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53132 No.53132
Gonna have a little fun here.

An anon requested in >>52881 that I make fapfic based off >>52853

I'm going to make this in short bites starting tonight with the first part and hopefully continuing every night until completion.

Part 1 incoming! Art (tegaki comment) by scrappster

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Excellent! Your descriptions of Katara's feelings and sensations are exquisitely hot.

And like I mentioned on IRC last night, I like the bit of hesitation/guilt/whatever between Aang and Katara; it helps work with their characters and make the story much more endearing than if the characters ended up as generic porn characters with familiar names.

I'm looking forward to the next installment!

Thanks everyone!

Though I'm mildly facepalming at the few missing and/or wrong tensed words I messed up in that last part. I gotta tighten up the graphics a bit, there.

Moar to come...


Aang totally should have yelled SIFU HOTMAN!

Also, I guess this is where, realistically, we'd have to brave the dread Zutara right?

In before Katara ends up pregnant and Mai kills the baby with a fruit.

LOLZ. Actually i can stomach "zutara" in a wife/girlfriend swapping foursome sexy time situation, that's hot. Its when they get into the whole ZOMG! TRU LOVE!!!! bullshit that it gets on my nervs.


I think you'll like the way I'm gonna write it.

File: 123872517370.jpg-(127.53KB, 800x736, 27873.jpg)
Seconded. As a pairing, it makes no sense, but that never stopped porn from being sexy. Pic sooo related.

Not a sexy Zutara pic, IMO. I've seen better... not that I go out of my way to look.

I can stomach Zutara in this story too because of the way it's being written, and the delicious Maitara and Zukaang we just had beforehand. I feel like I wouldn't hate Zutara so much if it weren't for the crazy fangirls, but in this instance, it shouldn't be a problem.


Damn, this part went longer than I thought.

This is gonna wrap tomorrow night


The ending I have in mind tickles me ever so. Enjoy /a/.

Now for... ... what do you call that pairing?

Fapping and LOLing. You have a gift, my friend.

Also, I totally love the idea of Aang going on a spiritual journey to increase his knowledge in the sack. That could work as a multi-chapter story in and of itself.


Could you elaborate? I don't quite understand the question.

I am not sure what Mai/Aang is called. Maiang?


Not important/common enough to have a one-word name. Mai/Aang is the normal term.

I deleted that last part, I'm not satisfied with it. I made Zuko out to be a minute-man and that whole thing seemed rushed. I know just how to fix that.

I shall make some additions and post the revised part later tonight before I post the ending part.

Me likey. I mean, the original was good, but I'm sure you can make it better. This also means that the story won't end for even longer! Yay!

"Hrm," Katara sat up with a inquisitive finger set against her bottom lip. Her eyes were at half-lid as she looked Zuko over. She thought of something naughty to say and turned her head toward Aang. Katara cut herself off when she noticed he was already occupied. He was sitting up with Mai straddling his thighs. Mai toweled off the seed covering his belly and discarded the rag. Zuko finally broke the silence, he playfully commanded in an outrageous faux angry tone, "Get to work, 'Water Peasant'!"

Katara snapped her head back at Zuko with a raised eyebrow. *He did NOT just use the 'P' word seriously? Did he?*, Katara thought. Zuko dismissed any notion of that with his next command, he poured on the sarcasm, "You should consider this the opportunity of a lifetime to 'serve' to Almighty Fire Lord!" Zuko gestured toward his crotch with his left hand. His right hand covered his mouth to stifle a laugh at look on his friend's face.

"Oh I see how it is," Katara began, she traced a line down the center of Zuko's chest with a finger on her right hand. She played along with Zuko and continued in a mock-subservient tone, "I'm truly humbled to have an audience with the...FIRE LORD!" Katara's voice rose when she uttered those last two words. At the same time she put a kung-fu-grip around the base of Zuko's lazy erection.

"ARRGH!" Zuko groaned loudly at the sudden discomfort, a younger Zuko would have ignored the confident, playful smirk on Katara's face and done something stupid. He paused for a moment and let the dull pain pass. His member responded appreciatively to the tight squeeze. Katara gave it a few light strokes as she changed up her act, "How about a little wager?"


"Yeah," Katara crawled forward on her hands and knees and presented Zuko with her soaked pink slit. Her gorgeous round hips and ass framed it nicely for her subject. Katara looked over her shoulder at Zuko and placed a forearm against her forehead in faux-melodramatic fashion, "Whomever comes first loses their HONOR!" She enticingly wagged her rump back and forth at him.

"Oh, no. Not my honor!" Zuko placed his hands on the sides of his face in mock horror. He stifled another laugh before he accepted Katara's challenge, "You're on!"

Mai watched the episode unfold from the other side of the bed. She hugged Aang's head tightly against her chest while he varied suckling and massaging her breasts. As Zuko made his way over to the tan skinned woman's rump Mai wondered aloud in Aang's ear, "Only those two can turn sex into a contest." Aang chuckled into her left breast, he chuckled again in reaction to the sweet sounds of Katara's pleasure as Zuko penetrated her. Mai shivered a bit in reaction to the vibration, it was her cue to take things further, "Come on, time to get you ready to go again."

"Can I do something first? It'll be quick."


Aang went into his meditation posture with Mai still straddling him. He closed his eyes briefly as he breathed deeply. in through the nose and out through the mouth. He focused on temporarily blocking his water chakra, a technique taught to him by the Avatar Zhi of the Air Nomads.

A few years back, Aang was lead to Zhi in the Spirit World as he sought out carnal advice from his past lives in order to please Katara. Zhi's wife, Heng, was notoriously insatiable. He told Aang stories of Heng keeping him in bed for days on end. Zhi found that blocking his water chakra allowed him to sate Heng in a night's time, allowing him to resume his Avatarly duties. Something about Katara's behavior tonight reminded him of Heng and now, with his water chakra blocked for the night, he'll be all her's if she needed him.

Mai turned around in Aang's lap as he meditated and waited for him to finish.

"Ok, I'm read-YYYYYY!" Mai grabbed Aang's legs and dragged him out from under her. His head slapped upon the mattress and was suddenly eye-to-genitals with Mai's womanhood. She wiggled down upon the Avatar's face, she took him into her mouth. A loud slap was heard on the other side of the bed, Mai looked upon her husband's perverted game of 'Hide and Explode' as she worked Aang stiff again.

"No cheating, Katara!"

"Arrggh, like spanking my butt like that isn't cheating?"

"Clench up again and find out!"

Zuko thrust into Katara with vigor. Katara responded in kind with retaliating thrusts and gyrations. The act itself looked more like a sparring session rather than coitus, a session neither one wanted to lose. His manhood pistoned back and forth, Katara noted how he had a slightly wider girth than Aang's. Simultaneously, she felt his higher body heat, a natural attribute of firebenders. The combination of the two managed to raise her arousal. Her natural juices were flowing so freely, a muffled squelch was audible every time he pounded into her. Katara's vocal cords betrayed her determination, "I'm not *aahn* gonna lose! *Aaahn*!"

"It sure doesn't sound like it, admit it. You're loving it!"

"N-No!" Katara lied. She had to find a way to subdue her urges, distracting Zuko was her only choice, she reached between her legs and massaged the Fire Lord's royal scrotum. He groaned in approval for a moment before dealing out his punishment on her toosh.


"Ouch!" Katara yelped, "Oh, you're asking for it, Zuko!" Before she could retaliate, Zuko reached around her waist and brushed a single finger against her jewel. She sighed loudly and bucked forward, so far forward she slipped off of his shaft. His finger remained, unfettered. Katara rose upright on her knees, she brushed Zuko's hand away from her sex, and reached around with a free hand to rapidly stroke Zuko's length. He growled, "Oh so it's gonna be like that, eh?" He attempted multiple times with both hands to regain access to her hood, she skillfully swatted his hands away.

Mighty Katara grew confident again, she began to taunt, "Fat Chance, "Zu-Zu". Just give- EEK!" Zuko made better use of his strong hands, he spun Katara around and gently shoved her down on the mattress on her back. He straddled her abdomen and looked down at her, "So you like using your hands?" He cracked and stretched out his knuckles, "So do I." The Fire Lord sneered and he reached back for Katara's snatch with his right hand. He got a single finger in up to the first knuckle before Katara closed her thighs around the appendage. Only then did Zuko realize his mistake, "Let- let me go!" Katara stuck her tongue out at him and grasped his defenseless penis with both hands, "Make me."

She pumped and twisted her hands at a furious pace. Zuko struggled to free his hand from her strong grip, "NO NO NO NO NO!" He tried to reach behind him with his left hand to tug his own hand, but he had almost no leverage thanks to his posture. As a result, Katara trapped the left hand as well. Zuko was her prisoner. Katara paused stroking.

"Looks like I win this wager, Zuko. I'll allow you the luxury of choosing your fate, slow or fast."



Zuko struggled one last time, nearly separating a shoulder.

"...Slow. Please."

"Hmph," Katara stroked his member with one hand at a languid pace while she cupped his sack with the other. His breathing deepened as he felt waves of fire travel through his body. She noticed his eyes were closed, "Come on Zuko, at least open your eyes and enjoy the view." He reluctantly complied and took in the sight of the ravishing young woman pinned beneath him, tanned skin, deep blue eyes, friendly expression, pert breasts topped with hardened brown nipples. She smiled as his shaft grew even more engorged, "Ready for your defeat?"

The last word out of her mouth reminded him of the price of his defeat. Her smile grew more playful. He couldn't take any more of this, his cock exploded all over her stomach and breasts as he howled, "My honor!"

Katara released his hands from her thighs. He toppled backward in exhaustion from his little sparring session.

Mai raised her head off of Aang's cock and reassured Zuko, "Don't worry, honey. To restore your honor, just finish her off. It would only be polite."

"You heard the Lady," Katara said in a chipper tone as she sat on Zuko's face, "Get to work." He savored her musk for a moment, he embraced her around the thighs, and began to eat her out. It didn't take too long to get Katara off, that last throe had her on the verge multiple times. The Avatar's fiance shuddered and hissed atop his face as she reached ecstasy's peak for the third time tonight. "So," Katara asked after she recovered, "How about a rematch?"

"Sure, sure...just give me a couple minutes to-" Zuko trailed off. Katara waited from him to finish, but her bottom was suddenly tickled by a powerful snore that resonated in his throat. His sudden slumber drew a giggle from everyone else.

The Fire Lady felt the time was right, she pulled away from Aang and settled on her back. She beckoned the Avatar over to her in her naturally sultry rasp, "I'm ready for you, Aang."

I thought I would get this done by tonight, but the revision I made to the prior part ate up a lot of the time. I have a good deal of the ending down, but I'm not posting it until I'm satisfied with it.

My next post to this thread will be the ending. Thanks to everyone who read/commented.

With a flourish of her arms, Katara waterbended Zuko's seed from her chest to the discarded towel on the floor. She was careful not to disturb the cooling perspiration that coated her. Katara made her way over near Mai and Aang. The night's activities left her mouth parched, so she bent stream of water from the bedside pitcher to quench it. She sat crosslegged and absentmindedly cupped her tingling sex while she watched the tryst in progress.

Aang kissed Mai on the mouth as his manhood parted her folds. She was caught off-guard at first, but she returned it in full. Her tongue darted through his lips and wrestled his own. She opened one eye and looked inquisitively toward Katara for her reaction. Katara's hands wheeled around one another as if to say, "Keep going." Mai broke the kiss and wrapped her pale legs around Aang, forcing him all the way inside her. She shuddered a bit in reaction to the full feeling.

He enjoyed the warmth that enveloped him, though he didn't derive any carnal pleasure from the feeling thanks to his prior meditation. It felt more like donning a thick woolen parka in the cold. "Ah," Aang sighed as he started to pump his hips. Mai purred in approval. She guided Aang's chest up and away from hers and hung her outstretched arms around his neck. He continued on his steady pace, his pelvis barely came in contact with her bottom. To Mai it felt 'good' but not nearly as good it seemed to make Katara feel earlier in the evening. Though she was a flattered by his gentleness, she preferred Zuko's brand of fiery pounding. Mai tweaked Aang's nipples to get his attention.

"Ow! What was that for, Mai?"

"I won't break, don't be afraid. I want it harder."

"I'll try..."

Aang quickened his movements, like he would usually do with Katara. Mai's head lolled to the side, quiet sighs and deep breaths escaped her mouth. Her legs spread in approval, allowing him to delve deeper into her. But something was missing. Mai tried to convey this, "No, *ah* you need to *aah* do it *ah*-"

"Harder, Aang. I know you can do it," Katara encouraged her love as she kneeled at Mai's head. Her knees were surrounded by a vast sea of raven-colored hair. She continued, "Let me assist you, dear." Katara grasped Mai's legs and pulled them back. Mai's thighs were now flesh against her own chest with Katara pinned her legs back. Her palms came to a rest on the soles of Mai's feet. Aang shifted forward slightly, he was right on top of her now.

"Here goes..."

He drove his hips down with authority, reaching even deeper inside her. Each stab ended in a resounding slap of flesh on flesh, the skin on Mai's thighs rippled in answer to the impact. "Just *ahn* like that Aang," Mai panted, "Keep going!" Katara was admiring Aang's work, she took advantage of their closeness and stole occasional kisses from him. Mai's panting soon turned into moans and coos, "So- ooooh... close..." Aang became even more forceful. It took a scant few repetitions to drive the Fire Lady to her climax. She was silent, almost dignified, as the rest of her body quivered. Katara felt her legs shake against her hands as Mai's toes splayed. Aang, determined to make it last, continued his movements. It took almost a dozen heartbeats for the waves of pleasure to wash over.

Aang stole a glance at Katara, she had that look about her. The same smoldering look she always shot Aang moments before she would pounce him and initiate a round of lovemaking. His earlier suspicions were about to come true, Katara was about to devour him.

Mai finally came down from her lengthy orgasm, she desperately gasped for air as Aang got from on top of her and helped her sit up. He coyly nudged her with his elbow and asked her, "Well, was it a 'mindblowing' as Katara implied?"

"Eh, I had worse, I guess," Mai barbed before she placed a thankful kiss on his cheek. Almost immediately after pulled her lips away from his head, she seen a black and light-brown flash whiz by and tackle Aang accompanied by an animalistic growl.

"You! Me! Now!" Katara demanded of her fiance. She leaned down and kissed him with the hunger of 100 Kataras as she enthusiastically mounted him.

That's all that Mai needed to see before she knew she wouldn't be needed. She stretched her arms and curled up against her snoring husband, "I'm taking a nap. If you lovebirds need anything just call for the servants."

Katara's "Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes" was the last thing Mai heard before sleep overtook her.


Everyone knew Zuko rose with the sun, this morning was no different. Zuko opened his eyes, his blurry vision revealed his wife in her red bedrobe. The room stank of sex, this was no surprise due to the prior evening's festivities. Sitting near the edge of the bed sipping some early morning tea, she seemed to be intently watching something.

"More! More!"

Katara's lustful cries clued him in as to what she was watching. He snapped up and sat at Mai's side. "Good mornin' sleepyhead," she greeted him as she handed him a fresh cup of jasmine tea.

"Aang, I'm c-c-com- AAAAAHHHHHNN!"

Zuko looked upon the couple with widened eyes, he was beyond astonished. Both of them were soaked in sweat. Katara's hair was wild and knotted, her face was flushed with a color bordering on beet red, a pair of tried tears ran down her face. "Have- have they been at it the entire night?" He asked the Fire Lady.

"I assume so. I've only been up about half an hour. That girl is insatiable. That had to be the 8th time she came since I woke up," Mai sipped her tea, "It's fascinating, don't you think?"

"Quite," Zuko sipped his tea. The sight unfolding in front of him served to renew his arousal. He placed a hand on Mai's shoulder, she looked at him sidelong with a knowing grin.

"RIGHT THERE, keep going Aang! I'm gonna- OOOOOOHHHHHH!"

Mai slid one shoulder out of her robe and said, "I've had all your morning meetings postponed. We have plenty of time to enjoy breakfast."

"What's for breakfast?"

If Iroh were there, he would be furious at their waste of perfectly fine tea. Mai took Zuko teacup along with hers and threw them against the wall and she straddled Zuko's waist, she told Zuko the answer.

"You," Mai slipped completely out of her robe and impaled herself on Zuko's morning wood.

"Happy Anniversary Mai."



10 pages of fictional characters fucking their brains out. I am insane!


Thanks to DS Hina for the inspiration and to Anon for shining the Murph symbol


Thanks for reading/posting/suggesting. Fap away!

I am very happy.

Someone needs to tell Hina about this somehow.


I sent her a note on dA with a link to this thread.

That was pretty fucking epic Murph, faptastic work!

Anonymous approves of this fapfic. Everyone was mostly in character, which most people fail at when writing pr0nz. Even the Katara and Zuko moments were done right. That's how it should always be if they have to get paired up together, either competing during sex or with Katara dominating. Overall, I'd say you've done a damn fine job. Kudos to you, sir.

Addendum: I just remembered that reading this fic last night made me have a very odd Avatar dream. In order to join the Gaang at the Western Air Temple, Zuko had to have sex with almost every member in the group. Even Teo and Haru got favors, though fortunately The Duke was absent from this tryst. I wish I could remember more, but I forgot it until just now.

I am happy that you're happy.
I hope she can stand the ridiculous grammatical errors I let slip by in the last parts. Self-depreciation aside, I hope she likes.
Thanks much, anon. Thank you very much.
I agree with your sentiments, the 'Zutara' scene was much easier to write without thinking of 'OMG THIS IS PROOF' / 'STEAM-BABIES'. If Katara gets her some of emo-lord, Aang should get some of delicious pale Mai in return. It's only fair.


Murph, Hina liked it. She thought it was hot. ;)

If she didn't, then we'd have reason to suspect her of being a skrull.

Gigantor bump!

I finally got an AFF account and re-edited the first half of this story and posted it.


The re-edited second part will be up tomorrow night, btw.

I love this story! Someday I'll draw a full, colored illustration based on it - Zutaramaang is too much epic!

I wonder if Gunsmoke have read this...


Who cares? Even if it's been done already there's nothing wrong with two different artists making their depictions of one story. Heck all the better.

File: 124950332620.jpg-(60.92KB, 720x540, snake-am-pleased-by-this.jpg)

> Someday I'll draw a full, colored illustration based on it - Zutaramaang is too much epic!

Glad to be of some inspiration, Vicente :P

man i love this story, props Daniel Murphy. i was confused for a bit though, i could have sworn i read this story a while back. then i looked at the dates =รพ
thanks again for it


Welp, I refined the second half of it a bit and just got done posting it on AFF, though thanks for re-reading the original 'finished' draft, hehe

Anyway, here it is

Rescuing from page 9


Oh, sure, bump the thread with the fic that's uploaded elsewhere, but the sequel to this story still fell off the board.

WHAT? Sequel?

Why I wasn't informed about it?


It's called "One Night in Mapaku."

Aang and Katara visit Aunt Wu's village again and run into a now grown Meng, as well as On Jii, who had become an apprentice there as well, after the war.

Basic jist? After the night with Zuko and Mai, Katara had been getting adventurous and after one escapade didn't end so well, she decides to make it up to Aang by letting two former crushes of his experience a bit of what she has.


Whew! You scared me for a moment. :D

I've read the beginning of "Makapu", but... not so great as Murphy's story. No offense.


Um, Murphy wrote both...he also went and re-wrote it at one point, so I don't know which version you read.


Wow, I really wasn't paying attention. But... I liked "An Evening" more.

Just found the thread... going to read it again.

Get off page 9


Erm, the story was slightly reworked and was posted to AFF long ago, but...thanks for the bump I guess?


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