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I asked this over at 4chan but didn't get much of a response. Can you guys recommend some good detective or mystery type comics? I enjoy stuff where the solution to the mystery isn't revealed to the reader until the end (like Long Halloween, to use a well-known example).

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um my forte is time travel and alternate universe stuff. or as i like to call it the planetary mind fucker special. but give me a few minutes

Honestly despite all the detectives I can't think of many proper mystery comics.

Yeah, me neither. That's why I'm asking around. I mean recall a few stand-alone Batman stories I've read, but those are few and far between. I did read the recent mini Sam and Twitch: The Writer, which was a pretty decent story in the detective vein.

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Try Japan instead.

The Spirit.

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Ever read The New York Trilogy? The first book in it, City of Glass, has been made into a graphic novel. I'm not so sure it would strictly be called a mystery story, but there is a detective and does try to solve a mystery!

You know, I have no problem with anime but I've never been able to get into manga for some reason. Maybe I'll have to make a more concerted effort.
I've read a lot of the Spirit. I haven't looked at the new series that just started in--I think it was April?--yet, though. I'll have to pick it up.
This looks pretty cool, man. I'll definitely check it out.

Desolation Jones isn't what I'd call a straight mystery comic but the titular Jones does do some detectoring that ends up with a big reveal at the end.

Sherlock Holmes has been adapted for comics more than once - I understand Ian Edgington has done adaptations of A Study In Scarlet and Hound of the Baskervilles. There were also some graphic novel adaptations of Agatha Christie novels by European artists, but what I've read of those were pretty dissatisfying - the art was terrible in some of them.

I was looking into this and discovered that Dynamite published a 5 issue mini last year called The Trial of Sherlock Holmes and it looks like they're supposed to be publishing a mini this year called The Demon of Liverpool. Both are written by Alan Moore's daughter Leah and her Husband John Reppion. I might check into these, too. Are Leah and John any good? I've never read anything by them.

Anyway, copious amounts of gratitude for the suggestions so far, guys. Of course, more are welcome, too. :3

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