby in a best friend female dog girlfriend.

File: 128392079811.jpg-(66.86KB, 750x648, Do not want.jpg)


No sir, I don't like it.

File: 128395506344.png-(905.18KB, 1280x720, [INP]_One_Piece_-_Strong_World[H264_1280x720][4FF1.png)

File: 128396176497.jpg-(111.60KB, 600x341, 127429082311.jpg)

I can't stop staring at it and giggling.

Daphne's family is crazy.

There are some weeeeird comments on this article...

"My daughter really enjoys the original Scooby show and characters. She does not like to watch this new version. I enjoy the older version also. I don’t know why new episodes cannot be made with the “old” ways in mind. I don’t really care for some of the movies either. Supernatural stuff does not need to be used. This show is about solving mysteries, with a bad guy hiding in costume. The characters would figure out who was hiding behind costumes and that person or persons were arrested. Its a shame that the talent needed to continue Scooby in the correct way does not seem to exist anymore. If its not broke, why fix it. Scooby’s “staying power” has always amazed me, however, this newer version could help end it."

>the correct way

Also, almost everything about the old Scooby cartoons was incredibly boring. Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo was the only one to entertain me out of the old shows, despite Scrappy Doo.


Yes, 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo was good. But.. wasn't Flim-Flam like having another, less annoying Scrappy Do?


YES!! If only by a small degree less annoying

>>91147 >>91149
I actually always found Flim-Flam to be even more annoying. Either way, having both him and Scrappy in one cartoon was just horrible. Even the awesomeness of Vincent Price could only just offset those two.

File: 128404854019.jpg-(300.39KB, 1280x800, Delilah Shepard.jpg)
I'm just gonna leave this here.

Okay, question: why are Mayor Jones and Sheriff Stone hanging out at the Tiki Tub together during non-business hours? Are they friends? I just think it's weird that they're hanging out but still refer to each other as Mayor and Sheriff instead of by their first names.

Nobody else is going to point out that later that episode, Sheriff Stone's apron says "I love meat", so I will.

Sheriff Stone's apron says "I love meat"!!

As far as dialogue goes, this part made me laugh:

Sheriff: "Fred Fred Fred, if you weren't my boss's son, I would not hesitate to make you disappear...forever."
Fred: "I believe you!"


Fred is fearless.

File: 128406743192.jpg-(15.50KB, 210x240, char_16462.jpg)
Mayor Jones is a lousy mayor; this last episode shows it especially well- Huge monsters are DESTROYING BUSINESSES IN HIS TOWN, AND HIS PLAN IS TO REWARD THEM.

Seriously, he nearly dies in the first attack, and his reaction is "monsters are good for business!" Avacados deserves to win the next election. Jones's obsession with haunting based tourism has repeatedly harmed local businesses.


Fred should become mayor, and set up a trap-and-mystery-solving based economy.

They could have murder mystery dinner theaters, and forensic investigation programs, and maybe HIRE people to run around in costumes and re-enact their cases.

I see this whole "haunting-based" tourist economy as similar to a case of Dutch disease.

You have this abundant resource ("monsters") that people seem intent on exploiting, but they're detrimental to all the 'normal' business.

See now THAT idea solves the problem of the value-reducing activities of the monsters.

But then its almost exactly what his father wants.

I don't know. The Humungonauts show seems to have been rather successful as the stadium was packed.

File: 128409234496.jpg-(30.09KB, 500x311, dahlia jones.jpg)
I don't know if the Mayor is entirely to blame on this though. I mean he is sadistic but this is Crystal Cove, a place that seems to worship and adore its seemly thousands of monster and ghost stories just waiting to be used by criminals. With the last Mystery Inc he likely grew up in a time where monsters who had a strange sort of traditional stigma and hold to the area were not only being unmasked left and right but in danger of losing all cultural ties and belief in them by a group of stupid teens. Sure his aims may seem solely money based most of the time but remember the Ghost Rig episode where he asks Fred gleefully and maybe even reverently if the town was being "attacked by demons"? This isn't just some business venture for Fred's dad; this is something deeper and more important to him then the safety of his citizens or possibly even his immediate family.

What sort of dark otherworldly force he wishes to unleash on Crystal Cove we may never truly know.

I wonder if he really believes in monsters himself. He keeps telling Fred not to investigate. It just seems like sometimes he doesn't want Fred to ruin it by revealing it as a fake.

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