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Anyone have any maps of the cities in the Avatar world?

Big cities, like Ba Sing Se, Omashu, or the Fire Nation Capital.

Any would be greatly appreciated.

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File: 128159947766.jpg-(119.01KB, 796x670, Avatar__World_Map_by_AlisaChristopher.jpg)
Here's a labeled map of the Avatar world.

I've looked everywhere but I can't find any maps of the cities themselves.


Has anyone tried to convert this into a globe to see just how big the Avatar world is? Maybe it is actually a tiny planet like Brakenwood.

File: 128183406391.gif-(805.88KB, 320x320, Avatar__Animated_Planet_by_Vanja1995.gif)

File: 128183416883.png-(1.04MB, 1280x960, Last_Airbender_World_by_Sturm1212.png)

That's cool and all, but the ocean's way too big. There's no reason why it should be half the planet.


That's how it was when Pangea was around. I always figured the Avatar world is kinda like the Earth during the Cretaceous period, more or less. All the land is more or less on one side of the globe and the rest is just ocean, maybe with a few islands scattered about when a volcano erupts. It's the only way something like how it's consistently nighttime or daytime everywhere, no matter what part of the world they're in makes any sense at all.


Also, a really big ocean is the only way to simulate the "flat world" type setup the have on a globe. Otherwise the Western Air Temple would be right next to the Eastern Air Temple, and how much sense does that make?

Is there some kinda program y'all slap the map into to make it all globified? Seems like a pretty quick turnaround from the request to the fulfillment.

I've looked everywhere for a map of Ba Sing Se but I can't find it!

None that I know of. I found that globe gif on dA months ago and just remembered about it when it was requested.

The Avatar world is probably very small.

It took the gang like a month or 2 to get from the South Pole to the North Pole and a year to explore the entire world.

Not to mention you can probably see Ba Sing Se from space. Either that or whoever drew the map exaggerated greatly when they drew it.


If you ignore the whole "Appa travels at the speed of plot" thing, you do have to remember they could do something nobody else could, fly in a straight line to any destination. If the world was actually small, as in actually physically small, gravity wouldn't have worked nearly the same way. The only other thing I can think of is that all of the landmass is struck more or less in about four or five time zones. and the rest is ocean.

I like to think that Appa flies at the speed of Santa.

Why does everyone assume that all we've seen of the Avatar world is all there is? We may only be dealing

Goofed up. The rest of the sentence was going to be "half the world and there's another continent on the other side."

But, yeah, Ba Sing Se does seem unrealistically huge on that map.

>But, yeah, Ba Sing Se does seem unrealistically huge on that map.

Eh, not really. Considering your average eathbender shouldn't have much problem throwing up a full size building in a single day... multiply that capability by thousands of earthbenders over the course of hundreds of years and I don't think Ba Sing Se is unrealistic at all.


why are there 3 different satellites? i thought there was just one moon.

what the hell are the earth and air ones?

That's no moon.... It's a space station!

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