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80757 No.80757
>make avatar movie
>create shit storm
>avatar franchise is ruined
>avatar creators depressed and lose their jobs
>Vacation in South Korea, offered a position by a lucrative, snazzy Korean buisnessman
>captured by North Koreans
>forced by Kim Jong to create cartoon propaganda
>USA demands creators back
>Meanwhile, Dev Patel assassinates Obama, and US is overrun by the poor. Everywhere, hell breaks loose. Businessmen take over governments.
>Without the US, EU, etc. Saudi Arabia takes over all of Africa and Middle East, oil price becomes insanely high and making Saudi Arabia immensely powerful, China and other countries at war with them while relying on inefficient, infantile green energy sources.
>Saudi Arabia secretly trades oil with North Korea
>North Korea, the only buyer of oil, becomes insanely powerful, annexing everything
>Creators of Avatar assassinate Kim Jong Il and take over the New World State
>All money poured into techonology, the poor are all killed and population reduced to only few million elite
>Everything is globalized
>Singularity achieved
>I destroy the central power core, nuking everything into nothingness except for a few lab humans
>Lab humans can bend the elements
>Welcome to the new world

I did it all for you, just to make it real. I did it all for you.

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'Cause I'll look down and whisper.

Is that Gabe from Valve? I can't tell...

You know that guy who keeps saying that The Legend of Korra will be "Beast Machines to Avatar's Beast Wars"?

Well, he was actually half right, but it's not LoK, it's the movie!

Have you even seen Beast Machines?
If not.
Dude youtube it, like NOW!

Beast Machines was HORRIBLE! It was an insult to Beast Wars.

'T4 was here' confirmed for troll.

  >>80788 >>80789
Really? Off all the thing I do for the "lulz" saying that Beast Machines is good is what get me called a troll.Come on, its the most underrated transformers series ever!
Atlest use a better exempel...
It was the lack of Dinobot was it.

No, it was the characters, the setting, the story, the moral, everything. Totally wrong.

But, that's not what this thread, or even this board is about. Though I am sort of sorry to ear you like this show, I kind of expected better of someone who likes Avatar. It's like watching a Kubrick film, then excitedly putting in a DVD of a Boll movie.

>The Dork Night makes an Avatar movie of fail
>Avatar franchise is almost ruined
>Avatar creators depressed
>They say fuck it, make Legend of Korra
>Movie bombs and is lambasted by all but the most die-hard fans
>The Dork Night fades into obscurity
>Franchise is saved
>Some geeky scientist fan decides to make a bold new experiment
>He creates lab humans can bend the elements
>Welcome to the dawn of a new age

There, I made it better.

Actually the movie would probably be more akin to Energon.


Well established cast but through a the wringer?
Expositions dumps at every instance?
No heart, soul or spirit?
Old team replaced with a group of hacks?

That's Beast Machines.

Energon was Japanese, (so that's more a Dragonball Evolution), which was a hundred times better than Beast Machines.

I want to write him a nice 10 page letter about all the reasons he should just end it all with an enclose rope and or shotgun.

do it faggot!
no, seriously, I want to read it!

Korra was never confirmed, it was only trademark.

Bryke also works separately from M Night.

Thats better!
Oh frag off!
Lets just say Rotf and chang the suppjekt.

>Lets just say Rotf and chang the suppjekt.
The subject was already changed, you changed it back with your idiocy/trolling.

Just accept that it was terrible, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Like Syamalan's TLA movie.

But TLA is newer, therefore it is worse in that it has not learned the mistakes of those that have gone before it.

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