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File 132320317981.png - (190.76KB , 489x450 , compact disc.png )
3985 No. 3985
And I have no idea how to rip it! More so, I want to extract it without compressing. How is that done?

If there is such a program for Apple computers, I would be sooo happy!
>> No. 3986
Didn't make myself clear: I do have access to a fairly new PC running Windows 7.
>> No. 4008

I have no idea how to rip it, though.
>> No. 4011
At least you tried.

You are a kind person :')
>> No. 4118
>> No. 4119

Yeah it's retarded.
>> No. 4120
Actuallt it's year/month/day(day)hour:minute
I know it's very unusual, but there is logic to it, so retarded wouldn't be the right word.
>> No. 4129
Anybody who's tried to maintain an archive of files by date will recognise how damn useful it is.
>> No. 4184
Hello. I have had this program for over ten (10) years. It's Fyiro's Playstation Multi Converter or PsxMc for short. The program finds media by scanning the disc and creating a virtual "fingerprint" that gets saved as a "CDAZ" file. Many years ago, I had Japanese to English translation software installed. I was able to order a key for a whopping $13.63. The Sony XA audio format is a realy weird bird. The method of compression is to recuce the hertz rating from 44.1 down to 38.7. When the program does the conversion from XA to WAV, it will write the new file at 44.1 I am an honest man, emaill me and I'll try to help you the best I can.
>> No. 4355
This may be a months old response, but thank you anyway.

PsxMC FUCKING SUCKS. Not only it only works on selected few prehistoric drives, it always fucks up the tracks. Fuck it.

I found the right program on my own, and it is jpsxdecoder. It is very recent, and works with all drives in the world. It reads disc images and converts any PS1 file into what you want.

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