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Hey all!

There've been a few A:TLA kink memes over at LJ but they're all pretty dead now. How about starting one up here?

The basic idea, if you're not familiar, is to request and an fulfill smutty prompts put forth by other anons. For example, one might post "Combustion Man/Ursa, spanking!" or something more detailed, like "Kataang, ten years from now. Katara has been visiting Sokka and Suki for the past month and Aang decides to welcome her back as enthusiastically as he can. Outdoor sex, and make it romantic." You fulfill prompts that interest you and hopefully someone fulfills yours!

How about it? Let's get things about a Dangerous Ladies threesome?

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Ohshi--when I'm not working on finals I'll get on that threesome.

Other than that, fuck yes kink meme.

Alright, I'll copy-paste my list from Murph's req. thread.

I want an Azula/Katara one where they're swordfighting but the hilts are vibrators kept in their vajayjay's and the first who gets cut or cums loses.

A Sokka / Jin one, where he's turning her into a tea-serving robot.

Jun and Katara having a whipping contest on Aang's back.

Zuko and Ty Lee, but they're both on trapezes, so the 'in-out' movements can only happen every few seconds and they have to be positioned perfectly.

Toph and Azula, with Toph fishing or something while she buzzes Earth-vibrators she's locked into Azula. All part of the treatment.

In return, I shall keep an eye on this thread and attempt to draw out one that takes my fancy. Or one for every one of my requests that is made.


Those are...fascinatingly inventive.


I get bored of just seeing 'Sukka with paints' and 'Tyzula femdom' and 'Taang holding hands' and bullshit like that. We really need to mix shit up if we're going to stop the fanart scene getting stale. And if we can make requests, then it's here we can do it!


(Oop. Missed one)

Tai (Toph/Mai) - Forced to make out during an alien abduction.

Totally gonna get on these in the next few days when I'm done with finals. They're so crazy they'll be like writing exercises!

>'Sukka with pants'
Is what I read at first glance. I move this be added to the prompts- Sokka and Suki, both wearing trousers and nothing else.

File: 127352998486.png-(61.99KB, 736x736, 125208827233.png)
A single pair at the same time?

I have a few.

Suki/Toph/Sokka, in a sauna, drunk, kinda romantic.

TyLee/Azula, marathon session, romantic.

File: 127355313360.jpg-(38.42KB, 722x566, 1241595203411.jpg)
Sokka and Zuko, cactus juice-fueled "experimenting" between two good friends.

copied and slightly edited from the /pro/ fanfic thread. It's a little long.

I have a thing for sexual tension, curiousity and 'personal talks' over the standard 'get your kit off and jam it in' stories. I also seem to venture towards pairings that are 'just friends' but trust eachother enough to share things. Even physically.

Avatar: Aang & Toph in 'Tremorsence'
Based somewhere in series 2 to early 3, Toph tries to teach Aang how to see the way she does. Much like their first lessons, Aang is having trouble and Toph is pissed off about it. He keeps trying and Toph keeps mocking him, until in one foul tempered stomp, Aang gets it right and 'sees' the world in perfectly crisp detail for the first time. In excitment he turns to Toph to cheer but is cut short by how he 'sees' her and her body with his new sences.

Aang pulls his blindfold off and says he can't do it anymore. Toph demands an explanation but he's too embarrassed to tell her. Leaving Toph very pissed off at the wimpy airbender.

At this point, you could have some build up. Like maybe Aang's tremorsence keeps working dispite no blindfold, so having Katara close by makes him feel like a peeping tom. All the while Toph is keeping an eye on him and suspects something.

In desperation, Aang finally confronts Toph with the question 'how do i turn it off?'. Toph still can't understand what the issue is with it, so Aang reluctantly comes clean about seeing her naked and fully expects to have a boulder drop on him. Instead Toph just says 'So? isn't that how everyone sees eachother?'

Then it could go anyway you please, really. Either they just talk through it or Toph tells Aang to quit being a baby and just look at her. At a far stretch, her earthbender logic would have her drag him off to somewhere private and play 'doctor', so Aang would stop worrying about it.

Again, sorry for the long post.

Mai and Azula, post Zuko's leaving in DoBS. Azula is all feigned concern, but really looking to control and possess her stray Dangerous Lady. Mai is just too upset to stop her.

Azula/Aang. First time anal.

Azula tops, I assume.


File: 127391430245.jpg-(77.49KB, 678x874, 421864 - Aang Avatar_the_last_Airbender Azula aeol.jpg)

Fuck no!

Mai/Ty Lee, pllleeaaaaseee. Ty Lee tops.

Toph/Xin Fu. How _did_ she convince the guy to let her participate despite the risk of the Bei Fong's attention?

I just assumed that she entered at one of those points where he was like "does anyone care to challenge the winner for $$$?"

...But please, carry on.

I want Azula/Zuko orgasm denial/dub-con


In all honesty, I think that's 50% or more of all Zuko/Azula fics anyway.

I'm okay with this

Dub-con Azula/Ty Lee. Post-Boiling Rock where Azula makes a "visit" to Ty Lee.

I once did a KataraxSuki kink story, though I never got around into finishing it. :(
If you wanna read it, just go here:

>Before the waterbender could reacted, Suki walked away sexually.
The fair waterbender was speechless, thoughtless, even. She think of many responses. What should she do? What should she say? But she could not react.

Suki turned her back agains the aghast bender, and took slow steps towards the door. Swinging her hips from side to side with such arousing grace...

...Sorry. Your writing is fine, I just wanted to reword a few things.

>She think of many responses.
>She think
>Suki turned her back agains the aghast bender

You might want to check your own corrections first.

I never pretended those to be corrections or superior version.
I quickly thought of it and did so. And I wanted to share it.
It's a fun writing experiment.

I didn't say that, I'm just saying spellchecking and proofreading might be helpful.

Alright. Next time, I suppose. For now, I'll keep reading.

aw yiss kink meme~

Mai/Zuko, horny drunken teenage sex. Girl on top!

Thanx for the critique. I could sure use some for future endeavors. Got any others to share?
Anyway, I'm just glad you're not some dickish troll getting into my business and being a dick.
Thanx. ;)



A sparring match gets way out of hand and Haru finds out Toph is far more experienced/perverse than he imagined a twelve year old could get (DubCon, earthbending bondage, femdom, pegging, you get the general picture)

Found this on a /co/ thread and thought it should be posted here, just because I would be surprised if this idea hadn't been done before:

>Why has no one done a fic about Azula and Ty Lee capturing Aang and Katara. Raping Aang senseless as Katara is forced to watch helplessly( and getting turned on) after fucking Aangs brains out they turn their attention to Katara...
>Ty Lee being how she is would try to be Gentle with Aang, then Azula shoves her off jumps on him and rides until his eyes roll back into his head. Then she turns and looks at Katara and says" you're next bitch"

....So does no one here realize that for a kink meme to work, people have to fill out requests?

Oh, we totally do.
...We're just all too lazy.

Inspired by a couple of posts in the older!Toph thread: Toph's tall, powerful build and earthbending prowess remind Suki of Avatar Kiyoshi, which turns her on, and she insists on completing the image with some makeup. My assumption is that they're already in a relationship (Sukkoph optional), but if you can make it work otherwise then go for it.

I suppose this fits here. Apparently there's an LJ comm with a few Maitara fics I hadn't read before. You all might find it interesting.

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