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81383 No.81383
This crap is still on the air?

Shit is always in the air.

It also has a shit dub here coming from shitty Venezuela.

Is that the same country where "mamón" is a fruit instead of an insult?

Here, it's a delicious light cake ideal for meriendas.

It's a fruit AND an insult in most of latinamerica.

Hey there anon. The show is shit, he dub is not. Yeah, it's not Mexico, but the venezuelan dub is still good. They dubbed B:TAS back in the 90's.


They used to be good at dubs, but that's because in the 90's they had some mexican and spanish people dubbin over there, they have none now, not saying all venezuela dubbers are bad, but most are.
I think there is only like 4 good actors and they sound almost the same.

Also, they ban violent videogames because of Hugo Chavez thinking there it was a game where you have to kill him to win :I

That's what kinda happened to them in the last four years I think. And specially since now the only dub History Channel shows. They even did good dubs of Medabots and Teen Titans in the last decade. A real pity. =(

But hey, at least it's not the colombian or argentinian dubs.
My goodness, those are the worst of the worst.

Also, I think the game that was banned was Mercenaries 2 or something like that.


Are you kidding me? Colombia and Argentina are better at dubs than Venezuela right now.

Colombia's Lou! is one of their best dubs, also Blackjack and Kaleido Star.

And Argentina dubbed Arjuna, that was a good one, never heard any other Argentinian dub though.

One of the most prominent problems in the Venezuela's dubs, is that, aside missing variety, they CAN'T act a shit.

Also, Venezuela banned ALL violent games.

I'm so fucking glad I don't live there.

I love how this thread has nothing to do about the show, on account of how there's really nothing to say.

Well, I can quite remember well the Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X and the Sakura Wars dubs, and those were terrible(and despite that I still liked it Kenshin's dub and the colombian dub in general), and Argentina dubbed both Brace Face and WITCH dub, and those aren't like the best.
Still, I know that Dave: The Barbarian and Pucca have argentinian dub and both dubs are fairly good.
I know argentinian dubs are getting better, but it's still inferior to mexican dubs.
I can't really tell munch about colombian dub, since I haven't hear of it since ages ago. I didn't knew Kaleido Star was colombian dubbed. Though I didn't have the chance to watch more than some few chapters. And I'm surprised about Blackjack. This raises my hopes about them.
I kinda miss to see more mexican dubs in stuff other than brazilian soap operas and the usual sitcoms.
But at least the brazilian soap operas can be more enjoyable. And adult Cristina Hernánez. HHHNNNNNNNNGGG

Also, WHAT
Oh fuck you Chavez.

You can tell more about it's foreign dubs than the show itself. That's how terrible is.

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