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File 132077218218.jpg - (21.08KB , 547x397 , coach z phone.jpg )
3902 No. 3902
What do you use your smartphone for?

I keep looking at the new phones coming out and get excited for them in the aspect that they're "OOOH NEW TECHNOLOGY!", but then I take a step back and look at what I use my phone for.

I text on it. I use it to keep track of my work schedule. I check email, and I read Cracked articles. Occasionally I'll read a book or play games on it if I've got a long bus/train ride, but for the most part it's just having the internet accessible when I need it that is trying to justify 80 dollars a month for my phone bill.

Is there something I should be using it for that I'm not? Is there some intrinsic value to the smartphone that I have yet to tap into? Gimme some ideas here.
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>> No. 3904
I hear there are these things called "apps."

...I don't actually know what they do. My phone doesn't even have that many why fies.
>> No. 3905
File 132080323263.jpg - (31.28KB , 356x438 , fp40h time.jpg )
My previous smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy somethingorother) I used for calls, sms and reading wikipedia whenever I had to wait for something. I tried to use the gmail app, twitter, foursquare and about a zillion other web apps that I thought sounded cool, but the touch screen was just too unresponsive, the web-browser didn't render well etc. etc. So I mainly just used it for those three things. Oh, and also as a guitar tuner.

My new smartphone (an iPhone 4S) basically fixes the issues I had with the Samsung. The interface is responsive and intuitive, the browser is very usable. I can now actually use twitter (follow me, please, I'm so ronery), and actually use the music player. Still haven't found a guitar tuner app as good as gStrings, though.
>> No. 3909
I've got apps. I've got apps out the wazoo, but I never seem to actually use them.

I switched from an iPhone to my Samsung Galaxy (Epic4G) phone and never looked back. I hated my iPhone SO MUCH.
>> No. 3910
I went to Verizon for a phone plan because my mother forced me to get one. Got the cheapest phone they have. Signed up for a $50 a month unlimited plan so I don't have to give a damn.

In the first month, I had about ten minutes of phone conversation total. Given a standard rate of 25c per minute, I would have owed $2.50 had I no plan whatsoever.

So I stopped paying. Fuck this shit. I hate phones.
>> No. 3918
What did you dislike about your iPhone?
>> No. 3936
Lack of multitasking, lack of flash, lack of a keyboard (all the android phones I've had have them), no desktop or widgets, lack of customizability, limited data plan (on my current plan I use anywhere from 3 to 7 gb a month, so the limited plans with the iPhone are a hindrance), and a few other minor gripes.

Not sure what's been changed to adjust that in the current model, but I still prefer Android, and infinitely moreso I'm looking forward to android 4.0.
>> No. 3937
Your listed reasons are almost the exact same that I went with the Samsung first time 'round. Except for the keyboard. I'd thought I'd be cool with an onscreen keyboard, but I really disliked it. Oh and the plans, but phone billing seems pretty different here to America, so it might not compare directly. I'm definitely with you on Android doing better widgets though.

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