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File: 127839414796.jpg-(9.46KB, 368x208, Last.air.stro.avi.001.part_snapshot_00.48_[2010.07.jpg)
81402 No.81402
So, we finally have the first cam of this bad movie (pic related, it's a screenshot from it). I thought I'd link you all because I know some of you want to see what this movie's like without supporting it financially. Consider finding this my penance for paying to see this legitimately.

Please note: all cams are poor quality, and this one is particularly poor. In around the last 20 minutes, the camera shifts to the right (probably because a person was blocking part of the view), and this means we can't get the full impact of Iroh's DRAMATIC EYE ZOOM among other things. However, it should serve for the time being. As soon as I discover a better cam, I'll link it here for you.

IMPORTANT: This is split into two files here. You will need to use a program like HJ-Split ( to join them together. The program's GUI should be pretty straightforward. Alternatively, I know that if you have a media player like Media Player Classic or VLC, you can manually open up each of the files and watch that half of the movie.

I'm currently working on uploading a joined file to Megaupload, because (a) it'll be easier on you all to not have to deal with joining files, and (b) because hotfile is considered a "referral site" on 4chan and when I tried to share the links on /co/ it gave me a one-day ban. :P When this new upload is done (in about 3 hours) I will post it in this thread.

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That's their oh-so-amazing super-special "Asian Inspired" language?

You know, people among the protest site were saying that you could tell when they used the fake language, because they were Chinese students. It was like trying to read almost English gibberish. I felt a little uncultured when I couldn't tell the difference right off, just looking at the movie's water scroll wallpaper and stuff. Dare I say it, I felt like a stupid American.

But this shit? Thanks to this? Not anymore.

Fuck's sake, that's the Atari logo and a Wingding for crying out loud.

Thanks for the rip, Mari.

I live on the border, so I may try to find a decent rip of the movie if I can, but I can't guarantee that, and if I do find it, I can't guarantee it won't have Spanish subtitles. (Hey, give me a break, I'm Mexican. Pirating movies is almost a national pastime for us.)

File: 127839529369.jpg-(23.59KB, 368x832, characters.jpg)
Yeah I know what you mean. Here's the rest of the characters for this intro section. I even bet they wouldn't look so weird if they actually with a brush texture instead of some weird metal thing. But it's pretty apparent when looking at the characters in the movie that they didn't very strongly focus on them being written by a real-world brush as opposed to some random Photoshop brush.

And yes, if you find a decent rip with your Mexican superpowers, please upload it! Especially if it's something I can make gifs from.

File: 127839566099.jpg-(111.21KB, 552x480, jose_cant_unsee.jpg)

>Fuck's sake, that's the Atari logo and a Wingding
>Atari Logo

Can we get a screenshot of what it looks like aside from the shitty intro?

That intro was pretty cool though.

File: 127839706279.png-(342.37KB, 672x384, 2m2hrm1.png)
Here you go! But I'll do you one better -- here's a sample video.

Both pic and video are for the latest links I posted.


Not too bad. Thanks! I'll have to do a bunch of gifs now.

File: 127839831525.jpg-(16.21KB, 368x208, penishair.jpg)
Penis hair.

Holy fuck, he was right, lol

File: 12784084806.jpg-(913.47KB, 2368x2804, Red_Corps_Katara.jpg)
>Peltz after getting Rathbone wet with her bending: I'm Sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry!

>close player

fuck this shit.

You guys are really making it hard to wait for this to be released in my country.

brb, downloading...maybe

It's even better than he described it! Marvelous, beautiful head penis!

god damn it, I was one piece away

I don't even want to wast the space on my hd.

Another single link:

And here, a series of interchangeable links (meaning you can download part 1 from one site, part 2 from another, and they'll all work together in case some get taken down). This is a 5-part RAR, so you will need to have all five pieces in the same directory and then, using WinRAR or 7-zip, un-rar the first file.





so, they're not the same as the last lot? Meaning anyone who didn't finish will have to start over?

Sorry man, that's how it goes when it comes to these things -- no standardization at all.

If you were the guy who had just one more part to get, I'm upping that for you now and will post when it's done.

Here is one more single link.

Also, looks like here's a treat of an upload (only 300 MB!). However, this one will require a tiny bit more work to get working.
This is an MKV video file, which means a default Windows installation probably won't be able to play it. You will likely need to have a media player like VLC to play this one.
Here are the links for this one:
Note: these are all interchangeable links.

Now here's the important part: this 3-part RAR requires a password to extract it. Here it is: ultrascorp


File: 127842848084.png-(14.81KB, 100x100, zukofacepalm.png)
i can't believe i'm actually going to subject my eyeballs to this.

why would they make up a language that ALMOST looks chinese but isn't chinese? it makes no sense.

Alright, I think this is a good number of links for the time being. Someone let me know when they all end up failing, and I'll find more, but until that happens or a new cam source is found this will be OK.

I might as well share this too:
This is where I've been finding all the links; it's a forum dedicated to providing these sorts of direct downloads. It's got a wonderful selection, despite not being all that "underground" (heck, it's mentioned fairly often on Reddit). Just register on the forum so you can see the topics, and then search for "airbender." This way, those of you with the time to search can find some when these links go down.
Also, while you're getting all these, I can't underestimate the usefulness of a good download manager that automatically queues downloads and joins and extracts various downloads. I use JDownloader all the time, and I'd recommend it for all of you.

part 9? the one i was getting only had 5 parts, i thought

Oh, sorry -- the only one I downloaded from that post was the Mgaupload ones, which were in 9 parts. I don't think I can help you then. :(

That's cool

File: 12784303142.gif-(813.38KB, 250x188, bawww.gif)
What's with movie Azula? So many people said the actress nailed it. I just saw a very over the top psycho smile. Even during Sozin's Comet the character was more subtle than that.

speaking of which, can anyone get a few screens of ozai and azula from the end for me? I have an idea for a little comic strip but I'd like to make them look somewhat accurate.

Thanks for these. I found one of those "rar in five parts" on my own and was not looking forward to uploading them one by one. This made my day.

File: 127843184427.jpg-(96.87KB, 672x2304, ending.jpg)

File: 127843222251.jpg-(10.19KB, 378x371, 1269107904579.jpg)
Don't know if want.

I've fond memories from my childhood of watching dem Mexican pirated films with my cousins, especially anime films of obscure sources...

Hey, looks like you can stream it here.
This is probably easier than all the downloadan stuff I've posted.

Thanks Mari.

Eagerly awaiting a livestream.

Boring movie was boring

so far the best actor i saw was boomerang

who was in rare form in this movie

also the movie seemed to make the concept of bending seem slow and ineffective a person does
about 2 seconds of movement before the attack even starts

Yeah in the show there was very little wasted movement when it came to the actual bending. Here they are doing all of these over exaggerated movements, before they even stared bending. Also it looked like it took four earth benders to pick up just one small rock.

Wasn't it was more like 6 guys? And a 7th guy had to punch the damn thing.

Also, silence in the theater where the movie was supposed to be "funny".

File: 127846212457.png-(312.02KB, 470x337, whatthehellman.png)
>"Agni Key"

I can get where "Ong", "Soaka", and "Eeroh" came from, but how the fuck do you get an "Agni Key" out of "Agni Kai"?

Probably from the though that the translation was KI.
And was Kee proper. Instead of the capital I sound.

Would have been better if they showed some images instead of a lame scrolling text that was supposed to invoke Star Wars.

>I can get where "Ong", "Soaka", and "Eeroh" came from
Can you? Can you really?

File: 127846488666.png-(283.93KB, 438x328, durp.png)
I just know that, aside from Iroh, I thought those were how the names were pronounced before I saw the series.

I can. Other than Iroh (which draws a contrast similar to Iraq's "Eye-Rack" or "Ih-Rock") they all seem to be grounded into gratuitous french.
...And wasn't Sokka called Soak-Ah in the show, too? Just once, though. In the invasion episode. By Yue's fiancee guy?

Yeah, but that was the joke. The fiance didn't know Sokka and didn't care about him, thus the mispronouncing of his name. I guess I can see the other names, since they sound more 'exotic' that way, but Soakuh just disgusts me.

Yes, it was part of that guy's character quirk of pronouncing names wrong. Like how he kept calling Zhao "Cho".

It's pronounced with an 'okka!'

Oh and here's a single-link on Megaupload someone from capslock_atla posted:

Watching now. In all likelihood, won't be watching for long.

>opening narration

Fuck this is gonna be painful.

Okay, guys, I uploaded The Last Airbender to my Livestream account. I think I'm going to show it tonight around 8:00 PM Eastern Time. If anyone is interested in making fun of the movie with me, then they should come to If afterwards you need your palette cleansed with something actually good, I have "The Gamers" and "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" ready afterwards.

If you go there before 8:00, you'll just see some of my favorite AMVs from YouTube.

I relish the opportunity to mock this movie...since I couldn't do so in a crowded theater the first time.

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