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I'm curious, is Linkara as heavily hated over here as he is in /co/ over on 4chan?

For that matter, do you guys in general hate internet reviewers as much as they do?

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I find their hate to usually be quite funny especially with guys like Linkara and Spoony . I really want to see Linkara rip into that recent Kevin Smith Batman story.

I don't take them terribly seriously, but I see nothing wrong with them.

I generally watch his shows, and while sometimes his humor is hit and miss, he's generally good at pointing out the weaknesses of the crap he tends to review.
The only thing that really bothers me is when he enters in politics. Specially in his Batman: Fortunate Son review. Euhg.
His Power Rangers reviews are quite awesome and well crafted though.

I like Spoony simply because of his review of deadliest warrior and his response to butthurt psuedo-science loving fantards.

Can't stand his voice.

This is generally why I don't watch any Internet reviewers.

most common complaint I see.

I like him though.

Yeah, his voice can get grating.

But his reviews aren't so bad.

I watched a few episodes, but I got kind of bored of it after a pretty short while. Nothing horribly wrong with it, it just doesn't hold my interest for very long.

I do watch ever Nostalgia Critic episode. He's usually pretty amusing.

This whole fad is annoying. AVGN gets away with it because he knows his stuff, these guys are just whiny nerds.

I dislike all critics.

I enjoy internet reviewers. I sometimes think about being one myself. Though I would go more the way or Angry Joe and JewWario and review stuff people might like.

Linkara is very hit and miss. Sometimes he picks on the smallest thing and drags it out way to long.

I like some of them- Nostalgia Critic, Spoony, Yahtzee, and JewWario are some favorites. I never liked AVGN too much because his whole schtick of "incredibly angry guy who swears a lot" gets a little old after a few videos.

I like Linkara. I wish to ruffle his hair and compliment his voice. I also enjoy the comedic styling of Spoony, Nostalgia Chick, Cinema Snob, and Lupa.

Critic and AVGN have gotten pretty old with me, but I will watch the fuck out of their old episodes.

I always take a critic's or reviewer's word with a grain of salt, since everyone's opinion is different (obviously) and things one person will hate about one thing, someone else will enjoy.

However, I'm not above using someone else's opinion to form my own, especially since I hate getting involved in anything blind, but there isn't one person I'll agree with or decide is right every single time.

This this this this this. There are a lot of video reviewers I'd like more if they'd just do plain text and not open their mouths.

Mostly though, the whole "I'm looking at a camera and you're watching me talk my opinions" gig strikes me as incredibly and needlessly narcissistic. I prefer reviewers like RLM who don't put themselves in front of the camera.

As far as contributers go, I like the 3 or 4 I watch regularly. Lord Kat, Jew Wario, Linkara, and the Nostalgia critic. Others strike me as narcissistic geeks who probably wouldn't otherwise get any attention if it wasn't for the ability to be sarcastic to a webcam.

Personally, I think some internet reviewers(The few good ones) are just too shy to really put something impressive together though.

I don't watch any regularly but when someone links me a video (presumably, it's one of the better ones) I tend to enjoy them.

some reviewers are actually pretty hilarious. I love Ashens.

I like Linkara just fine. I think he makes a lot of good arguments as long as he stays away from his personal beliefs. His dislike of cursing really irritates me, though. I mean, when it comes to Mark Millar, yes. Fucking cussing between every fucking word is a shitty way to write and also makes you seem like you're trying way too fucking hard to be a motherfucking EDGY writer. However, there are writers who use restraint when it comes to cursing, and I don't like that he lumps the two together.

I just can't seem to care when he goes on about shit like the California Raisins or anything like that. I think he should stick to the real big stinkers from Image, Marvel and DC. I mean, when is he going to get around to Cry for Justice or Rise of Arsenal? I know he wrote that Open Letter, which I'm sure Robinson read and cried over, but an actual video review that tears it to shreds would be very nice.

Linkara's shtick got old and annoying for me. It kinda represents the breed of fandom I don't like. While Spoony can be entertaining, his little run ins with drama are no doing him any good.

>Yeah, his voice can get grating.
I remember one radio-show host saying of another, "That man's voice was made for print."

I liked his All-Star Batman & Robin review. Haven't seen much of his other stuff.

I think my issue with it is that, if you've seen one bad comic, you've seen about 95% of all bad comics. I really only watched the outrageously bad ones, like All-Star Batman & Robin and the Countdown to Countdown to Final Crisis special.

So another question, what do you guys look for in a reviewer? (If you care at all)

I'm curious because I'm trying to get into doing this sort of thing myself. Though I admit, at the moment I suck at it.


1. Do your (wikipedia) homework. If you're confused or unsure about it, either do research on the subject or don't discuss it at all. You never wanna be one-up'd by your audience.

2. You can be funny without being obnoxious(ly offensive). I personally prefer an approach and delivery to humor that's similar to a stand-up comedian.

3. Quality vs. quantity.

4. Have an attractive, or at least tolerable voice/speech.


1. Knowledgable.

2. Detailed.

3. Actually funny. As a general rule, only James Rolfe can make over-the-top cursing funny.

4. Know exactly what you're going to say before you start. Do not just start talking at the camera with a vague idea of what you want to say. This will help your presentation a LOT.

Decide ahead of time whether you want to be primarily informative or entertaining. If you want to be entertaining, start up Flash or get a suit and webcam. If you want to be informative, gather your video clips and spend a couple hours making your opinion as clear and concise as possible, with as many visual aids as you can manage.

I prefer reviewers who can point out the good AND the bad. Give an honest and well thought out opinion without denouncing other viewpoints. Good knowledge of the subject matter is also very important.

Nostalgia Critic interviewed some of the Animaniacs staff. In a one hour special tribute.
I'm heavily impressed.


I try to do a little a both, but I'm probably gonna focus more on being informative since I'm not a comedy genius.

Here's something: No Internet critic needs a theme song. Especially not a theme song with lyrics, especially not a theme song with lyrics that takes up the first minute and a half of the video.


I like the AVGN theme, personally.

Oh, and to OP: I find Linkara tries too hard.

James (AVGN) interviews Mike Nelson

If anyone is interested in seeing how bad my videos are. I did one about Captain N

Maybe last 25 seconds. But that's it.

I had honestly never seen his stuff before, so I checked out his reviews of Ultimates 3.

I... I liked the funny voices he gave to each character.

Hmm. Not bad.

One thing I find interesting about AVGN is that it's become apparent that he too is very bored with the whole swearing thing, and he's trying to slowly work that out and just talk. This is awesome for me because when James is just talking he's my favorite reviewer on the internet.

It would be nice if he could dial back on using the original theme song though. I've never liked those lyrics. Actual melody is nice enough though, so the remixes are fair enough. Still not needed, but fair enough.


yea just convert it into an 8 bit and such mix depending on the medium I'd think it would be great

I quite live the orchestral mix myself.

I only watch the Nostalgia Critic from time to time. Don't watch any of the others. Recently watched Kickassia and now any desire to watch the other reviewers was pretty much eliminated.

Watch Spoony's SWAT 4 LP. Seriously. DO IT.


Why do all the TGwtG reviewers think it's okay to set every review against the same bland backdrop, at the same angle?

I like the Angry Nerd better than the Nostalgia Critic because he comes off as more genuine.


Probably doesn't help that Critic has done commentaries on some of his reviews going "Yeah I didn't really hate this"


Because they're just in it for the money and not artistic expression?

You can tell the ones that were picked on the forums because his heart just isn't in them.

Also fuck his Last Action Hero review. Fuck it up the ass sideways.

Linkara's loving review of the Jaime Reyes 'Blue Beetle' series is great.

That's another reason I like the nerd. He actually lets us see his geek palace.


I have this problem with iFanboy. The same room/corner they use all the time is boring.

Never really watched Linkara cause what he discusses is stuff I don't know much about. Critic is alright when he doesn't pull a Family Guy style joke and use another repeating joke from 20 episodes ago.

Nerd is the only one I've really enjoyed cause rather than trying to make a joke; he lets what he's reviewing be the joke himself and doesn't constantly rely on retarded characters to fill in for jokes as well. He's also pretty informative and has been kind of less angry lately.

I just want to say I never read these threads and never watch any of the people discussed here but the guy in the op pic looks like a tremendous nerd douche I would enjoy pummeling into snot and tears if he made that gesture in my direction.

Linkara-lite. And most of his vid just need to GET ON WITH IT!

Also his tits were distracting.


I liked that one too.

Even if I disagree with the reviewer, they still sometimes make good points. I don't watch everything on the TGWTG site, just the things that interest me.

He's completely different from him.
Linkara specializes in comedy and satirizing terrible comics. Last Angry Geek is more informative about comic books in general with very few comedy.

Is it just me or has Nostalgia Chick got a lot less hot... and a lot more boring...

I liked her Hercules drinking game video.

I dislike internet reviewers who feel the need to have themselves in front of the camera when it isn't necessary. It just screams "give me internet fame, please, my mother doesn't love me and frowns upon my hobbies".

Linkara man... I think the biggest thing about his stuff is that nobody's really reviewed comics in a video format before (excluding the new guy at and frankly, some of his choices are a little odd i.e. that Spidey/Storm/Luke Cage anti-smoking PSA comic, Kool-Aid Man #1. Also, the whole "Lord Vyss" shit doesn't help, but at least now he has the decency to put it at the end of his reviews.

Really, he just needs to branch out, maybe do more than just 90's comics. Other decades made shitty comics too, Lewis.

Also, all internet reviewers need to stop with this titlecard shit. Especially you, Cinema Snob.

  Ashens's got the right length for a title, I think.

>is that nobody's really reviewed comics in a video format before

iFanboy have been doing it much longer, and better.

Watched Linkara's Top 15 of stuff he'll never review yesterday.
And everything went well until #2: One More Day, when he went in a yelling rampage about it, though to be fair, we now know the reason of why he'll never gonna touch that. Plus, is one of the most things he got requested.

He's basically frustrated with the Liefeild-mania of the nineties, though his hatred towards Kool-Aid Man it's rather odd. As well his distrust to the silver age.
And about the Lord Vyss thing, is mostly that he tries to do some kind of story between reviews, like the first one about the alternate robot thing that took Linakara's appearance. While I don't mind that, I understand that it could feel out of place for a satirical review show.

And I have to disagree with you about Cinema Snob's title cards. I love them.
The others are pretty munch ok. Most of the time.

File: 128392714363.jpg-(133.83KB, 900x675, Cover_Girl_by_ChadRocco.jpg)
Also, CR! or ChadRocco deserve to be mentioned here, he does really nice reviews about obscure characters from different media.

He's pretty much every smug, self entitled pseudo intellectual snot that gets self righteous about comics in the store.

He would just be annoying if he wasn't emblematic of some of the worst attitudes prevalent throughout comic fans.

Also: not funny.

I disagree

>>I never liked AVGN too much because his whole schtick of "incredibly angry guy who swears a lot" gets a little old after a few videos.

I was thinking this too, but having seen some of his non-AVGN videos I actually think he can be a better critic than a lot of the others.

He has a very analytical style.
Breaks things down to the basics to explain why they are good or bad.


yea it was his shtick when he started but he's toned it down a lot since it was becoming forced a while back.

It staggers the mind that Linkara can keep doing what he's doing when Yahtzee exists. Yahtzee can write jokes, he can communicate ideas SUCCINCTLY and he owns a good microphone and records in a good room for it.

Are you talking about Linkara?

By the way, when will see your next review?

>>1. Do your (wikipedia) homework. If you're confused or unsure about it, either do research on the subject or don't discuss it at all. You never wanna be one-up'd by your audience.
>>1. Knowledgable.

These. Some reviewers lost credibility to me when they do something where it's clear they don't know what they're talking about.


True its why I like guys like Spoony who may rip the shit out of something with a heart felt passion(IE Modern Final Fantasy Games) but he's actually poured a hell of a lot of time and research into what he does when he reviews.


what the fuck is this semen filled asshole of fail.

The Distressed Watcher. Talking about book covers of Lolita.
At least he's not burning anything.

so is this about weird people yellin about things into they webcams


Watched Linkara's 100 episode.
It really wasn't like the big deal, but I liked how at the ending most of teh TGWTG people came out to sing his theme song.
Showing me one of the reasons I like them(except for the Distressed Watcher/Amazing Atheist): This people are BROS. And that's awesome.


Yeah, Episode 100 was basically everything you can expect in your average Linkara review; an honest, well-informed critique of the comic surrounded by decent yet poorly-executed jokes all delivered in a slightly grating voice.

And you got my hopes up with that tease about the TGWTG gang all singing the theme song at the end. I expected to hear it sung as a huge choir, not line-by-line.

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