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File: 124151085985.png-(480.45KB, 640x480, azulafeet.png)
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You are now imagining how awesome Azula would be in the sack.

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I'm always imagining how awesome Azula would be in the sack.

In a sack of what?

Potatoes obviously. OP is asking how she would be in a sack of potatoes.


Well that's absurd. What is Azula doing to be awesome in a sack of potatoes?

File: 124151205738.jpg-(42.53KB, 593x520, SackRace.jpg)

Isn't it obvious? A potat. . .


DAMN IT! Beat again! ) :


We all know

Crazy = Freaky

I'd just love to be that brush.

After that dream of her turning into a dragon and burning/biting my dick off, RFIdhkjrbheb yhkstb NO. D:


Funny. I had the same dream about Rhaegar Targaryen.

You are now shipping Azula/Rhaegar.


For some reason, the picture shown here comes to mind.


I'd settle for a foot job.

File: 12418171235.png-(287.46KB, 720x480, ep60-18.png)
Who wouldn't?


I'm convinced that it was all my years of good karma built up that put that particular scene into the show. It was like Christmas in July.

I've never had a foot fetish.

Until now.

Oh man, me too, me too. Azula has perfect feet.

Screw Azula's feet. I want her fucking pedicure. :(


"Screw Azula's feet."

Done and done.

Darling, you're talking about the fire breathing chess mistress and martial artist psycho bitch.

She will screw your feet.


Best part is, with her personality, you know she'd totally be into having them worshiped, forcing you to do it at that.



A specific thing to want art of, but man oh man I wish there was some.

I would draw it, but how does one go about drawing a foot fetish picture? I've never drawn one before. Obviously I can't just draw Azula's feet, that would be boring. I dunno, give me some time and I'll think of a situation.

File: 124199452725.jpg-(126.50KB, 476x421, harvey-birdman-attorney-at-law-takes-the-case.jpg)

I'll take the case!

~Azula relaxed on her throne with a sly smile on her face. She wriggled her bare toes which were currently being licked by her new prisoner, Suki. Azula was wearing her dark red, silk dressing gown and nothing more; her hair dark was loose and dangling behind her wistfully. Suki was wearing little more than rags, barely covering her body as she tried to avoid gazing at her cruel mistress's face. Suki held Azula’s feet delicately, apprehensively running her tongue over and in between Azula’s toes...~


Dammit, anon! You're making me develop a foot fetish with that scenario.

File: 12420006293.png-(380.86KB, 720x480, sukisaysno.png)

wait a bit

>You are now imagining how awesome Azula would be in the sack.

I've been doing it since I started watching this 'show'

File: 124200176043.jpg-(55.17KB, 720x480, Suki.jpg)

Now now, don't get upset or jealous dear Suki. Aside from the previously described situation, we could also have something made with you being taken care of as well. Perhaps your friend Sokka warming up your toes in his mouth on one of those cold cold water tribe nights. No one ever claimed you didn't have nice toes of your own.

File: 124200981562.png-(391.35KB, 720x480, sukiapproves.png)


Well you two can argue your case for Suki's feet getting the attention, but my hopes shall still be set on one for the Fire Princess and her feet dominating.

I'm sure at least one of the writers has a foot fetish.

I think you're projecting.

File: 124205629137.png-(492.73KB, 720x480, ep60-59.png)
Well, I'm not the one who wrote a lot of lines referring to bare feet.

File: 124206101212.jpg-(291.90KB, 800x531, Katara Toph Feet 2.jpg)
Delicious topic.

But you are the one who's sexualizing it.


Not to add to the argument between you two, but when viewing someone holding something long and cylindrical, like a brush, between their toes at that angle, the leap to sexualization doesn't seem that far, foot fetish or not.

I mean, the one Suki picture, yeah sure, that's just her relaxing on the beach. But that whole Azula foot scene in the finale was almost dripping with domination/subjection overtones.

And as I said, we all know what that brush between her toes damn well looks like. xD


...a brush.

Cylinder does not always equal phallus. especially something like a brush which ends in something entirely different from what a penis looks like. COME ON.

That said, I am firm in the belief that you all want to fuck your mothers. FREUD UP IN THIS BITCH.


I see it quite clearly. I'm not thinking the square part in the back is where it ends though. Instead, I look at that as the beginning. In which case if you view it as coming towards you, the shape looks quite phallic indeed. Cylindrical and rounded on the end.

All this being Freudian territory I think not. I happen to have a foot fetish, I happen to enjoy Avatar, people with foot fetishes are often submissive, and Azula, one of the most dominating characters in the show just happens to have a scene where she's basically getting a pedicure.


I am saying when you, as a foot fetishist see feet, you sexualize it. Yes, and thats cool, do whatever, in fact good on you for being frank about it.

What I am saying is, as an artfag (and not just some douche who draws things good, I have training and knowledge of theory/history and all that jazz) that you as the viewer are perceiving and sexualizing a rather simple act of a power mad little girl. It was not the storyboard artist's intention for it to be sexy. It was not the voice actor's intention for it to be sexy. It was not the writer's intention for it to be sexy.

There is solid, well taught theory explaining away everything you find sexy about this to being completely mundane. I do not want to write an essay as to every detail WHY. I haven't slept for over 24 hours, you do not want me to write an essay explaining it either as it would effectively ruin your fun. The last thing I want to do is ruin your fun.

It is you, you sick fuck. You can be as sick a fuck as you like, just stop projecting so hard. I understand you want to believe there are other sick fucks like you, and there are, trust there are plenty. But we are not all sick fucks, some of us make a cartoon or see a cartoon without seeing it as anything but a goddamn cartoon and we LIKE IT THAT WAY.

Furthermore, spotting a phallus right off the bat and domination/control themes are pretty Fruedian if you ask me.

You need to realize, as a sick fuck, you see these things instantly. The general populace does not. Do not force your thoughts upon them, as they are perfectly happy experiancing whatever it may be without the perversions.

Finally, be proud of what a sick fuck you are. You get something out of this scene, and see it in a unique way that the rest of the viewers don't, and thats pretty fucking awesome. Be smug in your sickness, you're one of an elite few that takes hold of the full potential of the scene, share a polite nod to the other sick fucks around the room, and enjoy the show, no one the wiser.

Sorry if I rambled, again haven't slept in ages.

Tl;dr: You are a sick fuck, we are not sick fucks, diversity is awesome, be proud, stay true, treat it like its your own private gentlemen's club where only the cool sickos like you (and Freud?) are invited.

Pretty sure you want to sex your mom Mayekoi

But before you do get some shuteye


How did such a ridiculous thread become so serious all of the sudden?

Freud was very imaginative.


Wow. That was quite thought out and informative. But I have one question. Do you take requests? I ask because I'd love to see you do one about what kind of person would take the time to write a piece so vehemently passionate about something so silly and random. Putting someone in there place is one thing. Informing someone delusional about their own false projections in life is another. But that right there...that right there that you did...that was something else. If strong you're enough to use that powerful magnifying glass on yourself, and if you can resist the temptations and stay objective, I'd be very interested to see you step out of your own shoes, become a third party, and tell us what you see.


>>57650 here. At the end of the day, maturity and ability in regards to expression and interpretation is subjective.

I just was a bit put off by the fact that an entire thread was going on, whoever started it, foot fetish or not, obviously saw the brush as a phallus, hence the "how awesome Azula would be in the sack" line, several other people saw the phallus and got the reference as well, laughs, jokes, and fun times were going on, and then someone feels the need to come along and not only suck all the fun out of the room and go all serious bzns, but accuse everyone of wanting to diddle mummy dearest on top of it all. The first post of Mayekoi was in response to something that ended with an "xD"
Is it really necessary to take something with an "xD" so seriously?

Didn't seem like much "maturity" was being exhibited.

To your point though, "diction" as you put it, is subjective as well. So perhaps I was reading too far into things myself, but where you saw silly and random, I saw somewhat rude. Stepping back, if I must factor tiredness and exhaustion into it, I can see that both of us probably went over some nonexistent line. Lol.




All these peoples arguing over psychology and philosophy hurts my head. Can't I just like Azula's feets and hope for feet art in peace? T_T


lulz that ep and part were just on nick toons.


I'll have to agree with a few others. I see how sexualizing that can come so easy.


You should really write some moar to that.


The whole thing was entirely pointless. They could have just skipped right to the mirror scene, and yet this whole bit has nothing but sub and dom undertones with foot worship to boot.

What more do you want for proof or evidence? The director's mouth words?

Either way, having a foot fetish doesn't make you a freak, and it's not a modern fetish either. Learn some sex history, kid.

You're joking. It's setting up the start of her mental decline, hardly a superfluous moment. And of *course* there'd be elements of domination and submission, they're servants and she's freaking royalty.

Exactly. This is the first time we get to her paranoia coming to the surface. If this scene wasn't in the show, it would just cut from her scene with Ozai to her suddenly banishing all her Dai Li and asking them to "send in the next group on you're way out"

How would that have made a lick of sense without this scene coming first?


I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The scene was necessary in addition to the other few scenes that show her deteriorating mental state, and obviously there will be domination subjection issues at hand when showing a bossy princess with her meek servants, but at the same time, if you just showed the single scene specifically in and of itself to people, I think it's safe to venture that more than one of them would see elements of foot fetishism there.

i think it's pretty clear that at least one person with a foot fetish worked it into the show

most barefoot characters don't flaunt it the way toph does


Perhaps, but it could be also said that her dirty bare feet (not even counting the fact that she's an earth bender) are constantly shown to show what a laid back and untamed wild child tomboy she is.

To be fair though, there is indeed quite a bit of foot focus in the show across multiple characters, most shown in this thread.

I think some feet are cute or even sexy but it's not like I fap to them. I don't find the thought of somebody working on the show feeling the same so creepy.


Ah, can't believe I was able to dig this up. But anyway, I was reading this today and thought of this thread from way back when. If Azula dominating with her feet is your thing (and what a very particular thing to have) then this little one shot actually has a fairly kinky part you'll probably like. I myself just enjoyed the story, but yeah, there you go.

File: 125648235164.jpg-(43.61KB, 540x540, toph.jpg)

File: 12672490845.jpg-(46.31KB, 542x837, AzulaSuki.jpg)
From the dead!

File: 126817065697.jpg-(50.23KB, 900x818, Suki Feet.jpg)

Shrinking Suki down to doll-size...that looks like quite the feat!


Quite, and now the feat is what she's looking at.

File: 126835487080.jpg-(61.52KB, 665x900, Azula.jpg)
Dear diary, jackpot.


How are we sure those are Katara's feet and not Sokka's?

File: 12684292523.jpg-(24.13KB, 379x361, Katoph.jpg)

Word of God says it it's Katoph. Also did the lovely piece to my left.

File: 126844831850.jpg-(65.24KB, 695x695, Mai Katara Toph.jpg)
Katara and Toph are about the same height.

That’s more than likely Sokka on the left.


Not if you go by the actual show. Katara and Sokka are nearly the same height, with Katara little shorter, but Toph is even shorter than Aang, she only reaches up to Katara's shoulders at best.

File: 126844972523.jpg-(49.38KB, 461x636, Height.jpg)

Well they're not miles apart, but there is at least a half a head difference or so.

And like before, once again, word of god says it's Katoph. Why you couldn't just follow the first link to the first piece and search the gallery and find that out yourself I don't know...but whatever.

File: 126852549524.jpg-(97.11KB, 650x813, Six.jpg)
Six for the price of one mofo.

Tickling has always been one of those fetishes where I can see the appeal, but only if its in conjunction with conventional sexiness. Fully-clothed girls getting tickled, especially if there is no visible person doing it, just kind of confuses me.


You can't really try to apply logic to specific fetishes though.

Nothing that causes attraction has a logical, realistic appeal, aside from maybe some base universal evolutionary appeal in which developed breasts or shapely hips/buttocks symbolize a woman of mating age that's able to properly care for offspring. And hell, not even everyone shares those two.

But other than those two, most fetishes are just

A: the result of some physiological incident early in life where something slightly abnormal altered a child's mind, and later in life when the chemicals caught up during puberty, this became tied in with sexual arousal.

Or B: Fetishes are somehow tied in with genetics and we just don't have the tech to pinpoint what causes what yet.

Or C: a combination of both A and B.

Point is, trying to apply logic to fetish you don't share is like trying to understand how someone is attracted to a gender that you're not attracted to. It'll never really make perfect sense to you, so it's pointless to think about.

I like how empirically you think.


This is sarcasm, right?


And you have to be a girl.

No, I wanna break her foot.

No. It wasn't sarcasm. The evolutionary biological causes behind many (if not most) mating behaviours in humans and other superior mammals are pretty well studied and documented. I mean, literally thousands and experiments and peer-reviewed papers being published each year on the subject.
So claims from >>75298 are pretty empirical, even point A which might sound a bit psychoanalytical has the physiological biochemical explanation beyond some freudian super-ego hypothesis.

Everything has an rational explanation. Unless, of course, you're one of statistical majority of Americans who misunderstand evolutionary theories after some "men came from monkeys" oversimplification fallacy.


Look who found their first encyclopedia!

Yeah :D
I love my science books. They have answers for things.


Actually I'm a guy, although I don't really know what about my statement lead you to think I was a girl. If anything, when I now reread it, it seems more stereotypically male oriented than anything else. I was very straight forward and totally took all the passion and magic out of attraction and broke it down into cold, hard fact.


And thank you very much. You're not the first person to compliment me on that. Lol.


Ah, sorry. It's just when I hear people talking bollocks on the internet I automatically assume its a girl.

I should really learn to be less sexist.

File: 126862299557.jpg-(30.79KB, 365x638, mai.jpg)

oh god moar

File: 126895952246.jpg-(105.22KB, 900x1350, Toph.jpg)

File: 127862860224.jpg-(49.25KB, 334x447, toph.jpg)

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