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I have decided to post this handy guide here.

Play along, kids at home!

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>[do you like] Cheddar biscuits?

How ironic, I'm going to be eating at wagamama tomorrow

I'm worried their menu might be a little too exotic for my picky palate, and I don't know anybody else there.

Okay, looks like wagamama is out because... hell, I'll just greentext it:

>Unfortunately wagamama doesn't accept reservations, so we're unable to book a table to guarantee seats. So I'd suggest that we all meet outside of Wagamama at 5:00, we'll wait till 5:15 before handing off to a pub first.

>The reason we're heading to a pub first is this: it might be a bit early for everyone to have dinner, so it gives everyone time to build up a proper appetite. >Secondly reason I'll explain below.

>Once we're out of the pub we'll head to one of the following places:

>Pizza Express - I've got 5 vouchers for "4 pizzas for £20" so it's a cheap option.
>Woktastic - which is also Japanese food and offers £10 sushi buffet

>I will make reservations in both places tomorrow for 7:00pm, and cancel one of them (they're not gonna be pleased) when we confirm where we'll eat. That's the reason we'll head to the pub first, to give the restaurant some notice of the cancellation.

Wow that's a dick move.

You should just go to Wagamama anyway, their food is delicious.

Yeah, for some reason the guy in charge really wanted everyone to choose between Italian and Asian (I think it was because he was Asian)

In order to eat at Benihanas, I must be a ninja that is not on the atkins diet that does not want an awesome blossom who minds flair does not want mexican food, does not want breakfast, hates salad and breadsticks, is not with children, is not a carnivore, does not want a burger, does not want wings, pie, is not drunk and doesn't want to be drunk, hates seafood, is not obese, does not live near the good mall, is not an aarp member and is not in England.


This chart is invalidated by putting california pizza in the top tier.

This entire chart is gross. If you choose any of these places over a family-owned restaurant, kill yourself immediately.

No thanks, I'd rather enjoy my endless baskets of french fries at Red Robin.

Hah! There are none.

Fuck yes, I'm going to Hooters.

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