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File 132816437036.jpg - (57.24KB , 535x558 , Extra-Extra-Read-All-About-It.jpg )
4062 No. 4062
How about we start a thread that might get updated more than once a month?

A thread where we post "WOAH THAT'S NEAT" type shit. I'll go first.

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>> No. 4073
Posting this here, too:

OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Videoyoutube thumb

Relevant because of the engineering challenge that must have been. Not building the instruments so much, but figuring out how far apart to place things based on the speed of the car, what gizmos to use to hit them, etc. (The big noisy tunnel seems like it might be using the same footage for all three play-throughs, though.) It still wows the fuck out of me, though.
>> No. 4074
Y'know, I used to update a list of useful internet things on an older forum. Stuff like:


the problem is, I don't know what stuff would still count as useful now. I thought a general program list like some of the /g/ infographics might've been nice, or maybe just another link list even.
>> No. 4099
bumping this as I find more crazy web 2.0 shite


Gasoline Price heatmap for the USA. Eurobros I know not what you guys would use.
>> No. 4101

WTF is with California? I mean, seriously... why is it higher prices than the rest of the country, and in EVERY SINGLE COUNTY?!
>> No. 4103
This is a neat link
Thank you for adding it.
>> No. 4105
They have a few different gas blends that require more refinement and that causes a greater price since they have to be transported differently or something (least that is what I remember hearing from someone coming from California)
>> No. 4111
File 133056997237.jpg - (85.65KB , 458x275 , angled2.jpg )
Seems nice, form what I've read of it. I actually prefer the weirder look of Edison2's VLC, but if it isn't out by the time I get around to buying a car, I think I'll go with this.
>> No. 4134

So, I'd like a bit of feedback on this, honestly. Basically, it's trying to be an internet faq, kinda. Need to choose a better theme though. :/

I guess I could actually make this a whole blog though, now that I'm getting the hang of tumblr.
>> No. 4140

putting these here for posterity. If you're not using these than ohshitniggawtfudoin.avi
>> No. 4141
I don't have a reaction image that can properly convey the horror, joy and gibbering humor I find in this.
>> No. 4145
I'm not sure I understand, it can't be that simple, for lack of a better word.
>> No. 4148
While probably technically possible, it just sounds fucking stupid
>> No. 4179
flash based map of US wind patterns


This strikes me as a little inefficient though. If any weather aficionados know of something better, I'd like to hear about it.
>> No. 4195

So, uh, what's the difference between this thread, tech general, and tech your mind?
>> No. 4196
I think this thread is more like a link dump for neat shit rather than tech your mind. Doesn't really matter, but having a thread for the links and a thread just to talk just seems more organized.
>> No. 4259
>> No. 4264
Yeah, this is pretty much a link/video dump to cool tech shit.
>> No. 4287
The future is HERE!
>> No. 4288
>> No. 4294
Oh my god this really IS awesome.
>> No. 4375

This is a talk from sxsw international from Cloudflare on LulzSec and mitigating ddos attacks
>> No. 4376
Did it pay?

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