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So what, no Mass Effect Avatar Last Airbender? I mean, I have seen you guys combined this show with just about everything else.

Hell, the Normandy crash landing in the Avatar world would be pretty cool. Although, Shepard would probably end up siding with The Fire Nation in order to get ship repaired.

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This has actually been done before, I think. I don't know much about it, though.

The most I remember is that Toph was Wrex.


Something about Aquarians?

File: 128496755490.jpg-(116.36KB, 773x1000, Samara.jpg)
>Shepard would probably end up siding with The Fire Nation
So, Azula becoming best pals with Jack, Iroh drinking tea/mediating with Samara, Ozai trading war tactics with Wrex, Zuko learning some pointers from Garrus, Ty Lee being cute along with Tali, and Mai and Liara acting like their usual calm awesome selves.

.... Your joking right? The Fire Nation is early industrial revolution. Mass effect is, well, sci-fi. Ain't no way either side is repairing it. Outside of funky avatar voodoo.

That said, it has been done. It was an AU sci-fi universe. From what I remember.

Benders bent different elements:
Water - Life (think bloodbending 2.0, able to sculpt life)
Earth - Metal (full blow ranged metal)

So benders were a lot more powerful, but given that non benders had guns and power armor, I think it worked out.

Also can't remember if the nations were different alien species or simply altered humans. That said, the water tribes were some sort of Aquatic race.

People would probably ship femshepard with Zuko.

Earth Kingdom would probably be the humans, right?
Eh, maybe it was just the hull that needed some repairs.

Oh god no

Shepard is hardcore military, most of his crew are not nice individuals at all, and the Fire Nation probably has the best chance of fixing some minor damage to the Normandy with some guidance by Tali and Jacob.


0 times a hundred is still 0. The Fire Nation is early industrial, Mass Effect is Sci Fi. They have about as much chance of fixing it as a group of cavemand do and abrams tank.

Sure with very specific instructions, they might. But the level of detail required means that it really doesn't matter who fixes it, since Tali/Jacob are going to have to micro managed everything. At that point their just as well off with the Mechanist or Toph.

Sure, if you want to play renegade Shepard go ahead. But don't pretend the Fire Nation is going to be any more useful. Their technical expertise means shit here.

I don't think repairing the hull of the ship would be impossible for them.


It is if it's some crazy super-ceramic that can totally hide it's heat signature and crap. The Normandy is the best, most technically advanced ship they could have gotten, not a fucking steam engine.

It's like trying to fix the NASA Space Shuttle with pig iron.

They would probably just need a patch job or something, at least until they can get to another system.

Hell, if thats too complicated they can always come up with another reason to go there. Maybe a Protean ruin, or something similar.


You'd have to, since I'd imagine the Normandy uses a very specific group of materials in it's construction. I mean, can an early Industrial civilization actually make something that can stand up to space travel and planetary entry, much less the Mass Effect it uses to zip around? Even just making a weld could create a dangerous structural fault.

File: 128505455489.png-(464.24KB, 617x1000, Go_Go_Fire_Nation__by_NoSelfControl.png)
From /co/

>Eh, Ozai lets Shepard take Zuko, Iroh, and the Fire Trio join his crew.
>They help him find him whatever is that he needs, as long as he does some side-missions for them.

>Along the way they meet Zhao and June, and they join as well.

>I'm just going to pretend this take place in timeline where all these people are still in the Fire Kingdom alive.

File: 128505477861.jpg-(38.81KB, 284x367, 1285053552576.jpg)
>Would Azula really accept to follow Shepard's orders?
>He might have to do a loyalty mission for her.

File: 128505504453.jpg-(53.51KB, 312x544, 1285045323781.jpg)
>Miranda and Azula would be new best friends, they have lots in common

File: 128505507485.jpg-(153.64KB, 800x1120, 1285048812427.jpg)
>So, what would be Zuko's reaction or behavior around Shepard?

File: 12850657309.jpg-(128.86KB, 612x792, 123671644970.jpg)
IIRC: The Avatar was 'pure' humans (giving it the whole last thing) and Sokka and Katara find him in stasis in his ship in a giant iceteroid.

I think the idea was that Water Tribe were genetically modified to live underwater, since they crashed their ship deep within an aquatic planet where the [Fire Nation analogue] couldn't find them.

At least no one would be able to touch my Tali.

File: 128512249431.jpg-(68.80KB, 853x480, Colonel Coffee.jpg)
Humans are usually the villains nowadays in Sci-fi, so Fire Nation seems obvious.


I remember that one AU, but it was separate from the one with gravity bending and shit. That one was more a hardboiled Space Opera one, and the one with Aang as the last "pure" human had the other nations as people that genetically modified themselves into what were basically different species, the Water Tribes were fish people like the Zora from Zelda, and nobody really reached a consensus for Earth and Fire. It was closer to a Sci-Fi fantasy thing. I personally liked the idea better, one: it had the Kirk-ism of Aang getting an alien girl, two: The last human being the protagonist is actually kinda nice in today's day and age where stories like James Cameron's Avatar beating the lesson over our heads.

Actually, I did art for that one, does anybody have the Zora!Katara pic I did? I don't have it on this computer.

File: 12851277115.jpg-(171.35KB, 1000x502, 1284351223455.jpg)
I could go either way, Avatar combined with ME, or just a crossover.

BTW, anybody has more art from that thing?

File: 128515596770.jpg-(85.93KB, 440x800, Katara the Aquarian.jpg)

I know I do somewhere. All I can find is this 'shop though.

This is going to annoy me...

I can't help but be amazed there hasn't been a Halo crossover with Avatar.

File: 12852012075.jpg-(442.87KB, 1200x960, masseffect_fanwallpaper_248_1200x960.jpg)
That actually looks pretty cool

I wonder

Anyway, Batarians are obviously the Fire Nation.

File: 12852033652.png-(44.98KB, 480x640, Ahsoka_and_Rex_from_Clone_Wars_by_thehaydenclone.png)
Combine the Sci-Fi universes of Mass Effect, Metroid, Halo and combine them with Avatar.

Hell, throw Rex and Ahsoka in there for good measure.

The Jedi, a powerful class of realized Avatars, must battle common Space Pirates and Krogan Firebenders while on the warpath to stop Darth Saren and his Synthetic Droid army from activating the Halo artifacts, ancient devices built by the Chozo Forerunners eons ago to routinely purge the universe from the parasitic corruptor species, The Metroid?

File: 128520626447.jpg-(8.83KB, 184x184, 1282978760939.jpg)


File: 128520995295.jpg-(167.88KB, 600x765, Red_vs_Blue_my_interpretation_by_Khenmes.jpg)

It would just be Red vs Blue.
Except not as good

To be honest I'm just posting this for Tex reminding me of Azula. Must be that "I'm a total queen Bitch" facial expression.

File: 128521170687.jpg-(69.67KB, 600x720, LEELOO___by_vashperado.jpg)
Why wasn't there a cool Avatar Sci-fi crossover anyway?

Biotics > Bending

>>86497 good to see I am not the only RVB fan on here

then again we all see a bit of caboose in sokka(then he switches to delta somehow)

to any non rvb fans that means goes from idiot to genius


I see Sokka, on a personality level, more like Church. he's always trying to get them moving on and they're always fucking around.

"OK, we have to get the the rendevo-"
"brb messing around at school."
" I was saying, we have to get to."
"Did I tell you guys about how I'm the painted lady?"
"You know what. Fuck it."

File: 12852672277.jpg-(23.59KB, 459x447, ty_lee.jpg)
So I figure, who wants to be known as the chick that had seven abortions?

File: 128531075940.gif-(163.69KB, 1400x851, 128529929321.gif)
Sci-fi crossover?

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