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File 133549033749.png - (144.05KB , 874x523 , Hurp.png )
4265 No. 4265
Tech, I would like your assistance with a matter.

My computer is connected to my 26" Samsung LCD HDMI. But for some reason, everything is a little darker than it should be, like pushing back a laptop too far. My Xbox is also connected via HDMI, but it does not suffer from the same issues.

SCP 87 FINAL!youtube thumb

Take for example this video. At 8:03, you should be able to see the monster's face. I cannot see it until it is at it's closest, around 8:20 or 8:25.

I have changed the settings on my tv in an attempt to fix this, mostly with maxing out the contrast and brightness. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work very well, with the added affect of causing certain colours to become "bleached".

Is there any reason this happens, and is there any way this can be remedied? Related picture is a cap of the video. Hopefully you see it from my perspective.
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>> No. 4266
I'd try going into your graphics options and seeing if you can adjust the individual monitor output. I take it's a Laptop with HDMI out, and vista-7? Right click on the desktop should get you where you need to go.
>> No. 4267
also probably should've put this in Tech your mind general. This board is slow enough that most tech support questions get fielded there.

sage for no contribute
>> No. 4268
File 133549575211.png - (245.06KB , 520x575 , Terr.png )
PC, XP. I have an Nvidia graphics card.

A better example, if it may help. Look at the wings. Set to my television's default statistics, you can't see much more than the red lines, if at all. After adjusting to my current settings, I can just make out the far tip of the blue.
>> No. 4269
Well, set as a wallpaper. Right now I can't see any of the wings.
>> No. 4272
see if you can adjust the color and such through the NVidia control panel. Should be located in the regular control panel.

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