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File 133246727061.jpg - (103.65KB , 500x387 , 1332044865487.jpg )
4155 No. 4155
Old thread is on autosage and can be found here: >>2433

/tek/, what's wrong with this piece of hardware? I saw a troll thread started with it but only managed to save the picture before it 404'd.
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>> No. 4285
One of the sites I regularly go to started giving me a "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." error out of the blue. Leave it alone for a few hours, same thing. Cleared cache and cookies, unplugged router for several minutes, and rebooted computer. Same thing. Try Googling solutions, and don't find anything I haven't already tried. One suggestion I found was to run a trace on the site, which I did, and it was timing out at the twelfth hop. I do not know what to do with this information, but there it is. I also tried connecting to said site through one of those free proxy servers, and it connected instantly.

If anyone can tell me how I might fix this, I'd be much obliged.
>> No. 4286
Update: it looks like the problem finally resolved itself... after a total of sixteen hours. If there's some remedy that can fix things faster than that, I'd still be most appreciative to hear it.
>> No. 4296
oh god that's the expansion card equivalent of having two asses and two heads
>> No. 4297
Who's your ISP?
>> No. 4300
File 133771012323.jpg - (6.31KB , 251x142 , 1337130497352s.jpg )
>build rig in winter
>works perfectly
>it's summer now
>constantly overheating
>> No. 4310
What kind of cooler are you using, and does your case have good airflow regions in front and behind it? Lack of airflow might be killing it in a cramped hot space.
>> No. 4311
Well I've run into a bitch of a Trojan:
*Almost all my files and programs disappeared. It claims my HDD was corrupted (even though I have an SSD), so I'll buy some software that does nothing. Considering I'm using the same amount of memory in C:/, they show up while doing a security scan, and Steam still boots up it probably just hid most of the files, but I've lost access to the settings that let me show them again.
*Security settings altered so I can't delete any of the files it's using; claims I need permission from SYSTEM. There are also some additional users given permission for other files like "TrustedInstaller" (which was specifically given listing permission for Program Files, while I myself have been denied permission to modify them).
*Windows Security Essentials is able to detect certain files, but the ones I can delete are just immediately restored.
*Task manager closed the instant that it's opened
*Safe mode not accessible either their F8 or msconfig (msconfig opens but the safe mode button has become unclickable).
>> No. 4312
Pardon me, sir. Where did you acquire this hell of an STD? Because it sounds awful.
>> No. 4314
I don't know, but it launched under the name "backup.exe" without any apparent downloading. I allowed since I wasn't paying attention because I have like twenty completely harmless program that require approval every time, then all my shit went invisibile.

Despite the death grip it has on most of my computer, most of the attempts at pretending it's your own computer are hilariously fake: it spams fake copying error messages with a caution icon all on them but mousing over the task bar shows they're just a regular program with a weird name like "VoWearx". When I try to change security settings it spews some crap about "mainting consistency" with messages that have file icons on the task bar.

>> No. 4315
Oh, and the fake error message progam's actual name is "VoEEamWPYBMsxw", but it might be something that changes every time.
>> No. 4316
Well, somehow I was able to get rid of the program that was spamming the fake programs (I found out I could still show hidden files, and everything was indeed still there), the files Security Essential detected have been removed permamently, and Task Manager is back. I still can't access safe mode, though.

Also, the security thing wasn't the malware. That's just how in was in the first place.
>> No. 4317
My imagination wandered your scenario. It brought to mind an alien species that tried to create an experiment to interact with, socialize and mate with you..
but for whatever reason, does not understand why the hot blonde with double Ds, with the voice of Gilbert Godfrey, frightens off potential suitors.

I guess being able to program something that can change the code is different from being able to program something with convincing aesthetics or behavior.
>> No. 4318
Yank the power (or press the power button til the screen shuts off) in the middle of booting the computer, right when the Windows Load Screen comes up. That should force a dialog on reboot where you can select safe mode. Run MSE or Malewarebytes once there. Doesn't sound like you're free and clear of this bug.
>> No. 4320
The only options that give are to start windows normally and launch startup repair (which never works, it just gives me a loading screen that never starts). However, this is the same thing that's happened before anytime Windows failed to boot, so I'm not sure it's because of the malware.

Looking around I'm not sure whether Safe Mode has been broken because it screwed with my registry, or it's just blocking off my access to it. Most I can find say the first should be result a crash/reboot anything I try to enter safe mode, while for me any input necessary to enter safe mode is just ignored.

Trying to fix that with the Windows 7 version of Safe Boot (which is supposed to restore the registry key for Safe Mode) isn't working. I'm getting the message "Cannot import xxx: Not all data was successfully written to the registry. Some keys are open by the system or other processes."

Using run regedit shows the Safeboot key has two files (Minimal and Network) and two other things: one named (default) with data (value not set) and also a second one called AlternateShell with data cmd.exe. Is anything wrong here?
>> No. 4323
F8 after the BIOS but before the Windows loading logo isn't getting you the advanced startup options?

If this is the case you may be looking at a full reinstall. Other options include running a remote virus cleaning, but those are still a little iffy.

The main issue here is that if you can't access safe mode, then the bug is likely still in your system, just allowing you to use the system more normally. It may be worth it to load a remote AV cd onto a disc or Stick and run it with your computer hardlined to the Net. Reinstalling tends to be difficult for the average joe.
>> No. 4325
I've heard good things about USB cards loaded with Kaspersky and a linux boot thing.
it's like unleashing a relentless ninja in a syringe for computers.
>> No. 4326

easy multiboot USB creator, can load multiple AV images including Kaspersky, Avira, etc. The only caveat is the age of the machine. Older machines don't take well to USB booting, so you might just have to go the CD route. Kaspersky would be a good one to go with here.
>> No. 4327
Oh wait, what the hell. Turns out F8 still works--I just wasn't button mashing enough--but advanced boot doesn't.

Anyway, I ran the latest version of Windows Security Essentials in Safe Mode and still got nothing.
>> No. 4328
"Advanced Boot" is just the boot menu - the one that lets you select Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Last Know Good Configuration, Etc.

It was the lack of safe mode that was really troubling. Malwarebytes will give you a more in-depth clean in safe mode if you feel like you need it, but if you're not noticing any errant programs or strange network activity, then I'd give you a tentative bill of health.

Out of curiosity, did the infection come from an installer? You said you okay'd it when the UAC dialog popped up.
>> No. 4329
It wasn't actually any of these things. A spider crawled into my videocard and died. It was pretty disgusting.
>> No. 4330
>Out of curiosity, did the infection come from an installer? You said you okay'd it when the UAC dialog popped up.

Not sure actually. I was in the middle of can't-remember-what when a program called "download.exe" was asked for approval launching.

And when I said "advanced boot" I meant the boot menu from msconfig
>> No. 4336
At least it wasn't a snake.
>> No. 4337
Oh, I also had that TDSS rootkit keeping me from finding/removing a trojan which causes those stupid google redirects, but I managed to get rid of it.

For future reference: it currently keeps TDSSkiller from running even if you rename it with a ".com" extensive and run as an admin even in safe mode. I had to use FixTDSS, but it worked perfectly as far as I can tell.

Oh and some point before that I got back the ability to go into safe mode with msconfig. No clue why.
>> No. 4338
E3 2012: John Carmack Interviewyoutube thumb
Pretty interesting stuff about virtual reality tech.
>> No. 4339
My power supply bit the dust.

Any suggestions?
>> No. 4340
Stop feeding your electronics dust.
>> No. 4343
I don't understand Apple and several other companies' push for thinner and thinner phones, MP3 players, and computers. I'm worried I'm going to drop them and accidentally destroy them.
>> No. 4344

It's more convenient, and they get so much money off of insurance policies and warranty trolling that they can't hear your screams.
>> No. 4346
File 133955543869.png - (22.17KB , 214x170 , 1290712130989.png )
Samsung Galaxy SIII - Sprit - tectiles.mp4youtube thumb
>> No. 4347
File 133955669229.png - (24.76KB , 253x320 , 1289000223827.png )
Samsung Galaxy SIII - S Voice …youtube thumb
>> No. 4348
File 133955672482.jpg - (139.42KB , 640x480 , 1299509274610.jpg )
Samsung Galaxy S3: Connectivit…youtube thumb
>> No. 4350
May I ask why NoScript blocks me completely from viewing Tinyurl?
>> No. 4351
File 13395640254.jpg - (14.68KB , 587x130 , it's beautiful.jpg )
>> No. 4354
purchase new one online. Make sure it is at least the wattage of the old one.
>> No. 4356
in what manner? TinyUrl is similar to a proxy service. If you can see the links but the pages do not load, try allowing tinyURL with noscript.
>> No. 4357
Alright, having mic issues and I can't find ANYTHING on how to fix it or what's causing it.

I'm on a laptop and it has an internal mic, but it sucks ass and I want to use a line-in mic. But when I do, and I speak into it, the audio echos constantly getting louder and higher-pitched every time.
>> No. 4358
I allowed everything. Nothing.
>> No. 4359
File 134009041994.png - (93.98KB , 990x550 , Audio Controls.png )
See if you can disable the internal mic from this screen in the control panel. Echos are normally caused by both mics being active at the same time.

Can you access tinurl.com itself? And have you tried F5ing the blank pages, or giving them a second? Normally it will take you through a blank screen or a logo screen before it loads the page.
>> No. 4361
Does anyone know of text to speech software that is...

>good quality
>converts speech to a sound file
>runs on Windows 7 x64

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
>> No. 4362
Speech recognition software should be built into Win7. Under accessories and ease of access, there should be a speech recognition option. If that doesn't work, try one of these:


Haven't tried any of these personally, but Win S2T requires you to record it with the recorder thing, which only outputs to wav.
>> No. 4363
This is a probably a real simple fix, but I'm missing MSVCR80.dll, I guess? I tried replacing it in the system folder but no joy. Weirdly, the old one was still there with a lock on the icon, but it's gone since I moved it.
>> No. 4364
Looks like that .dll is part of the Microsoft C runtime. Copy/pasting .dlls into system32 is a quick dirty fix that is not generally recommended, even if it does work a lot of the time. It seems this issue is related to Visual Studio and the like, so I might try reinstalling that and making sure your .Net framework is up to date.

What are you trying to do, exactly? Most of the support seems to indicate this problem arises when building programs with Visual Studio: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/vcgeneral/thread/6d16ecce-f92b-4c53-a45b-40119c4566a6/
>> No. 4366
I have no idea what that is, so it's a good thing I'm not a programmer or else I'd really be screwed. I guess it came with the computer?

The only thing I can think of is that it appeared, with a bunch of other dll files, on an avast scan, but I had it let them slide since I was told these types of files are system vital.
>> No. 4367
Okay, if you know whether your system is x86 or x64, you should go to one of these two links, download the appropriate file, install it, and see if that works.



If you don't know what your system is, go to your Control Panel and click on System (remember to set your Control Panel to Large or Small icons instead of categories. The setting is in the upper right-hand part of the screen). It should say 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64).

It's interesting that Avast caught a bunch of .dll files. They are system required, but some are more required than others. What did Avast say about the files, exactly? (This is just to rule out viral infection. It sounds more like the files got corrupted. Still, Avast shouldn't have caught something like that)

Sorry if any of this is old hat. I'm trying not to assume too much about your skill level.
>> No. 4368
No change, I'm afraid. I downloaded the corresponding file and the .Net update. The latter told me I was up do date but needed to repair the thing, sooo it did.
>> No. 4370
Can you screenshot the exact error message? If it repaired it then everything should be kosher.
>> No. 4371
File 134127519428.png - (8.68KB , 473x171 , paint.png )
I was about to say no, but as it turns out mspaint still works. It's looked like this since it started, with the appropriate program of course, which is a lot of them I'd guess.

Also for reference, I used this .Net link: https://www.microsoft.com/net/
>> No. 4372
Interesting. This error is occurring for all programs that require the file then, yes?

You said the Visual C++ redistributable did nothing to fix this? Unfortunate, I thought that was the most likely to fix it. At this point I'd uninstall Paint.net, download the latest version and then reinstall it, see if that fixes the issue.
>> No. 4373
Alright, for some reason tinyurl is working just fine now. Huh

And now another shitty problem

For some reason XBox won't let me add points online without going to my other for a code.

I have to add my PC as trusted, and for that to work I need Live Essentials.

I download and install the whole piece of shit, restart the computer

Go back to my account, and I have to download Live Essentials to add my PC as trusted.

Why is my computer trying to make me stroke out, and how do I resolve this without wasting seven hundred dollars worth of electronics?
>> No. 4374
A thought: Are you using XP?
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