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I know a few folks here joied ATLAland for fun a few months ago. The old mod pretty much handed over the reigns to some fresh folk. If you were apart of ATLAland, please come back! If you haven't before, join! There is dire need for Air Nomads and Earth Kingdom folks. And DESPERATE need for LULZ.

This looks cool. I'd join, even though I really only keep active on communities rather than my own journal.

Any quick intro to what this is for new folks?

*Uses copypasta* "ATLA Land is an interactive online community with challenges and friendly competitions. There are four teams for each of the four nations: Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and Air Nomads. Each season we will have special challenges for the Spring Equinox (Earth), Summer Solstice (Fire), Autumnal Equinox (Air) and the Winter Solstice (Water), among other special themes. Each team will compete for points in order to try and stay ahead of the other teams.

Points are earned when you complete challenges. Some challenges will be larger than others--such as fanfiction challenges with prompts or fanart/graphics challenges. These, obviously, will be worth more points than smaller challenges.

Speaking of smaller challenges, not everything is going to be as time-consuming as fanfiction and graphics. Other challenges will be more like games, such as crossword puzzles and trivia. These will be worth less points, but will most likely be more common and frequent than the larger challenges.

Membership is restricted. In order to join you need to fill out an application here after reading the rules, and then wait to be put on a team. Once one of our moderators has placed you in your spot you will be given an invitation to both the main community (this one) and your sub-community for your team. It's up to you to request to join all the challenge communities!"

Though it started and died around Christmas time, they're rebooting the points and rearranging teams. I used to be in Water Tribe but since there were a billion people on Water Tribe, I switched on over to the Earth Kingdom.

Right now, they're looking for folks who are flexible in what team they want to join, or want to join Air Nomads. Water Tribe and Fire Nation are the most populous teams so far. I think this might be due to the fact they were winning the contests before the game died.

And I'd like to thank Murph for rejoining! :D

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