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File 132045047788.jpg - (358.70KB , 566x690 , supergirl Fuck!.jpg )
3876 No. 3876
Ok, here's my situation: I've got a HP Envy 17. Transferred iTunes folder to D drive from C drive because I had no space on C and spacemonger showed that my music was taking up the largest chunk of space. I'm already stuck with the monumental task of rebuilding my playlists and restarring all my songs that I want in my top rated. Now I'm trying to get my computer to go to the damn D drive folder rather than make a new iTunes folder on C every time I buy a song. How do I fix this?
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>> No. 3877
Just knowing how not to have to restar all 3,000 songs would be helpful.
>> No. 3878
Export to XML, change the drive in the XML, re-import.
>> No. 3879
Find the folder where iTunes exports stuff to. Then just copy that to wherever you're now drawing files from on your D drive.

Your playlists and tags should carry over.
>> No. 3880
File 132053172499.jpg - (100.16KB , 396x366 , pic-related.jpg )
Like this; there should be an iTunes folder within your actual music folder. Copy all this stuff and move it to the new place.

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