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Post your FOOD SCIENCE and results.

Recently I bought a HEUG bottle of Sriracha and have been adding it to everything. Again

Test Number 1:
Sriracha + Jelly(Grape)
Hypothesis: Oh god I'm so hungry. Fuck it.
Test: It was pretty gross looking, but it turned out being edible. A light sweet touch with a spicy burn. Blech texture, but good results.

Test Number 2:
Sriracha + Peanut Butter
Hypothesis: If this works, I will have mastered cooking forever.
Test: Through down some bread and PB, slabbed some Sriracha. It should be noted, I'm using the chile version, not the straight sauce. So this looked pretty gross. Way more gross then the jelly. BUT THEN I ATE IT, and. Okay it was pretty gross. Edible, but the peanut butter neutralized the delicious out of the sriracha. Blech.

I had to Google Sriracha to know what you were talking about.
I've always referred to it/know it by Cock Sauce.
Last night I slathered some little round steaks with it, and about killed myself licking it off of my fingers it's just so goooooood. Steaks turned out alright. Slightly overcooked.

Experiment 1 mixed with rice would bump it's resulting satisfaction up significantly.

Rice goes good with everything. That is the first rule of food science.

I done this wth Nutella once. Hamburgers, cheese Doritos, green apples, bacon's all good.

Green apples and Nutella sounds like the best thing ever.


Rice can have a particular sweetness to it that can make some things seem a bit overbearing, so you may want to add something slightly bitter to your food if you're including rice. Though it's more of a personal opinion.

What about brown rice? Delicious nutty flavour~


Brown rice just seems distasteful to me so I'm not that familiar with dealing with it. Generally if I'm wanting a starch substance with a nutty flavor I'd just bake some bread that used a cool rise, none of that "let's pop this dough into a proof box that's past 80 degrees Fahrenheit" which just gives you some lame creamy flavor.

Though I generally hate rice with a passion so I'd probably just do anything I could to avoid serving anything with the stuff, let alone use brown rice.

I ended up making a few dozen bits of chapatti bread, which is a bit like a half whole wheat tortilla, rather than serve a meal with rice that was brown. The stuff is just unpleasantly chewy even if the nuttiness is fairly nice.

Well, I've been experimenting with the microwave to pre-heat/melt the stuff I will later stick between bread and grill it.

Result: For the exact same flavor, my food's done in 30 seconds.


You generally dry things out more by doing that, which may give things like cheese a slightly odd texture, and make meats just weird. You could just use a toaster oven for an inattentive way to warm up your sandwich stuffings.

(The following was originally going to be a way to kick off a "gross combinations" thread:)

low-sodium v8 and A1 steak sauce
Hypothesis: since this kind of v8 has little to no taste, it should primarily taste like A1, and that's awesome.
Test:A few drops of A1 were all that was needed to give this a kick. Taste awkwardly conflicts with v8's texture, though.
END PRODUCT: 3/4, have been doing this for a few weeks

low-sodium v8 and Vanilla protein
Hypothesis: I just got done working out and need a boost of EVERYTHING but am too lazy to make two different cups of things.
Test: One cup of the protein was all that was needed to-oh maaaan this tastes weird not even bad just disappointing.
END PRODUCT: 1/4 too lazy to stop

Milk, peanut butter and Vanilla protein
Hypothesis: These flavors all pertain to sweet/desert things, and I've already done the A1V8 cup since I am trying to avoid Test Subject B.
Test: Cup of protein, pour milk, stir with a spoonful of peanut butter.
END PRODUCT: 4/4, would consume again (after working out)

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