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Looking at those pictures makes me sad because of how close they are to the cartoon, and then I remember how completely and horribly different the movie actually is.

Then I just smile at that Avatar Roku picture because I know it would have him flailing around for 5 minutes before any of the elements started moving.

File: 128372376351.jpg-(143.86KB, 486x750, 909f04ca43087d4893734509cc756290-d2xvj0g.jpg)

Why is Aang nude and why are there several other nude men attacking him?

Gang rape.

File: 128373412595.jpg-(36.43KB, 321x489, 12186913x.jpg)
Have some Blu Ray cover.

I hate not being able to unsee this.


Did they actually cat someone to play Roku, or is that just some random guy they dressed up?


If IMDB is accurate, it's Ben Cooke, their fight coordinator, known for doing the fights for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and I think the Jason Bourne movies.

That's right folks! The only unquestionable, constant-ally, Fire Nation protagonist was played by a white guy!

File: 128378439920.jpg-(508.09KB, 588x6989, the_last_head_bender_by_izra-d2y4wfv.jpg)

I can't stop laughing.

So good, LOLs were had.

dude lol wtf haha

File: 12839020646.jpg-(36.91KB, 691x430, The_Last_Earbender.jpg)
Any Daily Show fans catch this? I just saw the rerun last night.

About 12:56 in. No Airbender jokes other than this visual, though.

Much lulz ensued, that was great.

Okay, so, stop me if this has been covered before.

If, like that one interview said, Shyamalan believes Zuko is the real hero of the story, then does that mean that by making him Indian the casting was not racism but self insertion?

That was one of my theories. It would explain why he doesn't see anything wrong with casting the "bad guys" as Indian and various other brown-skinned ethnicities.


Shyamalan's intentions aside, the casting still created a FUBAR racial situation.

As well, Shyamalan always (probably willingly) forgets he had Jessie McCartney signed up, ready to go, and attending his training camps before Jessie dropped, meaning McCartney's agent is a genius to react that way after the little blurb ran about the race controversy in what I think was something like US Weekly or some other magazine that mentioned Jessie McCartney, or his agent's a total idiot for not scheduling it around his singing schedule.

(Edit and Repost: I brought that up because all of Shyamalan's wonderful "diversity" and this thought of his on Zuko would have all been irrelevant had it not been for circumstances that were presumably beyond his control. Patel was still his second choice. His fallback. His afterthought.)

It just falls back to not requiring intent to perpetuate racism, or a racial glass ceiling in Hollywood.

You don't have to be the devil to do his work.

Also, Shyamalan's an idiot. Zuko's an antagonist until the last, what, six episodes of the entire show? It's called "Avatar: The Last Airbender" not "Avatar: The Trial of Prince Zuko" for a reason. All I was reminded of when he said that was George Lucas saying that the prequel trilogies and the subsequent, but older, original trilogy were all about the rise and fall of Darth Vader.

File: 128421510140.png-(1.65MB, 1600x1050, the_last_wallbanger_collab_by_isaia-d2yh0z6.png)

The best thing about this movie is all the parodies and hateart.


I think I just had a flashback to a good MAD magazine parody of a film.

Hey does anyone have that Viacom brochure that laid out the Avatar business plan about the third season and the four animated movies in production back in 2007?

The Last Airbender has grossed $270 million.
Its only a matter of time before a sequel is released.

I can almost hear the screams of a thousand AtLA fans as the movie draws closer to its $280 million mark.

Rest easy tonight.

It's not. It wasn't even announced, and I'm almost sure they won't make it. The first movie dropped like a rock after the first week at the BO, that happened almost everywhere. It means people didn't like it and won't be there for a sequel.


Shhh! Shhh! You're just asking for the Irony God to come down and smite us!

*stands on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouts* All gods are bastards! Smite me, oh mighty Smiter!

How about that? Two references for the price of one!


Ohhhhhh, now you've done it. Now a sequel is assured.


>Domestic: $131,396,888 46.7%
>Foreign: $149,800,000 53.3%
>Worldwide: $281,196,888


File: 12844596662.png-(2.96KB, 184x172, 128158496137.png)

On the bright side, it took months and all of it's major markets to get here. The movie's broken even, finally matching the cost of it's marketing and production, but sequels have been denied for better returns, not to mention the terrible reviews and the efforts of the protest.

Just hold onto hope that we don't have to bear this all over again.

Oh hey, I came across a press release on TLA's upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD combo:

>HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) brings to life the extraordinary journey of an unlikely hero called upon to save his world in THE LAST AIRBENDER, arriving in a DVD/Blu-ray Combo pack, single disc DVD and single disc Blu-ray on November 16, 2010 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Based on the hugely successful animated TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender," the exciting live-action film from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies tells the story of four nations, Air, Water, Earth and Fire, locked in an age-old conflict that can only be ended by the Avatar—a single boy with the power to manipulate all four elements. Earning more than $280 million at the global box office to become one of the top 10 family films of the year worldwide, this inspirational adventure features newcomer Noah Ringer (Cowboys & Aliens) as Aang, the lone Avatar, with Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight saga) and Nicola Peltz (Deck The Halls). From the producers of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park, THE LAST AIRBENDER delivers spectacular visual effects, exotic lands and magical creatures with the uplifting message that anyone can be a hero.

Gotta say, "one of the top ten family movies of the year worldwide" must rival the Juche Press Office in terms of disingenuous qualifiers...

But still, god forgive me, I found my interest piqued by a few of these special documentary features:

>Discovering The Last Airbender (nine-part documentary in HD)
>* Inspirations – Co-creators of the show and M. Night Shyamalan give insight into the inner journey the characters take

>Origins of the Avatar (HD) – Birth of the mythology from the original co-creators of the animated show, Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Concept art from the popular series provides further perspective into how the story would eventually reincarnate into an epic feature film

I'd been given the impression that the creators were decidedly cool on the whole movie. I mean, months after its release and they've been conspicuous by their inconspicuousness.

It must be a ploy to hook fans of the show. They haven't done anything especially despicable like stick a preview of Legend of Korra in the the special features. But these feel worth the while for someone to rip and distribute for free, out of morbid curiosity if no other reason...

I look forward to spreading links to ripped versions of those videos far and wide as soon as my sources acquire them. :3


>spectacular visual effects, exotic lands and magical creatures with the uplifting message that anyone can be a hero.

I want to choke the life out of whomever wrote this.

Yeah, and it's not even like the movie (or the show, for that matter) pushes that message in particular. The entire premise of the Avatar is that he's someone inherently special.

>Sword and Sorcery 1

By what criteria is a film considered Sword and Sorcery? Does this movie qualify? Why doesn't the Lord of the Rings qualify? I'm so confused!

File: 12845201532.gif-(0.99MB, 200x200, conflicted_booker_t.gif)
(beginning of .gif)
>my face when I read about the blueray release and the bullshit "special features"
(ending of .gif)
>my face when I read that the rifftrax guys are gonna make a rifftrax for TLA

>>the exciting live-action film from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies...

exciting [ɪkˈsaɪtɪŋ]
Lacking vitality or animation; dull: an exciting adventure story.

>I'd been given the impression that the creators were decidedly cool on the whole movie. I mean, months after its release and they've been conspicuous by their inconspicuousness.

NDA's a hell of a thing. Didn't you think it was weird that they never had any interviews with them on the set, or hyping up the movie? Nah, they went Alan Moore on it as soon as possible.

Don't blame me, you brought this upon yourselves!

Finally, an unbiased description of TLA. Even the creators thought it was good.

"Director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) brings to life"

Cant wait to see how m.night butchers "The tale of Iroh"

"Happy birthday, my son. I am sorry that you couldn't come to your birthday in front of this tree because you are dead. In case you forgot, you died trying to tear this city down, which led me to a series of events that made me join the White Lotus Society. I think that's how it went. I don't know, I'm old and stuff. I've tried to treat Zuko like I should have treated you, even though we have been on the run from Azula and the Fire Nation. Allow me to explain it while I eat this lunch."
*Munch Munch*
"Anyway, we'd just gotten back from the Siege on the North, and Zhao had been..."



No mention yet for a sequel, and in general sequel announcements tail the closing of a films run almost immediately. Good sign number 1.

>>Do you know what your next movie will be?
>>I don’t know right now. I’m still trying to figure it all out, excited about a little bit not knowing. Just seeing how the world lays out for the next couple of years. There'll be a lot of exciting things, I’m sure.

No mention of a sequel as a follow up project. Good sign number 2.

So far, all's quiet on the western front.

File: 128494818088.jpg-(26.84KB, 300x363, joss_whedon.jpg)
I admit that this is just me contemplating my navel here, but I just wanted to get your guys' opinion... what if Joss Whedon had directed The Last Airbender?

The man is obviously gifted with humor and characters. Then again, knowing him he'd probably kill off Sokka for shock value... Still, I think it would be pure win.

Also, who would you pick as director and why?

File: 128494945597.jpg-(98.47KB, 639x359, 3931098423_5a23efcde4_o.jpg)
Koichi Sakamoto. He has experience directing large scale kung-fu movies that are FUN.

He seems like a good choice, actually. It matches perfectly with his strengths.

>Also, who would you pick as director and why?
After Scott Pilgrim, I'm going with Edgar Wright.


Taking plot and artistic ideas from anime and making them into your own production? It's perfect for him!

File: 128501933353.jpg-(34.53KB, 300x444, devil_300.jpg)
Oh for fuck's sake...

Australian Dollars, by the way, so shave about a hundred thousand off that number to get the US amount. Hollywood Reporter says that TLA's got $158.6 million outside the US now, which gives it a $290 million box office worldwide. Italy will be its last major market, opening next week. General momentum should nudge it over the $300 million mark.

"Devil", incidentally, has made $12 million on its opening weekend. It's a low budget film, and Shyamalan's only contribution is its hokey Rod-Serling-wannabe concept, so I've no idea whether that's "success" or "failure" in movie terms.

File: 128502800488.jpg-(125.85KB, 540x675, 122273050593.jpg)

>Italy will be its last major market, opening next week
Italian here, I'll give you details about TLA's box office here as soon as they come out.
Honestly I'm almost sure it will flop, for a lot of reasons.

- Almost nobody knows about the cartoon, nickelodeon here is a satellite channel that very few people own, and anyway the show used to air around 11 pm or 2 am, lol.
- Shyamalan is not very popular here. His movies do ok sometimes, but he's only remembered for the Sixth Sense .
- It's opening alongside Inception. Italian moviegoers REALLY love Di Caprio.
- They are really pushing TLA with the marketing, tv spots constantly air and stuff like that, yet people still don't seem to be interested, at least on most of the italian websites.

Even if it does good, we are a small market. The top grossing movie was Cameron's Avatar with something like €65 million, but hyped movies like the Dark Knight and Revenge of the Sith both made 8 million. Every Harry potter movies ends up with a 15-20 million box office and it's considered a very successful result. Luckily, we won't be enough to guarantee a sequel.


Quite a few suggestions.
But they might turn out to be vastly different in tone:

>a darker take on A:TLA: Guillermo del Toro

>a character-driven action-movie: Kathryn Bigelow

>a tongue-in-cheek fantasy romp: Sam Raimi

>a true adventure: Spielberg in his glory days

>just to see what the hell they would do with the material: Werner Herzog, Park Chan Wook, Ben Affleck

The Wachowski Brothers. They love wuxia, orientalist themes, special effects, and can get the basic spirit of an adaptation down with little difficulty.

Avatar in the vein of Speed Racer would be fun for the whole family. And Rain would make a good Zuko, if not a little too old.

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