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File 133381632699.jpg - (33.70KB , 501x258 , file-formats.jpg )
4205 No. 4205
What is your preferred audio format?

Do you like your tunes lossless or lossy?
>> No. 4208
I stream pretty much all of my music off of either Spotify or Pandora.
>> No. 4209
I have been listening to 320 kbps mp3 my whole life and have never felt the need to change.

But I am totally open to being convinced.
>> No. 4210
I'd prefer FLAC, but they take up too much space. MP3 is fine for me right now
>> No. 4213
FLAC and VBR V0 MP3s in most cases.

If I can afford the space, SACD rips are great.
>> No. 4215
mp3. I actually gank videos from youtube and convert them to mp3. I'm informed that the quality is absolute arse, but I listen to too much loud music/don't care enough. The songs I gank are generally youtube exclusives or trending music, and I use AoA audio extractor free version to extract them to 132 bit mp3s.

Don't generally care for the other formats because I have to convert them for them to work on portable mp3 players.
>> No. 4218
Mostly 320 mp if I can find it for the player sometimes FLAC if its on the desktop and I got the surround hooked in. Speaking of Audio anyone know anything about earphones


Found this pair and the overall specs look pleasing.
>> No. 4219
Same as >>4213
>> No. 4245
I'm the kind of person who is irrationally opposed to compression artifacts, whether or not they're ones we can actually perceive.


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